Las Vegas Daily Optic from East Las Vegas, New Mexico on April 4, 1892 · Page 1
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Las Vegas Daily Optic from East Las Vegas, New Mexico · Page 1

East Las Vegas, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1892
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vot. xni. ONLY AFTERNOON PAPER IN NEW MCXIOO PUBLISHINB THE WBBTKRM ASSOCIATED PHESS RBPpftT. , EASTXAS VEGAS,jN. M., MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 4. 1892. APAROQ1DCRIHINAL A Man'JurtPardonsd Out of/the Louisiana "P«n," Murders a Gallant Officer. ACCOUNTS FROM STORM Overloaded Steamer, Wltk 200 Passengers, and a Large Cargo, Lo»t at 8e». A BIG | TICKET ROBBERY Mrs. Fitzgerald's Boarding House Burned at Leadville, One jnmate IPerishing. JUSTICE HAMER'S ILLNESS [Still the wiresTmre down, and only a few scattering,-: unsatisfactory telegrams bars reacheiil this office, to-day. — EDITOK Ornc] . : i : B«faM> to i I" U* <*»»• ' i SANTA FK, April 4.— The jpenlteii- tiary commission U In «e»»lon here ana Col. Bergman refuses to surrender to John K. Peilier, claiming that, inas- —much as DeMier voted for himself, he was not legally elected. This is a legal opinion and what the end will be the court will have to determine. l.llt«ly t* Dl«. _ WASBIXOTOX, April «.— The condition ofiJustice Hamer gives hU friends much uneasiness. j • . I ' Bic »ul. OuA.iiA, Neb., April 4, — Saturday, burglars entered the trainv agent's office at ihe union depot and stole nearly! flO.OOO worth of ticket!.! Probablj Klll.a. LITHOXIA, Ga.,; April *.— Parties who went m search of the two negroes who assaulted Postmaster Brown's; daughter have returned and report j that there was no use in farther pur-i »uit, ; m the two men were Jost. Whati that means' i» generally undentood. . . , ST. PETERSBURG, Aptil 4. — It uj re-] ported hero that the steamer bound from the Persian coast for BakerJ in the Black sea, with 200 passengers] and a large cargo of cotton, has been! lost, with a" on board. It ii *aid luei disaster wus due to the fact that the] steamer was greatly overloaded. ; j JTatal Fir*. Colo., April 4.—fire, attended liy fatal results, occurred here,; yesterday.: The immense boarding; house, -ov^ncd by Sirs. Kilzgeruld,! caught firij and wnseulircly consumed.; John Kearneyr.ono of tlio boarders,wasi barned to ic'glli, and John Koble was seriously turned. The fire was started; by a niiiiei leaving a candle burning, which set fire to the canvas in his room. >J. ;>*., April 4.—The; twenlielh annual c» ! nr»D!lon of tb« N«w York stat* grange began, to-day .| A resolution wm adopted requesting New Y(|tl,'s dclrealion in c»ngre«s toj iiie Its iu^uence in lavor ot any n»as-! ure for k &hip canal around the falls oi Kiagnruj nnd also support Ilio furtbeij construplion of a de»]> waterway frpnj Lake Oaisrio to the Undsco river. northern • Idaho, Washington aud Oregon. ''The .expeditions will bu absenl at least two months. The re- _.ulls of the «x'pe(litions will be placed OR exhibition at ilio World's Columbian exposition, at Chicago. K»llru»d Accldiiil. X, W. Va., April 4.—JL freight tram on the C. i O. railroad itrnck a huge rock, which had (alien oa the tract, near Kuncevcrt, Sunday iorninfr. A dozen freight cars were completely demolished, and the engine W:IB ihroH-n into the river. Engineer lluchanan,. Kifpman Brown anil a brakemaii are reported killed. Au «m£»r Killed. XEW OHI.EASS, La.', April 4.