The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on February 7, 1884 · Page 2
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1884
Page 2
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Gfjt EJaila picaBtm rnrasDAY nonxiira, fbb. y.: iss PERSONAL AMD : GENERAL NOTES. Mr. Bury Hlne, representing the "Barer Xing? company. Is lm the city. ' ; - ; t . Mr. W. 8. Cleveland, agent for the Learitt Glgantean Minstrels, ia in the city a, f Mr. F. C. Boat, representing Baker ana Farron, la is. the city. The comedians play a tha Academy of Muslo next week. "The MlUloMlre," a novel published anonymously by the Harpers Is said to be the work of Mr. Louis J. Jennings. MSTJoaquln Miller 1 building a '$1500 log cabin In Washington City, and at soon as It HpnrxM. Clapp. .dram atla editor of - the Boston Adverttserr has written a paper on Henry Irving and - his methods, - which will appear In the March Atlantic '..,. . .. , EUmopd, da Amtcia, tha author of sereral Tery delightful books of . travel, etc.; has been invited to come to America and lec ture, and will probably accept. The Queen's new book; oat In .London on the" 12th bf this month.' Is said by certain ones privileged toseeftBe adranoed sheets, . to contain no end ot twaddle. , - .; - . : George Augustas Bala says nice things of Mary Anderson, or, perhaps, what she likes : better, writes them of her. ' Edmund Yates ' finds nothing to commend In ker. ' Tna Greek Blare, the most beautiful statue, and the most famous made by Hiram Powers, and which is the property of the widow of the 1 (a Minister S tough ton, is offered foT ale. The prioe Is only $10,000. . ,7 ".. - ; v Miss Lucy Plxley, tie pretty young lady whoplsysa boy's part. In "Fedora," with ; Miss, Daveaport's Company., is a sister of - Miss Annie Plxley, the famous ITIU. . She feats a good singing voice, and expects to be a sear herself soma day . : A. number of leading Spanish citizens at meeting last night decided to tender the . Spanish Students a complimentary benefit. This benefit concert will probably take place at the French Opera House next Saturday Slight. '. ' ,'r - 'i - ': - 'ti r v ' - c; . Florida" grown strawberries are selling Just now in Boston at ten collars a quart. 'Tn JSTew Orleans the only marketable fruits awe'. bananas, , pears, pineapples. . Superb pineapples, the finest seen here for several seasons, sen fun ripe at 60 cents each, half xlpe at 40 and so cento.!", - . A leading fruit dealer says that he has a great demand for pineapples from his eun. tomers who hare children sick with throat diseases. . . Many physlciana order children baring sore throats to be fed en ripe pineapple soaked in white wine. This, seems to be a remedy peculiar to Sew Orleans physl - WAV IWO W7V.&AB. V ASO WP.IIP W SU ' - known in New Orleans, gare a dinner party - at her elegant home in New York city In . honor of Mrs. . Louise Chandler Moulton. who has Just returned from , arope The dinner was mostly attended by newspaper iuia. aiiiuuir wiiuin wu jnannin mi inr.wnn la, so to speak. Mrs. Leslie's social " far." - , The beautiful fur. lined and silk quilted Cloaks that aeU so readily , in the winter time are generally made by sewing women laNmr tot c.Itrr. Thr rut 1 Mfnrtintk. . lng eighteen of these cloaks. The ealloo sacks are made by Mew York sewing girls i or eo cents a oosen. Sewing women in New . Orleans ret a trifle mora' than these nrlcAs. , but only a trifle. .., . .'. . . - The lavltaUons for the JCrewe of Proteus vmM. h, aiuuug too juuuiuumi ML mil J Vk , ui warnrvai earus seen yeu xne suoiects . Illustrated are grand, heroic and chivalrous. and the designs are beautiful and the colors : atrtkmg and richly blended. ' The Proteus Krewe is younger than any of the other . AMfcttletlea? of the kind, baa In ABtAroriaA inrl taste it is holding Its own with the best them. r"r. - : - - - ' ' - : Mrs. A. T. Stewart Is said to receive an . arerage of 150 begging letters a day. A Arfia aiinaltv famma viaaaaM nATsa .Avsta Q vuivs vuanj Msuivsta VVi - WJaa a sa araalaa KM , Stephens, who has written 40 books, a - receives a oauy auowanoe or letters equal to Mrs. ' Stewart. Mrs. Stephens' oorre - . epondsnts ask for anything from a check to . an autograph, and from an autograph to a piece of one of her dresses for a. crazy ami. ; r , . ; - a new icerk paper puousnes a ust 01 per - - eook. a ehef,' as he Is called. - Among the list futures Mrs. Catharine Wolfe, who pays her eook sxso a month. He .is. br the br. the only Spanish chef In Hew York. ;Van - derbllt, Mrs. Stewart, Judge Hilton, Astor, Xiorlllard and others each, hare a private eook whose salary is 1150 a month, in ad tlon to which salaries the eeoks generally make at least 9100 more by perquisites. . Mrs. Miller, who has kicked up such a " precedent 7 row at , the President's reoep - t . . - .... ml m ' i Mill .i . .ii m n - ce quite eapable of domg all the 111 - na - T.ured and in - bred things enargea to ner. 2Irs. Lincoln, to the .eoatrary, . is a by, xnod - rt, and one who would endure a great deal of official snobbery before she would resort MJ (Jbe expedient of a publlo quarrel. Mrs. i2inghnysea is also said, by those who tow her, to be quite as womanly and mod. nt a squabble. - t , - . ' - - l4 - , Oereland Leader t - M Frederick 3 Warde cieoofl last - weess a tnree - monua - stamng our in the Booth, during which he has ap - 'peared In nearly every Southern" city and with uniform success, - To - morrow night nati appearing in a round of legitimate characters. His manager. Mr. J. J. Collins, has receired sereral offers for the appearance of Mr. Warde la New York dty this season, but nas decided to keep his star out rti.tfMil - rmT. iauoti. when, he WllL play an extended engagement, appearing ia a round of the legitimate, and in the. new tragedy by Mr. Henry Guy Cerletan, the editor of Life, entitled 'Meaanon.' - . A popular club in New York Is the Biding Club. The membership' is limited to 215. The initiation fee Is kiao the yearly dues are si w, ana too eoss m. nwuibi u im month, r The elun - house Is beautifully fur., nlshed. . Ia the ladles room a maid is al - groom, ta the gentlemen's rooms - After - neons sea T Is always served in the ladles' parlor, and the windows ot the; drawing - rooms look out on the track where the members can and do ride when they wish. On certain days of the week a band of musle is in attendance. Ateertala hours, each, day the wire and ehUdren of the members , are soiowsd the freedom, of the: track, and tor Philadelphia Press : There is little doubt that W. p. EHlott, 'Esq.r. of Lewlstown, Is Fennsylvanla's oldest. Urlng editor. Mr. . Elliott wm si years old ea Saturday, Jaa. 11,188. andu atni hale for his age.' Mr: K. B.EUiott;et St. Louis, states that his father wsorn In 1733 aa started the Lewistown V Ee la probably the eldest KU"14 Mr. Cameron,' , .during Us recent sojourn ota day ta St.; Louis, called on Mi. I ..T .fj" who was a child la the Umiiy of her broth! ; er. James Peacock, W - Harrlaburg, p.. I when Simon Cameron was au spprentloe In ; Mr. Peacock's prlatlng offle. Miss Peacock has long resided ineu Louis, and the - rarties had not met for - Sfty years, en hear - 1 b g from Mr. B. 8. Elliott that his father was ucu uim vii m 1 mj , MuntTOq Sent t&roogh the son a handsome birthday git ta the old gentleman la memory of ti times and old - time printers."' yr'", - - - iJi. IThere