The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX II BUTTLE IS LI REL MM With Strong Line On Eaci Side Overhead Atlac' Is Favored' Ity J. 1'. FIIICN'D It's an old humorous saying (ha "when Greek meets Greek they 0]K up a restaurant." it's n logics football saying ihat when n goo line moeh another good line the open up an aerial attack. So, ladie-c-s, nnd gentlemen, tun • and fnnesscs, the season's first acr ial circus for Haley Field is a stron possibility when' Die UlytlievIU Chlckasaws and the Forrest Oil '1 horoljreds tangle ID (heir aninm gridiron fetid," Friday "night. Acllo is slated to get under wny prompt ly at 8 pm. Tine Forward Passing In the three games this yenr th Thorobreds have Hashed n spark ling foiwaid passing offense. Con fronted with a forward wnll the' were unable lo penetrate on llni Plays, E Wright, field general, be gmi'Uirowing aerial bombs ngalns: the Little Rock Tigers with mucl success. In fact, the nlr thrusts Jc< directly to the scoring O f their ohlj touchdown, in the Urinklcy contest they were forced to call on their overhead'attack- again and the lesult was a brilliant Gnrrison llu- «h for a 22-7 win. Rorrest City boasts a si rang, vct- --cran line. Little Rock was able lo score.but two touchdowns through It in the first half, probably with their lirst string. However, super, 1o r weight nnd fresh retrenchments In the last two quarters was loo . much to overcome. Three Tiger touchdowns were results of converted intercepted' forward passes. Chirk Line Untested Although they have not had a severe test so tar, tlie Chieks-also point mill pride to their line. Averaging id jxmnds from end to end, there is a nice combination of speed, weight, anil experience. J. W. Ptirtlc, strawberry blond, will match hk defensive ability against that of Captain Bud Bridseforth of the visitors, who also backs the line. There are but few In the state who cnn match the red head in all round ability. Olymier "Rasputin" "ayder and Byron Walker, tipping tne beam at ISO .and 181), resp°ct- ively, are capable of Inking care of themsolvcs at the tackle posts • Converted into a guard at the last minute, Elmer, Llndsey has been a , sensation in the line, teaming with the steady, tough Henry "Red" Lunsford. Both are good ; guards. Dick Tipton nnd Eugene Blnckwcll. t«o six footers, are the ideal type of tankmen. ^They nre good pass receivers ami know how to break up Interference. Their welghls nre around 160 polmds apiece. Tribe ; Can Toss Few BljlhevlIIe-s all-state bnckficld prospect, Hershel J\rosley is cxp"ct- «1 to be the principal spnrkpiug of tl'c circus. Basil Locke, Eddie Sallba Onell Cralj,. other i%l! carriers, can' 8rab em, and go places. All cnn ..u,.' 1 r '• !>nd at tho lossl »!T. ton Wimpy- Burns..the mite sub quarter who led in (he scoring percentage last week, Alfred "Slick" Mer- M h, a,,,] M! , X Hutc ,,| ns sllou] action also in the bacfclleld Dick, Tmlonniid Eddie Salibn KWX- lip part in the scrimmage ves- teidav due to bum shoulders. Murray Harris and Meredith are vet having trouble with their legs Aloe rt Ridings, guard, who has 'been to uniform and C< too lniUry ' rcturacrt -out Aside from a few. minor °aTl- ments th^smiadjs in good shape. Modernize riumliinr Plumbing tells the age of a nouse. Houses with bathtubs of the Chippendale type ,are hard lo rent ana almost impossible to sell Thousands of home-owners are o" ,!!? J' 1 ™* i° lakc ""vantage ROXY Last Time Today MAT, and Nite— lOc - 25c EUSSA' LANDI and 1'AUL I.UKAS in .'BY CANDLELIGHT' COMEDY - - FOX Friday & Saturday MAT. & NITE-lOc - 25c BILL GODY • In a Rip Roaring Western 'WESTERN - Serial—Rin Tin Tin, Jr. in ;'; ,> "The Wolf Dog" .Altering Stripes The stripes on Pine Hlii/Ts z^»,, are being slightly re-arranged t],| week as the state lltjc hojws groon *m the Jonesboro gnmc after be tig held to i, draw by Fort Smltl ist week. , 'file Pine Dhiir terminals lookei voefullj. weak In the deadlock battle and tackles arc being swllchoc over lo the curt posts while othei aeklcs (they've got plenty) arc bong brought Into (he first strlni, me. " It looks fike Jonefiboro Is going o run hito its second lopsided de- cat In -two weeks, having Jost to lot Springs by a large score last :eek. A *i«e cm Ihe Line Word has reached the writer that "e B. H. s. forward wnll, some icmbers of It at Icnsl, believes It ns not. received Its share of credit along with Chick bncte for the iiowlng made so far ttils season Unfortunately, it is one of- the enallicslotplaying ui the line ihn he spotlight of publicity never nnes. as brightly „„ (nc . )lay 'ho open* the way as on the pl«yr carrying the ball. H i s only iiman nature thai the gridder with ic Pigskin HiKlcr his nrm is the Jcct or all eyes. Osceola failed to m.^e a lirst «ii against, Blylhevillc in the rst game pf the season, Earlc made ui oiijMn the second game such csulls;caii only bear out the con- On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE" A $35,<HW Headaelie Hascbnll rumor lins -It Hint tlie failure o! the Giants to coji tlie National League flng was ft $35000 headuclie (or Bill .Terry, ui.inngcr, In addition to whnl lie would have obtained from Die world series Itself, lor his contracts for tlie win- ler nmountert to thut much "If" the Giants had won the ixmntmt. An automobile salesman in New Vovk handling hlgli-priced cars, lind ine contracts cancelled on Octor 1, frojn us ninny New York Giants i.s'lio had planned to buy the gns buggies with world series dough. iSomc sport writers scemc<l to think tlmt Terry passed up nn excellent opportunity to counteract the nol too complimentary opinion oj himself that tins to-doped In the minds ,'writers nnd the sjx>rt public ify say that Terry could liavc mode himself a big mnii by showing up jit the series nnd coming down the field to tonenitulnte Frantic Frlseli unit even wish Mtck ey Coclirnne luck, They sny u) would hnve been hulled by tlie fan for such mi net, but mil hurrlc lionie to Memphis, .BLYTIffiVU,LB,(ARlO COURIER NEWS Stagg Still Fights at 72 ' Thursday & Friday Mat. 2:,10, 10-25c Nile 6:45—10-35c Con you'Imagine d jdebonotr man-about* 'town tied a famll|r-at!d liking itj. OH/WHAT FUN f with ,DORIS KENYON. i» »«n, Cti«rlort« B°H P , C rt or J' Diclll « M« 0 tl U»'. p wl j' dl h 1 "* b / ^ri'tint 1 Am«. ProdiKjd by c.rf LM mir.U, 1 >'• Dir.«td by Ed«.rd B ««5! ,P« xntcd b, C.r) L.tmml, . " '- .A_UNIVtRSAL PiCTUR.E. Comedy - - Cartoon COMING Will Rogers in 'JUDGE PRIEST' By Harry Grayson Hie Oran.t Old-Man of the Mldwny Ims 'continued his : roolln]| nijht on the Pnclfic coast. Amos Alorao Stagt', 72, former Chi :ago grid mentor and, new eoneh at Hie College of the Pacific milt tin n tenm at the little school Hint recently held the u'ower' ill 'Southern Cnllfornln squad to a 0-0 victory. Here Is Sin." telling a substitute to "eel In there ami fieht." -•liisloii that the chick line \vnsin 1C • i n. ,h mc . jUsceola Semmoles Meet ilnylng a Jam-up g But with chick scoring heavy in ttch gnuie it is only natural that Harrisburg Tomorrow lL nwny from the Ohlcks, the orals, will gel. Ihclr.first slcrn t«st his week. Forrest City will have at