The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1933
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NITWfiPAPlTW n» VfiRTHRA Hr> AHITAUQAU *wr\ OJ-ITWUW. r™- ».».,«~.....^^ "^ - r1T ™ ™ ^—X THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Ol> NOBTHEA 8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIBSOUKI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 2« Ulytlwvlito. Dully News. BlythBrill* OoorMt. Mississippi Villey Leader. BlrthfrtuV Hfr*lr1 ULYTHKVIUJ.;, ARKANSAS. FU1DAY, DUC'ICMM^R ^SINGLE COPIES, FIVE PLANS FREE SILVER DRIVE Reviving An Old Nrw York Oustom Between 11 and 26 Prisoners Reported lo Have Escaped at Atmorc. ATMORE, Ah. Doc. 29 HJP) — Attendants at A<:nure general hospital reixjriecl Mi's afternoon 'hat Grover Kirby, i fanner, had died ll.ere of v.nmd-; infliclcd by convicts escaping fi'.'.m Atmore prison camp todav. Kirbv was ki'ul by a neiiro convict when J.e fired on the escaping group, II was reiwrlcd here. T\vo other fmmers one of whf/n v,-as reported !o be f-eon Parker, vcrn .said to have been shol bv ll.e eseaning lomirls wlm had overpowered guards hi their dasti for liberty. I Ai'lhorilies sri awhile «oii"ht 10 ' confirm rerini-t^ tlril another while man h<ul r^e' 1 Vi'i'rd in (he r-d^e of nnrl'ivtesl. F!r>ida by a part of !)"• fleeing croup. Prison iirO'onlif.s here *vas re- l'Clr>nt tn dlva'-'e inToi'mallon con- ri>r~'n<* thn hvc-.> in the alienee of tlr- warden. B"unr(s .'aid fumi )'. to W. inrrt- tv negroes, escaped from the c?mp. Report Unemolovment Increase in November Dec. 20 (DPI— Tndi'ctvlnl minrmtovmcnl increased hv nPOfinrj in Kn\e«nh n r. reversing the lr"nH of tlv^ i^pl ei^ht mnnihs. (h" American ]•< deration of Labor ertimated lodav. The fcttcruti'T. nlaced the total mimher of uncmrlT'M nl Ihc r 'iid of NovpTrtH" ru in ^rA.rKif). Thi*; rornnot-'Hl with The March peek o! 1:-:'089,000. " • ''Peace by Peoples" the New Order Me Declares at Wilson Dinner. If you'ic first to reach New York's Central Park Casino by sleigh alter the first snowfall, a magnum of champagne is tuc reward. That's why this parly of notables, including Paul Mellon, son of the former WASHINGTON, Dec. 23. (UD — A clear cut statement of American loreign policy, bused on ihc simple ir.eme of "live and let live," '.s as received by the nations of the world from President Roiiscvclt. In an address Hint rang with a warning thai wars are started by polillclans and not by the ireople the chief executive ISut night praised Ihc objectives of Woodrow Wilson for universal tranmiility, enunciated in of the Untied States a program of non-intervention, and s»rved notice that so far as the League of Nations was concerned. "\\'C are not members and do not contemplate membership." lYtun now on "wars by govcrn- 'menls shall be changed to i>cace by peoples," the president said. Dinner Honors Wil-non Mr. Roosevelt's speech, one of (he most Importanl of the many he has made since March 4, was delivered before a brilliant audience In con- neclion with the annual dinner of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation In the ballroom of the Hotel Mayflower here. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, widow of the wa» time president, was among the guests. -Mr. Roosevelt departed from his preparod address to relate several anecdotes about the part he played In the war time administration March lo Electric Chair to Tune of "Chicken Reel" IIUNTSVILLE, ' Tex.. IX'C. 29, iUI'l— Wilh a condemned man playing "Chicken licel' oi> a hnr- iiiunliM, three slayers marched Ui the electric chair In Ihe stale p;-ni- Ifiillary huie loday. Djft'ey Hunt, a former TentiK- h>-an, sentenced for the s!ay!n B of a Dallas street cui 1 operator, uskcd lor Ihe music. H was played by Paul Mitchell, also under death sentence. I'wo negro slayers. tT^ireir 1 ^ Duiker nnd Carl Stewart, followed linn lo Hie chair. All died bravely. Hunt left letters for hhi [>arcnis nul lor Miss Cornelia Wllki-l.son. IS. Dallas yirl who M! in love wllh ':ilm atler his anesl and visited him at every opportunity. u ' casi:ry Sccretar 5 r . Bccbc, bon vivaiu, were making haste in one of the city's few horse drawn sleighs wiif : ii tliis picture was taken in Central Park. M!n» OneraMon? Cited for Cutting Coal Price BITHE REBELS Uprisings Break Simultaneously al Three Points, Police Announce ROSARIO, Argentina. Dec. 29. (UP)—Thc oilier of thc c.iief of twlicc announced today that a re.