are at present doing New" Orleans i party of ent'rrnalug men who are trying 19KStaUti0l:;rJ tou fffCaSAl street. Their plan is as follows : Two men enter a lodging house, they look at rooms, they then request to look at the whole house; after harlng been gratified In this latter respect they make rapid calculations on linen cuffs or in note books, and then of fer the landlady so muoh for her house for , a year from date. . They propose that the landlady shaU remain ta charge rent free - that she shall accept without Question any one who may apply for rooms. Two or these 5 enteral lain a men looked at - a large room in an eminently respectable house on Roral street last week, and said approving. ly,"We can put at least eight beds into this pAama." LandbadiAa of reenectable houses should be on the defense against any al luring offers made by these speculators. Their objeet is to hire houses by the whole - - ). fnrnUh them with additional beds. and at Carnlral and Exposition times take in any and everybody and charge precisely. what they please, tae ostensiiuo imuumur being paid a moderate sum to, compensate her for her Hemplacenoy,; labors and leni ency. . . .. - - . " ; - CONGRATULATIONS, i - U Tii a following telegram was sent vester - Vrw Opt vixh. Febi. 6 - 1894 - Hon. J. B n TtiVthnrn. Franfcfort. Kr.: Your frieods and well - win hers, and - especially the'Keu - tnr - klana resident in New Orleans, heartily enncTatulate you on your nomination as i iinitfwifitatasBenator. v . - - xn crana via. uuw 01 rwcutuunv couiu bare no better representatlre. and the na tion at large will - be benefited by your ao cession to a high place in its eounoiis. - - . ; ... Thos.' H. - . Hour, ! m. - :.. . t - .BAIDAtL Gi HKHIIXS, - ..: 3 JoHir Phelps, l ' r . r , - bam'i. h. Bpck," ; - . . i - i - i" "' - ' . Os THOMAS, 4 ';' ' i Hi; i - r - - ' - J:' ' - 'i!. H.' G. HK8TER,rt: - 1 . WH.A.OWIB, - i 3 - .. - ? i." '? riv Chab; E. Black.' LEVEE. LINES. ;1 1' - .are Levee Cearearieas CadleeV - Prepeesis 'fer Balleus Levees Ia vile Jtteraaataa t Ijeraa Oosna1etos1. - .t f ' f The Governor has issued calls for the tembllne; of dlattlct levee boards, as fol low : Levee OorrmriBM oners of the First Levee District on Feb. 19. at noon, at the offioe of the Crescent City Live Stock and Slaughter house uompany. in bb. isernara pansa. The commissioners are as follows : Henry F.'Kernoohan,parish of Plaquemines, left bank; F. B. Fleitas, St. Bernard parish; Laden Soniat. Jefferson parish, left bank ; Emlle Boat. St. Charles Daxuh. left banks k. Lamce. vanaa 01 sc. jonn. leit Dane . The Third District Levee Board is called to meet on Feb. 21 at Philharmonic Hall, Algiers, at noon. The members , of the board . are : , Thomas - S. Wlilunson, right ban a - , narisn 01 iiaouemines : victor uaua. of .Orleans : W. B. Berthoud. of the oarish of Jefferson, right bank: Owen McLeran. pariah of St. Charles, right bank; L. D. Martin, parish of St. James: J. G. Coueld. parish ot .Ascension, right bank; W. W. Pugh, parish ot Assumption, left bauk ; Otv tave Rousseau, pansn 01 Laiourcne, len bank. - t - p - . w m xne Board or state Engineers will, on Saturday, Feb. 16, at noon, at their office in the Cotton Exohange building, open bids zor tne 10110 wing levees: - - - - Bnowdon Levee, parish of Pointe Coupee, deposit required 125, bond tiooo. r Qlennon Levee, East Baton Rouge deposit and bond same as above.. . - . The Chief Bute Engineer has addressed the following communication to the Police Jury of the Darish of Pointe Couoee. on the occasion , of turning over Morgans a Leree - 6rH u em Tn e uorganxa Leree is now completed, and therefore, under the, provi sions 01 law, section 10 of act no. 33, session of 1879, and section 1 of act No. 83. session of 1680, subject to your management, eon. trol and care for protection, and preserva tion. r - l i - r .. ( r . . As this is one of the largest and most lm portent levees in your parish, and as for a considerable part of its length it will be exposed during . high water to . the action of the wares, and as it j. may. be sub ject to - special - dangers Xrouo. t other L ource we. HMmeAUalJur.siurffeaa.. that . . . jrou mit Dim (ub iucu luniHurea mm amy oe neeesaary ior its protection ana preservation during the eomlng hla - a wt aeason. ' . 1 1 . - . - 14. a. xcich ASueoic , ' Chief of the Louisiana Board ot titate En j lneers. . . - c . - a" - - - wu . - TTASHISGTOJI'S BIBTIIDAY. - ; The Tweaty - Beeead - el Febraary te be Celebrated hj m HlUtary. Parade and ' Iaspeetiem. - ' - 1 r' - 'S' ';, u The following orders hare been Issued by the - i Adjutant General, for the due and proper observance of Washington's Birth - oar oy me city troops: - 1 : - - 1 i - - BTAIB Or LOTISIAWA, - - . v Adjutant tieneral's Ofnee, - :.. - - , . , Baton Bouge, Feb. a, 1884.) rosneral Orders No. .l - - ,. - - i - I. ahe trooia eomDOsinc the L. 8. TS. O. First Military Dlatnot, will parade for in spection ana renew on raair, zia instant, the anniversary of the birthday of - the Immortal Washington. - IIj Major Gen. Joan Glynn, Jr - command in a - . will issue the aeoessary ordera.inclndlng the eustomarr salutes, extending a eordial invitation to the independent military or - ganiEaiions in tne pansn 01 vmeaas. - III. Gen. Glynn will confer with the Pres ident and Directors 01 tne K. E. Lee Moan mental Association, with the view of the L.8.N.G. participating in the ceremonies to be observed la unveiling the statue of the most Illustrious American the nine teenth century has produeed. - ' IV. The general and personal staff of the trovernor ana uommanaer - u - unier will assemble, uniformed and - . mounted, at 4 o'clock P. M., opposite the. Grand Opera iiouh, vsui nnwb - - - By order ot the Commaoder - la - Csief : j 1 G. T. BKAcnsoAUD, Adjt Gea. : . Official : T. Au FAXiis, Ass't AdJ't Gen.. V - ,. - : . - 1 : - - ' . M ;CITY HAUL AFFAIRS. ' x y. CeaiaraateafJeas ' ta the ' Slayer aad Vr i' ; T . . CeamelL.V' - .,' J ! ; - The Mayer received yesterday a eamma - a lea tl on rrom tne waan lessees in which they state that the Northeastern Railroad Company has never obtained their Dermis - sion to use tne nrer iron? ana wsarres. as epeciflea in tne ordinance granting pri rile ires to that railroad 00 run an v. The ordi nance prorided that the consent ot the wharf lessees should be secured, and the latter say it has nerer been asked. ', The Mayor has also reoeired a oommunl - eation from the Educational Society.' in which they show the necessity of a larger j appropruuoB, say S30,ooq addittenai, ior tne publlo schools. - r" ' nommluMMrf VliT' haM ' ' Snsnended James Waldron, the Buperlntenaent of the Bnaxspeare Aunaionae, wno is enargea as aeceeeoryte the murder of Conrad Heoe oa Tuesday o successor to Waldron had been, namea yesieraay.' - - The Committee, on. Streets and Laadlnrs will meet Friday evening to consider tne. 1T.lU.,1.llu..4 1 1 ' - j - . The lee Monument Association met' last evening', and transacted some routine busi ness appertaining to the nnrelUng .of the statue on the 23d." - - ' ' r . ' , ) V . .Tne aaatne 'Will be inioced br steamer frem New Yoit Baturuay. - xne earas of in. ntetion to the unvelilng ceremonies will display an engraving of the statue. A boat nooo 01 .tnese invitations wui oe issaea. ana s larre auendanoe of distinguished persona rrom other States is expected. - ; 1.. , - 1 I 1 ill I I I 11 ljfTH " 1 PABJS3B, J9W t JXFsTXKSOX At a full meetrn g of the Democratic Parish' 1 Committee of jenerson janan nea yester day at Harvey's uanei, isol. r ranx a. uatca mmM nniTtimratlr elected delegate to the. Democratic State Central CommUtee from. said parish.' - - - r - i f At law o'clock last flight a'cofored ioy i . year of age. - named iienrr rrager. wi knocked down and ran over by a spring wagon at the eoraer of Canal and Rampart streets. 