The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1943
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SEVILLE COURIER NEWS THg DOMINANT NKWSlDlnro ,im anm>mlmi'&*. . ~ . _ ^ ' ^**^ • " ' ^*S VOLUMK XL—NO. 69. Blythevllle Daily News IHythevlllc Courier THg DOMINANT NEWSPAPER (OP NOHTHEApT ARKANSAS AND BOWTHEA8T Mountainous Attack Route on Attu niythcvillc Herald Mississippi Vjilley Lender MJS6OUH! HM'THKVil.LK, ARKANSAS. SATURDAY, JUNK fi, 1943 New Revolutionary Government May Return To Coiislitulional Form ••'*• •* 7 ~*~#rf7 1 ' (U. S. Army Mr Force Photo From NE/1) I ores how American troops advanced through snowy mountains to attack Japs in one of final bal- j™i ? , i -I?' Al "' 1(;vv sllows linc ol l '°°l« (1) illir.B up a;'treacherous'trail to summit'over- looking Jay positions. Arrow (2) shows how they advanced between ridges'to attack the enemy camped in valley beneath the clouclbanli (3). Chinese Capture City Of ICung^n In ounter- Drive '* United I'rcs •' - . C'tina's t'loiiUonntor-oironsivc is pickinj: up mimcntiiin. [ho Cliinusc hMvo iccitplurcrj Kimgan-aii 'important city ^> miles from tho western shore of Lake Tuntr Ting iirtlie' rich ncc area of central China. At least half of the Ian ancsc garrison M^_kille c l, and the remainder ned nopthwrnl. •• • -~" "~ -* (~".t)lfl- r?hl»lnc_ Tf,t. ___ ____ *':. i ', s twenty long -tlic greatest Soviet appall- attack Thurs- Grcal Soviet Air Force Smashes Supplies Held for Big Offensive 1S.V United 1'rcss The German base ot Orel, from which Hitler is expected to launch His supreme offensive against Hus- sia, .has been dealt a smashin" blow by the Hccl Army Ail . 1 ,- 01 . c ° Five hundred and range bombers force ever to lake tnc air against n single objective—caused ing damage in the day night. Germany's carefully hoarded railway trains, munition dumps and Hie tanks were scared and blasted by n great weight of demolition bombs. Orel is .said to have been lurned into a mass of flames the Soviet bombers, O nl which was lost. . The mid may have been a sign llmt the Russians are trying to disrupt any German offensive from Orel before it can (jet started. Orel is the only German salient left, aside from Kharkov, from the 1912 German assault line and is expected to be the springboard for the next Nai assault. The Germans report an uneasy <imct along the front today but claim that their bombers caused heavy damage last night in on an important Russian Hient works In the mlddii Moscow, however, sidnrabte local fighting i,, various sectors of the front. East of Smo- lensk, a Russian communique says Soviet troops have captured a fortified height. Four hundred and sixty German troops are said to hac been killed in small scale actions on the Kalinin front, in the Ukraine and in the far south. hy one of a raid anna- Volga. reports con- July Sep Chicago Rye open high low close prcl. % :l s M'i 95-7s 95TS OSS 08 88K 97!i 97% 08VI Just No Use NOKTOLK, Va. lUPl-Richard Pcnn finished the last lesson in a memory course and then hurried from his home in Danville to give a violin concert at a USO club. When he arrived he found he had forgotten to bring his violin. Ohl Instruments Shown COOPERSTOWN, N. Y. (UP)—A .set ot Civil War amputation In- Mrutncnts has been put on display at the museum here by the New- York Stale Historical Association. The instruments, hi iheir mahogany case lined with red plush, were used hy n Dr. Graves of For- csdwrl, N. Y. They were given the association by Dr. Frederick M Miller of Olica, N. Y Other Chinese forces are fighting hi the outskirts of Ichnng— the most important Japanese-held base in .Central China. A suburb of Icliang' has fallen to the bhihcse Army. At the moment ;the Cliiness are above and .below K'haiig arid- pressing : frir- ward qn both, fronts. . Vflic^ciHire southern bank of trfc : Yangtze 1ms been cleared of Jap- -installations for many miles : toward- Lake -.Tung" Ting , from Ichniiff. In Washington, an Office .of War Information spokesman : says that the surprising victories being won by the .Chinese' Army .cannot,' be attributed to lend-leas eaid from the United States. The spokesman says that it any credit is dus the United States, itinnisl go to the uir froce stationed in China. Today's dispatches fro'm the Par East tell of new raids by the Tenth United States Air Force, stationed in Burma. Main (argots were oil installations and storage tanks In the Philippines, frit- .Japanese' controlled Minister cf the Interior ha". been shot. The Manila radio says that minrsiir josu Laurel, was 'attacked while on a -Manila golf course. He was wounded Iwiec in the left shoulder and once in tiie left Hand. His nssnitant identified and escaped. was New Orleans Cotton J.-in . Mch. May July Oct. Dec. open high low close ' 1P83 1970 201C 2020 iOOT 1!)83 1576 2017 2020 2017 1097 1Q82 igglb 1083 1070 10571) 1083 2014 20-1G 2016 2010 20)(i 20IB 2003 ' 2003 2C03 New York Cotton Jan. . Men. Hay . July . Oct. Dec. open high low 1954 1041 2018 1991 1977 1JI5-I 15*1 2018 1991 1977 close .... I90G 1973 1951 1051 1951 1937 TO7 1043 2010 2016 2019 1988 10SS 19M 1972 1072 1D79 Arkansas Briefs MTTLE'ROCK, .lune .1 (III') —AiiKCln 0. Scnlt, publisher of a newspaper lit lola, Ka.s., lolil mrinliers of the Arkansas I'rcss /Vssoriiilimi |li ;l l , imlili.vliiT.s sliould have a definite agreement with Iticir ailvrrllscrs' sihtnil the publication of j;ov- crninrnt linitdiinls. He so.ys thht scime of the advertisements- sent lo ncivs- • papers contain infornKilion Hint sliould bn given newspaper rc.i'dcrs. Send says advertisers should be willing to pay 4 half ihnnp<;:» nnd (he |jii(i- 'lishtrs siiteftJizc Ihc other Iwlf. KAVKTrpVlr.I.E, June S. HIP)—At least nine United Stilts Army generals, inclliil- i"E l.icut, Geii. Ilrcbon Somrr- vcll will attend thi: (ifllh annual commencement program at ;(hn University of Arkansas. General Sorncrvcll, FIJI Chief J. Edjfaij-Ilooycr,' Juclfjc Walter G." ; Riddicli*f*f." th'c .Uniicd Stoics Cirfcull . Cnur( nl Ap- lie.ils and several others will receive 1 honorary degrees of Doctor of Laws. SHERIDAN, Julie 5. (JJI'f— Thc Grant County draft hoard has announced (hat it will not draft any additional Grant County men until (lie criverri- mcnt puts' an end lo strikes. In a resolution, the board condemned labor lender. Juhn L. Lewis, saying he is nbslruct- iiiK production and thus pro- loiiKinir Ihc war. The. draft board resolved that II will not draft any men from (fiat county until the covern- mciit puts a slop lo strikes, Iric.s Lewis anil orders Ihc draft boards to place all strikers in Class A. Food Ration Points To Change In Valise WASHINGTON, June 5. The news In Washington about food. (UP)— Is all Invasion Expert Aircraft cannon, appearing more and more frequently, particularly in fighter planes, are usually of 26-nini. type but some of tho fighters pack a 37-mm. In the prouel- ler shaft. Appomlmenl.of Brig.-Gcn. Danie! Noce, landing, operalions specialist, to general staff theater adds-to indications that invwloa Is near. the U. S. Army i n (h c European i Slight changes In food rallon point values will go into effect on Sunday. OPA announces that point values of canned tomato juice -will be cut In half. After Sunday you can buy a pound can of tomato inlcc with two points—instead of the present four. On the other hand there will be a slight increase in the point v.iliie of sonic of the more popular kosher meat items. But lower values will be assigned to many cute of lamb, mutton and some veal mid variety meats. ' Aside from these changes the ration t.