The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 23, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ,,, V BlYtHBrViLLE; (ARK.)' COURIER ;UONnAY_,_MAUCfI 2M, Y Society Calendar Tuesday Mrs. Uo'o is l:a\hn; Ihe r.r-w Turtclay Bridvjc club. •flu wecidli'ir of Miss Mar^arel. Mahan nr.d Mr. James iiu-kinau I3:'il will ink.- iilsro. i meet- lo l!;c The Ma'.ir-je lirkic;^ club i ir.a with MLS. Rives Alk-n. Mrs A. C. Ward is h<\s!^ new Wcdi:c'.:Uiy Hud'Jr club. Th? Jrwj'h l.Kilie.s Aid S-Jfivly will meet at :h; home of Mrs. V.'iil- lam ( a:is ami daughter, Miss 1'aul- ine Lui'.c, with Mis. A'.lolph Meiers also hoilsss. TlnirMlay Mrs. Kicd RlrcM \vj'l nitcrUIn the siiiM of thr I'^nm Lutheran cli'irch at her home, UC3 Chicka Eawlja avenue. Mrs. l[. A, Smith is luvin;; the MiU-V/i-ek Bridct' club. Mis. J- Krai Gesell is eiil -Uahi- i:v; the Mill-West; Bridae dub. TKC- AFTERNOON COSTUMES QflOW WHICH, BY '(VIC- REMOVAL OF WE JACKETS' BECOME EVENING FROCKS. < -'tWEV'RL- A PRACTICAL ASSIT TO EVCRV EASTER WACDROBt. IKD CENTER, IJ.ivir l':'-r(y for llrlilr The ilnai or a si;ij'-s or lirllshtful niiYii:;, irlven ii:r Miss Marsarr Malum. alii at live bride cicel. wa: ilia aficrnoo'.i biidw Silurdaj when Mr:.. \V. )!. Minyard and Miss Mary I.-rjI.-.r Taylor were ho^tcrsL's. Tlu- wedding is lo I' plaec ,omorro'.". Kcd Koscs, mandra^cns anc other sproini! nowcis, in silver nnd aiUitiuc holiicrs, wov pnlllly nr ranged in the two roams arran'jM! Jor live lablc-j o( bridne and the (allies wore in the slmi:* of well- nine rinj.s. Hosiery vent to Mrs. Walker II Bakrr ror lilcli :cou' prize nnd Mrs R. F. Kls'::ner tccolvert :i pillow fu the cut pri.-,\ Tho ;;ui"U of Mono was presented ri lunchr-nii set. Delicious refreshments »f checs 1 sali'd, pU-kle'.l iii'^ijl:?.-, nut bread sandwich!;: and co'u"j weic .-H'rvcd. Included In HID pncsls were Mrs. Jcsbh G. For; of ChrksiilUv Teiin. who is visiliiifi her parents, Mr. and Mr. 'I'. J Mahaii. and Mrs. 1'iank Y. Love oi Fort Smith, guest of Mi', and Mrs. Samuel P. Norris. Men Alttnil Slug Dinner There were 1^ ?v.en oi tho First M.?!!ic;l:st clnnoh v.ho attended the slas dinner Friday which thc :..-cond o! :.iii:ibr affairs planned ror this spvins. I?. P. I'.-.ridison was in clir.rge of the urojvam and the tcastmaster \vr.s Max 13. Hvld. Numbers by ilie hijh schorl qiwrltt anil :al't:5 by the Rev. C. O. Hall, pastor or the L'.ixora Methane church, his ra- tlicr v.-lw is p.ntor or '.lie T>vonzo I Mrs, M. G. Mctliodist chtirch :>nd Viri;ll Greene -mado'an-iiiicrcsttn? pro- CHIFFO'llSUSrOV.'llll RIBBON. USUALPEPLUM MO THE UMEVEN(IE!-U1!JE COMBJNE IU AH IWTERESTIHG- MAVJWER. lACf. TtlC- JACKET HAS pKORT CIRCUUR SlEE-VESAUD A <WHIIT-HO«ERAT TUt NECKlllJE. •M AltNCOH UCE BODICE MJDJACUT COMPIEMENT Trit V/HICH IS ai : ATE-D IW SUS6URST EFFECT, ' Bits of News Mostly Persona! Thai's His Baby Now! Mrs. A. II. Jenkins Is a patient at the Memphis Uapllst hospital. ' Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Norris, heir houscBulst, Mrs- Frank Y. rive of Fort Smith. Mrs. Leonard iV. Holt and son, Leonard Jr., mot- red lo Dexlcr, Mo., Sunday for he day wllh Mr. and Mrs. Hush lelson Thompson and