The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1937
Page 3
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SATURDAY,-JANUARY 2, 1937 Uiiicameral System Will Get First American Test in Nebraska • By noscoK FLEMING NEA Service Special Correspondent LINCOLN, Neb.~Thc Nebraska Etnte legislature will meet as usual on Jan. 5, but it .will feel like a Siamese twin just cut loose to walk alone. That's just what It will be, too. Until this winter, Nebraska had the - usual two-house legislature, with 100 members in the House and 33, In the Senate. This year it will have a legisla- turc consisting o f only one house with 43 members. Tills innovation is expected to produce some startling results. First of all, It will cost. In salaries only 575,000 for two" years. Each member .will be paid about $1174 foi two. years' service, with nothing extra for 'special sessions. The 133 members of the former two houses used to get $800 a session, with $10 a day for special sessions. That ran well above $320.000 In two years, even without e\ tra sessions. So the first thing the unicameral legislature will do is to save Nebraska nt least $250.000 every two years in legislators' sala- , ries. Legislators will get practical ly- the same pay, but 90 of the former seats, have been abolished Minimizes National Polities The second thing expected is an house's,, legislative ' deadlocks, and the.writing of most legislation in the conferences between House and Senate committees. . The third thing expected Is a great lessening of the importance of. national political lines in stats politics. For the 43 legislators all run without party designation in primary and election, and are chosen strictly by district. - The immediate result of this seems,to have been a better break for the minority party. For while President Roosevelt - carried the state by 100,000 and Governor Cochrrin by',77.000, indicating a Dsmocratic sweep, Republicans and. Democrats turned up in the new one-chamber legislature almost evenly divided, 22 Democrats and 21 Republicans. That Is, Republicans running on 1 the legislative ticket without, the designation, seem actually to 1 have had better luck than if they had been forced to carry the party Sensible, of 4heijr;Iaek of indebtedness for, election to nationnl party ties, the new legislators are expected to ;do but little party caucusing, and to function largely as non-partisans.'- : Works in Many Cities The new single-chamber legisla- 'ture has never been tried in quite this form. Several slates had a -version of it years ago, always with a council over it, exercising a veto and hampering operations. But Prof John P. {Jennino of •the University of-Nebraska;-one of the advocates of the new plan, calls attention to the fact thai practically every u. S. city over 25,000 in population have a "one- chamber" city council, and eight out of nine Canadian provinces, one . Australian commonwealth and' the -new Philippine government function In this manner. 'Thus, though the average American thinks of n two-house legisla- , ture as being. as inseparable as Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy, or ham and eggs, Nebraska has shown tnat it isn't necessarily 50. Victory for Norris The two-house legislature was set up ns part of the American system of ."checks and balances. 1 but too often it has worked out all check and no balance. Prof Senning bslieves that all real check on legislative bodies comes, not from another house, but from /outside, . the governor, the state I*-supreme court, and public opinion The incoming Nebraska one- house legislature Is regarded as being "the cream of the crop." There were 259 candidates for tlt e 43 jobs, and 32 of the 43 elected had had •previous legislative expsrience Thus the new. experiment gets : away, under experienced hands. One -of the members is former U. S. Congressman John w. Norton, who has been working for a one-house legislature since 1913 He was n team mate of u S Senator George W, Norris In the successful fight. Norris believes the new plan so important that he plans to attend the opening session Jan. 5 even if he has to be absent from the convening of the national congress in Washington He classes it In importance with TVA and his anti-lame-duck amendment. .Passage of the new one-chamber plan after 25 years of fighting fcr It, Is largely credited to Norris' personal influence with the Juliana and Her Future Spouse and Home BLYTHEVILLS, (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS With his wedding to Ciowu Princess Juhini .(light) in the Gieat Church of the Hague, Holland Prince Bc-mhard zur Llppe-Biesterfeld (left) will enter the famed House of Orange though not givci one of its princedoms. The newiyweds will set up housekeeping In (he palncc (below) of Soestdljk modernized with a fund subscribed by the Dutch people. latlve chamber. He votes only in case of a lie. Eyes of other states will focus on Nebraska Jan. S. If the new system there works out with anything like the economy, effectiveness and generally dignified tone that Is expected, the movement for similar action in other states may ;,Afiet quite a push. f.