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The Jackson Sun from Jackson, Tennessee • Page 4
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The Jackson Sun from Jackson, Tennessee • Page 4

The Jackson Suni
Jackson, Tennessee
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PAGE FOUR THE JACKSON SUN. JACKSON, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1953 WANT ADS 7-3333 "All Right Now, Folks -How Much Am I Bid?" Pearson Gilt-Edged Staff Helped Ike With Atom Speech lie Jackson un Established In 1843 Published Daily Except Saturday by The Sun Publishing Co. MRS. CLARENCE PIGFORD President ALBERT A. STONE Vice-President and General Manager HARRIS BROWN Executive Vice-President and Editor A. LACY PRICE Assistant Vice-President and Advertising Manager ROBERT P. MAHON JR. Associate Editor JAMES M. ELLIOTT City Editor Entered as Second Class Matter at Postoffice, Jackson, Terux, Act of Congress of March 1. 1917. By carrier in Jackson area $130 per month. Mail Subscriptions 1 Mo. 3 Mos. 6 Mos. 1 Yr. West Tennessee 90 $2 55 $4 80 $9 00 Other Territory $1.00 $2 85 $5 40 $10 20 The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to use for publication all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Telephone 7-3333 All Departments By DREW PEARSON WASHINGTON. John Foster Dulles has performed a lot of diplomatic chores, but never before has he been given the job of operating a stapling machine. That, however, was what he did over the Atlantic Ocean en route from Bermuda. With him as a co-clerical worker was Admiral Lewis Strauss plus one of the most distinguished secretarial staffs ever to do paper work. What happened was that Ike was late in polishing up his famed atomic energy speech. Even while flying to New York, he applied the last finishing touches. As he did so, his secretary, Mrs. Ann Whitman, copied it out on a large-type typewriter, so the President could read It easily. Simultaneously, Mary Caffrey, Jim Hageny's secretary, cut the mimeograph stencil. In the rear of the plane, Hagerty himself ran the mimeograph machine. C. D. Jackson, who largely wrote the speech, put the pages together. Admiral Strauss. Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, helped him, while Dulles stapled the pages. Dulles was a little slow, however, and only 200 copies of the speech were finished when the Columbine landed. So the secret service grabbed copies of the stencil, rushed them to the U. N. mimeograph room, where more copies were ground out of the speech which had been billed and was one of the most momentous of the Eisenhower administration. Barkley Stole Show Not much of what he said got Into the papers because it was off the cuff with no mimeographed text, but Alben Barkley's spicy humor was the smash hit of the Democratic dinner in Philadelphia. Slyly referring to the way the Democrats backed away from him at the Chicago convention last year, Barkley said: "When they asked me to come here, they told me I was to be toastmaster. But at 6:30, Steve Mitchell called and said Senator Francis Myers as to take that job. It wasn't the first time the Democratic party has switched to me." The crowd roared. "I'm now 76 years old." said the ex-veep. "In Cairo about a year ago I met an Arab fortune teller out at the Pyramids who predicted I would live to be 105. That's one Arab I'm cooperating with. "Last year when Eisenhower won by such a big margin. I figured the Democrats would not come back for a long time," continued the venerable Kentuckian, "but in recent Letters To The Editor months I've begun to change my mind. "The situation reminds me of a husband in Paris whose wife died and afterward he discovered she had been receiving the attentions of another gentleman who appeared at the funeral, weeping. The husband was restrained in his grief, but the other man was not. He could hardly control himself. After the coffin was finally lowered into the grave, the husband patted the other man on the back and said: 'Don't feel too bad, old pal. Ill marry again That, implied Barkley, was how the Democrats are cheering up the Republicans iday with the promise of being elected again soon. Washington Whirl Attorney General Brownell's 17-year-old daughter, Joan, is practicing what her father preaches. Accidentally bursting into a Negro church, she discoverer she was the only white person present, sat down and stayed for the entire service After war claims chairman Dan Cleary passed away, President Eisenhower was so anxious to replace the other two Democratic commissioners that he wrote a curt letter dismissing them while they were out attending Cleary's funeral The President occasionally drops into the Army-Navy Club for unannounced visits with his old cronies. As a result, the Secret Service has run a security check on all the club's