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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana • Page 3

The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana • Page 3

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:

II THE DAIl PTCAW nn nnn fUEPKUUr mas 4' X. Deal, a. i a Esjtf Bafiaery or a Coffee ItoIiiMJ located oa the to SU Anna's of thl moat aa agreement hit Ixtnma itie owner of ilf.proof Oottoa Vretm property on Meaar. Julio ja. ataer. wnl-b uiaj reault In IT rumor auu fpori pcaa mi eranaiuen eutered lato was fcw for au year of ilia property Viestiwa, wttlch itaelf would uoi have msaalag, uiore ewpeclal.y aa 1 1 iaated for UUe reutal of tbls f. mt ntj fMll couiparadve.y. keJcg only $-uo. scarce.y 2u aae-teuA! of the aoaual reuta jMjnwertJ la former day. nf th irt)t)ri. however a ciau tbla clause jt C4T iMI 'ct of the property Vaitrauievy lu regjij to tuf op of the fortua ou, th.a Ursl lea to toe beilef that txiere -ituiJerably mort beh ud tb lease 'ipsaaMA apon the face of It. and it becaase bruited about thai Ui 3 Barxlej Co. were uot act it ftienseivea tu ttie oiacter. bui 'ii millionaire flriu of Arbuckie f.N i0rk. were beblud Ujeui. i i cvajeertirea were veutured ut to cMy aiibt want with aucii a vaiu- am ef property. Mouie said (hat i al wtl. laewn tbat the tiaaniity wttb the sugar truai. lUai deslfued trectlug a uiaujiuoth sugar P-r ud lateoded to wage a blttr war nt Ue treat. it 1(7011 tAe beela of tbie caiue rlie rneut Hut tne property was tended ii tiUnslTe cofTee Importing aud estabUabment. aad thai this last toe coffee crude, which, years wi diverted from this ty. where ti tally belongs fa diver guod re.sou. tt be brouglbt buck here. I'als re-eta efta niore eucouraging tUau the 1 far It coaciusiou thai tixt Of the New York tlnu will emlseDty successful, tor tuey nrecedeut In rhelr favor Bartley bad left the city las tfU.Bf with hi family, an i not peeaioie last a.gui iu tbls rumor, taktug li for UMt Bble gem. email wo-iM speak i wmbjecu wbli-h was doubtful. nreproof preaa property Is one most valuable river front proper-i is tale city, and Its batture prlvl-t nd rtgbta amouM to about a square I keif In addition to tUe square upon i tt preea stands. The property la to only Urge piece of batture. or front, property which reuialus unit tne present time, and It wlli prove sooet valuable for uianufactur ng ea. Tne deal waa coueuuimateO ft iba efforts of Mr. James S. ule, real estate agent, who a.o yes-rsold the tkree-atory brick a'ore No. r'araeu street, for prsserry loowatd by the St. Anne's am, oue of tbe uob est netl uU ns its kiB4 lo tbls or auy other cliy. i ue T-Dsny baa quite aa luterestl.i stury 4 was (tootled to the ui by Dr. W. Newtoo Som a Dr. Uarcer donated tu.s by 1 4 la (be 8t Anna Ajl ui. street. tne lueJ.n loo being been jietf Jt keoor of bis we.l beloved da i-'f, wtko aad died previous y. Ur iler md tae late 1'aul TUue, ibe gr at iataroplst, took a grea. luter a. in 4 uutl tattoo, bud sbelt-ieu so. (or ao oiauy ua.ortuutie w.o a 'l rilitilMB. .4 iinicrnrt an I rent from all otber ay ddi in tbj TU that It does uot aej.Ar.ite wl I- 'it aeraer from oer cl.dr. en a-alstarlag cbailty. 8t- Alui'i sot enly eared lor and aave the mom- 't food, home, but aW profiled for tuucsuaa or tne utile uoes, tm wueo 1 Decs me old enough to see furaisaed tbeiu wltu tbla aud se it 'utmce the world wl a oo tai i IT, la order 10 1-sur, its pe mauea. -r. Mercer ted tbr- i i. 1 cut oa property as being tie ax an aloniiDg tbe lnst.tutl. an trntMasarale with its t.s.'.o, lt was ihu pirpoac tbat Ue ircbaod 5peny ssd eventually don it to thi run. Time, i ro ght cbiue rsvsi he eot cou.d u. a -u tad baaineae dechued. whil otuer "woreawe wure establlaned. A oue tlm brought an rot.l tAiMX' bat as the bus nee de llued dce wee reUuced. and for a -vera. east aad op to about a ar ago 9uTm rented by the Ueaan. l'u-re oro there tor Sotaju per anuum. lu 8 tret cotton fire of Apr 1 I8.r2 a tortloa of tbe rireroof Co. oi destroyed, lu. ludlng the very Que one for rlinie iltrt Tn i (h? rebuilt at a coat of gittiOO 7 ie supervision of Mr. Jm. Kre- a Wl- Ta' 0'ee li. otber nourish. ng compreae i Property, but year, in r-. P1" lne fl.e..roo: ta the and a.n.e tb.t the tuaiket rent. V) 11 th vacaut the oyelo i uauch damage In th oenSoi kLa' tne 'er-l mon tTlT1 cool.erabe port on of stid tb" com-tomhlUtloo of the revenjrs of the aeycre blow to the ea.l-fcicioa. charge of 1 stl Uir sntTi "er7 depr.ved of ts.Tr. tor iu ibe m.ilnteua ce tv. wu sm ef jiwn and Its inaiaiea Aitbo rb Wl coiitniui.ig their i.ob luueeu, mm luey ConlJ )l ta tuey I Bospuable do.ts to tbe but ui.t.le a dire i ap- lU1'' y- in ap- 8 iu sum PffXSiT UC m- I at tie r.iUeua seueroiia ana tnusj aowereJ 'n most sub- ori lILB.0.,t rapro of the th, Urlltes of this city, to tS tbe drst to re- uaao, PpIV but dlJ "Hh no lsj ftaVeVi- TbHr -ubsorlptlons rrtaM, 1 f006 roun'1 mt-LJrif? tTw? ood lo Crt9cluIC work. Tbe Insfl- i of tn osuul man- niSSfJl'! for rbarltab.e pU tteSTTr to direct B1 BeutZl e- "nd wisdom ireaStr fro'n the lr- tbs KZiXTT ae a direct ap- 'aetbed wisdom of ta-lT oohMunity bave by con trl Dating 1" MalfSVf ATe.rt,n crisis orM Vf lue conanunitv li.iva Jft thos-Vl! re'U T2 'aoalaTA'? 