The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1952
Page 13
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TtlBAY, MAY 9, 1953 BLTTHETTM,* (ARK.) COUNTER NEWS OUR BOARDING HOUSE — wiHi Mnjer Hoop I. IF THE MISSUS sees •SITTING TrlERS LIKE A LOTOS EATER, -SHE'LL POLL. H V461.L. ~- <•>;« VOli POTA-faE MOTH-/3 WHElJ MrV/ PALLS AS)D PU&H ^V* We EXPECT -frlB WORDS MUSIC OF YOUR. ) VWRg AS PRODUCTIVE DM / TROST >ifcU LOOTS 1"0 DERAIL A' OF frtOO6HT.' A HSLM&T VJtTH A CUPPCRS T» KEEP A MAM SHARP AT ALL TIMES/. BACK IKJ THE POWD* j- Politics! to Preferential July 29, 1952 For Cocnilv Jutlse GENE BRADLEY PHILLIP J. DEEH I. O. SHEDD I-'or Circuit Clerk 'GBRALDINE LISTON for SU!c Senator SEN 1,1" HENRY K.' HOYT For Slate Kep. KENNETH S. SULCER For Post No. '2 SPRING PLANTING SEEDS Oals, Alfalfa, Lesiiedcza, Clovers, Soybeans and Seed Corn. See us before you bay Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phone essfi - 18IM1 West M.iin PRESCRIPTIONS "Fresh Stock Guaranteed I!est Prices Kirby Drug Stores FARM LOANS You Con Pay ANYAMOUNT ot ANYTIME from farm incom* without penalty Tfiii F'untout FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE i* wriiten into your nole when vfni ft net* a ftytrn from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 218 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage lx>ans of All Kinds PACK THIRTEEN "Mother, will you wntoli traffic you can testify if we have a fe># accidents?'' FOR SALE Concrete diverts, \'l inth la 4ft inch, pl*i« »r reenfurced, Also Concrete B«ildiM& Blocks cheaper than limber for barns, chicken hvM^ei, pvmp hausei, tenant h«B<iM, to*] ihecU. We deliver Call HE f*r free estimate, OSCEOLA TILE t CULVERT CO. FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blytheviile Motor Co. Phone «22 FINA FOAM the Newly- JlJeveloped Babble *^B»th for Tine Fabrics, Rags and ry do» a r tosm j*k. ARKANSAS PAINT * GLASS CO. 1*5 E. Main Phone SI* Stare Certified Blue Tog D&PL 15 COTTON SEED 80 % Germination. Belittled t Treated Glen Cook BELL, ARK. PHONK Get The Best FactorT-irained mechanics usinjc S ermine parts are your assurance »f dependable service when you briny yoor ear to T. I. Stay Motor Co. ... on Main Street. Try our friendly service next time: T. [. SEAY MOTOR CO. ChrjMer-Pljmcmth Deilcr 1J1 I. M»in Phone ZlVt CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sim up t« Jt Im. Corr»jg-ated Metal Cuiverti Bi»«« up I* 84 i n . A. H. WEBB Altomxtfe Ploo< C»if« C*DK>U * Metal Stptlc Tanlu Sewer Til* »est »ric!3 w« Deliver nifkwaj (I ni Siat* Lisa Fbnn. 714 i Wltl- Mfm KilkcM.r .tk>n. Kk. «Hll7 -»«» la MFC* l>»^|r n B M f «M* M T>r. 7,!iMHirr. « *>r- rUl, nUa dlr«. n T 1 N « I • y. Ml.*« .Shnw. anri Ck»r~ ^ITE hu.ihod Ihud of something falling softlj drew Basil lo(W»rd »n opening lhat led into a Corridor. Here at last were old- luhioned doors—thret ot them, .all itanding ajar. Bui onlj one >u Klged wilh Iig)iL Tb< light came from a panel of trotted glass in Uie wall The vast peach-colored bed had a headboard <* quilled satin. Sprawling «rosiwi«. as if she had been #uown there, la.? (solda, [ ace ^own. On« arm hung over the •djje, fingers nearly touching the *oor. Basil was hurrying toward her •when he saw a box beside her Th< box was empty, its lid on the floor, and there was somclhin" •)«« on the floor, jusi beyond Isolda's fingertips, as i| she had been holding it when she col- Jftpsed. He had read of stich things "in books of ciiminolofry. in the books they were usually described as cnrrte. This one had been carefully, lovingly made. It was the size o( a small doll, but it was the image of a ne.ltly dressed j n a