- niTY. Mn.. Den. 3!) dipi—Th" firBtfiMlon here nGiiiira ~ii".°e<i viola'ivt* :>f an NP* code was ta'.-en todnv when William E Vniid"venl"r. C. S. district at- lorTicv. Isqprd v.i'rrants for the >rrest of j. R. Mnore and his <rn. S Moore, of llnkinvllTo. Mo.. jug ,vii,l tn T-I.VH tri'~k drivers for less 'han the minimum crxle. tellious7nov<mieni had broken rrico. | simultaneously in Rosario, Canada de Gomez, and Sanla IV. In Rosario groups armed with rifles, pislols. and hand grenades attacked Ihe police barracks shouting "Viva la revolution." They al?o attacked the fire headquarters but were repulsed.- Several were killed and wounded. . Advices from tl:e Interior of Ihe Cnttnn NEW YORK. Dec. 2!) IUP> — Collon clofe steadv. onen hi"li Icnv e T oc« .Inn 1013 inis 1IW! mw) Mar in^n \mn 1022 May 1144 104n ira Jul jura) imn ins4 oct m?s imn io7i Deo 1C93 IMS IHRT i province said rebels had seized scv- "snow fell. 1026 inj| inv? |eral commiss.iries. cutting commu- ima 10S9 saying, in speaking of Wilson, "to me he'll always be thc president; The president took as his texl the utterance of Wilson in 1913 that "comprehension must be the soil in which shall grow all the fruits of friendship." Ajtalnst. Intervention He developed from this declaration a pr,licy of particular Impor to the countries of Latin America Confession Clears Myslery Surrounding 8-Y e a v Old's Dead). WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., Dec. 23. Ul'i—Tne confession of u 13-year- (Jlcl girl that she murdered her younger pluymale In an outbm^t, ol temper left authorilies undecided loday as to what action ihe slate would take. Mary Cavala, 13. of Hastlngs-on- Ihc-Hudson, N. Y., was held as Ihc confessed slayer of Josephine War- opay, 8, the child whose trussed body was found Sunday behind a clubhouse building. The murder, which nt first was believed to have been a sex crime, wus committed by the Cavala girl without ae plices, District Attorney Coyn< on the basis of the confession. CHIEF PROBLEM Fiphl Will Come Over Raism» Revenue lo Refinance Debt. KV 1IOVDKN' UN'DKKWOO!) (lulled rn-tis Slaff ('oirCMHimlnit UTI'I.K KOCK, Ark. flll'i -A .second rxlrnoidiiiarv session of Ihe fmly-nliitli ni'i":rnl ns*cmuly of U'dsliiluri 1 convenes here Monday. Jan. 2. Of primary Importance Is the is.snue of a bill refundliic. the slate's $1M 000.000 of obll|;iillnns. Other subjects included In the call, to date, nre: to extend Ihe period for 'redemption of tax fnrliinrt: (o provide funds for lor oiXTnlion of the sdite pcnltrnllnry: to appropriate funds for expenses of Ihe session (not lo exceed $12.COn). To pars 11 KuctTOsful refunding bill II will IK.- necessary lo raise additional revenue. I'roposals Include raising Ihe gasoline tux one cent per gallon, raising tlie license lux nn unsscnucr automobile.'; four or more years old and Ihe hiking of heavy truck license fees. Against Gas Tin liixiM Oov. J. M. Putrell lias said he does not fnvor nn Increase in thc gasoline tax nnd the tax on old automobiles. He does, however, fnvor tho truck increase. The governor does no! believe proposals for ' legalizing the sale mid taxation of llmior and thr legalizing of horse roqlnp can be Scl Air Kccord RESOLUTION FOR :* crime, w is cummiucc, „ „ collF!lIcm | - nl '„,' , irto "ton rovn'eZ; «»>•«. Pwwwnls of the bills he? i lC l'>L 0r " L£?i? CSn "' .»