-ibles for June will be virtually the satiic as in May. Food scarcity has hit the poultry and livestock business. Agriculture department spokesmen say a shortage of feed supplies is. proving n real problem to poultry raisers farmers and dairymen in the norlh- cnst, thc south and the far west. Arkansas Will Get 4000 War Prisoners LITTLE ROCK7~Jtine 5 <UP)_ Brigadlcr General L. F. ouerrT director of, the Internal Security Division of the Eighth cumy command at Dallas, says Icalcly 4,000 war prisoner " Ucri "r d mh dam P n°blnso1i" He says facilities probably will be ready for occupancy by August Gen, Guerre says prisoners will of only one nationality However no definite decision has been reached ns to which of thc "f" prisoners will be brought to camp. ,._ b He says the icd for road g and Service the prisoners will be road building, landscap- nwsqulto examination Col. Grover c, Graham^camp Robinson commander. T>- i v. . —= '"' students Boston University one term. HKlNTKVHIIiO, June S;(.UI'> —An unroiilhiiivil rrpori ImUy Slid Itamon S. (,'aslllhi, oUKteil president if ArKciithm, lull >••!rendered lihmclf (o nulhurl- (if.s ;<< I i I'liita, (he capital of Umiios Aires prfiviiuT. By llnitfrt Press | 'Ihe new (joveriiiiient of Ai'(jci(- llna born of revolution—IK eX- liccted to announce Us plalform to-, liny. It.s foreign policy Is expccled to call for an Immediate break of relallons with the Axis. Uomcsllcally, a return to constitutional government Is predicated. Constitutional rule In Argentina ivus gniflimlly iishrred by tlie reBhrte ol Ihc deposed pro-Axis president Castillo The overthrown president had such a tight grip that he. could name his successor and abolish free elections under the old system. • The deposing of Castillo lias aroused great enthusiasm among tlic United Nations. In London it Is generally fell • that the lenders of Hi? new government, Gcnerais Hawson and Rumlrc/.z, would follow a pro-Ally policy.' ' 'Ihc British also sny Ihe Argentine revolt might have a profound effect on the policies of Spain. If Argentina goes over to llic Allies, pro-Axis Spain will be left Isolated [roiii all her daughter nations, All the other Spanish-American nations arc already In Ihe Allied camp. In Washington, it generally. Is believed that the new Argentine regime will be recognized by -the United States and lend- lensc equipment,' for Argentina's army. ; Thc iicw government Is a conservative coalition, .which Includes some elements '' I live'firq- Fsclst in Lhe'tiiiMi ' " ' :' Some of President Castillo's, fugitive cabinet ministers arrived, m Montevideo today ^ aboard .'a Uruguayan coast guard boat They hurt transfirrcd from the Argentina minesweeper Drnmmond on which the president fled.. " Castillo is believed to be still aboard the priitninoud. McanwhtlCj all of Argentina has been put under martial |avv ; q'h'c country is. iiulet after yesterday's strife, Whlcli -cosl v 32 r lives.' Gibraltar after leaving our capital. Il'.s' reliably agreed lie didn't go to Ret in on the French .unity discussion but. rather to make wlml Ihe' aulhoritnllve British Press Association calls "Important decisions." ' -• Incidentally, HETIIRf D HERE Wholesale Grocery Worker Who Disappeared Found At West Plains, Mo. Jack "Hike" Phillips, 31-year-old truck driver of Hnrldlcslon Grocer Company missing since Wednesdny morniiiE, was found late yesterday afternoon nt West Plains. Mo. Picked up by officers who were assisting county and city otltccrs here in llic search, lie was returned to Blyliievillc early today by ShcritI Hale Jackson and Police Chief William Berrymnn. Of thc $107 belonging lo his firm which hc lind in Ills po sioi; when he disappeared, $131 was found on him when, picked up. Development of the case will not be completed until after hc is examined by a physician Ihls aflcr- noon with no specific charge yet placed against him. Hc drove Farmer England's car from Cnruthersvllle, Mo., where hc had gone Wednesday morning to repair n truck, lo West Plnim. Officers snid his strange actions Icrt to an altercation and he was plac cd in jail on a charge of fighting. . Mr. Phillips