The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1933
Page 3
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28/1938 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER VEWS THEN TH GHfi ;-AGE THREE They'll Figure In Coming Tax Controversies Whisk" l.»\lr : s Also Will i F. Subject oi Bailie in Congress, ! This Is Hie tliird of n series of | five arllelcs on "Mm- Comes Con- , irrev.r." :iMn% tlic l.-ickgnmnil of: Ilie many inijiorluiil issues Unit wiU lii- at slaki- clmliiK Ihe Muslim l(> . (jpen Jan. 3. _ I Wa- ""is'"" C.orre- ! HV Courier News return. Such WASlilMOTON. -- Boot'.ogseis- and wealthy tax UtJgi-rs will b:--. Ihe cliii-f victims o[ Cc,ngrc;s wiien II v.'urkr, out changes in taxation. Al l<5'il so it is :.o]<ed. Tlicr;' also is :>').-ne prospect tlfit the bur- j den on p?r.s:ms with small iiL^omfJ will be lightened. ' Revised liquor taxes will ue rii'li- i ed liirou^h early in the session. I t Uc:|x;al rauyhl the treasury with a | lji.ird liquor !-ix of cnly SI.10 a yal-i and thai figure is likt-ly lo be i doubled in an effort to incrcasu- i revenues and net the added fed-' crul "[irafU" coming in at once, j Fvor>cne hopes the tux will be :O',-: enough to allow legitimate industry io compete with til; boo'.-. legxers. Hot debate as to uv.euH.-r i it can b- done may to anticlpalcd. | LIQUOR I'KICKS STUJIEH ! l.itjuor prices will be scrutinized and congress also will consider the issue of liquor control. | Repeal automatically eliminates: afcout 5200.000.000 in special taxes,: and as much mare in ••nuisance", levies may be wiix.'d oul al tins i soisicn. The administration hOi>es j lo rah* about $5M,MO,COO through; beer and liquor taxes. ! The normal budget will be bal- j anced in the fiscal year 1934-35,, according lo present plans wilh a sizeable surplus left- over. Hence, no additional taxes cr higher rales are contemplated ex-j cept as to liquor and. as regards' unanimous disposition lo plug loopholes revealed last summer, when it was learned that J. P. Morgan and olher millionaires wtrtn't paying income taxes. Progressives, however, will vast- another fight to "soak Ihe rich." They would like higher inherilance and big Income vales. Some of them want to go after trie S25,000,- OOO.COO of lax-exempt securities. MAT AID SMALL JNCOMKS ^. The average lax-paying reader, .•'however, will be Interested chiefli in the proposal—endorsed by both Treasury and House Ways and Means Commitlce—to lower lax rates on earned jinccmes of less than S25.000. This may mean a restoralion of -the pU'a^ant privilege, granted until this year, of a deduction of 25 per cent of the ordinary income tax as a credit for earned income -- as diEtinguLshed from income from invest marts. :iml Chairman Doughton of \VMys and -Means has forecast a whisky tax of between S2.10 and S2.-10 a gallon. He proposes that 20 or 25 j*r cent be returned lo states "- which agree r.oi to tax lityiiur by volume, confining Ir.omselvfs to oc- cimalicnal liquor taxes. But so many stales have leaped into the liquor tax field, imposing levies of a dollar a gallon or more, that it probably will be some time before that issue of double laxa- 'tion is straightened out. This matter of federal-state lax- atlcn has a direct bearing on the bootleg problem. S1.50 WHISKY FAVORED The whisky tax eventually maybe set at $2 or even lower, since Congress probably will bear in mind slates will superimpose Inxes of their own. There's R , vague but general feeling here lhat palatable whisky shculd become available at S1.50 a quart and ll:a*. ;;uch a rate should discourage booUoggin-g. Unless li- <Hior