The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1933
Page 3
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PRIDAV, DECEMBER 29, 1933 BLYTHKVILl.E, (AUK.) COUUIKH N'KWS W SUN FOR PDES Johnson Ready for Battle There WiM Re Opposition] to President But It Will, Be Impotent. • j i Thlj jj the fourth rf :i serifs of j five articles on "Here Comes Con- 1 Kress," giving Hie background on (lie impurt-mt Issues that will lie at stake when the nation's lawmakers convent* aeaEn after the. N«w Year's holiday. BY RODNEY DUTCIIEIt Courier News Washington Cnrro-' spondenl WASHINGTON. Dec. 25. —Con-i gross v.111 debate holly the achieve- ! merits, ihe methods, ami the costs! of the new emergency agencies. ! But it can be depended on not to j wreck any of them. NRA, AAA. PWA. FERA, FCA. «1FlfLB, and the others—all wii: in for criticism. Minorities even will urae their abolition. Frightful howls will be hcnrd concerning the expense. An opposition will demand !o know how I the bills ore going to be naid and , Insist that the federal credit is! ! imueriled. Roosevelt's recovery jjolicies as . a whole, however, will be rather solidly supported. Economic devel- ojiments will govern Hie extent to which thev are attacked. j ' Right now there's o display ot; F u , confidence as the nntion prepares " ' to enter, 1934 and a storm against I both NRA and AAA has died down|—In the last few weeks. MORE AID FOR BUSINESS Even if conditions should mow worse and the president asked for an extension of power to meet BitsoJ Ntus Mostly Personal '. ; AGR .THRER them, with more drastic measures. Johnson himself and his methods.' ing in the reduction plans. His girl secretary's salary—$5780— will l>e under fire. ] Senator Dickinson of Iowa, Re- -ublictm, will seek to abolish NRA, he probably would be given what! claiming it has failed. More im- he wunled. Alternatives tire scarce.' ^ortnnt will be the attack of I Among new emergency measures I T :oi-ah of Idaho, who says NR'A ] anticipated, the most important | Ims resulted in hiuher prices fixed j one would provide for direct RFC • '^ v monopolies and combines and | loans to Industries for meetin? 'hi 1 ' the anti-trust, actions of the ] payrolls and increasing employ- recovery act should be renealed. I ment. It will be charsed that NRA has Upwards of 53.000,000.000—much been packed with representatives of it for repayable loans—may be asked for the emergency program, ! of special interests and industrv flowed to run lush, wide, and j handsome to the detriment of the i I cuhlic interest. i Small business men are being ruined, nnd farmers forced to pav excessive prices, opponents will .lav. ' Labor favors the NRA plan and anorcciii'es "ains made under the blue en^le. but remains far from satisfied with NRA's operation. Lnhor wants shorter hours in codes and will brinz pressure on Con- i prfs for n 30-hour week law. ! There'll b»-n flfrht for such a bill | nnd orohaljlv a vote, hut'the ad-1 "nnistrstion !•= bi>)ie»»il to reaard | tit" "iPasnre a.s too drastic now. i CLAIMS LABOR IS LOSER ! Chairman Connery of the House. '^>bor Committee has demanded; Jnhtvnn's resignation or reversal, of labnr policies, expressing a i 01 . widespread belief that, labor has! I" n r-»en getting; the small end from j NRA. Glen Chambers, of Dyersmivi;, Tenn.. Is now employed nt Arino- n-l with the l.ce Wilson company. Jack Rldenour. of Wnircn, Ark., Is spending tiie holidays with his mother, Mrs. Jessie Hlck-iloui, itl Ai morel. Mis. W. B. Wallace nnd Infant ™n, W. I!., have been removal from the Hlylhcvilte hospital to tlii'ir home at Promised Land. It. N. Illll Jr.. has rt-iunu'd from i Little Hock nnd Conway wheie lit; i i \isllcd friends. j Mis. W. N. Williams, of Armon-1,; , had as lier pncsls ihirlni; tile holl-. I days, her brother. W. S. ditchings, i