1 The ber. who was siigauy inmrea abont the head aad right leg, was cared for iBfctTr fr onrraA - a ornr atore. avna xne driver of the wagon, H, BchaberV, ves ar - - . - . .. 1 - . m nre Voftrf Elegant parade saddle to be voted for at the Continental Uaards' Basaar. See the f41. i - Morty MoVean'e,' - . comet Canal aad St. Charles streets. - THE SCHOOL BOABD. . - Last Interesting Proceedings BigWs. - Session at Aidldomml Teacher ..Xer the . Celered ffeheels - HTstea aad ; the BXma ef LJahtaa Frevesed as Impertaat 'i ' Scadlce. - The Board of Public School Directors met yesterday erenlng at the new quarters, Mo. aoa - Julia street. - President 8. &. Carlisle aa in the chair, and Directors Beumes. Baxtley, Broenan, MoBlroy, Parham. Me - 'amara, De Foentes, BLrluger, Ltnaai, JIackett and Henry, Secretary J. J fc O'Brien and City BaperintencuHiE nm. &ogere Superintendent Sogers presented the foli lowing repon , , The aritregated returns - fronr all the schools ior the month, of January are Admitted and' readmitted ....14,432 ,7 f 64J ..'..1336 Now on roll. . .'....I :.t Arerage dally attendance... Average roU. .v: . . ;..;,n,o;o I AvraaeroU.v:.i.. - ..... - ..l....':.. ..12J10 4 These figures show a - marked inorease nnon the uecemoer - xe port, out as com pared with January, lBSa, are .not satisfao - torv. The average attendance was, in that month. 14.244. the average roll 15,941 an et cecs of more than 3000 ovrr the attendance and - enrollment for 1884. ' Since Jan. - 1 tae numbers - hare Increased and the pres ent denciency may - oe - overtaxen, m mat at least, - during - the - next few months. Toe injurious effect of closing tne schools for five uontns 01 i&scyear nas oen urged by the board In its eommunioatioas to the City Couneil. '.'.. - ,. As the result of personal Inquiry fhave reason to believe that quite a large number of pupils, scattered over the city, who were la attendance In June last, have not yet returned, but are spending their time in'ldie - nees upon the . streets. Under the present system of voluntary attendance it is dim - - cult to remedy this evil, particularly when tbe absence is known to 1 the parent. Teachers hare been endeavoring, by using all means at their command, to secure the return ot their, former pupils who are not. attending any school or. engaged In any useful calling. . . j Departments hare been consolidated when Eracucable, particularly in the . Be Philip, ive Oak, Paulding; and others. It will oe remembered that some eight or ten teachers were withdrawn from toe colored schools, at the annual election in October, last, aad their Dlaces not tilled. Binae Jan. 1 thuat. tendance in several of the colored schools has greatly increased, requiring the an. pomtiuent of an additional, third assistant in the Marigny, Short street and McCarthy schools. A aupernumary is employed In the McCarthy, but no aid has yet been sent to the other two schools named. : - - . About fortv additional seta of charts, to be distributed through tbe - schools, are needed tor primary class work. It is also recommended that each school should be supplied with a wall map of Louisiana. It is lesnectfully recommended that the Com - ' niittee on Supplies be authorized to furnish tne schools with tne charts and maps above indicated at an aggregate expense not ex - eeeaing ; . - ..i..,. - - Teachers' meetings hare been held from time to time during the past month, and a Teachers' Association has been formed, the ultimate object of which ia the improvement of - our public schools. - A laudable desire for eilicient work under improred methods is shown - by many of the teachers in our schools. - . . - . . . v The report was reoeired. '. - Mr. Par ham. of the Commmlttee on High Schools, reported that the examination of candidates lor promotion from the grammar departments to the high schools was held Irum Jan. 8 to loth lncluslre. 193 candidates were present, 69 for the Boys' School, - 134 iris: tea of the latter were frem m - lvate schools. Moss of these elawses had pursued". tne usual course oistuoiee, saving actenaea the private schools during tbe protracted vacation. After a careful consideration of the circumstances, the same standard as on previous years, to per cent., for admission to the. Gula' High - School was retained. Under this decision lis students were ad niittcd. In the boys schools there had not been the same degree of preparation. Of tha whole number 4? were admitted upon a minimum of 60 percent. - - . . une examination was ieirana impartial and favorable to tbe candidates. In some important particulars, a a en as ertaography uiu pnnmannnip, ua wun ia very saoaiao - jactoiy. - aoi taas was vnBausiactory was tbe result of the lnterrantlen eansed br the long vacation er tne last annual session. - - The present condition oz huh schools is as follows:. - ' . ' - ' - - Girls' Seniors 31. Intermediate 68. Juniors 106 i total 20a. - - Bers' seniors 13. intermeaiate 17. jnnlors 40: total 7U.r M - . - - 1 - The new location for the - Bora' High School is ah Improvement on the former onej bat the accommodations are restricted ana anotner room neeaea.' - The accommodations in the Girls' High Bcli sol are Insufficient for the number of poplls' The school deserres a better build ing, or at least that two small rooms be eon - rertea mto a isrge one.' Tie report was received. - Mr. Tnoa. J. Bemmes, ef the Committee on Teachers, reported as follows : vaosncies in the schools have been niied as follows :k v. v Lire Oak Resignation of Miss Jourdain. siisa inima wiiour, - nominated Dy air. HtrlSger. - .. - .. - '!. . - MoiJonogn no. 12 Kenrnanon ot miss m Curley, Miss Emma - Moore, nominated by mr. 4. tioui. ' - .. - MoDonogh No. 3 Resignation of Miss M. E. Anaeraon, Miss Isabella Warner, nominated by Mr. M. MoNamara. - tODertson - .jKesignanon or suss o. Jt. Chellet. Mies Beglna King, nominated br T. 1. Bemmes. - - - in nlllng these vacancies teachers of low er grade hare been promoted and the as signments maae in tne lowest aeparxments. ' committee reoommenas tnac teaching cernncates oe issueei to sir. ix, n. Harrison, uissjn.iiarnson ana miss a. m.. BCicxner. The Is st named was examined in Betrtem - ber. 18td. with satisfactory results, but was not awarded a eertiaeete at tbe time la eon - sequence ef her connection with the schools ss apapii. - - : r 1. . ' . - - Upon the resolution introduced by Dr. 8 H. Henry at the last meeting ef the board. and referred to this committee, recommend ing that Washington No. 2, la Carroll ton, be maae a uramar a. scnooi. tout committee reports favorablv. . ,.. - . - - ... The following suDernnmarr teachers hare .oeen appointea: - ; 1 jniss aads u. , uewiana 7 to juouonogu No. 4. - - - '' ! i Miss Bnllnda Duree to MeDonogh No; 4 n ' Miss M. W. Warner to Mouonoga No. 7. . ' The report of the committee on Teachers was adopted. i.r it .c: xne recommenaaaon.oz Bupenntenaent Rogers that addluonal 1 teachers be - i p pointea to tne