Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 30, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1895
Page 8
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They Can't Keep Away! low WHY? Because of the remarkably prices on all kinds of goods offered. Keep This in Your Mind! This stock of Dry Goods, Cloaks, Dress Goods, Notions, Underwear &c , must be sold quickly. You can't fool with the Court! His Honor has ordered this stock sold out and 'you bet" his orders will be Complied with. Come for bargains! Come for good treatment! Come because you want the goods and we will sell them to you a.t your own price. This is business! The Golden Rule. W. D. PRATT, Trustee, DAII -Y JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING. JAN. 80. McKeen's steam laundry—good *ork Puny slippers, all shades, new toe, at Otto'a. Tan Honesty Club will meet tonight wits Mies StoII. To Mr. nad Mrs. A. J. Conn, of Royal Center, a son. To Mr. aoci Mrs. Bert Weaver, of Helm sirett, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Potter of 1318 Spear street, a son. Warren Knowlefc' condition continued to steudily improve. Get one of tfao^e big remnant bargains at the Bi-e Hive's sale. Fiirnoff'd orchestra will play for a daoce at Kewanna ibis evening. The late Modes Michaels Is eaid to have hid his life injured for '$20 000. The funeral of Cbae. Frick will be hald at 2 p. m. today from the late residence. Richmond Item: P. J. Piizlln is now coadu.cilng a busing school at Logansporl. Waller B.. Moora will occupy the Johnston house saloon made vacant by Dave Loflus. YOUR SAME IS PKIST. Jtemn of a Person-it Character Cnu- s Lo£4us]>onerM ami Their In the city yesterday: D. H Sirouse of Peru. 0«io Johnson of Kokomo. H. G. Neeley of Marmont. George H. -Moore of Lufavette. Charles and J. L. R«.-nVy, S, T. Thompson and William Ksnney, of Realngion. FOOLESONO BROS. Undertakers and Embalmers &fV/n,'. •„-..-". . J. ;\y_ and Retail l)enler;iu>Il Kinds of Furniture and Upholstering 42 J.G. BRIDGE. p I A N o o R G A N S E. B. Overehio'jr will open a broker's office over the Progress clothing ttore Monday. Sumuel Home is said to be in a very critical condition at his homo nonheatt of town. The bleeding- which followed the removal of Alex Burk'a eye yesterday was Qoaliy stopped. Mis.- Louise Hartman was given a pleafact mrprise M- niay night at her home on the South Side. Mabel, tho one year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Cordon of the East. End is seriously eick. The revival meetings at the Cumberland Presbyterian church will be held every ni^ht this week. The Wtst Side Pleasure Club will dance next Tuesday evening, February 5tb, at the G A. R. ball. Frank Coil, the bartender, was fined $5 and oosis in tbo mayor's court yesterday on a charge of aesault and bat- j Miss June (Tilery has gone to Ohio to visit relatives. J- sepb Llnville was at Delphi jes terday on buiinets. Mrs. Alvln Denbo is visiting ber mother at Indianapolis.' George B Forgy was at Indianapolis yesterday on business. E 61 Howard has retuined from a short visit at Union City. L. B. Graves of Walton was calling on friends in the city Monday. Harry Campbell of South Bend, was in iho city yesterday on business. Michael Dunn of Cincinnati spent yesterday with friends in the city. Ed Gates goes to Danville. III., this week to take a position in a grocery. Miss Brownie Rutter of Wabaeh, is the guest of Mr, and Mrs. Walter Ubl. "Tod" Mahin of Kokomo, called on friends in the city yesterday afternoon. Depu'y Prosecutor George Walter?, was at Royal Center on business yesterday. Kokomo Tribune: George Vaile was down from Logansport over Sunday. Kokomo Despatch: 'Ed Hatton re. turned today from a visit with friends at Lognneport. Mrs. J. J. Ferguson of Hyde Park, Chicago, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. H Wipporman. Mrs. Chaa. Mirkle, of Hartford City is here to attend her mother, Mrs. Larimer, who is sick, Mrs. M. II K'-auss, of Lucerne la visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin of Norih street. I BEST STANDARD MAKES. PRICES LOW. TERMS EASY. 410 Broadway. Rear Hauk's Jewelry Store. New Hack Line. I liavo started a Hack (iiid Parcel Delivery and iu tho future I "can bo found nt tho corner of 4ch street and Broadway, wherel will be prepared troiu i) o'clock in tho morning to 0 in the evening to deliver parcels or oarry passengers to and from any part of the city- My Charges Will Be Reasonable. I'will endeavor to give tho beat services possible for the money. If yon have a paroot to deliver or H. pas^i'n-r- 1 '-'o deliver, or any light work khat can be done witb. a street hack, I ui i uj ^'uiJ to do it.. Wuat oould you do that a customers would appreciate more than calling the haok for him? Special rates •will bo given yon. Leave orders at 13ch scroet Livery Stable or G-eo. Harrigon's 617Broad war. yours Truly. Wm Lynas. . See The Specialists, For Ctironic and Private Diseases and Deformities. •%I"™ Diseases of Womon treated by the new electrical method that has given -wonderful results. .D^a't forget that their vapor treatment for all Chronic Lung •<7? Troubles got-> th« remedies to The diseased spots and cures when £^Ie very thing else fail*. Call ac*d tavestigato anyway. It eosts yo* noth'ing for consultation. . Drs, CMstoplier & Longenecker, At The Medical ana Surgical ^Institute. 