cnsl one or two hcnvy backs to hoot nihilist the chick forward val). HoW tbnt line Friday night, •ou fnrwnrtls; ami credit cniinot be lonleil you. team's most outstanding players, \vlio was Injured In.Ihe Truniann game a week ago and who.will be out for the remainder of.'the season, will face the undefeated Har- .Visburg .1-5.1111 hbrc Friday afternoon, ivfassey is being trained for ST. LOUIS. — More elaborate Chain store systems are certain to Ix- tlie result of tho St, Louis Cardinals' sensational •eleventh- hour drive to their fifth National League pemiani and world series In nine years. Tliere Imre been complaints atwlnst Brcaclon, Rickey ,t Co, sjireading out like nil oclopus, but it lias more or less been proved Hint tlie subsidizing of certain minor league clubs by major outfits has saved a number of Kimiller leagues from total collapse. The New York Yankees arc tt only big-time, baseball body eou relink' with the Cardinals on a anjrivny equal rooting In Hie mat lor, of farms. Cleveland, Detrol Washington and Philadelphia c Hie American League, and Chieae luicl Brooklyn of the National, minor league connections Cincinnati Ls going in for th Idea in n hirgc way, and the Bos ton lied Sox arc throwing ou lines. The flop of 'the Chieag White Sox largely was due to neg Icet o/ officials (o keep up wit the times. There were no .string lo pull when talent was jicede badly. • • • Complete Chain Gaiuj If you don't happen to . know Hie fied Bird organization controls Rochester of the International Columbus or the American Associ atlon; Houston of the Texa League; Elmira of the'New York I'ensylvnnia; Greensboro, N. C. o the Piedmont; Himtiiujton, W. Va of Hie Mid-Atluhic; Greensboro o the Pennsylvania State Associa (ion; Springfield, Mo. of the West ern Association; and Martinsville Va. of tlie Bi-State League. There lias been no drouth oj the Cardinal farms. Baseball met I'ttlmate that a dozen of th'ei: products who carried the draper- ate fight ot the St. Louis club in 103-1 would bring 5550.UOO in ai open market. Take a peek »t, till! list, and sec If the back to eartli j movement, doesn't pay In baseball j The prices arc..based on their j ability mid nge. ^ Dizzy Dt-qn 5150,000 position of left tackle, succeeding Cromer, and olliers in the line-up arc Nul Ayers, RE; 3am Edrins ton RT; Gerald Henson no; Sfa ; riou Wright C; Youii^ LO; \lcDon- i aid LE:. Scgraves QB; llcndricks !'a(I; Cliisenhall LH, and Taylor FB 's Says If With "Hit of the Season" Styles! Sports COATS For Warmth! For Wear! $g.90 The type of coat you juat can't do without! Rraml new styles—with smoother shoulders, sleeves full below the elbow, fitted lines at the waist, trim belts! Tweeds, novelties, snow-flakes, fleeces, and smart monotones ! Sizes for . Women and Misses—14-20. Jutt received! Jean Nedra MILLINERY in toft, pliable fells! Rays! [c Tricky small shapes! Brims ttint turn up at side or back! Tricornes with little veils! Dnjhing baccnncers nnd Mown berets! CjiitM Mctit trims! Black, brown, navy, green! Far Girls o/ Most Any /lg f ! Tub DRESSES Of Fa!l-I9}4 Cation I'tinl, Crisp: cottons In a grand variety of styles! Mndn from tub fust fabric.? with fancy touches of em- trolrtcry to "drcwj-lhcin-up". ,\(- tracltvc styles! Esmond Hath Kobe fT(TC Flannel ;i(i in wide. vdu3 Tuck Stitch Undies Vests, pants! Bargains! Pants have all-elwtlc top; )ast«x bottom I Small to targe sizes! Flannelette GOWNS - for women! Only 98* !A Plain colors, s^\\ stripes.florals in SXM.,. regular or large J / \\ si »8sl Hem^-1_ I J >• stitchtdl Children 1 ! SHpoveri Ail Wool! 24! 