«' they can Inlmluce (hem ,,n"Mary claimed," Coyne said, "that cn n s Josephine had been telling stories. system about her mother and her family, Form der the seel Inn of Ihe cull which for refinancing the penal and In a fit of temper she struck Josephine in the lace with' a rock. Then, while the child was stunned, she bound her hands with strands from'an old mop. She put a rlib- . . .. . De sa:d they were free to set upSber band around her neck and tied and maintain governments ol their own cf.coslng. Mr. Roosevelt • declared that Snow Accompanies Rising Temperatures Western States. events since the world war justified Latin American suspicion of the motives of " " " strands from the mop around her neck. She had found thc rubber band, which had been cut from the inner tube of an old lire. "Then she 'pulled a large sled CS Rising Tin!, -n le , tcd StatCS ' b>ltiore '' ">c child's tody," Coyne said, ' M- 1 " dded '- sl B'""^"»y. "it therefore, quoting from the girl's confoalon. in Middle '"^^'"fd clear to me as presi-1 "She said she killed Josephine By United Press The icy breath of winter sent (he definite policy of thc United Slalos- mercury plunging downward along from now on is one opposed to arm- thc eastern seaboard today as ris-'^d Intervention' ing temperatures in other sections brought some relief from Ihe sea- . , ,. , • '- ••" f-vu. . u.,o .Ttim am; KIII\;U JOSCpllir denl that the time has come (o.aboul 4:30 Sunday aflerno™ while supplement and to Implement foe j they were on their way home to- deciaration of President Wilson by gethcr" the further declaration that Ihe §th NameJ >rmcr Rep. Dan W. Johnston of Clarksville has started lo rtraft «• bill which provides for the placing of a snjall tax on nnhirn] gas Revenue, he said, to be derived would be used to repay the highway fund for funds borrowed for ODCrntlon of various departments of slate government. Oov. Futrell held this to be within (he purview of his call. The. chief .executive has started prcrmrallon of his mcssoyc to sol- ons for Tuesday. 'He exiwcts to have it completed Saturday, Dec Helen MIAMI. Dec. M JUI>»— Ilelei Il.fhoy and Fiances Hiiiivll Mar salis, adding to Ihelr women's en durance refiHinr; flight record ended Ihelr ninth dny in Ihe al cnfileni standari inulni! Ihey WLT Wheeler Confident Con- | gress Will Provide {or Unlimited Coinage. WASHINGTON, Dec. 25 (UP)— V powerful semi'.e silver bloc of R members wus nrganired today nil Immediately rdopled a resolu- ion c-illlng for "free and unllmlt- (' colinyje of iMith gold and sli- r cr" nl u ratio to be eslabllshcd •y law. A score of senators met with Senator Wheelor iDem.. Mont.) minor of the 16 lo 1 silver coln- .i;c bill, and pledged their support .0 n stiver campuign In congress .Ills winter. Wheeler prcdklrd passage of silver IcclsliUlun in both house, and •:«.nnlc nnd .rnij the resolution nould be convtyrd to President UooEcvelt Immi (liatcly. '• The resoliiticn, which Wheeler ••aid. was ndip.ud unanimously, was: "We favor bl-melnlllsm, the free fii.d milimltcd LOli.ngc of both gold, nd sllmr at n rutlo to be eslub- ll.'hcd by law." Wheeler explained the conferees had not decided uixm a dcriiitte Hilto liecausij they difl ixit know vhat Mr. mxstvUl might do in inducing thc gold content of the dollar. Surgeons Remove Obstruction From Brain of Little Sue Trammell. 30. Fireworks Likely expected New York shivered when thcr- j momctcrs recorded zero weather at) 0 a.m. j J. A. Crow. Father of Mrs. C. E. Wilson, Dies ' Plenty of fireworks an during the session. The bond question involve.-, many , . i things most soions cannot or do Commissioners i " ot wls!l to understand. Taxes! i must be raised In some form. H Is | always a good stand for n legislator Temperatures were dropping rapidly throughout the northeastern section of the United Slates where earlier tn the week heavy At Alberdi two telegra- Spots closed tiuiet at 1030. off 5.1 were made. nica'.ior.j. phers were killed. Many arrests j Government predictions were for Snow accompanied tlw rise temperatures in the middle west. more nearly normal temperatures By 1 p.m. five persons had been ! the remainder of the week, follow- killed and six vr.unded at Ihe town i ed by a second cold wave