The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1943 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1943
Page 9
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VOLUAIIO XL—NO. as. LE COURIER NEWS NEWSPAPER Of NORTHEA KT AUK-AMC-AO ..,., ... ,- • m w * ^^ lilyllievllle Dally News Ulylhevlllo Courier lilylliertllc Herald Mississippi Valley Today's War Commentary Poland's Future iVlay Be Two Governinoiiial Faciioiis «y THOMAS J. of united Us (oo early lo in-wild t h P :;i Polish crisis, hul one tiling iF holding all the diplomatic aces. . Any effort to alleviate this crisis "by tli • the. Nations almost certainly will involv ll_ iiinly will involve c-oi Soviet, The Kiissians may have fallen for gaiula bait in break ing relations will) inenl in exile. Bui Moscow has-:'" to make heavy political capital/i hcffiin as a brainstorm in the Gocbbels. The Immediate issue, as explained by Moscow, was Poland's request that the International Red Cross investigate Ccfiimn el.-iims ' Ihal the Russian's had murdered 12.000 Polish officei?, and buried them in a common grave near Smolensk. The Russians claim that tlic Germans murdered those ollicers and, accuse Ihe Poles of falling in wit! Ihe Nazi lie dial they had In slain by the Russians. Complicated liackgruuml Actually, there are more underlying causes and they reach hack over many years—even centuries— racial, political and historical. Hussla and Poland arc old enemies. The Poles once held Ihe Kremlin for a lime in 1610 and laid siege to it In icn. The Tartars and Cossacks rode roitglishod on errands oj pillage Into Poland, and ill 1654, Ihe Czar's armies Invaded Poland to launch Ihe brutal and bloody Thirteen Years 'War. Poland fought exhausting border •wars with Russia, on and oil, un- lil she was bled white and in 1772 there came the first partition, in which Russia, Prussia and Auslria divided the Polish loot. The . second partition. In 1793, reduced Polund to one-third of her original dimensions, with Russia again getting the lion's share. During the insurrection of 11D4, Poland temporarily restored almost all of her territory taken from her but the .massive weight of the ~ ' Army finally overwhelmed ons io ho ,rm n ,u-o J '" ' DENT HI TO HlfLEENII T WBDOM1NAM1. N E W 6PA r Ea 0 F NORTOEA BT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI6SOUIU . .. . >w, Arm i, 27, Persons -In- In Highway |8 Collision Last Night Horace Mack Ftccmnn, IH well- known member of a family which KlllCr It'll! llnn.l «i xr_l.ll_ Ions has veil at Manila, wjis f n - lally Injured lust night Ir, jilgh- In 1\\o uay High School • The two-day bond auction singed by hi«h school students here resulted in subscriptions totaling S2017, it was announced Sr~~' Ihe final session UiLs inorni student.? bid /<>,• variou -• i merchandise. A total of $1711 was i,. day and brought ycstern, of $303 ( 0 n mark far the $309 (juola stiiiler for themselves. The $9110 goal rcpresi of an Army jeep, but 11 aclually obtained will bu of jeeps nnd .some ammim'i.. boot. The auction was sponsored the freshman civics class. • Several members of Ihe frcshii? man and sophomore classes "chip- 4 ? ttd in" and bid nlotal of $155 for n box of candy, the highest single bid 'during th c hour-Ion;; ... accident near niythcvillc n .seven others received In[lion n ear nnd truck hud a collision. seriously' hurt were Mi.