The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1937
Page 6
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8IX ip PULL ,--,,- All-Court Game May'Smother Vines' Bul' ]' 'let Service On Tour , ' ,' By JIMMY DONAHUn ' N~A Service Sports Writer NEW YORK—In this corner Fred Perry, clever, countes-punch- in? Gene Tunney of tennh In that corner, Ellsworth Vines, Ihe Jack ' Dempsey of the court (That will be the picture In t - Madison Square Garden the night of Jan 0, when professional tennis _, launches an indoor season thai promise to be the most successful in Its history. ' 1 Perry and Vines will lour America and Canada until Maj 12 with George M Lott and Bruce Barnes, two of the leading doubles plaj- . crs, completing the troupe. - The Garden is assuied a sslloul find a possible gate of $50000 due - to the appeal which tlie imtch be- 'tween Perry, the three-ycai world amateur champion, nnd vines, king iof the money (letters, has foi the trade x Perry, cool and calculating i? Ihc slar whose mastery of Die all-court game put "him at the top of Ihe world's simon-pures and Great Bil- taln in the Davis Cup scat. „ Vines, whose service perhaps Is faster than an> since lhat of Mau- ,rlce E McLoughlln, is greatly improved over the player who ruled __, the American amateur realm and , >,who lost to Peny (n their last ' meeting as medal chaseis - Tilden Picks Vines, •But Could Ba Biased Bill Tildcn sajs lhat Vines is a f cinch to beat Perry, but Large William's opinion could be somewhat biased. Tilden and Vines toured together for sofr.e time, and defeating Big Bill Isn't the task It was back in the days when he and Llt- 't!e_ Bill Johnston waged battles such as are scheduled to lake place between Perry and Vines t Perry as an amateur had his , hand in more tennis during 1930 than did Vines A season of cam- 'palgnlng on French, English, and American courts over a pcilod of _ meiithi n'o doubt kept Perry In better trim than vines, who has been practically inactive Vines and'Tllden toured Jap.m, but exhibition tennis against a .partner jou know so well hardly _^glves a .plajer the condition lhat sleady_ tournament participation does, especially when It c'oveis only a coup) pf weeks 1 _ Although just breaking in as a professional, Perrj is 28, or nearly three jears older than vines 'The 'only thing foreign to him on Jan 6 ,n}ll be the. professional atmosphere / ' ' , Seasoned Ptrry Will Take. Vines Matches in Stride -Surely, Perry won't be overawed by the greatness of the profession- .al champion he beat as an amateur Everything pomls to his mect- Vines on terms better than even obssrver's humble opinion that Per loses to him The Englishman's all- ml , ol ,,. court attack should be superior to 000000 Vines' blasting seivlce, once that Is solved, and his great forehand should give the gangling chap from Pasadena plenty of trouble , Perr>, who turned professional to enter pictures' lost October leaves Hollywood for New York Jan 3 after completing a short HIS first match mth Vines is billed as being ' for the world's professional cham-. pionship, although there is no such The Perry-Vines tour may be extended to South America Tunncy of Tennis- BLYTHEVILLE,. (ARK.)..COURIER .NEWS —Dempsey of Net ie piofe^ Iciinls season before a packed $50,000 house In Madison Sqnaic Claiden, Jan. C, these two neUers engage In a sulis of battles billed for the championship of the world, rrcd Pen), Ifft, o[ Fngland, world amateur champion three years in n row, recently turned pro and pils his fine all-court attack against the bullet Hnlce of Mlsnoilh Vines, right, of Callfoinlo, piofcs- slonal champion. By HOWARD CANN New Vor(t University Coach 'NEW YORK— A center-lap play that puts a guard in scoring p-ni- Uon depends upon the offensive forwards maneuvering llielr defensive men out of the way Ths aoov. play Illustrates this point At the lap, X-3 moves lo lh< ~ right of the court ni if 10 tike the tap, luring his gi.aid In that direction The other faiwaul, x-4, moves toward',Ihe .bnckcourt, takiii"- his guard along. This leaves X-2, who has eluded Ilk opponent plenty of room lo lake the lap from thc,centcr, X-l, and move up to the basket for a shot. MimiKr,S .WAV'. HANDLE 540.000,000 AT ANITA By NEA Service .ARCADIA, calif.