'ormerly "de hand- n. SKIS': TI bis aruerj t0 ou to bave "nt VJ. do- doniM-Ll" ut? uu to rernlv. the cotton Mr cited this Jter epIaodeV ef fn the an. to give JOU trnth 5, 'fiii WhV3 Yeai. wrteada the great beoents to the c0 art Tue tlauae was ii ua 0O tbe fireproof prena propei-" V'taer-wia il 'l batiure rlglits Mnf Jm! J5 MolfsM advantages ODoif 2t2.IUfaat lt ger.y aeiaed rle tlm Mr. Zach- la ltw "cesfu. la bringing Urin to nllc nTHf4 rtT fseUltle of this aiStr.bUPrt! without question. VJ clt'' tIxm I center and rud otel unfhof clt ln fw mla- DVrt., trt round lt ar all oourtVei Pr" located In tie son a re ad Front, Race bavlnr "-d the parties to ia.h?.-PH0nJ Pon the decide ao "ceIleat Haivlsome new furniture, Japanese club cnaira and twain by auction on Tuesday next at Ourua' Exchange. 54 and 50 roun street. The good can bo In-peered any time before the sale. ra bclas alaaahtereU br ns. WbAC tb Association 11 a. to Uarlaa (ne Weak. T. W. Jt. luuw0riu. ci icn.ut) of th i-m nuu but utep aiiori i tJj (uuv.i4 iotfiw uu uj ubjoi: U.rt.a lu. i6to4i JU4t uata cwacvraiua' ioaa uciM Tiuua Out laireailcQiiua bjr Lnltrd Sitt Vrt. wtiiKt fi ouaip.ii. aaiU te.tud rraiieo la uia i Ln lo o. a Hot wiuiilt UM local truoj la nal.uoa, -icuii, a.d iu foi uirr raio.t. IDrre-Toir. uirt nguj-cs g.eo oiuat inc. ad twth. 'Hu4tlO -Vo. ki Mil; "la not V-rn "uiao lo avr tt mutt uiiiwriaai fcta re- turn lur mur rc r- Uaia uie. in orur tUa.1 a cuuipintoa wub th vuti oi iour jiirf ago lu.gui be maU ua dmo secu.d Tikid fuui leen slate. wboe la a rcuiiire retuiua fiuou bul.uiujj iud .00 aaaocla t.ooa u. oiaOv to tuiiw state Tiie etrarta to ecarv daia from other state VJ not loeel with lbo To. Iowa three tablea, tba data obtaiord from the toiirteeo states from which couip.eia returna wra a cured, aad. aays tbe bui iln. "It irtmi fair 10 aaum Lb at Ue tatea ar properlj rfrfWQtiilTt of the coodlt.oat Tor th wboie conotry. latttuarb a tliej ovr per crot of all tb baldluf aad 1on aaaoclatloa of th L'nlted Stal rxit-1na Jan I. Vhe fourteen statrs upon which tba goern-Ineot base tiarure are California, ton. Uect.cut. llilaola. lad ana. Ui.m. Missouri Nt)raka. New UimiaHlrf New Jerat-j. Nfw York. Ohio. Peonaj ranla and Tennessee. In that stales tbe lawa re-tii're balid ng and loan asaoclat'oes to make pmper returns to a state off rial Thla 's as ft bouJd he. and similar la-w be Vnacred br the of (milim for The protrt'on of both be and The sssocia tlooa. The data from tb aboT tate tboi: Uiop'jt'om 4517: n--mbr re. Vortlne. IS81 tbare ontstandlne. 9 'nttillmantt ptld In. stock and profits 9M0.343.(H. The asaets foot up $4cO 'among rVfb appears: Ixans 4'v2 3C7 in- i sni tiea V)w: rrat for oald-o o() rofltl th)1 nntln Com- "parlrr the rtjmra fo- foiirteen states for the eoverl bv th ninth ancual report rf the com ml a 'oner of labor rh rtar.l jer of Ihe aoola 'on end'n; nearest Ja. 1. 4V. th the Bjrnres for those fon-tetj r'a. as ahown by rf-rent state report a for "t-8iv a irrowtb 'a oot'e1 In eve-T ltm. Tve total nnme of sasoela t'oni InCadtra; orit'ot rxT year old. wh'rh h1 T-reore. rrafe po itiimil report, and Thae tn ptWH of from whV no Vnort ws tKe fonrier pr od Sra SJOO. wb'le 1n 1OrV0 thr wer 4117 lin n'-awe of r. et Ti iwmlpr of vy'ttni reportrnc wh'eh represents prsc-t'eallt all art've nwir'ttlart ve-e old r. bad from sasa or rent had ta. rart from IWV TTU HMo 5.1 ont. and tv de ruM in -l faA-4ip tpd pr.rv atrlr and ta. f-om IT1 to flip nr 4 per ef Tn rti'a nrod atwnt r1 t. t.l of rV frn f.a bad rf'wn trvn 1-. rn tio ee an Isoreaa of to im nr 2V4 nr rent TV. 'hoT abo' rvt t'afetrT 't 'a fo that or. wimnl't" b.tKr Z1" fbnn'd (n'v. tn 1 VC t-'--. A r.T r.Tr""M TV rt I alw.ra hAAft in of 1 -v' if.ta h.r. ahoVrt have been ei-Ti'eied. If roe thb rNiov (imei isrj carrent IS full paid shares Ht week mak'oc a trfal of 1T1 -urrent and 2fl ahares this mouth to date. At rh monev-to-toan bmiim on the lltb tn.t.. J410o waa dJml'eatKl at premiums ranglnK from 8 1-2 to 10 1-2 per ceoT, THE EfRFJCA reports a vary active demand for fund a for hooie-tiovlng purpoaea. There ar now Id the Hiands of tb sttoioey. notary and renl eatate committee eleten limns agrenstlng BTy-Dine hares of stock of 500 esch. necessitating expenditure ajnonafn- to more than $28,000. Th'M aoelety'a fourth aertea. will be II-quldaleil at par after th lat day at June, and ha holders In thst aeries bare beeo requested to make tbelr paymeuts for the current mooch and aetnl their hooks to the seor-bary to be Checked op. refrtorj to drsw. Ing up the checks to handed to those who are nn-twrMmri. Those wbo are borrowers will hsve their property released from all lis bllKy to the society TTe demand for shares ta tbe new aerie. dur'na I week was not brisk. There will be a mtbly meeting of rhs board of dlrectora and moaey-to-lon meeting oa Monday, the 17th st 1:30 o'clock p. m. THE UOtnSIAXA reports snhaerlprloos for shares tn rts new rles opened oa tbe 27tb of last month sills factory. Tbe pass books will soao be called for tbe seml-aanunl anamination by tbe auditing committee. The next regular meet-In of the hoard of directors will rld on the UKh tot. TUB GERMAN-A VI ERJCAN ssts the real esbute commltte submitted favorable report oo two of tbe loans made at tbe hast meeting One hundred rod seven bares wr placed daring tbe week In tbe series to be opened May 27. Ail sharas at series are now paid la full. THE SIXTH DI3.TBICT says tbst bo Ing contract for lbs tottage on AraieHa street has bea s' tried and work hereon procreaalar otrely. Pie ottage oa Liberty street, baring been complered rid accepted, was turned over to ioe shareholder. A mouey-to-loao meeting will be held Monday. May 17, at p. m. Tbe teenier mt-et-Inc oi the board la on Wednesday, lay IV, at 7i0 p. n. TUB SE CUR ITT Issued seventeen ronnmg