The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1955 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1955
Page 17
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FRIDAT, SEPTEMBER 16, 1»B« (ARK.)' COURIER KIWI PAGE 8EYIWEEN OUR IOARDINC HOUSE — with Mfljtr LlTJ^V..^!. TO AVOID TACtaERS = 1 HAP fb CUT MY 6OLP THIS A.FT6RNOOM AND MAKE A SP£C«»- Ifelf Tb TME CLEAMfRS — OUT OUR WAY — T.night, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, WMCT Chauel * Fridaj Ni(bt, Sept. H 6:00 Wild BiU Hlckofc 6:30 Lile ot Hlley 7:00 Big Siory 7:30 Siorlcs of the Century 8:00 Cavalcade of SporU 8:45 Ames Brothers 9^0 DanKerouK Alignment 9;30 New* Rcport«r 9 45 Loretta Young 10:15 Weather fc Newi Headllnw 10.20 Tonight l!.OOMy«*ry Theatro 11:30 Sinn Olf Saturday, Stpt. 17 7:30 News' fc Medllallon 7:15 Storj'tlme 8:00 PtnKy l,ec Show 8:30 Pftul Wlnchcll- ^ Jerry Mahoney P .00 CotninBndo Codr 9:30 Western The»lr« 10:30 Pride of ifat Southland 11:00 Cartoon Carnival 11:30 Terry & The Pirate*. 12 00 Sltm Rhodes 12:30 AdTenture Theatre 1:00 Prew Box Preview 1:15 Football In color Miami-Georgia Tech 4:00 Book Treasures 4;15 We«t«rn The*tre 5:00 rootball Scoreboard 5:15 Sports Spotlight 5:30 Bob Cumralngs 8:00 Perrj- Como Show 7:00 Musical Chains 7:30 Jimmy Durant* 8:00 And Here's The Show 8 30 Hit Parade 8:00 City Dcteclire 8:30 Hollywood Half Hour 10.00 Father Knowi B««t 10:30 The Vise 31:00 Mystery Tbeatre 11:30 Drama Theatre II'30 Drama Theatre 12:00 Sign Oil WHBli Chauel tl Frldar Ni«ht, Sept. It 6:00 Pantomtne Quiz 6:30 Topper 7:00 Ellcry Queen 7:30 Hay Mllland 8.00 Name's The Same 8:30 Mayor of the Town 9:0-0 Big Town 9:30 Do You Know Why 8:35 TBA 10:05 News 10:15 Weather 10:15 Late Show 11:30 Weather Saturday, Sept. 17 8:45 TopB 9:00 Winky Dink and You 9:30 Tales of the Texas NOTICE OF FIUN'G OF ASSESSMENT OF BENEFITS FOR SEWER IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO, 5 OF BLYTHEVILLE. ARKANSAS The assessment of benefits for Sp-.ver Improvement District No. 5 nf BJytheville, Arkansas was filed in my office on the 16th day ot September. 1955 and the same is now subject to inspection. Any property owner who so desires may appeal from the assessment of j Given this 16th day benefits by filing a written protest ber, 1955. with the City Council within ten (10) day? from the date of the publication of this notice. EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hukbard Hardware Z-M15 NEW - Revell's Scaled Ail Plastic Ship Models SS United States Battleship USS NEW JERSEY LAD & LASSIE TOY CENTER 11 " WALKER TILE CO. 100 E. Dtri« Ph. 3-6933 CERAMIC TILE For Bathroom Walls & Floors FREE ESTIMATES F.H.A. Terms TUB STOHTi Tfcrcr •Inliftr . the rarthbrnn. Rnl.crl »rnn«! and hl> pnrtHrr Brrtrum I.fiirh, TI ho U »rfii«l!j wnrklnfC for llrltlak Intel H(tr net, \t*rm thai Swna l« •«rkl»c fol* frvlUon ttldrtcn fit Mnitl h?" * >""*' »* fc - marlnc !• the clou!** *«7* ^ XIY LYNCH returned to his chair with the appearance of a man :who was going to settle down (for a long and friendly chat. "Assume there's no use. ask- jing, Herr Meer, precisely where the chests are? We'll learn that 'all in good time. Doesn't matter really, so long M Mr. Sand knows.* Th« millionaire moved his head in a negative gesture. "You are under a misunder- istanding, Mr. Lynch. I rio not." Lynch sat forward. His eyes •widened in astonishment. "Aren't .you putting a good deal, of dependence on Mr. Meer? Suppose isomething should happen to him?" The smooth muscles of Viggo Sand's face softened into a smile. "It was a part of our agreement, of course, that Herr Meer would : put down in writing in the most full detail, the axact location of tl.cse chests. That data was given by Herr Meer himself. It is an article of our understanding that that envelope will be unopened if Herr Meer. as surely we have no reason to doubt will be true, will be able to lead me or my deputies