The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1943
Page 6
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BLYlgcviLLE (ARK.y COURIER NEWS Published Every Friday In th« Interest of Farm Runiliet of TU| Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS-PEA 7 URES FRIDAY-, JUNE 4, 1943 Suggestions For Better Farming Featured For This Section'* Pro- tjressive Farmers. 'Country Gentleman' Tells Stor) Of Mississippi County Families •Mississippi County, world's larg- est'co! ton producing county, Is where the people are said lo "know more, grow more—and .owe more" limn any other place In the nation, but-the latter doesn't apply to families who have purchased,farms from : 'the Throe Slates lumber Co., of Blytheville,'according to a story in . (lie forthcoming issue of Hie" "Country • Cei)ltem[\n," nationally known magazine. Tile story, written by Horace Gate, editor of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation's publication, In collaboration with Oren Stephens, formerly a stall tvrlicr for the Ar- kaiisas Democrat of Little Rock, recounts the progress made by some 150 families who have 'purchased farms from Ihe lumber firm, under n program worked oill by C. Q. Smith, resident manager. Several pictures of purchasers and their home.s, improvement, and livestock made by Samuel F. Nor- rls, edllor of the Ulyiheville Courier News will accompany the story. The Three Stales project., which includes the Dogwood and New Liberty .communities, has allraclcd national attention because of Ihe iuccfssful commodity laud paymcul plan deiised by Mr. Smith niul <liie to Die fact that all families are lie- coming home owners withoiil Iho .benefit of any federal assistance 'at jiny time, even during the de- pre^sioti, mid no 'supervision "in ihe sense of the word," to quite • Jlr.'Smilii. Originally, Ihe story appeared In the ; Parm IJUrcau Press of Little Rock and modified versions subsequently were carried by Nation's Agriculture and a number of dally newspapers. F. S. A. News On Wednesday afternoon the Olllcrlst group held their neighborhood meeting nt the home of the leader, Mr. am! Mrs. R. T. Roberts. Mrs. null) Graham, associate stale director of the Farm Security Administration, was, a, special guest. Regular meetings were held Thursday at Whltton, Manila, and miyhcvllle. PSA .homemakers have already been canning. Mrs. Frank Roberts, Route. 1, Dlylhcvllle, has put up :iO quarts of vegetables from her garden. Mrs.- Lonnle Prentice, ri'cnaul Purchase homcmaker near Dyrss, Jias been ciiiniliig English pens. The John Mooring, family, Whlt- lon community, hnvq recently added an improvement to Iheir home. They now have a screened front porch. Mr. and Mrs. John Earl Chambers, Roule 1, Joiner, have 11 good garden now, with a variety of vegetables growing. In spite of Ihe haul-leaps caused by unfavorable weather this Spring, Ihls family is doing everything- possible to provide plenty of food for the year. i THE NEW TYPE PAINT f '-} ... its alkyd resin base makes'it I f^-- 1 Gracing Animals Gets Di- (^csliblc Nutrients'For 64 Cents Per CWT P.islnre Is Ihe chcnjicst feed Mls- slsslnpi County fnruicrs can grow for any kind of livestock, declared J. J. I'lckrcn, county aBcnt. A recent study made In 10 slates ihiws llml 100 pounds of total di- estible nnlrlenU; obtained from pasture cost nnly 61 cents; while the .same amount from .alfalfa hay cost 83 cents; from corn, $1.38; ind from oats, $2.02, Clood, well-managed pastures are also very effeclivc In controlling erosion and rvduclng water runpff, thp county ngcnl .said. Ex|)criiiien|s have hern shown, he said, (lint a Kood cover of dense vciiclalion is ICO times more elfcclive In holding soil and six time's more effective In retatiilni; rainfall lhan clcim- (MiltlvntMl fields on the .same kind (if Innd. "With Increased livestock nntn- jeis, and a greater demand for feed," the comity ai-enl said, "Mississippi Connly<x.