The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1943 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1943
Page 11
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS 771 ,»/_~ ' ——_ . *• ARKANSAS? TOE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIK CORPS NEWS Published daily except Sundays in the liiteresl ot Hie personnel of tho Army Air Forces Advanced Two En el lie Flying School of Blylljcvlllf, by the ISlythevllle Courier News. It contains (lie news of the Air Base. FUNNY BUSINESS Soldier Musicians Enlcrlaii lliose Attending Sunclaj Hospitality Hour Schubert's Ave Mavlu wn s most popninr Dumber nf ;i hnlf- llmn- violin concert, ]>;• Prlviue M;iiirk-e Wilk, accompanied 'lij -ei«>. Herman p Slider, \ mih ,, f 1'ie Alt' Hasp, (hiring- (lie siiiiilnv They also plnyod None nut Hie 'finely Uenrt, by TschiUfanraky Inniljourlji-ciiliiofs, by Krolslcr Kreislci-s Llebi'.slletl, nnd Cnn ? .ti»et- by D'Ambrosln I'en eakjs and 'lG pies broiiphl by members of (he. Pint l, :i kp Home "eiiionslnuion Club, were .•on.sum- «t by 73 .soldiers with- the Help ,,f 18 Army-wives Mrs. J. j n \ tm!i 'Hide (he coffee. She. nlso livoiij.ii'i two tuslard pies. Mrs. lisia n r , vls . vvllo , m[ , lakm '•it in a previous )io.spl(nlity hour i so knew the procedure was Graduation Speaker Is Pioneer Who Helped Build U.S. Air Force Col. Emlle K. 'f Kennedy, com HUB officer of the Anuy Air ill Dyei.staii'B, Teim, \vlwr wilt be the .spenker for the urlntloit «<det (iriidtinllon exercises • Tluuv ilny afternoon ill the Blyllicvlllis Army Air Field, | s one of (lie pioneers of mllitiiry flying He wiis-lhc first, to n'y a bomber from const U> co;ist, to pvoyi* tli,> practicability of illstunce Nlghls b v ncnvy nlrcrnfl, nnd pjii'llclmitod lii the demonslrallon by dm. William i Hilly) Mitchell (it Jtamjiloii Haul., hut n bomber couht sink u untile - In luldltlnn to Ills proficiency In 'I types of lullUniy aircraft, (In •olonel is ruled n U1 ,- frcc biiltoon pilot Kid ni.-shlp piioi. Colonel Kennedy volunteered for "lot irnhiliuj ihree inoullis' niter UK in the Army In l<Ybnmry i) 18, when he left, Conicll Unli-er- uy in his senior your, two months Wore liriulunlloii. In the Army ufiei ">e in-mlsllei', ho wns coiniuKsloii- 11 n lust. Itentciwnl tn 1020, nnd Hew Hie jicnvliT-lhnn-nlr craft (wo before (nrnlnp; to Ilia thrllLs of talloouliiK ,i,i(| (.nKlimlliig from the Air niter , o ruled n biilloon ohsei'vrr it noi i- Ship School. Ho sjxrni f om . yc , n ,, s us n pursuit pilot, mi i'.', 1 ," ,"-', lho Alr , '"„ IWr ' ™' "tnlloned m WlBlU Reid. Unylon, Ohio, us ,1'Hii'l of the I'liu'lmslni' Hruiich "I'd In JBSII reliunod la school ,,i he Army Indiislrlnl Oolite. Wn.sli- SUBSCRIPTION HATESON AERO QUIZ w,. , wiliilil Field n., ii-ixh-lnnt. dilef of the Con I met Section. Mnlerlej Celi'\M«)ii)lo<l colonel <•»-, he ivns ininte tn 1'Vbi miry, commuiicltii,; . Dyersbnrif Insl, October, ' -, If leer m. tloii ' "' S Ill1<l ' r l '°" s t-™ c - 'ilie eolonel wns born In lU'Jc nl Armeomlu. Mow,, Is mnnilr-d mill hus i wo ehltdren his is ' : >y "usband-he had a rather blank cxpre's- , ision on our wedding day!" FORTHE1UAIV ll\j UNIFORM eve Ut>0 associated director, as toil Cm "-, *"*• Davfa ' n l:| i"»H>ion e make,., brought a fnd^e cal-o t«-o lemon |»es. ," c -?," 1 ' J " ko wo " ie "- mo ^ »r n with mwi.of their own awn v the Armed H>rces, enjojeil (he afernoon almost as much us r ev of «pr i ' CC1 '' V ' CC lemon Ice box pi c - liargetl, the ncws Officers Transferred To • Oilier Posls nnd ,Vaciin- ne.