employees Mamie Eisenhower has promised to swing the champagne bottle at the launching of the Navy's first atomic sub Senator McCarthy made a big point of the fact that Brig. Gen. Telford Taylor's service record was marked with red "flag." This column can report that McCarthy's own record at the Pentagon is similarly "flagged'' Georgia's scrupulous Senator Dick Russell, leader of the southern bloc, is so burned up at Republicans that there's no chance of forming another GOP-Southern Democratic coalition next session. Russell is sore over the Eisenhower administration's handling of the farm problem, its use of FBI flies to attack the Democrats, and the GOP drive to eliminate segregation. Cattle Smuggling: Though a little slow in moving, the Eisenhower administration played no favorites in prosecuUng the smugglers of $1,000,000 worth of charolais cattle into Louisiana from a hoof-and-mouth disease infected part of Mexico. Alphe Broussard, the man who brought the prize cattle, has now been indicted; also Antonio Enrique Gilly, the man who sold the cattle to him; and William L. Babb, the man who actually did the smuggling. John Minor Wisdom, Elsenhower's No. 1 political adviser in Louisiana, was retained as attorney for Broussard, but defended the case over-the-table, pulled no wires under the table. Inside The Pentagon The Chemical Corps has built an imitation A-bomb, made of smoke-producing chemicals, white phosphorous grenades, nitro starch, napalm, sand and gravel. When exploded, it shoots a column of smoke into the air with a mushroom shaped cloud at the top. The idea Is to simulate an atomic explosion and add realism to battle maneuvers There's increasing pressure inside the Navy to" convert most of the nation's battleships into guided missile launcher's Gen. Curtis Le May is planning a "world series' In bombing. His best bombing crews will compete to determine which crew is the world's bombing champ The Army has successfuUy tested airborne TV to spot arti'lery targets. The artillery crews were able to adjust their fire and hit the targets simply by watching the TV screen India has threatened a military alliance with Communist China, if the United States goes ahead and signs a military pact with Pakistan in return for bases along the Soviet border The Communists have definitely been building up the North Korean Air Force in violation of the truce. U. S. Intelligence has learned that litUe North Korea now has a powerful, modern air force, totaling 300 jet planes. Fifty of these are light jet bombers. Crop Dusting or Rescue Work For weeks, Robins Air Force Base, at Macon, has been trying to get a Helicopter for rescue work in a perilous quagmire just beyond one of its runways. However, no luck. The Robins Island swamp, about a quarter of a mile beyond the runway, is so Impassable that no truck, jeep, or other vehicle can penetrate it. So if a plane overshoots the runway, rescue work is next to impossible except by hell-copter. One plane vhich crashed, Feb. 9, 1944, is still there. Pulling it out is impossible. However, when Robins Island commander asked for a helicopter on Oct, 19, he was told that all were in use at other U.S. rescue stations or abroad, except for one Air Force plane dusting crops in South America. Uncle Sam is being reimbursed at the rate of $100 a day, but that doesn't help Robins Base much. They were told to wait until next spring. This Is Your Forum By IIAL BOYLE NEW YORK, Dec. 18 WV-Do we waste more time in our lives than we actually live? I have been mulling over this problem ever since reading a U.S. Public Health Service estimate that the average man spends 427 days of his life shaving or getting haircuts. Just how much time do we actually fritter away In the other daily chores of living, chores that subtract from our allotted span but sometimes don't add too much to it in the way of pleasure? Let us take a typical bald-headed, overweight husband of 50, who has two grown children and four grandchildren. Here Is part of the box score of how he has spent his days: Time spent courting the wrong girls before his wife overtook him two years. Time spent waiting for his children to pick out the kind of candy they wanted at the candy store-four mojiths. Time spent pounding on the bath room door to make some other member of the family get out and let him in three months. Time spent waiting for wife to get dressed 12 years. Time spent explaining the facts of life to his children 10 minutes. Time spent telling children how much harder he worked when he was their age one year. Time spent trying to attract attention of restaurant waiter two years. Time spent listening to wife one year. Time spent answering wife's complaint, "why don't you ever listen to what I tell you?" six years. Time spent wondering why he had come to a cocktail party he