—All records for inutucl -handle at Santn Anila tCmiS "— • -rf"i«Mi /n ii 1u (II v; in ti IMO \Jl LL1U tllUlliUUCl QU(l lulli Such bein» Ihe cas- it i, ihk f^'i* 1 , l °' b . c ^ Mma wl>cn "«* llml » c ">s deserving of at least ib.t.r»ir.» h^w.°J,±' 'L'f '?. U lra <* begins its third sea.son Christ- a, co-right to the lop rune of the Vclcran Who Once Held Pedigo lo Draw Mecl Oklaliomair iiv j. p. 1'iiinNB .Pairlek O'Uowdv Is picking no •ofi. s-po's tn protect Ills newly gained wrestling title. The .Oklahoma A. As'M. nliiinmis,, who laid Tifilm to the world's middleweight championship two weeks. ugo, r following his defeat of Gils Kallio nnd who beat Blacksmith Pedigo Jwn falls lo one last Monday night, lakes oiV anolhcr tough hombrc In Ihe main event of Ihe American Legion vvfifkly athletic show, Monday night. Day Myers, I ouisvllln, Ky,,'rated one of the best In the game at his •-weight, has been chosen tu ouhose the clever Oklahoma!) In DO-mliuitc limn limit affair. The inmulcmshin. if approved by Ihc nallonal . aisoolnUon over protests of Kallio. will be at stake, Promoter Clarence Holder nounced. '' has an"' Eddie Wcyland. former Untver- ; lty of Tennessee student and one tltpc profesvlonai football slar, will dlsplav his darlnor. wtilrlwitul stylo. In- the semi-final. . He has drawn- Dago Baker, Racine, Wls. loiighle,, as his opiionent. They are also down for ninety minutes. Hay Myers. • not lo be confused with i TO Myers or Dallas, will lie remembered for his: gruelling matches" with Blacksmith Pedigo n couple of -years ago In the ball park. Myers and. Pedigo locked on three . occasioiis and each time were unable to decide a wiiiner at. the . close"- 'of-;'the - 00-mlnutes. .... By beating Pedlgo >. r:at only Scotly Williams had been able lo turn in four years of active competition' — O'Uowdy proved his class. The inamiei in which ho did it left but little doubt in the minds of the tliousand odd fan mas Diy Last jcar the handle at championship ladder.- He "lias III- ws was $25000,000 This tie showmanship but his color lie > expetced to exceed 540,- In his methodical, -business-Ill;! manner of. wrestling. Long Island String Longer Girls! Independent Team To Play Men At C a r 111 h ersville CARUTHERSVILLE, »ro, Jan 2. — The Caruthersvllle Junior Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a basxetball double-header tn the high school gymnasium here Wednesday night, Jan G, the first of a series of after-holiday attractions which the local organ- ^tion has arranged. The feature game of the twin bill will be between the All- American Red-Heads, a girls, team one of the Olson imits, playing a picked team of Pemiscot county men The first game" of the evening, to start at eight o'clock, will be ^between the Steele Independent and the Haytl Independents The "Red-Heads" include Rulli Osbom, Olympic holder of girls national records; Peggy Lawson; Hazel Vickers, an ail-American AAU selection five times, Lera Lunford, one of the famous Lun- fcrd twins, and the famous Langerman twins, Jo and Gene Al have plaved on various natlonall; known girls' .teams, such as IK" Tuka, Okla., Stcnos, Eldorad* Oilers and "the Business InstiluU of DCS Mplnes. On the' Pemiscot team will b Jack Hoiike, Caruthersvllle high school, coach; W.^H Foster, grade schw^, 'principal here; Camille HuUr, Ha>tl >coach; Max McMahon, Wardell^ coach; and Buster " Carter, Steele coach All are former college stars.'' Tlie feature gome will be played under ,boys rules, v By Harry Grayson NEW YORK,.Jan. 2.—With/Free) Perry and Ellsworth Vines'. aiid Don liudgc nnd Bobby ', Riggs crossing the continent, Ihe former pair lo launch their professional lour In New York and Hie lalter lo participate in Winter fixtures to Ihe problem," says Vines. "He Is second only lo Budge as Ihe best player in Ihls country today. If he can continue lo Improve to p. point where he could score over Australia's or Germany's second singles player, we can win back ihe cup With Budge's two victor^ 'I am not too sure about: tlie „ ,,.,^^,,,,» t .,, „„,«.!. .HII.MH.