coiorea seaoois was reierrea to tne uomnuttee pa xeacaers - witn, xaw power to acW f..: i i j ' , sir. arnam. or tne special eonamictee ap pointed to confer with the Sanitary Assoc t - auon upon tne communication 01 toe xatter recommending the study of hygiene In the schools, reported the following .resolution aa tne aenae oz tne eomntiCLee s y ; c . - ' XeaoliMd. That after . Oct.. L 1884 j ail new rappnoants ior positions as teaoner m sae Tjnniin ar.nooia or rtaw Kjrtnmnm .mm urn rv anired to pasa an examination ea physloi - i ory and hygiene; and after itnasoate - no person snau 00 appwi w ah all hot hare passed a satisfactory examl - sttkm in anld braunhea. - - ) ka :m t . In suDoort ot the following. Mr. Parham said that it ia self - erident thateommuni - Ces, Ignorant ot the elementary laws of neaiin, can never . amy appreciate tne measures needful to enforce these laws.. an .Instructive aad ennreeieave melorltv can nerer be secured exoeDS throngh the. bbouc aoiiooio. lioouians nas Iaueu to keep ssep with the progressfrer movements of . other Btatea - la - introducing the study into tbe schools although to ao state or community Is the preaervatlon ef - pchllo - aesitn km - more importance. 11 new 'Orleans IS ever to enjoy to the greatest urao - tical extent - the blessings iot i health, its .future eitUees shonid be pieperly lastruet - eo in tne puoue sonoois. xaa Knowledge or the la we of health Is rot more Importance than the stady ot history or geography. - - The committee is assured that ororlstona will be mads for the gratuitous instruction ot all teachers - in the public - schools. The teachers now In the schools will no doubt cheerfully assent to assist in introducing the study into the schools Prof. ' Coalite assisted the committee in preparing their Tlewa. 1 . - ' - : ? - . 9 i'. . - v' - - - . Tbe committee uses not asx tnat'tne board act immediately," bnt - reeomtneniis that the matter be reierrea to tne tmsaufr - tee on Special Branches, with the request to report cm the same in af sroh - - a The report was referred to the Committee on Special Branches. - . - v - - Snperintendent Rogers was giren leave ot absence for tea days, ia order to attend the Teachers' Convention at Washington, to be held during the present month. : t M7 Mr. Pfrhani:. - .. ' jtesoivrd. That - 'the dry. Council be requested to take early action - on the r"lu - tion presented toy Councilman B. L. Bsyne, appropriating the sum of $i5,0u0 for repairs to school - houses out of tha reserve fond of 1884; which resolution was referred to and Is now before the Finance Committee of the Council. Carrie. - - - v , - - - Mr. Brosnaa moved that the percentage for admission to tbe Glris' High Bchoot be reduced to 60 per cent., the same percentage fixed for the admission to the Boys', High Senool. Lost. " ' - - . . - Miss Cooper and MlssHorau were granted leaves of absence with pay.. - Miss Percy and Miss Kelly were also allowed pay during their absence. - ' - - ' - ' - The resolution ef Dr. Henry to allow come pupils of the Sixth District to pass an examination for the High School was lost, the board being of tbe opinion that it was best to have no examinatioss for admission sub - ' sequent to the regular examination for that purpose. . - - 4 - - . - - - .j - - . - - - On motion of Dr. Henry the Committee on Bcheolhouses waa . requsstedto reeom - mendtothe MeDonogh Fund Commissioners the erection of a MeDonogh sohoolhousQ in the seventh District, t , 1 j ;, . j The meeting then adjourned. THIEVES t'ATj WORK. Ceafldesce ftfaa aad Plckpoeket. About S o'clock Wednesdar morning Cor poral Wallace and Officer Soheidell arrested .a white man named John Terry, at the corner of Poydras and Penn streets, and looked bitn upon the long charge. The officers subsequently , learned that their prisoner, waa - wanted for playing the confidence game on Mr. J H. Carver, a cotton factor; at Ko. 44 ,Perd)do . streets, and rietimlzing him out of .Terry represented t Mr. Carver that he was the son of Edward Terry, of Arkansas,! and - was expecting a load of cotton here and was anxious to borrow some money on it. His. story seemed plaulble, although he - was roughly clad, and he was given the sum of t. ; - . !Mr. Terry, a planter at Spring Bank Lauding. Ark., whom John claimed as his father, was written to, and he denounced John as a fraud snd impostor. - - ... n .;. - Terry is - also , accused of harlng been caught in the act of attempting to piok a man s pocKet at ocnreioer e noose en Poydras street, where he had been boarding. - - The prisoner - was arraigned - before - Recorder Darey and lined $20 or 30 days on tbe long charge, and remanded la default of bonds for obtaining , money by false pre tenses.jr"" - - . - - 1 1. '.' - ' 1 v Felicity aad Rampart.' ' - ' '; About 4 o'clock yesterdsy morning the ) evidence of Mr. Hyman, at the corner .of Felicity and Rampart streets, was entered by a brace of thieves, who after ransacking the parlor and dining - room wbiled away the early morning hours in a game of cards. They stole a pair ot fine gold bracelets and sereral articles ot minor value, cverlooking a doxen silver spoons which were in tbe - sldeboaid drawer. - Finger marks on the shutters and front window would appear to indicate that the thieves had entered by that way ; ' but the door was found wide open and the door shutters had nen loroea open ana tne look broken, ana when the Inmates were aroused at 6 o'clock the front door was found wide open. . . I mere Fleasaro than Flaaaer. Last Sunday night an attempt was made to force open the window of Mrs. Mooney'e grocery on Liberty, corner of Erato streets. 1 he thieves out several slats out of the blind on tbe first floor, but the fastenings withstood their efforts. The , thieves then decided to abandon this plan, and ascending to the gallery above attacked a window blch rlelded to their efforts. The thieves entered, but finding nothing to reward their - norts, amused themselves by piling up the furniture in the middle of tbe floor and then dt camped. . ..., - Arrested far Herniary. - ? On last Tuesday evening Mr. Jas, Rogers arrested a white man named Valeron O lain, rv, alias Babe, at the corner of Palmyra nd White streets, and looked him np in the Suburban Station for burglary. The prisoner is accused ot robbing Mr. Lambert's dairy, at the corner of Common street and Sarrollton Avenue, a few nights ago, and allng $22 in - cash - and $25 worth of clothing.' The prisoner was arraigned before Kecorder Darey and placed under $500 appearance bonds. ' ' : . ..', '., , Oa Franhfln BtreeU .'; '".sV.. Last Monday - night some ' enterprising ni hn aw ks uraded the premises oooupied tiy 1 Mr Bendel, on Franklin, between Josephine snd Jackson streets. A pair of eeila's bracelets and a poeketbeok containing a small sum of money were atolen. 