never wished to attend anyway four years. Time spent listening to after dinner speakers eight years. Time wasted figuring how to balance the household budget one year. Time spent waiting for car ahead of to start after green traffic light comes on five months. Time spent bawling out driver of car behind who honked at him because he was slow In starting seven months. Time spent denouncing the government, taxes, high cost of living and other things he has no control over 12 years. Time spent in helping his fellow man and praising the departed guest of honor at funerals 15 days. Time spent in church (counting only waking hours and including his own marriage) eight days, four hours, three minutes. Time spent on golf course waiting for foursome ahead of him to get on to next hole three months. Time wasted trying to save falling hair after it is too late four years. Time spent waiting in doctor's and dentist's offices two years. Time spent justifying income tax returns so as to avoid going to jail two months. Time wasted complaining about It to friends four months. This box score shows that the average 50-year-oM American husband has spent more than his lifetime, either performing what he regards as the chores of living or avoiding doing them. It doesn't Include the time he spends shaving, getting haircut, or looking through drawers for a clean shirt. The Jackson Sun is always glad to receive letters from Iti readers expressing their views on current subjects When requested, only Initials or nom de piume will be printea The tdentit and address of the sende-, however must be known the editor Because space Is limited, letters must be edited and times can-aot be printed tn full, out the la tn every letter used will be areserved. No manuscripts will be returned. Salvation Army Quarters. The Salvation Army through its board of directors and Captain Louis Pertain, commanding the local unit, has graciously acceded to the request of residents of the West King Street area who voiced objection to location of Army quarters in a combined storehouse-residence on that thoroughfare. The movement for a new locations grew out of the fact that the present quarters, a small two-story brick on Union are inadequate to meet the growing needs of this charity agency. A chapel wherein religious services may be conducted is a necessary part of the Salvation Army setup. Also a necessary part are living quarters for the commander and his family. Also a necessity is storage space for clothing, food and other articles which are dispensed to the needy. The present situation calls for larger quarters for the Salvation Army Post here. An ideal solution would be an adequate building in or near the business district which would provide a central location. Both the board of directors and the commander have been doing an excellent job in Jackson. But the work is growing, the program is being enlarged, including the religious endeavors, and the necessity or larger quarters becomes apparent. This is a matter which deserves consideration of all Jacksonians interested in a continuation of the fine work that is being done to bring relief to those in need, particularly transients who are destitute, and to maintain religious services for the underprivileged group who do not attend church services elsewhere. As we say. this is a matter which deserves consideration by the community as a whole. Suggestions looking to a solution of the problem will be appreciated by the board and the commander. the red next year, he will have to trim the national budget by the staggering amount of some Most of the cuts will have to come from the huge sums now spent on the Army, Navy and Air Force. Under those circumstances, the Admirals and Generals who just asked for a raise couldn't have picked a worse time. In Washington the other day they urged Congress to boost the pay checks of the "hard core" of professional military men. Only in that way, they argued, will a career in uniform be competitive with a job in private industry. Since the end of World War II, the armed forces have had three boosts in salary. In 1940, a Second Lieutenant with dependents drew $125 a month base pay, plus $58 for rent and subsistence. A four-star General received $666 a month, plus $156 for his food and quarters. Today, the Second Lieutenant would get $355.68 a month and the General would get $1182.18. The same is true for comparable ranks in the other branches of the service. The life of a professional soldier is a career or a vocation. No amount of worldly goods can adequately reward him for risking his life in battle. But his country does have a duty to provide reasonable security and creature comforts for him and for his family. Uncle Sam seems to be doing that now. AN OBSERVER. Sokolsky Lines of Demarcation Between Parties Needed COFFEE