The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 11, 1934
Page 2
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fiV Cvwthersville Celebrates :j: ';With Big Parade This J t' Morning CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Oct. 11—The opening today of the new •> Brown Shoe company factory was celebrated this morning with one of the largest "hojne-tatcnl" parades Csrutherevillc has ever witnessed Large crowds were op hand lo see the marching milts go out Ward a\enua to tlij new I actory building Col G w Phipps, marshal, and the regimental colors of the HOth Infantry led the parado. The 140th Infantry Band, of Chaffee, under Uie direction of Lieut Oscar T, Honcj, followed the marshal and color bearers. Then cnme the military units of Pemlscot county- Company A of Steele, Company B. of Caruthersviltc; and Company C of Hast! Next was the Pcmlscol County Post No 88 of the American Legion followed bs the American Legion Float. , ,'Thc Haytl Munlemal Band was seventh, and Immediately behind Were the Lions club ot Hayti, the Lifters club of Steele, and the Rotary club of Caruthei-ivitle.-The civic organizations marcho<t r t'n a body, wltn banners ond Individual badges and markers designating their organizations ; | '>The eleVcnth unit was-composed M representatives of the business and industrial firms or the city. Each group carried banners naming the firm or plant which they represented. ; ' The twelfth unit v,as comprised pi floats from the ell) and county, entered by individuals and organizations Many business linns had decorated trucks and cars In tols section, earning various kinds of merchandise. Following the noals was ' the American Legion Band After the Legion Band came school children. The final section of Hie parade •was the District Fail unit and included racing and show slock that will be seen at the fair J At the factory a grcal crowd heard Major D D Pinion deliver a short address of welcome to the ne> factory and its fcprcscntu- tlves James S Wahl in n brief message, presented the factory building and grounds to the new company, E. it. McCarthy, (vice- president of the company, of St.* .IXHlls, made a sliest acceplnnc'd speech^ Then a tour of Inspection of the new building «as held, open to the public Several of the;machines were In opcrailon, and the public w»s given the opportunity to see shoes In actual manufacture . i , Wilson Society — Personal Dlstits for every nie«l o! (lie clay, for simple breakfasts and e!nboralc liinclicons, for dinner parties mid club supers— these nro only part of Die cxcithig projji'fii'ns offered by Miss Edna M. Pcryii^oii next week in her.Cooking School. Milit n dish docs hoi. hitvc • to cost much to Insto good," sold Miss Ferguson In 'discussing her nro- grams.. "We nil kno\y that It's snmrtr—ns welt ns neccssni^—to' - 'ue econoraicnl tills your. And so, much of llic cooking 1 slmll do on' the platform will hnve nn economy sppoa). Bui, (he rccliws are new, tlicy make you hungry just to rend them over, let nlone smell them while I hey arc cooking. "I've planned the sessions so Hint dishes of every variety will be offered before ihc week is ended." . ." . : Besides lecturing Miss Ferguson W'U sliow new appliances of the Inlest npprovcd mociels both electrical and non-electrlcnl. Tlie kitchen In which she works itself Is to be n dlsptay of new equipment, and utensils. In It this fum- lecturer nnd honicmnkcr, who conduct's the Cooking School for the Courier News will lecture every afternoon, beginning Tuesday. She will prepare new recipes, discuss standard, modernized methods, demonstrate trick.i nnd triumphs of cookery which have never been given belorc from a Cooking school platform, Miss Ferguson