417 Market St, - - Logansport. Ind. tory Imoaenpe cuts have boon made in all remaining remnants to close. Special bargtinsMn table linen remnants at the Bee Hive. Jesse Tuber gave a shoot and pillow case party last evening at his homaon Tenth etreet. A number of his friends were present. Purify your blood, tone up the evs tern, and regulate the digestive organs by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. SoTd by all drugg'sts. The members of the J. C. P., were entertained very pleasantly Monday night at lha home of "Tony" Ballon of High street. FortWajna G-uzstte: H. E. Allen, who has had charge of the Edison Ktnelodcope in the Arcade, has removed his instrument to Logansport. Valparaiso Vidette: T. J. Legg, of Lo»unsport is in town. He ia the high chief ranger of the I 0 Fores.t- ers, and will attend their meeting tonight. The Elk5 of Kokomo will black up sing Dallads. crack local gags and do eccentric dances to minstrel music February 12ih. Elks from.Lo- gansport will attend. Au exception to the final report of the administrator of the estate of Joseph Helvie, was.made in the cir, cult court yesterday evening. Henry Ullery is the administrator. An entertainment will be given at tbe Broadway M E. Church ihis evening. One of the features will be an exhibition on the graphophone by W. T. Giffa. Admission 10 ceots. Tbe case of Cbas. E. H*le, adminls. trator of the Jacob Shaffer estate, vs. tho Logaosport natural gas company, for damages, was closed yesterday and Judge McConnell has it under advisement. The handsome decorations on the interior of Trinity Episcopal church have about been completed by Rabert Eankin. the decorator. The church will probably be ready for use for next Sunday's services. Joseph P. Dillon, manager of the Pauline Hall opera company, wnich was here recently, was badly hurt about the head in the Vnndalia wreck near Indianapolis Monday night. Mrs Dillon also had an arm broken. Peru Chronicle: The suhjec-t of last nicht's sermon at, the Ualversilist church at Lasanspori waa "Will hell ever be destroyed?" The thought occurs, is it possible that Logansport will ever suffer the fate of Soilom and Gomorroh. William Fitzgerald while attempting to tarn his buggy around on Pearl street Monday evening, had a break down which resulted in the occupants being rolled in the snow. The break was temporarily repaired uniil he could reach hi* destination. Mrs. Maria Kinsey of Chicago, is visiting a niece, Mrs. L. P. Vanhorne of West Market streej. M1S3 Delia O'Donnoll, of Buffalo, N Y., was hero to attend the funeral ol the late Mary O'Donnell. . Profs. Steinhart and McMlllen and Martin Miller were at Delphi last night to p ! ay for a swell ball. Miss Chrlsale Davis of Ft Wayne and Mra Torrance of Marlon, are visiting tbe family of 0 L Knauss. H.L Troxel of Toledo, Ohio, ar. rived In the city last evening to join his wife fora week's visit with friends Miss Ecama Murphy baa returned to ner home at Marion after spending a week very pleasantly with friends here. Mrs. Ira Miller of No 322 East Broadwaj 1 , has returned from ladiau* apolls, where she attended the funeral of £. nleco. Mr. and Mrg Thos Kelly and Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Skehec of Anderson, were here yesterday to attend the funeral of the late Mary O'Donnell. Leo ^ussbaum of Marion has returned to his hom-3 at that city. .Mrs. Nussbaura will remain for a time with her mother, Mra. M. Michaels. George Westerman has gone to Martlnsville to take a course of baths for his health. He left his grocery in the East End in charxo of L. Frlnk. Mrs. Chaa. Storer of Chicago was in the city yesterday on her way home from Greenville, Ohio, where she had been to attend the funeral of her mother. Mrs. Kennedy of Lafayette: Mr. Parker and son of Richmond, and Mr. and Mrs. Norton, of Anderson, attended the funeral of the late Mary O'Donnell yea terday. C. G. Newell returned Monday from a trip through the East. His daughter, Miss Helen, who accompanied him East, is at present visiting with relatives at Rochester, N. Y., where she will remain some time. Dr. Wellborn o! the Cumberland Presbyterian church was at Terre Haut e yesterday to attend the State meeting of the missionary society of that church. The Dr. is president of the Indiana Association. We Are Crowing! Over the Great Success of our Annual Clearance Sale now going on. 1-4 Off on all Suits and Overcoats. $20 Snit and Overcoat now $\r>. $15 Suit and Overcoat now $11.35. :?10 Suit and Overcoat now $7.50 $5 Suit and Overcoat, uow $3.75 THE PROGRESS. Cor. Market and Fourth Street, Logansport, - - Indiana. SUITS TO ORDER $20 CASH! Extraorrtin.iry Values, Equal to What Otiier Tailors Charge *4:O.Ob for. Wf are Turning; out Orent Quantities of Work, and our Customer;! are Perfectly Sati.