The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 193S flIHLETES ftGE Baseball Players Singled Out As Ones Who Mis-train BY CULtEN SMITH United Press Staff Corresponden ST. LOUIS (UP)—Jim Londos 40-year-old wrestler who Is stil going strong, feels sorry for Frank le Frisch, manager of the S 1 Louts Cardinals, who, also 40, Is through as an active player. Never again, Frisch admitted will he attempt to stand up undo the strain of a major league base ball game. His legs won't stand i Londos expects to do ti lot o Egypt's Future Queen HOKIZONTAl, i; 5 The bride- to-be of the King of Egypt. 12 Writer's mark. 13 Prophel 14 Theme ol a talk. 16 Indian. n Insligales. IB Platter 19 Males. 20 Evergreen tree 21 Ocean. 22 Mister. 23 Defaults. 25 Railroad. Answer to Previous Tutile 45 Poem. . -56 Armadillo. 20 Basketry twig. 48 Lnml r jght. top-flight wrestling. His legs wl stand it—and the Greek Adon Is somewhat of a leg-wrestler. Asked why baseball players usr ally start fading as they approac 40, Londos said, in his opinion, was because they didn't keep 1 proper trim throughout the year Uneven Life Blamed Ball players bum themselv out, he explained. He said lie was sorry he hadn't met Frisch 20 years ago when they both launched athletic careers. "I could have given him some good advice so that today he'd have the same old. vim and vigor," Londos said. "A ball player doesn't live the proi>cflife to enjoy a long career," Londos said. "He goes at a- lightning pace for eight mouths and then what does he do? He drops f ms athletic training. When his (season Is over he eases up entirely. "He loafs and "takes it easy, or maybe gets a white-collar Job somewhere. He rides In automobiles instead of using Ills legs, and you'll probably find him In bed late In the mornings. Change Too Abrupt "Get my point? When spring training arrives lhe ball player tears right out and dashes through his exercises at top speed. He runs or throws, or hits and puts considerable pressure on his body. "The change is too much for his body. The muscles give out eventually by .becoming hardened. He should continue light, active train- Ing all the year around." Londos should know about training because after 20 years he re mains one of the best performers in the profession. 'Wrestlers work industriously the year around with two and sometimes four am five matches a week. "An athlete must remain. active He cannot put on full steam fo eight months of the year, rest the next four 'and then expect his legs to hit top speed after a few workouts." 28 Spain. 29 Dislinctive theory. 30 To opine. 32 Electric unit. 34 Russian emperors. 36 Form of "a." 37 Rodent. 39 Cavalryman: 49'To daub. 51 On top of. 53 Her future husband is called King 55 Unoccupied persons. 57 Language of the Lapps. to . VERTICAL 1 Mothers. 2 To press. 3 To observe. 4 Street. OSlripctl animals. genus.. 11 Stair parts. 12 She is a - ••. 15 She is — in appearance, 17 Oione. 20 Woods. 23 To encounter. 24 Stovy incidents. 27Idanl, 29 Within. 31 To damage. 33 Strapped slipper. 35 Chamber. 30 Eos, goddess ot dawn. 38 Hair ornament 40Tiny vegetable 41 Sun god. 42 Married. 44 To plump. 47 Sanskrit dialect. The Dope Bucket By J. V, Friend 42 Drinking cup. 08 She changed 43 Frost bites. 7 Kindled. 8 Neuter pronoun. _ „ 9 Fish. net Hrst iiamelOHoneybes OHubber tree. 48 Preposition. 49 Snow shoe. 50 Inlet. 52 Postscript. 54 Above. 56 Doctor. Kupfev Victim of Clownish "Fall"; Flying Tackles Beat Sinkey AIJj AMERICAN — Mississippi County boasts nn All-American football player ... He Is L. V. Bell of Armorel . . . 