family. They were accompanied by Mrs. homas W .Miller, of HulUcslmn.', •llss-, who will spend n week wllh icr skier, Mrs. Thompson, before chiming her for n brief slay prior o going home. Komg nomc. , . , , Mrs. zal V. Harrison, who has i: 'S a llllr "«l *"»'» :en ill a week, was laken to the!' lls tt ' lf e w'Hh » "e A Seilc-ii of KalTlin; 1! a mis—A; KM|HTt:i 1'lay Them IJV KDWAHll (.:. WO1.M-: Iliis is the lO'.h of n avries of 20 i;ii::rra!]gc:d kiiJKJ i!a!i(t5 playi •! by Cl'.vel.tiid experts to test the::' skill in li'.e pl-iy of didicult har.d-;. The biridiiu was directed as I'ol- lov,r, in order to give all cor.ientants (he .same oppcruinily in the proper dcciurtions: vin ll:c trie!: cr !o ;!'.•: [-.rave. i;ivis dummy a i:i"-.;.\: spade, n..iking it po.-s dare: 1 le '.u:::i;j h:^ li it were v:cc;::.:iy. Kansas City musician and radio performer, answer- mons last New Year Eve, rushed home-and found MBTH S— IO-9-8-7-5 > D— 3-2 C-3 WEST— DcCURER K-<}' D--.VX- 1-5 IO-S-2 . SOUTH C CAST—, DttMMV; £—4-3-2 1 u.e !'. ! (juocn, ilry i: I :hrou-;h' H(,:.:l> b!e for dc- ir,i .:;>:iae if 1 c::.» of c 0— IC-98 C—J-7- 1 •CEAL.ER 4.3 S—X-Q H—A-'K-MO jcen ill a week, was taken lothc!" ls »'"« «'H» » new baby. He was tickled phi;:. Memphis Methodist hospital yes-lwelfaie workers say, rru'aled that Mrs. Bartlf.t urday.-She was accompanied \,y j tjil1j j. of uao( \ m >,„',„,„ a . M]Kff Lm u BB !ed It into the Eaui-jtt home her husband. But Harllett has grown fond of the baby! was mnde in a Cobb Kmbiilance. Mi's. Harrison was resting very well and plans to adopt it. Firs: round: f-cu'.h. trump; West, two club:;; But investigation, prus; Karl, pass, had obtained the! S'eor.d rour.d: bu:ith two hurts; West, three club.:; North, thro:- hearts; Eab'.. pass. Tuir:! n;;n:d: South, piss; West u;:oi: Hit Ir.ivry the queer, u! i>>.-: 1:0 lri;un> cU'i-i;': .•. I t-i-rtU-..-; o; the r.: hrlKina the I..IK I is illfjllileiy :f;i.:c , hoirb ihe c-.i:ru "' "o i iciio'.ui- rf'a-ji:!- North, Ktag •ned I no " tias;il nilti M ' ss Helen Boylcs ol from several days visit In Dexter. ] """'i 11 '* 11 '' * rl =':, wl ' n . nviu . 1;c tllc Mo., wllh his dauehter, Mrs. Hugh ! l!0 ' SC8UCS . 1 ° f M !", Ho " !u:tl ' Nelson Thompson, and family. ' , ' ', Mrs ' A . rch A "°" 1 uj JC Mrs. J. J. Davis, in charge of tim 1 "" 1 "- - MO " wero visitors at the hcs- Will C fVfr UII me four clubs; North, I West. North and East. pa*-;. j j In order to insure ccjualiz.iliuii of North was directed: ! Firs!, tile play ,.: i':.. (hii.s by >:ci:h " u :. .1; .irk* indli-jti-s '.!...'. ::,.more chib.-,. £i-cund, ' Miensth; third, the i;.> the nueea 01 dlamci:;-j ituevij uf ciubs. For ihcs ' • - , , . . ,, , . it ir iar safrr to tar:;.; to cju-n the Jiven of hearts. South • , ;i ^ a , n;1 . he diamo ,, ( , , ] taking this irici: with liw king and annual j j etur! ,| iv; ,i, c ace yvcsl u ., s C on'.-: Te <!?iic:u;is menu wai served by r. rirrle of thc- woman's missionary society. Miuic Deiurlmcnl Mc.-l?. Tt;e niUEie department cf the Woman's c'.ub ir.?i at the clubhouse Friday afternoon for a program on Brahms. Or;;g and Mcnd:lrs3hn. Tiie mectin? opened wish Mrs. H. A. Moore pl.iyin? "America" for crn:p =in?iu;. sc-Hosed with the roH cj.ll r.nj7:crcci «ilh current NCri. P. C. Enurt. c: Ne'.v York ci'.y. mo'.JKT r-i;-.! Prcc- tor. rare f. lall: on the- orqr.n pro- h?