—This afternoon, Frank Lyons, :> noted criminal, recently pinioned by (Joveruor Nichols, »hu"t and instantly killed John Hurdy, a gallaut police ollicor, at French market.- Lyons WM involved in a' DgUt with another man, when Hurley stopped i" to separate them. Tho burglar placed a piMol to thu breast of the officer and lireil, the ball entering the heart. Lyons than made bis escape. TUo Storm U»coril. CIXCISMATI, U., April 4.—A special report says there was a hoavy hail storm at Wheeling, W.Vu., at 5 o'clock, last evening, about Martin's Furry and St. Clairuavilte, <>iii >. Electric lights wero exling.iii»!irtl nt St. Claircsville, and the town v?;u left in darkness Much damage to Ihe stuck a repbrted. Kaiu f«ll in torrents. iVashuuts or railroads are ivporu-il. All Wheeling trains arc dt-Uyed. : LEXINGTON, Mo., April -i.^This section wa-i visitc-d-:by a rain aud hail storm,, yesterday. 1 " Hailstones j were larger than'marbles, anil foil so fait and thick that the ground wua' cot- ered. The roof ol I lie pulK'i; cvurt.wai broken and dome panes ot'ulasi Bu '~ fered. It is estimated that, ilnring th« afternoon^ there was an averugu raiu- fall of one inch, or more. CoKifEVVii.i.K, Kan., April |l.—A terrible niuviu visiied this loualiiy, last •veiling. ; Tho wind was nccoinjianivd by hail and rain. Lightning strnek thu tall'tawor ol thu Episcopal chiircU und tore the steeple iulo pieces. Nii one was in the <;hurcY at the iinio. Windows were broken by hail and bains and out-houiei overturned by wind. IJTTM Kot-Ki Ark., April 4.—V.'ortl roaches here of a singular and distressing (incident hear C'overt,; Ark. It appears thut an alliance picnic was held, Salurday, which drew together a large crowd ol people, numbering 200. In the afternoon, u storm came up aud the wind was very strong, levelling everything in ' its' path. Whjiii ii struck the woods in which Llie ptcnk- was being held; trees weruAiluwnjdown in all directions, one of fohiclt jkilled two people and mortally wounded two others. Several persons were.'dangerously hurt by pieces of llying timbor. Covert boinji <>m> miltr from a railroad or telegraph station, it ii impossible tn get full j'urliculars. I An American Tour, ., PARIS, April-•«.—M. Monnet-Sully has arniui;cd for an American tour next season. I Uis resignation from the staff of tha Theater Francais, last NiveniJ her, citeaied a sensation. His departure! from tho Theater Francais re 1 moved tb* last of the famous three who for years dominated the stage, th* others feeing Coquelin and DelannayJ Wonnetl-Snily, who, as a tragedian, eu r jovs u vj orld-wida rtpulation, U a little mure Illan fifty years of age. . i I A *ot»l.r* KT«B|. - ; i ViKxjs-A, April-t.—A. very fine ccr- cmouyjlook place in the Imperialbnrg. to-dav,: whiah gave plentiful opportuj- nitifolor tbe display of all the pomp of old Spanish etiquette, which it still retained ut the Austrian court. j Tho emperor entertained at luri- ' cbeou twelve aged men and washe i ' their fact afterward in the Hall 4' •• Ceremonies. All the elate' fnactien, arie*. dignitariei, generale, member , the diplomatic corps and inany reprf • eentatirfj pi the nobility witnessed ' 4h« symbolical scene. THE AUXILIARY WOKK. Tho Corresponding Secretary Gives I2«ftsous for Separate Kinttaee Conimntoei. Ik Ux finer of ihe ODIIC. KA&T