The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1943
Page 5
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BLYTHEVI!LE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS / '** VOLUME 1—NO. 200. THE BL7THEVILLE ARMT AIR CORPS NEWS Published dally except 8und»y§ In Uie Interest ol Uie personnri of the Army Air Forws Advanced Two Engine Ftyln4 ' School of Blythcvllle, by th« Blythevllle Courier New*. U contains the news of the Air Base. 'Merry Go Round,' Stage Revue, Slated Tonight At Post Theater UfjO (Jump Shows musical comedy revue, Merry Go Round, plays tonleht at the Post Theater, at 8 o'clock, Headlined by Roscoc Ktirus, Hollywood comedian, and liel'/.i Beaton, character actress and comedienne, the east luis variety and talent. Hector nnd His Pals is a ''dog act. The dogs can do almost everything bill wrilc In Sanskrit. Fleeter, in addition to Ijeint- tops as a trainer, is a dancer, contortionist and acrobat. He and his does have played variety thfatcrs throughout the Unilnl .states and Europe. Last season they were a hit of Ed Wynn's show. "Ijjiuuli, Town, Lauuh."' Arthur and Morton Havel, .comedians, call themselves the one and only "Popular Old Time Song Writers" of this or any age. I'lilciiriUHliiioiu Dorothy Simms is a sweEt-uiul-swiiiB sonustress whose voice has chamtc*! the J)at- rou.s of such swank night spots ns New York's Rainbow lioom and Ihe Essex House, where she sang with nichard illinber's orclicstm. She has appeared in many Hollywood clubs, has made shorts for MOM and has bern on the networks with Rnhlnoff and Irving Miller's band. Duke Mcllale i.s a tapster, lon« a Broadway musical comedy favorite. He comes, directly from a long rim at the Frolic Club in Miami. Ballard and liae. experts in pantomime, arc deft and clever acrobats, performing difficult, feats which all work Into hilariously funny situations. The Six Delmtoncs, sextette of prety singers, bring their harmonies and sweet renditions of popular favorites. The girls have recently concluded engagements at the Latin Quarters. 'Boston, and the Royal, Montreal. Softball Game Played At Osccola High " School Wednesday Afternoon The 701st Squadron defeated the Osecola nigh 'School 11-2 In. .n. soflball game played, there .Wednesday afternoon. Cook, pitcher for Osccola, allowed only nine hits, but two of them were home runs ivith men on base. White nnd Hermlcy .were the outstanding batters for the, both of them hitting homers. White got two hit-s out of three trip's to Hie plate. Roberts, first baseman for Osccola. was their leading hitter with two hits out of three times at bat. Ijiienps for the two teams, were: ,¥ : 701st Os'ceolu Gullcdgc 3rd Watson ss Tr'uax 2nd D. Butler 2nd Dacoux c Kramer 3rd Jenkins 1st, Phillips If Stone p Roberts 1st Hunt cf Cook p White ss G. Butler u Hermle.)' If Lynch cf Jones rt Hale sf Moir sf Sartain rf Says British Cadets Good At 'Leg' Games • British -aviation cadets excel! at such sports as soccer, 'track and cross country running. They specialize in games that, rciiuirc powerful less, so. that their leg muscles become overdeveloped. " But American cadets arc more evenly proportioned and their quicker, reflexes give them an advantage over their English cousins In fotbail. volleyball and boxing. Those arc the observations of Lieut. Cecil Garrison, junior physical 'director, who was a member of . f the Atlielclic Department staff at the Macori (Gal Army Air Field before being transferred to the Blythpvllle Field. At Macon he worked with classes of British student flyers. . Oldsters Respond to Call SYRACUSE, N. Y. (UP)—Youth will be served and in this war the oldsters arc doing their bit to service, the young 'nns. At the Easy Washing Machine Corp. in Syracuse, for example,- -the . firm lias launched an appeal for men 05 years and older to (orange retirement and take their places on the war production line. Among the first to respond were James H. Parker. 