1 . i' r' At a Grocery, "i. - Some unknown thieves attempted to force open the door of Mr. Parodl's grocery store, eoraer of Marais aad Eiyaian Fields streets. The proprietor waa awaxened by their noise and frightened them off. u - . - . ' - ' - - ' 1 " TBR BHOOTIIIO AFFAIR AT GOULDS - j ' ' v.BOstO: - j.I ;;.;'., y The f taienient ef One ef the Wltaessas of ; I . ; ;tkeutaaU. J0TA?i J - Bel stive to tbe shooting affray which occurred at Gouldsboro last Tuesday evening Mr W. 8. Delaney, foreman of a gang of laborers under Harry Riee, - supurmtenctent or levee worn ior kxh. u. ; l. iiarueman, Jrvea the following version of the affray : During the afternoon I met Gibson, the accused, who asked me what waa the matter, with Bice. I told him I didn't know, and lnrlted Gibson to take a drink. He refused at firsts Baying that I waa an associate of that j Irishman . Bice, and that he didn't want to hare anything to do with me.! I then asked him what was between him and Bice; when he went on his engine, saying : I don't want to hare anything to do with yon.' Rem arkln g that I was sorry that he and Rice were on bad terms, and Gibson promising not to say any more about it, I left. - , At half - past 6 o'clock we were all three at supper, and when we' had finished Gibson ' went out, - followed by - Bloe and ) ' myself. - Rice . said to me, Billy, this . fellow - Gibson, looks like no nas got it u zor me. - ' - 1 suggested that we go to our room, but Rioe refused, saying: "Well, I'll go, but, I want to see what Gibson has to say." At the corner we met Gibson, and Bice went np to him and said 4 "If there is anything between you and me let's settle it here." - Gibson replied: "No, I haven't any hard feelings against you at all." - Let's go and take a drlak, then' says Bloe, and uttering these words he turned, when Gibson fired. Bice exclaimed, "I'm shot," and drew his revolver and returned the fire, when Gibson1 fired the second shot; I went over to pick Bice up, when Gibson exclaimed " You i I'll aire it to you." and tired on me. T then took Rice's nlstol out of his hand and started for Gibson, but finding the weapon empty I turned my osex to oioson ana toia him to shoot, which he did twloe, but with out effect. Bloc's condition was Improred somewhat yesterday afternoon. ; r ; SYMPTOMS OF POISOXING. , : Yesterday morning William Dorman. an employee at Farantaa ahow,; was carried to the Charity Hospital in an apparently dy ing conaiuon. Aiewas piaoea in wara ss, - when restoratives were applied and after oonelderable difficulty he regained strength and eonaclouanass.twnen he explained telthe pby siaians the apparent cause of his illness. He said that - last - Tuesday he entered a Chinese restaurant in the Second Dlstrlot and partook ot a hearty meal, drinking two caps o coffee, As soon as he reached, the Bile walk he becaniA Afidiehly and violently 111, suffering from cramps in ths atomaoh, followed by vomiting. He was conveyed to the Charity Hospital. A pertlon ot . the contents of hi stomach "was saved for analysis, as the patient exhibited symptoms rf .poisoning. ' . , ACCIDENT tTOi TWO FAINTBHSl' - 5' At a' o'cioek - yesterday - arternoon ' an accident occurred at the - corner, ot Erato aad Annunciation streets,' which resulted in two hoaso painters Adoipbe Laptlt and Hnrr i J. Arnett being 'sererely - injured. The men had planted a ladder en twopleees of board extending outward from a gallery m the rear 01 a aouse at tne bdovo corner. Araett was ascending the 'ladder, and La - ' pllt was on she gaUery steadying the same, when ' the temporary scaffold gave way.. Arnett - was precipitated to the yard be low, a distance ot about 80 feet, and sus tained serious injuries of the head. . One ot the pieces 01 - Doara on wmcn tne maaer was supported tilted, and striking against Leput'sngnt leg. sprainea - ni anue. at - nets waa eoirveved to the Charity Hospital. whilst LapUt was taken to his home. ' Thr ladies who have charge of the varioug teats, booths and tables at the Continental Bazaar cordially invite tueir . inenaa to at tends t - - - ' - ,., . .'. - ".'. i f - - - ' .'.. - - '. . Satin slippers, various colors, very nice fresh, for - sale at the Bed Star shoe store. . THE CKEMATION SOCIETY. Adoption of . a Charter. Klcellsn sf Directors stnd Officer Keady . . w . ;:vJ. .. - , :; far Bastaese. . V ;'.'. - ; - A meeting of the Cremation Society was held last evening In the rooms of the sanitary Association, with - a large attendance. Dr. Formen to presided. . . - The charter of the association was taken Upand adopted by sections. The following Board of Directors was elected: Dr. Felix Formento, Julius Amni, Geo. Nicholson. C L. Walker. L. H. Von Ghren, M. D., A. D. Saucier, J. J. Meunier. i Dr. Formento was elected President, and .Ur. JullusA.roni First Vice Preeideas. The charter defines the objects of the association as follows re ' 1. By joientiiiQ research and . investigation to ascertain and demonstrate the importance and neoeaslty to society of incineration as tbe beat method of disposing of die bodies of Wo dead, as4 la pursuance thereof l - v .,, .' . 2, To make known I to ; the people tbe danger to publlo health resuitiug. uum - uw moae - 01 . Dunai generally practiced all - over the eounuy , more particularly - the - speelal dangers to a city like New Orleans from the peculiar method followed here. - - : - ..x. , 3. To demonstrate the advantage of ere - manon over au other moaes 01 disposing or tne aeaa, in a sanitary, social, ana economical point of riew. . - v - i a i ' 4. To remove all prejudices which - there, may be against tbe introduction of cremation in our midst, and to prove that crema - tion can be practiced without - in - the least wounding religious sentiment or susceptibilities, r . : v . - 6. To obtain information in regard to the difl'erent methods of cremation - and their respective costs. - i; & ; r r - . 6. To obtain, if necessary , proper legislative enactments on tbe subject of cremation, providing for tbe disposal ef bodies, especially where death resulted rrom eou - ' Uglotia or infectious diseases, and especially in small - pox - hospitals and other publlo institutions. i s i ? "J i ii t 3 r - r - To proeureneoessaryfundsfor the 1 erecuon 01 a crematorium in the city of new wneaus. uu ior its management un - major v. Au - waiser presented the rouow - Ing statement or city expenditures for burial or indigent dead in 1883 : Amount - of disbursement for twelve months' transportation of bodies, material for ct'lUns, Including pay of three drivers, maintenance or tares venioies ana teams, - graves, eto 524 bodlea and 248 bnrtala frm city small pox hospital, besides 120 permits issuea ior iree graves nrai ta. ' The bodies of Indigent dead, and those buried at public expense are all Interred in the Holt Cemetery. " - " ' - - ' Mr. Forman made the following motion, which was adopted: - ; - J ? - That a committee of three c be' appointed to i - repare and circulate a memorial to the City Council and get1 as many signatures of citizens as possible t 1. To close all the cemeteries east of tbe Metairie Ridge. 2. To pass an ordinance to provide for the incineration ot all human bodies burled at tbe expense of the city, and of all human Oodita which - have oled at the mall - pox as a crematory can be bnilr. The Chair appointed Heetrs.'Forman, and Hudson and Dr. Challle. " . Tbe meeting then adjourned. - i - . - ' The directors met toereafter and elected Mr. E. H. Levy Secretary of the Cremation Society ef New Orleans ' a committee on by laws was appointed. The following additional, memoers were recorded last night : " ' Adolphe Sohreiber, Ernest Mlltenberger, Paul Conrad. Dr. T. NagBl;M..T. Dneroa. E; O. Ducros, Dr. At - J.. libioan,. Horaoa Car - penter, Wallace Wood. H." R.' Gogreve, Dr. E. 8. Lewis, E. H; Farrar, E. lt. Hudson, A. D. saucier. J. Gentil, E. P. Bourier, Wm. J. Gahan, J. D. Houston,. W. H. Welkins, M. D. r , k ii - iiiciiai:;f - ' - :ti:!?, Stevca Olsea Prefers Death to aa laeara ! ble Dlasase, and Haacs Hlssaelf; . 