LAS VEGAS, N. "M., AprU^tli. — I would liko to say to tlio people o( San Miguel county, tbat so far as 1 nm informed, there is no dissension what- evar between our iaUf couimisaiouera themselves; and the fa^ts of the CMS*.', simply stated, uro us follows: Mrs. Albright, buin£ lursclf an art 1st, very naturally choso tiie art and urtia- mental exliibit of our Territory at the World's Fair. Our people will loan her thtrir possessions iu tivat line outright. No ilvsignurs or iirlists arc tu be employed oti siilarii's. in aom^ ran? instances nrlk-lii.s lu:iy be purchased, but this will selduui, if evtir. bo necessary. Mrs; llartlett cliosL- her ilopiirtinentii in u more practiL-iii IHH-, hoyin^ to d,'. •relop thu resource's we iilrtmly have, for the upbuilding of our busiiu-M iu- ttrests. Iu aoniti counties slio has skilled agents already Vxperimeiillmr with the canu^pre rout, it buing a vain- ablo product jl'ur tanning- t:huii-c -furh -r, Ju and skius'foi' k-utl and D. .HurUr, ot Ohio, Dougllly Oppoarr of till- Hland Bill. KBW Y«RK, April 4.—It U nndei faoi tiat, inTiUti«n« to Ihe wedding ol Mrs, Ljyennw* *A Baro» S»ilhere will be sent out, thia week, a»i tbkt the ceremony will t»k» pl«c« on Salujr- d»y, April 16th. At the »»«i-~ which i will b« wlemniMKl in P»trick's cathedr«l, Arohbuhop C. «„ will official. The baron ^mediately Uke hi« brid. U P wkere she has eog»ged » houl on the Emlariade des Invalid**, M>« one w ihiseyetal owMd by the PriiK*~ 11 Sagaol on whom ihe plaees her hog* for'fntoro soc!»l distinction in tba city. itwiUotu. ;JD.d, April. ;».- .xpeditioM, " ' it.aa resalia, wer« will wBl w«rk llsrltJr.-jvho'iiiade n cri-al bit 111 the (bate ou the silver bill, is' u new member ; of euii<;iess. He. represent* JB Fillcrntb district of Ohio, resides t MailslJelil, that state, a;u! KM born t Gaulun.also of thi* Uuckere eommuii- veillii, Millie yeai|lSILi, Hatter is au uorgutif business man, a manufacturer ,nd.abanker, Hfcis-an earnest tariff rs- ormcr, of many years' experience iu ts advocacy. Tin- Cobileu club, Louon, Hag-laud, has his mim« <m its rol! [ tuenibiTshlp, and in Amcrioa his mine is found on the list of member* n ihe Uefurni cjub, New Vork, tire lomocratTic club, of tlto same city, and In) Young Men's democratic club, of ;inciunjii7." llarler talks to congress a B&raiglitfurward, bu'siness-IiUe way, Without rhetorical pretemion, and ctiitnmauds Iho iitteuliou of the 1OUSC. I t: . » . : Save the Little Homes. FTOEU th« .Now Moxicau. , Under tbe provision* of- the Ret cre^- ating the U. S. court of private land claims, persons having claims less than 160 acres must deal with the surveyor general, wbo is auihurized, after tliey: have tjjed their claims, to make examination of the same, aud report them to the^geuera'i land office fur patent, thus perfecting title tu small holdings whurtibe occupant has resided ou anil msdo his home for tweuly years.whether such holding be claimed as a regularly authorized Spauish j or Mexican grant or not. This is an eminently wise-provision ot the Taw, and should be taken advantage u(,j but, itrango to nftT, thtis far very few «f the thousands who ere thus holding! claims In the Bio Grinde valley and I vicinity, have ihown! any iuclluitiob to set in ;the Unless thette's.maU holdings __ before Ma|n:l> 3rd, 18t>3, thiy become void.'