snsres sno jw id full paid stock during tbe week. Tbe flnanr committee bare completed tbelr examtoat oua tba book a and account or toe secretary cor th month ot April, and will msk report to tbe directors oo Wedoesday night. Two transfers of real estate will he made to the sssoclatloa dortng tbe week. The regular meeting of tba board of directors will be held oa Wednesday. May 10. st 7:20 p. sharp. THE MUTUAL will boM its regular and aonnal meeting on oert Thursday olgbt. the 20th. at 7:30 o'clock, when loaoa will be offered to shareholders and the d.videad will be declared on oth full paid aad eurreot shares, serial aad Day too plan. Two loans were eloeed last week, and orooertr transferred to borrowers. snd three mora will be closed tbe first part of this week. THE THIRD DISTRICT says the board of directors sssemblad en tbe lOra Inst Is regular aaunlkly edtoe. The meat ing was very barmonloss sad pleasant, and tba a ttendsoe showed tbe occasion to be one of unusual Interest. Tbe prevailing spirit of geniality was Induced by ibe snacinatkis of the evfot of tbe eveoisg tbe declaration of lbs annual dividends which ca.aed tbe amlllog i preaa too of countenances. The enduing connnlttee. consisting of W. A. Briant, cbalrmaa: B. A. Wsgaer and H. A. Diertel, presented a complete end exhaustive report, which ants read and fully dlscnawod red appro red. Tbe committee was alfhly comnr-eod-ed snd tbaoLed for tbelr vety ettVicat work. Th report disclosed the fact that by tbe able and conservative tnaaegemset of the board and tbelr attorney. It was practicable to ap-portion a profit ex per east ea eurreot and a essh dividend of per eeo on pd-p stock. Thla dividend waa duty dee la red. Tbe cheeks for tbe cash dlvtdend are ready now and pay able on demand, aad tbe pass r-mfca will be written op at eaee for Hilvery to their owners. TUB SL'BIRBAX bas laauad nine enrrent shares sod eleven fell-paid ah a res daring the past week. The airgie cottage ia coarse of construction ee DtuuaTne street, aear Broad, ta searing apl rU-io, and work aa tbe aew bease ea Damalne near Dr-bbrny. la preatressing satUfaOs.ily. 'J. whit eXotia.ta.ltt Freesers, Ck-gO leehera; Refrtjreratar. Av.r-:. co iat A. SHIVARTZ CANAL AND A Partial List Extreme Lcw-Price FOR THIS WEEK: 9plc Children's lllOi Jersey Ribbed Vests. Cblldren't Wblte Jersey Ribbed Knit Veeta, lammer weignt. sold In the regular regular 27f CIS way eta escn. are This Week CO nfn Ladies Uu ului Wrappers. Made of Lawns, Percales aud Cbdll'ea, with rufflea and boleros, all sizes, ueat designs ou lljjbt ind dark froundt. reynlaKv no Id 1.25. hM PTC Thla Week at UCJ Old 23 cts. Ladies' AAuslin Underwear and Endd of Onrnients Ltiat lisve at 5U cts eaii. Chi-mlWB, Ora ners, Dorset Covers and Mcirts, neatiy made and trimmed, the cnolce Tla Week I $2.48 Black Brocaded Mohair Skirts. This Skirt bas beeu our $4.00 tin rubor; tt Is styllcblr made of Hkick Iirooaded Mo hair, aud le very de. the di'slsu are large and new; the en nice Tbla Week The Above Bargains Will be Found on Our Center Counters on Second Floor. 1 'f OTHER BARGAINS. Children's Pure Linen Hem stitched handkerchief! fully worth 15 cts piece. Tbla Week's Price. 5 Cts Ladies' and Men's SiIk Gloria Umbrellas steel rode, sterling silver trlrotned handle, worth a ff Week'a Prlee.vllUU Ladles' Fire Ln broideted li. S. or fcalkred lianckeichiets worth 3ft cts pece. Tbla Week's Large hemmed Linen rluck 1 owels worth 15 cts piece. nfo Tbla Week'a Prloe.lUulO Tinsel Crepon Sofa Pillows with ruffle all around, wor'afi 50 ot. I Pf Tbla Week'a Prlce.lOulO White Figured Pique ob I qtwnty suitaoie tor Skirts. worth 18 cts i cts vn rd. Thla Week'a Prlc Remnants of Floor Oil Cloth 1 1-2 yard lengths, wortb 50 ct each. I Tbls Week's Prloe.lUOlt) Fine Embroideries 10 to 14 Inches wide, positively 40 to 00 cts a -i- yard vi.iik VAK This Week's Price. Ladies' Be ts We have too many 50 and 75 eta Belt. Tae 3uaolity oiuat be re-uced. As an Inducement we will ylre a HKLT PIN FRBB OF OH A RUE. and reduce tbe price Tbls Week 39 cts A. SHWARTZ SONS, UEMRY ST. PAUL. CAMP Electa Officer at Its Ann nal Meet- Injc. At the annual me. ting of eni-y St. I'aai Ciuip No. io, L. bc.u 4 Jh Exchange place, tbe foliowlug ui uio.ri were presout: Lawson L. Captain Frank Dubois. Lieutenant James Cempb ar teruiHater A. H. Uoutb. Aajuan; W. rMlrfux. Joseph Deuior. e.le, D. S. Sul.l- I vau. F. D. Webre, Jobu bule.ds, f. a. MvDouald and J. T. After routine bue.neea the following oouiLuiiie report vm uuauimu.iBij ed uU sort-ad udoj tbe ui.uu.e.. W'Uereais. dlviue proVidt uaa m-moneu lo bW eicruai rea.d our weli-beloved comraJe auu fileuj. Col. ne Marcel Ducroa, a soluier wituout a a g. tleman above rep oji anJ a ciiis w. bouored tbe couju-iunuy wf he nu a cueuiber: therefore be lt Keio.ed, Tbat tls ln bis taking off Uas odffered au Irrcpaiuble ie.a.e tuent. a iu48 tuat can be asu sed by tbe ruauy vlv.d uiemur.ea of bis mauiy qual.ties uuJ gculel aad fraleiUai at-irtbotes. "lifBolved. That thU camp hereby ei-preate Its protouuO sympathy lor ue trlcea family of our iaie coaira aid direct that a espy of tbU mauey a.e te-u-uronial to his virtues be sent tueai. "Joseph Demoruel e. J. W. D. S. Sullivan. K. lJuoois. couimllt.e. Tbe fol. owing de.eisatie io the V' WCre P-l-ud Joseph Demoruellc, Jamee Jerry Lyons. Ki-uuk DubU, A. Ihe report of the adjutant showed rorty- oue uu nine membeie Id good stuniln. swa.lowed a large dose, br Lee C. Lowe Mel Joseph W.noi uel e. A Mc- Ituaaedlately auma.oned aud admln-Douald and Krauk DuUjU a.ipo'.n tiered emetL-s to the child, but ahe is In a-commltiee ou reso.ut.ou tbe deatJ of Mr. J. Erneet a member of toe camp. Tbe following officers were elected for rbe ensuing year: Lawson Davis Krauk DuboUs, lie.iteiian Jmei Campbell, quartermaster; A. B. Bootu, adju.taut. Tbe meeting ndjwrned to meet at 217 Exchange place. 