disappeared after he had reiiortcel to the office for work and was sent to Caruther.svillc. llc- forc leaving he offered to check in his previous day's collections Geii Motors but «vi.s lold to wait until his re-' Montcomerv Wiirrf' turn so that the damaged truck " Y Central S1NGLK CO I'IKS FIVE CENTS New Strike Threat Implied By UMW Unless Differences Can Be: Settled; Important Italian Airdrome Bombed 'SUM' IEFEBK SUFFER __ ! American Liberators Drop 250,000 Pounds 0 f Bombs' Near Taninto Ky United I' American filers have bashed In one of Italy's most Important Invasion defense bases with 'J.W.009 pounds of bombs. Oiir four-motorfd Liberators delivered one of the greatest blows of.the war on southern Italy, already reeling on thc pre-lnvaslon ropes and expecting a knouXout at •iiiy moment.. 'Hie communique- from North African headquarters repoi'Us the 1^5 tons of high explosives and fragmentation bombs were hcniXMl yesterday on the airdrome gunrdlirg Taninto—southern Italy's tucsl imixirtant naval base, local:d m the iiislep of tlie Italian boot. . Other heavy, medium and fighter-bombers drummed iiway—night and dny—at the bomb-pocked invasion route over hapless Pantel- tcria and Sicily. Airdrome Damaged Th;y were atacked yesterday by day and Thursday night when hits were scored on thc Sicilian airdrome of 'Mllo and hangars lett blirnlni;. Cnlanstiiro on the loc of Today's War Commentary Hirer's Gamble One More liig Offensive In Knssiu lly THOMAS J. DONOIIIIK of Hulled 1'rm (ioniiiiny !i])|iiin'iilly in nlioul ready for lioi \t\nl )i!taii).sl UiiHsia liol'oi'e tuniiiitr lo incul Itu; .sliocli of HI: lied iiiviini(iii in UK; west. Tlic. (icnnuiiH suuiii lo lie iiinrd or ICMK i-oiiviiiccil tlniL llicy will bi> roliiUvttly .sufc from llrilLsli-AiiuM-iciin ground in wdsttM-ii Kuropu for Ihc'Bunimov. Tlio (Miijihiisis pill on Allied uir |iow«r in, llio ciiiTunl cjii)i|wi(|ii Axln l'Uiro]io nmy lisivo :iKsnn>d llio Nit/is (Inil (Ills will IJL' tlio cxlont of Allied opui'ittion.s in Hie west tniUI t-arly Kiill. Kveti If Allied troops laud on Italy's Mediterranean Islands and perhaps ilnly ILsclf, GiTiiiany still \vinild feel secure behind the Alps. Thus, It may be assumed that Ihe German high command Is sat- Islied Unit It, can undertake one more offensive against Kussln without having lo fight on two fronts (it once. Gci'mnn rciisonhir; in IhLii re- spce.1 may be all wrong bin Ihu Nnflis apparently do not think MI. as nil Indications ptilnt toward an early resumption ot heavy Ilijhl- Ing In Ihc- East. An attack hy 500 German planes In a single .sector of Ihe smilh- the Italian boot and Syracuse, eastern const port nf Sicily, were cenlrul liilsslan front on Wc<lnp«- attacked for the first time Tlnu.sday - cl ay Is a convincing sign of derby HAP Wellington bombers. [man intentions, .There has been Only Iwo Allied planes were lost "inch speculation us to" the wherein Uio two'days' operations. Anil- alionls of tho Luftwalfe and Hint aircraft defenses over the Islands l '« ul provided nl Iclisl purl of the were light and inaccurate. And answer, tticrc was no aerial opposition at all Enemy plants hit Algiers lust night. Two w,crc downed. And only a few .casualties.ami light civilian property dnmnge resulted. Genera,! Elsenhower Is licllcvetl all set lo send llic. Allied landing churning through the Mediterranean us soon us the opportune time-comes for the signal Co "So." ' ' : Luftwaffe Itciuly A goodly portion nl Na/.l air strength Is , In Itnssla, particularly the 'German bombing squadrons, ready for the thhd und pmbuuly last Axis offensive against the Red Army. • .. \ purln gthq six weks in mure of relative Inactivity Mn Russia the Germans have cotnplelcd a vast reshuffling ot their ti'oop dlspusl- tipns. ,,.