77, and Edward B. Russell, 71. Hitler's swastika faces the opposite of the good luck swastika of the Indians. Skip Bombing—It Can't Missi f fMecfionii.Illustrated Mngnzine Photo from NE/H An arhsl's sketch of. the new technique of skip bombing: planes j zoom toward the target at 203 leet-tlius avoiding anti-aircraft lire —with bombs hitting the sea while still retaining forward impetus, ! S n'1 P »il™'Vi W ?. V «! 0 ^' a .l e and Strikin 8 at water level. As dem. onstrated in Uie battle o£ the Bismarck sea, skip bombing is almost • """"'ijar. accuracy. HINNY BUSINESS r -..-...n.^.,,^,^ T .,., MVS> . TJt> ••'t_^f,////////////,f//// / , iNo mailer how (he ship Jurchc^it never spills my soup Wluit do you wnut to know? In tliLs column' H Vclcfiiu n( .veins of experlciici: In ull (lie mmcominksloncd oirlcei- grmlrs answers quesllons on Army customs, practice, liiuillion mid .regulations. Comment mid ques- HuiiK nre Invited. Address coin- luunlcnlloivi (o the. Public lic- lutlons Officer, Army Air I'lcld lllytlicvillc, Ark. fiend in your questions'. + • * I!) I'KTKK J. WA1CAKSA Warrant OtTlirr JO NK1K When (he hniid sounds • (lie Na- tlounl Anthem do ivc ftiec the flag or the music?. And 'under wlinl ch'cumstimccs do we merely stnnd nt attention Instead of n't the salute? > Mice the ring mid 'salute nt for- millions such 115 rclreiH. ccl If the Hug is Dpi itslble. fine (Indirection In which it Is known to he, and stand at salute. At other ceremonies or occasions, indoors or out r.'ictf the flag It it Ls picb- ent—.UK! If it Is included In -the ceremony. Indoors, it the flag is present bill not included in the ceremony, face the music, at atictuion (not nl salute) unless ft would be awkward or uhconi- y fortnlilc to rncc to music.' in which rase merely stand at attention. During the lowcrinR ot the Mug at retreat all military personnel outdoors and within sight lace the flag and salute, holding the salute during the lime the flag is being lowered, whether or not there is music. Persons In automobiles should halt, dismount and face the flag, military personnel nt the sn- Inlc, civilians at attention .civilian men with lint held over left breast. Military personnel in formation should be at, salute during the playing of the National Anthem, the salute to be given at the command of the officer or noncoin in charge. A roofed enclosure used for drill or other forms of military exercise is considered as out of doors, except when it is hi use as'a dance hall, place' 'of ' crrt'erlnintnent'" or other social function, so that those present would stand at attention instead of at s'alulc. 'uraksa Lieutenant Elkus Is Supply Officer First Lieut. Robert U, Elkus has been transferred from Kelly Field, Tex., to the Blythcville Army Air Field and duty as Sub- Depot supply officer. Commissioned in the Field Artillery July 8. 