moving COlfon ^ Santa R> and four were dead;<Iown from the Arctic. ; and nine \voundcd in Rcsario. I'ilnls Rescued from Lake NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 29 fUP) I —Colton closed steady. j PI , n n- i i high low- now ! Slayer of Boy ricked Jan Mar Mav Jul Oct Dec lOllb 1025 IOS7 1040 1042 1056 10W 1075 1015 1088 1035 1000 111-12 1038 Victim As "Easiest Job" Lake \fichigan the scc.ic of Spots closed milct at 1014. changed. urn 108lb Chicaao Wheat tragic shipping disasters and thrill- Ing rescues during the week. Chicago coast guard hcadquart- I ers rescued three members of Ihe ,,_,, -crew o: the 38-foDt fishing schoon- | COLUMBIA. 3. C., Dec. 29 (UP) , er Seagull after It had been bat- j - Rcben H. Wiles, ^who has as- : tered by Ice and almost sunk a few --•---"•" ""miles from port. The crew fought for 24 hours to keep the boat afloat. Near Grand Haven. Mich., t '.i 3 d two airmail pl- J. A. Crow, 83-year-old father of Mrs. C. E. Wilson, died yesterday afternoon nt Ethel. Miss, following n lingerinn Illness. Funeral i services were held In lhat clly this afternoon where burial was made. The deceased is also survived by three other daunhters. Mrs. A. M. Durns of Cleveland, Miss., nnd Mrs. Eva Hill and Miss Retta Crow, of Ethel, Miss., and one son. Charles Crow, of Jackson, Miss. thc Nn: community, near here, and E. R.| Smith of Osccola were named members of the Mississippi county board of election commissioners by the state election board in session al Little Rock yesterday. Mr. Moore was appolnled to suc- W. W. Shaver of Blythcvillc, luxes." the ra,sing of An altempl to oust A. G. Stedman ns supcrlidendcnt of thc stale penal system Is cerlaln lo be made. Rep. Joe Unrdin. Lincoln county, n member of thc house penitentiary committee Is prepariiv: a bill which would abolish Ihc BALTIMORE, Md., Dec. 29 (UP) —Surgeons tit, Johns Hopkins hospital today successfully removed a brain obslruclion which had threatened tile life o[ 5-months-oM Sue Trammell of Houston, Tex. The child was rushed here by airplane early til t!;c week for the delicate operation which was performed by Dr. Walter Dandy, world famous brain specialist. The operation, to drain fluid from Ihe membranes beneath the babys skull, was one of the most delicate known to medical science. Doctor Dandy and his associates, however, have performed tr.e 6pcratlon successfully several times and they were strongly hopeful ot savins the child's life. i The Infant was stricken with .Must Surrender Hold WABlltNOTON, Dec. 29. (UP) — The government today set out to complete Us corner on the country's enormous stocks of gold. Holders of all gold bullion or gold money outside the federal reserve banks were required to ov?r "forthwith" to the treasury!'. Minor exceptions were made'bit they were Immaterial in the broad tfTorl to .concentrate the countrj.'s. folff.iipply of i-:,400,00u,0'^'"il.i[hb :rcaiury and the federal reserve banks. According to Treasury, .figures-' :he public sill! holds-$311,044,8«5 In gold coin nnd $217,486,829 In' ;old certificates. Financial observers ' saw the ' Treasury order as a preliminary' step to calling gold from the Federal Reserve banks to the Treasury vaults, a subject discussed, Thursday between the President and Senator Tom Connally (Dem) of Texas. Could Then Devaluate Dollar"' With all the gold In the Treasury the Government would be In a position lo devaluate the dollar, thus increasing the value of Its cornered gold to furnish enormous additional money wllh which lo reduce Ihe debt and meet sucli" obligations as those of the RFC. Democrat, resigned, and Mr. Smith j office of superlnleiident. ft 'would | 1 >S''l''CCCphalus. commonly known as was named to take the place of. Reed Threlkeld of Manila and Browns Spur as the Republican member ot the board. Mr. Thvcl- kekl aUo resigned. W. p. M. Ferguson ol Marie Is Tills is the third time dcal]i"h'asj c !' lil .'" nnn ° r thc county board con- cntered Ihls family In Ihe past year, a son having died here about sisting of three members. The tire personnel of the board has .'