< Mere Filled New uppoinimciils linve been nn- 'Wimced by col. KUM M. r'nmlo,, -umiiinmlliiu ofllvcr of lh e Hlyllw- •Wlf Army Air Meld, us follows'•nut. li'Vliu, u. i,,., rommiMid- u,i wm, ?l) ' l(l1 lSl l lllulm '': rlriil •U'lil. William Tucker, commaiid- »lf of eer. Mil. Hiiimdron; First •lout. Henry n. Tdliisso, commmid- "HI "(fleer, VUOtli Bt|iimtrun ; Hee- 0111 .lent, ijyro,, w , Sllnsm. com" ' nrria-r. IwiUlh cumrd Te am Of Officers Loses 9-1 ; Stone Shines On Mound For Winners : E. C TllamilSOn, two COCOIHI .Mrs. Walter Bnnies, a choco- t>ie: Mrs. Johnnie Yoimrt ., >lc cake; ,Mre. M 'c n-ilii.ii Sihrr 1 r r" «**-*™^ 'niche live cherry p!e s; MIS. w . Coallcr. a pcciin pic; Mrs M .HonilKon, a coconut cake- " M r ' I. Ram bo, a coconut cnke; Mrs ii T I M W '1 : ." 1S ' <lcvll ' s ro °"; MJ-S' a '.'• '™ M ' two lemon pies; Mrs R ','%, ' cca ™.nl»n cuke; Mrs.' ie urown, pmenpjile cake: and i-ois Smith, caramel c:ike. , -,- -•• 'I team of ori'lcers from Ciroup One by „ .,,„,,, ot ,^ i" a softbnll ijame played nl the tc men SnLurdny iiftcrnoon Stone the 70lsl pitcher, um'S- of I lie opposition's bli; ojily four hits mulsTrlkhiE oui'nlm "^"euCllS'.^^'^^ 'I'ips to the pluic. Hriidry. Ui C los- i-.-i second bnseiiinn, led Ills mate 11 hitting mid n]s O 'I'hc box .score was; CJrdup ] n Assigtied To Duty RiBM rtrrss-for east^-h, a s,, 1Illlirr we}KM U(lir loi-cd will , ,, ie ra ,, crl mtlm} ,-, p , hal ™; T "; c^nencci <o romma,,,.. a,,r summer ,mi f ,,vn ls , r ' rou ° "<% fillrrt ,,„! ,,,,,1 C „; n ,,c f a |,ri fS . Ai-c Licensed by UK Soi-vicc of Official A rmy Kxchangc Service Store. to sell Kcffidation Uniforms IMI.SI HKAClf Bfouso antl Slacks TKOI'ICAI, \VORSrK?) Blouse and Slacks CHINO KHAKF and Shifts In Match 19 95 S 32 — R. D. Hughes & Co. Those assigned (o the •)sth Pvts. William L . Tel . lau $ r - sth n^°?" lEl ,, HOW!1 «' "- Finley, no I. Tnllman, Libnrit, n g e v- fa'iiaii. Robert L. Stevens. Ray T Pate, Bcnnie j. Laij no> Art lmr E. sett. '' '"'• ec ' rl " ( •'""ws 13. Uns- Tliose assigned [ 0 the 26th include Sgt. Ralph Walker, Sgl A - liony J. Sallnardo, r>v(.s rinrold J 3all!ilinn,Heiiry o. Gruuingcr Ver- io n Step]), Lawrence I. Crawford npbcri H. Wcixlcr, Fredrick' N' O Sullivan, Jess C. Andrew jr' James A. Hklns, Jack a. Llovd,' fred J. iicpner Jr., and William H. Lltlle Jr. Rylander 'rice c Boeing 1st .', Buccl ss Wolfson 3rd Hendry 2nd . Woolen if Ezell C f Cinllogly ]•[ . Pcnlon sf .. Ti-iivls ss ... Jenkins 1st Hcrjnley ;)rd Trux and .. Miix c ... Uarncll sf Moir If .Harlwig c f Kelhiey rf . Stone p Ab R 1! A not her A rnti/ Nurse On HtNtpital Staff Kefond Culllc'l'ine M. c; 0 v has ^reportwl nt Mils'slntlou mid Ls iJculcnniil Cox was commission- H ni , ""' fl01 " rfl ' lll "'i life, until she entered ti w Anuy she was ciiijiifcvd In priviue duty , m ,- s . UK. hhe completed nurses 1 Ivalu'"K nt St. Joseph's llcymilnl in Hot She is u 1D30 uniduaic of (he hl«h school at Willow, Ark., whore she Ivcil vyllli her |MveiiU. Mr. nnd Mrs. Albeit Co.\, Men from 40 States- In ~ l-'orty shiles nre represented aiimiig Ihe nvliillon cudets of the dans which will be (ji'iuhinted next I Jimv/ln.. il> II... i.