7:3 p. F.iday. June 4. 1817. to elect delegate to ihe stJte end national conventions of tbe I nl.eil Co'i-federate Veterans, to be held res t.vely ia New Orleans and Nashville, Tenu. Mil. FERRY AS MANAGER. After having been connected tor thirty rears with oue establl8.m nt, John Kerry, concluding to make a chauge, omb entered the service of A. M. J. Limited, as manager of their brauch ore at tbe corner ot St. and Louisi ana avenues. Tbe fact tbat a man Jios uuur uju.t a quarter of a century la pretty gxyj el- ror more tnau a dence that be gave satisfaction, anaarlnir rh! new armnirenipnt horh m. angeinent. Dotn em- are to be eongrain. having seen ed he most competent tioyers ana employe ited: the former la service or one or me most competent buslnene men and popular sentlem Id this city, ana the latter ln bnvtnr associated himself with- such a progressive and reliable bouse. The entire uiarhicem nt of the store will be under Mr. Ferry's direction, and hie past record 1 an ample guarantee of success. To red nee stock we have erat prices of Dinner Sets ln half. A. BALDWIN Jt CO, Ltd. A LEVEE THIEF. yortng man named -Tony Csoer was tleman. Ho la eald to bo a very thor-arrested by Detective Kerwln ant) ough man Ln hts line of buannessv Ue Stnbb and locked up on the charge of tate5 jeaterdajr that had Joart re-eteallng three-wheeUar rows and twenty. Rtr wLouilL tT flea nonnda of nail, belnnrlne to th. oV. H1? nilhrmako -it lekne leTe board from th iT Car. roll ton. The barrow and- nail were re. covered at the residence of TroBtte, No. T81 Pearl street, wb re they bad bejn sent by Usner and wera turned orer to Air. the lere La- pector.4;.:r.r LOITISVILLE Alf Dk NASnTILLB RT, 4f4.fe&l iTVeaTV4r Pnllman ears, tfco rnieet In tbsr world. Dining cars attached north of Nashville. -vv ijl BOURBON STS, SI, 69 Cambric "UmlireHa" Underskirts. Eklrte, made of oft finished. Cambric, -Dmbrella" etyle. with a deep embroidery ruffle, very full aiid wide, manufactured to oerll atAa $2.50. re offered VI Ml Tbla Week at ....) I lUvJ 07 nfo Children's Lam Of 0I01 and Batiste Dresses. Lawn and Batiste Dresden, ueat and pretty co ored designs. trimmed wltli laces, eiubrolderlesf and ruflles. were 00 and 75c tan -7 eacb. to I ptf Tbla wren wi viu 59 cts. Lioen Homesoua and White Pique Skirts. Ta lor-made Kkirts of L4nen llunit'spun, or of Wblte Pique: lUoy would be dheap iith. 59 cts QQ nfo New and Stylish 03 GISi Siilrt Waists. TVie teres test offering of the KP.1S011 New Shirt Waists. rruule of I.awus. Perealee I and niiiiitles. with or wlrjb- out detachable collars, new 1 of sleeve, valuea up to nr i Tbla Week sat UJ VllO OTHER BARGAINS. Ladies' Fine Bleck Lisle Hose double heels and toea, a a worth 40ots on r. ptQ This Week'a Ulu Extra Large hemstitched Bird's-eve Towels--worth 20 eta piece. 1 Tbla Week's PTlee.lHulO Turkish Bath Soap large size cakes, worth 5 ci cuke pl Tbls Week's 4. 013 TortoiseSheli DressingCombs worth 25ct, IflPtC This Week's Prloe.lUulO Men's All-Linen initial and Ii. S. Handkerchiefs i- oozen in a wi, worm Oft a This Week's Price .00 CIS 4 Japanese Matting Kut8 one yard wide, two yards mm, lontr. worth 7 cr ft I pTQ This Week's Price I VllO All-Linen Damask Napkins 3-4 slae. worth .1. Tble Week's Price WW ul5 Fancy Seairless Japanese Mat ting worth SO cto yard. J9cts Tbls Week's Price. Fire Urn ore! las made of oest quality All-Silk Serge and All-81ik Colored Taffeta Silks, natural wood and Arabian vine handles, with pearl or sterling silver trimmings; regularly sola $2.93 4. and xft.m. This Week's Price Fine Smyrna Rugs 30 Indies wide and 60 Inches long, regular $2.50 if, a iyf article. VI KU This Week's Price I lUJ Canal and Bcurtnn Streets. ALGIERS AFFAIRS. Varlons Utppealngi Acroas the River. Tbe steamship luuteo, of tbe Ward Line, of New York, was placed ln tbe Marine dry docks yesterday sud will be before die la agaiu fee at to sea. Captain Blown, of liie Mauteo. together with Air. Walsh, tbe general egeni of the Ward Line, are In lu overlooking the WOrk of ever hauling. In Ube recorder's court yesterday the Case of Frnnli Mniliinri rutwt of tne auy. L.ast Marca aiad.son, ntiile ou a nshing trip, shot aud dangerously vvoundeu Suui Kuss. aiioiuer negro, vUo vns iu the crowd. Krouj effeta of tbe wouuJ Uoxd lost his rlgbt eye. District Attoruey Ivy klttredgc appeared tor the stale, and ufier the of a number of vvituesge asked that Madison be p.aced-under a boud to apptir at the erliuiua; district court. Tb ude Cements agreed to, aud the prisoner was remanded to tbe par. eh Jail. Little Katie Serlee, pbe 7-year-old da igbter of Mr. Peter Series, wbo residtb at No. 54'J fcTliuira avenue, bad an experience yesterday wtiicti, if she survives, will loug be remembered by lier. Katie was playing arouud ln ber mother's room, and while rummaging through oue of the washstaud drawers happened lo nnd a Dottle or carDonc wbicb bad w.V oriT ehl-drear Asth'e polson haS CamD' ell 1 veiy touch tlie appearance of 6ome flavor-it lnK extract wbk'a "Mrs. Series often used 0001 i ln cooking. Katie decided to try It. and a erJ precarious couuiuou Dangler Gasoline Stoves at 25 per cent off list price. A. BALUW15 fc Ltd. POSTAL