. A'rcady the time •Mowed by law f° r tni f action his ei- ipind by halt. It U injiperative, there' : tor«, that ao more time bo lost in the matter. 1 iibutli cliuuj! l ):h"r h^ljiers have prouiisedio Irs ami ['ruiluce this coining season njl:irjji:r si^i! and yiehl ol the cunaigre; by {^rovTing it iu a tuoro suitable anUJprttpiiiuus soil. -.The yucca plaut, which grows wild everywhere, baa already excelled the most sanguine, expectations regarding it, and she will engage ult thu assistance possible tu produce from it the largest number of useful articles. All tha experiments so far have more anil more successful -and onednr- aging. This coiuiug season is also to be employed by persons interc.*te(.'iti poultry, bees and honey. SK as tu develop all thu' pouibilities ol these lines of industry, moro particularly as a means of livelihood," fur our many invalids and health-ieekors, wbo could engage iu aoinc light, out-door employment.' In literaturu 'she proposes to gather tun works of all our best authors, some of whom are of world-wide reputation, in a set, ol artistic form, and binding. She will have the binding ilono in our own Territory, aud t>hc offers prizes for a tuftably artistic ilesijju for a cover, and hopes to sell one complete, -set tu each county, library, etc. - ~ln elbnology it u thought to be advisable,! provided the money catrbe tecuredj to erect HU adobo houso, with ancient furuiBlunijs, and aUo,oneof our own time, with uct'ompaiiying ovens,-upon tho Woilil's fair grounils, aud have Spanish women tu attend them iu genuine, native style. In nrohii-ologY, ail ruiiiS arc to bo excavated, iuscriplidns deciphered; and overy'.hing in this line phiitci- grapbcd, ami prcseuli'd lo the notice i,f learned archii-jlogists, some of. our cuiliities being particularly rich in ihose. much-sought treasures. jjhe proposes to liuiiie ihe must complete, ami extensive." c-sbilii: ol otil ho.^i>itals, atui.uliiur iii<tiluiions ul a beiletblent or wlevalln^ eiiivra'/ter, as .Mrs. Palmer lays stress upon • ha completeness ut.this cxliibii from iilj urer the I'niicil Stales, France having boasted that sue expect?,'ind intends, to excel, every nation «f the worlil in this deparliiirnt.. In ciineaijun she is '• purlicular'.y enthusiastic, 'and prjposfs "Tu lurnisli the materials fur a ^'"'ral exlon-iuu in many branches ot ki;owteilf;o lirto- loforo negleclCLl,or iiiiprficttcrLblc to the poorer classes on ai'L-uunt oi ilieir in- abilily to meet tlie tAjiumes nceesrfary ta tlie-te studies. j In Ike collecting and i-Lissifyins "I o^ir liulanical exiiibii,. biiu will il«i .ill htr means will permit, ami al:hou^!i utlil unsellishly. «.• c.a:l l.:;rilly .h .pv io iMpial '.lie lubibit .if ruljr'ad•>, whose 'oiuuiiaMo.ners liavi- i-nj^i^eil a U<j\ botanist from Harvard Amifx, at ;i "•uiierous salarv, 'Ui .work all the coming Vear ii^jlii.i one dr-parlmeut. 1 havii not, time lo llluulim the oilier .interests in''Mrs. lianlett's division, IliitT wiiiilorok, candidly: Now.gen- ilenivu ami -ladies, you who have signed all -thusi- porti-utious documi'iits, asking for one tin aura comiiiiiii'e, and a division of possible fniidi—what proportion ilo you llunk should go to ihe art division? iiinl wlmt proportiou lo Ihe jiropcr devulojnneul ol :i,ll these useful, helpful, but ; custly iuteresta? What linancc committee, eveiy thuiigli thev'be "wise m thoir own/ giruera- tioii," nan divide, tho nuuicy justly, without wrangling, ^wiiliuui;'allowing