AS FINAL DRINK FOR HOLIDAY PARTIES To The Jackson Sun: The approaching Christmas-New Year's period is a time of foreboding for those of us concerned with highway traffic and safety. Last year during the double celebrations 962 persons were killed and more than 31,000 others were injured in highway accidents. In fact, the tragic results of our annual "alcoholidays" have become almost synonymous with Yule time. The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators has been urging for several years certain simple precautions that have curtailed after party accidents where practiced. Because coffee is a medically-authenticated antidote for alcohol we suggest that it be served as the final drink of every holiday party the "one for the road." We do not claim that a cup of coffee will instantly make an unfit driver completely sober but we do hold that if his last drink is coffee instead of something stronger that driver's chances for a safe trip home will be improved. Tests conducted at Cornell University have proved that coffee taken after drinking reduces the number of error- made because of insobriety. And, since errors cause highway accidents, it would appear that serving coffee can be nothing but beneficial. Furthermore, the device brings to the attention of guests In dramatic fashion the need for caution at the psychologically-important moment of departure. The considerate host or hostess will go a step further. Where a guest is obviously unfit to drive, it is a moral if not legal obligation of the host to prevent that guest from getting behind the wheel of his car. Most of the holiday tragedy on the highways has been the harvest of drunken driving and would not have occurred if hosts had insisted that unfit drvers leave ther cars until the soberer tomorrow, traveling home by safe means such as public ttransportation. I hope that your readers will join our Association and other organizations working in the interests of highway safety in an effort to curb the accidents that have made Christmases of the past un-merry and New Year's Days appallingly un-happy. Sincerely yours, L. S. HARRIS Executive Director, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, Washington, D. C. MarloW Here And There along these To say, as Adlai Stevenson remarked in a speech, that our people have fears is an understatement. Our people are, on the whole, not only afraid; they are disgusted. Stevenson ought to know because in his state of Illinois the disgust is so thick, it can be cut like a cheese-cake. nd the disgust has nothing to do with Eisenhower or Truman, much less with Stevenson, but with both political parties, uhich. in the minds of too many, are guilty not only of mismanagement but of failing to disclose mismanagement. There is a growing feeling in the land among the citizens that the politicians of both parties are in a conspiracy to cover up the mistakes made by any politician. This lack of confidence in the leadership of both parties is what makes Joe McCarthy so interesting to so many. He is being discussed even by those who dislike his personality and the way he does things. But these discussions go a little further. Many businessmen cannot understand the combination of Republican and Democratic leaders who. in order to pursue a foreign policy that does not produce the results hoped for, are now promoting an international trade policy which is already being felt by a large number of American industries. Already the coal, oil, chemical, electrical equipment, lace, costume jewelry and other industries ftar that they will be put out of By GEORGE E. SOKOLSKY Most plane riders like to sit quietly and read or ponder, but now that some of the larger planes have a section in the tail where it is permissible to smoke a pipe or a cigar, something of the atmosphere of a club car develops and it is good. The cigar or pipe smoker usually is also a talker. The club car atmosphere is one of argument, drunk or sober, and sooner or later everybody gets into it with varying degrees of knowledge and wisdom. In a country in which everybody Is entitled to express his opinion, whether he has ever done an hour's work to justify having an opinion, it is possible to hop, skip and jump from this to that and the time passes pleasantly. Curiously, there is less talk about Eisenhower than about McCarthy, less about taxes this year than about spies and all this is pro and con. I was traveling to and from New York and Chicago immediately after the Bermuda Conference and the President's speech, "Operation Candor," but few raised the subject either in the plane or anywhere else. What seemed to be uppermost in most people's minds, at that moment, was what would come of the fight between Eisenhower and McCarthy, what was the Canadian game about Gouzenko what is the truth about Fort