Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 11, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1891
Page 5
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If you have a eold Call and get a sample bottle of Pineapple Cough Syrup, at 5 0 PUG BOGS • TO be sold tor 4 8 Cents at Bazaar, SpedaX Sale. for. this week only. FREE IREADING ROOM, " Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street. '** ••; Welcome toIAll. MONEY TO LOAN, -•:• Buumm.ttlioIXWBBT r»U». Private tnodi • only. Money «lway« In hand. No red tape or dt- £7: Intwwt Mid principal payable to Logan.- porl. : .Spool*! .rrtngomento •» *° praiBnt M Olpal and Intoraet, made to «nlt tha wlnhw of For nutter parHoulart apply to Fred W.Mimson, 214 Fourth MONEY, " a«n»r»l Inmrttno* and I-o»nm. All kl"a»« In- •or«no0 pl»c»d to nrrtelwn compact. Inflow- lint poUcie* pnrobUHid, Bonds of tarrtfis.. ritwo tor pwttM- holding podttftni of troiii whira a bond 1« required. 319 PEABI/8T. S. M. Closson. MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought In any sum over $25 at lowest 'rates. Large amounts B per cent. GEO. B. FORGY. In the Circuit Court. The Carroll county "bridge case" on trial in this court on change of venue has come to a close,. as to the evidence, after ten days of hard fighting on both sides and Judge Nelson for the plaintiff made the opening speech in the argument yesterday afternoon. The attorneys, for the plaintiff . are Nelson, .and Pollard & Pollard, of Delphi while .the defense is repre- sedted by Gould & Eldridge, of Delphi, Sellers & TJhl of Monticello, and Q. A. Myers. The .trial of Willard Harvey for the murder of Samuel McClosky at Royal Center last summer, will begin in the circuit court on Monday, Judge Cox, of Peru on the bench. The defence will be represented by Dykeman, Wilson & Tabor and Winfield, while Prosecutor McGraevy will-be assisted by Judge Chase; The case will attract wide public interest and the defense will make a strong fight while the State has its side well in-hand. The injunction suit of E. H. Shirk, et. al. owners of the old canal bed, brought against the city to . stop the sale of the canal for taxes was called up again last evening, and continued, until Thursday evening, a change of venue from the court being granted. declMiwSm Daily Journal. WEDNESDAY -MORNING, FEB.ll. - Read the bill folded- in this-papeiv-; .«..- Notice the Bazaar's-, advertisement. ."- .Get some of .those., .new, silks at the 'Trade Palace. . ; . '. --The Golden Rule is giving some special-low prices. .See bill. vi See the : fahcy ginghams,, now at the ^TBaderP'alace at suchllow. prices. ^Sfi' <G6Tdthwaite of..-; the Marion- 'CEronicle, 1 ,was in/the city yesterday. Wanted,, .experienced -table, waiter and w'dnian for-laundry-.-work, at /the Murdook Hotel. ; ; ; ' We have 50-English'pug dogs which •we will sell this week for 48 cents, i egular price $1. .:-. '> Mr. George H. Button who! was stricken with paralysis Saturday, is gradually improving in condition: Lost, a child's muff between Twelth and Thirteenth streets, on Smead. Finder please return to 1622 Smead •street. ' Wanted, ».n "educated man, Catholic preferred, to manage the best paying business in the country. Address "M. $.," Journal office. The Trade Palace is having, quite a rush m their carpet and curtain department. Our Mr. Abner Seybold has.taken full charge of same, and is now prepared to offer you better prices and furnish your rooms, house or hall, at less by 20 per cent, than; any other house. Facts. Much comment was made on the new water from the North Side wells yesterday. The water at present ia considerably clouded but .when the pipes become cleaned again it will be clear as crystal. /There is now no question as to the' quantity being suf- , it being thoroughly.tested yes- A Great The first annual dance of. the Paint- ters and Decorators' Union at the rink last night was a great success. The boys did themselves distinctively proud in the way of decoration, the rink being decorated in a manner such as it was never before, and probably will not be again until the next dance of this union. The room was as pretty as a scene in fairy land, with its flashing colors, dazzling lights and graceful festooning of the walls and ceiling. Indications of the "trade" were visible on all hands, gorgeous wall paper, kindly furnished by Arthur Moyniha'fl, being hung on all sides in graceful waves, while appropriate .pictorial .designs graced the gallery rail and sides of the room. A conspicious setting was . a. painters scaffold suspended at one end of the room on which set a couple of • 'dummy" painters with cans and brushes and other marks of the trade. Steinhart's orchestra furnished the music and the vast crowd danced till away along in the wee sma' hours. A SnpnrTj Attraction. The engagement of Conried's Comic