INSPECTOR JOHNSTON Arrives to Take Charge ot the Southern. District. Captain Joseph P. Johnston, the newly appointed inspector Lo cnarge of this post department, wbo succeeds inspector Dice, arrived in the city yesterday from St. Loulti, where he has boon lu charge of that district for several years. Mr. Johnston Is a comparatively young mn uinnnrii oiiies denamnt-nt tnr ouics sepsriuieoi xor several veara. lie was bom lu Macoa coujitv 'Tro removed to Warreuaburg, where he grew up Tnat tor'Sl'i toi captain Johnstou was In Uie newopapex r.ur.ut.M for anm tlm. i .7, .7.." buaiutse for tout tim bla ed il ea noa wae conjp.eieu, and theu weut into political Ule, aud was Ln tbe of-tice of Secretary of Suite Alike McOrath for several year. Mr. McUrath was one of the most popular omclaU il-assourl bad, and at the same time the shrewdest politician la th state. Captain Johnston succeeded Mr. Dice a luapector-la-cberge of the Louis office, and the Utter was seat here, aud now Mr. Dice has gone back to tit. Louie and Captsun Johjoaton has sac ceeded him here. The new Inspector Is smooth-faced. "JSeST "toB EXCXJBSION- TO O. .1. and N. and Bait way wia place on sale May 17th' to l2lt lnJuslve. exenrsloa ticket to Charlotte, N. tX. at onev fare, $a3 CO," for round a account of general aseembly terUn church. U. For berth and tlcke please eallat Southern Railway 1 1 kl Office. 704 Common street, next to Laiie' entraace Btv- Charles Hotel. Dear Doctor Wbrild yon be so kind aa to recommend something to prevent mustache from failing out and turning gray. At intervals of three or four days a scruff or dandruff appears, attended with an Itching sensation, and the hair drops out hi fact, the life of a hair is not of the duration lt should be. A continuation of this has caused the hair to become prema turely gray, aiso aavise a remedy to prevent hair from falllna ont. and otillire. your sincerely, AFFLICTED. The following will anrwer for both pur poses mentioned: Tannin, 1 drachm tinct ure cantharldes, 2 drachms; oil sweet almonds, 1 drachm; bay rum. enounh to make eight ounces; mix. Apply morning and uight. Dear Doctor 'My eyelids are red, and when I look et a llgbt at night or read any they get Inflamed. My eyebrows are also failing out. Anoint the outer edge of the eyelids very lightly wlrh the following every night: Yellow oxide hydrargyrl, 2 grains; vaseline, 4 drachms; mix. Dear Doctor I am a young boy of 18 years of age and bave a little hair growing on my ujse and ears. Will you p. ease prescribe something for It, and oblige, A F-AI1UKUL LtKADE-R. Have your druggist prepare a good depilatory. Dear Doctor Will yon kindly prescribe a good blood purifier. 1 am troubled always with, more especially on my back. a remedy for a tired, hiuguid feeiing. 1 have no energy nnd feel too mieerable to attend to bousebo.d Try syrup sarsaparilra compound. U. 8. 1 pint; rodlde of potash, drachms; mix. Tublespoonf ul three times a day. Dear Doctor Will you kindly tell me how to meke thnt ton.c for a girl of 12 years of age and of 7. Tell me exactly how many ounces of callsaya bark, tincture of cocua, lu what quantity of wlue, and must It be sweet wine? A COMSTANT U1AADER OF THE PIUA- YU.YE. Elixir of callsaya ferrated, 4 ounces; wlue of cocoa, 2 ounces; mix. Dtrse for a child of 7 years of age, one teaspoon-ful, and for a child 12 years of age, 2 teospoonfuls three times a day in a little water before meals. Dear Doctor Will yon ease give me a prescription for making my complexion l.gbt. My skin is very dark. Apply the following every night and 'Mb off In tbe morning: Petrolatum, 1 ounce; lanollne, 1 uuuee; peroxide of hydrogen, 1 ounce; acetic acid, 1 drachm; mix. Dear Doctor Will yon please prescribe sotiie-tbing for the Itch. I have tiled several remedies, but am still suffering from same. Wash affected parts with green soap, dry and apply the following two or three times a day: Burut alum, 20 grain; Ichthyoi. 1 drachm; lanollne. 1 ounce; mix. Dear Doctor Kindly prescribe something that will restore ihe hair to It. natural color, "dark brown," nearly black. I used your prescription tfo.atluu of peroxide of hydrogen to make lt turn to the aliude of molten gold, but regret It now, for that shade does aot suit my complexion in any way, aad have found that nature was best, and with your assistance I tru my hair can be cjunged to ItJ natural color. Kindly prescribe something tbat will uot stain or injure scalp; also sotnething to whiten sk.u. Moisten hulr with a strong decoction of nun galls every night and morning, until desired shade Is obtained. To whiten tbe skin, apply the following every clgbt: Lanollne, 1 ounce; petrolatum, 1 ounce; peroxide of hydrogen, 1 ounce; acetic acid, 1 drachm; mix. ALGIERS, La. Dear Doctor Please give a prescription for constipation and liver A READER. Take a tablespoonfnl of phosphate oda ln half a glass of water every night. Dear Doctor I have eczema on the bottom of my two legs, above tbe aukie, since near oue year; bave purified my blood and used several lotions aud ointment, but the eczema still holds on. am, however, better. Will you please prescribe for me? Apply the following to affected parts two or three tl-mes a day: Sub-nitrate of bismuth, 3 drachms; boraole acid, 3 drachms; vaseline, 10 drachms; mix. See onr Colombia Swings. Just tbe thing for children, large or small. A. BALDWIN Ltd. ST. JOSEPH'S FAIR. The ladles of St. Joseph' booth at the recent May festival for the benefit of SL Joseph's church, which was managed by Mliw Ella