Monmouth, why did not the FBI catch all the spies and put them in jail, is McCarthy running for president' will there be a third Dartv. fir clinical indication of unemployment and that sooner or later, Congress will be faced by the good, old American struggle over the tariff, with, however, this anomaly that a Republican administration may be supporting the concept of free trade while the Democrats will be demanding legislation protecting particular commodities. It is this switch in positions that often arouses citizens to wonder whether either of the two major political parties stands for anything as a party. If both parties are identical in practices, those who need to or desire to express a contrary point of view will have no avenue of expression except in left-wing groups coordinated by the Communists or as extremists on the right. The two party system often breaks down because the parties cease to have meaning and become nothing more than collections of ambitious personalities. The greatest value of Robert A. Taft to the Republican Party was that in the years when Roosevelt and Truman tried ta destroy that party by pleas for what they called unity, he adhered to a set of traditional principles which men and v.omer could support because they believed in them. No such sharp demarcation of principle is apparent in these days and in conversations among the businessmen I meet over the country, the disappointment is being expressed In no uncertain terms: no one kows how to sit on both sides of a table with CLAYTON RAND GRANDMA'S WEEK The Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives Is being bombarded with biUs to set aside some kind of a particular day or week on the national calendar to celebrate this or that. Up for consideration are 82 such measures. Hearings will be scheduled in the next Congress for an Odorless Decoration Week. National Turn-To-Tea Week, National Crime Prevention Week, Pancake Day, Child Foot Health Month, Save the Horse Week, Forefather's Dav and the Christmas And Iron Horse. Once again, during this holiday season, the railroads are being called upon to do a transportation job of almost incredible size. Beginning December 1, their mail load will average nearly 250.000,000 parcels and greeting cards each day. And it will continue at that pace until Christmas. The Post Office Department estimates that during the 24-day pre-Christmas period this year's intercity-mail the great bulk of which moves by rail will total about 5,796,000,000 pieces. That is equivalent to delivering an average of more than one package or card each day to every person in the United States. Canada and Mexico. To handle that enormous volume, the railroads must provide 3,760,162 square feet of mail car space a footage equal to 62,669 standard-sized mail cars. These cars, in turn, would make up more than 5,200 solid mail trains of 12 cars each. That, to put it mildly, is some order. But the railroads, with their wealth of modern facilities, will do it in stride, just as they do every holiday season. Thanks to the Iron Horse, your Christmas gifts and greetings will reach you promptly and in good order. Christmas Clearance Sale. From the Lutheran Standard under the above heading the following: "A lot of prejudices which have ceased to be of use to me; a stock of envy of the rich, some slightly shopworn jealously; a large supply of gloom that I shall have no use for from today. I offer bargains. Who will buy? Come, bid, and take the stuff away! "A lot of wishes I've outgrown, a stock of foolish old beliefs; some pride I once was glad to own, a bulky line of misfit griefs. A large assortment of ill will, a job lot of bad faith and doubt; harsh words that have their stingers still come on, come on! I'm closing out. "I need more room for kindliness, for hopeful courage and good cheer. For sale, the hatred I possess, the dark suspicions and the fear. A large supply of frailities I shall have no use for from today. offer bargains who will buy? Come, bid, and take the stuff away!" Bad Manners Costly. In case anyone needs reminding, a survey by a group of independent supermarket and grocery-store operators shows bad manners is the most frequent cause of lost patronage. A. study by Home Owned Food Stores, Incorporated, indicated 45 per cent of women shoppers stop buying at a store because of bad manners. Thirty-one per cent quit because of bad housekeeping; 27 per cent named high prices; 21 per cent cited poor quality; 17 per cent named limited choice and 8 per cent had other reasons. business, that there is already a at the sam. time. Peg ler Genera Brownell Coddling U.S. Prison Boss Bennett By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 UB Just about the nicest Christmas gift for President Eisenhower would be a package of party harmony, wrapped in a guarantee that aU Republicans in 1954 would see eye to eye on everything of importance. It's a gift he won't get. Two of the most powerful Republicans in Congress yesterday came out of a White House conference with Eisenhower disagreeing. One was the 63-year old John Taber, a New York lawyer who built himself a reputation thundering for economy. The other was Dewey Short of Missouri. 