The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 5, 1938
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Europe's Question Mark 4 Russia 1938's Big Puzzle; France Unsure of Her Value As Ally BY MILTON BRONN'ER JSfcA Service Stall Correspondent LONDON. Jan. 1.—Soviet Russia enters the new year as the great question mark of world politics. Particularly perplexed is the French government. For Prance lias an alliance with Russia. That alii- ' ance does not sit too well with England and is a cause of distrust on the part of Poland. Two other friends of Prance—Rumania and Yugoslavia—do not like this Franco- Kusslan partnership. Rumania is afraid the Soviets may try to take Bessarabia bnck. Yugoslavia—fillet) •with White Russian emigres—has never had any dealings with Soviet Russia. But aside from tills diplomatic angle, France would give a good deal to know just what material value this Russian partner means to Prance In case of trouble. Russian Progress Intrigued France Etalin is the bi When Prance signed her pac 1 with Soviet Russia, all seemed fair In the military garden. The Soviets had built up their Red Army to the point where it was the largest In the world. They had one of the hlwest air forces in the world. There was considerable secrecy about their navy, but it was darkly hinted they had a much bigger and more powerful submarine force than was generally believed. Furthermore, by reason of the i various Piv= Year plin', th» n»r (T Russia, unlike the Russia of the .*• Czars, had a large home industry, capable of manufacturing al the arms and munitions the country might need. Also in the Spanish civil war—where Russian planes, tanks and guns were tested against similar weapons- of German and Italian origin, the Soviet material had stood up well. So far, so good. Purges Indicate Weakness Within But then began the terrifying series of "purses" by special courts In Russia, followed by dozens ol executions of men who had hek the highest posts in the Soviet state—executives, generals, airforee experts, munitions technicians, mine authorities, manufacturing superintendents, diplomats. All of them were charged with treason to the state or with sabotage or with favoring foreign powers. The In- urmise was: „„ „.„ question mark in the Franco-Russian pact as ho smokes out the foes who harass his regime. Sun's Son Is Soviet Envoy I .. Kf j ' ' ^tkyaiJic aui ii«i3^ nw. 1—Either Hliese men were"'adherents of Trotzky and so eliminated to make the Stalin regime more solid on its foundations. 2—Or they were genuine traitors In either case, it revealed a slate of affairs in which the business of Soviet Russia was honeycombed with people who hated the regime and wished it no good. A government thus menaced and harassed, which seeks and finds traitors under every bush and In every nook and corner. Is probably badly crippled at the start. Stalin Is Key To Internal Puzzle At least, that is what an increasing number of Frenchmen fear They are \vondjring wlVfher in that next war history would not repeal itself, with Russia once more dropping out of the contest, once more beaten from within rather than from without. The main hope of the Frenchmen, who still anxiously desire the alliance, is that Stalin is really the man of steel; that he knows what IV he Is doing and is setting about It I P l with iron purpose; that when he ' * gets through with his purge, he will have a Stalinized Russia stronger than that country has ever been in all its history. Promised Land Negro School Being Erected The negroes of Promised Lnn are to have a new school build Ing Work was started today o the one-room frame b-jllUin?, 2 by 36 feet, which is to be erects en a new site donated by the T ° Wilson company. The work, beint done as a \\P Jonesboro Office Managei Tells of Lump Sum Payment Procedure For every 85 employes In trad?, •.•ommerce and industry, one claim •W year should arise for a lump- sum'payment under Ihe Social Security Act, Joel D. Mason, acting naimgcr of the field ofiice of tliu ocia! security board at JoneJjoio Arkansas, said today. "According to actuarial estimates •elated to the nation as a whole there should be 250 claims in ti'e lonesboro office area." Mason tated "If these figures are cored, it would indicate lhat there ire 244 persons now eligible to tie claims in this area who have lot yet done so. Six claims li.r e .o.'.e forward from this offic".' Mason- said that an intensive :ampaign Is being inaugurated to n'ing to the attention of every one Hgibie in Ihe ex unties of this n-.ia the fact thht certain claims .in now uc filed under the So.:P! Security Act. (Ji.'