persoual preference io govern, only to help, and never to hinijel"? \Vh could Jo this? Jha. .CIIAS! Dvtu, Currespouiling Secret an IDIRT TO FLY; Actire^ork of Constrnctlon Soon to Itegln on the Denrer Si £1 &BSO Short Line. Cheering Nevrs About the New Use of ItAllwa; to .liua Vegas «od i Polati Beyond. tVljUVTllINIi IK KKAUI*U3. From the Trinidad Attrertlicr. A woelt agu the Advertiser made the aiinounciiment that dirt would begin •to fly on the Denver oi El Paso ihort line by tlje first of May, tha work to be' commended ill Trinidad. This itinort was verified, yesterday, by a man who ii iu a position to know .whereof he spei>ki. This gentleman it nouu othtr than the Hon. L. W. Car- iile, of 1'iieblu, brotberiof State Treasurer Curdle, aud a wcil-kuowB: rail- rt)iul coniractor. Mr. C.iirlilc came down from Pueblo vesterdav tuorniug aa.l took tbe noon train fur [Albuquerque. While In the city he tailed enthusiastically over the prospects fur tho completion of the sliort lius in a very jher;. time. • He said Ihatiwithin thirty days dirt would be Hyingjaud _',UOO men would be at work ou i tbe road between Trinidad and Kl Paso. He further said that it was no surmise from bis part; that the meney is! ready and the company nil! begin the! work within tbe time staled and push'it as rapidly .as capital and meu cunjdo tho work. So positive was the gentleman in his assertions, he offcn i to back them up by putting up- a wager of $1,000 to S100. This, it seems, ii| suflicient to convince the most skeptics! that the Trinidad, £1 Paso short Hue is no longer a myth— Unit the roaJ will be built, and in the shortest timo possible. UEUKVE3 IS THK «KW ROAD. Krum tliu ^J«avor Kopublioan. K. II. Urousou, president of the El 1'asj, Texai, ualional bank, and tnter- esteil in! the uew Uonver & Kl Paso railway, lis in Denver. 1I« ipoaks oon- lideiury ijil the prospect of the Uonver & Kl 1'lisb 'road, aud Bays tha future of Xuw Mexico and of £1 Paso will bo greatly enhanced by the railroad building Ihroijgh New Mexico, giving Denver a dirict lino to El Paso aud connections throughout thu state. A 1U>A1> THAT WILL UE UL'ILT. prom the iDeuv«r Tlme>. •; The.iups'. promising railway entor- priaa'tha|t Iris been projueled iu tbe. west fur frears is the Denver & El Paso road, wUlch company, backed by leading capilalisls and bmintss men ail the way troiu Denver to the gull, was incorporated a tow days ago. It i« Do chimerical scheme. The backeri laiotin business, and hare not eiibarkull in the scheme without full, knowledge of tlii> demand for the road- ami Us possibilities and advantages. That ^hli road is needed Is beyond Hiiejtion! That the country through which itlwill-pass is abuudautly able to auppuf't It cnunot be doubled. The hoil.liug of 'he Denver & Kl 1'aso rojid "ill lie a powerful blow .•.truck at llie unjust iliscriiiiinatieu practi-.-cii u^ tlie cii'h'S u( Iho west :md s..u"iii ivrst, ami jji'-ir tributary coiiutrv.'by the railrmW coaibioo thai lia'i so" ling sclli-ihly Ihrotileil the ad- I'niitome'ni.'of thia seution:' Evory additional { connection with deop water niea'iis mill.iuns of dollar* saved, and ilia greater prosperity and duvolop- iiicnrof Ihu'country through which the 1 It is pbssiblo that tlio Denver * El .i'aso ruivl may nut bo bull.', this vear, but it will be built, aud soori. UF Capital Paid i^ - - - - !