1G40, lie was called to active duty while in his second year at the Stanford University Law School: He received the degree of Bachelor ol Arts from Sliuiford In 1S3B. His father is a lawyer in San Francisco. A brother, Sergt. Benjamin A. Elkus. Is n radio technician at the Columbia (S. C.) Air Base. Speaking of Dumbells Two hundred dumbbells arrived at the Dlytheville Army Air Field yesterday, asslRticd to the Physical Training Department. There now are more dumbbells here than at mast training fields according to Lieut. Bill Adams, physical training director. In fact, physical training departments of most fields have no dumbbells nl nil. only wands. Our dumbbells came from Dccatur, Ala., by special Dumbbell drills start today. Lieutenant Adams favors the dubb- bclls for arm and shoulder exercise. He says it beats any other method. They weigh five pounds each, a total oT'1000 pounds. Claim Finest Sign Members of the 703rd boast that they have the finest, sign of any .squadron on the Reid. U shows the figure of a large eagle poised for night, n "V for Victory" painted in gold on the body of the sign, and the name of the squadron printed in large gold letters on a blue background. The sign was dc-slgned, constructed and painted by Staff SergL. Robert E. Slum, crew chief in the 103rd. in his spare lime. He learned the art in an Army paint, shop Dcforc lie was transferred to the line. • R«»d Courier «ewa want •<!». Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn ACTMI fr»ra Hlch Complete Stock Ste«l and Elastic TRUSSJES Save 50$, STEWART'S Drnf SUr« I M»in ft l*ke Phone 28Z2 Cadot Roderick K, Clayton Would Avenge Brother Reported Missing Aviation Cadet liodcih-k 1C. Clny- lon, who recently iiirivcd nt Die Mlythcvllle Army All I'ivld to liike advanced lllRht training In Iwln- lne bomber lypi- I raining fhips, Is imrtlcnlarly nnslDus lo get Into action against the enemy because IIB has n personal score In settle. His brolhnr. Unit. K. I). Chiylan, a navigator with (he Army Ah' forces, luis been repotted missing In aclion. it ln> | s n prisoner, Cadet Claytun wauls to !mt,ln> his llbi-i'iitlon by doing his sliurc nf bombardiiiK over enemy U'lrlloi-y. I (is wish will come |ruc In .Inly when he rcci'lvc.s his whips mill I'DiliiMlKslon us mi /iniiy [illol, upiin ainiiilctlon of (ruining hen-. In the meantime, Mrs. cinylnu remains nl home at 25 K. Dataware Place, Chiciigo. walling fur the three men in her faintly who me in the military service. The futhc-r, Mil). John H. Clayton is with (he Army Air Forces Inlellhi'iice Department, his pn..M.||| [iildrc.s.s iiii- kiunvn to the family. Cadet Clayton wns born hi Ks- loula In 1322, while his father was stationed there. He is n I !):<!> graduate of Pasadena Junior College and attended the Culifoinln fiwllllilc of •ITchnology for Ilircc years, until he was accepted ii.s an avlntion railct last Apill. Manley Assigned i Wnrrant Officer Francis J .Mimicy has been liansfcrrcd from Maxwell I'lcld. Ala., to the Dlyllurlnc Army Air Field and assigned to duty as assistant communications officer. Mr. Mauley enlisted in the service in January, Ifl-i), and 'ns an enlisted man rose to tlte grade of staff scrgoiuil before receiving his appointment as .vvnrrnnl officer ill January. HC took a five .