.ims are now wing paid to person;- in covered employment who became Oft years )f fge, and to the heirs of per, us in covered employment who !ic before reaching the ago of 65. The amount is 3'i per ceu: ol the '.otal earnings in covered empleiy- Ttents after December 31, 1830 ip to death or Ihe attainment of he age of 05. Mason said one reasoi more :laims have not been file;! is Observer Says Attack Calls for Action Along Specific Lines BY RODNEY DUTCHEK Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON. Jan. 5. — ecret New Denl program for deal- lie with the monopoly problem ml curbing great concentrations if financial-economic power calls or action along these lines: 1. Rewriting the anti-trust laws n the IlKht ot Supreme Court decisions which have 'made those laws unenforceable. 2. Revision o fthe Federal Trade Commission statutes In such manner that the Supreme Court will be compelled by law lo respect the FTC's findings of fact In monopoly cases. 3. Disqualifications of all identical bids by companies seeking government business, 4. A tax program which will case or remove the cor|x>ralion surplus profits tax as it applies to small corporations, but keep It operative lor big corporations. 5. A general policy of heavy taxation of "over-shied" cor|>ora lions, possibly with Ihe aim ol making It impassible for holding companies to operate in interslute commerce. C. Hcf|uirement that imllvldua corporations doing interstate business be required to have a cerUih number of competitors. A large industrial corporation, for instance might by prohibitive taxation o some other method, be prevented from doing more than 25 per cent ly shown n disposition to ditch anything lloosevell wants tally. Ami, finally, there's no assurance i lluil the program, even If passed in full, would be any more effective than previous miti-tiust statutes. I'lirci'-riy Motive Summing up motives behind the iiTi'iil oltli'lul ouU'ry ngntmt "blu justness," you have: First — Obvious 1938 ami 1'JIO jolltlcal potentialities of a trust- i Rnif/f/adocio News KILL IN 51HI 1 15 countIm, 81. Francis wns scc- inul with 10 tint! CriUcndcn conn- ly third with IB. There were 111 , • ' . «mi,ll,s hi which no iralllc deaths! Mr - nmi Mrs. Jack Wllkerson anil wen- listed. They vterci Cull.oun. 1 daughter. Betty Jean, of Memphis, Cm-roll, Fulton, Irani, M lu || so ,i.i si"-'"l he hoMOays wllh Mrs, WH- Miirlon. Newton, 1'lke, I'olk, Krar .. foil's parente, Mr ' and Mn> " ' cy niul Blone, i Tin- total of 3BU killed, ell..., .. In nil iiccldcnls, the majority <,f. UM1IR ' which occurred utter diirk. The i Floyd Hamlet, i-il! Mary Aim Hugman, of_Caruth- IU;lll<'.S slllUVl'd IllUt 111 jonucai potentianiies 01 u uusv-, iwi justing crusade, coupled with i'f- i \ as [ Year's DcalllS WCl'C 1 '!' forts to show that business-null ' 00/ .-, \ -v i i n K'-M m were driving. Tlic flituu 1 !) also showed that 386 Compared To 419 In 1936 government — caused Hie depres sion; Second — Roosevelt's belief Dial government must regulate business and not let business control government, plus his belief thai business cannot run Itself — Into anything except disaster; Thlnl—Hope that public baliy- lioo against high prices will Orlvo „ __ .. high prices down. Inventories i, result of luilllc m'dilents, rum move faster if prices go down, tills pared lo •!!!) In Die pnwdlim yrnr theory holds. Lower prices for .. . bulkilnp niiiterlals lire essential to any building boom. And u building boom, In turn. Is considered by many us the only alternative to ...„ ... M. U. of the Baptist chinch was entertained with a social at the home ol Mrs. P. C. Holt on January 3. l,cvl Ucnglnhclincr jr., who Is altendliig school In Mem phis, spent Ihe holidays with his parents, Mr. anil Mrs. I,. E. Henelnhelmcr. alnlilles occurred on ways niul the lemuiiilnn iiii were liiliul In citle.s anil towns. Tlie Ultima wire 312 male mill 74 '.<•malts. In nice, there were :i:H U'lTl.H HOCK, Jim. 5.-Heiilus w hlti- niul V.>. negro victims, due lo Irutllir uci-lilents on Arkun-- Drunken ililvinj; Uluiiunl BUS highways in 1031. numbered (imf ,. s ( ,f tin- filial iiiTlik'ii!. :« lei.s limn iu IMC. Chief Cirny mn , varied, but the drunken ilrlv- AlurUjlil, of the tlnlc police, hits ,., ||,< n <l<>d die list with IK! ilcixlli-i announced. Last yiur 1180 died as , ,• utmost om- out of every four. MONT11EAL tUP) — Harry Polf-'n, nl wns Limned lor W deuths rler, 00-year-old doorman al the . urn:,. 