'About T o'clock - Wednesday morning, Steven Olsen was found dead at Mrs. wlbel's boarding - house, No. 106 Dryades street. Olsen had committed suicide, and when discovered was found - hanging behind a door in his room on the second floor in the rear of the premises. - - ." ? ' The deceased had been suffering for some time past with a disease wbloh bad resisted all treatment. He became despondent, and. soma time during Tuesday night he rigged his own scaffold and swung himself into eternity. He' had procured a - large size iron screw and fastened it in the frame of the i door. ' - He then obtained a clothes line and fastened one end to the screw. After securing this end he got a trunk, upon . wmcn ne stooa ana lastenea xne ocner ena with a noose around his neck. - He suddeely pushed the trunk aside and died - shortly at - , ter frem strangulation. . - ., ,. ' ; Olsen had been stopping ar the house abont a month, and had paid ' for his board in advance. ' " He had evidently intended suicide, as when his landlady - came Into his mom. sbe noticed that he had covered the window - facing tbe gallery with a' sheet. This singular - act on his part eansed her to go to bis room, and when she opened the door,, she noticed the furniture - piled, up In a heap in the centre of" the room. '; While standing gazing at it she turned around and almost fainted with the eight that' met her eyea. It waa then discovered tnat her boarder had committed suicide. ; : aseistanee was summonedand the man cut down and his body taken, to the Central Station, where It waa riewedhy the Deputy oroner. The deceased wasa native of Sweden and aboat 37 years of age. , He was a tailor by occupation, and was employed at work on Canal atrest.,, ,....,; - , ma mxt TBK SHOOTING AT GOULDSBORO. . , ' Yesterday afternoon JohnT. Oilmore, the engineer, who surrendered at the Central Station after shooting Henry Bice, a fireman,) last Tuesday evening, at Gouldsboro, waa turned over to Capt. Langridge, of the Gretna ponoe, and taken before Judge Gar - dere. of GretnaxWhere be was arraigned and released upon $350 bonds. Upon giving bonds he made a counter affidavit against Bice and Delaney for shooting at him. They were arrested on warrants and placed under bonds. - .' The wounded man, Kioe, is : im proving. - ' '' " " 5 - STAKE IN T1U trnni'1vi . About 1 o'clock Wednesday morning a fire was discovered in the roof of the one - story frame house occupied by Philip Roth, on Mandteville, between Prosper andSolidello streets. The fire was extinguished beforo any material damage resulted.,! The fire la supposed to do tne worx 01 an lncenoiary, - ' j TITAX. . STATISTICS Recorded at the offioe of the Board of Health, Wednesday. Feb. 6, 1834: i . t v BIRTHS. Mrs, J. F. Under, a girl, Jan.' 10. Jan. 30...,: ,H i, Jan. 6.,yv. I.J, 1.97. ; .. , irs, jrrosperi'. aioert, a giri, j , Mrs, Leon F. Haubtman, a girl. , Airs, James Armstrong, a Doy, . Mrs. Alfred Halter, a girl. Jan, Mrs. Karl M. NebeL a girl. Jan. 23. Mrs. Charles Granger, a boy, Feb. 3. , , ,', ' Mrs. David Mens, a girl, Jan. 14.,. ; wrs - oscar itarc, agiri, jan. 7. , ' MrsJ. A. M. Durand, a boy, Jan. 8, yt j t . , MrsJ John Ray, a boy, Jan, 20,. Mrs.i Joseph Conrad, a boyPsoT. 28. 1S83. . Mn.tC. P. Huff, a boy, Deo. 13, 1883. 7 - MARRIAGES. - - i J - William Thompson aad Mrs. widow Clara . Jnhn KAllI and Mtas Jnlla HwAnT'j' V George Diekson'and Miss Maria Booker. John Burmeister and Miss Caroline Feist. ; Samuel Small and Miss Estelle Bay hi. ' Edouard Krieger and Mrs. Widow Marie Rodriguea, - c i . . :': i DEATHS. - w .x..i ' I Katie A. Ewisg. 13 years. 309 St. Charles. - - Michael J. Walsh, so years. 106 Galeaale. v .ALra, Katie Lynch, 21 years, 209 Delord. lK : John Gelger, 45 years, 629 Annnnclatlou. .. Charles J. Went worth, 69 years, Algiers. , Joe Lee, 20 years, Algiers. - . - .A..rr , . MaJinda Commodore, $ years, Leree, near Leosidaa. . wrfe - ja. - ,ir ws. H. S. Cottman, 40 years, $19 Beeond.l ; John Fromhers, 71 years, eoo Fulton. ,? Clementine., S. Mera, s weeks, 460 BvBanv ' J, '' - t - J? m,t h ix Camella Eart. l month, Spain and Morales. Theresa Johnson, 49 years, Columbus and St. Claude. ...... August Brenrei, IB years. 90 B. Johnson. Miss Carrie Relnbuxg, i years, Melpomene and Magazine,.. . . - .. - T7T7 .XTT, - MwT E. Gorey, 29 yean, 121 Richard. Moraleo! ' jpK"..J;ngnei,n..ncar IxluisPowell, 11 months, Bochebiare and Oommoa. - . . , : - - .. . . i . . John J. Bay, 7 days,' 19 RochebUre. - ,:':' JulU 8. Fils, 6 years, 183 Barracks. Chaa. Tsylor, t months, Jackson, between Clara and Willow. - ..7 - T - 'if,,;.;..: - - York Lotts, 42 years, m Thalia. 'Bebca Benthai, 73 years, Cadiz, near Camp. - THE liAlLEOADS. The Iron Feeders of jCrescentCIij Commerce. - ." !' ''it .'Hertheva Reads aad she. sTxpealtlea. ' - A special meeting of the Merchants' and Manufacturers' Association was held in Baltimore last Thursday to bear addresses I rem Col. - Moorhead, Commissioner General, and others in regard to the International Exposition at New Orleans in December next. There was a large attendance ot merchants present. Preliminary to the main object ot the meeting. Mr. Smith the President of tbe association, stated that at the TOnual meeting; a - few weeks since, he had spoken of negotiations that were pending in regard to railroad connections, freight, rates and transportation between Baltimore and too Souths - As ColrAloorbead was at yet present be would take the opportunity to make a statement in regard - to the mat - tor, Xh6 negotiations which ad been - go - ie en with the Riehmond end Danville Railroad, and the Transportation Commit - Me or in is association, wmoa wouto. the city of Jiammore to compete witn zonur ern cities ior southern traae, oa . uccii, I theytnpught. hatisfactorQy arranged and ua Hreruutoi tnurioiueu ui new iviiiw 8ltrrjatueby - tb - Klchmond and - Dsn ville 1 Bnsiacsf ef - fh Louisville" and Nash I :ille.:l i . ' I - ? i - - - a - w - . - jjf 'jl HJSj ,, Tbe aoaual report of the Louisville adi i i j - .. - iutnie, uiuru neupeaaay, is repeneu as the most remarkable reoort of the aaanon. It shows Louis tille, selling on thestroet be - iow os, to oe earnings sj& per cens per an - xnmThe surplus for the oast six months .was greater than tbe overplus for the entire two j earn preceaing. it was three tunes as git at as the surplus for the corresponding ox nioi ths o lbSXj It was at first thought 1 oe 11 crease m gross earnings was caused toned ent by the analysis of tne figures. . The figures indioate the excellent lio wing i o bareheen largely the result of good man - segment a mans gement which has laereas - tu gross earnings and decreased the per - cbfage ot operating expenses increasing miscellaneous lneome and - decreased every thing else. - . " j The Pefrigerater Car. ' , The new Louisville and XashrlUe refriger ator car 9. liHJU.arnvsa yesterasy irom Cincinnati, loaded with beer; it lett there on tbe sd, coming through in, good time; . This is tbe first car of 00 to be built by this company tor this .trade. t The oar was built on the most - improved plans, with. large ioe boxes at either end, with: - speolaL arrange. uiems ior placing ice at the option 01 tne bipper, The ioe boxes are about four feet high by three feet thick, and the apparatus . within is so ooastruuudas to keep, out the' air aa the lee melts. - - - v. - - - s These ears are brought here "for tbe especial benefit of New Orleans shippers and buyers, many of whom 'inspected - the ear! yesterdsy, and' pronounced it admirably tutted to their weals. - All shipment of l'utterbeer, oleomargarine, etc., now made to this point will arrivt. here lnae ood oider as when forwarded. '.,. 