The Daily Times from Salisbury, Maryland on October 6, 2001 · 14
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The Daily Times from Salisbury, Maryland · 14

Salisbury, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 6, 2001
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AFTER THE ATTACKS i i i: I . - jr - -- -.J : Sw,IL . , Ghani Raines, left, and Jim Miller are interviewed by military police officers near a mountain-top federal site near Pen Mar, Md., recently. The two were leading hikers from a Baltimore County private school on the Appalachian Trail and veered too close to the secure facility. Comic strips catch up By Gretchen Parker AuocialMl Prau Writer BALTIMORE - Jerry Scott, known for the "slam bang whack" humor of his comic strip "Baby Blues," is keeping his characters in their parallel universe, a place where there is no terrorism. "To break down that third wall would violate a trust we have with our readers," said Scott, one of the creators of "Baby Blues" and "Zits." "We give them a respite and a safe place to go." In the wake of the terrorist attacks, comic strip artists are rethinking what is funny and grappling with whether even to acknowledge the tragedy. Imagine Garfield or Blondie talking about terrorism in the Sunday funnies, Scott said: "Wouldn't you just love to be Dagwood for a day? All you have to worry about is that sandwich and the mailman smacking into you." ' . Most syndicated artists work at least three weeks ahead of publication dates. This week, readers began seeing comics created the week of Sept. 11. Often, the make-believe lives of most characters are insulated from the real world, But like almost everything else, that has changed. "Given the immediacy of comic strips, they have a special place in our culture," said Tom Batiuk, who often addresses issues such as alcoholism and teen suicide in "Funky Winkerbean." "It's sort of the way we used to talk over the back fence, this is our way of doing that." This week, Funky's TV correspondent wife, Cindy, reports on what is happening in New York. Greg Evans' characters in "Luann" will begin' talking about the attacks and the chance of Luann's older brother joining the military. "If they didn't react to this, it would seem so artificial, as if they're living in some comic-strip cocoon," Evans said. As cartoonist Darby Conly watched bodies fall from the World Trade Center, his imaginary world of "Get Fuzzy" about a single ad executive and his talking cat and dog suddenly seemed irrelevant. He put off working for two days. "It is surreal to sit there with the news on and watch the worst tragedy ever seen and try to write jokes," he said. Conly settled on having his main character, in a U.S.A. T-shirt and a New York Fire Department hat, give blood this week. Followers of the "Boondocks" Mr. Pepper's U-PICK .Piimnkins r Also: Corn Stalks Indian Corn Mums, Gourds Visit Our ' JUNGLE MAZE 3 Wm iwt o LsurH v At W Snloa "3 "4 Luo I m i I TV. W Photo strip drawn by Aaron McGrud-er, who used to live in Columbia, probably weren't surprised by its take on America's reaction to terrorism. His main character, a black boy living in white suburbia, began questioning last week what he sees as a "blind, unquestioning faith" in America's leaders. The Dallas Morning News pulled two of the strips last week and moved "Boondocks" indefinitely to another part of Brands You Like, Prices You Love! til Topaz E3 Gentle Firm C3 Posture Elegant tl Back Control i 11 MQG&Wm $279 $319 $113 $S29 tgrBeaifyresi Gibraltar m $269 $339 $743 $t049 Royal Crestl.t3rquis $249 $349 $7JJ $fC33 BeautyrestRoyaltym99 $369 $!i) $1149 FourSm)nsCslllldaJmtC$3S9 $419 MM SBeaff OJialr .tttrarSTTfilMJCS $S49 $t249 l&Four$easmCh $1279 t3 Juliet Oi&$999099ttttf $1S99 l Heather Gtent&$2Q49 $2249 $2333 $2399 Come to our showroom and experience for yourself that OOOH-AHHH Feel! Salisbury Superstore Bel Air Golden Ring Shopping Center Columbia 2715-A Salisbury B!vl 401 Baltimore Pike 8643 Pulaski Hwy. tn Columbia Crossing Shopping Center M of Home Depot andTayel Across from Bel Air Pontic Across from Gotten Ring M Amss from m Sporting Goods 410-572-8SS3 410-420-8430 410-6ES-53S0 410-872-9388 Heightened security alarms hikers By David Dishneau Aaaodatwl Prat Writar HAGERSTOWN, Md. - A field trip turned fearsome this week for hikers who took an Appalachian Trail detour and wound up facing Army M-16s. The encounter between military police guarding a communications antenna and hikers from a Baltimore County private school ended peacefully. However, the encounter illustrated how recreational activities and tighter security measures have occasionally clashed since the Sept 11 terrorist attacks. Hikers, boaters and hunters who pursue their hobbies near military installations or federal buildings are being watched, checked and sometimes kept from their usual routines. Eleven sophomores and two teachers from St. Paul's School for Boys didn't know they were close to a restricted area near the with terrorist attacks the features section. An editor's note said the strip is exploring topics "inappropriate for the comics pages." Syndicate editors were faced with the task ' last month of replacing strips drawn before Sept. 11 that had taken on a whole new meaning. Jokes about airplanes were out. Jokes about mortality were OUt. "Death is just not as funny as it used to be," said Scott Adams, - T .? W 1 f jrestr 1PCSET $119 $299 $399 $129 $399 $559 A) lMmm-c CDAt 1 1 c)v-,jl,,Jl toMi am- v-- M' "$149 $199 $449 $699 $179 $209 til $S49 "ffi9 229 749 " -r- - AmtaMn. 