-SI -i nm i, ot too sure n boul.:thc In Florida, Davis Cup talk starts' doubles team of Budge and Mako with tlie birth of the new year. - f - " ..,._--Perry going on the gold standard leaves Ihe competition for for the reason .that Mako 'rarely . Is in his best condition." Willie he slow game, r^ , , , n ^ , . • - '^ i^uja i aiuw • game, Dwlght P. Davis' mug more open Rlggs can be forceful, and is listed than it has been since the bound- among • Jhe • more accomplished Ing Urlton made passible his' choppers. The national clay courts counlry's. Ihrec-year relgii- In" 1934., champion will acquire experience America .can strike back with nnd poll* along the winter trail tlie gangling Budge as the nucleus — ' • of a young tcam.^ Germany has Baron Gottfried on Cranmi" and Helner Henkel. Do Tim Remember? One Year A'<>o~Toclay-Lou Ambers bulpohite'd Frankie Klick In 10 fast rounds In Madison Square Garden, earning a shot at Tony Canzdneri's lightweight crown. vastly improved brand of Plv e Years Ago Today—Vincent tennis Is mnke up his mind to do Richards won the national pro- Experts contend .that all: the IMG phenomenon has to do to turn SATURDAY. JANUARY 2, 1937 Pittsburgh's One-Si cled Win, LS.U.'s Loss Provide Biggest Upsets New Year's Day ."bowl" football games lurhed out to provide as many unexpected features as llic regular- 1930 season yesterday. Pittsburgh showed unexpected power in winning easily from Washington In liie nose Howl, 21 to 0, at Pasadena. Santa Clara's Broncos upset the favored Tigers of L. S. U. In the New Orleans' Sugar Bowl classic, 21 to 14, ?oundly outplaying the Bengals. At Dallas, Texas Christian-University, syjth Sllngin' Sammy Baugh showing tlie way, trimmed Marqu'eUe 16 to 6 In a Cotton Bowl affair. 'At Miami's Orange Howl Duquesne came from behind to barely hose out Mississippi State, 13 lo 1?. • ; Auburn and Villauova battled to -a t-i tic at. Havana, The. East, all-star team defeated Hie West allslar team, 3 to 0 at San , Francisco, Snndbach. of Princeton providing the winning margin with a field goal. The National Professional League chahipioiis, the Green Biy Packers, trimmed the Brooklyn Dodgers. 21 to 13, In a profession- Makes Real Thing Dead Easy > al game at Denver. Bringing clown .a Bronko NagurskI ought to be a comparatively • easy task after a tackier has worked on the above lifelike dummy which is enough to scare the wits out'of him in the first, place Tins' new object .of the gridiron gladiator's affection is suspended from a hinged arm and recoils when' hit. Matty Bell of Texas Christian Choi Wynne of Kentucky, and Hunk Anderson Inspect the co'n- Irlvance at the New York meeting of Ihe American Football Coaches' Association. Anderson's position at North Carolina Slate is the subject of a heated argument between' school officials and alumirft' If In a Thc veteran Jack Crawfoul It. They believe he will with Ihe I 'esslqnal tennis - — .^_~,,... v.,^1,, uiuiiiutt.1 lu. i iivy ucncve ilG will Wivll IIIG ' •'•"•"^iii speaks of retiring "and won't be Davis Cup berth as an incentive ' Charles what he was If he does compete, | At last It looks like Parker is York but Australia still has the brilliant cbmlmr Into liie num w n ^b»^ ;- .. . .. « , title, defeating Charles WooU In three sets In New youngsters, Vivian McGrath' and Adrian Quist. Bunny Austin .will remain in ie^ llilck of i things for England, which also has Hare, Wiley, ;pat Hughes, aiicl O. R. p. Tuckey. Prance has been seasoning Ber- comlng into ills own Parker ap-! , i '"""- lo have mastered a fore'-! Read , Courier News Want'Ads U-'Pfllf npCO _ Tha_ T n'l.ii^U^n "~~ — . *--• , : hand weakness- The- La'wfence- ville lad possesses a sound game with one of the greatest backhands of the day and a better than fair overhead serve. i .Meiccr Beasley's widely publl- I-IHIILU IHLS uucn seasoning uer- -"'civ.ui weiiaieys . wiueiy - purjii- nai-d Eslreman, Pierre Pellzzn', aiid 9.' zctl Pupil is showing lo advant- Vvon Pclra just as It schooled. Reno LaCosle, Henri (Jochet, andj Jean Borolra fov several seasons before lliey