« Alenc Jollift, IB, daughter of Mr nnd MM. Bill Jolllll of Manila! who hns. n'brain Injury and cuts-' Miss Mnxlnc Weathcrford, 17 O i Mnnlln. who has a brain Injury and fractured left arm, and •[' w Pcnlcccst, 59, m. 1, city, wliu hns a fractured knee cap nnd abrasions severely hurt were c. C, 35, of Luxora, a chest in- G'orroll Boyd, IB, city, head i»rj ind Iwo negroes, Fred iini- md Charles Edward NC|»U- l)(>rs both of niythcvillc, cut nnd bun cd Six oilier men on the truck escaped wilh injuries which did not ' c hospitallwition. Collided Near Oos,sin ff ;v'il' c accident occurred al llic •cas- crossing at Dell shortly 9 o'clock as Mr. Kcemaii and ..,J"> young women, riding wilh him, were en roule lo Mnnlln nnd the truck, In service of the s w Nichols Consti-iictlion Company was traveling toward .Blytheville.' Is said that the cur drive! Three Go On Trial In Caraway Slayiny LAKK CITY, Ark., April 27. <UI>)—'ihicc persons went c'n Ivttil tills iifleinoon In circuit Court, clinriicd wllh llic slaying of Wiil- ler Rstcs, u Curuwny, Aik., storekeeper. , 'Ihe licensed an ' wife, Mrs. cicrtU Ha nicy Nalloy, T. A. Kstcrllnp. years old. Eslcrll Ksle.s wns foui rear living (|uai; al Caraway on ^ had been shot i. npjinrciitly had I hrce days when fouljd. . Mrs. l-Jrile.s wa: l-ater charges we, l>er son nfler lie. 1'll'OWII lo I where <i . pistol i Uic wnler. in umnS 'son \ t • ' th t , B ioj c . jj,, ' nnd about SINGLE COPIES FIVE CBN'I* Brilish •use 17 Pianos fii Mas s Raid; Terrific Damage Reported Hy United Pro,,* clouds liiinti heavy ;c»sr<l. isiilnji Ehcrifl t I .from • . !***. a " ctio » Allen bid Poland's • patriots and the third ' of bonds for bacon etjijs and cof partitioning was the result, with fee. Roberta Flonnnn offered SSI Poland wiped from the map. -- - Served As Buffer Poland was re-born' uiider Hie Versailles Treaty after the World War. :And she stood as a so-called buffer between Russia and Germany until . September .1, 1939, . larid, and then, wllh .Russia, undertook ' the fourth pnitlilaning. As the world began to marvel al the of Russian arms against Ihe Germans—when Ihosc two finally and inevilably fell'out —Soviet diplomacy assumed n stronger, more emphatic lone. As- fiired finally thai upon thc rted Army rested the best hope ol smashing Germany, Russia—perhaps prematurely — asserted her territorial aspirations before the oilier great powers. Poland, of course, would suffer, for Russia demanded thc entire eastern half of Poland in llic pou-war .settlement. There was an obslaclc in tiic way, however—namely, thc Allan- tic Owner, which denies big nations the right of territorial aggrandizement a(, tiic expense of small nations. Thc Polish government in exile made clear lls slaml on ilii.s matter and demanded that Poland's pic-war frontiers Ijc restored. Tension Increased The execution 'by Russia of llic two relish socialists, Erlich and Allcr. in December of 1042 irourcd oil on tlie smouldering fires and widened the gap between the two governments. Russia, therefore, knowing she held nil Ihe aces in this p.n mc n r power politic.';, decided, one might deduce, lo .shout the works. By breaking with Poland's exile government, she has left open only tw-o alternatives to Ihe other United Nations. They must.:cilhcr side with the Polish view dial Russia i.s not entitle to pre-war Poland's eastern .ten! lories, or they, must recognize tli' legitimacy of Russia's claims. Russia seems in no mood Ii compromise. And since a bread in Ihp United Nations front a this time might cause irreparable harm, there i.s a strong possibililj that the Soviet will get what she wants. Ncilhcr side has displavct moderation in Ihe events leariin;, up to the' diplomatic break. 