> • . 1 -i 70!st All II Tl .321 •1 3 0 .3 0 1 . II S t SO fl 8 No <7nitiluile SAN DIEGO, Cal. (UP)-A pet hen lieioiiBing to Shirley Hendriksen. 12, played a mean trick on a pan of pigeons here, n laul an CBB in Ihe nest of (lie pij-com. While the latter appeared a trifle consternated at (lie .size of Hie eye they nevertheless look turns dutifully and diligently on ieeBB for three weeks, when mil came a chicken dial ungratefully did not regard ihcm as being its parents. First domestic sheep were brought, into California In 1700 by the Franciscan padre.s. ('an lie sdiy in Hi-d? SAN DIEGO, Cn'l. (UP) _ Ohio Hiigle Maaler Michanx mink Ten |«"'l of Ihe U. S. Trnlnlnu . sln . tion here bus .senl.oia mi SOS foi more buglers, of which he snj-s tin Nuvy is sadly in need. To make tin jcu appear more enticing mid n i carry snap, he sr.ys all the bugle; * to do is buulc Into u i om |. speaker and the latter «•!)! .we to I Hint the en!! "|;els 'em up so enrlj In Ihe inornlng." OWN AND ENJOY A GOOD CAR! Think of the many, limes when il is necessary for you lo ride m an aulomohile. Visualize Ihe picture salist.-iclioii nnd lia|»]iiness a Kond car wiiuld afford ynu' ei.^^n^^r^--/'-- HMO FORI) DKIJJXK TUDOK, I.eanlif,,! mi , rn on cul- 01% gwxl tire.s and mechanical condition. 19.12'MBRCURY S TOWN SUDAN, w ilh Io w m«ea«o .nid the clean appearance and condilinn of a hrand 19-11 FOIjl) SUI'KR DBI.UXK TUDOR, hlack paiul ttnd uphobury ) like new, low mileage on H e lires. An excellent car. COUPB, r,-l> ass . ch,i, New York Slnle leads Ihe llsl with M, and 1'eim.sylvanla k second with -i'i. Illinois Is represcntKl iy M. Ohio by 13 and Texns by II Other stales, hi the order of .lielr I'cprosentiilloii, nre as follows- VIrgliiln, hidiaim, New Jersey' Mn.ssnchusL'lls. jiilchlgiui, Noil larollnn. Alurylnnd, California, Ml oiirl WLs-consiii. Kiiiuns; Uulslnu South Cnrolina. Tcmifsscc. Her iiek-y, North Dakota, Oklnhouu Nebraska, \ Vheinla, Mimic spin, Hoi-Ida. Colorndo. Mlsslsslpn Arkansas, Washlnglon, aeorol Alabama, Iowa, CJoijucttlciil Soul Oakota, WyomliiB, Orcfion, AIOJI tana and Neiv Hampshire Hold Everything fouil iJeiil. ninward V. Malhi*. iitijiitiuii. lomiiu cimu'd atiuiui- i-on. nnd i'l'lson officer. C'ii|>liilii U'e silccci'dii Cnpl. My- Dthei' slniion. ire i-onlluuos u» i> a si l-:\-cliini(je offlccc, Liioiileiiinu TiU'kor siu-ci-ods OnpL itoljert a. Kniipji. (mnsierred lo aniilher sindou, and conllnuivs as Httslstanl. Tost ttxenniige olfk-r l<leiileinuil Tohisso foniierly" was coiiiiiiiiillng nfiicer of Hie tlimrd wiunilron, 1111,1 Ijwileimm stlnson was adjutant mid prison officer IJeiileiiniil. • MnlhlK Is n ' rn -,.' n t •iwtiuile ot (he Ofllu'r CnnilUlalc fechool «t Miami ilmch. lie fiillst- cd lust .Inly nud wiis sUUIoni'd nt Slieppiird KlL-ld. Tex. n, clvlltim life he was mi iitlornoy at I.iuvlon Okln. Lieut. Oelschlager Assigned To 701st Second Ueiil, Alvln I,. OtOschlaK- er lias n-porlcd to this station and mis been ii.sslisned as adjutant of the 101st Plying Training sciiindron. He inus commissioned April 1(1, nixiii completion of tralnlnn at Of- liccrs' Candidate School nl Mininl lieach. 