has traveled widely in Oil* country speaking before many thousands of women. She has visited the factories where new homo making equipment. Is The Wilson Community Clhb house was transformed into 'a gjpsy colored nagon, camp lire, cooking utensils and forest Thursday afternoon for the first meeting ( of the Co-operative club' The following program was given in gypsy " costumes duct, "Just Like a Gypsy," Rev and Mrs H, M. Lewis, trio. "Dance Gypsy," Mrs. Mar- >1n Clajton Mrs Charlie Elklns »nd. Mr. F. s .Finfrcd; sold"Gypsy Sweetheart," |h e R CV Jajjjes T Randali, of joiner; react-' IDS, "Roofs," Miss Louise Phillips- f °, ' Gipsy Trail, • F. S. Winfrcd', -of Memphis '-7-^.i Hostesses for the afternoon were Mesdames J. D McKemle W M n£ la!Ce ' ut \, N Morrls ' w "' u <™ LUdwig, H M Lewis, J A Merrill R E Lee Wilson, Watlocc'Thomp- son and Miss Maxino Wallasc. ,r - «"Mrs ; J. H Cram, was host(^ m «»nsra- tkm offlriak ani others interested m farm rredlts, who arrived In n special car from st Louls-Tucsda-; hiorn|ng, for a breakfast at "VVlld- Wood'; in the group *cre Oov w L" y ! rre ' S M Gar^ood pr<xluc ; «on credit commissioner; A s «», land bank commissioner, F] W Peck, co-aperstlve bank commissioner, of st touls, and Har vey couch, of p lne Bluff ' "The Methodist Missionary soctr- ta of w.lson and Joiner M£ ing joint sessions, conducted bv the Key H M Lewis and the Rev James f. Randell, in which They •» rtwWn* the book, -sS ixwks at Japan " and Mrs J. R CuUom will B ' Jones a "d Cra «"°"l were Mr and; Mrs. Henry Witcher from F. t(. Zander, Mrs, O. \V. fterron, J. 8. Hcrron, Bruesl Mann, Eddie Rcgciiold, J. L. pou^la*, A. s. Calchlrig'sTAlbei't "Oreenwcll, Cone Murphy, J. S. Carawny, C, L. Bird, J. H. Cfaln and son, Jimmy Grain, attended the World Series at St, Louis.' .. : Economical ' 'Meals May Taste Good designed ond created; she lias used "any new nppllnnces in her own Home M(ciicn nnd knows lliein as n )iouso)tcci>cr and profession!)I 'ionic maker. Miss Ferguson will nol only discuss modern cooker) 1 and liomc- iiaklng methods In greater detail nl ench sessoln of Die school, but the will also give out new recipes, describe new food products, give wiiy free a number of Jilted mnr- kct, Ijn-skcls, nnd In addition some of Hie dishes cooked (Hiring the demonstration. On Friday more li»ix>rla!il girts from the locnl merclmiiu will 1 JC given to u few "icmbcrs of (lie Wg Budtaiecs. There Is no admission clinrgo, no lekcts arc •rc(|iilral,"oi)ly i>ra»i>(. arrivals nt (Jic city auditorium al f oclock .so.that the School may legln on time nnd the long, lull and vastly-Interesting program Ko forward promplly at, each session. Box Supper at Dell The Dell high school enjoyed a »ox supper Tuesday night Later a reality contest was held In which MISS Mary, Hess won first place and Ora Leo Hawkins second place, j. Prank Adams furnished the music. TOR KENT: One. (wo, inrec, or flve room nicely furnished parlmcjits. law iiolly, corner Holly & Division. ll-p-k-15 FOR RENT: One Bed roomTcloEc In. Gentlemen preferred. Mrs M. T. Moon, G13 Wnlnut. ll-c-k-lU WARM and SNUG Mother's j Hug! SOFT, little hodies keep ^arm and pink-snuggled into the fleecy fab- Tic of HANKS MERRICHILD Waist- Suits! Figure« "A" and "B" £or *««s 2 to 12. Full-width drop-seat makes a big opening. Easy for Little Buttonera'T Chest and waist reinforced in four places I Strong garter-loops. ]Waist buttons firraly sewed with a tab of tape, flat, scratchless seams and downy inside—gentle to tender skin. Hon. esr, accurate sizes. Long or short !l«ves with trunk, knee, or ankle- length legs. HANES MERRICHILD » rayon trimmed! Onlj; 75c. ""ipclns of "ANES Men', Underwear, (Fig. "C" for bo»eto lp...with a flrop. ic« tor boy, 2 to •• ) Jut like In Diddy —wlih llconj button- nolfs. doable. •trcbglb a] ders, elistlc that ate stitched and- re-iliiched. length legs. Un- miial vilue, JSc. Mrs FOR EVERr HAION they were called bs the M'rf 1 ° f J*; Witchert cousin! Mrs Lucy Crown Miss J»n« Worthlngton, of chl- * ^S J^'i . irrive ' ^ay to be the' W«w ofh«r fUnce, Dr Huntei ' Cox, < ..., ~ <-, Mrs Ev»iKerlln returned Mon- of>her staler, ?ho is somc- * 5 ?