'Jims neither side can be expcclcri lo be willing to conciliate without slro outside pressure being brought to bear. Allied diplomats, unwilling lo censure cilhcr Poland or nus fiia because of possible grave repercussions, dc.scribc Hie diplomatic break as "unfortunate." .Unless a tclllement Is reached soon, it seems likely that Russia will wrilc off live Polish government In London permanent)}' and .set up a second Polish government in exitc in Moscow. In such an event. thc world would the unlovely spectacle of two Polish factions in the Allied family, each claiming lo represent Poland, similar (o Ihc Dcoaullc and Giraud factions claiming to represent France for a pound of sugar. A 'set of glasses cost Gnil Eich 551 in bonds Mr. Plecman, In vehicle, had ii tlie truck. by 11 slower hcnd-on wliosc chest was , 'Ills head severely In- r-removwl to Blytlicvlllc jspUal'wImc he was pronounced fcnd by the attending physician The two young women ivero resting and Rudolph Lambert bought 535 worth of bonds for a carton of chewing-gum. Three City Trucks Haul I rash From Streets and Alleys This Week . ^ With the alleys of Ward One cleaned, three city trucks moved into Ward Two this morning in the annual Clean Up Diive this week. which is to be followed by the beginning of llic inosijuilo control program. The City, which is haulim; Irnsli free this week, began collecting .rash several days ago . in Ward One, which includes n large Negro section. Cooperation in having the trash )ilcd at Ihe edge ol the alley was very we(l,today although their Injuries'-arc serious.' They are at Blyllicvlllc Hospital. • .. . Also al this hospital Is Carroll Boyo, ndlns in the-fronl seat of Die truck and who' has a less serious head injury. • C. C. Croncy,- owner and driver of the truck, and T,.W. Pcnlecosl, very also in (lie truck, are rc.slin ivclJ nt Walls Hospital.. • The truck, rented by the Nichols CompimjMbr: work- at 'the air base- was loaded with sod 'oblained nt n more distant point and being taken io the base. Both'the car and front of Ihe truck were, severely damaged. Funeral services for Mr Flcc- man will be held tomorrow afternoon, 2 o'clock, nt Manila Media. •'1st Church with burial lo follow hi Ihc family cemetery at Manila The Rev. J. w. Campbell pastor will officiate. Pallbearers will be a J, David Howard Pickcns. Bob McKinnon' trover Snyder, Pete Dallard, V/il- llnm Borowsky, ,iae Hornbcrgcr Jim David and Lontis Swank. Helped Develop Manila Mr. Flcemau long had been Identified wilh Uic .development of Manila, where he went 59 years ago from birthplace. • lie had spent lhat entire limn there except for five years when he Well-Known uty Mere first LicuV '• -a. W. J. limioV. 4? uty sheriff of Ml-charge of nil • March l, rcstgnc. day after huvini, thc Army and r;v lieutenant. • He will leave lo Camp rijustei will attend an School for .three li'B assigned to sluil's office of A former msj Police Dcpartmji held for a itiimui signed lo accept vacant by tho <n Rcinmlllcr. Boasting i r\ i mal Ue{> missionecl it ll>l)l County in linal work on ml ix)sll!on lo-•CLI called into .lissloncit a first orrow to report 'ich,, where he leers' Tralnini; )ths before bo- ProovsL Mnr- \rniy. i' of Memphis t iwsiliun he years, lie rc- lositlon made of John p. ...Id successful record In police work, his leaving Memphis was •considered n blow lo Ihc police,-(Icpnrlmcnl there. Since coiriing lo MIssLssljipi County, he Iind spoken before several civic groups In n program lo letter educate the public as to lls responsibility toward crime. •Volunteering in Iho Army about six months ago, he took an e.\i\mi- iiilloii al lhat time but was lalcr old that he probably would not be needed. ' Smoke the q« I'jly of DnlsbiiiK as u result ol one " HIP most cHticciitrated nlr raids "1 tin- war. '»(! lirltlsh fonr-englncd bombers jnoiiped everylhlni; from twuiioinul "iciidiarle.s In ruur-ioii blockbns- ll 'is on docks. wiircliDiises, .slccl "Hills and coke ovens In Uiiropo's larsi-si Inland i^,.) The explosions sent smoke blllnw- "<K up lo nearly 10,000' fed The llrlllsh lost IV plants |» n a , A Ihlllsli .said Ihn jnl ( was the mosl severe ever made oi C.ennmiy. n w.