98^ They're fine [uality all wooll Jrcw or V-neck. Dress or play styles! Buys! CAPESKIN CLOVES Good Values! Of imported lenther, black or brown. Site* 6 lo8',<<! Warml. 80 x 105 CrmklrJ 88- Crinkle- strip*! in attractive bedroom shades. Seamless; scalloped! J. C. PENNEY,^, 220-222 \V. lilythcvillc, Ark. THURSDAY. OCTOBER n 193 .j w P«f» •/ ........... 100,000 Joe Medwlck ..... 75 onn Pepper Martin '..:..'.'. ' Jimmy Collins ...... Billy DeLancey ...... ' Tex Carleton ......... 30'oon Jnck Ftothrock ..... 15000 Ernie Orsaftl " ' Bill Hallahan .. Biirgci? wiilleliead Pat Crawford loooo ' Total ....... ; ........5500,000 And That Isn't All . Not to mention the services that Breadon and nickcy already have gotten out of their stars. Nor other farm hands ivho have been sold outright or used advantageously In The Cardinals could sell the Deans. Medwlck, Martin, collliw, DeLnnccy, and Carletou like JeiW wrote a note. ' Now you know why the dlsao- pointcd Bill Terry | n August said lliol Dizzy Dean was worth $200.000. Terry and not a few others consider the former Arkansas col- Ion picker tlic-finest pitcher thcv ever saw. .; ' The St. Louis farms have produced some rare crops. Tile best, of course, was ihe '32 one at ZIouslon-Ujzzy Dean, Mcd- UICK, and G'arfcton. The '31 turn 'out at fiocheslcr, with Martin and Collins, was a pjpphi, wjui the pickings at Columbus - Paul cnccy, Botliroclc, «, ld \ hl(el,end-n« far behind/if "i Si'/irc Clotets Handy Closets ofttcn mean (lie dlffw once between a home which s ™a S rs fl "" y " ]Kei """ °" e th " t »»- eMd"™" 5 ! kCC1) " "°» s "'"st'raiBhU « <i uiites there fe a place to it Gvcrvfh1n<r ««„*.!.. ..,! . IN "THE CHANCERY COURT l\)rt THE CHICKASAWJ3A DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AK- KANSAS. E. II. Conner, pJalnitff vs. Una P, Conner, Defendant WARNING ORDER The Defendant, Una p. Conner, is warned to appear in the Chancery Court within the next thirty clays and answer complaint of the Plalhtlir, E, H. Conner. Witness my hand as Chancery Cler!:, this the 20th day ot Seo- lembcr, 1934. ' ep R. L. 'GAINES Chancery Clerk. Klliott Sal-tain, D. c. For REAL Protection Plionc 191 CLAKK-WII-SON AGKNCY General Insurance 'We Pay All Losses with a Smile' James B. Clark - linker Wllsc • 1!I/YTHKVI1J,K, ARK. Sunday, October 14-One Day Only ON TliK STAGE IN.PKRSON HERB MAHLER'S ORCHESTRA 12-Talented Muslcians-12 —FKATUR1NG— J/MMIE THORPE ttOLDKN VOICED RADIO S1NGKR • V. ' ' . • Direct from Hotel Statlcr Roof Garden's 18 Week's Engagement . FEATURED OVER KMOX ana KSD, S. 1,OU1S CONTINUOUS SHOWING - - VAUDEVILLE AFTER EACH PICTURE PROGRAM A REAL'MUSICAL TREAT .FOR MUSIC LOVERS! Take Your Clothes Casually But Not Carelessly There's a fine point of difference between dressing comfortably and 1 dressing- sloppily . . . between buying inexpensive clothes . . . and throwing money away on cheap clothes. We want you to see the new Sport models . . . also the • regular single and double-breasted styles. / MERIT and TIMELV FALL SUITS 171*45 / - L New Fall and Winter Topcoats Now On Display Swift HEADWORK The New Dnbbs and Stetson Hats Trove Stimulating WORTfl HATS ix your .own concoction of 'headgear with contrasting band ... as the mood moves you. 7 / / Nunn-Bush OXFORDS The styles arc smart... Ihe finality is high . . . foul (he prices are mosl moderate for Nunn-Bush line Shoes. Fortune Oxfords $4 $6.75 lo 9.00 Men's Leather Jackets $849.50 , Arrow Shirts S1-95-S2-J2.50 D. HUGHES & CO. 3 Doors West of Ritz Theatre

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