prices Ifgin lo sink toward tfhat, figure, Investigations are promised. Sentiment also has arisen for cutting the present $5 a gallon im- porl duty on hard liquors to S3 u- $-!. The struggle over that pro- pcsal. as well as other liquor measures, will furnish an idea of th strength of the "liquor lobby" nov. lunctionlnz here. CONTROL IS PROBLEM Roosevelt may be given di-crc tion io fix impart duties on foreign wines, Tqiiors. and' beers i' reciprocal trade asrec:r.?::l3 wit! other countries. In that case Scotch and Irish whiskies nilgh! be admitted for as low as $2 a gallon, with wines as low as CO cents, instead of Ire present rate of $1.2.1 Liquor conlrol 1s something else again. It now Ls entrusted to the Federal Alcohol Control Administration, under Joseph 11. Chcatc jr., which supervises codes covering distilling, importing. rectifying, wholesaling a nd beer. Under those cedes, the government has almost complete power over the Industry and can control prices and supply. Administration leaders In Con- grccs. apparently reflecting the While House view, prefer to wal! End sec how PACA control work? out. All iiinds of control measures will be advanced, mraruvhili however, including some providin- for no conlrol bsyund federal 0:0- tecllon for dry states t SOME TAXES MAY GO > \ Lnte In the session some control bill is likely lo b« inlroduccd with admlnislratlon backing. It might provide, as Assislant Secretary of Agrlculuire Rexford Tugwell tirgcd, As Lindberghs Returned to United States? . lOi'llmi'il r.cin 1'iH-i' Uni'i De Vu'j-sa seem.'; dour :iiul satur- | linll-fi'lluw-vclUmel. IK' Valeru ' nine :uul vlinn. Thomas Ls Jolly aii'l j ] i-arts lur inMhlni; bill his work and , I his lluuie, wlilcli lio imiki'.i his I j lie. Thornus tuves natherlnys tuid 1 I p:irllr^ Lintl puts on evening eiol.'.t'S j I so in uncut!)- that the rartoonlMs I : cull him "Uriss Suit Tnoimis." ' ; De Vali-ra Is lull iind liinky. nw p fc- wnrd in liis inovi'ini'iils nnd ycLlinv of cii:ii|>!i'xlun. 'I'lmniiis Is flmvl and u.NV-chci'tol. l)o Viilern neither diinks hoi ^inohes and U Spar-' tun in iiis meals anil habits. Thorn- • j as loii'.., a bin WacX ciijar, ricli (uxl I and b'.ibbly \vltn 1 . IX- Valera. on liu- 1 .slum)-, is an impassioned orator j who wins bis audiences, 'lliomns ! Is n rough-iiml-rcndy speaker on the slump and alsu delights In ai- ler-dtui;er ifireehes. U? Valera in :",is talk 1 ; !s alwa.vs grave and M;- rlcus Tliuma.s Is always liiimur-, I oils ;'ii,| ml! ol nooil stork's. De \'.i- 1 lera ulks a cuHurcd English or ni:' j ciiunlly Iliient Irish, 'i'i'.iiinas hu.s j i nol an "II" to Ills name, glories In i i!, IjinM-i niiuiil II. points out linn ; In .spi'.e ol his lack of "ll's" he Las j b'jygi'd lour hnnoraiy di'^irri Iron' 1 great •.a'.lv.'isities j SISTER MARYS KITCHEN liaek in Ami'ilean wi.tiri after a \unld ie.ur [hat nns cairleil their, OUT Arelle. lee fii'ltls aud tropical Juni'les, C(iU.ncl iuul Mrs. Clinrli 1 .; A. 1 liull)ri|;li ure here - iileiurcd illu'utlnj tin; luoorliuj of Uiciv • O liiiil seaplane rm iirhvlna In Mlmnl, Flu. Hoy "Piav" Lions, Trains Troupe of Live Ones Tlire? veterans ol many a iegisutLVL- cj;t:t- an^ a new acting chief of the ;rcasuiy they'll iilav an important part in ihe comin? Congress'ssssion.--. . . Senator William E. Borah 'ida.