j nnd Mrs. Cal?htiu/.s. and cliildreii. ', nnd Mrs. P. ]]. Cnlchliiira. of | •Georgetown, Miss., and hrr sister.! !Mrs. n. S. Irby. nnd Mr. Irby, nnd children, of Bati'svllle, Miss. John Fericks and William Foster, who lire employed by the BOV- eiiuncnt nt Armorcl. are spending Clnlslmas holidays with relatives in Memphis. Arthur Brloklev. who is now sln-l lioiied at Armorrl with the «ov r-nimcnl civil ciiylnccrliiK corp. Is I rpcnclln; Ihis week nl his home In I Mrs. Louise Chapman Is In Memphis this week with her sls- lei. Mrs. Louis Leroy. and Dr. I,e- rov. Mr. and Mrs. George Muir ami! II. II. Houchln.s have returned from Little Rock where they spent Christmas with relatives. M'«ses Iinoeone and Carmen aci;- . . the! holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Prcslye Hulcheson have returned from a visit In Rlp- ilov. Tenn. Miss Pauline Hudsrni Is in ni'si.-vT\ii.-vT ciiituiiii'c I Bloomfleld. Mo., with her iiarenls! RI-.SLMMLNT !,U1IS11IES j r OI . 0 brlpf „„., | The processing tax mobablyj j,;,. and Mrs p N Lnltir-11 lii'Vel on't be abandoned this year, de- a!; ' itieir puesis their'niece \ J. Bondre, of Cleveland, O. Louise. LnVonnc nml Maurice Lullrell have returned from several davs stny in Covln;;lon, Tenn.. where they were guests of their grandmother. Mrs. M. A. Luttrell. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hamby have as their guests. Mr. and rMs. Law- renre Burns, of Springfield. III.. anil Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hamby und son. of Caruthcrsvillc, ^to. Miss Eobbie Lee King had as her guests last evening, Byron Wood nnd n. A. Hill, of St. Lonls. Mr.'ond Mrs. R. L. Sheirick mid son. Billy, left today for their i home in Roanokc. Va.. after having spent Christmas with Mrs. Siierrick's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. (.>»} \jfivi.. I ^t' I M<«scs Imogene nnd Carm ' • p-j-l'. ) , v ,-. v . j Lewis have returned from Jac —: v _i—L.\_.j£iv,! 'son. Tenn., where tliey spent t the bridge The shining sv;ord Hasher, and (Jen. Hujh Johnson awaits the tray. Henry A. Wallace . . . secretary agriculture, on whom farmers Taith. , some sentiment for raising j spitc : <u n « Harold L. Ickes, secretary of interior . . . handles FWA millions. ill addition to the SS.CW.OfW.COO to| which it is liooed to hold the normal bud^ef The imount. however. Is dependent, on the extent of bus- BII.LIONS MAY BK SPENT Tentative nrnbnhilities include nearly s2 OOr'Pnn.rnn for public works, from S2fln.5CO.OOn to $300.000.000 f nT Hirnrt uneinnlovment relief, *3^ rjOA neo for civil works and $300.000.000 for conservation camos. y^boLit. ^R 1 ! 1 'nofl.rvfwi hns boen soenr j „ , „ „ , the money through another form Senator of New York of . Uxation . vno ns chairman of the National nbor Board has insisied riaidly on 1 Tne Kflrm Credlt Administration h- rollcrtlve targaininK rjaht, will wl " come in ' for attacks, on the -vl n Heht to strengthen and ground that it hasn t helped morl- NRA labor provisions. The 8 a 3ed farmers sufficiently and has C. E. Wilson. Miss Erma Louise Wolfort, of St. Louis, will arrive today to spend the .New Years holiday with Mr. nnd Mrs. Roland Wolfort. The Hev. and Mrs. Stuart Salmon and son are snending the -"It in Little Rock with Mrs. Salmon's parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. S. Dornblaser. Miss Sarn Ann Eskrldue has tD Murray. Ky.. to spend the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Storey and Mr. and Mrs. Coy Robln- fon. . Mr. and Mrs. W. J. !>o!iard Mr."Minnie Matthews and Fi-ank Whil- wortii attended a ]iarty jn Memphis last evening given by ; Mr. an" Mrs. J. A. Waterman. • COUGH mw be to abolish the com- made to ° low appraisals, but re-•"-," union system ' ; mgani?.atlon of-the FCA Is only The amount of new public works ' J 1151 ' n ™ teln « completed, and In fi-nd' n>"v not be decided until this case - t00 ' (a ™er resentment i.