-k fanners should provide ample acreage of :ood, lni]ii-o\ r c(l iiiislui-c to,provide i cheap source of uocxl feed, and, -il the same lime, reduce soil erosion to H minimum." Information on establishing and maintaining permanent, pastures is cnnUiinMl in Extension Circular No. ;i:M, "Penimnsnl Paslures," which may he obtained ul the county extension office. WASHABLE i plus other great feature; Ask for' Ultn tumimll, the water-dunned pilot that givci you , . txtra trai!iabllilj..,gKUu beauty...up (o 30% saving io cowl ) ...Paiiled ivrfotti • *. *Un|MIITtM SWTttCM f DnQL* ttt* SO.85 r* Prr •"• Gal. Delta Lumber Co, Blytheville's Only Home Owned Lumber Yard 201 N. Second « Phone 497 Demonstration v ••<%&• Club Newi Notw The County Council of the Home Deiiioii.sti-ulloii Cluljs mcl 'I'hurs- :lny at the nlylhevllli; WOIIUIU'K Club. Mrs. T. II. Watson, president, presided at the niccllng. After Toup singing led by Mrs. G. P. Scrape, of Dogwood, wltli Mrs. Jlmrles Jlriglit ns accompanist, Miss Colenmn gave the devotional. Hob IJlnylock, of the Mississippi Counly' l-'nir Assoclntion tokl of plans for the county fair and asked the group to send in recommendations for Ihe fnini and home department Immediately. A.s before, the cotton picking contest will be held the first day of the fair which will be Scpl. 21. ho said. ,... The council decided lo nccepl Miss Ccnevieve Whalen's offer to serve :il tlie U-SO dinner. A committee composed of Mrs. Essie Davis, Mrs. O'Kcelf, Mrs. Lee Stiles, and Mrs. Hnytlo Vend! will help Miss Wlin- Icn. The cliilw who will serve on Sunday afternoon nl Ihe Hospitulily Hour nre: Mny 30, Shady Lane; Jime 0, Skidway; June 13, Kock-y; .lime 1>0, Number 1C; and June 'il, Brown. Mrs. Watsmi reported lhal Ihe yearbook had been turned over '.o the publisher and we hope (o have Iheni distributed M the next mcct- One of (he yearly activities of the Council is the Host Camp in July. Mrs. II. A. Hugs;, Mrs. W. O. Anderson, and Mrs. K. S Loveless, were named n coniniltlcc to find a location for the camp tills year. It was decided to award prizes at the County Play Tournament. Mrs. Watson appointed a committee of Mrs. E. A. Craig of Dogwood. Mrs. O. M. Hullon of Manila, Mrs. Charles Ncedham of Lone Onk. lo work over the County F.iir yearbook and insist (hat the fair cmnmlilce buy a glnss case to display food. Tlie Council adjourned at 2:00 o'clock by reading the Club Collect in unison to fio to Ihe Tioxy (hcntrr for the Pooil-for-Vlclory Wartime's no time for sluggish (rac- tor performance. You need plenty of •zip to meel the increasing demands ' placed upon you for greater production of food, fat, and fibre. Let our factory-trained service man "wake up" your John Deere tractor with • a thorough reconditioning. He'll check, clean, and test your magneto ... grind the valves . . . adjust tappets, brakes, bearings ..., tighten all loose parts.,. clean the earhurelor and cooling system ... give the engine a thorough tuning- vip . . . or handle any other servicing jol) your tractor may need—a( o price that will please I/OK. Before your busy season comes along, talk with ns. Look over our servicing facilities—the complete set-up of tools especially designed to keep your tractor in good condition. MISSCO IMPLEMENT GO. Wylhevillc—Pli. Osccoli—I'h. 244 ONLY GENUINE JOHN DEERE REPAIR PARTS Canning On Your Sugar Ration (Taken' from the May 24, v •Mnrkel Ilnskel", n publication of (lie liurcaii of Human Nutrition anil Home conomlcs, Agricultural lU'scui'cli Homcmnkei-s wlio loll like rook- e.s last, year— pulling up fma on war rations ol sugar— will swing tito (mil* canning tills second war siimincr willi the assurunco of veterans. And new liamls at home (.'mining will have mi easier time, 'or they mny copy. r n i e methods that worked best .n cunning fruit last year will suit 1043 sugar rations, say home C co- lombils of the U. S. Department )f ABI •EciiUure. The stnrUng point for a home- linker's planning Is to «et this 'ear's sugar well In mind. A home miner mny get, up lo 10 pounds if sugar for each persun in IICM- iimlly by using .stamps in War Dillon Hook i designated for that Mirpose. if .slio ncwLs more siignr han that slic mny ap]>ly to her oeal.War Price and Nation Hoard ml get coupons which will alinw icr to buy up to 15 pounds p'ir X.TSOII In addition (o the <irl(;l- ml allotment. The guiding rule or using the siitjiii Is the same .s last year: Allow one pound of UKIII- to, each four qimrl.s of fln- slii'il fruit. If dc.slccd, five pounds f sugar |«r person nmy be re- uesti'd for milking preserves or elites or fruit butters but tills mist be Included within the 2!