The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1933
Page 6
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<5TT ^ (ARK.) CQURrEB KBWI Scene of Rose Bowl Tilt On New Year's Day Clash Next Week Will Be First For Teams With! Losses. BV EHSKINE JOHNSON' ', XEA Senife Stiff Curri-siianilfiil LOS ANGELES, LVc. 28. —The Rose Bowl game, lo be played nt Pasadena, New Year's Day. probably will be Hie mosl iruMiul in i!ie history of llic classic— I Because both learns have been beaten! j Heretofore teams plavins in nose Powl contests have hart snollf.ssj records as a general rule. Hut \ Stanford, western representative in I i^e contest, has been <!efeatetl by! Wnihfnqton State. Columbia, bo:ir- Ine the east's' colors, went down to defeat nt Ihe hands of Piiticv- Dr-sulte these defeats and the ro- ixntrd interiurtly of Columbia vhrn compared to the stienclh of Ihe mlthly Stanford horde. % the panic offers prospects of beini: a tight Etru?6lc. Columbia;- rated the underdo;;, can-count on Lou Lltlle to .«nrlns some surprises on "Tlnv" Tliorn- hill's crew. II tlie surprises can I'p frenuciit enough, tlie slory will be a lot different than Ihe one the boys are telling now. Football teams representing the west IIHVC won eight of 'the Hose Rowl pames. the east five and there were three lies, onlv one of which was a scoreless affair. In the sixteen sjame.i. tr| e. wrsliMii tennis rolled nn 243 nnlnls lo the east's 142 potnls. while the east v'fls handed four "cose c?gs and Ihe west hut one. the latter occurring In 1931 when Alabama defeated Washington Stale, 24 lo 0. Onlv six western siuarts hnvc played In the annual classic, white the east hns been represented by IS trams. For the west. Washington Stnte, Unlvcrcltv of Wnshlni;- fon and Orefron University have rlavcd twice. California and Stanford three times each, and the University of Southern California four times. The Trolans wore the mitslanding defenders of coasl honors, winning all four starts. For the cast. Brown, University of Pennsylvania. Harvard. Ohio Plate, Washtnqton and Jefferson, Pcnn State, Navy, Notre Dame. Georgia Tech and Tnlane each have nlaved one game Alabama and Pittsburgh have represented the east three times each, Pitt drouplmj all three of Its tills, while Alabama won two and tied another. • Oddly enough, two df the west's higliest scores over the Ifi-game period were handed out by the Trojans against- one rival. Pittsburgh. In 1930, the "Thunderim: Herd" defeated Pitt. 47 to 14. and on last. New Year's Day teat the same team. 35 to 0. Notre Dame's 2f to. 7 nod over Stanford in 1925 ami. Alabama's 1931 defeat of Washington State were the best the east could do in rolling up touchdowns. * * • The. Rose Bowl series started In 1910. though the idea was born In 1902 when Michigan was Invited west to play Stanford. In 191S and 1919. the intercollegiate scries was Interrupted by the war. but service learns filled llic gap and furnished two thrilling games. In the first tilt, tire U. S. Marine Corps from Mare Island, Calif., defeated a Camp Lewis aggregation, 19 10 7. In the 1910 panic, r, lear.i from the Naval Training Slaiion al Great Lakes, Illinois, defeated (he Mare Island Marines. 14 to 0 Pasadena's'Rose Bowl, scene of the annual encounter, was dedicated on January 1 1, 102?. and is one of -the' oldest stadia in the west. It was originally planned to be in the shape of a horseshoe but has since been enlarged and revamped-untll it stands today as a perfect ellipse, with a seating capacity of 85,511. The bowl Is situated in a drv river canyon lying:' along the western HnjMs of the city. More than GP.OOO automobiles can be accommodated on land immediately surrounding it. Elk Sumy Asked ABERDEEN. Wash. (UP) — A thorough impartial survey of elk en the Olympic Peninsula is asked, by the Olympic Development league before another open sea- fon Is permit 1 .!