Opera Company at Dolan's Friday evening wil undoubtedly prove one of the most popular events of the season ••The King's Fool" Adolph Muellers romantic opera, which has been received with, universal 'favor throughout the country will be presented for the first time in this city. It is said to be one of the- best works of the Vienna composer, and is replete with musical gems, picturesque costumes and striking spectacular effects. Conried's company .contains 60 talented vocalists, who have won distinct successes everywhere this season. The chorus contains a large number of handsome youri£r ladle?, who not only look pretty, hut can sing excellently. Th<8 ; --costumes - and scenery of this .opera".are-both .picturesque and handsome. The company carries its own orchestra which .is under the direction of Paul Stiendorff.- TVHl Yon toe a: Soldier Bold! The Broadway House floats a large star spangled banner from its fron' and a squad of United States soldiers are quartered within, while a bulletin on the outside announces that a recruiting station has been established there for a .few days. The squad is in charge of Lieut. F. H. French, and the recruits are asked to fill the stations along the lakes. The "boys in blue" attracted much attention .yesterday, and no doubt , a number of recruits will be obtained here. A Pleasant Affair. The regular dance of the Lotus club at McCaffrey's hall last night was attended by a very pleasant crowd and the affair was one of the most enjoyable of the series. The guests of the members were: Lieut. F. H. French, U.'S. A.; C. C. Kent, of Kent-land Do,h Ca-lin. of St. Louis; Miss Peterson, of Rochester; Miss Turner_ of Toledo and Miss Bos well. Henry Hart and daughter of Indianapolis furnished', the music. .'Master Carl,'the little son of Dr. and Mrs." J. ;B. ; Shultz, is seriously ill, GREET GOMPERS. iHMjraiiroK «if a ^Fucked Motive' r: to Hour the Cci«-braU'<l. Labor Orator * Already llccelvcd.-' The committees having- in hand the arrangements for the meeting at, the" •ink to-night have already, full assur- ince that"the large room will be pack- id by the' crowd which will greet Samuel Gompers, President of' the American Federation of Labor this evening-. The event is one of pecu- iar interest to the numerous labor organizations of the city, and' the .eader and president of the great federation will be accorded an ovation such as has rarely been given to any public speaker in this city. Active Dreparations have been made Tor some days past to make the affair a success n every feature and the various labor unions and branches of the Trades and Labor Assembly will unite to maUe the reception 'spontaneous and Suing to the occasion. 0. P. Smith received a telegram last ivening from Mr. Gompers from Columbus, 0,, stating that he would a r- •ive here to-day at 1:15 via the Pennsylvania. H? will he met at the station by a comtnitte of delegates. - For this evening the following- line of'march and order of parade has been arranged: The Union will meet promptly at their regular meeting places at 7 p. m. and be in readiness to join line of march. The organizations that meet in Union Labor hall will start prompt- .y at 7 p. m. south on Fourth stree't to Good Templars hall where Cigar- makers'-union No. 215 will join the procession, taking the -lead; south on. Fourth street to Markes:-west On Mar- fet.to Third street; south on Third to Railroad; east on Railroad to Johnston hotel; thence to Fourth street; north on Fourth to Broadway; east on Broadway ty the rink. Grand Marshall, P. J. Kinney. OHDER OF MARCHING. Carriage containing speaker and committee. Band, (inmd Marshall and Aids. Cteur Maters Onion 215. m yp:>graphl<:>il Union 19(f. Ciopers' Union 52(11. Carpenters' Union 7-14.. , ,,, Painters' and Decorators union 1211. Butchers' Union 5310. Tailors'Union 140. Machinists' Union and other labor organizations. . • Indianapolis News: First Vice-President McCullough of the Pennsylvania Company, is not .yet in his grave, but the slate-makers are at work. In fact, the slate-makers have been at work for some time. While Mr. McCullough lived there would be. DO cha,ng,e, in the directory, although he has forai long time been incapacitated from duty. His work has been performed by Second Vice-President McCrea, In time it is thought that Mr. McCrea will be : come first vice-president, General Manager Joseph Woods second vice-president, E. B. Taylor general manager, general superintendent of transportation either J. J. Turner or E. B. Walls. If these changes are made, H. 1. Miller will' go to the Pittsburg- division, F. G. Darlington to the Louisville and F. G. Hatch come over here in Mr. Darlington's place. Others believe that there will be' no changes at all, the directory remaining as it is. Vandalia people briieve that Pressdent McKeen will be made a, •vice president of the Pennsylvania company at a good salary,' and that the Terre Haute & 'Indianapolis will pass to the 'Pennsylvania company's ownership. ' .'