to this cache, himself." Viggo Sand was still smiling but I could tell he was far from pleased at being told' Mi business. "1 have wondered if it was not « suspicion of the existence of those directions which was responsible for the attempt last night to break into m/ wit? I, Though how th« thief came by that suspicion or found where that little safe was so cleverly hidden. I do not know. But such a foolish, foolish thief! That he would think so valuable a paper would be kept by me in such a little safe!" The cold blue eyes, I thought, were looking at Lynch extra hard. But that may have just been my guilty conscience. /'If the question is not discreet, Mr. Meer," asked Lynch, that soul of discretion—"doec anyone else share your knowledge?" "Nein! No one!" "But surely some other officers were present? A good deal of manpower must have been needed to carry 20 chests to th»ir hiding place. Some of the submarine's ordinary seamen, I presume. What became of them? I suppose afterward you surfaced somewhere and surrendered to the Allies?" Meer had again sat down. This almost brought him up all standing again. "It iss not so! The U-976 (he succeeded in reciting those ridiculous numerals with as much reverence as if he were saying the Golden Hind or the Endeavour), "never surrendered! We returned to the North Sea. She wass zunk! My commander went down with her. Heroically! I, wilh a mission to perform, I went ashore. And so the others." SAND addressed himself to Mecr with a kind ot commanding purr. "These questions Mr. Lynch has asked. These matters of detail. 1, too, am interested!" "In the middle of the Atlantic .are was begun to be taken," Meer offered sullenly, "that only Commander Hcllmuth and myself would know our destination and position token were. The cases had been stowed by a land part/. At Flensburg. Only Com- Iv J. R. William. CAM I HELP VOU WITH THAT NO, MOT TILL I SEE TH 1 FOREMAN- I NEVER. 60 OVER A FOBEMAH'S HEAD/ KXI MAP FTO IF AWYBOPV WENT OVER YOUR HEAD WH6N YOU WA5 A FOREMAN, REMEMBER! THAT. IN A &KAALLEK WAY, IS> . WHVTM' DICTATORS SHOOT ALL TH' OU BOVS THAT "KNEW 6M WHEN'.' THEY REMEMBER TOO MUCH.' 1 OKI \ HE'S ' LIKE TO AT LEAST KICK HIMIM'/ THE \ PAWIS -AW THATS HOW DICTATORS START/ You T\X*J PEARS ARE SWEET; . LETTIM6 ME HAVE TH'S PAKTrV OF COURSE, IttTU- BE £*PECTEt> TO STAY JUSr LON6 EMOD6HT& GREET MY QUESTS—THEM j "Now, Mrs. Perkins, you started to lell me how nervous and high-strung you are—and you fell fast asleep!" "He'» in a bad mood! Sweetie Pie beat him at ch»cktr$! RJNNV..SHAeP PAW ACROSS W CHEST.WNBE IF! HAVEA- THAT'S TO THE COAST. YES,\MTH GINNV.-SURE.I KNOW WHAT rW DOINS-SORBViSU-.THAT'S THE WAV YES.TOM, I1LBE HEAOJSSACKN THE MQRNN3. WHAT? ROOM SERVICE? ROOM 411. SEND ME UPABWJDV>WD» I NEVER MIND, SET ME A JiWJ Continued from preceding page WHBQ Channel 13 10:00 Big Top 11:00 Andy's Gang 11:30 Barker Bill 11:45 Dizzy Dean 11:55 Giants-Dodgers Baseball 2:45 Shop Talk with Don 3:00 Player of the Week 3:15 TBA 3:30 Wild Bill Hickok 4:00 Buffalo Bill. Jr. 4:30 Annie Oakley 5:00 F. Bums Western Theatre 5:25 Da You Know- Wh> 5:30 Beat the Clock 6:00 America's Greatest Bands 1 -00 Two lor the Money 7 :30 TBA 8:00 Million Dollar Movie 9:50 Weather 9:55 News 10:00 The Late Show 11:30 Weather HUSBANDS! \YIVES! WANT PEP? Ostrex Tonic Tablets pep up weafc bodies lacking Iron: also contain vitamin Bl. calcium. 50c get acquainted size only 43c In Blythevllle. Kirby and Woods Drugs; also drugglsi everywhere. 5 pk 16 SO I PORS1VE YOUL- FOR BEING A MEAN, ORNERY; PIG-HEADED' CRY-BABY; MOM SAYS WE SHOULD MAKE LIP BECAUSE WE'VE ALWAYS BEEN 3 private bedrooms, close in. Call 2-2188. 715 W. Ash. 9,16 pk 9,20 Large comfortable bedroom. Private entrance. f8, couple $12.50. Ph. 3-3743. 