8010 Py- wxmnicmm coupon oo noi m IflChxJM Frtrm 1 Arm ne. t,-... m s DISCOUNT SLEEP SUPERSTORES "It's part of the heightened security for all military facilities in the area all military facilities around the country." Charles Dasey Fort Detrick spokesman Appalachian Trail, said Principal John Thorpe. When some of the students and a teacher took a side path to an overlook near Pen Mar, a tiny community just south of the Pennsylvania border, two camouflage-wearing MPs guarding the antenna ordered them out of the woods, said Charles Dasey, a spokesman at Fort Detrick. A number of military installations in the area are managed from Fort Detrick, Dasey said. The other teacher, watching creator of the office cubicle dweller Dilbert. Adams is taking slapstick out of his cartoons for now, along with characters from the country of "Elbonia," distinguished by their Arab-like beards. "People just don't want to look at that right now," he said. "It's a strong urge to address what is happening. I'm trying to resist that," he said. "It's a real act of willpower to think of anything else." Fnmt a FtMMlw,, Do Not Aw. Coupon. Do Nol Apply I 1 ,1 .61 f WW 1 QuMnpcm I $5,792 The Windsor Bed Company Handoafted RriRliih Bedifinft Found in Rnrope't Finen HontM and Catties I from a distance, sent the remaining students up the trail and then used a cell phone to tell police his colleague was being held at gunpoint, according to Thorpe and State Police Cpl. Benjamin Townes. Dasey said none of the hikers had entered the fenced restricted area around the antenna but they were close enough to concern the soldiers. As long as hikers stay on the trail, "there should be no impact on the recreational opportunities up there," Dasey said. Hunters who come near the tower will likely be asked for identification, he said. "It's part of the heightened security for all military facilities in the area i all military facilities around the country," Dasey said. Hunting has been banned this fall on some government installations that normally permit it, including Fort Detrick; the Ravenna Army Ammunition ruiure Good Construction is critical. Join moo October 16, 2001 IjhhA 6pm,for thraacond in our three-part Estate Planning wminar kHh, CotutntctioH ruacuMM partnering with proCna-umab to tarklR tax uhum, wills, Uvini tnuli, durable power of attorney and health care direrUvet. - Partiripatnl in Developing the Blueprint? Intemrtetl in reducing rotate taxrn through the tiae of truibi? Heady U wrrk with an wtate planning attorney? Ifw1lhiafre rtninar it right for you. Srating ia liniitpd. Call or atop by today for further information and to make rmervationfl. Melinda Tingle Invtsiment Representative irww,dw.n)oMoi 2M Uurcliowne - emii are , ,, ... . Delaware Ave. Edwardjones Laurel, DE IW56 hum IUhltol Imimn Mm lTt 3024754355 I I 626791 1 1 1 ' fc ' 1 0 ho c ik-'s r-"5 r r y pi 1 . j tf Columbum Day Off the pric0 ot any anvoflw wiar one coupon w" Columbus Day Coupon r Off the pric0 f ? Ml i III PASADEliA nr. nr. 9- B131 Rtchte Hwy.- i PesSval ar Pasadena Plant near Sandusky, Ohio; and the Department of Energy reservation at Oak Ridge, Tenn. In Maryland's Catoctin Mountain Park, the national park surrounding Camp David, some roads, trails and campgrounds have been closed periodically since the attacks. On the water, the Coast Guard says it has searched about 140 boats on the Potomac River near Washington since Sept. 11. Thorpe said groups from St. Paul's School have been hiking the Appalachian Trail for 15 years, always assuming it was safe. After Thursday's incident, some parents decided against letting their children spend a scheduled night on the trail, he said. "I'm glad there is a group of people that is keeping our bases secure," Thorpe said, "but it would be nice to know, if there are areas which are going to be restricted in some way, how would we know about them?" A Seminar on Long-Term Care Insurance Sponsored by Edward Jones ! r Don't leave the protection of your hard-earned uvinga to chance. Long-term care insurance may help protect you from the financial burden of a long-term illneu or nursing home stay. Please plan to join iu for thia informative teminar. (Please feel free to invite a friend.) October 24, 2001 12:00 pm 1411 Wesley Drive Salisbury, MD This seminar Is free, but stating is limited. Plea call so reserve your spot. Lunch will be served. David A. Taylor Investment Rqmjcnmive 1411 Wesley Drive Salisbury. 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