.'... , Wliat a. Change'.' Is wrought in .people who suffer from rheumatism; when they 'take Hood's Sarsapariila. The aciditybf.-.the.blood, which causes the disease* is 1 neutralized,, the blood is purified, arid.vitaliz- ed, the aching joints and limbs rest easily and : quietly, and- _a 'feeling-, -of Serene health is imparted. Hood's Sarsapariiia has accomplished wonders •for. thousands subject'to rheumatism: Try it .yourself. '' , 8 She w«*Completely"Cured. A daughter of my customer suffered 'from suppresied menstruation, and her .health was completely wrecked. At my suggestion she used one bottle of Br adeld's Female Regulator, which cured her. J. W. HELLTJMS, Water Valley., Miss, Write The Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. ' to!5 . Gratifying 10 All. The high position attained and the universal acceptance and approval of the pleasant: liquid fruit .remedy Syrup of Figs, as the most excellent, laxative known, illustrate the value of the qualities on which its'success is based and are abundantly gratifying to the California-Fig. Syrup Company. . Tfoilce the English pug ' dogs in the Grand Bazaai's north window, they are to'be sold this week .for 48 cents, regular price $1. _ Biliousness, const'ipatioa, torpid liver, etc., cured, by Miles 1 Nerve and Liver Pills. Free samples at B.'~F. Keesling's. , (3) TlieiTtlmlted'.Mall To-nlglit. remarkable advance sale of seats for The Limited Mail to-night indicates"-the degree of favor with which this play was ..received on its lirst presentation here. One of the most felicitous of the thousands of commendatory notices this play has deceived'- 1 is the following editorial -notice from Mr. Vance's home, Columbus O. The initial presentation of The Limited Mail last night was a grand triumph for a Columbus man. Elmer E. Vance, th.e author, has been telegraph operator at the Columbus Union depot for years. His leisure time has not been devoted to loafing or dissipation nor to empty observations about the depot. He has seen "the limited mails" come and go daily and has given them their orders. The successful production of his conception is the climax of years of study. He has reason to feel proud and everybody in Columbus should feel proud of him and of his great play. He deserves success but those who witness the grand performance- should remember that it represents the work of many nights for many years. It is gratifying to know th.at Mr. Vance las been financially able t« bring- out piece in such an elaborate manner. There never was such a performance that pleased the people better here, and it will meet with favoi wherever it appears. Vivacity of Musical C m -Ay. The Conreid Comic Opera Company to be here Friday evening is one of the- very best companies on the stage and a first class performance is assured. The company has in its repertory . "The Gypsy Baron" and. "The King's.. Fool." the latter of .which will be presented here. Of this'.'opera the Baltimore^ Daily News says: The Comried Opera Com- panp is'bne of the. largest organizations of its kind in .the country. Its iorps of principals are strong and well chosen and its chorus full and well- trained. -'The King's Fool" is an opera that combines the melodiousness and vivacity of musical comedy, the beauty and interest -of a romantic drama and a technical finish 'that marks the work of a genuine.musician. In magnificence of stage setting and costuming it equals the best of modern theatrical productions, it abounds in bright and catchy airs, fine choruses, pretty orchestral effects and crisp and sparkling dialogue. The stage settings are wonderfully elaborate and handsome. The Revival Closed. '? Probably the . most successful and enthusiastic '-religious revival which has stirred the city for years was closed last evening at the Broadway M. E. church. The earnest work of Rev. Madison Swadener has been fruitful beyond exspectations and bis ten days labor has been the cause of many accessions to the church. Last evening eighteen persons were accepted into membership of the church; on Sunday twenty-five were taken in and numbers of others during the week that is past. Rev. Swadener departed last night for an appointment i'n Ohio but will return here soon. These -meetings will be continued while the interest remains so .manifest. Wanted, at Once. Four salesmen, light work. Big pay and steady employment. Inquire at North. Street. House, No. 519 North street, ''from IT:SO to 2, and 5 to 9 p. m. febiddeodSt.:'... Ben Frank went to. Chicago yesterday to attend a"ball ; given'ty the Pasa-Pas club, an-organization composed of deaf mutes; . WILL HOME RULE. Thursday's "Meetlnf.; -of Irish Members I« ' to ' He 'oi' f! real: linp'ortimcc. : • Loxiwx,..'"' Feb-' 10.