9 16 pk 9 20 Comfortable bedroom In private home Business girls only Ph 2-2514. S 25 Di 9 25 Sleeping rooms Day ph 2-2302. nlgnt prj 3-4105 8;i3 ck 9 13 Bedroom for girls. Ph. 2-2087. ALL WE eoT TD GO.) OM IS THIS LIST OF- 4 PERSONS, OTHER THAKl THE TENANTS, KNOWN TO I-WE EMTER6D THE BULPN6 YBSTK- MY. MR. FLINT K5MOR 6IRP OF PARADISE WITH SCCVAL CALL MIMp IF I CO THfe FOLLOW-UP ON ONE OFJHESE N*MES? Front bedroom, bath. Pfi- 3-3109. 1 W. Mam. . FLINT IF we PONT RUM \ OiD VOUR BOVS THAT CHIN.WO1VN FIRE8U6) 5«V6 ArJ¥THN6 CWWSOOW, Ijrt SON.M^A OUTOF-Lf>ST RL'M OUT OP REP CRAVOM .) S»eHT5 *6r«5? W. I. MALIN. City Clerk of Blythevllle, Arkansas. 9/16 We buy used mrnuure HAL6E1X * VTHITX, US S DlYlslon Pb 3-6096 514 Ci 13 Wanted to Rint By permanent resident with no children. 3 or 4 room house or apartment in desirable neighborhood. Ph. 3-3646. 9,15 pk 9 19 Room with hotplate or equlpied fo hotplate, by business man. Write Bo K-l 00 Courier News. 9=16 pk 1 *o WHAT! WFD PKJSABL SET B0KE0 TRAVELING ABROAD FOR A YEAR AW-; WAY! I'D MUCH RATH.. HAVE A HUSBANP ! EASY* TIB MAN Of HH PKEAW5! AND HE MAY NOT KUOW IT, BUT ONCS LITTLE OLE BAB5 6ST5 HER HEA«r HE A& MUCH HE'D NOT APPROVE US WR TM5 &MAKD- BUT m AFRWP HE'S A Si P-PRE-JUDICED CfcPTAW 6A5YS IN THE WWTIWG ROOM, MISS McAWfi AMP H6 IS THE CUTEST THINS WU EVER 5AW! fOK SOME REA*OM: —WE SELL- NOrHINS CAN StDP HER! USED: Refrigerators ........ 49.95 & op Ranges ........ . ...... Z»-' 5 * «P Washers ............ 24.55 A ip Vacuum cleaners ..... 15.0* A T.V. Seta-Drjers-Water Beaters —WE REPAIR— Telerision — Radios- Record players — Ranges Refrigerators — WaAers Wnter Healers — lions ft Appliances ..I CONT FIGURE HE'S IN TOO BIG IA RUSH TD SET I BACK HERE WAVW... ...LONG AS HE'S NOT AROUND, I THINK I'LL SNEAK A PEEK W OOP IN MOO. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. 2*6-18 W Main WELL, NOW THAT DOC 5EEMS TO HAVE TMNE5 WELL IN HAND, i GUESS i CAN srr POWN AND RELAX FOR A SPELL TH' SUM WENT BACK T'SLEEP... I'LL SHOVE HIM OFF A6AIN A KICK ANNOYIN 1 SYLVESTER WHEN HE'S TBVIN 1 — For Rent — 8 MM CARTOON FILM Wtstcrnj-C«nKd(«, etc. Kirby Drug Stores Make Clothes With A High Fashion Look, at a Low Fashion Price The Howard Cloth Shop mander Hellmuth and my self knew the mission what it was. Commander Hellmuth had been to the Mole St. Nicholas before. He had had duty there. This place was his advice to Admiral Doenitz. The work took just one night. No person saw us. The men did not know where we were. I gave them orders that they were to forget.* The phone tinkled. Sand hoisted himself from the depths of the great chair and went to the desk to answer it, -Yes? ... So? ... So? ... Yes? . . . Good." That, in the detective business, i& the kind of promising material you so often have to work with. But Sand was in a confiding mood. "It was Dr. Lund. He tells me that Hcrtzig's chances to live have now a little improved. H« is not certain but he is more hopeful. Dr. Lund has operated." "Operated?" Lynch echoed^ "Alone?" "There is an Italian in the engine room crew who was at one time an orderly in a large hospital in Milano;" said Sand indifferently. "I believe he is supposed to he efficient." • * • -I UNDERSTAND this is Dr. Lund's first voyage with you?" "Yes. For many years my physician on the Vittoria has been Dr. Orne Person. Like Dr. Lund, a Norwegian, from Oslo. Just before \ve were leaving Bremen Dr. Persen was taken ill." Sand touched his stomach. "Dr. Lund, I understand, was an old friend. He was in Germany on holiday. He had visited Dr. Persen on the yacht. It was Dr. Persen's advice Dr. Lund be taken in his place." I was frankly overwhelmed. Prom deductions from, the skimpiest of clues and a few slips of speech, but largely by the most outrageous bluff, Lynch had cracked one of the most closely guarded secrets of our lime. We now knew that toward the war's end the Nazi leaders, if not Hitler himself, as had been rumored, had indeed despatched a trcas* urc half across the world. (T* Be C«Uianc4)

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