The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published dally c;<cept Sundays .In the interest of Hie personnel ot the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine. Flying School ol BlyllicvUle, by'I lit Blythevllle Courier News. It contains the news of Ilia Air Base. FUNNY BUSINESS And this is my husband—fie had a rather jjjauk csiwes-' ision on our wedding dav!" . FORTHE fVlAM IN UNIFORM Soldier Musicians Enlerlaiu 1 liose Alteiuling Sunday Hospitality Hour Schubert's Ave Maria was the most |x>]Hilar number of n hair- hour violin concert " by ('rlvUe Maurice Wilk, accompanied by K!. Herman P Speler. bolli of ihe Air Uuse, durln(j the .Sunday uternoon hospilallty hour at, the 'SO Center. They also plnyed None Hut the Lonely Hcarl, by Tschalkou-sky ninilKHivln-Chlnols. by Krelslev, Kreislor's Liebeslied, and C'anxonet- lii. by D'Atnbmsia. Ten cakes and ID pies InoiHit by members of Ihe Plat Lake Horn,. Oeinonsiration Club, were comiun- Ml bv 71) soldiers wilhlhe liolp of 18 Army-wives. Mrs. ,).,,). imrns in.itle tfic coffee, She also bronchi two cnslard pies. i Mrs. E^sie Davis, »-ho had taken Part m a previous hospitality hour "•"' -so knew the procedure. wn ~ ,:ned b v Miss Ciciievievi> Whalcii USO associated director as loi sergeant. Mrs. navl.s, a champioi cake maker, brought a fuilge caki nnd livo Jetnon pics, The Plat, Lake women, most o them with men.o; their „„,„ „„.„ in the Armed. Forces, enjoyed Hit nf crnoon almost as much'as lln "''«*'?• ^Thc. roMcr included llv Mis C. M Abtiou. president o lie club, who brought three appl, Pies; Mrs ,.. G Dcc) . ^ ' sj _ Hen, a lemon Ice box pic; j\ii. Sf ". 0 ," 1I( ' ! ' I( ' C "argotl. Uic news com- "• f; C , Tll ? )11)s0 "'' ' VV1) cocomii, . Mrs. Walter Barnes, n ehoco- ! late pie; Mrs. Johnnie Yonmr a marble cako; u \rrs. \f. c. Crltteii- rteii, an angel food cake; Mrs. join, llalchcr. two cheiry j,ics; Mr.? w A. Coaller, a pecan pie- Mrs M uiompson. a coconut, cake: Mrs.' l. Kambp, a coconut cake; Mrs M L. Hawkins, devil's food; Mrs.' G k. Abbott, (wo lemon pies- M >le. iced vanilla cake- '--"-———————»». Graduation Speaker Is Pioncei ho Helped Bui Id U.S. Air Fore Col. EmlUv K. •)• Keimtxly, com- mamting officer of the Army Air Hnse at nyersburg. Ti-nn, who will tie the .spenker for Hie nvlntkni eartet uraduatlon exerctses Thursday alta-noon at (|I P Utyihe.vllln 'nny Ah- Meld, Is one of tho loni'crs of military flyliif. lie was Ihe first lo [ly, a bomber from coast to coast, to'provy tlie imicliciiblllty of distance' fllBhts b v liravy aircraft, and participated in the demonstration by Gen. William ' Hilly) Mitchell nl iliunptcm Roads bin n bomber could sink' n. Ijatlle- )n addlllon lo his proficiency In ill l.vpes of military nlrcraft. ihe 'olonel Ls raled a balloon observer, i Tree balloon pilot and u non- iS'd nlj-shlp pilot. Itolonel Kcnni'ciy voliinteereil for "lol IralnliiK three months nller 'nllsllinj In the Army In February !