78 v.i-n. rhiiriinl to ran- Hoynl Victoria Hospllal, donor of del-reuse wtis c-onsldi'it il iv- [ |, ,,,,(^ „„ n u > , ylr i C) f drivers. l ol) Woo(l transfusions, was unable mmhiible by Albright, who snlil HdfStrl.m.s w»-r<> lounil m (""It to nl(1 llls 10-year-old BOD, who was Frequent Donor of Blood Is Unable to Help Son more federal spending, leiiudlali's Old Theory Although critics Imrk to NEA nnd Its encouragement of monopolistic practices, current administration attitude completely repudiates the old NllA theory that Industry could regulate Itself from within. NRA broke down. Anll-lnisl laws broke down long efore Ihe Supreme Court look lo self the function of deckling in idivlduul cases whether combln- tions in restraint of Irrule were reasonable." The fTC's function was to llm he fui'ts on which tlic court must ase its decisions, but the com efused to rc.spect its Mmltngs. H now lakes four or live year j piosociite an antl-tnist cas lirough the Supreme Court, an the Bin-eminent usally starts ol without much hope of winning rhnt's why it wmiellnies lias bee willing to accept "consent decrees under which defendants agree I abandon certain monojiollslic prac Great hopes of the Chinese nation rest upon the shoulders of this earnest young man—Sun Fc. son of famed Sun Yal-Sen. Sun Fo reportedly has been named ambassador to Moscow as part of an arrangement which diplomatic observers believe will strengthen China's position with the Soviet government and insure Russian aid. Sun Fo is known as a leftist. r sonic other arbitrary percentage f the business In Its Industry, or All or I'urt So there it Is. You will notice hat the program gets more radial with each point. Roosevelt Is in sympathy with and may fight for part or all of tills formula. It Is espoused by Assistant Attorney ' General Robert H. Jackson, secretary of the Interior Ickes. and other officials on the inside group — for which Jackson has been lalking In his recent speeches. The administration's past sins of omission and commission as lo monopoly suggest the possibility that the President may not go through with the program, although there is a strong political incentive to do so, and the recent I Jackson-Ickes speeches were mode 111 full awareness of their political lue. Furthermore, Congress has latc- tices. More twins arc being born no Slologlst-s. studying the causes f nultiule births, believe that in ew hundred yciivs twin births w ie iiiille common. tlinl In lt)in there wi-ri- IS.HM nuiii cuiii llmiscil tliiui In IU30 niul (>.- Tit^.r>3ii more fJiilinjiM nl t'.usoUne 'yne loiuumu'il. 'Ihe t;nll<nnw i-^ Dull ot tin- llrxt in inoiill)'; <il the Near. More Caul Ion Now Motorists lire Dcvomtnn more Albright Iwlli'Vi's. T li«' e thnl irnlllc olllcers HIM! ilvolltng highways and testing ntions over Ihe s'ule have man.' IB traveling public more safety onsclous, ho said. •His report said that '221 of the eatlis iicc'inred on utrntght hUn- •ays; Ihut '.!5B fnhilllles occurred n paved rnnds nnd that in lillO LII;I.S, llir roads weie in gotul lull. lOlitbly perstins met their li'iillis on curves, Hntiiy duys '^r lays when visibility Is poor neen^ o be Miter lor drivers, the report suld. 'edcstrliins struck by automn- bllcs accoimtcd for 114. Only onu death wns allribiiled lo llvc.stock at large on highways. December t;i ileallis. In M-vi-il dealh:, lliu diUi-r v.a:. found lo be ili-fi'dlvi* Ihv-luilly. IJjillijhtcd vehicles li.'- urril in four (leiith.s. .luis been Ihi' 1 principal agent In n;. x l:-muUiiK. in shaping valleys. " ml '" '•'" KTOlonlcul changes « r <'»n" 1 "' am I 1 ' 11 ' 11 ' 1 ' l "'° l(> lls moih.uili-i-1 and chemical action. In need of u transfusion. Ills blood was not the right type. "In the past 15 years I have Klven my blood for an even 101) transfusions, all to strangers," polrler mused laconically, "and when my own son needed It I couldn't help him." Cost of crime In the United rftalcs Is approximately $10,000.000,000 annually. , was first with :IB deaths and January with 22, was last. Drivers of cars louring In fatal accidents fared better than their passengers. The figures revealed that 100 drivers were killed to I'll passengers. One horseninn '.vu.s killed duilnit the year. Pulaskl county with :)2, led the ,BaM«BI^^^»«lB»^™»^^«*^"^^^^"™™"™^^^--~— Hubert Utley's Service Station and Gate 24 HOUR SERVICE ririllips "66" Gas 13k Tax Paid All Lending llrniids of Beer, Liquor, Wins, Gin and Cordials, Cigarollcs, 2 Pkgs. 25c, $1.15 Carton Highway fit—Holland, Mo. Kingdom of God". Wednesday was a day of prayer, with various niem- of 'alse impression in some quartos ))ers of ^ lc c ongrcgallon praying lat in order to receive a lump- for n,[ r ty minute periods, making um payment the worker on react.