'Hie star end yesterday received Ills official appointment to the American Boy Magazine's All-American Honor Roll for 0 man football ... On the award, a beautifully engraved certificate, Is Inscribed: "This-cer- llflcs that L. V. Hell of Armorel, by his football skill and sportsmanship on the field of play, has earned a position on the 10S7 All- American Honor Roll for Six Mnn Football. By vote of opposing coaches who saw him in action against tlielr teams and hLs own coach who observed his daily development, tills award is made! . It Is signed by Stephen Ep- Icr, Chairman of the Six-Man All-Ainerlcan Football Board This news Isn't news at all for Ar- niorel fans who have continually sung praises to Ills ability And just think, he has a couple of more seasons to go ... Get that address, Joe Craig? • • * SURPRISE—'Ilic veappoliitmenl of Herscliel Hobo to lead the Bly- tlicvfllc Cilnnts for another year came us a pleasant surprise . . . Previously Col. William Harold Terry, New York Giant head man, lind Informed the skipper lo start packing his duds early In the spring as lie was practically on his way lo Fort Smith where he would take over the new Class C farm In the Western Association Memphis Bill planned to move up Bobo and Frank Brazil, Greenwood manager . . . But because of a lute decision lo abandon the Idea of taking on Evansvllle, 111. nnd Pensacola, Fla,, both Class B, Ihere was no advancement open for Brnzll ... So the popular ex-Memphlan was designated to Fort Smith for his third term In Class C . . . And, of course, Bobo's spot was right here where he turned in such a magnificent jol . . A substantial salary Increase equal lo that they would have received had they been promoted soothed all possible disappoint I .. i iir f I meats ... As fur as Blythevil! Letter IS WOn IDF fons nrc concerned they are tlcklet Faithful Grid Practice) P^^ u^uci, ^ assured that what ever team th CLINTON, N. Y. (UP)-Art Win- G , nnts p(]t lle ,. e Bobo will eet t)l ters, football coach at Hamilton mosl oul O j it . . . He was by fa College, believes that ••fallhtul- t ,, c most oulslancling manager I ness" qualifies a football player to lhe elrm ^ . . .' And there Is earn a varsity letter. \ snm i(lng suspicion lhat he Is too FLAPPER FANNY ;m' I'm mil tt"'"' "' ril1 '' "'"'' 5°" :':!»iinimjl y liair ribhipii I iuund under ilic vnt." cpiantltics . Thev are learning Cage Game Ends In Draw Afler 3 Extra Period; MANILA, Ark., Jan. 4.—When three extra periods couldn't determine the winner of a basket ball game between Leachviiie nnc Caraway here last night, the riva coaches decided to let the gam end without a winner. The U score was 27 lo 27. At the lialf-way mark Carawa was far out in front, 16 to 3, bu Leachviiie turned In a sensations rally to deadlock the score at 25 25 just before the final reguVx quarter ended. At the end of the first cxt period of play each team had at ded one point on a foul and t score was 26-26. At the end of second extra period of play ca team had added another point a foul throw. The final extra i riod failed to produce a score f either team and resulted in decision to end the game. Roy Welch took two strnlgtit fulls lo win over Freddie Kupfer, stocky Swiss grappler who performs as "The Bat", when the two tangled In the main event of the Legion's wrestling show here last night. Welch withstood Kup•'s rough tactics for 14 minutes fore gaining an advantage with c crab hold with -which he won e first fall. The crowd got a big langh as elch won the second tumble by lulling down Kupfcr's outei links to hLs legs then easily pin ng his shoulders lo the canvas Cupfer was occupied in an al ercatlon with Referee Mike -Me That's why Alfred W. Harder, Hamilton College senior, now sports a black football sweater with the blue "H," .although he only played the "final minutes" of two games In three years. good Bill! for Class 1) Thanl from the grond up. i * » FUMBLE — Randolph Greyson, onesboio Sun sports edllor gives little lowdown on the Herscliel fosley's fumble of lite punt in the econd miarter of the Rose Bowl ime . . . According to Oregson lerky attempted to make a shoe- UiiiB catch but just as lie got the all Joe Kllgrow, blocking