1 '' Ferty.Klahe Hears le A'Uaata. The St. Louis Globe - Democrat of Feb. 4 says : . lr. - Cecil Gabbett, general xnanager of the' Western Railway of Alabama; baa, pot on a fast freight train between New lOr - leans and Atlanta, and goods shipped from New Orleans arrive at Atlanta In forty - eight hours. The sffioiala of the road are proud, of the quick time, and are working constantly to secure business out of New Orleans.: - - " . j Gels with the Rssa. j - ' Mr. Thomas" A!"Rush, for many years a passenger 00 n duo tor on various roads, is now running on one of the elegant Pullman coaches on the Queen and Crescent Route from New Orleans - to Chattanooga. Mr. Bush arrived yesterday morning. t1 T 7 - r l'i . . .;. ' Fereeaal rofata. J i"x"'A - Mr. Theodore Welch, , General - Freight Agent ot the Louisville and Nashrille Bail - road at. Montgomery, arrived here yesterdsy on .business connected with the road. He left again last evening. - Mr. John K Hogan, Southern sVasseager Agent of the Michigan Central Railroad, la is the city, r . - . - . , ' ! Mr. - George P; 1 Humphries. ' Southerii Ticket Agent of the New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad, arrived in Ne w. Or; 4 : ; .f. - THE DOUBTS. r M i' Halted State flarl st Ceart. " - Wm. Sherenger has brought suit against F. JU Brown; master, and Win. Foster, mate, un board the brig Tarifa. for $ieoo damages sustained by cruel treatment reoeired at the hands 01 botn aerenaaats. . - The suocecBions of Mrs. C. C Lyon, John Boo and Joseph Bode were opened yester - , Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Gutleres bare asked for an H junction to restrain Jas. D. Houston, bh ai e 1 ax - ooiiector, irotu eemn g; certain property fortaxea. ' " " r - ' . Gaetano Spina has applied for a writ of b aueas corpus to compel Salratore Dispense to proauce in court tne ooar or tae oen .uonei's girl, two years old. The petitioner claims tnat bis latner - in - iaw illegally as tains the child, and that the defeadaathas enticed bis (petitioner's) wife away. J udge Monroe issued tbe wrV making - it - re tosn - v ewie on U0na7,tofl uib dui., at u O ClOCX. , Gebrae Boeckling has filed .a netitioa ' llegicg that' Miss Msmie Miller, aged 21 or vi years, is oonnnea in - tae fjoarent 01 the uood Shepherd against her real and sincere resire or wish, without authority or otherwise and Is therefore deprived of her liber - ' ty. me youngiaoy nas repeateaiyexpressed Lur desire to leave tbe institution, but fears tbe Bister Superioress. - Judge Houston issued a writ of habeas corpus, returnable on tne otu ox jreDruary at 11 o'ClOCk.v 'ii I '.: ; First Bosorra Cmwiu'l, k;j"' ' George Hughes and James Began, two of the hoodlums who were drunk and created a uiaiuroanoe i at uormaB'B snow, naa - a bearing. Began was fined. $20 or 30 days and Hughes $23 or 30 days. - He waived ex amination to tne enarge , or assaulting aad wounding oncer Moore with a board, and was cent before the - Criminal - Court nnder $A0O bonds. - 1 - - Robert CDonnell was sent before' 'the Criminal Court under $260 bonds - for petty larceny. An additional charge of beating Thomas MoGlttigen was continued. . , ., - Thomas Campbell was plaoed under' $106 peace nanus tor assaulting Wr li. iuueir. Henry Otte andChrUaarv - Jaeeba, arrest rd on suspieion - of - stealing Mrs. Malloy's sacietDoosiSi aipooBsns unuroo, were discharged, as the lady could not: swear ihst they pickd her nocket. s - .i. . Lee Dunning." Fred Davis. Hsnrr White.. aiiaa onus site, zor vagrancy ; aiary xiar teau, for petty - larceny, - and Thomas Sherl dan. for - assault and batterv. were . ar signed and Dlaced under aaao annearanna bonds each. ti,u,;i. Gus Taylor, for being drunk and creating f aidisturbsnce, HarrietLewls, Thomas John r on ana suae wagner. ior ragrancy, were . ... J ; Seeead Bcrdere Cwart. - "1" - ' io - - G. Beaumont, charged with obtaining goods iby false pretenses, was remanded in aeranit or $500 appearance bonds. is i - i: - Atob Bayers, charged with the murder of. - mixwj wircu, - wmm niuuiueii fro lzxo irarisa I'rijBon without the benentof bail. D. Brows tad Monroe Hall were held In $250 bonds each as important Stat witnesses Jn the case I "; - - '. - - AlexJ EcaDle, Jules Pouly and J. Erasmus, boys caoght gambling in the French Market, were discharged with a reprimand. .'AlexiLamont, arrested by Otiioer Ramos' for being drunk, disturbing Tt be peaoe and assaulting him with a - dangerous weapon, was fined $20 or SO days on the first count, but was discharged on the latter, there be - ; lng no affidavit made against him - 1 1 ' Jules Geny and Margaret Latino, for assault and battery, and Mrs. Williams, for keeping a disorderly' house; were placed un der $2o0 appearance bonds eaon - j l Nithan Bnstua was fined $20 or 80 days tor - yagraney. v 4 . ; - Lissie Brackson, charged with beating Mrs. Davis, was fined $8 or 10 days tor disturbing the peace.. - , : ,., r ..' - . r j - - .' - . . r - ' - v 1XCKN OtABY FIRX. At 1:30 o'clock Wednesday morning a fire opposed to bo the work of an inoendiary was discovered' la en - unoccupied twe - tory frame heueeriii the. rear of tne premises of, No. - 4SS Lafayette" street. The building, wbicb is owned by Mrs. Duffy, was damaged, tot the extent' ot about $100; The alarm was sounded from, box 122 at tha Po - JaUi - ' - v' - The Washington - Artillery Hall wQl present a gloriousisight on Wednesday night, Feb. 1$, on tbe opening of the Continental Guards' Grand Bazaar. .. , 4 - SPORTING '.:' : ' ' tuk' - ..sJ ".' ; - ' The PFesreeame far tke eelu ' Tie Jot - key Club; anticipatin g goad weather and track, tlsei increased interest is the races - and tbeir expected and deferred sue - , eees, have sjt reed upon, four races a day ' hereafter.'! .' : ' ' - ... The following is the e.endld programta for tbe weeks v ' , AvTenth - Day Tbursdsy, FeU. 7 First raoe purse $200, ot which $30 to second ? all aiiv One and one - aixteenth miles. Second rsce, purse $200, of whiob. . . second ; winner to be sold at w t $2000 : if for lees, one pound tim.n a JI to $1600: two pounds per' ik, tn iln. ,Vou pounds per $100 to J M - - m Art A. s m ' " a, as rvsa Surplus diviieafc. Third race. tnree nt , .1 ' ' ' Fourth Tar tin rar - iVMVt . . ; ' r t - W1UCU Mm K. $2000. and carry welter weight;' ooe pound per $100 less, allowed to . 1 .per $100 less, te $1000 ; three pounds per $10! - - u.T.uw oto U q UftLT, 1 II j. ;ad ose - qoartex miles, ores hurdles V ' - EJerenih. day., Saturday, - 1 - eh. First Vace.pure 2WJ of which $su to second - ' wliiLer to be sold at auction for $2000. and!. - ' carry weireT'weigbtr if for less, bus poaad ! jr $100 allowed to $1500: two pouad - " $100 to $1000 three pound per tiwrto liM Surplus dirld.tu a$ uau). - One ml!e., w - Becota race, - purse $200, of wuicn iso if eobd r wlDBtrs at - tbe present met tin a i carry five rounds extrs pothers allowed :iya J . ponEds.4 One mile and au eigftth." " . Tbird rsce, purse $200, of which $60 to s. ' " ondr weights five pounds below tae soalc. ' Heats of six furlongs. vjf.l - Fourth - rice; pnrsB $200, hi whiah 14 - second; winner to - be sold; at auction, fo taoco and carry - welter weight; if for iess, - one pound per $100 allowed to $la00; t - ' - pounds per $100 to $loooj three pounds per ioo to $300. Surplus divided as usual. Bico - plechase, f uu course. The scale of weights 1n these faces nas 4 V been arranged with the Intent of reudering the races more exciting. Every dsy shows sew horses fit" to run. and if the weather ' continues the racing here will equal any , Been in the country,, t'.;i:Jir - .,. - 1Jur ..,'. . - .' - .'