miniature suit of browp tweed, a dark reel tic and shoes that were a tolerable imitation of a man';) siloes though made of felt instead of leather. There was even hair on the head—dark hair, human k«ir. Basil touched the grayish-white *« »nd found what he expected —the greasy ncrfece •* wwt. Th* eyes were a doU'« eyw, brown- and-while gl»ts, fixed an4 vacant. But the face itself was modeled and painted so cleverly that there could be no doubt whom H was intended to represent—Hubert Canning. A short hatpin. He bead > single black p»arl, had been thrurt into th« left breast, where the heart would be in a living body. Thrust so deeply that the end protruded beyond th« back of th« doU. He was by the bed feeling Isolda'5 slow, steady Dulse when Canning's wavering step came to the threshold. "Passed out?" Basil noaded. "She's be *U right in the morning." "Too bad you were let in for this tonight-" Canning pronounced each syllable slow.'y. "On the contrary, tt'« been »n Tnteresting evening." Canning was holding the door to steady himself, "What do you mean?" "A levr day» ago Brinsley Shaw tricJ to frighten me. Tonight your wife tried Vo—lo make friends w«th me. And you tried to bribe me. The queer part of it if that 1 don'k know why. But I'm going Vo find OUL" r rilT. big city room at the New A Vork Star was more like i factory lo[t than an office. Br.sil came to a section where some desks were vacant A loose- joinled. likable young man with boyishly untidy hair Humbled to his feet "Dr. Willing? I'm Frank I.loyd." He ptillM a swivel chair »way from one of the vacant desks. "Do sit down." Basil glanced at the soft l«;»u pencil flung down on a sheet of coarse ropjpaper. rupting? "Am I inter "N'o. Just notes f was making for my own u.w. I don't work much in the office. I'm » leg-man or. ralher. carman. Haven't you seen my .ittle buggy labeled 'SU ladio Cnr'7 Two-way radio just ike ft cop's car. Stephen Lawrence says you want to see me •bout PertJHa." N K WM Mr. Lawrence's idea that I tee you," answered BasiL "Dr. Zimmer ic consulting me about her case," •H«r cat*!" Lloyd echoed the words sourly. "Virrtita IE as healthy you or I. She's simply worried about her father. He's dying by incb« and she knows it. No wonder she lives in a state o( anxiety. But her father was a iool to send her to Zimmer. He's cost her all of the few thousand? she inherited from her mother." haven't examined her yet. But I know the symptoms of shock or strain can b« confused with symptoms of neuroge*. Ii »h« laboring under any shock or strain now? Aside from her father's illness?" Lloyd frowned. "I have a feeling there ts something—but I dont know what it Is." "Ar« y« engaged to kerT" • « • J^LOYD'S mouth twisted In a tormented smile. "I'm not in any position to marry. I liv« In one room and take my meali at cafeteria*." Hi« eye* narrowed I'T« new «v«« totd her thirt 1 love her. "Why notr "Tt wouldn't 6e fair h> her. We ran't marry for year*. Suppose some other man com«« along who can marry her now? Jt would be monstrous if I'd involved her emotion* 10 that »h* dMn't fe«l free." "If yew don't love her, you're entirely right. But if you do love her, you're making a mistake. And if ihe !ove« yrw already, M i< a cruel mistake." Lloyd's fair nkin Rushed etnilr. "What businesc ii it of youril" "My business at the moment in curing Perdita Lawrence K she needs curing." Lloyd's anger died as suddenly »s it had dared, but his face was still flushed. "I'm STjre her rather knowi I love her. She must know K, too. Why put H into word, when words are all I can rive her!" Basfl sighed. "Words are oon- soling. Perdita may be in trouble." (T. relevision- Tonite, Tomorrow 