-]. The peninsula was. thrown opri to elk hunting last fall lor the tirsl time In many Stars. Read Courier News Want Ads. CUESK "at Holman IB the world's crenlest professional BASKET- HALL- PLAYEU of all time. Tlio chemical name for quicksilver is MERCURY. GEN. OEORGE W. (iOKTHAI.S was !n charge of the PaiKKt ?in<l project THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1933 lly .SKA . When ueorgo SUilllngs. one of iht- most s , 1 , 1 c-,-.,,Ls of bail mayor,., was managing Ihe Bruves in 1914, he hired Oscar niivey -,« coach. And from Oscar comes the following ..-m-j, about G-Wc- "Ucoifj )in<[ one pel superstition that nearly -,,vc him a snout tliat year." Du^ey recalls. "if the !t,-;,m .started to hit. he >.vmiMr.'i muv ... Wtjli „„ l|lls te£S; x -.<-'/- day the Umvra sl.iru-d a rally just as SUilJin^ was Mooning lo tie a shoe lac?. 'I lie half innin-j Ms led almost 21 minires, durino wlnen time the toys scored six runs and Oeor-e eoniinn?..! Ic sloop" "At the end ol the' inning he was .so tan up u:at he had to UP helped off ihe bench." Hooks and Slides Bill Braucher The mighty tec Boivl at, Pasadena.., .scene nf the battle between Columbia and Stanford for the football supremacy of ILc country .scaU-d^nji dry river canyon... .a. ccmumdnim,; itf.511... .and jrarkinsj space lor 00.(KW automobiles. SLIDE, HEN, SLIDE! WBENXHARMN By Krcnz \ SHAOE5 OF TV COBB LURK IN <£ t-fe DUS-f SflRRED Bi BEN'S '.) FLYING SPIKES..... TV'S UFE' "\ .TiME rjA6E-SfEALING MARK Vf.\ WAS 37 PER VEAR h'^A CHAvPAAN HAvS AVERAGED )j 35 AWNUALLV |N UlS FOUR -. •'. CAMPAIGNS WITH "lilE V ' } LEADINe THE LEAGUE L SfRAlGHt SEASONS., l ^tmiiji& : "Wjjjr'' T"i W. British Build Two Giant Ai THROUGH TME IIV EVEKETT S. DEAN l.'.-iL'lttlball Cinch, Indiam University l&iokctball ven.acular is steadily growing, but will never catch up wilh the vocabulary that belongs lo baseball. Baseball is a i:iuch older'. and its terms lave become nlnndarcii-ml. In various seal- us of the cmm- iry basketball plays are called by different names. There Is a great need for universal acceptance of standard or uniform terms. Thi bark?tba]l conchas of the country have realized '.his, so In the meel- Fold ups of 1933 They are saying the collapse of he United States Davis Cup team was the major dlsapoinlmcnt of "933 ... a decision against ,'hich this department would like to cast a dissenting vole ... to one who picked the Senators to •vin the world series in seven •crappy gumcs, ihe Itopperino of Joe Cronin's gallant band seemed lost tragic. But there were so many other disappointments and tragedies that picking out one above al] ihe rest Is difficult . . . how about flie •••ay Helen Wills Moody lost • her tennis crown to Helen Jacobs? . - Those who entertained wholesome respect, for Poker Face mlgjif- have liked it better if she h'ad gone down fighting just a wee bit more . . . me, tco. Aleck and W*s A couple of ball players walk- id under ihe cloud of tragedy and It rained on them . . . Wesley Diiln'l .\ld DKUI1AM ' Mttss - IUPI-IH |xmse to a call tlint a i|og hnd broken thro:ign (he Ice on Mill Three Nations Order Airplanes From Britain LONDON (U!> •- Twcnlv-llir™ Tlie machines arc under con- ] siruction al the well-known Short' •Aorks at Rocl'iiter, Kent, lor the' imprrial Alrwivs and will go Into I -irvice early m K<3| on Ihe Lon- Jr-n-Parls route. , Thirty-nine j:asscnRers will be! -Hccmmodated I;; the three cabli!