- a chain of prayers throughout the day. The revival services will be hel( each day for two weeks. Christian Church To Have Meeting Tonigh The First Christian church wl have an informal "get together - - - - • - O f last night, The singing of BS'rmist retire. This is not .„ case. The retirement nrovi- on applies only to inonthl./ ben- fits, payment of which will not| egin until January 1, • 1943, and ersons reaching 55 now are en- Hied to a lump-sum payment. Another reason many claims tire ufslandlng Is that somo per- ons feel that there is "red-tape" n getting them paid "Filing a claim is very simple o assist anyone, and will give equally prompt attention to those .vho call in person or who write Tills service is free. It costs nothing to file a claim.' The address of the Jonesboro leld office is 309 v A o1f R NERVES ON EDGE? Waco, Texas—MM. Fml 1'amiiti, I60J Fnnklin Avc., says: "My nerves were o tilKC anil I wa* weak anil upset. I hail no n -* — miKtaUe. AEler taknis Dr. I'icrcq's Favorite Pilicriiition I was able to tat, gained welghl, my nerves were tetter. am! I looked and felt betler in every way." Ask your druggist fur it today. Huffman Hews * u^^o-—, H. V. Scwall. of Campbell, Mo., leid oiuce is wa Post Office, visited friends here Sunday Building, Jonesboro, Arkansas. The Mrs. Fannie Copeland, of Cooler, lonesboro area comprises the fol-1 visited relatives here Monday !o<ving counties: Mississippi, Clay.l Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hast and Greene, Craighead. Folnsett, Cross, son, Paul, of Osceola were guests St. Francis. Lee. Woodruff, Jack- 1 of Mrs. Emma_ Peery S,mda>. , project, is exptcicd to be cd in a mouth. There are men on the job, under tho supervision of O«;ar Tillman, torc- son, Lawrence, Randolph, Sharp, Independence, White, Cleburne, Van Buren Stone, Izard and Fulto. IN THE DISTRICT' COURT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE JONESBORO DIVISION OF THE EftSTF^N DISTRICT OK OSCAR OP ARKANSAS. IN THE MATTER LIN inn, inm *~iv —- -,.,,,, SCOTT d/b SCOTT CASH GROCERY. IN BANKRUPTCY. To the creditors of the above Nazarene Church Revival Meeting Is Underway The public is invited to the revival in progress at the First Churcli of the Nazarene where the Rev. C B. Fugctt. of Ashland, Ky.. a national evangelist of this denomination, is presenting the sermons, beginning each evening at i o'clock. Mrs Billie Roy and Miss Louise Chandler, of Blytheville, spent the week end with their families. OUR COMPLETE SERVICE nsures Your Satisfaction PRESTONE * RADIOS * HEATERS DEFROSTERS TIRE CHAINS PROTECT YOUR CAR AGAINST WINTER 24 Hour Service TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Call 633 named COMnty Ul .T.— rr- -• Dlslrlct aforesaid, a bankrupt. Notice Is hereby given that on Dec 21, 1937, the above named petitioner was duly adjudged n bankrupt, nnd the first meeting of the creditors will be held at myi office in the City ot Jouesboro.i In said District on Jan. 14, 1938,! at 10 am., at which time the said creditors may attend, prove their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt and trans- net such other business as may properly come before said meet- '"AI Joncsbovo, Arkansas, this Jan. n it'll O MULLIN1X, Man'ia In the I The' Rev. Mr. Pugstt used as I «-' his subject tonight will be "The F C. Releree QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all times. $ SAVE 5 MONEY AT V GAMES MKT. 118 W. Main Phone « In Bankruptcy. ATTENTION, LADIES! BEGINNING FRIDAY, Jan. 7 The EAGLE SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE will offer all BEAUTY WORK al GREATIA REDUCED PRICES. This work, which will be Lie by students, WILL BE UNDER THE SU- I'BRVISION OF OUR BEAUTY EXPERTS. All Work Guaranteed To Satisfy PIDI C You mav enroll now in our Beauty UlnLg School. Special courses given in nil lines of Beauty Culture. Eagle School of Beauty Culture Cooper Kldg. 2nd & Walnut none. 319 Heres more pleasure for'38... a happier new year .. . and more pleasure for the thousands of new smokers who are finding out about Chesterfield's milder better taste. Mild ripe tobaccos and pure cigarette paper are the best ingredients a cigarette can have ... these are the things that give you more pleasure in Chesterfields. PLEASURE /// Chesterfields milder better taste rf'tM 19)8, LIMIT! & Mm! Toncco Co,

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