Byrne, assisted by her sister, Mrs. E. E. Bazajou, and Mrs. Jos. J. Owens and Mrs. John Cousins, return thanks to the various parties who contributed provisions, fancy work, money, for the booth. On Wednesday evening last. Miss Byrne was the hostess of a very enjoy-abie reception given at ber residence. No. 322 South Claiborne street, to the young ladles wbo assisted her at the booth. A pleasing programme, comb.n-Ing musical and reciratinn features as well as dancing, aided ln making tbe evening pass delightfully and r-pidly. The young ladies who asrL-ted at tbe booth were: Misses Clara Peters. Llzxie Hart, Jenuie Owens, Apnes Carrlck. Emma Peters, Mollle Scbmederer, Lottie and Mary M.Oabe, Maggie and Keruaghan. Annie May Walsh, Moll! and Evelyn Keanies, J. O'Leary, Annie Haselvandct. Vlrgle Ohitteviden. Mary and L4zz Sheenan. Mrs. E. Po.vnot, Mrs. Snsle ChUholm. Mr. Annie B. Meyer. Misses Margaret Smith. Gertrnde Levy, Jennie Conlin, Ella Jennie Kalr-dotf, Maggie and Nellie Oramond, Annie and Jenn Conn Iff and Elixa Hays. The bazar was In charge of Miaes Clara Peters. Lizzie Hart ana Agnes Derrick, and was a decided saoceaas. We have Jnat what Crockery rm vlll need for over the lake oa onr Job counter. A. BALDWIN fe Ltd. A MURDER, MYSTERY He-called by Body Fosnd Ploat- lnsx in Plaqnemtnea Pmrtsh. Yesterday Acting Superintendent ef Police John Joarnee. received from V. O. eehayot, coroner at Polnte-a-U-Ha be of Plaquemines parleh, a letter Informing nrm mat on.iast noay morning tne bo ly almost reduced to a skeleton and was. fas decomposing. The. floster had been In the Water snch Jength rof time tbat the feature we not The coroner. held an Inquest and focn.i tbat the, man. had. been murdeied; a.h boring resulted from a blow on the which i wound" was inflicted wltia aoxne bluot lnatrument. -v Th ntan Is described as rbeiridr abant year wi, age, auont tee I incite in height end was dressed In whlre woi en undereblrt. white woolen drt. weia iud blue -woolen, trousers. Jhe rem wen buried near Lbs spot where the were I Ut aksa uuauv it sb- btbjh rn.n.i ar mmt anaa u. ra.Bt, awRsst I laTaT at bbbW floating la the river at. Grand Prairie KlJ2 221 Alr.i Charles Montedonlco, The body waa I tn i of bioud Vni nV. I YOX POPULL Ctorrespendene. Tflilch Speaks fr ItseU. Correspondents ar notified that communications Intended for tbla column must be acromion led by the real name ef writers. Anonymous letters will receive no at ten don. Dnratloa of the Present Flood. lime' A the probable Unilt of the present high water aad Its duration is a matter of general Interest just now. I beg epace In yoirr raluabi columns to offer a brief description of the country chiefly affected by the Biggs crevasse. In Madison parish, which will think, explain to some extent, the error made by many of our best engineers in predicting me amount of rise that la likely to occur In the lower river. I notice frequent allusions as to wbat wit. occur wlieu the water from the Blgs rive tT nioutn of tbe Red rhf rL" fuct that 11 actually reached and has beeu run-niug out as rapidly a It could ever since. ftutes of the th Cfeasse prevent it whffh down in one fllod, rr, iJU'd lo.nS "3 ave overtopped titK-JJiTf on. tQe Atchafalaya and Mississippi and force it to be fed out limited channels. It Is aat iii avne "tbern Louisiana will owe her safety, if the nresent srnd struggle is successful. Prebeut ibe Biggs' Cevee is situated at the of.a Tery deeP bend in the river, hflx le malu 'or the cut off of Davis bend has straightened the river, but the levee follows tbe west bank of lake Palmyra, which was the former chanuel Bayo-i Vidai. which takes the name of Roundaway bayon. some ten or J.e i. mllet north, runs northwest from uke Palmyra to the Tensas river, some ten mlies north nf eh a n.i It Is about forty miles In leiigth and from laiiniab ttourhwHrd J.f Ter7 biSh natural bunks, and wi auu uou, ia teveea continuously from the muinllevee np to near Tallulab. Tbls oayou lies directly in front of the Bitrica' crevasse, and while It is true that the crevasse water ran over the Koundaway levee in a brnnrl nhoot vat it was forced northward Into the low swamp land that lies along the north edge of Madison and the southern part of East Carroll parishes, and. owing to the formation of tbe country further south, it cannot escnne from that hain except through the channels of the Tensas, Ives bayou and bayou Macon. ii in nem mere in a vast lake or reser-Tolr- and cannot escape with sufficient rapidity to cause any rise In the lower rivers. As soou ns the water fa lie sufficiently to cause the flow across Koundaway to cease or berom rHii ioa. ened. the Atcbafalava and s.sslppl will at once commence to fall. out on account of the vast volume of water acctimnin tn.l In the th.t I have described, which will kpen rh outlet pulling their best for come, be fall will be very slow. over tne Koundaway ridge has already slacked sotnething over I foot, auil Is growing less dally. If la, therefore, nrobable that tbe rise at the mouth of the Red river la arwmt nror and will be measured more by the crest of rhe wave In the main channel than by the returning water from the Biggs' crevasse. I think the work cut ont for our eonth Louisiana friend la bpfo a em nnil sincerely hope tbey will win the battle they have waged so heroically so far. nut there is a vast volume of water up here yet, which will make the very slow, and untiring labor and vlgi.ance will be required for some weeks yet to insure safety. If tbe B'ugs break had occurred fifty miles further north, so that the source of the inflow would have been above tbe basin, iustead of below It. nothing could have eared the southern part of the state from disaster. Or. if any large levee snath of lake Palmyra, such as tbe Kemp had broken, the result would have been equally disastrous. The people of sooth Louisiana owe their present Immunity to the heroic efforts of President F. L. Maxwell and his lleureirants of the Fifth district, who never pu.i orx meir doom while oigh water Is In sight, backed as they have been by the whole people of the district, and to the accldpnt of tbe locality of the W. M. WASHBTIOf, C. E. Ulbsfand, May 13, 1SU7. The Story Ordlnanee. XEW ORLEANS. May 15. 