The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1943
Page 5
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TUESDAY, 'APRIL 27, 1943 Bystanders Can Be Best Aid To Victims Of Faint )'.) I)K. THOMAS I). MAS'l'KKS Written fur NKA Most people fiiinl sometime In Iliolr lives. Masl causes for fjiltit- ii!S! are benign and carry no con- 6\iljsecitience. Oenernlly bystanders liavo no idea what to do when a person faints, and they might be of considerable help in the emergency. There arc numerous causes for fainting or unconsciousness. They all have lo do with it temporary decrease' In the blood mid oxygon supply to the brain. This diminish- Jiifiil may follow exhaustion, weakness, lack of air, or strong emotional disturbances. Many |>co|)le faint, at the sight, of blood, or an unpleasant or unaccustomed spectacle. In addition to the loss of consciousness the face and lljxs become pale, the skin cold and clammy with sweat, the pulse weak, and tlic brcntliiiic n.uite .shallow. Tliess symptoms are part or the picture ol fainting, and do not. add or detract from Ihc usual pattern. Other symptoms may or may not be present, but when they are, they usually require Hie intcrprcdillon of the physician. The most, ilrn- malic of such indications may even be convulsions, Frequently (particularly in war- lime) a physician connot be reached immediately, episode has lon and usually the since passed be fore he can reach the patient. Ordinarily he is not needed. If fainl- int; recurs or if unconsciousness persists for longer (ban 15 minutes, (he patient .should be (rans- pcrted to a hospllnl, or a phvslclnti summoned. KKi-:r IIKAI) I,O\VI;KKU In the meantime, those who are present on the SC eiie may render useful service. Remembering dial fainting is associated with a lack of blood supply to the brain, the head .should \ K lowered. A hori- TOnlal position on the floor without a pillow, or belter still, If |>ossib!e, u bed or couch with the feel elevated will let- Ki-.-ivily operate lo increase the blood in the head. Fresh air helps, but he patient is usually wet with sweat, and chilling should be avoided. A cold cloth to the head has a stimulating effect, and the clothing about Hie face and chest should be loosened. No fluids— wiiitr or medicine- should be given while unconscious- They may be aspirated monia slimulaies breathing and HIiY'niEVlLl.B (AUK.)' COUIUHU NEWS U. S. of Copper And Pennies, Too ».v HI.'TI'V A N'l-lA SUff • Corro.s]Mmtleu( WASHINGTON .- I'okc around the lioiisc mid .sco wlml "ramie! 1 miiiluy" you (Jim ( | Ui You'll be stiriiitwii huw ninny imnrcclcil ur useless tinidra of copper you'll find. Uncle Sam wimi.s 'cjn.'lle'll soon pin on a new drive lo sulviw every Hule bit of copper tlnu you can lay yoiii 1 hands on— fi'oni Hie pennies in Junior's • ptu bank to tliose ivpitdiiie-presciit Jnlop . ctips from wlilch Hie "j'.uarniilCMl" silver pluic hus long since viinlshcd. <;iu;i;u w, c;nas Convei'.sioti of rnctorlcs lii war pruimcilon has cliiisuA many consumer items olf the mnrkdl, Inn If you've Ueen hoarding , i>Bninst such H contingently in the iimklnij of bobby pins, you cnn stop. Despite the fiict tlint they tiro nuide Into ili c IIUIBS. Sometimes smelling sails or iiionmllc spirits of iiiu- nioiiia .sliniinle brenthing and thereby h:\stcn recovery. • One should Insist llml ;i person down tely recovered. 