-.o. sketched uppei- left, will war on monopolies. . . Htnry Mofgenlhuii. jr.. upper right, will guard Uncle Snm's coffers . . . R?p. R. L. Doughton, North Carolina, lower left, '.vili bs busy ns chairman of Ihe Ways and Means Commillee . . . and Senator George Morris. Nebraska, sketched lower right, will carry on for i:ro?rc'5sfve policies. : oulput of distilleries and fell it to tile wholesale and retail agencies. Roosevelt Ls believed to be interr ested in Ihe idea. Besides the taxes automatically eliminated by repeal, several nuisance taxes which now bring in How lo Cure Fresh Meat I HY CORA LKE COLEMAN' •: 'Slrips of muslin should be cu! 12 j County Home Demonstration Ageot j u, 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. Every year a number of iieoplc stllched. dampened and slufTed and only about $ZO,M,CI,COO a year may ] lose tht'r meal because it is im-: healed Song enough to melt nn out- be repealed because they are ex-. \ properly cured. If you have not side layer of grc°a5e to fill In Ihc l.-eiiEive to collect and bring: little i tried the method the government meshes of t> bag, then plunged """ rr> recommends, ask your neighbor v.-ho into cold water. This makes an air has and she will say, "This is Ihe I tight coating on the outside ot the best and surest method I have ever . bag. A part of the sausage may 1 Often someone comes along I be canned while fresh. . -cijer 'and.'-'-LIVER PAST&—2 1-2' pounds ilv- invariably er, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 12 table' r include those on bank checks, candy and chewing gum. soft"! drinks, radios, refriger-l BY SISTi:it MARY As cvi-ry woman knnn's. vnrlcfy at the dlnni'i- lohlc add 1 ; much m j tlie s|iinr> of life, l^hnnge in Ihc; fiiinily iji'JLius ir:c-aiis keener en poymenl of mealr,, bi-Ucr dh'.i'sliui anil better lienlth. j \yht-n variety can be aecompli.'ih-j <?d without extra cost of money, Ihe marketer Ls more than Justified in adventuring among inifa- mllinr vegetables. During Ihc last I fi;w years many vegelabh-.s have j been Inlroducecl into this cnmilryi from foreign lands nnd Ihey lire | all well worth recognition nnd study. Chinrse cabbage Is one of those vr^clables wlilch comes lo us from Mic Grir-nl anil is anile snrjcrlor to the ordinary varicly with which we are familiar. St is being grown extensively In' this country now and Is available in all city markets. attrss/jnafcnes and firearms and^and recommends- s " clls - . | easier inelhod. But LOOPHOLES TO RK CLOSED .'Ihose who allempt these shorter j rpoons ground onic-n, 9 crisp crack- Acting Secretary ol the .Treas-'.cuts come out, the loser because ers, 2 eggs, 1-2 pound fat, 2 cups i:ry Morgentiiau has stressed thei'their meat goes bad.- some house- milk. taxation principle of "ability to; wives all over the country are can- | Pour bo;llng walcr over liver and in Ihc pre-Congress discussions | ning their pork in preference to i let stand 15 minutes. Remove skin issue will be fought but ; curing all of it. No one should at- ' and b'.ocd vessels, cut In small en the nocrs of both houses. [.tempi to can meat unless a steam pieces, boil until heated [lirougn A proposed single - normal in- [.-pressure ccoker is available. Heci- thoroughlv. Grind liver niid fat come tax rate instead of tile pres- i'pes for sausage and liver pas!c and through food chopper with flue ent two classes of rates would be i canning il are given. . knife. Add cinnamon, cn!o:is, and accompanied by higher surtaxes' DRY CURE— The dry cure is besl : cracker crumbs and grind again o oflsct resultant decreased revc- ! for Arkansas because of uncertain , Ihrough t'ne food chopper wilh nut rues. 1 weather renditions. The meat ! butter plate. Add milk and slight- Measures lo reduce tax avoid- 1 should stand about ;M hours after I ly btatcu eggs, and mlv thoroughly. , ancc include revision o( capital killing before curing is begun. Salt,! Pack in