=rd in ihft city, ar.rl the 1 by Mrs. George M. lee v:ho also told cf the pr^gran 1 . t;ivjn h're cy J. V,'. P.\rkii'.Lon. of Iowa. csr.r=r<.t c*lU<t. TV.; r,rD~ ; m followed with thc r>"_'ers iEve"i'*':ri s;v:-rj! ss'cc- Tr>c- h;;:r-'--:?. Mrs. n. A. Ti'.i^s 2:;ri Mr?. M. 'FitTsimrnons, sevred d3iEty isfrc.'hments. Tr^i.n:p- School Closes 7i: :-.-•• Y.V;.? 73 ineinbfr.. oi llu 1 B. Y. ?. U.'s i>f the Viift Haptift cri'.:rc:i vi:n r-'ccivcd d;)^o:uas in th'j ;.i;n'jal traiuiirj srltool cou- curted here th'.i v,'e?l: which closed Friday irlsh!. . Thc Rev C. I.. Kiiiw'.vin™, pastor cf thc !.'.:::orn Bautisl church, was Goodwin as leader; Mr?. L. M. Burnelte witli Mis. J. D. liarksdalo as leader; Mrs. A. M. H. lir.m.iun witli Mrs. n. N. Hill as leader: Mrs. Charles F. Wood with Mrs. A. U. Haley as leader; Mrs. J. T. Alford. Entertain Club. Misses Evelyn Blythc ami Virginia Bourland were hostesses to !he new Saturday Night Bridge club at the Blylhe home. Besides the members Miss Marguerite Pojie, of Osccola, wcs a guest. In the card games Miss Irma Laurn Barnes won the. high score prize, lingerie, and (lie cut prize, a memory book, went lo Miss Edna Earle White. Delicious refreshments of 'a plate lunch was served. Half Moon School r.urdcltr Women's Club Has Medina Tl:e Burdelic Woman's club met a! the home of Mrs. J. F. Tompkins 'Iliursday afternoon. With thc subject of the program "Canning Meats." Miss Cora Lee Colcman. liome demonstration agent, gave a drmonstralion in the cannhi;; of chicken. Better homes week was also dls- cus c cd and aclivitics plannnl for ! this week. I The next nicclins will to held I April 10 at Ihe home of Mrs. V. | E. Hammack. Society Has Visitors, Mrs. Lena Boyd entertained Ihe Woman's Missionary sccicly ot the Honor roll students: Rena Youns, Jimmy Buck, Jiunie Dee Polk, John Umphrcy Hannon, Es- Iher Hasklns, Junnila Gnlnes,- Or'a I ,?e Hawkins, Joe Portlock, Mildred ' Vlnslon. D. p. Clay jr., and Hazel Dnvis: Primaries: Lucille Lewis, Mary Hawkins. Hasseil-Lnster, Bobbie Laster, J. L. Holland. O. W. Holland. Louise Alexander, James Alexander anil Klmo Jones. For Monday's chaps! program the sixth grade history class will present "King John singing the Magnii Charter" a lesson that they have previously dramatized. The fourth grade will give "Buying a new pair of shco.s" a dialog composed by one or their members. Jamie Dee Polk. The school garden has been fenced, lh.« ground prepared and the seeds planted. The first grade entertained with onza. Mr. and Mrs. i'. J. Collins and j daughter, Annie Laurie, who have been ill from the inuuatiza, are better. Mr. Collins, however, is yet confined to his bud. Miss Pauline Lang Is in St. Louis for a few days buying stcrk for the Fashion shop. John McDowell, Miss Louise Uob- yns, Miss Jeanne Harrison, Miss Lois Hooper, the Roy. Marsh M. Calla'way and son, Marslf' jr ; , were In Joncsboro Friday night 'fur the Endeavor societies of district meeting of the. Christian Arkansas. Mrs. 