1'ln. u c rore rjualirylujj f 0) . offlcci' Iralnlnu lie was n t'cchnlcnl sci-gtnnl l|i u, D |i| mui „,„, •r ni |,il,i,, Oepnitmi-nt of the 13nslorn Defense Coimiinml. hi civilian life hits.was iiMlstaul |)rodiiclloii mntinger for the Cement Company tn Newark, N. ,1 H L . i s u lj)4l i-rndimie of Hiilgcrs Unlvcjr- WHAT WAS i THE RAF ANSWER ,„ KURR1ER." OCEAN R AIDER ? ..... IN THE MAKINS f. AN EXPERT' AMERICAN WHEN DID FIRST SHOW THEIR STRIKING .?• OR.V.A, 5TOO«5 USED HIS AERONW EOUIPPED Will) ROA7S TOK MEDICAL CASES SINCE i93fc, COVERING '""' *iRS, INS/tYfiS. JN BOKNC WHAT OOE5 THIS IMPLY? . SPITFIRE FIGHTER OM THE. 0 . ,Y FOR INSTANT ACTION. ?' ^! C ' S! ° M .»-(KC>INWnOSJ, SMOOTHNESS AMD GOOD OF AWEWCAN TOE A SMALL FREIGHTER former Clockmaker A Line Chief From clock California Clmlerrili noUA'WOOD, cal, (UP)_oin. asiii'ow on llu bushes In Cail- t. Marnarct Addon, 20 Wa5 ' • line chief, e oo n*ihjnme,H yeslerday '' iiker (o ulrrrnri im> e,,rme''S V H," Mu , my „„„ ; '_• y««r« (nm, reerull, ln lie took over his new Rnrsiiu li> Kellenmin IIOI.I.YWOOD (Ul'j-A nicmcnlo from the film, "M,.«. Allnlver," will ™ used In Australia's $500,001) Red Cross drive. Oreer Onraon, slar of he plclnre, Is sending It to Annette Kcllertimn. onc-tlmc noted wnde- vlllliin now "down under with a H«! Cross (hcatrlcal unit. SMALL LOANS • OB Main Loan Co. K. MKn _ Phone PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Gii»i-nnt<>ed Hcst Prices Kirby Drug Stores , Cliff ' -s, , -'l»e , from XH , i onil>l!t;s to d » Mien iilon a came i-io I old of the M-a-M noise - drawn clmrlot 'Superior Jnse,j|) \ v . vickeis has/Just ctl her seven-year contract us a poteiitlnl niovlQ miecn. SI ' ORT SEI)AN - ' ' appearance and condition. on to ll,c b v'er Yo of any niake midd CAR. ' j $100 LESS (lian other dealers, ussions (o salesmen—this saving Is passcii i' ran purchase from us a jood used cnr "• Dl*. Sec us NOW for a GOfll) usrj) PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Tel. 453 fort Sales and Service Open Nights Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S rag Sure A Ufce Phone 2822 Any Shoe Can Be REPAIRED FITTED UY Dccton J. t and J. C. GUARD OI'TOSIETRISTS IN BLYTHEVH.LE SINCE 1»2 2 If.,' 1 " "M*rj are s(! i| K|MI |. I «"»r «Nem to us for quality HALTER'S Try oar "Own Made" Ice Cream Hickory Inn BPTICfll STORE Phone 2912 Does Your Car NEED THESE?, Battery—Seat Covers OIlfiKcr-Radlo Fog Ughis—lock Gas Cap A complete line of Tollshes LOY EICH 24-1 SERVICE Expert Ropnir Worlc on Gcnural Motors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'<lw»y A Wnliml I'll. 5!i3 The modern let- rto.v COOI.HUATOK Tor IJcorioiny n , H ] ScrvliT. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone S15 C- S. Webb Cities Service Station (»wy. Cl nl Cotton Holt Tracks) I'lionc <)21 We Fix Mais ---Washing & GrcaslnB Our Specialty Just 4 Miles To The State Line i Service Station n,t V V" V""""* "' rrolllt "' OPERATING HOURS 1 For A-1!:C Couiion Holders SUNDAYS: !) A.M. to 9 I'.M. I- WHISK DAYS • ' A.M. lo 12 N oon i'-Af. (o 8 P.M. WE fILL ALL~. mfvmu PRESCRIPTIONS AMD HAVE YOU MONK, STEWART'S; Drug Store aJn ,1- Raster Flowers I'Jiicc TcIcKrnph Orde Now. Corsages or every d THE FLOWER SH ANVWHERB GI.ENCOE HOTEL BLDfl. ''''"."c <31 - Nile Phone Mil AIRWAYS BUS _ LINE ^ IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS HUDSON CLEANERS mson Caps ~ Accessories — Insink SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" Service Men! Meet Your Friend* at RobiniM'sf

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