The Morning Call from Allentown, Pennsylvania on June 16, 1982 · 50
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The Morning Call from Allentown, Pennsylvania · 50

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1982
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TELEVISION -S3- D4 THE MORNING CALL, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16. 1982 EV:ffiiii (SOT" ' By JUDY FLANDER WASHINGTON I don't know . : about you, but I'm crazy about ' elephants. Love to watch those huge .beasts on film or on the other side; ' of a deep moat. So that may make me particularly partial to "The Last Round-up of the Elephants'! (CBS 2,10 and 22 at 8), tonight's network '. documentary. " ' . Narrated by Jason Robards and - -filmed in India and Sri Lanka, .., "Elephants" is just what you'd expect on PBS. How nice to have it out where a few more millions may find What is sad is that the message of this documentary is that elephants yes, they, too are an endangered . species. It is an incredible fact that only 40,000 are left on earth. You are likely to be astonished by the kinds of action captured by wildlife photographer Dieter Plage, whose own perilous moment is included: A blind rogue elephant charged him. (No, it is not at the end of the film.) Among other notable events this evening, "Love, Sidney" (NBC 3,4 andd 28 at 9:30) returns to its Wednesday niche with a guest appearance by Myrna Loy. She plays Vera Lonnigan, a star of the silver screen during the '30s and '40s, and Sidney is a member of her loya Wan club of five members A nice conceit since Myrna Loy has always been available to her public is that Vera's patterned on t-' - i ' , the illusive Greta Gafbo, whom fans -still track for just a glimpse in ' f, , Manhattan. Sidney corners Vera in ' Central Park. : - , And there's still another movie I'd . like to recommend : "To Find My Son" (CBS 2,10 and 22 at 9), a . ',: ' rebroadcast starring Richard Thorn-7 as who seems to elevate everything he's in. -..' " - This is the story of a single man " , who longs for fatherhood and finds a "son'' in a handicapped, needy orphan. "Son" could get soppy, but it ' doesn't. It's steady as you go. - 'And last, and certainly not least for opera lovers: "An Opera Gala: a Salute to George London" (WLVT-39 -' and WHYY-12 at 8). Beverly Sills . hosts this two-hour "Kennedy Center Tonight" production. ;'f ' What is remarkable is that the evening is a tribute to the man who for 15 years was a leading member of the Metropolitan opera before his career was abruptly ended by a paralyzed vocal chord in 1977. London didn't leave his profession; instead, he became the first artistic director of the Kennedy Center and then executive director of the National Opera Institute; he is now in bad health and his friends perform in his honor. SERIES PICKS There's a fashion show for frogs on "Real People" (NBC 3,4 and 28 at 8), as well as a visit with "the fastest chess player in the world." "The Greatest American Hero" (ABC 8,7 and 18 at 8) and his pals go off in search of buried gold. And find '. - .'- ' v, ; Ryker is seriously wounded in the conclusion of a "Fall Guy" (ABC 8,7 and 18 at 9) twojparter, and Colt is the prime suspect. Tom Selleck makes a guest appearance, quite a few of you will be delighted to know! . v If you've been following "Dynas-ty" (ABC 6,7 and 16 at 10) , here's a sequel to the episode in which Krystle says she's-pregnant and Fallon de-' cides on a vengeful fling with Dr, -j Toscanni. - . . .... ' A deadly toxic substance is identified by or favorite coroner VQulncy" (NBC 3,4 and 28 at 10), but not before it has claimed a life. TV TALK Shelley Berman visits PBS's "Over Easy" (WLVT-39 at 3:30) . , . "DickCavett" (WLVT-39 at 11:30), concludes his three-night panel discussion with the baseball bunch . . . "Tonight" (NBC 3,4 and 28 at 11:30) Johnny's guests are Liona Boyd and Cassandra Peterson ... sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and Phillies pitcher Tug McGraw are on "Late Night With David Letterman" (NBC 4 and 28 at 12:30). VALLEY VIEWING PROFILES IN EXCELLENCE '82 profiles winners of the third annual Governor's Day Awards in the Arts. They are: Marian Anderson, Distinguished Pennsylvanian Award; Muriel and Philip Berman, Service to the Arts Award; and Fred Rogers, Media Arts Award. (WLVT-39 at 10) llltll ; 1 ,1tTfM""ll"lC - y , r Last roundup. The endangered Asian elephant is the subject special filmed on locations in Sri Lanka and of 'The Last Roundup of the Elephants.' a India, to be broadcast 8-9 tonight on CBS. I I 7.00 7:30 8:00 I 8:30 9.00 j 9:30 10:00 10:30 f iual'a fu?MDF KENNEDY CENTERTONIQHTiHONORING OPERA'S PROFILES IN REPORT ' DEATH GEORGE LONDON HOST BEVERLY SHXS EXCELLENCE EVENING - THE MOPPET REAL PEOPLE FACT L0VE QUINCV MAGAZINE SHOW nBAfcrcwruB OF LIFE SIDNEY QUINCY ALL IN pu CAROL ,M''8H FAMILY MAGAZINE BURNETT MERV GRIFFIN NEWS ISISS SmIrInHERQ F"-CUY DYNASTY " ASKED BASEBALL: NETS ATPIRATES EMreNT"1" "AUOE .w ' I ENIfRJAIN FAMILY LASTROUND-UP MOVIE: DRAMA "TO FIND MY SON" TONIGHT FEUD OF THE ELEPHANTS , RICHARO THOMPSON JEFFErIoNS news EVENING IN BYZANTIUM NEWS NEWS SHANANA JEFFERSONS K2XtENDBm"THEM,LU0MA'HE" ' THEYCRY ALONE , - ' . UIBH M'A'SH MASH DRAMA: LOOSE CHANGE INNNEW8 TYLER - . MOORE VSoSSS THE FAMILY MOVIE: THRILLER "THE VULTUHE" NOWHERE TO TURN NEWS HEROES LAWRENCE WELK PHIL DONAHUE NEWS INN NEWS IN PROGRESS: MOVIE MOVIE-R "STRIPES" MOVIE: (PG) (G)-"HEipi" MOVI.(H) STRIPES "ZORRO, THE GAY BLADE" BN PROGRESS 'THE LITTLE' MOVIE: (PG)-"ROAD GAMES" MOVIE: (PG) "ZORRO, THE GAY BLADE" DRAGONS " . Scheuer's TV mailbag DENOTES CLOSED CAPTIONING FOR HEARING IMPAIREO WITH SPECIAL TV SET ADAPTOR By STEVEN H.SCHEUER Q - Tell this "Hill Street Blues'1 fan: Is the cast of this show going to remain the same when this series comes back with new episodes next season? Or will many of the people be leaving? Mrs. T.V.R., Lecomote, La. A - "Hill Street Blues" will return in the fall with the cast intact. The actors who work on this series are very dedicated to the show. : Q Was anything added to or cut from the recent TV showing of the movie a "New York, New fork"? Also, Robert De Niro was so great in this film; wasn't he nominated for an Oscar? L.T., Kennett, Mo. A "New York, New York" was released originally with one of Liza Minnelli's numbers deleted from the film. However, director Martin Scorsese put the number back, re-edited some of the film and that was the version which was shown recently on TV. Robert De Niro was not nomi nated for his performance in the movie. In fact, the movie received poor reviews when it was first released. Q I bet I'm in a real minority, but I can't stand "Hill Street Blues." The show is frantic with all those people yelling all the time. I have tried to watch the series on four different occasions and couldn't stay with it to the end. K.G., Fairfield, Conn. A Well, no TV program can win all the viewers. Just because "Hill Street Blues" has gotten all that publicity, not to mention awards, you're still entitled to reject it. Q Didn't Bernadette Peters star in a comedy series with Richard Crenna recently? Or was it some other actress? N.T.M., Albany, N.Y. A That was Bernadette Peters, all right, who co-starred with Richard Crenna "All's Fair," a 1976-77 series. Q Is the First Lady, Nancy Reagan, going to have her own special? What will it be? WiU she act or just guide us through a tour of the White House? Jackie Kennedy, of course, did that years ago, but it ' would be interesting to see how the place has changed. B.H., Sacramento, Calif. A Although Nancy Reagan was an actress, don't look for the First-Lady to headline a special in which she'd act or give us a tour of any part of our nation's capital, (C) 1912, by TV KEY RELAX! When h food time to relax? -Right mter .vam'rr j.niinea rtn around the house. Tmke m fete minute far urmelj to relax with the Call-Vhbonirle. for home delivery: rail .20-6601. CHRONICLE NEWSPAKfSf 'f?l Sally Struthers bounces back to TV .; By BOB WISEHART Of Newhouse News Service 1 .PHOENIX, Ariz. -Here's what ' has happened to Sally Struthers in the 3Vi years since she left "All in the Family" to make a career on her own: Her marriage failed ; she is : divorced. Her pilot for a TV series ' 'Me, ; On the Radio?" was rejected. Her Broadway play closed after nine performances. Now she's returning to CBS as Gloria Bunker Stivic, a character she, swore she never again would play ; after eight years as Archie Bunker's slightly scatterbrained daughter and wife of Michael "Meathead" Stivic, played by Rob Reiner. This is a textbook television story, heard so often through the years that you'd think people would learn from ' it. A young actress interprets the