- S100,0|00. (Surplus and tuiflivitled profits, - 58,5;00. • '- OFl-TCKUpAXD DIKKXiTOKS! ; : TV. M.. EADS, President, i ; li):NltV Ci.iKK. : FHANK SPKIKOEK, Vie< Paid I:IOHix:,.jJ CAPITAL,- $5OO,OOO --—.-.."-' - $!OO,OOO D. T. HOSK1XS, C'ashibr F. li. JANl.'AUY, As.-i.nai K. lL( r 'SF.NWAU>l t Cashi,.r. X. A. M|. BLACK \VKLl.. r l»AJli> OS T1MK ni A,| B. SMITH: Paid Up Capital, $30,OOO. OIUKCTOKS:—Frank r!njte. v y, Harry.Kelly and Kniauutil KoseiiwnliJ. t^TSave your ournings by d Ehay will brlntf you an lucouie. £fo d«poslta ; mculved of JORH tl llunry (Joko, K .V. them in th«j LAI VKKAS KAvrsnslBAffk, ,wb«rr "Krtjry Uotlur st*.vc*l. Is t«-u:<li.»llars tim'Ioi." i n ilj- InteriiHt jiaul on all ilopo*iij* -af >"« )jtHd ovftrj G. The Eastside RostoiTic3 Je\|/eler A F-ji-r. I.INE AND SILVER ATtJHES, CLOCKS, 8ILVERW|HE, : EP ooons A Perfect fit guaranteed or; All watcb auil cluck worl (juu Al«o handles tin-(li'iiuiu tilted for one joar. SrKCIAl.TY. Singfr Ho WEST SIDE S AtBK1 >IV. HEPGCOCK, Ageht Large assortmentjof Mt , Ladio , Misses' iiiul )UOCK I'UICKH! Bridge Stret, Las Vegas, Real jThey have : First-Class BAjKGA|SS on their estate'msttcrs-of every ill 1 .nil keep posted mi rca i : i:.A\ \UI.DS. isr iNi'i-.:::i-> ;...c»,hi w . . - A. A.-JOMKS r>A'll>;ON' First Xailonril j!:ink. -r \>;i;s, Natinnal Bunk, EH'aso, Teia» , . Rlulnber, Gas and Steam Fitter l'!r««H I , II-.ii.-e ' Hoilc- ki<ji'. lu.ttock. , BatU Tur» M!aiui(;ac{m-or of Tin, Copper auul Sheet Iron Wares. i K»i;w,-.rk in my ( Jo;ii. at lowest rates. . NEXT KQOE IO SKATIJCQ RI3TK ' DKALER JS G roce r G ood s^ IVIerchahdlse. Railroad Ave., : East I^as Vegas, N. .: He Bells at tbe f i^o of tho very *|iioi mriata, li a s;jc<iiaU 1-ctiiiR Figures, ai.d at OSK PK1CE ONLY t A fo • imu.^au.'y Gi-oi.-cTici> for families, 'axconioalsta aatf i'Siioi to Coors iiros.) .r. AND UETAIl. DEALER IK— SASH, DOORS, BLINDS, TAHDSHB. a i n t « . Oils and Glass. Cerri lo$ Hard and Soft iST U i EAST iAS VKCAS, ri':ij'".ruoS'[:;^o. nti KKW MEXICO. JHTON, linsilfisl The Solion luuiio, »nd stables, the K. of 1'. ball, tbo Mine nnd printing ollice, and llie resilience ol Mr. Uarllett, of llie lirtu-of .llartlett & Tyler, were totally destroyed by liic, at Magclalcua. Notliiiijj was savfd, except fruru;tbo bouse ol ^lr. Harllelt. insurance light. , i iie pJMip'c of El I'a'so arc not all en- ^iasuc over the prospective Denver Kl l|i^-> riilroail as they have ro i-ently bi-ffi reprcsentt'dlo be. An aiMiivmous writer tells tho Texas peniile, |lhrc.n^ll. the llr.nlht, that Ihr r,,:n'l -frjuirKI I'asn tu >Yliite OakJ would If; all ri^lit. Out tlie line from While ijaks to Denver, this crafty geu- ilenian thinks, there isbutlitile reason ID piybj Trade of all kinds, be sur-' iniieS, j.vill movo to tho np'rljiwvd. I leaver ,will gel the benefit of tlie line, !iu believes, when constructed, aud Ei- l'a<« will uot be "in it." The plan to build from White Oaks to l.ibeiial, Rsn., and to a puint on the K-ick Iijand road, theuoe lo Kansas t_'ii\ J , etc., is warmly supported. The urws lliat Jay Gould is lo retire from the Uuian Pacific and seek ft southern route to Ihe Vaciflo coast. £ives sijme color to tbe statement that several Ipartici are iuvestigatiug this latter (route from El 1'aso to Kancal City, j Tho people of Kl Tano are not likely io a^nie. fully with thjs writer, but hu arliile£»<-3 to show that there is special virtiii-i'.u this plan of buildlup a railroad from Denver lo .'Kl 1'aso. l>enJer cannot afford to procrasli tiate oNJcr this enterpris*. It should be pushed; witb vicjor and at once. rsiDE piioi'Kiirv. 