'I'hc encore may occur in a less .satisfactory place. nss m ;i pers who has fninled should slay dow and cuiiet, unlll he us complete of vital lilgii-uu'bon stool, tliclv munufucluve will continue, HIV Wl>li officials. CK;,\its, n<j,\ia;m;s The \votKten ci|!itr Iwx lins i;mio, alonis with (he wooden cheese box. but the wood design on the jiLijier- boni'd Corona box will tool most. People . . . the Hat c!);tircUe. Iw.vcs uro all cam-cited, us well us the pipe und pltiy tobacco containers. SAI,VA(iK VAliN New women's storkhitjs ui'u , ilc- slisn-.'il to lust longer, and, Ijy (lin- PjiiU'iilloii of styles, u t>nvli>i> of »,(WO.OOi) [winds of hosiery yavu saved nnmially. IN Tlln OIUNOKRY OODRT. CHI IT'* THE r FATEEG-A-JEEBIEJ mat 'UTlfo KP-DEFUT Cash for Your Car •A mj Make — A U Models WE NEED 50 USED CARS SlT IIS at Illll-l! if ytill Wlllll (ll M'll y,| Ur ,..| t , |-(m Nil tlrliiy—drive in nv (Hriili'uic in'id our rriirrsriiliillvr will i-itll at linn-. Phillips Motor Co. '1VI. . r )(ll & \Vtllnut ND WAR LOAN DRIVE IS ON! This "V i people blush Cou!d this be. you? ... «Wr,ji » .„.„.,.,»: ,,, without bacon. CofTcc-jnil nnc cup of it-witlintii lieavy cream. Just a skimpy little |»jt of butler for ni]- Hmt. Don't talk to me about sacrifice. I'm makinj; rlcnty. And what about the 10% of my pay that goes into War Bonds evciy week?" When THIS is your fellow American! "We're be™ under fire niglil and day /or 12 days. A deducing tlnonffi : heavy mud. Wet and tired. Tlic nights arc freezing •fold. No hoi food. Only our iron rations lo kccfi us SIX'S. Casualties have been lieavy. Yesterday; my buddy, •Spite' Anderson, got bis. Hal today il's uiortli- while. Today we stormed end took the Nazi foiilion." PROM every front comes a story of tlic heroism of otin -*• troops—of unbelievable hardships and privations. And now from our far flung battle lines comes an Mtgent cry for help: "Send us more planes, more guns, more ammunition." For today the fighting fronts blaze into new fury. In a last desperate effort to annihilate us, the Axis powers arc throwing everything into the struggle. The next few weeks or months may decide the outcome of the war. And that's why your Government is calling on you to lend it more money. Thirteen billion dollars are needed-needed urgently and right now. This is a showdown fight. The Bi;/ Offensive Is Under Way NVe'rc not plaj'ing at war. This is the real thing. Out boys are dying in defense of our country-casualty lists re mounting. The least we can do is to hack up out icn with every single dolU ^yc cm scrape together. Remember they 'do not sfop td asW flic »:osf-th"cy pay with their lives. In the face of their sacrifice can any of us hack here at home say that we arc doing enough?. Millions of patriotic Americans are already putting 10% of their earnings into War Bonds every payday. We can be proud of this record-Ja/ 10% is not enough. Today we. are confronted by a great emergency. Thirteen billion extra dollars are needed, A big sum of money, but not too big for America. Wlia ; t docs this mean to you? It means ihat it is your patriotic duty to put more money into Government securities regardless of what self-sacrifice it may entail. Give up comforts, do without things you nccd-;/;jj is a t'iial matter. ' ; i 'And remember, you arc not giving a cent. You are merely investing in the safest securities in the world. You will get hack your money with interest when the , war is over. It will supply cash for the things you want. It will mean sccuriry for you and yours, What To Do \ Thousands of volunteer workers arc calling on cvcry- !>ocly possible, explaining tlic 2nd War Loan and the different types of Government securities offered. Wcl- . come these representatives, they arc giving their time and effort to this patriotic cause. But don't wait. Go today to the nearest bank, Post Office oc War Bond booth. Lay down your money—more than you think you can spare—for extra bonds. Know in your heart th.n when your country called, you answered "YliS!" There are 7 different types oi U. S. Government securities-choose the ones best suited for you: United States War Sayings Bonds-Series E: The perfect investment for individinil aim family savings. Gives you hack $•( for ever) $3 wt)cn the Bond matures.Designed especially for the smaller investor. Daicil In Jay of month in which payment it received. Interest: 2."% 2 year if held lo manmty. Denominations: J25, $50, $100, $500, $1000. Redemption: any time 6O days aflcr issue date. I'ricc: 75% oC maturity value. Th% Treasury Bonds Df 1964-1969: n«.iiiy marketable, accoplahlc as hank collateriil, tliesc lloniis arc idenl investments for trust funds, estates and individuals. A special feature provides lliatthey may be redeemed at par and accrued interest for the purpose of satisfying Federal csiatg taxes. Dated April 15, 1 ') O; due June 15, l"Gy. Denominations: $500, $1000, $5000, $10,001) $100,000 and $1,000,000. Redemption Not callable lill June 15, 19(>i; thcrcific at par anil accrued interest on any inlcrcv due at 'f months' notice. Price: par and accrued interest. Ottier SCCllfilieS: Scries "C" Tax Noici, ys%Ccriidc.uc5of Indebtedness; 2%T'reas ury Bonds of 1950-I£>S2; United State: Savings Bonds Scries "F"; United Sum Savings llonils Scries "G." THEY GIVE THEIR LIVES ^/^ll UHITF.O STAUS TREASURY WAR FIKANCE COMNITUE YOU LEND YOUR MONEY! WAR SAVIHBS STAFF-VICTORY FUND COMMITHE This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Arkansas Grocer Co. Ark-Mo Power Corp. L. K. Ashcraft Co. Joe Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, BurdeUe A. S. Barboro & Co. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Blytheville Water Co. The Crafton Co. Delta Implements, Inc. I.oy Eich Chevrolet Co. Tom' W. Jackson Gay ^Billings, Inc. Jicdel's Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Keiser Supply Co. Reiser H r\ 11- A. u ' f\ _l'tfl Pl__ * _ . _ . ' « Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardaway Appliance Co. Herrick's Jewelry Hubbard Furniture Co. M>ard Hardware Co. Huddleston & Co. .UNITED STATES TREASURY WAR FINANCE Zellner's Slipper Shop r r -j •«-w«j »KV- Langston-Wroten Co. Charles S. Lemons Tom Little Hardware Co. The Ne w York Store Pat O'Bryant Palace Cafe J. C. Penney Co. Robinson Drug Co. Phillips Motor Co. I. Roscnthal, Inc. .Rock Saliba A. G. Shibley Wholesale Grocers , C. G. Smith Swift & Co. Oil Mill Thomas Land Co. B. G. West Floyd A. Whit,; «»...... .„» FUND COMMITTEE lUMricl N'niiilror 17 tynnlj- .Ulmlimr kinl v "ti 1( l. ". X l.snvl,- unj ,| H. Cr.l"; i ui iiijiiuju lii.irlct Knintifr , , -, -t-y »-.".. 'Usli.|.i t'ouiiiy, ' so. K110 AlVmnli,, . l)uill i,id K u r,)ili« Fgrnylln, ' „ U" 5 I,.; o 31! . T. Itayili-p- X llonilii'.svr—SW W. II'. II. Juo Jiif . llayin I'.inl . II. T. ll.c.-l, f A Smllli—XW SW llii|J.'i--KW NW »»).),•, li'«, vr lifr, or i rldi, (o nil ». T. K. 1U-14- (j l.-y SK < T ij.,,1,,,. ,;ii ,;,, NI{ ;;:::;: II. l.»'ili')in-".\W XH A. KI.ITII.. -.K ;| 0 , \V V, "sil" A. £|.vnv.., - W )j SK Ni; A. r.|i.'ilr,- K i.i KM NW •'• iiiii'iui i "\vi.j, NW w: ;.";; Ili'i'. ll'lliil -. .. SK .SW ... i -si: NI-: i —si: NW ".'.'." ••n * i: ui n. s.j. in - -' s«' c,,r. i: nr iir s sVV'"- KW ! nil—H\V w; >li'y-NW UK 'f -M',1 NW Si; NW .. 'J,'. NW .. or. NW NI: NW yr, I'uiii i-i- ^-' ^'s •• Jim Dilillm- I'rl. s'l'i' wii si;" I. I.. ]|;i»Un> NW S'W' . IliiW'wn N ,.t II SW Ni: "~ "I A, 'l'|-« lr||...l.,n ( HI! " I'uul . : I). ,(, 1:1111, Urn, i 11,-u,,,, l.'lil'iihl liniil,,,- OK Bl.YTIIBVIMiE Lot Blk Ami Illjou A.l.lltlon f <• 71 < H 1 •i> I' •; .11:1 Miitklln 0 II 7 1 null k Ollvivr Slnllli rUml II.. nl .1 LI I (II I.I) 1 L.Ui i.n i.V I.*). I,iv 1,01 l.m i.o i.i) 1.0- I till I.II I.H I.(II K.iil SnMrr RaTilu .1. .1. ,r«li»Mi W. T. l,,t, a .Mi,l,,,| II,, !,]„ S. L. ,\|,,TI|> WnltiT Wnl N. i;. Murr 1-:. Nlirwi O. Sl II.! H. I. II. l:il,,rl xlor Aititlllou * I.lllj Ad.llllon II A i la A [I ,1,,,. to 1 1 I'J Kl I" , 17 If (1. Mntn-rll M. II ..... l«ln l,il,l,,r W. M. . I, nil V A. 11. l',ii,li,l .V. II. 1'iilrlirl .1. K. Wrlalil ,1. S. Wrlslil I. .S. Wrk-lil ,1. H. WriRlM <'. -I. SiwrV liny KUDIII-I. Arllinr llnllrr A. .1. !lnk,-r ['urrin S. (frli Orri,- H. (Iri is 7 II II 17 N 1-11 IL-II f, III M u r ; F I' I-' r' r I H II n i - ...Help MllhlLTl ... Jvivrll KinllU I K niiinj-li Hull U K .1. il. .ti.lii.-i.i., n K T. II. l.iv i; K M..III., H>Wil » K It. .1. ]),n«.,,i ] |, Rcckmsii Ailiilllon MnXKiii IJullljr I'J a -S. II. Bishop Addition Jlnjr SI. Him-r -S.m B; Illrliiuil Mrl>/ r n mi«9 Addltloil mil I !i» Addition Mm. Lit. Mnfl l;l -.! I 1.0 0. <i. KniiiM n a.' I.DI (I. Hnlib.1 I'J Bii I.Ill II. It. .111,1 II. M. :l Illl I UI II. It. tail II, SI. ,Vol.iri.y I 511 Till .1. II. l-'Mii-r Will 1 •/ -.17 .11 W. A. linl.jn'i 'J :n .» Cnrri.