-'_: ' ",QIICQ " , i (IB ^Ucy were for (lie "first ?plJ! v offS'islV(!"'JL' two v .yciirs Ordcrs From Churchill; .' "Prime" iiUiUa-iv..Chlirchtll ;U bo-. Ilcvcd. to have given him his final - .,....,-.. orders—the landing plans presumed l| B°<' tllc Gprmnn armies are ,dlvld to have been worked out In the' 011 llll ° ll ' rec B'hups. In .June of strategy conference with Washing-''">*'' ttic-Nnal military triumvirate Ion. Churchill's, buck. In London' wlllcl < "Unclicd Itussta from Hie now, but lie went straight lo Elsen-j n " 111 cto llle BUlck H ™ coni]K)sed howl's hcadqimrlers by way oi of Generals Von Lccb, Von Dock Von rand Von Rum]skill. Last year, Von llouk. Von llund- stedl and General Von Mannslcln hcnelcd tlio three army groups of thc soulli which attempted lo cut Ihe'. Volga and capture all of Ihe General -De oaulle Now, llic llircc army groups arc scored another political victory In French affairs. Augustc Rogues— one of D; Guallc's political enemies —has resigned as resident general of Frcrich Morocco, as expected. And Gnbilcl Puanx, former com- rnksioner of Syria; succeeds him. , While RAP planes were grounded except for minor sweeps agnlnsl northern France, enemy plane. 1 ; bombed the London area. One pcr- son was killed and a few houses demolished In a suDiirb. One raider was shot down. At sea, llic Allies arc reported holding offensive edge over the U-boats for the first time. Officers of an escort group say they scored one of tlie grcntcst victories of the war over -subs when IJicy sank or damaged n of them in a single round-trip to America. New York Stock* A T ft T Amcr Tobncco .. Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Gen Etccti;c might he placed in service ns quick- as passible. After placing a new fan boll on Ihc truck, he left his companion, Henry Thompson, to drive the truck here and drove off In England's automobile. Hc is the husband of thc incr Miss Mary Aline Moore thc father of six children. Harvester Socony Vacuum . Mr- Sturicbakcr . Standard of N J for- Texas Corn and Packard . :...'" U S Steel .....'.'.' 158 1-8 01 1-2 29 1-8 <>r> 1-2 lit 5-8 :)« 1-4 E5 1-8 IR 18 3-1 70 n-8 12 5-8 10 3-8 12 1.1 7-8 H 1-4 57 1-1 51 5-8 •1 7-8 5li 5-8 'Hickorynut Head' Bags Anolhcr Jap Plane In Fight Over China Lieut. Calvin Moody. Blylhcvlllt Army officer who Is having an exciting lime In China, again hns made headlines. How hc shot down the only Zero plane at Yochow, In all-day offensive, Is recounted In a dispatch from an advanced American alrbase, China. The fighter planes aided thc bombers as waves of American planes battered ll'ooiV fleeing across thc Yangtze River near Icliang and bombed the enemy air headquarters at Yochow, wrecking the depot area. Preliminary reports said one barge on thc Yangtze carrying 13 crated enemy aircraft'' was sunk "id that many enemy troops were tilled as they retreated before ad- 'andiig .Chinese armies. . "Hlckorynul Head" Moody, as he was called when playing football pn (he Blylhevlllc High School Chlckasaw team, was credited In fV-bruary with destroying two Jap planes on the ground at an cnc- iny air base. Another dangerous cxiwricncc encountered vns having been forced down behind thc enemy lines In china last March and having to spend, several weeks making his way back to friendly territory. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Moody, deployed much as they wore In June of 1041. General Von Mann- slcln has llic Soiilhern Army Corps, originally the biggest of all the German armies, but now reduced lo an estimated 49 divisions or about TOi.OOf) men. Tlie German Army of thc center, Under Gen. Von Khigc, Is bellced to number something like !I7 ilil.slons or 1,305,000 inch — by far thc largest German troop assembly in Russia. On tilt) north Is Gen. Von ICeucliler \Uioso command, nnni- bcrlng .some M dllslons, extends from vcllkle I.uki lo I^nlngrad. Drie at Center l.lki-lv Tims, froiri f llic very dls|xisltloii of the German armies, It seems probable that the main Axis effort will cotnc In thc center. Von