>I8, wheii he- left Cornell Unlver- Hty In hw senior year, two months lefore i;rnduallon, Unit in Iho Army nft me nrinUtlee, lie was connulssloi ''d H Ihst lleiitcimnt la |'J30, m Hew Hie heavier-lhan-alr crafl (\\ years befor,, turning lo Ihe llirl) ol bnlloonliiK and liraduiillntT irm Ihe Air Ship School, He spent four years lii I'nnain i n pursuit pllol, and after \\i 'iiding (he Air, Corps (racllci «'hool In IMS Wlls stationed i fht Pield, Unytun, Ohio, n I of the I'lirchashii; llriincl •••"I in Hi:i« returned to school n tin' Army Industrial College, Wns|i liiBton, I), c., I hen uolnu buck I WrlRlil. l-'letd as a.s.sls(nut chief o he Conlract Srcllon, MnlerlcJ Ccn ^P||(||^ted colonel In Fcbrnarj I-. he wa,s made eommamlhi leer ut Dyershiiri; lust Oclobei tlon ' ' 1U ' U "'" 1 ' W ' IS " l1 '' 1 '' coustfu<: 'I lie colonel wns born In IW(\ n Anneomlii, Mont., Is married anc has two chlhiren. SOFJBnlL B1IJI7II5I Team Of Officers Loses 9-i; Stone Sliines On Mound For Winners i defeated u learn of" officers 'in Group one );y n store of ji-i In n sofllmll unine played ft (, (| u , ahlelic. area Saturday afternoon Stone, the 701st Ditcher,'wus master of the opposition's big ,, UII throughout the toiitcsl, allowin only four hlls niul strlkhuj out iiln Mien, lie- nl.™ Icit his team hi U!U - trips In the plate. Ilcinlry, the i a "' ers second baseman, led 'his' males |> hilling nnd nisei E ot Iwi. foj- hree. The box score wns: Croup | \ii-c , 7--••••'j""-"j'i"i--enlre; ami Mis. Lois Smith, caramel cake. A tiffM rtrcss-r n ,- enw-i,, n smilm( , r TOi?llt m , irorm \,. { . "ral will, the evwrl craftsmanship (hut l akrs v( . ara of perieuce I,, «.„„„„;„„,, „„,. .,„„„,„.,. lm ,. forms ; , n , .^^ d-ly Mlcil and m:u| l: ,,t HIIO f:ilui ( s. U'c Are Licensed by Hie W;tr DciiitrhniMil .Service of Supply Official Army Kxchaitgc Service Store Kc flirtation Uniforms I'ALiM ItlCACI! Hlotise and Sliicks TROPICAL WOKSTKI) ancl Shicks ir S 32 KFIAKI Hlonse and Sliirfs to Match R. D. Hughes & Co. Aircraft Armorers To Duty Twenly-five •graduates, of the .icrnit armorers school at Napier icl<[, Ala., have rcorled for diitv 25th °'Xi'"^""^' 8 '' 011to uic Groups. ' ICI ° s Those assigned to the 2 5th arc vts. WHIiam L. Tcrlau J,-., William - Kocmg, Howard Jr. Fjnlev riinne T. Tallman, Libarit R Scv- niiian, Robert L. Stevens. Ray T ™e, Bennie J. Latino. Arlhur F <roeger, Ralph A. Whitlow, wif- Inin S. Frazec. nnd James H. Has- Thosc assigned I D u, e 2fit)l ,„, -Hide Sgt. Ralph Walker, Sgl. Anhony J. Salinardo, Pvls. Harold ,J ^llahan, Henry O. Griiiiingci', Ver- 1011 Stepp, Lawrence I. Crawford lobcrt H. weixler, Fredrick N O'Stillivan, Jess C. Andrew ,iv' lames A. Elkins. Jack G. Lloyd' ? red J. Jtcpner Jr., and \villiani t. I.ittlc Jr. lylamler p . Price c Uocine 1st .. Bucci ss Wolf son 3rd Heiulry 2nd Woolen ir .. Ezoll cf ... Oallogly rf . FiMilon sf . Travis s.s Jenkins 1st llermley 3rd I'rnx 2nd .. Ab ntl a n <o 1 -1 All II H . 3 a. i • •ill -•210 . 4 I 'I I liameU sf Mnlr If .... .Han wig ct Ketlney if Stone p .. 