sterilized cans Chlldr-jii tin: world over play at nnl'mtl Ir.iinlng, but Mjimnl King, 10. of Urownsvllle, Tex., scorns slid tublerluiies. lie puts real lions 'hniugh their pares and makes them.'like It. even kce^ln; the peace when his I!GU, Tridle. joins the acl, as r!:own here. Manuil, said lo be th; only child in the world to hnve r.urh n perilous vocation, wr;; bum <m an animal mini and has been laught by Chubby Guilloyle, Jamec in Ihe business, to bundle -10 n.ns. He'll soon hit the clrcua tmil Has Delicate Flavnr sfii. p.s v Chinese cabbage called, is more delicalc In texture and flavor than [he common "gar- dr<>" product. Us sha|K?. loo. Is unlike our native Cabbage, for in- Ftead of belnc round and flit, the Pe-tsal U tall and urn-like In j:hanc. The heart of the head 15 almost cylindrical. Ihe oilier leaver bendinc over at the. top. This hearl !i em\mv while and dell- ciously tender, like Ihc finest celery. Cut In slender tapers. Ihe hearl of the Pe-tsii Is inviting when alen raw. like celery. The whole Suicide Squeeze Enables Declarer lo Make Two fixtra gains and losses provisions and of 'sugar, faltpeler, and pcp|>er are the - Process No. 2 : cans 50 minutes, No. the partnership provisions, both ingredients used In a mixture for' 3 can? 55 minutes, pint jais 55 rr jars, j Lead, of roursc. can l:e shredded nnd served with French drc.wing sain. Or It can be cooked. - - . , — .,-._ -- . . which helped Morgan and his curing. Salt used alcne draws out ; minutes, and quart jars CO minutes, just ns other cabbages arc cooked.! partners lo escape income taxes, .the meat jnic: and hardens the : at 15 pounds pressure. Perhans one of the most endear- as compulsory joinl returns rr.iscles. Sugar softens tr.e inuscie j Other recipes and bulletins on i ir.t; mialltii's of this Chinese cah- 'y husband and wife. fibers and improves the flavor, meal canning and butchering awl t>r,"e is Us lack of odor while cook- Once more there will be 1 , a . Brown sugar is cheap and gives a curing beef an;i pork mav be sc-'in?! It should be cooked in n small movement, for a sales tax, but it i better flavor. Saltpeter haslens the cured from Miss Colcman, Jsn't likely to get anywhere. I curing and retains Hie red color of county agent's oflice. EXEMPTION' UNDER FIRE 'the men!. I A slowdown is certain on taxa- j for every 100 pounds of meal the ! 'following amounts of ingredients frpprl tp \'fprrv 'ion of lax-exempt securities, with he outcome doubtful. Senator Soiah cf Idaho is one of those vho have come to. believe Congress are required: 8 |X>'.iuds of; 2 1-2 pounds of sugar; 2 ources of pepper; 2\ ill! •Minntlty of water and for n short length of time. The heads can bci cut In slices crofswise. In quarters! c r eighths lengthwise, or finely, shredded. It is served with nnv| s'T.sonine that is used wilh ordi- :hould impose such tax and then let ounces of saltpeljr. ..'.c courts decide whether it Ls Ail ingredients should be mixed .onslUutxmal. , ] thoroughly. About oue-ralf of the Senator Augustine louergau ; mixture should be rubbed over all •ne of the chief proponents of the I 'he surface meal, pushing il inlo :lan. estimates the tax would 'he openings around the bones in aise from $140,030,000 to 5150,030,- | [1 'e shanks. The meat mus'.t be i-0 a year. ; cold for temperature Is more im- Tax-exempts include federal. • portant t!:an the salt. If ths meal tale, county, and city securities, i* !OD col;i for the mixture to stick The chief objections raised to tax- readily, each piece should b: dlp- • ns them are the questionable nr d h> salt water so' the mixture -•onstitulionality