\ To get a state legislature to vote three-quarters of its members out Principals in Mid-Air Shooting Town Re i^ Snake Owners to Post Bond GETTYSBURG, Pa. (UP)-The Town Council here acted on the petition of n. number of housewives and passed an 'ordinance providing that any person desiring to , , kunks "or any dangerous loatlisomc creatures." must . out a $5 license and post a $500 bond. The action developed from A recent scate in the community when a gift bull snake gave birm to 08 ™ntrl°s InL^I '° ^ small snakes a few days after ar- the ' mnr • ^ ," Ce " y ' rival. The young reptiles soon .-- """T. 1 m his P 1 ™-™* overran homes in several blocks. Persons applying for licenses must convince the burgess that the animals or snakes can be kept securely under conditions which will not annoy neighbors.' A fine of $25 goes with violations. The ordinance, however, docs not apply to hospitals, college'laboralorlcs or scientific organizations. The Council said jt believed the ordinance was the only one of its kind in the nation. rcck ' CM| y rl sking her life in a mad aviation escapade and g unhurt, Mine. Marie Schemeder Chnpellul, top left was " C ' d '" E " g ' and P cndi "g • Mtlon on a. French extradition request. their plane was over Paris, in a nt of rage when she learned he was to be married. L'Allcmant, wounded in the neck, managed to land the plane, and Mme. Chapellul then took oil alone, crossing the Channel and crashing in England. There she was arrested of jobs is not easy. But Nsbraska did it, and if It works, other states are expecled lo see the risth° of a popular demand for follow'ng suit. Head Courier News Want Ads WHEELING, W. Va. (UP)—Six fire trucks dashed madly to a lire In the home ol Fireman Philip Shaughncssy. It cost $22 to dispatch the trucks. Damage from the blaze M'as $2. Fultire Ruler of Netherlands Will Wed German Prince! ing By MII/I'OX HIIONNKR NEA Service SlaiV Com>s|K>inlent LONDON, — Jultnim-of-thc- nproii-slrlngs Is .still—Jullana-of- Ihe-apron-slrlngs. And she's n Princess. AMI! heiress to n throne. And Belting to be a big girl now— years old. And on the eve of mnr- rla^e (January i. ,4 But so fur all tlmt has 'made' no (inference to Minim. Mamn, otherwise queen wllliehuliia of Hol- Innd, Is used to being boss, She Inkes no slack Trotn mere cabinet oiricers. she makes courtiers toe the mark. And as for her only child. well- It's (jolng to be the girl's wedding, but Maniti decided when it was to be. And where. And how. Juliana Is going to wcnr. the bride's dress, but Mniim has decided the material nnd color and decorations _ j (juccn anifs Guesl Also A Also Mama fixed uy the list of guests \riio will be fnvltcd lo the Great Chureli of The Hague for tlie ceremony. Also the musical program. Juliana Is going lo live In a "little" palace of her own (sec cut) with her husband-to-be, 24- year-old German Prince liernlmrd mr Llppc-Blestcrfcld. But Mama has picked much of the furniture and even the curtains for the windows. Recently prince Beimo-^as his Intimates call him—paid ti final call on Der Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler the Only. History does 'not record whether Benno Is n believing nnd enrolled Nazi or not. Dul as n good German, he went to say goodby prior lo his adoption as a good Dutchman. And shortly before Beniio paid this call, Mama Wllhelmina did something else . which balnncwl tilings between Holland and Ger many. Bruno Walter, one of the most famous musical conductors In the world—as well-known in Amer lea as he Is In Europe—Is today ai exile from his native Germany, be ing a non-Aryan. Not so long ago he conducted concerts by the fa- inoas orchestra of Amsterdam, the Cohccrtgobouw, Just as he has con ducted concerts by great America!, orchestras.; And, In recognition of his ,fine gifts, Mama .Wilhelmini bestowed upon him one of the highest orders that can be given to, a cMllan , Palace Is Wedding did The historic paliice of Soestdljk, in which the royal newly-weds will live, was given to them by the nation as a wedding present The palace has been compl, tely modernized and refurnished, the expense being borne by n fund raised through popular subscription. Juliana has had 200,000 florins a year'in her own right since she was 18 Following her wedding she will draw'400,000 florins ($217,000) Parliament recently granted Prince Bernhard 200,000 florins a year, effective upon his wedding day. He will never- take the historic title of "Prince of Orange," but will title of "PrOince of lands." harbor snakes, , rodents, and take PAGE THREE Soviet Air Patrons Ride "on'the Shelf A leioliiloimiy melhod of air freight transport Is vhloncd bj Russian nMntlon leadeis u a- •vpcilments In placing passenge.s In vMng s loU u,,de, tl.e lov,e, wing of a two-scatcd mpmne compaiuneuls wcie built to hold 10 p^ssel, B e,s equipped with pauchulcs The plane took