The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1934 BLYfBEVlLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS (Continued from Page One) realized what he had done. Agitation among New Dealers Is pased on three factors ol the Incident: ; 1. Johnson gave the "Tories" what they consider ammunition to, use against Brandeis in a concerted effort to embarrass him to the point »'J*re he might disqualify hlmsell to sit on New Deal cases. 2. Absurdity of the idea that Brandeis In any way spoiisored the NRA policies of Johnson. The policies which 1 big business forced on the general are anathema to Bran- dels followers. • 3. Implication that Brandeis. in that "constant contact" which never existed, had improperly intruded himself in the executive branch of government and given counsel as to administrative acts whose legality was to come before him, • • • Dislikes NKA Idea Any belief that the Brandeis philosophy influenced --Johnson's administration can be lieW by people who don't read. Johnson contacted with Brandeis tlirce or four times, but, in each instance it was Johnson who went to BrnndeSs «*king advice, and on each occasion the Brandeis comment could best be sumffied up in one word: "Terrible!" •Brandeis. didn't like the' NRA at all and anyone who knew him could tell that the subsequent surrender of the codes to the desires of industry gave him a serious pain, not in the judicial neck, but in the neck of Brandeis as a citizen and a liberal. Common assumption now Is that the decentralization or power in NBA and the tendency , away from Jnoriopoly, price-fixing, and other violations of'the spirit of anti-trust la^'s are much more pleasin'g to Brandeis than developments in the earlier stages. • " * * Fears Am Groundless Propaganda aimed at the disqualification of . Brandeis is -likely tc subside, despite the fears of certain important New Dealers. No sii- preme court Justice has ever disqualified himself from a case bc- - cause somebody complained of alleged impropriety following; his appointment to the court. \ Some have disqualified themselves from given casi , s because m' 4 ' get a Be . FlgriHhem quickly. Creomul- slpii combine., 7 helps in one. Pow- eriul but. harmless. Pleasant to h*ke. No narcotics. '•• Your own dhi E gist is, authorized to refund your 0 " •• est Stock of ,Used Cars to Select From Car Lot - - Pay I93J DODGE COIJPE . : ... 1S3J CHEVROLET COUPE ; 1932 PI.YMOUT1I SEDAN Visit $445 J365 1933 FORD V-8 COUPE. * J <> r New Wotor. #4Jl 1933 CHEVROLET *j|jr COACH ...'. J44» 1913 CIIEVROLF.T ttCC «To.u pick-CJp .... «?JOJ U3J CHEVROLET V/ 2 Ton Lorij Wheel Base TRUCK 1S32 DODGE I'/, Ton COOC • TRUCK ^JZJ ms DODGE y 2 Ton *«>/«r Pick-Up ..,-...,.... OJOJ 193» FORD 14 Ton *1 J r .pick : u p r*^J Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Open it Night Phone 633 ARKANSAS MUNICIPALS Arkartas Pensions Highways £ Roads Blylhcvillc, \Vilson, OMcoli and Luxora Bonds We maintain an active mar- kel for <he above bonds. Get Our Quotations W. J. Herring: & Co. INC. Investment Brokers UTTLE ROCK, ARK. 5?l l Plionc 4-3300 Bld ?- L. D. 31 previous associations in law practice might be considered to have «iudlced them, Brandcls did so, for Instance, in ihe minimum, wage law test—and 15 he did in the Sacco-Vanzettl appeal, on tlic ground that a member ot Ills family had been interested In the defense of those two Itallam anarchists. , A supreme court Justice is' not considered in a position to defend iiimself from personal attack, but :he other eight would be good and ^our if one were to take • public notice of a charge of Impropriety. It Isn't, unlikely. • that_, Brandeis will call