- l)uiiln|. la ;n .H (.'In. I'rllin " H2A ;il .H(l N. I). Ar IM. II Kllll,.'r tl I'l-nrlirii- Mnrliit li I'. Alii,',n '• .1. I'. AlllM.ii 3 II,.,ii,!n (,-ra-l i liviin i: I :. :n i,s .1. II. n.licr WH' III ;):i •• ... II, Tidier Kl^ 1 -Jit ;{;( ( [i lUytlicvlltc Co. Fltnl A.MllIn It. I), ll'ianl fillj' 1 U ,'i. Blythcvlllc LliT, Co. Second Addition -I. T. IL.y.l 'J I J. T. !l.,j,l •• I .1. T. IIU5'I n I K. M, Brjcans SllbillTlilon II. .1. !!. .1. Ark. I .Vrli. I .1. W. .1. \\". a. w. . W. .Srlllur Arllinr Arllinr Arllinr Artlnir r. C. I'. ('. T. (,', l». f .K. Nni.lrr V, K, Sniilrr I'pkmmn U'nlnimn Il.,vv9ini - .( Sl,,r. rn I- Slu 111.,1,-r M.i.lvc »,,,i,-r H.I.IIT llrjinn llrymn llr»r:i.i Itryr.v, 4 . . llnv 20 IT l!t -S. N. Xcr.lli I. M. Ilrnlly Mr.-. K. .1. lluyil Mr». K. .1. Iloy.l .1, T. Tr«vi« Con ITnrlj.-r K. K. llnr.kin< f!. 0. i Myrdc Kciic-r rt-l, ll.irlicr .For ('firnpy Addition <) UI II II .S .80 .80 .110 M. I.. Morris ' 7 13 CO M. I.. Morm n la r, It. ('.. !.«}>on Myrllc Hf-virr ."i |;, so I. II. .larkson r, |:, SO Sljrllc Kcvirr 7 15 .80 Myrllo ^cvirr ' 8 lr> RO :iin«. N'r<-,lh«lll ' 7 lii .80 CMt»jo Mill S U>r. Co. Second Addition R<rl<«i Plat of if'/t of Blocks 6*6 ' S. Kolisnn 7 (J i.oo K. Holllsiin A il i 00 N. llolliimn H Itolliion . .S. liolllsoii 'nVnoivn J6 f. J 00 Mill&Ltr. Oo. Sccopd Addition Jl-U- ^ J|.J« B i;,u H •ji-u- n 111,14- U 'JH M- U •JMS- 8 4-15-Hi -7-15-10 IMA-10 Arr«* IU I'J <0 XII 10 <0 4U i:, 10 10 Illl ; r u 'Ju 40 to i. An in,;, a ID in to in 4I.17 (I «7 III OI.OU II4.0I) lit. Oil . IH.Otl 04.00 UI.O'J [ ijw rmMI i:»l,,-l>r[ K .'s'ur.""slT'SB" iiil.i--(lrli;. Sur. Ni; UK . |j- •',- Ar, u SB Ni: " n. J. Amoiii HI; HI; Mr*. Al. A. ,lilllin..-.],ot II "Ni;"""' I'.M.-r U. ItinV — W'.o' Kyofl' I.ut 21 UK" lliiliiuuii —l.,,l II UK ,... . C;irrli, Diinli,,.-!.,,, ,f, N |J '" - w""? 1 ! 1 " u"" 1 " ( i l """.«-r M V , HW ""---'I lluliliisim i Tlnli.iBj — r 'r|' All'mi'Vir I'.uil l!iniil«_lii NW t:,, r SW NW .. ." Clim. T. llrr—Ni: UK IJnkiiinvii — H ..I |. ,sw HK " "'"" (.•it. iWiuiiiMiv.-i-; ,,f i, NW Hh:"i">JH"J |lnkiinwn-K!i NK HV. . . \'.! ~Mt Ni; N'i; " - I''!'"' y'"""'" 1 " xf ; r ? r i-'4 "-v«'-"r"l Unknown—I'rl ' NW til!' IT——IIII"" niTY Sll|i. Owner A Will Willinu l.llli,. Siiwyr ,Hm iiiiil (', l.lny.l nu.l A U-lli-1 I n-U-H r.. :io :n- . UIH II! •jii t Hi .'IIJ.7K , av.oo 111. 00 (It. 110 .I.O.'I .in , 71,77 10'J.OII Kt.'jl Dlif, 1 7I.IIU 7I.SO lil.CIO 11). (10 \U.I)U irj.oo . 1.12 12, KD 2. OH t. 1.7 II , .111 ,:l'j .711 U.lil) 112.77 .01 ,&ll IH.lnl ID. a. 1 . 