'G. J. Walker of Y.ubrn. was caTlc'd to Dyer, Tenn., by the critical Illness of her sister, Mrs. I T. L. Draiwr. Earl Buckley Is improving after several days illness. Mr. - and Mts. Tom Wilson and their daughters, Mrs. Fred Wallace and Mrs. Grady Ttnlney, of Srnatli, Mo., were in the city Thursday. Joe Felsenthal went to Mc'iuphls Saturday for the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morris, of Maiden, Mo., spent Sunday with Mr. ntid Mrs. Cecil White, and Mr. and j , Mrs. Jesse M. White. I Mrs. Mary Lee Jones and her <laughier, Miss Minnie Lee Jones. I editor in chief; Wooth'ow ! business manager; Walter a very Inleresllng St. Patricks chapel program Tuesday. Their drawing lesson for that day was thc shamrock and each pupil's work \vus on display. Misses Geneva Giirnow, Luclle Tyrone and Kalhryn Cunningham of Blythevillc visited the eighth grado Friday. They nre friends of Miss Juanita Galnes The eighth grade class officers are: President—Joe Portlock, Secretary—Joe Portlock. fhrdlu cmlni ictary—Ora Hawkins, reporter I —Juanita Gaincs. Class niotio "Not t Ihe top bul climbing-" Class col- Tn the CO schools in Mississippi county In which hot lunches were served free of charge, through an iiorHT'isti "I'm-opriation marie by ihe na- I lional Red Cross In tne drouth I relief program, there were 2710 students who received daily lunches in the ten weeks program. This activity is bring contir.iiet: i j in several schools through the co- • operation of Parent-Teacher associations and other civic organizations with parents and teachers. In JUIythcrllc the three crammer schcols will serve hot soup anri oilier nourishing food daily with fimdr. donated by the Duii Cason post of the American Legion, sup- plemenlrd with ether donations. The national Red Cross, through the stale department o! education, made a S5CU appropriation ( it was reported that chil-; pc;! - dren were sohij; all dny without any foo;l because (here was no:ic it noiiin for mid-day lunches. Later, il was found that this sum was inadequate to cope v.-Rh tiiy distressing situation and a total .of $1350 was eiv:n. Gifts of money! and donation 1 . frc:n other sources, made a total wh;th provided the! lunches. Almost one half of all schools In tha county were served. There were 44 while srho.ils ar.d £5 ne^ro schools aided In thi<; way. Miss Willie A. Lawson. county siiperinteiicici'.l, spi'iisored tne ::••:- tivily. assisted by Miss Cora Lee Colcman, county home, demonstration and Miss Sailie M. Crowe, nurse of the county health unit. iiminci-l Anthracite Coal Valued at 10 Cents a Ton STJSS.— h SUN'BURY. !"«"•<*• ^ L '' ! p - vcra " '."Klu:d at trumps and also doubled four club". It 1 , order ID pick up thH "located! queen" it is necessary for dcil.ircr! lo enter dummy. That apparent) 1 .