-; -twelve In !l,e forward cabin, 'hieh will lx> the smoke-room. velvc in (lie renter cabin, and illcen in Ihe :-'tcr salon. Three docri \v:]l provide access o the Interior of the planes. One loor for the piW, will be near the •a«e of the one just aft ->! Ihe forward cabin, and the :ilrd all of ".lie rear salon. Normal cruisnu; speed, with the .irplane fully laden to over 14 tons, will be arru.nn 108 miles an t'our. while maximum range witn •educed passciise. and cargo load -vill be aboul 7cn miles. Four motors with foiu-b!r.ded airscrews will provide tho power. «' to e right in ils element, on n imisfcrat S " Bati0n " pr ° TOl '° ** Offer Family Iluying dusts HARRIS BtlRG. Pa. (UP) — Classes in family buying, handling if money, care of children, and :mdred subjects now arc being :sovidecl for ycung unmarried wo- r.en, prospective home-mukm and 'Cling mothers, under supervision nt the Slate Department of Pub- tc Instruction World War Cost Germany 13,000,000 Citizens BERLIN (UP- — Germany lost n.000.000! diie to (he war ;.nd the Tr,-aiy of Versailles These figures sl,uw that Germany's Bosses were: 2,000.000 kilhd at the from (r Ir.e war. 3,000,000 lo •S.CKj.OOO died ol hunger, due lo tl.c food blockade 3,000.000 to 3.501.00C were lost t>\ the decreased biith rate. 6,500,000 G=tr.ians lost Iheti citizenship and became Polish, or French, or other subjects by the Trc-xty of Vcrailles. US. Secretoryo fhe Treasury, "born admitted-' Twenty-one of (he machines arc rie Uavllanrt "Tiger Moth" light biplanes, generally used for !hc training of ;.<rvlcc pilots. Ten I'.ave been ordered by Portugal fc-ven uy Uenru,:!:. and foiir°by [Spain. DemnarK also has ordered two tu-ln-eiigti'.cc: "Drugon" bl- 1^'anes, especially nmlined lor military purposes. The "Tiger Math" was designed ;<s a scaled-clown version of the lull si-ed. lilqh-ppwrred. liijjli \KI- fnrmance mlUlu:-.- airplane It ^ a two-seater. w:tl, open cockpits, and has a sitif.,.' 130 horsepower -Otpsy Major" rir-cooled iiuenen engine. Tlie ina-hiiw can be used for instruction in every branch ol airplane pilotage anil navigation. 19: Vicccs ol Skin (ir.iflc,! OJiVAHA. N--.. lUPi—Uitry iM- Bfln, of Wallhi:!, Neb., can s'yii-«- tliize with Ihe "i^tchwork c'ilri of , Ol." After 'oci-.:-: gravely b-.irrod I about the left, k-- recently, physi- I tians at St. Joseph hospital ' removed 197 oi^s of skin fru-n Hogan's right ieg and gr?.lt«i ihcm lo Ms lt.:i. Man WUli Broken Neck llnlu PORTLAND. Ore. (UP)-- y, , r siwiidlng throe <!a>s in a Incal'lL- pltal wild a broken neck. OH i- n SJ.ubric!, 50. lore ofl the banci'.K,. s Drink ins ol the Mt-tlonal nasketball Coaches' Ass-i:nn!on in 1931-32. they voted to accept standard [cms. These terms refer tn iqi:i|nneht, p] : v situations, play Following are accepted name.; for fundamental!-., plays and play conditions: SET-UPS—Okier terms used in efferent section-- are: pot shots, fiifls, snow blids, dogs, cats, clrepcrs, lay-i:n. Sunday shots, lay-ups, sucJwrs. crips, bunnies TIP-OFFS - Other names are: tap. center jump, center lap. cen- ler lip. c.-nter n : s. jutnpball. HELD BALL-—Not jumptall or toss-up. BLOCKING-Other terminology: picking off, .smolherinn. spiking checking; brushlrg. FRERZE—In tome sections called: bulldoggij)!;. stall, delayed ol- fensc, back co"r; game, back court stall, keep av.