for him, 'as knocked Into him by the on- nshing end, causing lhe fumble The papers are giving plenty f attention to the fumbles but It vas not the first time such a stunt vas pulled . Herky shouldn't ' Involved something ot an engineer- Ing leal. The rounded |»rtlon of the )»dy, with three nippers, weighed a ton and Imd to be dragged from lh e ravine where It was found on 11 specially constructed sled at- ichnd to a truck by a long rope. l-'ourlh Flipper Missing Hie skull, tail and neck, the alter IS fec-t long, presented al- nost as great a problem In re- uoval. The fourth Hipper was Hissing. Examination of the serpent de- crmincd the fact that It was a elulively short-lived species which nlinbltcd the ocean tome 40.000,00(1 or more years ago. The stomach was found to cou- ain quartz-like pebbles, which may :iave been an adjunct to its digestive system or swallowed in the course of its,Inking food. In order to uncover completely the specimen It was necessary to blast out the surrounding rock and then scrape away the earth and ro'jk fragments with mule teams. The region where the sea serpent was found also has yielded two oilier outstanding fossil pcclinens In recent years, OIK' a dinostun un<l the othf-r a nic-sasaur. Read Comic- News Want Ads. QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all times. SAVE C V Prajadhlpok, exiled former king of Siam, has a country estate a! •Rwanda. Penn. ' f feel badly about it, tlioiigli we'll ulmit. it sounded kiiuln strange to lave him Jarred loose from the jigskin, and twice In cue game But those California boys must have been putting on the steam behind their tackles . . . a statement by some one that "a good big man is better than n good little man" . . . Hank Crisp knows there is a Santa Claus even if he did come a week later . $100,000. He left a check for 'Bama's cut iu the gale. Panhandle Sheriff Bars BIFFERS — Joe Craig may or Trappings for Deputies may not develop some champions from the amateurs "Harder has been a hard ami. thing is certain faithful worker during those three box(nf , conscious and enthusiastic But this He hits a years, A1 , Juliet corson. founder of cookl schools, was born on Feb. 14, 18 oney when runks and Welch grabbed til pulled them belov . . Conch Winters said when, (o work wUn _ questioned as to the significance klds who lmunt the Armory for of lhe award. "He s one of '»<: Uport endeavors can be seen crack- few who have reported each year K lma ginary opponent on the on the first day of practice. ' B "Although for two years he on the bench without ever playing AMArtlLLO. Tex. tUP) - Here in the heart of the Texas Panhandle, the center of the ranch 2o;ist Discovery Held Proof Serpent Existed 40 Million Years Ago BERKELEY, Cfll.. tJCC. 31. <UI'>— The University of California stands ready to stake Its scientific reputation on the existence—if not at present, at least some 40.000.000 to 'O.OOO.OOO years ago—of the far 'allied sea serpent. Whether there also existed :it .hat lime seaside resorts where the press agent could take advantage of the appearance of a sea serpent to attract the patronage of the iblic to his beach, the university does not know. However, (tie existence of the eori .«-n>cnt in what is known as the Upper Cretaceous period has been definitely established by lhe finding in the Sim Jonqnln valley of the splendidly preserved fossil. The monster, which is some f"«t long In ils fossilized form, is of a particularly rare type, according to Dr. L. C. Camp, curator $ MONEY AT GA1NES MKT. 118 W. Main Phone 83 OUR SERVICE Is Your PROTECTION! 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The development , ,. says thc s i, c riff. nmn he continued to help I Bmo " B tllOSC wll ° are cnndid "f es The sheriff Is far more interest$£ ' x, h!^h, ± Ior .