-months cmti-se in communications nt Scott Field, 111., last year. ', -. Before enlei-jng the .service he lived In Slmmokin, l'n..; -and Is n l»:i« graduale of Shamokln High School. SUIiSCiUL'TlON UATKS"ON You can linn- your baby ill govciunirnt exprnsu. Tlu're's H new lurangctiu'iit hy which Un>!'' Kiun lakes euro of thai soil of "'Ing for enlisted moil. Just luibl civi-ylhltiij— full details will lu> (tlvi'ii In tliem. columns in a i-onpl,. (l f dm..,. '| (1 | K llo . •I"' is mi advance- tlpoll. Will Be F.ight Months Short Of 20lh Birlhclay On Gracliiiilioii Day Vnimgest mi'iubcr of I In- class ol avlallon rudels which has iirrlvi'd lii'ii' l« begin iKli'Hiiccd Iriilnlni; lit Iwo-i'iiBliu- lx)inbiy,--ly|u> iilrciafl, Is Cluulcs William Cicl/.. Nliiclcdi on MniTli fl. In; will be I'ighl. monlhs shni'l of his Mil) birthday when In 1 and his classmates arc invaidcd Ihi'lr silver wings nnd coinmissions In July, Cadet Ciiitu wns lu'cpplm for pilot trnlnlng in Clili-ago. At pie(light srhnol at Maxwell Field. Ala., he was n cndct lleuionanl, and In primary (ruining at Deeulur, Ala, la- was n cadet flight ilcu- tcnan). 'I'lio Gclvi family Is well rcprc- senlod In (he Service. A Ijrolhcr Is n first lieutenant In the 'Medical Corps, and an mu .i e | s „ eoloni!l with Ihe Medics. Son of nay CicU. Sr., 1001 Kcr- slnglon, Foil Wayne, nxl., n slock broker, lie Is » gmdualc of 'Morgan I'ark Military Academy, Chicago, where he. was mi outstanding athlete. »Vcc Kliiod ihinor I?RIE. Pn. (UP)—Con'tenilcr for the nation's No. l blood donor title- Is city fireman I'at Short; who has given 300 pints of blood at local hospitals since 1M4, although never witnessing the actual procedure of any of the transfusions. Ho considers giving his blood as a duty nnri has never been paid for It. l.cqinnnairn Is IS BRA'ITLEBOnO, VI. (UP)—The Braltlchoro I'ost of the American Legion claims (ho youngest legionnaire in Vermont.' He's Crilvln Coolldf;c Sclmllz. 1ft, ivho wns recently discharged from tlio Army. Hclnilb. served seven months before his age wns discovered. Hold ^verything "Hi. old fat, foolish and i'our- 11!' Kusrlicl Named liaiul ConiainiultM-; Sii('<'ec(ls Eldndirc, Warrant Otllcor Rcninnlt M. Kuschel hits been made coiuinand- hlS! oiflcer of (he asist ArtP Hand, •reiilncliig Kccond l,lo.nt. Huqli W. Kldi'lilsjc, whose many dulle.s n;- iliiire Ids full time. - Mr. Kuschel came In Ulylhevlllo lust November when the band was first orennlKcil. Under his com- l>clenl dh-cctlon. It has biM-nme mi oiilstiindhiB musical gronp and only Hits week WHS specially commended by Cnjil. .fclnle C'hcnnclte inspector of haiids for (hi''Smith- east Training Center, us one n! (he in the Train- ine Center. A !!):« (.ratiiiate of tiic University of Illinois, Mr. Kusehcl cnlcrcd Die service Ihc week following (he treacherous nllnck nl I'carl Ihii'- iKir nnd received his nj>rjolntiiiej]|, .'is warrant olficer cxiiclly a vonr 1'ilor. In c ivii| nn m . )le m ; s music instructor nt Mentoii iiar- bor (Mich.) nigh School. Plan Informal Dance At Noncom Club Here Another informal dance for members of the Noncommissioned Officers dub will be held tomorrow nlfiht. nt the club rooms In Hie Glrncoe (Hotel, it was announced >y Tnst Scrgt. Paul a.,. Yosl, president of Die organization. Tech. scrgt. Jnmes K. Harding of the 702nd Sqwulroii. who Is 111 charge of arrnnncinenls for Ihe diincc, staled tluit music will he furnished by Ihe same musical com- 'inallon made up of members of the JSlsl ArtP Ufind. which made such a big hit lit their Initial appearance last week, Special entertainment will lii> provided, and the new maiij ,|jni, lf; room will be opened for thos" who enjoy Ihc excellent cuisine which is ficrmt at (he club. Rubber oxpcm say (|,al tires l»opcrly pressured nl nil limes ami never driven nl excessive .speed should last as lony ns Die car 11- sell. EH LEAGUE TD PLfl! I wo IVIeml), Commniul ; Of Ferry I'catu Once Performed In Majors Two mm who nlayed mnjnr u-ngiir hall will | n . j,.,.,,|, | n mm,,,, | l( .,.,, Umiiimiw allnnon, They urn members nl tin- lniM'liiill tram D| the Found l-'i-n-y Coimimml which will I'luy thi' Hhihi'i'Ille Amur Air I'li'Ul on llu- new diamond in tilt- utlilclli! im'ii Imi'k of tin; I'ost Chapel. Hugh Ooibln, left fli-ldcr for tliu I'Vrry Command, was mi onl fielder tor Ihc Ni'\v York lllanls. Miu: Mc- IChoy, <im-ilinn iillclier mul out- (iclili'r lor tin- Ilii.sUm Itravi-s, will play in light Held mul will be mm nt but. Otlii-r iiu-n niiiiinii ilu- ylsllorii rank not tur behind tin- bl|; tlmi'i-u which l-'irnt Mn'gl. Hal Toi'iies, miimigcr of (lie Memphis outfit, will bi'ini! with him. Toi'iirx hlmsoU iniHli: n n-iniiullon with (he Or- Iniiilo Club ,,f the Fiorlilu atntc League, and his (ram has shown It.s worth hy winning nil Ilvo of I lie gmiira Ihi-y liuvt- pluyi'd Ibis SPHK- oii. 'i\ni ot ilu-lr victories were over the Second Army.Headquarters, whieh Is niieil one of Ibi- best 111 I hi 1 Army. C!iipiil)lc minor leauucr.s In Ibi- Ulytlii'vlllu nlns will nnilii! Uie Riuni- InlncMhiR. mul our hoys Include .some exiielU-iit colle(;e alh- Iclcs and wml-iuos. 1'liiy will Mnri, .a, :t o'clock. Policing The Grounds Corp. .John K. Hosnr.s. nvlntloii incchaiilc in (h v 'KMlh, iciiatrs his pals' watches In spar,. tl nu .. n ( . W ns a jcuclrr ui Minolta. Ark., for 10 ycurs before Uncle Bain picked lilm up to help keep 'cm .frylnn. •Stuff Sci'nt. Jesse L. Clements, lioxhiB luslniclor. Is kln« of the Jlltei'biiBK. I'Ic. Don iturlou, mall "Klcriy mid boxing inslruclor, siiyii MI. And nurion .should know. HL-'.S not so bad himself. O f* f* * •> ice r s */ »/ Uniforms Compare Ihc fal.rlc. nnd wnrtmaiiMiin i,< . line garmcnls before bnyinc' i ' h- j Heller Minuses ,'(7 75 : Kl;iisli(jiic Trousers n 71 I Pinks ".'".'!!.'.'n.75 i Summer Trousers [[[[ 7/10 j Summer Shirts " N l]! 8/JO i "l.nily," the Jinnd'.s faithful Kng- Itsli bulldog, followed two of the musicians to Ihe 1'X Uio other nlfilit. She flopped ciimforlably on the doorslcp nnd .snored while she walled, /is otily n fiiatronly English bulldog can snore. Scrgt. John Arncy of tlio Clicm- ical Wiirftir(! Department, got back recently from a month of study at Kdgcwooil Arsenal, It was Intcrcsl- li>!{, lie wild, but Ibcy kept Ihc boys hard al. work tiny and night. Classes stnricd at 7:;ti) o'clock In fhi! morning and studies were over lit 0 o'clock at night. "What's a fish fry?" hinulrcd Scrgl. (illy hrt'doiicciii'. Timt «•«« iicforc his s(|iiadron. the T.llltli. had one a week ago. Now he knows. He never heard of one, being from Mnlne. M ( II is reported lhal Bluff fiergl lloberl Nichols, chief clerk of Ihe -(ill) mul oi u . of Ihc most eligible bachelors on the Post. Is being very iillcntlve to a young Indy o[ SleelC. It was slio who wns (ho object, of "Is allciiUons (it (he burn dance . HARMON HAD SCORED 33 TOUCH MICHIGAN weARiNQ NO TH6V DECIDED TO RETIRE NUMBER/ BOW0ER WHICH IT.fOM if HARMON JWA W R F BUY MORE s PORTS * NOTES I,lent, Hugh Kldrldiji', ]>ml library oil leer and assistant special service ofilciT. Is a former lcnnl» slnr. Hi! was one of (lit! inalniitnys n! Ihc University (if Idaho court It'iini for a coiiplu of ycm-.s. He Mill wields a mi'ini rm.'f|iicl. One of Ihe bi'sl all-armmd iith- lotcs on the Post is clmplnln ,Ju- Hiui A. l.liulst'y. IU> is n humdinger nt fuolbiill, baseball, tennis nnd wrcslllns. ; )<m'L pay any intention when l.lent. M. .1. Angell, junior )iliy.sli:nl director, walls Hint he's gi'tdng old nnd Is a lias-been n s mi alh- ' :•. He's still (lie wrung man to illniRi! on (he basclinll diamond lln> sollbnll Ilelti, |JIB i m -k '(he rnollmll llclii, or || w phyMcnl (raining area. iergt. Guy Ladoccm- of the Public KeliUions Olllci! compliilns be- truiiHe he has lo Inke enllndienlc.s with the young n,,.,,. ' lt( . wcl , u '| HM to iiarllcipalo with men over Corp. William Ilaskervillo of the aili should get a big kick out of Cant, Ihomns P. Jli'ady's dally fencing dnssc.;. 