3 ()• I 220 :t o i a v s ;io o s Nn Oraliludc SAN DIEGO, Gal. (UP)-A net hen belonging lo Shirley Ilcndrik- Hfii, l?. played a mean trick on a pan- of pigeons here. II laid nn egg in the nest, of the pigeons. While the latter appeared u Iriflo consternated al the sine of the egg. (hoy nevertheless took turns sitliiiii dutifully and diligently on Ihircug for three weeks, when out came n chicken that imgralefnlly did not regard llicm as being its parents. First domestic sheep were brought into California in ifco by the Franciscan padres. OWNANDENJGY A GOOD CAR! Think of the many limes when if is necessary I'or you to ride in nn automobile. Visuali/e the pleasure Satisfaction ami happiness a good car would afTord yon. vour m ,,, OT ., hi|> O f „ p,,*, car is Msv (0 ati|U . rc from us aml the Roml car you buy from us is soundly B ,iaranle<-a to npernlc jiropcrly. Our li-rnis are rrasiinnWc and you arc assuml of a ilfprnihlile lillr la the good car you buy from us. 19-10 TOKI) DKI.UXK TUDOR, licnntiful maroon «,1- or,_g<H)d tires and mechanical condition. I!M2 MKRCURY S TOWN SKDAN, with low mileage and (he clean appearance and coiidtliorf of a hrand new car. 19.11 FORD SUI'KR DKI.UXE TUDOR, Mack painl and upholstery like new, low mileage on Firestone tires. An excellent car. in 11 FORD CONVKRTIBLB COUl'B, B-l'ass. Club Hnntifit'l 5 r yc:ir lircs ' hfiilvr > ratlio ' 19.12 C1IBVROI.KT SI'OKT SKDAN. Special (.':'» He .Sliiy iu Ik'd? SAN DIEGO, Cal. IU(>) — chief Hnyle Muster MMmii.v Frank'-feii- nant, of the u. S. Training .station here lias sent out. an SOS foi more buglers, of which he says the Navy is stully hi need. To make the jot) appear moii: enticing and nn cany si nip, lie soys all the buglci tinit lo do Is biifjlc into a loudspeaker and the latter will sec lo II that tho cr,!l "(jets 'cm up so m hi (In; 'morning." Another Arnn/'Nunt( On Hospital Staff Second l.lelil. Catherine M c has reported n|. tills station nnd iisslgiird us n nurse nl. Ihe 1): Hospital. I.ii'ulonnnt. Cox wns commissioned March 20. from elvlllnn life until she cnteicd ihe Army she was cnuHticd In private duly mn- s . "if. Slic completed nurses' tniln- iiiu at St. Joseph's Hixspilnl hi (t 0 t Hprlngs In Seplemlier. . Shi' Is n 11)38 gnulunic ol the high school at. Willow, Ark., where slie lived with her parents, Mr mid Mrs. Albert Cox. Men From <10 States In Graduating Class Forty slates nre represented amonu the nvliillon cadets of the class which will be graduated next I'hursduy at Ihe Hlytlioi'lllp Army Air Field. Now York stale leads the llsl with 2>l, and Pennsylvania Li second with D:>. Illinois is reiirosenlfd by H. Ohio by 13 am! Texas by II. Ollur stales, In the ordc'r of heir repi-fseiilatloii. ar« ns follows- Vii-glnln. fndiana, New Jersey, Mnssachnsetls, uMlchlgan, Norl Carolina, Maryland. Cnllfor'nln. Ml.s soiiri, Wisconsin, Kaiwns; Louisiana South Carolina. Tennossee, Ken iit'ky, North Dakota, Oklnhomn Nebraska, West Virginia, Minn? .sola, Horlcla, C'p|orado, Ml.sslssiiin