-.ij. SHIFT-Forme-.Iy called: .wllcn, change, trad?, side ZONE DEFENCE- Known t>J these names In rHfrerent sections: ball territory, mass. set. rutber band, acurdion. slldim? SCREENING - Often called blocking, but 'Xi-ru-ning" has been approved by ihe rules committee Screening Is -« £; i!y impeding Mic progrcfs of an opponent RETURN PASS - 'sometimes ealled: double j-nss. shuttle pass, --"-1 pavi. and liiangle pass. BASKETS — in some sections cHled: nets, ho-ps. buckets, rims, Irons, rings and goals. and walked out of the hospital Attendants (old htm hLs Injury might prove fatal, but stum-id was nuccnvinccd. Ferrell was one . . . alter tlireat- cning 10 become another Mathewson for several seasons lie folded like an umbrella tn a typhoon. . . . Dale Alexander was another • . . after leading llic teaane in liitling In 1932, he hii only ihe skids during -33. P.oxing writers clamored for a bout between Eaer and Camera after Max had knocked out Schmeling and Prlmo kayoedShar- key . . .- but it was decided by Camera's-board of management to reap a few baloney dollars in Hollywood and vaudeville . . . (f tho fight had been held In 1933, we wouldn't hav'e to monkey with it in Ihe New Year . . . and that would be a great help. Notre Dame Is listed as a major football disappointment . . which is logical enough . . . but i'. seems to Ihis department that Into each heart some rain fell on each and every Saturday during a- banner season of upsets . . . that game tlmt PiU Inst to Mmn- : esoia . . . the one that Nebraska lost to PiU . . -. the one that Duke lost to Georgia Tech, spoil- Ing a perfect season! " ' .- • . • •. •„•* Ryders and;Riders ; ' 'Then, bt-sfdes our-dear, deluded Davis. Cop ( team these also was oils" routed Ryder Cup team . . . and .still on the. subject of teams, how 1 about the tefrible trouncing the eastern polo four took at Clii- cago? . .v-< all Lou? Island went — * ^ Coming Attractions Week of December 31 SUNDAY - MONDAY, DEC. 31 - ..JAN. 1 Conwny Teiirle, Katherine Alexander and Mary Carlisle in 'SHOULD LADIES BEHAVE' I'nramount News.,--- Theinia Torid Comedy TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY, JAN. 2 - 3 Sally Eillers, Norm'an Foster and Ralph Morgan in 'WALLS OF GOLD' I'aramount News - - Morrin & Mack Comedy THURSDAY - FRIDAY, JAN. -1 . .1 Charlotte Henrv as "Alice" in 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' With 21 Other Rig Stars! Dick 1'owell Short - - Harry tangdon Comedy SATURDAY, JAN. 6th William Powell in THE KENNEE MURDER CASE' Serial - - Cartoon SUNDAY - MONDAY, DEC. 31 - MM. 1 Kaye Francis in 'MARY STEVENS M. D.' Novelty Reel - - Comedy TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY, JAN. 2-3-4 Marion Davics and Binf? Crosby in 'GOING HOLLYWOOD' Fox News - - Comedy FRIDAY - SATURDAY, JAN. 5 - « James Murray, Joan Marsh and Jackie Sear! in BUDWEISE 'HIGH GEAR' Serial - - Carloon Inlo a lachrymose lamentation ovf r that one. ' / An unfortunate accident cut short tlie career of Penn's Bill Cair at a lime when it appealed ihe slim mller might be on the way lo new marks. . . . Death entered the spoils picture an,| erased the names of Phil Bali, uwner of the SI. Louis Browns;' Bill Vecck, president of (lie Culis', and Ernie Schaaf, who fell before ihe flailing lists of Camera. G. G. Caudill (jriH-ral Insurance lUii N r . llru Pliunc ROXY Last Time Today MAT. and NITK '., Wilh JAMES DUNN CLAIRE TREVOR HABVEY COMLDY Friday & Saturday MAT. iintl Nite—lOc - 25c ATWflSTEDlfolNCe'DFTHE PUINS IT -'Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile ft-An, )0-35c She WENT THROUGH A HELL OF TORTURE FOR LOVE AND HONOR- AND DIDN'T GET EITHER ONE! . . . Fmncfs THEHOflSlON 56T« STREET <MCA.«.0-0 JOHN HALp^- DAy . G E N F R A V* M cr^ 0 W I I I l A, M • . fi •(> Y D in wperh Worn., «rW io5l! COMEDY - - XEWS Programs Broadcast Daily Over KLCN at 12:20

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