™! Charles Uni! ' Mr » nd ,, 8 A. JUf(nold, Mr and Mrs ' W«'r« nady to '^rt^e you '„ with "large stocks of HANES i ' : Wro. R. Moore' Highway Beautification Leader to Addrett Club OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 11 —Mrs E. W. Frost, of Texaricuna, a lead, cr for the A. p. w. C. in the national highway beautifies tl on movement, \ylll talk o»-Uie subject here Tuesday afternoon'»t an open meeting of the Osccola Progressive club, . " 'Die t'nrdcn dcpartmcnl of tho Progressive Olub, wlilch Is eponsoV- ,lng lilgliwiiy bcautincatioh In thL' llocnllty, has extended an Invitation to all civic leaders mid othe inU'i-cstal In the subject to attend Ihc meeting, which will be JicW In tlie club rooms at, tlic court Excavators have discovered coins diitcd ID (he 13lli ccnttiry near Ayr "lotliinfl.' TOO'lATK TO CI.ASSIFV Read Courier Row* Warif'AW Flush Poisons From Kidneys and Stop Getting Up Nights When you can get for 35 cents a supremely efficient and harmless Elirmilarit and diuretic thai, wll flush from your kidneys the ivjistc nmttcr, poisons and acid that are now doing you hnrm, why continue (o break your restful sleep 1 bj getting up through the night. Jus r»:k your druggist, for Gold Med'a Haarlem Oil Caixmlcs—but be siire and get GOLD MEDAL—fight from Hnnrlem in Holland, Other symptoms or weak kidneys and Irritated bladder arc backache, puffy eyes leg cramps, moist palms, burnini, or scanty passage. —Adv ^IM^BW Superior Luncheonette Service at Photic 122 When uptown, lunch with liorum's - - They have the best c'fjiii|>meiil in (he stale of Arkansas for serving lunches - - We are ready to serve you from 11 A.'fll. throughout the day and night—until 11 - - ; Our regular dinners live the nest that can be served.- Our sandwiches :ire delicious. We lire famous for our 1 great -big sixlns and rich, nourishing malted milka. H NU- serve all kinds, of hot drinks. When you want" llhAl. 1-001) cume to Uonim's. Meet Your Friends At Borum's! Cut Prices at Borums 7 Days in Every Week Horiitn says 'fie'won't'hi undersold on anything that's'' s«W in « rfrujf .store. He fftmrnntcos to meet anyone's prices and cheaper on Most Everything! bOc Porter's Healing Oil i!) c 35c Vicks Salve - - 2<)c .'iOc Uromo Quinine (For Colds) - - - 2.k 25c An'iivin Tablets 21 c 25cf;C(i Cold Tablets 2U-. (lOc Menlholatum - - 19c 50e Vicks Nose' Drops --.;.. ,-ti., c 50c Tube Analgesic lialm ----.. ;;<)(. 7Se Haume Bengue .(Ucngay) - - - . <;y c $1.00 Dr. Hull's Herbs "nd Iron ... - 7i) c Sl.OO Clytonc Tonic 79c •Klc Castoria ... 29c 75c Jlendcnhall's Chill Tonic 69c 50c tififi Chill and Fever Tonic - - - ;!7c •70c Sloan's Liniment 59c -51.25- SSS Blood Ptir- ilier ------- ogj; 51-50 Super I) Cod l.ivcr Oil - - - - §1.19 51.35 Lydia Pinkham Compound - !)!lc Sl.-OO C'nrdui - - - 83c Milk Magnesia, pt - 3<)c iMilk iMngncsia, Qt. - G9c 'Mineral Oil, Pt. - 3!tc Mineral Oil, Qt. - (i«Jc liOc Syrup Pepsin - .19c SI.20 Syrup Pepsin - 98c Mellin's liuby Food - 83c »0c Hunlt-n's Malted Milk^ .i?, ;in c S'.50.Hot. Water liottle'"-'' .... (:fi r $1.25 Fountain; ' Syringe 69c 51.25 Vaginal Douche <ISc. 51.00 1..VSOI - - - - 89c §1.0(1 Pcpspdt-nt Antiseptic ------ gyc 75c Haver Aspirin, 100s fillL- 35c Bayer Aspirin, 2.1s ------ 2 .