'j.| le nou . c()lA h nn cnllmslnstlc swords'man bin luis world, lie lacks slug llnr-ssc never lakes a backward sloj)" Jim hit. lie has,.however,.no ambitions. for n game with the Reception Onlcr loain. lie's a native of I.It- tic Hock nnd wants to give Uiu home folks a llulil. prut,' ;\. J. "Cherokee"-- fU'n- dilcks, mil! of (lie most cii((»isl«s- llc hoxi-is on Ihc (li-lil, Is olf on fuiloiiiih and the'Oyiu. looks ilc- scitud. Ilu spends every snare moment Ihcrc and will' box as loii" us.he en n find opponents. . .. " Corp, John Fin, former Olyln- l>l<! wclBhl lilting chrunp, Is.deso- Jnle nnw that Bergt. chili, Bcl- kiis. physical Inslruclor. Is at (he NCO physical training Tho two muscle men worked out Ui- tliei- nnd hud B ,,, 1(l times' as (hoy Illu-d the heavy Imr bells nt the Gym. _____ ' f •• '• • I. loi t Cecil Garrison,. Jiiiilor-phy- .sl U director, hrralhcd n- sigh „; c laf when the first half of the|imdron soflbnll li-auno i-hii i-'iliiiid llic 4'ccoiid half hognn ' Ho I'«P.'S lo Improve his 1 , 1.000% any diiy i, ow . Courier Ncwa want Ma. oimlnie, fnrnu-r ork ' pro welterweight, is buck from s(ck ,,,.,„. J for nl,ly u,,h«W,,r«|. ,,, ; C t wi-lBh nt („„ ,,„„„, »""''«; "LI befor,! l, u ,,,,dcrJi,, u iwent operation. of (lie most promising | )0 x- Conner News wnnt PRESCRIPTIONS Htock (iu;icanl«!cil HcsL I'rices Kirby Drug Stores FITTKI) I1Y Doctors J. L and J. C GUARD OPIOMHTKISTS IN nLXTHEVILLE SINCE 1922 Auto Repairs Expert Mechanics on All Slakes and Worlds. Also Truck antl Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales Fh, 510 Earl'Stone, Sbop'Foreman 307 E. fll.iln 8PTICOL STORE a W. Mam St. Phone 2912 TIRE RECAPPING SERVICE . . . ScllirrlluR Factory Method. No Certificate Itctpiircil On Passenger Cars. Quick, Dependable Service. IOY EICH 171 The Mndcrii Ice COOUMATOK l-'or Kcannmj R nd .Service. Tom Litlle Hwde. Co. Phone Ji| 24-HOUR SERVICE Kxiierl Kcpair Work on OcKCrnl MotorH Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY trtiw»y * Walnat ph. 853 SMALL LOANS 0» Eatt Main Loan Co. I0« E. M.ui - rhMN tfM Wlitn Ilio minlcr ot t|,' 0 tlioo'' la «inl l'»l In a riW'TtBl'Vnu'ij;.' A "mil inurl >ii]uit|uj rcsull Is ts- Hnrcil , I HflLT€RS QUflLITY SHO€ SHOP 121 W. M fl J N ST. Wl' Fll.l, ALI, DOCTOK.S'..:. PRESCRIPTIONS ANI> SAVK VOI1 illONHV STEWART'S" 1 Drug S to r e .Main A Laku. ., 1>ll j»'p 282} l''!(nvcra For Kycry (kca-, wion .. . Kiinc'riil (icsighs, : wedding llowcrs, tor- THE FLOWER SHOP WE ER.• f ,, GtENCOK IIOTri, BI.DQ. 1'linnc 431 ••',••• '- ='-S":~ ROBINSON'S^ "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" ' V ; There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmetics, novelties, '-,< etc., tn Hlylhcvllle than &t Robinson's. Ut«l Magulnt*—Foun-' tafl) HfrTVlrf* CB*1stn?ls>V>A»> ' - 1 • ' • ' Service Men! Meet Your Friend* at Robinion'*! HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations .BODY OF UNIFORM .SHIRTS MADt SMALLER ^ Khaki 75c; Tropical $1; 3 day Seme* Garrison Caps — Accessories — Inftjpua

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