Kucchler's army group of tlic north can lie expected lo employ a holding operation while Von Klngc attacks on the center somewhere between Smolensk and Kursk. Von Maiinsleln's army group of thc south very probably will launch a sup[)orthig offensive from the Ukraine, seeking ultimately lo link with Voji Kluge's push hi a combined drive to tho south and cast of Moscow. Once again, thc obcclive will be lo destroy Ihc Red Army ralher than lo gain lerrilory. Tlie allack by SOO German plaijcs against Kursk in n single day Is a strong Indication llmt the uusslan .snlienl there will be Ihc Immediate obce.Uve of Ihe Impending German push. Von Khige lias masses of ai metal his disposal In llic Orcl-Uryansk salient and very probably, a good portion of thc German bomber force. ' , Hells lo Shorten Lines Tlie Hussinn.s undoubtedly arc aware of Germany's intentions as indicated by thc smashing Red Army assault In tlic northwest Caucasus, Here, thc Russians arc seeking lo clean up the Caucasus front entirely before llic start ot summer operations farther north In order to shorten their own lines and allow Ihcin to deploy their maximum defensive strength. Once tlie German Caucasus bridgehead is eliminated, thc Russian defense lino will be shortened by some 200 miles. They will need only small holding forces to guard the approaches lo thc Kuban. If the Germans are wrong in assuming that UiC'Alllcs will Inimch no western Invasion' Ihls summer, Ihc Impending battle In Russia Is likely to be a catastrophe for the German Aririy. But if.they arc right, they probably have an even chance of ,-ichtev-1 A .Promotion? Appointment of A. C. llolfman mid Donald Wnlliicu us co-deputy OPA administrators, replacing resigned J, Kenneth Galbralth, gives new credence lo tho report Unit Uni R. Miixon, above, Detroit advertising executive und $l-n-j^ar OPA pun- He relallons director, may he imm- ed price oificc- general- manager. All Ihrcc disagreed with Cnlhrallh's policies. (NEA tclc|ihoto). Date Set For Death Of Traitor .lime, 5. (Ul'l —Max Etophan, a German-horn Detroit restaurant man, has been sentenced to hini'4 for treason on July 2. A federal jtny previously had InuiKl him guilty of befriending nil escaped Nazi war prisoner—• I Inns Petrr Kririt. Tills Is thc third hntigiiig date lor Klcphan. Previous execution order!! were rescinded to permit him to appeal. A petition lo President Roosevelt for commutation ot the death f;ciitcncc hus thc bucking of the National Civil Ml>- rrlli's Union and lias been signed \iy CT imllonnlly-proriiltictil persons. Frilcrnl Judge Arthur J. Tiiltle nulspokcnly condemned llio Civil IJbrrllrx petition when he ,sct the new death date today. Hc dn- Acrlhcd the signers as "mistaken." Klpphnn. Judgo Tultlc declared, "s|inil his lime, energy, money and IiiKCmilly In nn effort to hcl|i Gcr- itiiHiy win thc war." Tlie manacled prisoner Ireniblcd mid urpl us ho slooc! before Ihc coiirl to hear sentence Imposed. He still has an appeal pending lo Ihe Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Blytheville High School Again On Approved List lilyllieviUc High School again has been placed on thc list of secondary schools approved by tlic North Centra] AJ.soclation of Colleges and Secondary Schools. 'Ilils school, as for n number of years, will be Included in the revised lists of secondary schools and higher Insliliilldiis approved hy the North Central Association, to be issued about July 1, as well RS the llsls ot other regional accrediting agencies. . • Chicago Wheat open high' low close iirel Sep. . Hsy 14614 145'i 145% 145*1 July . H5-"* 146% 145',S 145 145yi Ing their objectives. The next few weeks are likely lo be crucial. HUKITUIfi Committee Indicates New Walkout June 20 Unless Con tract Achieved lly Unlleri Frew. Two bin striken that endangered- America's war production program appear to bo at an end. '', John L. Lewis lias plvcn the