of it,, the moral will adhere. Salt should bo sprin- Usuc involved in "breaking faith" k'ed over the botloiu of a tight .vitr, investors, the possibility that hardwood b:x or bairel and mea: .iccr.starily higher interest rates packed carefully. The skin sides vouid cflscl revenue gain, and the stould b? put down and the large :>!d;d difficulty of selling such pieces in the bottom. About the when no lonscr lux-exempt t '" r< ' d ay the meat .should b; taken ASKED ON TAX out and rubbed with half cf the 1'roBrcssive hopes for return of remaining mixture and repackxl. :he excess profits tax at a higher I On the IStri day the meat should rale wer:.- ra!-Kd by MGrgcntrianVi be unpacked and gone over with Killing of Aunt Today's Contract Problem South lias thl.i bniid e.t lliree 110 Iriiuip. One ]>layu- inailu five. Can you? AQ 3 0 i 3 <if A 6 « J G A K Q R 7 JOS K 10 8 i K Q I 0 * A 2 V 0 0 3 2 « A 7 C ;: ^ A C 3 Solution In neM Iss nary cabbage. I All thn vitamin and mineral; content that Is so valuable in our -;:'lgestion t^at an excess 'ax for large business be ered. They also will ask publicity for .ncome tax payments as a method >f p:3ver;ting tax evasions. Senator Norris of Nebraska has promised an attr.:k for inheritance taxes such as will prevent the :as;a?e of huge fortunes Irom on; •Alteration lo auolher. and mc- generally f-:el that sur.- pronisi lh2 resl of the mixlurc. This :ons!d-1 should remain unlil the cm-e Ls completed, allowing 2 days for each 'axes should pressnt -ent bvy 51.COO.OOO. be Increased maximum from oa prr en nel incomes above XKXT: Tltc Kccovcry Measures "n:l C'ongreis. a federal corporation to buy the liquor .Sold at Capitol FCSTON (UP-—Lltitior Is sold In Massachusetts Slate House — but "nly In the form of rum drops. The rum dnrK, in four flavors, >re rold at ih>: public candy coun- :(r. Eusincis r.t the counter has shown a noticeable pick-up since repeal. pound of ham and s v .oulder per cut and cne day for each pound cf bacon. The smaller pieces of bacan vlll be ready to take out at this time. SAUSAGE—Trimmings and small pieces of meat which might be wasted can be used. One pound ci fat for every three pounds of lean should be used. The following Ingredients should be mixed thoroughly for seasoning 100 pounds of meal: 12 ounces of brown sugar. 4 ounces of ground pepper, 2 ounces of ground sage. 2 ounces of ground nutmeg, and 1 3-4 poundr, of salt. The meal should b= cut in small pieces, seasoning added, and well mixed before It Is ground. After grinding the mixture should be tlirred thovo-.ighly to mix the fit and lean. Sausage may be stuffed In casings and tied in links, let hang over night and on the following day slowly smoke for one day. Cloth casings arc oilcn used. Solution to Previous Contract Problem ItV \VM. I). M<-KI-:\NIIV, AmLTii. 107 0 1 « K 7 0 5 *QS A JO 84 2 A& 2 84 #63 2 X * 7 C 3 W K V J S 3 8 « Q J 10 2 llnih'r | A A 7 ti 4 A K10 V ICO • A 9 3 AKJ 10 9 -! Dupllcale—X. anil S. vul. 4 O)icuini; lead—< South \Vi'.-( Xnith I X. T. l'as» 2 V 3 N.T. I'asa l'iis« K.I.Ht Pass I'asa my won with th.': queen. . A club was irlurncd and Gllcli iTn off- four .club trloks^- West dls- ' carding a-hear: and a. spade. Two uinmonds and heart were .discard:id from dummy, while East dls- ' ! which Click In ;lie South won with carded u .spade and a diamond. Qllck then led the king of r.ce, and relumed the Jack of thereby squeezing '" his . spades, l.arlncr. East was down to.the jack and tiphl of hearts and the queen, 1 Jack end ten • r,i diamonds. .If a heart, were discarded, dummy's queen and ten would be gc<>d, while if Eiist c'it.pped the ten o! dlcmondv th; utclarcr would wiri Ihiec diamond 'ricks .. The Hjuccze I'ad produced five no trump for top score on the coard, •'.ciil up wlln c.uruiays i|iiccn and ! Kast won with Ihc ace. relurnlu"; ;: seven ol : | at'i-3 which thun- •mtlve cabbace is prescnl in the Aimll ;r inlc-r -;;i>i:r hand, jilay- j Chinese variety. 