.misd full resiior.sibility »>'r tho kionaplnj and minder of 15-year;•'(! Herbert H Harris. Jr., today confessed (o cJficcrs he ch \i>i:ii': Harri; .'rein Ihrce ixvssi f* O ! coast e " ar<1 May Jul May Jul 85 1-8 85 3-8 81 1-2 84 1-2 84 1-2 EC 3-8 Chicaqo Corn ,. , • », , a . "" J '° towed into port by the The names cf tin.- other two pos- WBS b •,'bto victims veic not revealed byj ' ,', rnicrrs, who coi.linucd questionins! V'iles a::d cheiKi:ig all angles to: SEid ->^. r^i-- -rt^^ant 60 Below Zero OWLS HEAD, N. Y.. Dec. 29. 51 1-8 SI 3-8 40 7-8 4!) 7-8: 53 1-4 53 1-4 51 7-8 51 7-8 ' ^firers lie i:b:in-. i to kidnap til:: j MI.til and demiiiul Sl.OOO from (he Owls Head, far north In the Adl- roniack mountain region, as a large Closina Mort Prlce*\^»r^^K^^^««™^>»K P£ir of a gror "' c " nl " " ero - I grip of an unusually intense cold T. and T. Anaconda Cnnper Unthlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester Mlddlewcst Utilities Montgomery Ward New York Central Phillips Petroleum Rfldlo Simmons Beds St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J. Texas Co. tr S Sleel 110 r _ , „ : wa «14 it'ire Uestroys Home '• 55 3 i$, and Contents at Manila! Rev. Kyzar Will Open 17-81 ' - - a month ago and another son been cllall S e(I within the past few nnssed away several months ago.' rao nllis. Ferguson having been nain- Mrs. J. A. Crow died In this city C(J as s "cce=scr to W. R. Dyess, re- during the influenza epidemic "'""" " several years ago. Dr. and Mrs. Wilson drove to Ethel today for the funeral. signed, lasl fall. leave the management' lo thc wnl " on ''-'- c wardens. Her parents noted a swelling of W. N. Trulock recently resign-1 ll:c baby's Just before Chrlst- ed ns chairman of thc state pennli lnns ' noctors in Houston advised board nflcr Gov. Fntrell said hci thnt s no be rushed immediately to would not dismiss Stedman unless | Johns Hopkins for treatment by formal charges were made warranted his removal. and Doctor Dandy. James Wcdcll, noted airplane Prelate Slain In Own Church Oklahoma Sunday School Leader Will Preach Here 91 1-2 34 10 35 39 3-4 Meeting Here Sunday - ' Tho Rev. W. W. Kyzar. formerly day. The loss, which included nil i paslor of the First Baptist church furnisheing and clothing, is eMi- of this city and now pastor of the MANILA - Fire, caused by ai faulty flue, destroyed the home of; '^rs. Belle Vermilllon at noon lo-| Ne«ro Rooming House Badly Damaged by Fire The top flcor of * two Btory ne- gro rooming house, us Wesl Matthews, was swept by nre this morn- The Rev. Fred A. McCnuley of '"?• causing damage esttmaled at Shawnec. Okla.. state Sundayi S1.500. The property is owned by': school secretary of Bapllst church-j'• J - Johnson, es in Oklahoma, will preach nt! , T 'ie nre apparently was slarled the First Bnptlsl church Sunday h v -en a sjiark from a chlmnev Ig- morning and evening. nited dry shingles on thc roof. A Another special feature of the dozen negro families living in the two services will be selections byl building scurried In and out rc- the Oklahoma Baptist. University's moving t), C ir turnLshings and cloth- male quartet. Ing. while firemen fought the blaze. Tiireo streams of water were played onto I'r.c house and the nre was cut off above the nrst floor. Firo- men spent over an hour exlin- KuUhlng the flames. WEATHER 1-8; mated at approximately SMO. It cfturch at Meadvlllc. Miss, will ' ' "•"• -------- ' ' 22 1-4 was partly insured. 33 Iduct evangelistic services at the Manila's famous bucket brigade Second Baptist church beginning 3 3-4] was able to save the adjoining Sunday and continuing for 1G 1-8: houses which were seriousiv threat- weeks. j i B 5-8|cned. Ho will be assisted by Ihe I pastor, Ihc Rev. J. L. Newsom. The Rev. Mr. Kyzar was in the •>. 