5 WMCT. Memphis. Channel 4 FltlDAV NIGHT, MAY 9 OUT OUR WAY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS i IF MOUXL GIVE ME LOOK OUT SENATOR, XXI 1 LL GET A MOUTHFUL. . OF ROUND HOUSE CONFETTI.' THAT TOOL A MINUTE 1 I.I. tbRINP IT SO IT'LL CUT LIKE A JV\A,CHINIS. rS RUNMINI'THAT LATHE INS1IPOF A _ APPRENTICE KIP PLAyiM'OM IT/ MAK1YAR6AL. MACHINIST .OUT OF MANy A FATHEAP BY RURBIM INTO 'EM WHAT YOU COULPN'T TEACH 'EMJ HAVE DfctCEO /vor SEE EACH Vtf- ~- ~* THE PROFESSOR Benefit by Reeding ond Using Courier News WE OU6HT/1 SLAP THI* PLANETEER \x WASN'T uuer YOU EVEN LOOK AKOUHO FOP- THAT STUNT S AtiD Wl-^fB HE PULLED,EUNE! -v<L_ WA-STIW& , MADE Hl$ WAV I CTHE JOB.' BELOW PECK4 ON 7IIE ^BICH PLATFORM. AfJO NOW OUR —^. I ..CAM A WOMAM Bf HAPPY THOUGH MAKKIfO To A •5A FE- CRA CHER WHOSE CAREER HIM OUT ALL NIGHT* TRUE-TO-LIFE LOVE •STOKY.- "JOHN'S OTHEK WIPE FACES POffT/A'S OTHER HUSBAND. IF IT'S RUBBISH WHV 13 IT OKI THE RADIO? /IT'S FOR . \GROWN-UPSy - —~-* J PR I SOU A! TURN" OFF THAT RUBBISH. ES AME7 GEWTLEMEN, PHONE CAUL TOPAY TI F<= OM A ceiue STduy re KWOW VET TH,«T TWJSGA'JS&TEJZ AW[7 H15 MO i SEEM A / WELL i GET HER oar OF \ YOU LIVE GM. KEEL! HERE: I'VE M-etww SOT IMIOUNP LIKE VENOUGHOM IAV VHftT FEOM HUNGER OUCE. MR.TALOWl TWO MILES WE5T...\HWBE VOU SPRWNCD Wl« HOT WAIT IM MY SO H6 WM1TS 10 OUESTION M.V OLD WMJ RUNS ITl VOU CASIT WALK TWO, ciiB WHILE ISPEA.KTO ITHSN<S A GA.S STNTION- AT THE 6PSE CF TH 1 GIADES. ,:. IP MV AMKLg... MIIESOHA6PRW-5AV 1 THIS FHtfl A MINUTE? /MI5rWU/TII6 CRACKER THEM ILL G^E VOU t\ LIFT WOME GOSH, FCXKV, A YEH, BUT ALL THIS feOtir YOU HAVIN'TO ,^ WHAr l\ ONE- J WED A BtOUSY DAME Y'KNOCKED /OKAY MAN RIOT /S HALF DEAO...IS OVER AN'DONE, / FOOZY'C'MON YOU ARC.' /-rl TVI' PLACE 16 Q-t-AM, SO LET'S MM?ION IT" ' I \GET GONG, RIGHT NOW, I MEAN! \ SAFE NOW. i^l/^mzm / VtH/ FCCK LI'L OU MARIOI-J JLJ5T6OES /DH, I UfMP W'lTH TERROR/JUSf CAN'T BABE WITH V.T1OM HE HAD TH' FIGHT? Compltt* RAiHalnr Reimr The Dllfertnce! 1 ! —New At Usf4 Karilntori. For PULl- IJf A LITTLE... 1 QO1BT.'LET MS TURN K'SHT.., HINS,.. TH' FINEST JOB . thai means Speedometer Repair! 6:00 Ezio Pinza 6:30 We the People 1:00 Big Story 1:.-)0 Aldrlrh Family 8:00 Cavalcade of Sports S:45 Bill Day :00 Hand on my Shoulder H:30 Fllg Picture 0:00 Charlie Wild 0:30 News 0:40 Lights Out I:U> Playhouse of Stars .1:40 News 1:45 Sirjn Off SATURDAY, MAY It 8:30 Test Pattern 8:45 Hews 8:55 Morning Meditation 9:00 Kids ft, Co. 9:30 Survival 10:00 Big Top i 1:0(1 Western 12:00 Nevs-s 2:]5 Picturesque Denmark I2:3n-Super Circus 1:30 CBC Choral Group 2:CO Playhouse 3:00 Qiii?. 'Em 3:30 Rootle Rn7ontip. 4:00 TV Recital Hall 4:30 Central Kleh Band 5:00 TV Teen Club 5:30 The Lone Ranger 6:00 All Star Revue 7:00 Show of Shn\vs 8:30 Your Hit Parade S:0fl Ole Am. Barn Dance 9:30 Wrestling 10:30 News 10:35 C. A. Preview 10:45 Ken Murray ll:-»5 News 11:55 Sign Off WARNING ORDER In Ihr Chancery Court. Chicka- . sawba District. Mississippi County, Arkansas Jackie A. Jetton, Plaintiff, vs. No. 12042 Robert Lee JetUm, Defendant. The defendant, Robert lee Jetton, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court, named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, .lackie A. Jeton. Dated this 25th day of April 1952. Claude F. Cooper, ftt'-y tor ptf. Ed. B. Cooit, atty ad lltem Harvey Morris. Clerk By Anita Sykes, D.C. We jptcl»H«« In irltlrn 1-iUy i^rvfre nn apefdometer repair for all makes of rars and trucks. Drive In tomorrnw — we'll help Ton I>RIVK WITH CARE. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Ul F. Main Dealer Phone

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