|c 7;>c I.islcrino - - - Sllc 25c- Palmolive Sham- I'°o 17c nOc Chanibcrtuin's Hand Lotion - - 39c ?1.00 Hinds Honey & • Almond Cream - 8!)c Tiic Fitch Champoo 5Dc 25e Kcise Hair Oii - t!)c ;i5c Culex Nail Pol, "sh 29c- v'l.OO Dandcrine - - 7<(c liac Ingram's Shav- _ing Cream - - - ai)c 25c_ Lifebuoy Shaving Cream ----- |7 t . Ipana Tool I, I'asle - 39c IM ^ Vincc (Mouth Wash and Deiiti- fice) ---... ,;<, c 75c Hecords, 15c Kach or 2 for 25c Footballs ----- <]s c Frcns Sanitary Napkins |,- )C •Slalioncry - All Kinds At Half Price Assortment SI.SO & 51.00 Compact Flash .Lights Complete with Bulb and Batteries 59c,69c, 98c and $1.39 YOUK PUESCIUPTION SKItVICK When you have a prescription from your doc- !°r <o be filled - bring '/ (o liorum's. You get J»sl what your doctor orders. AHSOLUTBLY NO . S.UnSTlTUTIONS'- liorum's keeps a \vcll [rained and experienced J harniacisl on "duty all 'he time to give you 'he prescription service >oii desire. When you want what you want and want what your doctor you to have Come Kor It. TOBACCO SPECIALS' Ail ac Smoking Tobacco, 6 for - 25c All 5c Chewing- Tobacco, (i for - - 25c All lOc Smoking Tobacco, ;! f or - - 25c Prince Albcrl - - - io c Velvet - .... 1()c Union Leader, 2 for lac Dial, 2 for - ... 15^ Edgcworth - - - - 15c Pipes lOc - 25c - aOc - 7iic - $1.0(1 - $].5() . §2. RADIO FREE SATURDAY 4 P. M. FULL DETAILS AT OUR STORE THURSDAY., OCTOBER v 11, } 7 7"!/? liberty Cash Grocers 14th A, " o attend our Food Show at Specials for Friday, Saturday and Dfi'LR I>INBAP1 ' LK JUICB. 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Texas Green Pound WESSON OIL Collajre Van Camp '•• " •%' if '"trgc or li Small Cans Ji / C 35 c PET MILK l-argc.. 6c Sic il " 3c PORK CHOPS Lean End Cuts 4 C** Pound JJLOC Kresh Hunch GINGER ALE 5c Oh Boy I^arge J5otlle 9c PEAS Norlfl lMicf " gan En s! isn , 1 Ar» Washburn's 7-1 f* Package / 2 C LIBBYS SPECIALS Tincapnlo, No. 2 Can 17c . Asparagus, Picnic - 12 C '', 2</ 2 Can - l()c Apricots, 2^ Can - 2,'ic Peaches, 2i/ 2 Can - l-8t • To.mato Juice, No. 1 ^ RA Cherries 2y, can 25c pjekks,'Sweet"- Plain or Knii! vSalad, 2'/2 can 2fic Mixed, 22-oz. Jar • • 23c Myles.. Plain or Iodized + t\ • _lVi Lb. !5ox. 3 for 1U C gCW DRIFT p CRACKERS MATOJUICE LETTUCE Pride of Memphis 2-Lb. Box Stokeley's Can 9 18c 5c Firm and Crisp Heads Each SALTMEAT""'^"""^s 5c SOAP BOLOGNA P. & G. White Naphtha -i «• ^ 3 Giant Bars 11C Pound VIGO DOG FOOD Can ROYAL GELATINE 7ic All Flavors 3 for CER¥ California. Jumbo Stalks Kach lOc Ramer Lane. The Coffee of the Season. Lb. Can OYSTERS Fresh Pint 28c TOILET TISSUE Lib '" y - "I,*" TEA 8c Banquet 1/1 Lb. 19c SALMON .Pound i Chum Tall Can ;|' lOc Pure Pork CORN FLAKES Package 7c COFFEE ."Or Hrisket >'' .': Q _ J: Pound 9C SUPER SUDS Dean's High Grade "9g\^. . Pound Can OUC U4AJ_1 Lge. or 2 Sm. 15c QUAKER OATS PANCAKE ROlS''SK^vlOc or Regular Package ,. Thick Rib . : : , •!..'-Pound COFFEE Ch * KC&s *^^:3ic Pritind Can C: & W. /^Sotir or 1 Dill : <|'->i •'• (iuart Jar ' ' • BEECHNUT 5?™^ c »--- 3t SPECIALS 7c 0 OK SOAP , Chili'Sauce, Bottle - - 22c Catsup, Lge. Kottlc - -. 19e Spag. or'Macaroni, I,h. IZ'/jc Large Kar 2 for CHILI CON CARNE 7 Libby's ' . O*» Can' «7V NECK BONES ' Meaty Pound 5c Palmolive 13c EGG PLANT Citron, Lb. - ~^ c Ixmon or Orange Peel, Ib 27c Cherries, Red or Green Ib 37c Pineapple, Natural. LO. 32c Pineapple, Green. Lb. '_*, 35c Pineapple, Red. Lb. - - 35c Fresh - Pound 2c DEL MONTE SPECIAL Sweet Pickle Peaches, No. 2V4 Can, Ea. Fruit Cock Tail, No. 2 K Can, Ea. Tomato Sauce, 8 Oz. Can, Ea.' ... " .. . Prunes, Prepared, NO. 2 1 /* Can, Ea. .. Pine Apple, Cniined, No. 2 l /i Can, Ea..:.. ... 27c 33c '.. -\ 7c . .18c .. ... 19c

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