72.12 an. nu A. 1). K. H, *lr». l.'illlli .lolmioi, NBQI fi 7 f> Rrticu • I-atojuon babditliU I eWccn I'mitnon K I j ^ r<i 2 Jlfbuci-n I'alttriiin . W I j 4 I it J Mizlu lltfirr . • , Jj y i ii <,, llkll »' <1 " Addlllon ' I. II, Slcwiirl , ii, ,, > r ;«'"' »;«;i ..iirx nix] \\nl|,. r Turjicr J M»ry mi.) Wnllor Turner ( ('furl Wlilt i) f Mornui lluimril in f It, KlIicrK Slury Hiil Mmy Cox Mary Oyx Jylitiiiiu Ifarp Mick Cnrr I'll'.l 'I'lllo 'il 'Hili- Tlirrn Nl«li'> Ininil,,-, (V, '"lircn :ii (.'nil "il. Hnlluii II. llullin. H. VVHwn llirMr 111(1 l\M,!i'.y .till .110 .r.ii .no tlorilun II! Adilltlon L'linrley I II ilr'oilnincV W',4 l il Mri:ii,,t,ick r, ii M«t« DinMi Adilltlon , ly . l.x'nni '. -I Jflft WufiTif ' Unknown Dovli rirst Adillllon M. (IM)- ,1,, u Dltll attond AlMltloi I'llirlni. .liul.un ' HH. " N. liiln.-, • : S'l.V I N. ii H, N !£,• a N;. I.IIIIA . : , N. Jiilin. WW « N. J..I.IM 0 ,«f<. Num. Hlui.liM .', ' D.Mln Tlilid I 1 Kaiibvin CO , 10 ' .till '.IM ,t!9 211 HO — ^)0 tun- — .tiu -.14 ,,.17 il' U II J«lui Hi'iilllii J. II. i I.Un W Illurk «'. I,, lluildlo K, Illliylnck r (l, r "wJu,ii "' l>) II, Illll !»)• II. Illl -It II II ir n IT 17,' rr 19. '..*' "«!«>• •Milry II W. inn Hill |u, Muni,, •lOL' Miirlln A. II. Wliiiil f (I. WIlMl , A. II. Win-in A. (I. Wln-M I). SI. l:.,l;,n dm H. L'-o' 1 Owl M. l.i'ii ». I'.. lliil,rr(i| rnli hml.iiv I I . Subdivision H ,i| i '!«' Aililltlon .'il» i M mir- it) j« iQiiUn'.i!u> in '.J 11 i!? ! II , \M II Jil II' '$<> ll >o IJ lyr 1.01' ». W. Mnr,,liy IM Kry.rii Dlci-ni Oiiln K Aniili. Wnlb..., A"iili, Wiill Ainli'i-xv .1.. Wnllm (,'lf-... ..„,. ,„. .li'lin 'I'lijlur '•-I I'lilinli. Alli-n I .III) HlyllioHlt.i ],„. (,„ '•!!X Vlck ' ".! K'll-'l'i M if West i;nil .ill) :H! S,;"^" iini.i, I. CD Unkii . ... t.'iikn .'Jll Ii:, linkii,,, l.ll) S.:n.i S .111 l.'nklMlv I.Ill lliikui.v I. Ill Uiikiu.,, H 0 10 0 10 11 1'J II 7 .lib ' "YB1 1,1) ' 'Jfi > Jill .(Ill iflU 0(1 HI). .Oil ,11-J U.I. Cr llnbdlvleloii \i I! IIT I I III II j:l . DO il'i'D V "ii',""iihru ? n(iii l Ooutin Adilutan .N. llrlwin, \V40' H.1H' II I). Jj'rlStiiil . ' : «,',«• 7 S. llrKciiii S.iii' fl -. I.2IJ T, U. llrnr,- H\nfr.ij H Acinr, |l Horti Addition 0 I 51' I r, Ad.Mllon l[«»in t 1'cir ,Mi«. .In! i n llnlMtnl , - Hlllilinil I'll'-, Ailditlun Nonnmi p. Slui.r,, | | nl'i'i'ill" llrWcr""" \ ' Or". • 1'. 1VI)||« V'.' "l', |,;i,,rr Sits- llnru Uivh U,,ln,mn n ,, Upkliiitrn • . W!'- I'J I (."•ri-y Wuuilhnrn I 5 0. Ii, l,lfil;cni(ll H fj N'. (J. Cniinrllj' ; 11 fj N. 0. Ronnclly OK ir II,IM 'll,.ili,ii Illjv,, Itii) r llc.ilun II Dliro H.iMj UPUIOII 10 .Mr.i. SI. (,'. |l.ul;i-r la 0. HIiniijo DID' nl N.-HI' l.s l>. 'Shonj'ii N'ou 1 ir, I.; M. l,1ifl|,|. r ll l \\. M. 'l>|ift.lK« III I'lni ri,.« 13 1,'Ml Arllri.l. l,|ir. (.>. | Ks-l ArLiinils l.l.r. f... 'J Knjt ArVannAA l.l.r. Co. II i;|irrtl.rtf»' • 'rilhnni] 7 •li'>> \Vlille . H l.-[itr,., ? i| :i (Hit. VV.M .| Uhkftyni] ' g .Mrs. II. Tnrkrr . I ' llollliidtlo Aildllton », M. Culler M U 1.. Piittle'r W!i l:> (,' Truj (Inriltfr 7 V Kolllpoler-EllioiifO ' AditlllQii (). Hliony.i .1 .lid ,llu , .on .00 .i.i) .no .mi .60 .r;n II. I,. Alkins II. I,. Alii,,. H. Ii. iMLlim i!:,^.:!K . II, r.. Alkilii M, I,: AIU.K II. F. Hliirrr II. I', S|.i.:i, r „ """TOWN or Miniili, s.,,11,, All iii-rsi.ii» nnil Sl.'ll III Klllll |-|,,d. Mm 11 ' ,"," ' i-nlil In 10 II I; 11 11 i . nl' I YAIIBHO II ir, li r I.i il • liy.lM II, M ,1 ,,J '"' ''' J "' M ""' MlltllllS '^5 li I <-,ni f J, IIG '!'