. Blaraii Hedas, the Jallstta Celt. One' of the sensations at the raoe track - Tuesday was the reappearance upon too tun ot.AiarsD neaon, recently named in - honor ot a popular New Orleana admirer of Btonehenge - Julietta - colt. ' In spite of at - " tempts , to wcrry him, at the post the oolt . won a splendid race, snowing tnat he had recovered his speed. If ha retatoehis form ' - ? he will be one of the sensations of the year.f r He is a ahestnat gelding, ft years old. by I Imp. Stonehenge, dam Julietta , by Ceusor, st con a asm June 07 uieneoe, ana was orea by D. D. Withers, Brookdale atad. Nsw Jer sey. - As a two - year old he won tbe stske atur Sbeepsbeed Bay, five - eighths of a mile, de - leaong vnonoaga. tne lawyer's crack,, Memento, the LoriUard crack. Gerald. Duplex. and others, in 1:03 - . The toetnnr was 20. to 1 . against him, his stable companion, carrying the public money, 1 V ;, - ( ; a.x At Long Branch he waa beaten "by Rloa, the Belmont nllyfcehe being .at. that tinse almost invincible. At Jerome Park ua was "', taken sick with the pre rail lng epidemie, f? and wa4 beaten iy Wyoming for the Cham - I 1 pKne p buc. jar. n tbuwa, ua uioouor j and owner, being asked to set a prise - 011. f him after this race, remarked that he had related $10,000 and did not cars to sell. The spring 01 1882 saw him the favorite for the - easily beaten by the great Forester in both J events. At Sbeepshead Bay. la June, his sensational victory over Barrett aad Fsl - , lowkilay caused mourning among 'the nlnigera. They ran the mile in l:a. In was thought at that time that Barrett t couid notbe beaten at the dlstanoe. Going lame soon after this race he was turned out 'J until 1883, and after endeavoring to prepare bins Mr. Withers, gave him uu. 1 The eola 3 was sold at publlo auction and kaosked 1 j down to Mr.G - . 8 Carawelt for $500.' Cald - well Immediately had bis leg blistered. At. , ter ielevea Applications of the - blister tbe Ai " coic was orouaot eoutu ana preparea m ... tbe (Winter - Meeting; - Cald well s perserer - 1 ;'.' ance now. bids fair tov pear good fruit. r r rry : I - - r J A: Blatch rer fflerrUk . r" . - MK Willisni Whalen, the owner of Carter - - " H. Harrison, authorizes the issuance of - the .r following ehaHengar - . He will back his horse , i to run ,allj three et , the folio wing races 5 agaboiit J. J. Merrill's Katie CreeL for a stake of $5GO a side tor each race r . ' - . oneanaa quarter mue. welter weiguts, on the flat. - ' ? vf.TT - Fwt.. - .. . One and a ouarter mile, welter weights. . over five hurdles. - ... - ', - Short steeplechase course, welter weights. 'These races must be run Inside ot twentyi dayst' y ft I Certer Harrison and Katie Creel hare&.' beenirlrals aver since they met on the torf. are about even in the number of .victories since then and Mr. Whalen proposes to defi nitely settle the question of superiority for . enough money torn ske both mere than dsn - i ally anxious to do their best. ' Arrirals ai the Fair Greasds. 01 - - The following stables arriyed. auths FalroJI ' Grounds yesterday r ." . . 4 : W. H. Cheppum Lexington, Ky. wiasj - ; s i ". ' - Centrerllle, b. g., 4, Billet - by Colossus. Ou e Bright, bki 1 ., Eaqulrsr - Ene a re, 3 T K J Bettlna, ch. t., S.BlUet, JrCousla Etta. .Chestnut colt. SBlllet. Jr. - ttA ' , , D. L. Strahl, Hamilton, Mov from . Gal res - ton,' Texas ' - ' A h, ' s I Short Street, b. c, 4, War Dance - Mattle. by Knight of St. George. ? ' ? War sign, eh. e - , 4. Waf Dance Louisa, by imp. Australian. - . Tns viaciaaanw sjoauacj - only hlteh in the plan of bringing the" Cinelhnati nine down .during Mardi.Gras was the failure toobtain aatlsiactory aoooui - . modations to visitors. George Baptists, av. friend ef base ball, made easy terms with the managers, and Hickory Carpenter will be telegraphed tend will' tnake the final arrangements for the fine team of whioh he is a valuable member. .4 1 t "'".'' 1 They play here against s .strong 'nine eompssed of FilntS "Williamson, Gore, Wise and flara, tth. - crnhv) Pe Lambeau - T . Ernestlryjtho catcher sign Baltlraoro Unions, who .played In Dallas . , this season, is In the City and will play with 4 y v the lojoalteam. ; - s r ... .... . .. . ;v The New Orleans team "win ga into actire tramlbg for the contest, and commenoe rr practice at the Base Ball Park to - day. - r,;; ' - The two nines will meet here three times, & Sunday the 17th. Wednesday 20th. Sundar .24th. (Mr. Toby .Hart has charge oc the visitors, wniia alt. hqd irown is managing the resident team. ...... a - K. m Kami; atacaier mm ineaoy - . - Hary Simpson, a tall, athletic colored yonthv supposed to be possessed of eonstd - eraoietspeea as a runner, arrive a rrom Chi - ca go oh Tuesday, in company with his back - j ,? er, Mike Lawler. r.i.ST.,' - rf - - - ii.. - .ti cj'aJ "i one pi the purposes ot their visit was to arrange a matca. witu iiarrr uoiiar. .. meeting was held at the Crescent Hall on Tuesday night foatho purpese of arrangingr4 - ' the match. Hollar, the runner, waa set i ; present, but V. Hollar, his brother, the own - - K :, eTOf Plunger, acted for him. - r - f - make a matcn a$ 100 ' yards tor come off in three weeks, aad named $250 a eide as. the. stakes r Uoiiar . ' i wanted tbe stakes "to be $1000 a side and finally reduced the amount toasoo a side. Lawler was not willing to pat up more than, j 250, ana tne matter remainea ansettiea. r Last 1 night Lawler offered to - make the st5 - match for $500 and Ilollai fixed a meeting . for today. , ..'r - rrf2'''s" '""?.': Bimpeon wui run any man in tue otate iuv yards, t ..'Ntt.f.llitl" . - rt COBOKEB.'SJ.IQDB8T.S" tit' . Arehlnard held a nost mortem eaatnloatioa! on tbe body of A. H. Hill, who died at. his residence, No., 88 Calliope streev from .foP gunshot wound on Tuesdsy night. . - r The Cbroner found that death was eansed fi " , by a - wound of the abdomen prod udag "J . L perttenitis. - 'The ballet passed three inches below and six inches to tbe right of the. navel, and lodged - under the ekia la the. buttock. - - - '' - ' . ..t : ' . . " Anew affidavit of murder was made oa Wednesday morning against KnlgBt. who fired the fatal show, , - - ..t4 - .?it A FAIL THRO CGO 'HAtCBWT.i, - j TaitUsnA.T m. hum nntUhiml.ainM .Ales Johnsosw f eH - taroega - the - neowwy of tbe steamboat Asseunrnttos ana sasiama - ,. 1 a uv ax sssp rrirj $ajj AArirrsvvBe uss aav ," , - - - w a aKK. n Man. e - a... hi UfA la A saavna$ raw. 1 - 1 waa Teetrey .paoiHwwvA - Charity HbspitaL' - . " . Stt Thx Best akd CHEArMT fH,AtB JDttE5SiwOj9 Tt. inn. Lfnmfr Ktiava rrritatloui aad,..;,! promotes a rigorous growth of the Hair.' Rr - ot - TT. l'i irniim EXTRACTS are IB - - rarlably acknowledged he purest and best. - '. - ! : ' to 1 ... ' .. '.' - . n n

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