-is Ilio ' S. n port slliialcd on Ihc cana vccii llic liiihr and tin; llhlm 'Ihe mid ended a five-day lull h KM'' iicllvlly over Europe. Oilier HAF toro-.s wi.'ru busy me railway centers In northwest Cier imuiy, Ihe llhlnchind nnd tin Loire Valley In France, Other Allied planes ulUuta shipping oif II,,. ,. llsti l , ()u , il Ciri'i-ce. sinklinj one- small v< nnd leaving a two-iim.stcd schooner afire and sinking. One plain, wns last in these o|iortiiloii'i A Vichy broadcast says a iniilm movement of Allied sea mid nil liirccs was underway id Cilbrallar A Ocnniin dispatch from MadrK said Gibraltar Iind an iilr rai( alarm night mid that manj British and American over ihe rock. And tho United Slalcs. Secri!- tnry of the Navy Knox wiirns of liosslblllly of "nuisance iilr raid: oji our cast and wcsl coasts. However, he added, llic blllly Is very roinole." 1 Knox says Ihe Germans mny trj 'iriiiifi suicide raids of small forces who will ntlack wltlioul any expectation of getting back. But Knox says our nlr defciis-s have improved greatly. Resistance Grows Tougher 1 In Tunisia; Yankees Now But 10 Miles From Mateur Allies Hold Hope For Paicliing'j|D|[ Breach Between Ktissia, Poland "piwsl- Columbia, Tcnn., his he lived at Harrismlrg. Ark., but, air, Mayor E. R. Jackson said to- | returned to Manila In inio, New Orleans Cotton open high low c | OS e Mch. . 2013 2014 2011 20n 2010 May . 2031 2044 2031 2044 2031 July . 2023 2029 20?2 2029 2020 Oct. . 2010 2020 2014 2019 2013 Dec. , 2015 2010 2010 -2014 2008 lay in discussing the need lo residents lo have Ihe Irash asscml cd. ft is expected thai the collcclin will be finished by the end of th veck with the trucks moving inl Ward Three Thursday or Friday. Because the collection of Iras Is free Ihis week. Mayor Jackso emphasized lhat there was no ro.i son for a dirty alley after this pro gram is compelled and that tli alleys must be cleaned and kcr free of (rash and water, if Hi mos'itiito program is lo hs success fill. A rkansas liricfa MTTM-: lUK.'K, April Zi (UP) —W. A. kVfcOoiineU, slalc chairman of (he srrnnrl Wat Loan drive, snys Arkansas 'already lias readier! m.7 prr cent of Us quota. Aritansam lime. Imuitlil ninrp. than n-oi-lh nf bonds. MTTI,KROC;K, April 37 au-i —The slide OITir.c of War Mi- fornixtion Ins been notified in the »ppniiilnicnt nl a fayellr- villc man on the farm wagon industry advisory committee of •lie War Production Hoard. Tlic new commiltcc member is f- F. Slice, manager of a Kay- etlcvlllc wagon company. I.1TTUCKOCK, April 27 (HP) —Renrcseiifalives of Arkansas' nmc accredited schools of nurs- Ine are attending a conference loday on plans f or spending up nurslnfr instruction. Miss l.ulii »Volf, a Kellogff Foundation Worker aurl nrofcssnr of nursing cdMration a( Vandcrbilt. will speak dining the conference. She says that America is facing the most serious gradualc-nursc shortage in Ms history. F,VVKTTEVIU,E, April 27 (U.I'.)—R. E. short, presiilciil nf (he Arkansas Kami Bureau reiteration and director of llic American Farm Bureau, will address a Farm Buicau meeting m Washington County May 1. Having extensive larniinc; interests, he als D was In Ihe g'ln business nnd h n( | rc ai cslalc holdin»s In Manila. His Jifc .spent in frmnins; he was greatly interested In modern methods and lony had advocated such practices as raising the best of livestock. He was active' in the Methodist church there other movements which led to development of the village inio a modern small town. He is survived b.v four son;;, Fred Flccman of Blytheville. Charley promotion d! and Swaps Cigarettes For Coconuts In New Guinea, Pcmiscot' Man Says CARUTHEnSVILLE, Mix, April 27.