-' seems impossible, but- ut>on clo^c 1 ! cbsei nation the declarer should rea- Pan.. (UP) — An- son ar. folio?;-.?: if the queen oi rii: 1 :»!; en. tlic market '. mends can be gotten out of \h" way .' price oi $10 per ton : Immediately, ihsu dtmnny's iO can 10 cents per tun 1111-j be used as an entry card to come' mined, according to n iease- filed in • through [he ijuecn of clubs. Trie tile Northumberland County court ' be^t way of accomplishing this re- here. i suit is to lead tne jack ot ciiamoRcLs Ti-.e. Hhsmokin Coal Company ssl lha! value on coal lo IJL: mined! from its propei ty by t!i? Grussyi Island Cca! Comiiauy. _ Coal already mined and s'anmtn ojt a ciiiin bink nn [he prnperty mis vn:«fd at J5 cents per 101: for; al] grades of pea coa! size anci | anov: nnd 13 cents for all below ' tne Ci'.icen : AND "A few yean; ri7,i. I v.-^s In n very ncrvmis coinlitinn." v.-riitis Mrs. P. L. Hevnoiu--, i,j7 \V. Maiu St., Kparta:ibiii---. K. C. "'. ;\^ terribly dtjirc-HSKi. I f:i:. ivurx day just like romotlii;!;;\<\ V.MH f:oins to bappou. I d.i.l I:IA r:t..-h well at ni^it. 1 had av f';l <•;; !:ijj \scjrlil I-,v;iy crytn.L,-;0ojt. My :• .:! .r tol-J me to Jry t.'iir^ui. Af:>.r : -''f jft bottle, I w.ic U'.l'.'i. I bottle rsr.-l il 'li'l r:a :^ •--.•• \~i' E-rci. i ,!-jit,- Ii... : L.'.'JT, LI--! <:-Vi-.--. :'.rA Y.--:- s^ - c !al:-jn it sii.iv. -jj;.L have as their guests. Mrs. M. S. i Wald, of Crane, Texas, and Miss Virginia Morris, of Riplcy, Tcnn. Thc Rev. P. Q. Rorie, pastor of Ihe First. Melhodist church, is con- •alesclng after a week's lihicss. Nancy Carrol Wood is nblc-'-io be out after several days illness, Paul Wilhelm, of St. Louis, vis- led rclalive.s here Salurday en- route home from Memphis. Tom Mahan. who attends Van- dcrbilt University at Nashvill?, Tcnn., arrived Saturday to ba here for thc wedding of his sister. Miss Margaret Mahan. to Mr. James Hickman Bell, lo be solemnized Tuesday morning. Misses Lillian and Lotielta Patterson, ot Osccola, shopped here Friday. Miss Mary Elizabeth Dinning re- lurncd to her home in Helena Saturday after spending ten days witli Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Tanner. She Allen Stacy, Dell. Milo'rcrl Jordan, was accompanied (o Memphis by jParagould, was dismissed, her host and hosles-. Mrs. E. C. Pat ton and Miss Sal- P! i'-.: church. M>s. li. G. Cash and Mrs. liattK- 1 y. EupliC: \va.- servvd" each cv.?niiia by Ihe's uii-^ionary 11:1:011. A;:C'tl:cr f:taure '.v.;^ il'.e daily is;i:o t-f a imb'.ica'.ipii called "The Pt|i)K-r Bcs." Sam Branch was editor in chk-f and Jinnuu: Tip- ten, jcl;e tiiitor c! the paper. The teo'KS u:cd were: "Soulli- ir:i Bvp'.ist Wortins ToLvthcr." "The Senio;' B. Y. P. U. M"am:ai." •The lnl(-r;vniate B. Y. P. V Mar.uai" and Ihe U. Manual." "Junior a. Y. I>. at thc cimrch Friday nlicruoon wllh 13 ! meail-ers and nine visilors prcsenl. I In thc devotion::! -irayers were j cITc-red by Mrs. B. Akln.v Mrs. A. s. I Dee:i and Mrs. L. Wheeler niter j Mrs. W. R. Moore ar.d Mrs. O. | F-wiim hr.;l read froai Psjlais. Luke I ar.ri Matthew. j llierc was a vocal ciui't hy Mrs. ! C. Wadlcy and Mrs. Carrie" Miller I ar.d talks were given by Mrs. D. b. , McCauley and Mrs. li. w. IJccd ! Mrs. R. II. Hood discussed "The ! Byrd Settlement, a Sew Field of ! Sr ors are ro^e pink and nllc green, class flower, sweet i>ca. Sponsor, he M. Crowe went lo Newport Sal- urday for Ihe week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kolwyck and Mrs. Ann Bralcher sjx?nt yesterday in Memphis with friends. .Miss Hilda