1-8| When standing at the North, evangelistic work for the Mlssis- 45 1-8! Pole, all directions arc sdi;th. At; slppi Baptist mission board for a 235-8 the South Pole, nil directions are .number of years and is also well 47 1-2 north 'known in Arkansas Huey at Washington, Prepared for Battle WASHINGTON, Dec. 29. )UP>Senator Huey Long opened his office In the capitol loday and prepared lo "fight the hell out of" several measures scheduled for consideration In congress. The Louisiana kingnsh arrived at his desk early and discovered he was without an office force, He sat at his secretary's desk, opening mail and answering telephone calls. Long said r.e would open his cam- Arkansas—Cloudy, probably o:- casional rains In south and extreme west portions tonight and In south and west |»rtlons Saturday. Memphis and Vicinity—Cloudy, "~F light rain tonight and to- racer, was summoned from a holiday hunting trip In Texas and brought the baby here on a fast flight through winter slcrms. Doctor Dandy and his associate; made a careful study of Sue's condition for two days before deciding en the otxrntlon. V/anderv/ell's Widow Weds at New Orleans Man's "Disappearance" Is Closed Matter Here rnvestigalion Into Ihc disappearance of 3. J. Johnson, 38. opened (it the request ot his bride ol a few months. Is closed as far as fhe , sricrifT's cfflcc is concerned, accord-' ing to Sheriff Clarence Wilson. .".'. Mrs. Johnson claimed that her' husband, who she said was a timber inspector ftr the Major Stave company of East St. Louis, 111., dtsap- • peared while on a trip to the Big, Lake section west of here to view a section of timber hU company proposed to purchase. Investigation revealed that the Illinois company was a seller and not a buyer of timber tracts anj that Johnson stayed at a rooming house here several days during tlie time his wife believed he hacl disappeared. It was slated. NEW OR LEAK 3, Dec. 29 (UPI— Aloha Wan;ltrv.-cll. 25-year-old •vldow of Capta;n Walter Wnnder- ivell. globe lro:'.?r whose murder r.tonrd his y.icV, last year remains unsolved, was i,.i>rrled lo Waller Br.kcr. 21. of Wjomtnj. h\ a New Orleans suburb laic yesterday. Baker is n mechanic and driver Three Fires Cause Only Minor Damage City firemen were called out three times yesterday and this morning but fires resulting in the ala'rms did The maximum temperature h're pai«ti for ''redistribullon of weallh" ] yeslcrday was 38, minimum I A knlfo thrust from & pew ended the life of Archbishop Leon Kllsce Tourian, 60, head of tlto Armenian National. Apostolic Church In the Americas, above, as he walked down the aisle of Ills church In New York to open services. Several arresls wero mad". Police believe tho crimo climaxed conflict in tlio church be comes along," on to whatever j night the temperature reached a {minimum of 31: Exmpatliy for tho Ru regime, an Soviet local tlienter this week. Two Divorce Decrees Granted by Chancellor Two dlvorre decrees have been granted in vacation by Chancellor J. P. Gaulncy In cases filed recently in chancery court here. Decrees were entered for J. W. Rrulon against Polly Bruton and C. D. Dodgen aj.ilnsl Pauline Dodgen. Virgil Greene was atlornev for bolh plaintiffs. Other actions filed recently are: Wilda M. Win ten vs. Mont; Mtn- lon. by p. c. Do;iglas; Willis Lee Watson vs. Alice Watson, by Nelll Reed, and Lavlller Humes vs. Claude Humes, by Clarence Meadows. A bucket lid "stop" In a flue at the home of the Rev. Grover Sutherland. Methodist 'minister, became overheated this morning and Ignited wall paper, causing damage estimated at Slo. Ths house Is owned by the Lake street Methodist church. The alarm was turned i;i at eight o'clock. About 6 p.m. yesterday a tot stove pipe set nre to a wall board partition nt the home of Mrs. J. A. Taschner, 1601 West Ash street. The loss was estimated at $15. Fire broke out In the attic of the T. G. Seal residence, 1214 West Chickasawba. around 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Faulty construction of a flue was blamed for thc fire, halted by fir.emcn armed »it!i buckets of water and an ax. Thc damage was set nt $100,

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