— -The- meeting- of the Irish mt'in-bvrs-to. be held Thursday is to '"be. -decisive of '.the' fate of the home-rule cause. . A ' prolonged fig-ht is I'.xpocted over the result of the negotiations at Boulogne. Parnell, in a letter to Mr. McCoy, chairman of the Pamell committee, says : . the prospect' of settlement is not as promising- as at first it appeared. He declares he will continue to do his utmost to reunite Ireland. Sir 'William Vernon Barcoiirt has advised Justin McCarthy to hold no longer any communication with. Parnell. Should Thursday's meeting fail to effect a settlement all negotiations with Parnell and. his supporters will be broken off, STREETER IS DROPPED. . The F. M. B. A. Trio Vote at .Spriiigfleld, 111., for John P. Stolle for Senator- The Deadlock. However, Continues. ' ; IlL, 'Feb. 10. — The f ourth week of the Senatorial . contest opened with the greatest public interest manifested' in all quarters. . When the joint session had been called to order, the roll was. called for. the., sixty-sixth ballot. On this ballot .the Farmers' Alliance members dropped the name of A. J. Streeter as their candidate, and voted for John. P. Stelle, editor of the Progressive Farmer, of Mount Vernon, 111. The -ballot resulted: Palmer, •: 101; Oglesby, 100; Stelle. 3. Seven more ballots -'werii taken without change, when the session adjourned for the day. - SEE i OTTO A. KRAUS *>' ** FPR BARGAINS. Special drives on outside display daily, goods fox? that day and date oaly. One price, plain figures, . Boots and Shoes Upstairs. SMOKED MEAT Of this Brand will be found Select Goods: Shmghtered'and- Cured-.by W. C. ROUTH, Logansport For Sale Qbv Leading Dealers. Call on the New Drugglstl And become acquainted with his manner of doing Business. PLOSpectfully ^ H C. PURCBLLJ No. 418 Market, Near Pearl St. Specimen €aneH. . : S. H. Clifford, New Cassel, Wis-,was troubled with Neuralgia and Rheumatism, his Stomach was disordered, his Liver was affected, to .an alarming' degree, appetite fell - away, and h e .was terribly reduced . in flesh and strength. Three bottles of" Electric Bitters cured him. ." ; : Edward Shepard, Harrisburg; 111.', had a running .sore on his leg of! eight years 1 standing. Used three bottles of Electric Bitters and seven- boxes of BucklinYArnica Slave, and his'.leE^iS sound and, well. .John Speaker; Catawba, 0., had five.- large .iFever sore's on his leg, doctors said-'-^e ' was- incurable, jOne bottle'EfectdfcjBitterS and .one box Bucklen's Arnica, •. Salve', cured him entirely. Sold hy--B.,'i. Keesling's Drug store.' '• lAnt of Advertised JLcttef K. Remaining tu tne postofflca at llbganspon tor UIB week ending Feb. 7, 1891. . ' ' LADIES' LIST. Punn, Katie H1U, Sarnli Mrs. Flom. Kal« Mi's. Hollenback, Jennie Miss Garland, Mamie Miss Boss. Gertrude Miss. Walte, Flora Miss. ' OENTLKMEN'S LIST. The exceptionally fine decoration^ placed by the painters and decoratorg| for their dance last evening w^ll re? main in the rink to grace the meeting to-night. .., v ,, ^ Bolt, Frank Burk, Friuik Dittrab,Joseph Donely, Mock Harrod. J. E. Hough tori, Geo. .Tilths, W. E/* Justice, David Kigglns, E. S. McArther. J. W. Mnrburger. Jacob Miller. Cbas. 3 etaliler, Albert Teff, Bill West, Harve Wentzel, -William• Persons calling for the above letters please say Advertised. D- "W. TOMLINSON, P. M. Notice to Elkn. There will be a special • meeting tonight for initiation. All Elks in good standing.are expected .to -be'-present as other matters of business • will be attended to^ GEO. W. FENDEE, , Exalted Ruler. j>Ij>Titherlu. ! '•- In a severe case, there is hut one thing to do, get the nearest physician, but how much better it would be to prevent a severe case by having Pine- apple'Syrup in the house; it will do the work. Try it. For sale by J. F. Coulsori. • ' . Both the method and results Syrftp of Figs.ia taken; it isp} and refreshing- to the taste, and actr| gently yet promptly on the iKidneys Li-ver and Bowels, cleanses-the eyt tern effectually, dispels colds, >heM- aches and fevers and cures-habitual constipation. .Syrup of Figs is th|3 only remedy of its ' kind ever p duced, pleasing to the 'taste,'and ceptable to the. stomach, prompt in| its action andvtruly f beneficial m it" effects, prepared only from the moa healthy and- agreeable substance^, its ( many excellent qualities commendj| to all and have made it the mo~" popular remedy-known. , < Syrup of Fi^ is for sale- in and $1 bottles Ijy all leading^drus gists. Any reliable druggist w may not have it on hand tfifl pr cure it promptly for -any one -w wishes to try it. Do not accept an;f substitute. ' "" ' CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP SAN FRAHCISCO, CAL, LOUISVILLE, KY. Tor" sale by B. f.

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