55, who has long been one of the main oratorical attractions of the House. He first went there in 1929, five years after Taber. Short is an orator with gestures which are sometimes as good as the oratory. Short's speeches bring Democrats and Republicans from offices and cloakrooms to listen, and watch. Leaving the White House, Taber, who once advocated meat ax approach to government spending, said optimistically he thought next year's budget could stand big cuts. Short didn't see big cuts at all. As chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, where all government spending bills have to start. Taber is in a prime position to try to make his predictions come true. All the agency and department heads must parade before him and his committee to explain why they think they need the money the budget says they need. It's the Taber committee's job to keep spending down. Short, however, is chairman of the powerful House Armed Services Committee, which gives him a wide view and deep knowledge of the needs of the armed forces. Since the money which Eisenhower will ask Congress to appropriate for the armed forces will make up by far the biggest item of government spending, Taber wiU probably try his biggest cuts there. Taber and Short both sounded off before the budget Itself was complete. The Eisenhower administration has been preparing it for months to submit to Congress in January. Daily Thought Wherefore doth a living- man complain, a man for the punishment of his sins? Lamenta Day After ChrisLnas Day. The U. S. Commerce Department reports that there are already 258 occasions for "special events" during the year, most of which do not have the approval of Congress. One representative wants congressional approval of a National Hoi stein-Fricsian Day, others want a Cleaner Air Week, a National Leave Us Alone Week and one a National Grandmother's Day. There should be at least one Grandmother's Day during which she will not have to baby-sit or keep silent while she sees her sons and daughters mismanage their children. A patient grandmother can usually cope with one brat, but not with two or more at the same time. Isn't it fortunate that the Lord so planned reproduction that the younger ones have the children? "Grandma, can you eat nuts?" "No. no. my child, I have no teeth." "Well, keep these nuts then until I ome home from school." So They Say I am advised It is possible, but to appoint myself would be vain and improper. Under no circumstances would I give any consideration to that method of achieving the office. Ohio't Governor Lausche says he will not appoint himself to succeed the late Senator Tajt. When it's cold, we cover up, but when the flowers and trees begin to bear, we begin to bare. Harold Zimmerman, operator of the Woodland Acres Nudist Camp, Hillsdale, III. The Kinsey book will not be placed on library shelves because it was not thought to be of general interest to G. V. S. Army spokesman in Germany. I consider Martin Durkln (resigned Secretary of Labor) and the President (Eisenhower) to be honorable men. There was an apparent misunderstanding. Vice President A'ixon. RAISE FOR "HARD CORE" IN OUR ARMER SERVICES To The Editor: If Uncle Sam is to stay out of at all. However, in the absence of any specific order that Marcanton-io and Abt be allowed to use the private hospital room for a conference room the prison authorities have made the lawyers conduct their interviews under the usual conditions. Gates is serving five years. Marzani was received at Danbury in August, 1949. He was caught smuggling contraband on Sept. 1, 1950. On Sept. 20, he forfeited 165 days of "good time" by Bennett's order. Soon afterward he was started toward Atlanta but was detained at Lewisburg. His orders to Atlanta remained in existence for about six months more and a number of gangs of prisoners were sent from Lewisburg to AUanta in that period. In the spring of 1951, a direct order was issued by Bennet that Marzani should remain at Lewisburg. About 3 weeks after this order was received, Alger Hiss arrived and they were Joint inmates for about three months until Marzani got out on July 22, 1951. The reason stated was to let him enroll at Columbia prior to July 25, fiie deadline on such enrollment in his case. Afterward, Marzani asked that his contraband manuscript be returned to him and a portion of it was returned. The Attorney General may remove the director of the Bureau of Prisons