—Word of ndvcnlurc and of 'roniolions comes lo relatives and r rlcntls of Cariilhersvillc boys on lie world's baUlofront.s. "We eat, coconuts rijlit off the Irccs," writes l-|- c d G. Ncclpy, with Ihe Army Signal Corjj.s in New Guinea, lo his. mother. Mrs. Lcltic Neclcy of this city. "For a couple of cigarettes, the native swill brlns 5'ou nil yon can eat. These natives arc a hard-working lot, and of great help lo our Armed Forces In clonrinc jiinalc ronds and all sorts of odd jobs." Fred, a lech- nldan fifth class, arrived in New Guinea by way of Australia. lie apologized l« his molher tor "not willing .sooner, hut we have been pretty busy." Raybimi Wilk.s lias been promoted lo ctiplain. Slalioncil at Dyei.s- burg Air as Instructor, Captain Wllks saw .some fierce liijht- fng in the .Southwest Pacific." as navigator on Flying, prior lo Ills transfer to llic Slate:; and Eugene Cecil. Flccmnn of Ma-'|«s lii.slniclor. The nil", and Russell Cai'l Flccman of I-afcc I'orvidcncc, la.; Iwo daush- Icrs. Mrs. Robert Killlan and Mrs. L. E. Townscnd of Manila; four brolher.'i. George, John, nicharrl and Francis Plccman of Manila Jlis ivifc. Mre. Oilic Flccman died Sept. 7. '< Among tho.',e who will attend Ihe funeral from more distant point* will be his son irom Lake Providence, Sam Levinc of New YorJ- Cit.v. A. P. Date of Centuilia III Mr. and Mrs. R. t>. Burton of Marked Tree and Mr. and Mrs Jack Cole of Forrest city. Cobb Funeral Home Ls in charge. Grass Fire Threatens Lion Oil Plant Tanks A serious flic was averted late •esterday afternoon w | lcn fi rcmcn extinguished burning grass as It South 1 Wind he ept names of Burning his base in Ihe Southwest Pacific. Ills bomber crew buddies bade him goodbye and toot 0 II on a bombtnp, mission. The |,, S (. : ,c- ccimlin-! Capl. Wilk.s Iind heard. the crew and plane had ml returned or been found. Caplaln Wilks posscfscs Hie I): 1 ;- tlngulshcd plying cross and Air Medal. He is the son vl Mrs. Vir- Kic Wilks of near CaruthcrsvUc, and entered .'.crvico In Febru.ii/. 1911. Another promotion to captain h that Bide Musgrnvc, toimi-r bank clerk of this c.lty. He Is sliilifmcd with Ihe forces In Alask.i, HII.-I is Ihe son of Mrs. C. H .Mii.'Bi-.ivr: nnd Die laic Mr. Mifsgiavc of dm city. Five Negroes Join Navy Five Negroes from Mlssissipul County liavc enlisted In the Naval of O. of C ,.... ..... 'J Army Failed To Needs', Nelson Charges At J-lcariiig WASHINOTON.- April 27 (UPl-- War Production rjlmlriuiin t\ blames Ihc ArmJ- and Navy and the Norlh African invasion for aviation gasoline shortages. ffowevcr, lie says he believes the Army's failure to estimate Its gasoline needs was an honest failure. Nelson testified before thc Truman Committee investigating Army charges Dint high priority ratings given lo the synthetic rnbbi-r have retarded the production of high octane gasoline. Nclsmi was Ihc witness called by ihe committee. He snid Hie controversy between rubber Director .leffers jiiul Petroleum Administrator Ickcs Is cine In "large part lo a clash of personalities". Nelson said his whole rubber priorities program Is in line with a presidcnlal diicd.ivu based on the Baruch report of minimum requirements and that if the rub- ier program went below the low 11 would be In a bankrupt position which would be disastrous. Nelson chained Ihc- Army and Navy with failure to build up high octane gasoline reserves in .June, 11)40, when they were so advised by the Nalional Defense Advisory Commission. In the ineanlime anulhcr controversy fliircd up between the erely ' sources In London lly llnllnl |>ITSS Unllcil Nations are moving -iivliiiy (odnj. („ se m n ,| lt , fcl(( j lial |in.s slmiicml relallons bc- :vwn linsslii and Poland. Thcru were llu-sn favoniblc <lo- Oreal lliilaln und Ihe Unlled lales began Immcillnlc dlsciisslim.s A Mostiiw dlspalcli reveals Uiai Ihe Iliiwlnn nole. correclly i-cndcr- L'd Into toiBllih. did not Imnlnatc Polish-Soviet a-luiloas, but mere suspended the And soviet "Bice tlua an early heiillnj;' of Tho wounds Is enlliely poaslble Jlowevcr. Ih'o liimlnus lay down two conditions for any -,eU[o m '. n ( They Insist that ah 'political 0 |i>-' inciiLs they consider hostile to Uiissln be ellmliiuled from Ihc polish govcrnnieni, and llml n , K ,». umsl be conipuseil $105,00( In Auction At Manila of Wi'slnni i County dun ,| UW n liilo tlu-lr pnck- fls BiHurday ni'ul bought win- bonds louillng SIO.I.OCO In Ihn ihlrd war bond uiieUmi .vili; MIIKI.