monumental success of a TV series she's in as a tribute to her own talent and appeal, and leaves the show that made her rich and famous to discover , it's a cold, often cruel world out there. "I guess I've done a lot of personal growing up in the last few years," Struthers says quietly. "A failed Broadway play, a failed pilot and a failed marriage tend to make you do toat." Struthers is no longer the bubbly ' young girl selected from among 200 other candidates to play Gloria in "All in the Family" more than a -decade ago. Age, time and experience have done what they always do add -;a few wrinkles, a few pounds and a ; new perspective. Struthers doesn't mind talking about it, if somewhat wearily. That's - . a bit surprising, because she's inter- , rogated about the subject everywhere '.she goes and especially here, where a host of TV critics have assembled to assess, probe and analyze what's new with CBS. ? "Yeah, it's been difficult pro- ; f essionally and personally," she says. ' A small shrug follows. "It humbled ' me." . f 4' - This fall, Struthers returns in ' "Gloria." She's still Archie's daugh- ' ter, and Carroll O'Connor will show . up to give the first show a boost 1 "Gloria is separated from her husband 7 I and returns to the shabby Bunker - ' . home with her 8-year-old son to dis- i cover her father is just as big a jerk . Las he ever was. ; . ( . f ' " She leaves home, and with the r - usual situation-comedy happenstance she finds a job as assistant to a cranky veterinarian played by Burgess Meredith, in a surburban-country setting in upstate New York. Husband Michael is said to be living in a commune in California, "standing in a line to take a shower with a homecoming queen," as a line of dialogue puts it. "Gloria" looks like it will be successful, though such predictions are always risky in television. The reason has nothing to do with quality. It's in a cushy spot, after "Archie Bunker's Place" and before "The Jeffersons" . on Sunday. All three series were born on "All in the Family." In recent years, Struthers made a handful of TV movies, but none were whopping successes. The Broadway , effort, "Wally's Cafe," looked good.. With costars Rita Moreno and James Coco, she was working with heavyweights. But heavyweights have flops, too. . . . "They were asking Rob (Reiner) and me to play Gloria and Mike in another series before my 'All in the Family contract was up," says Struthers. "At first, Rob and I were adamant we didn't want it. , "Then we'd switch back and forth. Rob was close to saying OK, and I wasn't. Then I was willing, and he wasn't It bounced around like that for a long, long time. "Then finally I said 'yes' and he said 'no' and that's why the show is called 'Gloria.'" Right after she left VAH in the Family," Struthers had a baby, Samantha, now 3 years old? "But when I went back to work,'! she says, "the work wasn't there." Having the baby helped because "it made me feel OK about staying home. " When Struthers talks about why she's returning to her old role, other than the notion that working is better than hot working, she gives the de- ' cision a certain logic. "She's a whole different character now," Struthers says. "Years ago, I thought to keep on with Gloria would be moving backward. "I don't see it that way anymore. The only thing familiar about it is that my name is still Gloria. " Any advice for other young ac-1 tresses or actors who might someday be faced with the same decision? . , "You know," Struthers laughs,' "I've finally gotten old enough and, I " hope, wise enough that I don't give , advice anymore.' ;V -i v SOLAR POOL ?! SAVE HEATING SYSTEM s2000 WE INSTALL IN JUST 5 DAYS - v Pool Includes Excavation Installation Filter System Piping , Coping '" 16 32 3 x 8 deep - , $ NsiaW BUY FROM THE MANUFACTURER i KJ:H FACTORY TO YOU if- I X . 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THE MORNING CALL : wst t am a regular subscriber to: Thejvloming Calf Saturday Weekender ' Sunday Call-Chronicle Mail - Vacation PakCirculation Dept.. The Morning Call. P.O. Box 1260. AUentown. PA 18105 , -r Or. call .820-6601 to order your - Vacation Pak idbbbbb Order Coupon BnaDDaaaBBBi ;:::':;ff::'V::?. l Nam ' ' - ' Address, City .Apt. No.. .State. Zip. Telephone No. (days). t will be away on vacation from (date) . to (date)

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