«(>' '!(!}' .nn Illl ,ii(i MIDI. .Oil .Illl .111) .1 Illl Ih.r I illliril ...lulu II Will .Si, W. r. , .Vliwiii!'" A nliuc KMl.rr Manilr 0, Hln CiniMi', 8 Hunk -J iiil HUi» Chirk 1) i. IB InniM l.'l UiiiluviiiurR I I ii :i W^rr, I'.irnrll II rj .'21 .1. \y. Kntii. .Iniicj (I |i .Inn 1'lnih 1.1 r, Uilll.rr.l l'ht|rrl> ||1 |] Irrtjnbr Lolj --- stc. 15-lii-ll M. V. IJ^nlry l.nt IS M; lrrrs«Ui Lot.i — Sec. 10-10-11 Diiln l.'nrr I'rl HK NW Kiini (,'t>«l,y r'rl, KS NU' M. l.«inl l.ul r, NW B ll. Hill 7 NW ' -i SI. JlrUuit !.«•• 17 NW ' ... itiilA N'asli lu UK o.r ,S'W .SW .Or lrrpgnl»r Lola — Sec, 17-10-11 VI. Slrl'nrlnn.1 I.ut I ,\K , . (I. W. 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T, Allo^d 11 20 20 21 22 (il (52 CI 03 87 1.1 .fil) .CO Mrs. Vnlcrln Lanmro is wnrncd i 1 nppcnr in Ihe Chn'Mcrj'''^!^!' lor the Clilckatnwljii Hlsliie!., of Mississippi County, Aikiwii \vith- In tliirly dnys ncxl 1 nrtcr 'HID 'tliilbi liciTiif. to nnswcr a coniplnlnL Illral ngnlnsl lier llicreln by MkjmcT I.nnznro. '. • j, 1 ;™ DiltccI llil.s April ID. 1343, j..,.. . HARVEY MOHiJIS. '" Olinncery CmiiL CIclRV By Elcloin Nfiil,. Deputy.- c ~, Kvrartl. Walter I, 1'opo Attorney nd-Utem. Carnival CARUTIIERSVII.I.E/ 'I'he botly of Hartley 'C ^,,,, 0 u wns scut. Iry (ritin from ii'erc"'yes"-' Icrttjiy morning' to his libinc 'in I'lilhiitl-llilila Pent)., for . l)iirj»t- Orkllnc. conct'ssioiiHlic wllh the Rubin uiitrcii(.'rry Rxp(islllon;''dioir suddenly of a hcnrt nllnieiu' last Siilurday nlghi while talkiiirj'''ic incinbcr.s of the exposition iinlront- of the Majestic Hotel, lie hntl-tbiie n linrd dny's work at the' exposition grounds, friends snitl,v«'r,n ( | shortly before itaitli, hnd eaten, a licniiy supper. Orkllne had been will) iHehllQw' for many years, arriving' for Ihc Summer lour Jusl a few days a^o. He worketl In a defense plant -iti • • Phllndelpbtn this p,ist Winter "-All members of the s'ui,-' i scribe 10 percent of their wn'ges'- i for purchase ol War Bonds, but irr^ : llmate friends of Orkline said 'lie ' had coiislstcntly pnl 50 IwrceiiL Sf , his earnings in War Bonds.., i'^i i Surviving are his wife. Mrs. -p'on-' ' na Otkllne, his parenls, and a ' sister, all of Philacielphia:'He^\v£s' ' a member of the Shovntinn's League . of America. Harry Wingfield, arc- ; vorker. accompanied the'remain? lo Philadelphia vvhcie funeral sc'r-i ', 'ices will be held upon arrival. .' . The Rubin and Cherry Expos! ~ > ion, InrijcU rail Carnival show-In ' he A01 Id, was pmchased tecenpy ,' Jy Sam Solomon of tills ctZji^yfho « ornierly operated the largest truck ' rarnlval sliotv In (he-midwest. The "" new exixisltion was firSttgnt here," 1 where It will winter annually. I ..

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