Arkansas, Wnshlnylon, Cfeorgli, Alnbninn. towa, Connccliciil, Soutl Oakota, WyoiniiiK. Oregon, Mon tana mul New Ilamixihlre Officers Transfen-ecl ., Oilier Posts mid ,Vacan I'jcs Here Fillctl Now upiwlniinent.i have been an iioimci'il by col. Kurt. M. l.andoii I'ommaiullni; olllc'er of the lllylhe "Hie Army Air Meld, UN follows: Ins ofhrer, VUllli' .Sqimdroii; 'F'" S Wlllimn '1'iuker, eonnnuiul- i|! officer, asm Hiiimdioii; lent. Henry 1|. Tolnssu, eoimnand- »!! offl.-er, vtlOlli Hinindrun; tiec- ml Lleul. Dyron w. Stlnsnn, eum- lundlni; oftlccr, luotilh Clium Sec'uml Ural. Dnrward R Mnlli- •\ Jidjntaiit, luiwth Cliun-d Sound oil, and PrUon officer. on C. lliilt-h. tinnslerri'd lo an ilher stnllon, Me cimllimes us Post •Ixehange officer. I.leulennni Twtev succeeds C'npl r*onerl H. Knapp, transferred lo uollier stalldii, and continues as sslstiint Posi Kxcimtitie officer. Lieutenant '1'oHissy formerly was Hiiiiiiiidlin- dffiu.r of tho Guard *|iia<lron, mul Lleulcnimt ytlnsun vus adjiilaiit. and ivison officer. Lieutenant. MnthUi Is a ivrenl riiduate of the Officer Candldalc cliool ut Miami ik'iieh, lie enilst- Inst July anil was stnlloucd al liepiwrd Held, Tex. In civilian fe he was mi ntlnrney at Lawlon Dkln. Hold Everything . Oelttclilagcr Assigned To 701st * S Sflcond I.leill. Alvln I/. Oelschliic- hns rcporteil to this stnllon mul is het-u nssluncil us adjulnht of IB 701st Flying Tialnlni! Sciuadroii. He was eoniinlssloned April 1(1, ion completion of trntniiiR nl Ol- ccrs' Candldnlr School «t Mlnml OTth. Hn. Ucforc ciualiryhiK for liter (raltdni! ho was a technical r«ciua In DID Plniw nnd Training' eimrliueiil of the Eastern De- Coimunncl. In civilian life hns \viis assistant production mannijer for the Cement, Company | n Nownrk. N. J. He Is u 10-11 triulimte of Iliitoei-s Unlvcr- •Si Ly. AERO QUIZ QN REQUES1) By AERoricta WHAT WAS THE RAF ANSWER TO THE UAH -KtlRaiw OCEAN RAIDER? 1VHA7 ARE THE 4 PRINCIPAL FACTORS IN THE OF AN EXPERT AMERICAN AIR'MAUJ . RANES FIRST THEIR SrRJKlNG J'Cfi'M.STOOKES USED HIS AWONCA EQUIPPED WITH FLOATS FOR MEDICAL CASES SINCE i?3&, COVERING looo KRS. IN3-AVRS. IN BORNEO WHAT DOES THIS IMPLY? COOD JUDGEMENT. 1 AMERICAN M05E Of TRWEl IN ANY CASE Former Clocknutkef Now A Line Chief nl 1 " flo , ckmilk(ir I" nlwrnfl. me- nnlc. and one of the best, MVeh l-Bl. Arehlo Murray | uls ndviiiu-' I | ll ,''° • Vt '" rS fl<lm "WU I" i chief. He look over hhi new «niiu'ii|. yeslml,,}' „( (]„. .,, th iB 'iValnlnn Ciroup. where lie » flluhl chief sl,,,c, )£ )„. w ,,, (rim ,. ftl , , In civilian l|f (! fieriseiint Mn mly is n clodcinaker tn ll, 0 |.- 0 r(l olor Company ,)| iu u ,„. D ,,, lrtlom ilcl). He enlisted March 7, Kill as Bjiccliilhl In |In, Army Air Forces "I translated his mechanical al>n- y mul experience Id airplane en- ', '''"", s , cl 'KC«nt \vn» pronuiled to echnlcal .sergeant lu sl October He now Inkos the ,,|,ice of Master •sci'iil. Wn.vnc Carnlnc, w ho 1ms Mr Field.' " ° " ' ml<1 " Al '"'y Carson In KelliTiu.