-II nt Manila. •Inspired by the auclloticerliiij of Tom "Duo" Dean and .such articles us a pockcl hook bclongilng lo Ih-rmni) nav)«, ullcd us one of the 10 heroes In World Wm- I, mi nil-plane model fashioned by n Manila Ind. Martin Flccinnn, who has lost ona leg and been bedfast, for two years -because of rancor," and a carton of cigarettes sent a man Only (o b? returned marked "deceased," llic large crowd bid spiritedly (.liriiiighoul Ihe Ictnoon In Ihc open air Liilc Cuke.s jtinrt pics'; . baked by. llic womonrijf Manila, also , «old "like iiol ciikoji" iltler Virgil Oiccm Blytheville - iiUorncy who scryci overseas In -the first World War, iddre.-seil tills hngo crowd and Iho lilylhoville Auny Air Meld l mulshed music bv (lie band, singing by Si.Tgl, WUIU.T Terry nml 31'Knn music by Kergl, Don Bcrlb- :icr. Also Introduced were MaJ. Sail McKcu und olhcr olllclals ol Ihe nil- base here. C, G. Smith n:td I,. G. Nash also isslsted thc committee of drover Snider, Clone Flccman, Bob Mc- <innon. Alvln "Pinky" Tlptuii, J 5. Slicdd und W. W. rov.-ler. all of Mnnlln. Wllh ii goal ol Sl.UiiU.oni) worth war bonds paid dining war rand drives for thc cjirlon of clg- i re lies donated by parents of Ihe Iccrn.sed service itinn, who never ecclvcd Ihn gill, Auclloncer Dean :»ld $22.0fiO worth of bonds for his article which, its usual, was lonntcd for resale. This mis Die largcsl sale of the ftcrncon wllii .several grouping' for he bid. Mrs. Mary Davis, molher of thc Is- Herman Davis, (he nationally ojjnlncd war hero who lived lour Maniln, donated a her oldier .son Imft used before he led. which resulted In a sale of *(IO In iionos. The nil-plane model, Jnshloned of Jiien ruaily to M . l( | (! pi-oblenn facliiH the Iwo coiiHiriivrm, wluil Hie Kujislans cull „ reahslio basis, Ihe Polish cablnd mel, and has conununlqiiL' selling promised forth Its sland Inter Moscow observers think the «o- vlel Union might Invllc I'oHsh refugees lo iiussla Ki sel up a B «v- crniiicnt of (heir own It nn settlement Is ronchcd in i/mtlon Thn Ihn-utencd blow in tlm united Ironi nf tl Oui Infantry Fails In -Assault On Strongly-Forti; ficd Axis Hill k K Hy United 1'rc^ The Allied advance In Tunisia hn.s hetn slowed down lo a pnlnfitl, exhausting crawl by Ihc slcrncsl Unllcil NiilloiM .H 1 '" 1 cl Ocnimn it n lime- when j Wcic Inio Ihc ii lull •!•„. Q , le ," s '' 1 "" "' Ollt ' Clll l"i. defense /one now, ,'IJ"'!:..,"." b;>vltlt " 0 " n «=<">>- »<*Hvll> foi pve.y Inch of ,shell,and bomb-lorn ground. The Americans me finding It lough going In their efforts lo today reports only «lr activity. Hiisslan bombcis .scored direct h(U un la pliines ,u im U |,.. Ihe en- ----- I-..7..,,. |,y nn IUI fit-Id and wrecked several mlllliiry ii'iimii In raids smith ol llitlnkiilcy In tins Uojiet.s Uii.sln. And touched off they f'l-rles of flics mid on enemy air drouie.s In tlu, noilhi'rn Cmicasiis. In Hi'l()(jlV Raids In One Diiy Macfc On linciny's Men- I'D m'.US bus more nt- use Uy Unllcil I- Tile Navy announces I" 11 Mnijlc day :., plmir-s on the Japanese base at Klfika In ihi, Aleullan.s, Thc niUb were ciinlwl out .Sun- 1 duy by. daring nlrmon who plowed thrwiKh iniirfcy mile wealher The filers niiidu some hits on the enemy's positions, hut U was Impossible tu get a gouil picture of the results.,. A group ',of Mbornlors nho al- luckcd Iho J.uimnusc Aleutian biisb cf Attu Sunday, They scored direct hits on HID ahpliMw I'unwa'y.' ' ' ! TllC Nnvy, iiliio. nniimmcc-i an-nt- IIIB kon IfnJilli );,'(nJ-JjsliortfaiKl Kroiip of the ' Snlohioiis, on Mon- (fiiy. nauilis were, not announced. Meanwhile-, llierc lire iiitllfimonij llml Clcn. MauAiihur Is preparing lo .