1897. To the Editor Dally Picayune: Dear In reply to letter In to-day's Picayune, signed "A Third Ward Colored Man," 1 beg leave to reply as follows: Tbe ordl-nauce relative to tbe suppression of meUlum8. fortune tellers, upon Its second reading was recommitted by the counc.l for the purpose of obtaining from tbe city attorney an opiniou as to tbe constitutionality of such a The opinion of the attorney was to the effect that ehe ordiuance. If passed, would be perfectly legal, and by almost unanimous vote the ordiuance became a law. Second, it was uot with a view of "regulating the mora. of the people" at large that the ordinance was Introduced, as pub.ic Is at present at tbe high water mark, but to purge the commnnlty of a contaminating virus. Th rd. The question of "spy" a dead letter and no longer a part of the ordinance. Fourth. If "A Third Ward Colored Man" knows "nothing of fortune teller or their business, he is scarcely in a position to Judge of their morality or Immorality and had better accept tbe opinion of ho kuow a more about rifth. The world Is very well off a it Is and hardly need turn to the days of "Tyrant Nero" as a criterion of Its actions. Sixth. When a young ma goes to a poolroom he knowe pretty well bis chances of losing or winning, but ln ro-lug to a fortune teller it's ail loss and no g'ain. Seventh. As to the dives, etc I am of the opinion thst there should 'be radical measure against them but as Rome was not bnllt In a day, let ns first get tbe foundation. And last, but not least, Mr. Story Is not working for a "monument." but Ls work ng to make New Orleans a monument of purity to the whole civilized world, and fc fulfill the pledges made to himself and to th people. FATHER OF THB BILL. Heavy Blow to Protestantism. to the tditor of the Pieaynoe: The n-cent nttack by the clergymen of the sontner, Presbyterians. Southern Metho- diets and Southern Bnptlst churches in this state npon the Bishop of tbe Protest- ant tUplscoDad church In UnUlann i. most detdlv hin. Crowley. Mobile; George Jietcalf. daclDBatl, most aeaaiy blow that has ever been i Hote Deoeeband: S. M. Marshall, Bate: struck at Protestantism In this state, a fiooge; 8. W. Peebles ssd wit. Sew lberia oiow struck by i-rotoauanta themselves. 1 "wmf bT 'I'tan fen.Tv. isim kro Tbo. O. Beatoo. Monroe; r. twaev nm irrt- at the Jackaon. L- C. Garrett. Stl llltfa. in I Jnf.H.n" ffifj1' thepe were o. C. Carroll. Chicago; W. O. Wy4er. Sew 8,1,0131 00.000 members of ork; 5. C. Peter, aid wlf. ttlebd religious denomination. Inclndtng Wni. J. Ttiford. Hesdeiaa, Mis Katie Jew. Unitarians, Universe lists, spiritual- I Cilrckeil. Paters. S. K. C- Gle. Oasaa 1st and others of various heterogeneous R. T. Orsnt. Jetia-J. B.ldw4, Tark. creeds, and of the whole some 21JOUO or CosssoTolitsa Hotel: K. Brrk. Haitte-. more tban half were Catholics. The total 1 w- ir' membership represented by the churches i Hoke. Arkansas; 3. W. Dara. ChW-aao; h. H-wuicb, uttJrcked this Protestant bUhoo vr. Bosto; G. A. Bsrtn. rtnadrtaaiai wiis ometbing over 60 0OO and vet In i nS 1 H. Wee. Xew Vark; far--T IA oriT' Ln STerbert An tin. Gaireate: C. W. tSetl! eseotest.nt. dfd not, SSISX "to" sTuga tn an Inter-Protestant feud which must result In aggravating tbe bitter de semmatloasl animosities that have never ceased to exist since the outbreak ef the Reform a-tlon. nevertneiess. it might naturally brtve been supposed that In the midst of a poanrntion so overwhelmingly Catholic as I that of Lonlsiarw. the rsriou orts of arroteatants would have made some combination or common cause in nnlsr tn in. ertrse tbieir strength. But uch has not been the esse. In the bitterest days of their orlatinal conflict with nV Prciestant constantly were at war with each other, end It does not armear that alx centuries afterward there has been a- a -mvm b-t fcsasa, aa CJB iney -our. tney aeait it ont to other as long; as th civil laws would permit. it Is truly astonishing thnt In this en-ligotened age. and in a country, wise re the- utmost freedom of rellrloo epinioe is inaniDieeu oy- law. lucre abonlrl are. la no way silled, with or responsible 1 to condemn, ana. wnen tner combine tn. throw a diettagnlsbed Protestant- prelate. bar not een comnoned or een ctunrnweu or psrcBed-ap interdenominational dlfferaneea. their own nor erected any standard of orthodoxy on ecclesiastical con cH re to arraitm and V--V5T o-Ti- iTi aenonnce as sruHty of heresy Christian I Kan.vl Je: narld a 'mJ? tenchere of thahlrhawt eh raster O. Cole. Geerglsr a. "ROM TOTS AO itAJT, On can avattrally say trig thtnaa ia a diamond advertiser ear. AdTertUlBg I eftea th dtvfenaw Vine bat wee fan are aad mTrinsiT A dealer la real Mtata. M-e-p-erly advertise a Ucatioa, most Ices to aa advertisement. People placing aa ad la the "ilk. nation wanted eoTuma waats, of coarse, a good position. Some anercfaaata ar "eery wait tng for business ta pick on -than we'll advertise." The wise merchant will refuse to wait. He wia ailvertise aad pnll hanleet to business whea It is th dui'asat. People who read aarrrtisesaeets are not fools. Tbe mere fact taat they can read shows rtat they have acquire! some knowledge. 