attention o[ his'colleagues to such criticisms as may develop from hostile sources, whereuixm all hands are fairly certain ta join In a hearty lauRli and tell him to forget it. • * * Old-Fashloned Democrat Although the "Tories" now taking cautious pot-shots at BrnnJoLi proceed on the theory that ha Is a menace because of his well-known partiality toward human'tights us- ngalnst property rijhts and assume that he will automatically' support New Deal measures, many BrfUi- dels adherents who still talk with him have woirled constantly lest lie tui'ii thumbs; down on "some emergency legislation as a result of his strong belief In free competition, decentralization ot flnauelnl and industrial control, and the dan- BITS of anti-lrust law susixjnsion. Some "brain Iruslcrs' 1 who drew their first inspiration from Bran- dels are noiv much more radical than ho. Pop u must be remembered that the Brnndels radicalism ccnsts|s chiefly of being an • old"fashioned Democrat seeking to apply ancient American principles to '.; ;,Thi« Modern' f < LAXATIVE TASTES FINE Children «nd finitky hmbjnd. nt«' !l lidly, for F,,n-.. m rnt. tht Jrliclnu, m i n , iewing Kuin kiarive, unn jiut [At ,Iieir ut most impoitjnr, re«n.«-mini ii cli«w«J, the luitivt, litt >our food, ii ich li.lpfu! ulin i,!e,.. Thu. TO milj of xative hitl your iyitem suddtnly, to urm-l ddi«r, b.l.n.t. Tli. e <nt],. mo,, „»,„. l AtliotA of rfen.i.mmt ii ij ra | fnr rFiil. tcn. )•<{ it ii equitly poiiiht and Uiorougli r grown-upi. Doctori pt<wrib* the Uxnivf non ti»bir, foTrfiirig F«tn-j-mint. It ii for lrisani correction without upset to ttoniich r divt. Dclly ii dihge.oui. TotJ.y.^et bark n schedule anj stay tli«re. G«t dr-Eicioui •contemporary industrial civilization, He has been best described in' a book about him by Alpheus Thomas Mason: "lii'andcls Is rather an Individ iiti)lsl Democrat of the jclTersonl- an type. He believes so strongly In private property Ihnt he wanls lo sec It more equitably dllluscd am tlje masses ot men. "He values private capital su highly that he would make it available, to the Independent cnlreprc ipeur, rather than have It monopo llzed and controlled by a money trust." ,JVKXT: BraiUi'ls, hVankfurfci- afid "Frankfurter's Hot I>«Kb." Read Courier News Want Ads. THE WISE OLD .OWL US£ POOR FUEL AND YOU'LL' FIND THAT M3U WILL G£T THE WITHOUT THE COO/ CSSOlene Guwa&et SMOOTHER On DRUGS and SUNDRIES with KIRBY'S WEEK-END SPECIALS END DANDRUFF Before Dandruff Ends Your Hair If you don't believe "you have dan- .druff, try the finger-tip'test: gently scratch your scalp— t hen look at your ringer nails. 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Pound 25c Irish Colfblers I'ouud 2c Coffee Countrv Chi!) 4 ' I-I.I).' Can 27c FreshEggs 122c Jumbo Sulks . Kadi (1ANGES''^S; 25 C Tokay ay • ire 2 l.lis. U ; '-w ' ,T l.ljs. ffl LUX FLAKES Special Deal ! C. 0. I'.'incajcc Flour and 1 I'urilnn Syrup .Botiifor21c Corned Reef Armour's liitf Can. 2 for 2k Oehifjon (i Hars Small CARROTS Fresh • lUinch TOMATOES BUTTER, ^rtflf 5 AIT Domino rC tfAH \</ t M>. Box. 2 for 3 Missco No. 2 Can'. 2 for CATSUP l!»lfli> -1A Ml ' l.tirgc Milk .Chovolutu' HcUy C'rochor ?l.OO Value Kor 49c C.C. 2-H>. Box 19c Peaches I.RC. . 2'/j Can 2 for 29c Snowdrift 3-Lb.Pai!.39c 6-Lb.Pail . 73c Corned -Hccf HASH Armour's l«g Can 2 for 29c •MMMMM Pork-Beans Counlry Cluli;je ;Can > 2forl5c PUMPKIN 2'/ 2 GUI. BREAD w - BJ: FT OUR N-I'l'-Sack - - - - !>5c rtiUUIi -18-1,1). Sad; - - - SI.85 •VIENNA 8 ' AUSAGE 5 C raEjumiij;^^ TWINKLE Asst -J's 14 6 "^^^HBRRBWEBSHn HumKo Cheese TOMATO JUICED FRESH BREAD'|S10 C ;ifl c !. 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