'd In the recent chcmp- 1 A delectable salad Is marie wilh ..-iv;> lo-.-rn-.n.c-.: in Cincinnati. ! shredded Chinese cabbage and '. '•' Icday's limit; ;y>>le by Jellmou j ''Ircd anule molded In a lime Jelly.: Ulick of Clcv.-lair.! li> Ihc lirsl ol "•^ Garnish mold with sliced stuffed j Ihe final .sessici:.. of the open con- r olives. • tract pair chunjii-uuhip. 1 Cabbage Ming Toy is a nourish-: Al rubber pia> we are salislled hit? an r-ineti^ing dish with anj Oriental flavor. Toy i After flli>-r.''illy.:inii,iliMii: lua: liad uil in? niJKi o^ti ifit D WUQ 0 ik'Wfl |inl lu el ,,| :n- ture <the ^H.^ M]^+']||•^ t cer. I .(in c.i..| M.|,. ,xi exoneniten ut miiiiit.* i> ar'i jury ut Mini.IB <;a T.lrlbinert ttit -iMtn rntlier Him i v. .. I One good siied head Chinere cabbage, 1-2 cup prated cheese, 1-2 cup seeded raisins. 2 table- fnoons butter. I 1-2 tablcs]x>ons flour, 1-2 cup water In which rag- bagc was cooked. 1-2 cup milk. 1 egg yolk. The egg yolk can be omilted although it gives an appetizing rich color to- the sauce. Cut cabbage In inch slices crosswise of the head. Cook in boiling, salted water for 20 minutes. Drain from water and arrange In n hot .H'rvlmj dish. Melt buller. slir in flour and slowly add liquid, slir- '. ring constantly. Bring to the boil- Ing point and add cheese. Rtlr ever the fire until melted. Remove 'torn flre and stir In yolk of egg sl-ghtly beaten. Heat and add ral- i i!ins which have been plumped in : hot water. Do not let sauce boll i ! after adding egg yolk. Poursaucc| i over cabbage and serve. make our but In tour- <:amcrU play il is necessary to make the mixiiWim number ol tricks to rcc:n.- .1 cood score. Five nc trump look lot; tcore •• r. thb board i-'iil Glick mad- 1 t In th;- Tolicv.-hi; manner. opened Hi four of spades. Ihc nee. :;o led a small club. For Sale 3 HumlU-s - 2w Special itltcntion !;irj;L' nnlcrs. CHICAGO Mil, I, [.I'M HIM CO. t<> RtROOF! You'll amazed at the v Head Courier Nrovs Want Adc 666 I-'mild. Tablets. Salve. Nose Drops I Cheeks Malaria In S days, Cnldv! n "1 day. Urarlirlit-s or NruraUfo I In 30 minutes. | Fine Laxative and Tonic ( Most Speedy Kfmrrtirs Known BABOA1NS TV NKW * USED FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 303 Main - Phone 15S SMALL FARMS for SALE 50 A. NKAU -IS SCJIOOl, Sll A. NKAU 4S SCHOOL Sll A. NKAU 7!UKnKTT :}—!<) A. TRACTS NKAR TOl'LAK CORNKK 2—SI) A. TRACTS NKAR I'OPI.AR CORNER li—-111 A. TRACTS NKAK .MAUIF'' 5—r.ll A. TRACTS NKAR I.KPANTO 1_f,n A. TRACT NKAR I.KACHVIIJ.K 1—5S A. TRACT NKAR !,KACHVM.I,K I—Sn A. TRACT NKAR ].KAC1IVII,I.K I_)n A. T1JACT NKAR MOACHVll,!,!-: Also have many m«ri' placcn mil mcnlii)ned for .^'U- chi'itp wilh small cash pnymrnl and .halancc sprond over Icrm «f ytarH. J. W. BADER iJlythevillc, Ark. A NEW Universal Roof costs surprisingly little whcnyouconsidertheyears of protection it affords your home, the exceptional beauty ic provides. Every dollar you put in a Universal Shingle Roof makes your home more liveable and more saleable. Let us give you 3 free estimate on the cose of a new Universal Roof laid right over the old one. Phone or mite today. Certain-teed Universal Shingles IIOCK OUT WtAIMKl E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 100

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