> winds of "canning sugar" ullow- d to one person. H usually takes 3-4 to oim cup liquid to each (|iinrt Jnr ol fruit. o fill hi arouml the solid fond nd to cover It well. The home canning Biignr ration Hows uljonl uni'-hiiir cup of Kii;ar to use In each Cjiuiit Jnr, as ,n average. Here lire pointers from the home cuiiuniLsls for cnnulnt; the berries, 'JiC'iTles, and other .summer fruits .s tlicy come along, so that UK rults, the sugar ration, and tho e canner herself mny all keep n step. 1. Shift the sugar to fit the rult. Sour mills mny demand — ind gel — more than the average. n Hint case, you will count on giv- ng .sliorl-ratlons of sugar to some jf your very juicy and sweet fruits. Often you can taste the natural Invor of sweet fruit better when ess sugar Is used. 2. Put up some fruit without su- ;ar, if necessary. It's true that a lltle sugar helps canned fruits o hold color and flavor. Hut the .ugiir Isn't essential to keep the lamied fruil from spoiling. Fruit or pic making is often canned without sugar, by choice. So is rult for dlnbctlc diet.s. So, If you have more fruit than Uigur at any time this summer, lon't let it go to waste. Can Ihe ruit and mark the jars plainly o Indicate "no sugar." Then you :an open them and sweeten the mil lo laste when the family can Ucsl spare sugar from its weekly 'iition. ' 3. Prccaok fruit for canning. You can heat the fruit in fruit juice, syrup, or water. Adding sugar jefore heating the fruil will help Iraw out juice. Some fruiUs tlui? rcatcd yield enough juice of their own .so lhal no additional liquid s needed. There is good reason for heat- ng .the fruit before it goes into he canner. I'l-ccooking shrinks the rult, helping you to get more Ino cnch jar — milch Is good wnr- ime economy of glass jars and nctal fiaps, and economy of shelf pace, besides. However — never :ram the food down light, of Dlub. The Number 10 Home Dcmonslra- .ion Club met IMomlay at the home of Mrs. W. T. llnmsey. Fourteen nembcrs were present ai«] five members enrolled. were Mrs. ITrurninn Lee, Mrs. Norman Little. Mrs, A. M. Galloway, Mrs. John McParlaucl and Mrs.C. L. Meyers Mrs. Houston JfcCann, president, presided. When Mrs. W. T. Ramsey called the roll, eacli member lolil of her victory garden. In spile of the windstorm and heavy rain, the gardens are doing fairly well. Early vegetables have tern eaten and olhdr vegetables are growing nicely. A noted research chemist has iatcd that rubber tires produced rom petroleum will be used widrlv after the war and will give tao- 000 miles of service. V, *, Tntmr,, course. Allow a good proportion of Itrjmil (o cadi Jar. •i. Thin or inoilcralcly thin synip is In .step with the sugar ration. For (liln syrup, use one cup of annul' lo three cups of water or julir. For moderately Ihin .syrup, nsi! one cup sugar to two cups of wilier or Juice. If sour cherries or oilier really .sour fruits re<|iilr« n mriHimi-llih'k syrup, use one cii|> of Mi|;ar to ow cup of ivaier or Jlllcf. .I. To extract juice: Crush and uOiil .sonic of your softer juicy fiuil.s to bollliiB. Use very low lirat or sot (lie pun over liol water, so Ihe fruit won't slick lo Hie. .Kin. Jie sure (lie fruit , ( j for juice Is as ix-rfcc-t a.s any fruit you put n]). Cut out any (race of h'rulse or decay, for (ho cunning saying holds !<««!: "A 1)11 of decay may sjxill n jjilcli." vviirn the juice Hows freely, strain It. .Sweeten lo taste if desired. K. In jilacc of sugar, use if you wish some of a inlld-flnvorcd syrup 'Ike lumoy or corn syrup, Use honey to replace up lo half of your susur, or corn syrup lo replace up to ono third of your- .sugar. A larger proportion or Hie .syrup would nnsk Ihe delicate fruil flavor. 7. Thi-oe don'ls lo end wilh.- Don't, list- in your canning any syrups Hint have high flavor of I heir own inch a.s maple, sorghum, or mo-' asses. Don't use brown sugar Don't isc sncclmrln in cunning- thV fruit liny be bitter. 