™ -• the session. Sm'ms is ex- seenls lo •* subsiding. •rtff' to brina the full effects of , " . NEXT: lUnks, stock market, n t ipfi't"s"snn'ni)0,o(K)"! v " erails i an< * other issues before INFLATION TO FORE ' j Congress. Renntor LnPollette. of Wisconsin. —: '•i l'io"-ht S3.MO.OOO.OOO was too Paper money, in one, wo and itlle to bcein witlv will fight for . five-dcllar dcnominnations. usually . . . Real Throat reliefl Medicated with ingredients of Vicks VapoRub '!;" billions already allocated. The -n in . " program as a mild : becomes worn and ready for retlre- "ir'.v<rO of wenltli redistribution i me "t after being in circulation from •'•h:-t; would increase mass pur-,six lo nine months. -^"^iin; power. Fni"rqencv relief funds also will ""^""••••••••••••••i^^^ >-p r^^n IUKGA1NS IN NEW & USK1) FURNITURE R.J.OOOSON 303 E. ^^ain Phone 15:> Jiilv. h" 1 Hint S200.000.tW> of public vnr]-<; nenrly n^i h«« Then there v account since | iwluclp's Ie.^ thani Mm $3Mri.oOOfXVl| fu^^. which has T fl n o rt r!tcd. will be annronrtn- tions for onerat.ino exnenses of NRA, AA. and otlirr groups. NRA. AAA. and other groups, prlatlons htlh will !"rn (he Fhnrn- shooters loose. Officia'.s will be summoned to dive accounts of stewards'nin, and manv of them cxuect close cross-nuestionine. riiminate some of their activities if it so desires, stmplv cii>rlni out the money for carrylnjr them on. EXPF^RK IS DEFENDED The administration will be prc- to defend the sin 1 of the. eUcd In accordance with, mrar-'nt need. Four million per- j <-n- .,,v, cmnlovcd under the civil j ivoi V-.' but President Roosc-1 ••«» t-mv>s to taper off that pro-! '»!•< i)v Mav. with the thought that "i->. of fiif. workers will be em- ; -•o--"' 1 otherwise. i Tl-e S35n.000,000 asked 'would.- cnrrv CWA through until May. Apr=i-nHurE will figure most spec-! tacularly through the demand from; 'nrm reasons for inflation. The AAA ind the cron reduction r>ro- °raui will be closely scrutinized on j 'he Fill, however, and there may- lie •• movement to abolish the pro-. . Blailkcnshlp IT* tnxcs. Whrat. cotton, and corn-hog '^vm^Tits and loans have reduced the fnrm unrest of a few weeks '<?o and returning congressmen re- pared to defend the sin 1 of the! Her.' Ihe declining bitterness to- recoven' bill, insisting that it's ^ard AAA. Farm prices stand at worth inves'ine five or ten billion dollars of federal money in an effort to regain 40 billions of national Income. Gen. Hugh Johrcwn of NRA will face the conorcssional onslaught with Hie comforting; knowledge that. big business has become in creasinely i-o mp ] ficen t n bout Ills program. The steel, coal, lumber, and textile industries renort they ore doinn nicely under the codes. Gen. W. W. Atterbiiry. railroad magnate nnd Republican politician, just has endorsed the Roosevelt policies. Such attitudes are bound to be reflected In Congress. NHA's part in a 34 per cent in- Dcmands for rost-of-producllon m'nnlces will be in vain. | Aho'.it a billion dollars In proc-1 rstne taxes is provided in the: nresent AAA program and addi- "onal levies are expected on cat-1 tie. snnar and milk. This tax is re-. crease in factory employment and|8»rdcd ns a sales tax on con-! *feV.irn to 1931 employment, levels, sumers of tlie necessities of life along with an estimated increase and Is charged with reducing con-: f wr cent of the price par-' •ti wi-'rli th" AAA sets as its soal. j but that's an Increase from 50 in I [imh. , GUARANTEE PLEA FUTILE '• Thanks to price increases and i rron-cut bonuses, farm Income hns; ••I'f-n from $5.000.000,000 in 1932 to , Sii 550.000.000 in 1933. The only loud I ccmHaints now come from the; cattle country. Maggie Dudley Fewer Aches and Pains More Health and Pleasure