<"**««> »» taen nmaawU In his record system, reputedly In the others train by participating regularly in scrimmages. I think lhe value of the varsity | under Craig's careful instruction in state. He completes Mosl of them have not done rec(m | s O f all cases from lhe time any boxing at all and Joe is anx- , . (1,1 Hlli UU.XLIlg Itu JUI iliivl nin: |7> uii. ^"."flnl ffiU <° •*>« ™ "«» ' : fulness." And they are catching on rapidly "Bab" Roberts, Tri-State Golden Glove champion is coming j gerpiInts I in for a style alteration . . . Bab arrest until final disposition. His oiflce also cooperalc-s with the Federal bureau of Investigation information and fin- Kupfer's knees. The flying tackles of Sid Mavus proved too much for hlg Charles Sinkey as Marcus suu- duert the Misslsslpplan In two straight falls after Sinkey Imd von the first in 20 minutes with a front crotch and body slam. Sinkey was cllsmialillcd for excessive roughness by Meroney, giving Marcus the second fall and the Neu v Yorker used his flying lackles and body pin to take the deciding; fall in 15 minutes. Curious Crowd Views ^ ^^ ^ ieft too hlgh leay . Huge Mammoth S 1 USk Ing an unmissable body target ... It will take some time to EDMONTON, Alia. (UP) - A Infect «>« charge but lie Is work- mammoth tusk, relic of the nge lug hord . . Herb Chi Ids has when the shaggy ancestors of the displayed a corking good left jab elephant roamed the Arctic wastes, «'»t should cause no little worry passed through Edmonton on Its <° opponents . . . Joe Is ""so de- way to a museum in Ames. la. pending a lot on Hugh Harbert The six-foot tusk was found by "'«' Willis Ford who also have a trapper on lhe shore of Edward hncl some experience . . Both ,„,„.„! v [n coronation Gulf this h «™ glaring, faults that need nt- and presented to J. dell- lentlon but show promise . . ;oclale biologist of lhe U. Ciu-1 Hughes and Alvm Jiislicc excavation. Known as ricisosaur Up lo this time, the Plclsosanr. as the marine reptile is scientifically known, has been unknown on the Pacific coast, although fossil fragments have been round in other parts of the country. The present specimen, which is one of the most complete ever found, first was uncovered by Prank palve, a laborer, while limiting for gypsum in lhe oily shale 110 miles west of Mendota. He notified Fresno Slate College, which in turn notified the Unlver- renr wheel by means of a twisted | sity of California and the two belt' on old-time motor- , joined In the filial excavation of I the stoue-hke carcass and Power from the engine was transmitted to either the front or lealher cycles. whicl! Hubert Utley's Service Station and Gate 24 HOUR SERVICE Phillips "66" Gas tj Ql Tax lt>2C Paid All Leading Brands of Beer, Liquor, Wine, Gin and Cordials. Cigarettes, 2 Pkgs. 25c, $1.15 Carton Highway 61—Holland, Mo. t Itcvolvrr Vroves IJoomeranp CLEVELAND (UP)—Gabriel An-, who carried a revolver for protection, took home the receipts trim his beer parlor. He placed the gun on a table. It fell to the floor and discharged. The bullet entered his left leg. AUCTION SALE MONDAY, JANUARY 10th Weighing 160 pounds, the giant yellowed molar was viewed by curious bystanders as It was unloaded from a train here, after a 1.300 mile journey south by boat mid rail. big a " d One-fourth of the population of England lives in the London area. PRESCRIPTIONS AKK OUK SPECIALTY ^ Phone 141 -fc- FOWLER DRUG STORE jack Clem finds his ideal "matin's" tobacco-extra mild, extra tasty! Due to extreme conditions we are forced to repossess several thousand dollars worth of farm machinery and mules which \ve are forced to sell i.o the highest bidder. Rain or Shine, this sale will bo held. Don't miss It. OVER 200 FARM IMPLEMENTS 20 HEAD CHOICE MULES Several Repossessed Tractors AND ONE LOT OP TRACTOR EQUIPMENT SALE STARTS 9 A. M. TERMS CASH SALE AT PaulByrum BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 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