4-H Club News ||l Notes' The County Council of 4-Jf clubs met at Uurdctte dui'liiK the noon hour on Ihe day of me Annual Play Tournament and elected John Perry llolllngsworth president. With him will serve: Kenneth Sikcs of Box Elder, vice president; Ezcll Wilson of Heece, secretary; John llagnes of Clear Lake, treasurer, and Bessie Presnell of Yarbro, song lender. A vice president, from each club will be elected lo serve on the ex- fcutivc board , The major projects to be considered by IhLs group for the remainder of the year are continuance of; fced-a-flghter program, soflball tourney, county fair, achievement day, getting- record books lurned In. • Home Demonstration Notes Miss Corn lx;c Coleinan, home demonstration agent, gave a demonstration on "How to nitl Ihe'Oar- den of Insects." Each one present him entered the garden contest sponsored by the Lions Club lii Manila and all arc awailing Ihe visit of the judges. Coffee and cakes were served after which a shower wns held for ATTENTION FARMERS! Hew Ford Tractor Implements . ^^-""^^""^""i "^™""~* New USDA War Hoard reguliilions now permit farmers to obtain Purchase Certificates for new farm machinery, if (hey have already located the machinery. We have in stock (not tailed) ready fnr sale the following New I'ower-Oneraled Implements for the Ford 2-Kinv Tr;iet(ir: MiW 'M DISC HAItKOWS M'AV IlliAVY niJTV NKW Z-ROAV MIDDLE •~"^™^^~^^~~^™ - ^"^^— f KUSTIvliS NKW ACKICi;i.T«RAL AIOWKK.S NEW 2-HOW UltKAKlNG NEW- lt!JKH A- ItOCi DISCS PLOWS See your County Wnr Hoard for Piirchnsc Certificales )i«fi>vu these new implcniunls are jjone. see us for Genuine Ford Tnidnr jiiiris, pulleys, Wood-Saws, Power Scoops, Uic. Phillips Motor Co. Autbori/cil I-'nril Truclor Dealer rilythcvillc, Ark. Mrs. John McParland who had the misfortune of having her home burned a short time n»o Bxccttlve u,se of Ihe choke means greater oil dilution, which In turn means more frequent oil changes ASPHALT BOTTOA? COTTON PICK SACK ™WJK??.««IIK!am01PICIISKR OUTLASTS TWO OR THE ASPHALT BOTTMt »EA»S LIKE IRO.i PLENTY OF 9FT.SACKS^ FOR SALE BY LEADING JOBBERS^ • Ask us about Dcming Water Systems. All sizes and capacities of shallow and deep well systems are available. The ;'MARVELETTE" Shallow Well System (illustrated) is low priced buc has features you would ordinarily expect in higher priced systems. Quiet operation, dependable perfonntnce, low cost maintenance and Jong life of Dcming Water Systems protect your investment in running water,..the greatest of all modern conveniences! There's « right type of Deminj Water System to meet YOUR requirements. Ask about M See US For Pipe, Fittings and Other Plumbing Supplies HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 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We're closing out our enlire stocks of Mason 1'ainls; including inside and milside .house paints, barn anil equipment paints, deck varnishes, etc. We'll gnaranlee every gallon you buy. -DT- Joe Craig, of Blythcvillc, has a Rood used cream scparalor he'd like lo .soil. Joe tolls us IIC'K going back to California before long. We've received notice of shipment on Hint lot of GOO x 16 tractor tires we've been lelliiig- you about. A.s this sine has become so scarce, we .suggest you place your order now. -DI- W. R. Brown, of Manila, had his International Pickup ovoi-lifuded in our shops In.sL week. The shop also lias contract to overhaul and put into condition Iho school buses of the Stccle School District. -DI- Right now it looks as if cotton dusters arc going to be scarce articles this Ky.ll. If you're going to need dusters, estimate yonr needs carefully and let us help yon make application—we've been fortunate in making deliveries so far. -DI- Don't overlook Delta Implements when you're needing a good fast welding job. We've both electric and gas welding units, portable and stationary—and our men have the "know-how", too. ,. TANK UP YOUR ALBUM ^ ' DON'T HAVt IT STUCK HALFWAY ft »t« • fern* TODAY!

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