-iii HOLLYWOOD tUW-A memento from the film, "MIS. Miniver," will l)o used In Australia's {MO.OOO Hed drive. Grcer Cinrson. star of he picture, Is sendln;; II to Annetlo Kellermnn, one-time noted vaude- vlllian noiv "<lo«'n under with u Red Cross theatrical mill, v irtTHE \ FATEE6-AJEEBIE1 SPITEFUL BRATJ\ J-p "•> ,0^ f A-wrarnf i "I hear ihcy have point ration- Ing in America nowl"- SMALL LOANS OB Anythlnn tt V»lM. Eart Main Lou Co. H*ln — Phon. tut PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Gu.-minti'ct] licst ['rices Kirby Drug Stores (.'alifoi-nla Cinderella" HOLLYWOOD, Qal (UP)lclji. dere Ins grow on the Implies In Cali- foi-nia. Miii-KRi'«t Aditcn, ao; was "<!!!!!! i iu v " lnt ' '^"Olliliie Jtom hnnklsL oranges to dumb turnlcs when along came Piodiicer ollff KCKI of Die M-G-M studio? lii a mouse - drawn chnilot Superior Joseph \v. Vickcis has Just ed her scven-jcai contract B 11 iiotenllj!) mov | e qtieen. SERVICE Expert Kepnir Work on Central Motors Cars. LANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY Wnlnal rh. ™!!i !^ V - 8> ' )BI '« X B COUI'K, ,l«rk blue color, i?o»tl lord Ures, first cl!..s.s appearance ami condition: m, C /,! 0 |i" 0t i rn> ™" lllliffii <>».s to salesmen—IM S savhiB 'is' inssoii a,% nke'-T ; :;, 1( ,V' 1 ?" |nirc "" c fr »'» » s « *°* "^ car CAR >p< ' - Src lls ' vow r " r a GOOI> U,Si:i) PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Tel. 4M Aulhorlzea Ford Sales and Service Open Nights Complete Slock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 60% STEWART'S D'Hf Main & Uke Phone 2822 Any Shoe Can B« ^-••il DQ REPAIRED Jf Hie uppers »rc Mill go«J. Hrins (hem to i« for Quality HALTER'S Qnality She, Shop ' " ' Ph. 2732 Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn ACM«» frmn Blrh PI'ITKI) «Y Doctor. J. L u4 J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BMTTREVIUE SINCE 1J22 8PTICHL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Does Your Car NEED THESE? Batierj-Seat Covers Oilflllcr-IUdlo fog Lfthb-Ldck Gis Cap A complete line of Polishes ICY EIGH vn The Muilcru Jce J!ov COOUMATOU fur Economy ami Scrvlre. Tom Liltle Hwde. Co. Phont BIS Just 4 Miles To The State Line Service Station OPERATING HOURS' Poi- A-li-C Coupon Holders SUNJMYS: !) A.M. to 9 I'.M. ALL \VKKK BAYS !> A.M. to 12 Noon , ' 1 I'.M. lo 8 P.M. C- S ; Webb Cities Service Station (Hwy. fit al Cnllnn Hell Tracks) I'linnc 921 We Fix Hats Washing & (Jrca.slng Our Specialty WE FIIJ, ALL DOOTOW PRESCRIPTIONS ANTI SAVE yon MONTt STEWART'S rug Store l^ko Phone J8 incrLimtlfSHUr OI.ENCOE IIOTEI, BLDQ. rinitic 481 — Ni(« PhM» itlt AIRWAYS BUS LINE - _ IMPORTANT NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS HUDSON CLEANERS Special care taken in cleaning uniforms. Button., carefuJly handlcd-Pfcats and ^« . hand CnishcnV-2 day service. Garrison Caps — Accessories — Insinia SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" Service Men! Meet Your Friend* at Robin wn'i!

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