pAIN dr;igs you down—physically, inciiliil- * ly, morally. Wliy continue to endure it? Try Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills for lict.dachc, iVrurnlgin, JV/iisciilnr, /i/iciiinntic, S'ciiKic, and Pcriotiie Pniiis. They seldom fail. Dr. Miles Anti-Pnin Pills are pleasant to take and prompt to out. They do mil upset the stomach, cause constipation or leave you with a dull, depressed fceliny. Ask your druggist or any of Hie hundreds of thousands enthusiastic users. Probably you too can find relief. I think nil Dr. Miles medicines are wonderful, but Anti-Pain Pill", arc my fnvorilc. Mrs. Doc 13!ankcii5hip, Stamford, Texas I have used your Anli-Pnin Pills only n short lime, hut lliey have siven me prompt relief. They did for me in n \veek more thnn any oilier ]i:o<li- cinc 1 had taken for a ycnr. I'Jiil Goll-jr. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1 am never without Anti-Pain Pills. I lliink they are much better than anything else I have ever used. Sometimes w!;en 1 am tired and nervous, nnd feel like I would KO under. I Like Uvi Anli- Paiti Pills and in o sort time 1 feel like a different person. Mrs. S. Tid.ihach. Stroudsburg. Pennsylvania Your Anti-Pnin Pilh have been used in my home with wonderful results. 1 recommend them. Maggie Belle Dudley, Vanceboro. N. C. Your Anti-Pain Pills helped me n great deal. I hove used lliejn for years. I carry them every- wr.ere in my ptirse and always Keep them in the house. They have saved me a Rreat many sick bead acnes. Mrs. Jennie Noill. Coronado, Calif." of $2,500,000.000 in payrolls, will be stressed heavilv. DICKINSON FIGHTS 'NRA But the attack from several angles ben will will be severe. Many mem- vent their riislltt« of sumption and thus hurting the. farmer. i It Is Imposed on packers, millers,! and other processors—who pass It to consumers—and the proceeds go to compensate farmers psrtlclpal- DR. fVI I L.ES' ANTI-RUN PILLS PIGGLY WIGGLY Wt DO OU» PART KROGER STORE \Vo Ciish C'. \V. A. Clu'fhs When- Thc'V Htiy (irnraru ; .< - - No Kxtru Churls GRAPEFRUIT Potatoes Juicy Floridas Large Size 3 for lOc I': i my Cli' Sloi'k 1 unnd Butter Pineapple Criisln-il NII. 'i I'llii Butter <J>imtry C 'iV. The I'uiiiul Coffee Jt'Wl'l I!-!.)). Hii Pure Cane 10 Pounds Mustard Kmlnissy <)uart Jitr Onintry Clul) :! Tall or I! Small Cans ONIONS Yellu " K, 39 C FLOUR grar a..,99 t; PORK & m ' :AN ' s ^ 5 (; UPFAH Kyi'. N". \vhcsit ini; DKMiJ »„!.,•„. |,,, ; ,f it) P»e Ni»srcr Head 191: LllO Can 1£ APPLE SOUP CANDY 171) liichl llousel.OC Ilouseim :! lor 1U CORN FLAKES ^ 10 C SPINACH ^.".T 5' c c 19 1 1.1-oy,. Holtle ILz C. C. li-Tl/ |, KC . 22-u/. Loaf If PEACHES r PUMPKIN No 2l/I .tr 25' Kvapomte:! APPLES Now Crop Lb. Idc Faiu'y liltic Host; RICE 10.Lbs.39c Crackers Country Clut) 2-l,h. Hux IVl63i 24 Ib. Sack iuC Olives Holly we i id ({luii-l Jar Kni'h Pure Lard Curlon MINARET Macaroni, Spfi»hctti in- Noodles \ Pkss. 17c 1 Black Eye PEAS 10 Lbs.ic MACKEREL™ COFFEE*" *~ irro, .IUJCK c. c. ion- l.-f. Can ItJ^ No. 2 tun 7^' 1O' 3 for L<J P]BE-LARP.t 1 ' b --$3.4!i Kiltmore Sectkd or Seed- QC. less. l:>-u/. IMt({0 nrHM^I? tnunlry Club Lb. GINGER ALE ^ VINEGAR (;al " m is. 25 C LARD ..?.?•!??.„ $3.15 ['"rt'.sh SALAD nRESS Si; tc ^27 c ; CinnD 'Olympic '• '• Ot^ rLUUK, ^i-Lb. sack .83 SORGHUM liest Ttnn. COCOA ..b"i^ L b . 10 C L s g n $115 POfTTPniMPAT W' l\yl iLlf luLAl 2 Cans 3 Jn Smoked lh« rk' Pnnnd 1C. C. ilecf Shiinlili'r. 1.1). - - I'"' Thick ifil). 1.1). - 12>/.c (.luick. Pdiind Pig Liver I'rcsh IN) tin (I '';m,'\ MilU Kcd I-'ii'l Dressed Pound Pancy K. C. Uccf Itnuixi, I'nund ire Ribs ["rcih Home Killed 1'onnri Hulk 1'ound Tresh Catfish, Tenderloin Trout and Cooked Shrimp PorkRoast <•-• lOc CREAM CHEESE No. 1 Wisconsin SLICED BACON Fancy, No Ends

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