crushed through i to repel Big. Bill Tilden, Little/Bill Johnston, and Francis T Hunter In 1921. , . . Ilaylng tried veterans and n combination of old-timers" ..and youngsters with disastrous results, Ihe . .Uniled Stales, Davis Cup eoimhUtee has adopted the French plan .of concentrating ' on''' the brighter baby stars., has put Wilmer Alltsbn on Ihe sidelines. John' Van Ryan and other ag6d campaigners are in the discard. ' n , <0ianl Appears in for ,, Another Iliiii-Ariiunti < Officials believe that Budge Gene Mako, Frankie Parker, and .RUjgs. should I bring the trophy back within three years. The four average slightly/ more than 21 years of ngc. Budge is 22, Mako 23, Parker 21 ,and Rlggs 20. . A fiflh prospect, Ernie Suiter, the Intercollegiate champion, is 21. The decision to string along with the kids again would keep the much neglected Bryan Grant out of the front line. Grant was a member of flic 1936 team, but was not given ; employment when the Australians put an end to Die American quest. The Allanl'an repeatedly has repulsed those who have been given preference over him. Heretofore, Bllsy-s size has been held against him. He stands only five feet four. Now, under the scheme of things, the little rebel may find lib nge to be another indictment, although he should be at his peak at 27. And when the Uniled Slates Lawn Tennis As- , soclatton announces Us first 10 for 1930, it is a 10-to-I shot that the first four will be Budge, Grant Parker, and Riggs, In the order mined. Vines Is confident that Budge will beal von Cramm or Ihc No 1 nan of any oilier squad to assure America of Iwo singles vlc- orics In June. Mako is being counted in only because he happens to be Budge's doubles partner, fines Sees Young Rtggs s Answer lo Problem may prove the answer ige In the south. He should con- linue to Improve his shots on the march' through Dixie. There will be considerable de- Jatlng between now and the time that the team Is named but It is reasonable to suspect that all American youth has to do,'to be served In Davis Cup competition in 1S37 Is to help itsejf -\ | ! Michigan Twins in Track . ANN ARBOR.—Twin brothers, Harold nnd Howard Davidson of Grand Rapids, will b e half-milers on the University of Michigan track • team .next spring. : ..;V WRESTLING Every Monday 8 KM'. Night Pat O'Domly vs. Ray Myers Eddie Wcyland" vs. Dago liaker -;V ; American Legion Stadium CIGARETTES CAMELS, CHESTERFIELDS, LUCKIES, ETC. ONE PACK FOR 10c "WITH EACH PURCHASE OF 50e OF GASOLINE OR OIL AT THE MARTIN OIL STATION ' :: >'\S" '••'• ' : ( STEELE, Aioi 1 'Courier News Want'Adi. Repelling Illinois Wcsleyan at the New York '• Hippodrome, 41-29 the Long Island 'University team stretched its siring of victories tc 43, one of the longest winning streaks In basketball in recent years Ben Kramer, forward, Is shown leaping in front of two white Jerseyed Illinois players, Nos. 60 and 53, to score two points fo the Brooklyn Blackbirds. Play Billiards! Wholesome Recreation Moderately Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 316 W. Main - Former Homo of Bell's I'harmacy GARNER APPLE-TON MARVIN W A N T E D Government Loan Cotton Phone. 167 APPLEBAUM BROS. COTTON CO. B'dg. Bijlhcvllle, Ark. WHAT DID YOU BUY WHEN YOU BOUGHT THIS PAPER? First, of course, you bought the news from the far- off corners of the world. Late news and live news, covering all the countless interests and activities of all peoples. Then, too, you bought the local news—about the recent doings of people you know, announcements of •coming events, intimate details of your own special -Cil'Cle. . , :_'y . . 1 .U'V.;; ; And, what more? ... Aren't ydu forgetting the vital jiews items in the advertisings/columns? Items of immediate interest and real importance: to you and yours. News of better buys in food and clothes and things for the house. News that you must watch closely and constantly — if you expect to make your money do its job. This new year, form the fine habit of following the advertisements with an eagle .eye. It will save you money and help you live a richer life. m

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