-(Lc<l. Prices are Very Low. Carl W. Keller, Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St.! IT WAS ANOTHER XALBOTT. Or. John II. T/ilbotr, ilm Pan Handle rhj-Nlclaii U'n» Vol Hurt In the Big Vauditllu Wreck, By mistake, the name cif Dr. John H. Talbott, physician for tho Fan Handle R-illroad, with headquarters at Indianapolis, was given by the Indianapolis Sentinel as one of tho injured in the terrible wreck on the Vandalla alOoatesvillo. Monday night. That gentleman telegraphed yesterday to his father, D.-. J. W. Ta bo:t of this city, that he was in his office at the Union station at, iho tlmo the wreck occurred. The real victim was tho R»v. Dr. H. J.jriilbottor Indianipolla, who had his cheat smashed in and a leg badly hurt. THE MARVf-LUCS KiJiEl'OSCOPE. | Tire E ;I Iliv^r Ice It is S'lld that the Taird and Market street bridges across Eal river would be in danger of being swept aws.y should the weather become so warm as to cause a rapid thaw. There is some talk of breaking up the ice gorges that have formed above t*o bridges, with dynamite. the FEET. There aw old fe-t and j-oong fe«t, Andlltile let-land sreat, Pretcr fi-ct and homelj N-et, And feet thiit do not mate. There are tender fe«t and tough feet, And narrow feet and wl jo, Short feet and Ion feet, And feei jou like to Hide. It's quite a feat to cover feet. In ^rle and comtort too, And ir tills Is what you're alter, I'll tell jou wlint t» do. Jast take year leet to And flt tliem wl h h s shoes, Then roar corns will n?»fr tx3:her, And yoa'IJ never hive itit blues. A fire Ttjreatened, The opera house was recently threatened by a new danger. A gasoline stove under the stage exploded and for a time a very serious Sre threatened the building. The stove was thrown outside the house by Robert Kuhn and the dimes were put out with carpets. Blttrn Ly a Sovaire DOK. A eon of William Whitehead was bitten by a dog Monday evening. The wound, which wag !• flic ted on the lad's arm, waa said to be a serious one. Putting a tender corn troubled foot into our shoes is like putting your foot into Paradise.—Pilling 412 Broad way. Up witb the times. That is what the people say about Pilliag the Shoe Man. He has a colored man employed whose duty itu t,o attend the door aod *bine customers' fiho°s. Cards good for 2j shines is given with a pair of ;hoes. JS'ew spring f-hoes and slippers are arriveing dully at Pilling's Shoe Hous-e. We invite yon all to come and see the new ideas in. stylish foot wear for spring. LINO PILLItfa, 413 Bro»dway. * Wocilirf.il Machine For] Kccordinc Animation— Piciurctt In to^iii The world famous klnetoecope, a | recent invention of Tbo«. A. Edison, iho "wizard," ieon exhibition at Ben | Fisher's drug store on Fourth t-treet. Toere may be seen photographic reproductions of moving figures thai do j everything but taik. Tneactof moving the lips, or the Dlightest motion of Lbo eyebrows or the parts of the body ofonooraoy number of subjects, is faithfull}' reproduced. Wtiat was a year ago thought to be an impossibility, thereproduc ion of actual motion, has been accomplished by the kinelo- t-cope, Sd-ndoiv, the strong m-in, in 100 cbinges of pos'tlon Is one featy of tbo 'tcopo on exhibition he Corbetland another "pug" in a six round go In which the champion was to forfeit !? 100 if he did not puthlf man out, has also been recorded by the marvelous little machine, and may be seen by those Interested while tbe kinotoscope is displayed in Logansport. Prof. Piizlin'M Claoii. The class of young men for instruction !n self defense and tbe use of Indian clubs, etc., met for tho first lesson last night at the hall over Stevenson & Klineic't'a shoe store. Considerable interest is manifested ID the work that Prof. P. J. PHzlin li doing In Logansport. A full claM was present at tbe Sret leeeon last night, lie Mivura Auli ore. A tramp dog that was known to have left St. Joseph, Mich., onboard the ill-fated Chicora, swam ashore and was picked up at Potawattomie Park, eight mllirs north of Beaton Harbor, Mich. Wnea found the dog was covered with ice and its appearance on fbore was connected with the sinking of the Chicora. The animal is now at Beaton Harbor. .tl»j-JLo«e HIM Whiting Democrat: fne physicians attending Dr. J. H. Wilson, of Valparaiso, the presiding elder of ihli district of the Methodist church, fe"^ that he will lose his eyesight. l</jji> disease of the optics has beffled tbe rkill of ihe best specialist in Chicago. Rev. Wilson is well known in this cltyj Alvin Bowyer and Hiss Rosa Tim- moni were yesterday married t>7 'bquire Frank Bight at his offlco. '

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