Holland spcul Mrs. Harriett Our school plans to enter thc county tournament at Osccola in] Hul i-, ml vvho ls a S t, u t c11l n t Galloway college. the: week-end at Searcy, Ark., as the p guest of her sister, Miss Vivian rc- The primaries have ten new cords for Ihcir phonogrnpli. The eighth crade have laken ui' Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Johnson have s their guests for a few d.ivs Mr. I a new subject, algebra, which ttoy J™" ««• «• ^ Shelby, of Ci.arlcs-1 Knit very interesting. Ion, Mo. -Mrs. Frank Y. Love Through thc courtesy ot Mrs. I! . F.' Gay o'.ir school : .K legulnrly sup- ! Smith, who was the cues', of Mr. pled with thc Literary good magazines. StandishWoliTrap _ Owned in Wisconsin . Digest and; and Mr:-. Snmuel P. Sums lt>r s:v!''•>'• (| ay.->. went to Jonesb.r.o | alltmoon for a visit bcicre going I l>l.ind Mourns Kangaroo Cat OCHACOKE ISLAND, N. C., (UP) — Thu "Kangaroo Cat" of Otiiicoke Island is dead. For i wolf trap, signrd "M. StandLsh," ii::.ny yrarr this pet cat owned by ! mul believed lo have been thc prop. r. resident hern wns a curiosity that I crty of Miles, the co'.ntltr. Is STEVENS ' A colonial Cpilr.^c 1'ravfr .-Mcclings Announced for »hc I'.evival. Iii bv : ;ir,ni:i^ Che ccttr."e i;r^.y-r: mce'.i'.'.^s prior ID Ihe cooperative cvanscliilic lucctin- to tr;in in all the protr^'.r.nt c'.iuie'.iv- Oi the city, the First Me I !::;!:;•' cimrch has announced I'.'cir mcot- iU3s lor Tuesday atternoan. .\vreckcii oil the ccast ma:iy ycais,Pcquod Indian raid ca the ^cw .Services will b; h'.-lj a: 2:30 ! :iso. Thc cat received its name i England colonies, ar.d was ob-| o'clock r.'. i'r.c?? I'.cir.cs: >frs. Wyat: | from two deformed iorepaw 1 ^. and' loincd by o::e o! Sucre's ancestors. Henley with Mrs. F. !:. Coo'.cy as {it hopped on iLs lower lees like a | after peace had !;<er. restored with loader; Mrs. E. A. C: -.',1 wilh i:an:;arcr>. i the Tndians is atliT.dins [bu.'.:nt."-s in Little Hock tod.iy. Uprjn . his return home tojnorrow he will PO1N1 Wis (UPi—• tj * accompanied by his daughter. pc:W. haiid-fors«l :ML " Vivla " "o" 1 "^. Mi«:s Kath- GrcAr and Carolyn Ilaiey who returning home tor li:e spring aliraitrd c-.i-ry summer visitors. It : owned by Karl ! Mn>; cl the Maltese sp-.'cics and its' ancestors came from a ship H'.roix-. : Stropc said thc trap wns stolen. from its owner at :hc thr.e ot the u'gi^^ If not Let emonsiraie you Hospital Notes Coinpieic with tubes yam- ui-riul with table Bother You It Mdij Wtirn of Disordered U mi5cr.-;b!c \vith brjcksch, bladder irritations and r.c up at nijiu.dcr.'t t.nkc! Help kiJneys ul Ihe first E ign of d isorcJ-:r. b\ j 1 tea's Pill.-. Successful for inorc than 50 years. l-r,;!ors;-J by \:::r. jrcds ; of'^ful ujcrs. cday. S;1J by dcal- :c:c. Loss Table $68.00 Less Tubes $49,50 Don't bo iiiiwloti by prifcs is a guaranteed price and any on Philco. oi; ."\iidjfci set:-; — lii ' i>rifv you Fort i DRS. NTES <^- NIKS OSTEOI'ATHIC 1'UYSICIANS Hemorrhoids tPILF.Si. Varlci^scd Veins a>o Skin Cancers ar.d Malignant Moles removed without suivcry. Weak aiai Fallen Arches Corrected. Offlrc 5U Main !)«

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