at will. Brownell decided to keep Bennett on the ground that he regarded him as a man of excellent qualifications. The most important facts of this account were on record as testimony In June, 1952 Brownell was on warning. The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. By WESTBROOK PEGLER NEW YORK, Dec. 18-Attorney General Herbert Brownell has lit the fuse of a first class scandal by retaining James V. Bennet in his Job as Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The first expose of Bennett's coddling of criminal Communist prisoners under the Truman Administration was bad enough in itself. But it now comes out 'that Bennett's motive In restoring 124 day of forfeited "good time'' to Carl Aldo Marzani. one of the convicted State Department Reds, was to qualify him under a time limit for a free course in journalism at Columbia University at government expense, under the GI Bill 0f Rights. The basic facts of Bennett's gentleness to Communists were elicited by a sub-committee of the Senate committee on government expenditures. Pat McCarran was in the chair and Homer Ferguson of Michigan asked the questions. Bennet also arranged to let Marzani reside in the country club type of prison at Lewisburg, for a stretch of about three months when his old friend, Alger Hiss, was there. Marzani and Hiss had been colleagues in the State Department. They were often together at Lewisburg. Marzani admittedly had earned severe punishment by trying to smuggle Communist literature out of the Danbury Country Club Prison to which he was first consigned. Another authority than Bennett vt, h8Ve sent the facts t0 riil for inquiry and further reference to the criminal division of the Department of Justice. However Bennett took the view that Marzani bad violated only a prison rule rather than a federal law against the smuggling of contraband in or out of any prison. Senator Ferguson thought a crime had been committed. Bennett's conduct becomes more and more interesting as further details are discovered. In the first place. Marzani lost 165 days of statutory, earned "good time." then he was loaded into a bus bound for the close-custody prison at Atlanta where the discipline and living conditions are extremely unpleasant. But, after the bus had stopped at Lewisburg for the ight, stopped at Lewisburg for the night, Marzani stayed on until he finally was released with a grace gift of more than four months of forfeited "good time." Bennett has evaded inquiries as to how many others in the trinsfer from Danbury to Atlanta were allowed to stay on at Lewisburg, On the whole, his testimony lacked firmness and clarity on matters which he knew were to be topics of examination and on. which he had official information In the records. There is also further information regarding the coddling of John Gates, which name is one of two aliases used by this member of the grossly abusive and disorderly gang of criminal Reds who were convicted' in the memorable long trial before Judge Harold R. Medina, In New York. Gates was transferred from Atlanta to Danbury ostensibly for the convenience of his lawyers. Vito Marcantoaio and John Abt. Abt has been named by witnesses as a Communist: Attorneys for may non-Communist prisoners much less dangerous to American society and the nation have to go to Atlanta from far away to interview their clients. Gates retains his title of editor of the Daily Worker while he is in Danbury. The most shocking disclosure now made in the case of Gates is that Bennett, himself, sent official orders to the Warden of Banbury that he was to have a private room in the hospital. The warden had no option but to obey and a disruptive resentment ensued among the non-Communist prisoners in the country club. The hospital is always the most desirable location in a prison but private rooms In federal prisons normally are exclusively for very sick persons or high-ranking Democrats. The ad-diUon to this privileged group of a Communist who is serving five years for conspiring to overthrow the government was an innovation by Bennett. There was no medical diagnosis to justify Gates' admission to the hospital on any footing Life is much like Christmas you are more apt to get what you expect than what you want. Sign seen on the rear of a "Many a man has carved his tombstone by chiseling in traffic." Many people who claim they tell only white lies are color blind. When a fellow gets a girl out under the moon, he is likely to promise her everything under the aun. The first lesson in the art of self-defense is to keep your glasses on. Keeping everlastingly at it usually brings and nervous prostration. tions :39. God is on the side of virtue; for whoever dreads punishment suffers it, and whoever deserves it dreads it. Colton.

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