-iliirin thn .yalinniiua of Iho northeast New Guinea'const, Allied iilrplanc activity Ims been reported lor three successive days over (lie Mubo urea, '10 miles from Salnmaiia.' And thn Ink-si MacAr- lliur coiiiiiiiinlquc rcporls renewed Allied land iicllvlly. An Australian broadcasting cmn- lilsslon commonlnlor say.s the ,|np- mrsc mny Iiave abandoned Mulio, Icavlnn ihe wnv clear for an Ailed attack on tialiiimuin.'ir siich is iilanned. Allied filers nji In Ihirma are on he offensive. American filer.-, have blnsd-d the huge Thllnwa oil refinery near Rangoon In Southwest liurma. The lirltlsh have turned back a .Milanese Ihrusl against their positions of the Arakiin front. Tim enemy has been repulsed with considerable disunities and Ihe British now scon to be secure nlong llii'lr original lines. The Chinese finnonncc lhat the. Japs have captured Unhsten In iiorllicrn llonan Province and have made new gains on the western side ol thc Talhnng Moiinlalns In Province. break (lie light hand side of the German defense an, guarding Tunis and Dl/eitoTlicy have ilug- K«l Ihi-lr \vay lo v,llhln 10 miles of Miitcui on Hits not Uic i n front by capluiliin one moimlnln In violent Wiling But when they tiled lo lake n Acccmd mountain along Iho Miilour icnd, Ihcy wcie alloiicd to cumc ulthln 75 jurets oi the Mini- mil, then wore dihon b.ick lo tlic bodnin by Column arlilloiy and mortal flic Kiicniy l.ints HoJil pin Infnntij. hied to lake llils hill iiflci Allied lioinbcis had sinnshud ul the Na?l (mpl.iccmcnts In rclujs, liyliif; lo knock tbcm out liut thi- fulluro ol oui attack made it. pliiln thiil Iho Nfti-i' ixnltton wouUI be biokcii only after oxcap- tlonnlly sltono und tntonso ac-ilul and aiUlloiy bomlmrdmcnl Out bombers lire uoikliur, on Ihc Gci- mnn .sliong point right non Elscwheic ulong the ciirviiig, llo- nillE biitllellne, the Allies are Inching Ihcli way slowly forward bul .he enemy .still 1, running supplies ''I" lUnls tlnough Ihc Allied blockade rhcro seems (, 0 be no Ihought In Axis minds of any withdrawal - MrllWi s Ctose In , tho Biiljbh First and ' Eighth Anny, wllh tho French In between tiro posing In on tho vital soulh- wcslorn jnpctlon of/Pont' Du Palis " Junction c lv flieyiKey to llic and U'lt'Jails, ^, Wjll be able to pour through Tiinlk the plains leading to '1i>t Aimy lniik.s Iwvc kiwckci! out 81 enemy tanks In a week of "'•>W)il flglilltiB «rtd are .slowly iniig Ihc Pont, Dn Falis-lnnls road, 'flic I rcnch aic within five miles of Pont Uu Falls fioni the south, nnd the 8th Armj Is (Iilvlng In from tliu ciiil A * h L ad (| nailers .spokesman do- •crlbc.s tho fJglitlng HA • blocdy, stub- bcin, fierce, and savage.-' Oti (lie W cst ccntrl front, liritlsh •Ir-sl Anny tioops finally have :lcnncd up Longstoii Hill mid are within eight mlle.s of lebour Jnncllon v the young Invalid, wns his con- The Chinese said Ihe Japs oul- iibiillon lo the wur effort nt. tills immbprcd them 10 to one in this me to make n sale of iling $2500. •;: bonds lo- New York Stock* Truninii Committee nnd fekcs. Thc Secretary objected to placing Wclson on the agenda whcro his story would gel "play" in thc afternoon papers, while, lie. kke.s was scheduled for the morning pa- Ickcs was irale hccnnsf! (here nrc more afternoon papers than thn re are morning newspapers. McNair Leaves Hospital ALLIED HEAnQUARTEIlS. Norlh Mlvil Afrlcii. April a? (U.P.i-Cicncral! North Am Aviation McNair, commnnder-lii-chief nl Ihc Republic 8tccl United Slates Army ground forces, is up and around »Kaln. Although the general's arm is In ,„„„„ a sling and Ihe back of hts head j standard of'N J A T to. T Amirr Tobacco Anncoiidn Copper Hwb strel C'oca C'ola ..... Ocn fClodrlc ..... ]. Cicn Motor.% ........ IHonlRomery Ward . N Y Central ....... fnt. Harvester Hadio Socony Vacuum Studrbakcr theater. Farmer Wickard Charlie Seals, all covered with a bandage, McNair felt good enough today to Joke about the wounds he received last I'Hday in Tunisia. He returned lo headquarters froi base hospital accompanied by his nurse and an aide. r.i.w near the tanks, where gaso- "nfcs S1Dlll ' d '" nill '' mcn efoic tiny damage was done. flames i ic car owned by Mis., gcrtle aslbuider caught fire yesterday fternoon, 1:30 o'clock, on Vanklin reel near East Main from i shor «he wiring around the motor ° Firemen extinguished the before much damage wn.s done. flic ing Stations where they will b= outfillcd and receive their Irain- Ing. Negro boys 17 years old are now needed by the Navy as Mcwards mates third class'with this railnij open lo all lliat who qiialilv. Application may be made at thc Navy Recruiting Station located on the third floor of Ihe r:ourl house In Dlythcvillc, II has been announced. Livestock ST. LOUIS, April. 27 <UI'I Hogs 10,500 all salable. Top 11.80; 180-310 Ibs U.C5-H.75; HO-1GO Ibs 13.85-14.25; .sows H.35-Mffi>. 'Cattle 4,000 all salable. Calves 1.300 all saabc. Slaughter heifers 11^16.35; mixed yearling's i |11(l heifers 13-15.50; sleeker and feeder steers 11-15.50; c.iimci* mid cutters 7.50-10.50; cows 11-13. July Chicago Wheat oncn high Irnv rlose ^ep. • 144 144 14251 143»i Tcs.i.s Corp Paiknrd New York Cotton Mch. , May . July .. Oct. . Dec. . open high low close pr cl 1382 1986 1070 I98S 1981 2008 ;2014 2007 2014 2002 1995 .'2000 IMS 2000 1033 1990 10!W 1S)87 1992 1988 1084 1990 1D82 1987 1983 143 143i.s sent. One of a Kiiul SAN DIEGO, Cal. .(UP) —The Salvation .Army on the Pacific' coast Is advertising for 25.000 people who only need one .shoe. They can til cither men or women—for cue foot, No rationing stamps arc lecded and they, ask that -Mumps for shlpplpg the shoe by mall be Thl* seed-sowing gcnlleman fit tlic blue denims is none oilier : than Claude Wickard, secretary of agriculture, practicing what he preaches on his (arm near, . Logansport, Inct Unrest Among Mine Spreads In Easts M; Jumping Deadline By United Press Soft coal strikes arc spread 1 in the East. Tic mines are jun Ins Ihe gun on the Friday,'nl nlRhl (leadline for tho expiratioiv of their contract agreement, with the operators.. , In western . Pennsylvania, some 15003 miners have left Ihclf.-plcta and shovels al 25 mines. • '.'.,, In Kentucky, 13,000 miners re-; fused lo go back lo work until a new contract l.s signed, in Alabama, where four lliousnnd quit .work'yes- terday, 21000 other miners arc ready to strike al midnight' Friday after votliiR down a local teniparary agreement wilh the operators. Even In Indiana, which Is oulslde Hie atteclcd Appalachian nrca, 'a walkcul is threatened for Friday night. A United Mine Workers official lold the operators the Indiana miners wotil p (].nbt work wllh- 0111. a contract. ' The United Mine Workers' ''policy I commltlee held a critical 'meeting .at 2 p. m. loday In New York. : Join! L. fLewis,, who has declared flatly his 450,000 men will hot work, without a 'ncw Vi cohlmcl,' will, be Ihcrc. And he has promised a statement aflcr the meeltng. The new palkouts In Pennsylvania today occurred despite a War labor Board plea for a peaceful settlement of the miner's wage demands. The miners say the cards arc slacked against their demand for a two dollar a day wage increase In the War Labor Board. The Pittsburgh coal Company, cue of the world's largest commercial producers, reports six "or "its mines down. ."'•-.. »,,' ;„.: Men at three other Pennsylvania mines who struck yesterday return- cd to their Jobs today. July. Sep. Chicago Rye open high low close 86K 87 8«H 86V 86'£ 89V, 89'/, 89 ' 89'.S, 88%

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