'thi.-very best riako In thc.UaiUd : .it!.'-J;'.ctioil. '• 1-".\>T 'CAS ^KCAS. N. entire satisfaction : c extends from Avci.iio and SeTeiitli Street, - LAS VEOAS. N. M.\ ^ ACTDi & BOILDERJ Th» palace car u»o*l t" traniportiuK tho Hoot ic«o«ry aiiJ prdp«rti« or Wnllick'i "Cuttle KitlK" company, wbicii will appear at 6he opera Uuusa uext \Vednoiaay, is worthy of more than nolict. An iaojldeot In en Kngtneer's From tfco Cbic«go Time!. Var.uar ilown the trick, is a dark spot, ijvcr which hovers a great cloud The engineer sees it, hauls r>ut hu , _ ., i-ivatcbj ulance? at it,'then resumes Tbe c»r was built mirtisly tor Mr. W_ai-I . a 1 b . . .. ' . , .t ,_j lick at acoat ot $4.'^M. U it Huruhty f»ct loug and th» usual hnjght, »nil U titled up iniide wilh stall* for ElieceicbraleU trained bortosand compartments for scenery,baggage, •'ic. So eanvouiynt'y er« tlio BI^UB tor tu« horses nrr*nged tbat \vheu uooe- cuplcd th«r fold up usamtt Ibo tide* if tba car Ilka Iho leaves ot a bout, le&viag tb* car clBAr for acti&u. \Vb»a in usa ibu place, until the tvhold i« trauiforiued frcm & r«ceptiaii room icta a pal&c» *t£l le wortay of lh« sr«st:Supol b»rself. Tb» ouutda of tba csr it beaulitu^ty decoraled aaif l*tter*d Ut gold bro&z«. orensisBi. »r« Oa* of Ssnator 6«ulora'« flne bones pasxd tnrougk, 1&M clgbl, for tali 1'alo AUo farm, Califoruia, b'alng uxpre*»«d all tb« way Irom Soar York. H« was a fine ioc&ing, dark brown,' but uoae of the «x- pt*«s people- knew j bis u'aiaa. He lad •mated himself on ihe wav,i by upiell ng tf g baikcu Wid traring op«a batter tabs. business of looking out of the window He was to meet an cast bound freigh at that! point. He did not kn :w if the switches were iu place;' he did no kuow [ml the passenger train wouf. itash ifi'.o that freight and the death <i uianv fpeople follow. There was n way "for hiui to know except that i was tlje duty ot his fellow employees io sec tint the switches were right Ilo did not slacken bis speed. Etpldl; the huge mogul on lb» side trao loomeu. tip. A roar; and n dash MM! flew past the waiting Irpigbt g within throe; feet. passin Yest Brday was as capricious an aa April tbaitatss; bntjaoUtlogcan Msa! mit lo-dny. It ha* been Duiuo S««v Mexico variety Las fegas V. W. CHATFIELD, A. An Institslion of Il for the Liberal Edi of Our Youl! LARGE SCHOOL gplendldlj ventilatixl and . Regular College Cm : ALSO SPECIAL COL . COKSIST:SQ oy MCBIC. AttT, BOOK-KEE1 OOnAI'HV. TVPK-W 1-HVSlCAI. CUllTUKIt aed CAlJlSTUCXICS. Elvsatat Lcordinx Kacilitiei at Lovf \~ Omr Art Bepnrtm PKOF. A. F. Sit 1TII WUI be pleated to rsceive »li;de:.l-i in llie varlou* branches Thorough luitrfacttoii. . Ksa Call ou or address the Pr EASI LAU VEQAS, - S^fW Is tloe Cheapest/Place to buy iliil ;OF Ef/hRY KliNti, Furniture, Ca^petS^ Tihivare, China Ware, d Goods Glassware, Silverware, e>t Gra catioji RO ricu. i NO, Granite Irpn VVare^ iQueensware, Baby Carriages, Bar Goods, Mj Cutlery; Rattain C5oods. Artists' Material,'.Frames, Material for 1 Faticy V/ork,-Pictures, Etc. urn. RSES, STKS- XTiS; aide for icrner and Sixth fet. j Doug!]as Av e. ORE. All tors and Side IIBBONSi Wednesday. Per Cash Only, MOSENWAL

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