woril Hint will put 530,000 minus back In the pits by Moixlny. Hut thc , United Mine , Workers' policy committee has Issued an Implied llirnu of another walkout In two weeks—If a contract Is not agreed upon by that time. The committee today Instructed 'Its members to no back to work until June .20. v Tills leaves the strong Implication lhal mines may lie shut down again It the operators and tlie union nrcn't able out a- .' contract, before that time. A union-sponsored liack-'.o-worl:- ', movement has cracked thc walkout ;• of 20,C(Xi men at the Packard Ma--' lor Company plant In Detroit, .WOO luck an ],ibi Five thousand" men reported for wprk ludny nl' Packard.- Company olttclals say IhU Is 35 |«r cent of the day shift. And union leaders lull production will be resumed', at the plant by Monday, me same day coal Is scheduled 16 sliirt roll- Ing again. ^ The men walked out on Thursday after llirco Negro, workers .hud been given better Jobs because of/ merit, They said ttiey would nut work beside • Negroes on, the assembly line.. Ami thcy'>boocd tlic leaders, o(. their'union .when the'y were laid racial discrimination lias no place In waV industry, Hut Leo tjiinmttc, regloiiRl 'director ol the "CIO Dulled Automobile worcrs, rc|>orls the inch are, ' In his words, "rjeglnnlng lo lls'.cirlo. reason. ; The strike." .says Lamollc, "is falling Jo-, nl.ei.c5/' , *, . < 1 Army Investigators have bcui', probing' tile' roots':of the'.unau- thort/od: walkout. And they sire 'c»_r^coromcndM _ the s'cVcral of IhVk'istTgfi- ~ lors! >'•; ; The ; Piickard Comimny It engaged In assembling entities- for airplanes And Niivy PT boats. Out 'hi the coal fields maintenance crews are going back to the descried ; pits—to; get them ready for oiwfttlon. Monday.. . Wnrk<rs Will Obey Local,.union .leaders nay there is 111116 doUbt.the men will obey orders of Lewis and president Hoose- vclt and go. back to work. There Is sonic grumbling. And Ohio miners Mil 'hold -meetings .lo formally vole, to go buck. But the outcome nl llie vote Is' not In dpubl. ' . . ; In' 1 -Washington • Uiera Is optimism for an.early settlement of,the dispute that twice .has closed down llic • nation's coal mines. Tlic War Labor Hoard Is ex- pectcd to set a lime for resumption ' of negotiations today- And insiders llilnk it won't take long for tile : 'oiwralor.s anil the union to cover tile ground that hus been keeping them apart. . More good news conies from the • labor front today with thc li.n- nonnccmcnt that 1300 strikers have returned to work In tlie Wlckwlre Speuccr Steel Compnny plant' at Toimwanelu, New York. The "Veil had been out for two days after thc company revoked passes Issued lo members ot thc union grievance committee. The passes have betn restored. -t . LISTQFJIluS Civil Division Of Circuit Court Will Convene Here On Monday The June term of Circuit Court, Civil Division, will opm'here Monday but Jurors will not be summoned until Tuesday, It lias been announced by Sheriff Kale Jackson. Jurors will be: Tom Flccman, Charles Henry, Dean Pierce. Oscar Kcott, Trigger Wall, Ajvln Tipton, Allen 'Holt. B. B. Threlkeld, Lon Matlhtws and Parker Osbonic, all of Manila. Floyd Forsylhe of Boynton, W. R. Bryant, Jeff Hauls, E. A. Fish, Walter Hipp and J. L. Swiharl, all of Lcachvlllc; J. C. Ellis of Barfield, \V. T. Molzger of Armorcl, Charles Langston of- Number Nine; Max Ray and H. S. Welch of Huffman; D. R. Garner and W. D. Godwin, of Armorcl; Spencer Bunch. W. if! Holltirjsworth, J. B. «mbert and R. U Sanders of Yarbro; U. S. Blankenshlp and Noble GUI of Dell. Waller Stewart, F. E, Atkinson, Edgar Bonmi, B. F. Brogdon, Ches^ ler Caldwell, -Rosco Crafton and Ben While of Blythevllle., s Altcrnste'juroros''will ; bc: -Frwi Flceman, ,W. K. Francis, Bob rlrrtM And P. B. Joyner of Bly- Ihevllle; ' Floyd 'Rector «nd E. M. Woodsrd of Dell, ' ;-

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