ort Mllj and icnched H speed of 180 miles an hom In night No | c that (he plane Is equipped. «ith ski limners for winter fljlng Four Pounds of Twins only be Prince Consort ' with the the Nether- This follows the precedent set by the DJulch States-General In 1901 when Wilhelmlna married Duke Henry or the German grand- duchy o f Mecklenberg-Schwcrln The independent burghers, just a little Jealous of Henry, suspicious of his German influence and a bit fearful that the ambitious neighbor on the east would some day try to gobble up the Netherlands, decided to take steps to protect their Ohio River Island Yields to Progress EAST LIVERPOOL, O. (UP)— United States engineers are removing an entire Island from the Ohio River to aid steamboat operations. The Island, near the site ol a huge dam. has been a hindrance to pilots in swinging packet boats toward the locks. The work of removal will take three months Read Courier wtws svant Ads. ^—^—^—mt DANCING Every Night SILVER MOON NIGHT CLUB 2 Miles North Missouri Line ing him there. Queen Wins Easier Terms should Dutch They were quite hard-boiled about it, insisting that not only Henry be naturalized a citizen, tnft should swear to fight against his Fatherland In case of war. Those, were pretty hard lines for a proud German princeling and he almost kicked over the traces. But the young Queen is said to have cajoled some or her crusty advisors so that the conditions were modified to permit Forest Fire Fighters Study Standard Rules PORTIAND, Die (UP) — Fire, suppicsslon o\|)oils fiom six U S. ' national forest legions have formulated n clnndiud handbook to be used In (mining classes of hun- dieds of file gimicts who each i>> 101 canj on Undo Sum's battle against foiost files The handbook, whlUi pools tho . knowledge of cadi forest region's Individual c\|]eilcnccs In fighting niei, will be used by nil regions which have slinllai pioblems In Ihe past each foiest has cauled on Its own sjslcm or training tho guaid armies wltn co-ordination, being given by tuvellng speclalhti fioui the iCBionnl office Quick dlscoveiy i>nd Immediate contiol of flies in the national foiest U n mallei of utmost con- Lei n,' tald J r Campbell, fire control chief for the north Pacific region 'The dependability nnd efficiency of the summer lookouls and flic clmseis Is Utnlly impoi- Innt and we Intend to jive them the most compiclicnsl^e training poiiible " Heprescnlatiies from Montana •. Utah, Caliroinla Georgia ,md Washington, D o, conferred here on the handbook with specialists of the Pacific Noitliwcsl Eye dropper feedings and electrically heated cribs are being resorted to to insure the survival of Joan and Joul Hall; Pittsburgh twins who neighed only i\\o pounds each at birth Perfectly, normal otherwise, they are the children of Mrs Omlell Hall, 2-1 > wife of a 00-year-old WPA worker. Taking care of them nrc Nurse.; John U. Stevenson. Irene Sweet and Henry to resume his German citizenship In case of the Queen's death or a separation. Any children of course, would be Dutch. Prince Benno like Duke Henry will bo known us the ."Prince of the Netherlands" because the Dutch Socialists 'of Wilhelinlna's bridal days objected vociferously to addressing the Duke as "Your Majesty." It was a compromise title of nondescript nature that satisfied everyone. Dojs Aid Poor Families WINOHENDON. Mass. (UP) — Welfare recipients of this town were envied by the otlicr residents. Two dogs killed n six-point, 150- pound buck on Ice-covered lake Monomonack. police chief Robert Callahan claimed the carcass and NOTICE Privilege licenses, city auto licenses, street taxes and dog licenses are now clue and payable. Your prompt attention will be appreciated. RUTH BLYTHE City Clerk. distributed the venison to needy families. ELECTRIC & ACETTI.ENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 Wooden Covered Bible 400 Years_01d Owned BFNTON, Wls (UP)-A German laithcian Bible 403 jeara old Is owned by Quince nandecker, haulwaie mcichnnt Tile Bible weighs- 13 pounds, has 1.200 pages, nnd is bound with wooden co\crs It was brought jo Amciica by Geoige Beck Qalena, I", a cousin of Randecker. PROMPT BATTERY SERVICE Call us wren jou iiavc trouble Wo fe.i- ture quick service We felil! have plenty of PKESTONfi finti-lYceze. Russell K. Marr fare Oil Service Station Phone 304 AUCTION SALE Having Decided lo Retire from Active Farming We Will Sell at. Public Auction, .it ROSELAND GIN (Roseland, Ark., Highway 18) —On Wednesday, Jan. 6th. 1937 . lieginninjr at 9:30 A. M. (Having ]5ecn Postponed from Dec. 30lh, Because of Heavy Rain) OUR ENTIRE FARMING OUTFIT —Consisting of— •10 Head of Mules and Horses; a Lot of Hogs T\vo Tractors, Hay Bailer, Two Large Discs, drain Drill, Tractor Mower, T,wo 2-Horsc Mowers, Sawmill, Log Wagon, Manure Spreader, a lot of Farm Wagons, One Blacksmith Outfit,'Adequate Wow and Hay Tools for a Thousand Acre Plantation Hot Coffee and Sandwiches Will Be Served On the Grounds A. KNOBELOCH

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