6ome advertisers seeas thla: that th more absurd things they say the greatest boasting and the most adjectives they can ase tn) better the ad, They rtoaH bellev what they tbemaerve say bat they fancy every one else wtlL That Is a mistake, and a grievous one. An advertisement sbeeld most sertons and honest statement. When a person reads yoor a yon are talking nlm direct you have his whole attention. He has rot time to listen. Tt I tbe yo eaa olm ronr best and ntost tea. slble itrfitmeDt It ia the yon may make a customer of him. If you choose to talk none to him If you Jolly and Josh If yen bully and shout and boast th gentle resiler will waeiler at rear (canity, and yon will wonder why advertising do sot pay better. which they can th rose tve arree: near. tneiess. tner enact In rtii twentieth century repetltin the da. cree of the svnod rwie --iJ of tbe eeven teeti rh mg ansenrenism in relltton. vT' nut reiiarinna in imi i In ch orohe ts. r---- nereay. witchcraft and biaamhe waa except cos form tm the -civil enactments, sad Te thl day In ha a. bF iuk ceiciirateo WMrm Mlar rVtaS. sion there survive the deetarMIm thar it is tne doty msaiscrates srocaot the true rellcloo ts rastrsls mAZZ ish heterodoxy. But there will never be ear bsra ana lorrnres ror reriri opinion. I A mv la a. at a. ar Tfiey know the fall rain rsllriaati a i'r-r nr MIT" inn sri 1 1 ar rt rsaaiawi ava ireeuom. ana tney win rertst to lb at moet snv tttemnl a la ii. raw 1 Tinnw, noneaiy, Trsth aS Charity are tn v. iuli "wl. men profess to believe, bat by th Mr they live, snd tbat oe good and mmpfol ami pure nr is wertB au tit dell vera ace wntten 7 tDat rr eotild ba- i rrwuioa i or renrioos Ovinia lat-" a renc of barbarism, and when pnedoed rruiwinu win prejaniee their eaasa to nn incalculable degree. People wh d. iwariDi nttn arnonta nr raw ligioita system will rontlnoe to floe tke tn-nonc ennren. Th" who desire rr retirions liberty will lol that avaeJa. rrraaln luvl. a ow-i i themselves ander the fcv leaSMahl i Moody and ether aaeterlest eesnre-Ilara. nnd the Salvation Arm v. Tbe noma on trir t-roreatants ooisid th pf any 1 a "i vxi I iwtnmin raorrn is no ar IB feC retnarknn'e developments ef the ranglu nisrory of thl are of eons-Been man t. very OMS wm WATCHES THB SIQXS OT THE PICAYTN1T1 rp-to-Date Galde to Hew Orleavaia A 114-page pamphlet, wlik tbreai map of the city snd forty-Bye lllustmtkoo of nubile buildings, mono tuent. ceiuak. ste nas just iktu luuru. uevaii prira, cents per copy: by mail, any addresa Address: The Pioyun, Jfew OTlaana. La. THE HOTELS, Record of Yesterday's Arrlvsxla. St. Crarle Hotel: 8. L. Ararat-, CaUcagea lliam Bowsra. Btltisnai; Q. IrwtB. Veay York: Arthur S. oaves, Mmhia: A. V. Lavras, Washaugtco: O. Grtfrtw. Sas Fraaeiseaa MeJTLB W. Huss, New Tort: J. J. Leo, Kear York; Frark Salinger. Saw Tort; O. A. Rsird, rhksgu. rt. E. Uead. Batoo stooge; T. V. Hart el. city; B. UxLge, Woreect, Mass. Hotel Oraoewald: Ira Lt. Vmrmanf. Braokk. a. o. auu taxi, isi(To: lutuu r. aan. Texas: C. O. Goldberg. YHcksburg: H. H. Cab. Boston; B. Gsoihle. Orsud Rapids; K. H. Clay too end wife St. Li t. L. Whit. co go: A. K. 0 lover, Ns tclil cbea; J. 8. Bio Monroe. E. U. Sobelass, N. C. Boy a tar, BinaleglAin: P. Oaseta, Orsa Kanlil Mich lU I Iemi.liiai alartaa Near Turk: lnmm CX. 1 1 r-. mi tn P. I il Logauaport, J. Drew, Mtade. at Is. I I rirt. nnmmm- 1 1 tllit.Ml. M. 1,1 F. C. resin od. Boner; J. E. lut Bess. LaX Charles. Walter M. Gates, Mew I maris Mrs. Mania Stall. DeBvar; J. Meflrert a I 1 A. rUal- AK -l BS. VT "ff laBMafa LoqLs Bcrrr. iMmuut klAoarill: Worn jne.iioerm, vauiio; j. ocujcb, wm HI Wlaaa. OS a 1 I Bntl'er. Ps." T. S. King. KaoxvUle; 3. B. Ulabsa. li. H. Fsik, Lumbrrtea. Withers. Bella Isle: J. L. Wood. Dallas: r. B. WilUasas. St. Mary; Louis Scberrer ssd wlr. St. Leaks; Jos. appeit. u. t. wertbeUBer. New Ytk; Mrs. U. Thotae, Dallas: alias Ca issroa. Alia Onv lag. Ohio; B. P. Tnrner. Dallas H. Bianor, Hoema, B. Arthur Joaasasx. Ckicaro; T. w- Couk. DonaldaonvUla; Jas. A. Winder aad fcilch. Hotel Royal: Karl Dlaktage. Aartria; S. Va TL OTSwS' Hicat. Jacksos. D. Uc.Nerbert. Loalaia I Mlas G. a Levis sod si.cer. Pascal. Mrs. r. C. PaseaJ. rrsece; Lm arls: R. D. Job eon. Cbieara: X. Vm, rMasna. Tiekstrarg: W. Phela. Saw Tr fr. Mrs. J. F. Lohdell. TsHs: XT. La Cileboris. Ch'earo: Sasaael A. One 1b. G. P. it. Leets: J. Itewt ftoehester. X. J. A. Be4rr. CsJaaxh! nh. Potl Vict or- J. B. Brvww. leariaa; A. Ft. Louis: Frark P. Co tost. OacUk n.rl: Js. A. Vaatsebe. eiry: T. 3. TsnaaMa, Atl-nta: at. W. ASasaa. Oeeetaaxl; W. A. Ren'te. St. Marr: Pirata-, w. jta- T- w- t-PH as. vfre: n. waaa. C.ea; W. D. Hentee. wns. Cs.Jek.n,Dv, nnMta ar alfi 1 i vans Ha IL. i. JonB: Gee, CStesaa i ica. 5 lua. Is Fraaebt lsai Hammnad: F. Maraar. Htd-ot-: Miwt. Jsekseo; Ci M. raater aad wfe, G. 8. nor. SylscaaiBia: Cha. Bertar. eel Create J. L. Iar'r. P. telrtlea- thst. Al-xarts. U. tt. tnrr 'IT. SS7i. i.C-Trrtz 3. K'lehen. Av. Ul. Xlea. Ra kwelT. A t4SOtJ J. B. Maa ana and wife. FTrvn; Mrt, L. Maa and oareTitee. Vostmai V. Judsoa. Oe. fieama. 1 Loyd. ClaolaaatJ W. I WUaon, Dartrolt, US

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