The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1950
Page 13
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• WEDNESDAY-JUNT5 28, 1950 ' iLYrHEVlLLE (ARK.y COURIER NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople HERS "IT is-."YOUR. VOICE You RICH AtJD FAMOUS <*"LET REKlOVJUED OPERA 6TAR TEftCH VOU ADDRESS '/AtvSOR AMOS 6. HOOPL&, 8ACH6LOR OF MUSIC," -*~ IF VOU DOM'T WANT PfiOPLB AROUND, MMOR.VJWV NOT 3U6THAWGOGTA SMALLPOX 51SMZ , HERE/LET'S HfVOfi NO CRUDE JESTS ABOUT 1W1S/ 5OMEOKJE M1SWT THINVC YOU \W6RB SERIOUS THE CRISIS HERE HUSKY SLJ so we PIDWT' WAMT OUR K1DSES POMCHEP TOO, SO PAUL R&JE.R& TO WARW TK6 COOMTR/- THERE TlME TO RU6H A MEW LfWJ 'THROUGH .„ COliMCIU?\ Vf/ • BORhl THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOM Tlie Courlei News das ncen authui- Ized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primuries July 25 and August a FOR'COUNTY JI1DOE ^^ Roland Green ' POK STATE REl'KESENTATIVE L. H Autry Re-election Post No 3 John .! Cowan Kenneth S Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A Banks post No 2 E. C. "Gene" Plceiniin (for re-election Post No. *) W P wells For Stale Senator W- R Nicholson J. Lee Heardcn SHERIFF AND COLLECTOR Osee Nunnally William Berrymall CORK. 17KI BY NtA SfKVlCt. WC. T, W. (Wfj. U. (. pAr. OfT. 6-28 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Excess Baggage Copyright 1950 by NEA Service, Inc. C CoburnV 15 OFF On Your (joleman FLOOR FURNACE If You Install It Before July 31st Do^y Nowl Save money, be ready for winter before the rush. And get Ihe famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat^-Clean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat. See A Demonstration Today \ ' Chas. S, Lemons Furniture USED CAR SPECMLS/ 1343 STUDEItAKKR CHAMP- 1'ION. Fully equipped wilh Over Drive, Radio, Clnaati/iT, IVhLte Side \Vnll Cues and llitl'Holdcr. ; 101D PLYMOUTH SPECIAL DK1.UXK. Kf|iilppcJ with ?M- dlo, Healer, While Side Wall Tires ...» WondcrCul lluj 1919 STUDFKAKRR I. A N D CKOISF.R —nKMONSTHATOIl Fully equippcrl witti O T c r Drive, K.iilin, Heater and has Low Mileage $1795 Used Truck Specials ftt STUllKUAKKIt IJi TON Ri 1Z" IK)I)V and in I'cr- ??^ rnnnuinn $11 'IfllS FOUf> H TON PICKUP, l.ou MilcARe and in Kxc. CondilEnn $ 8 Visit Our Service Dept. Free Wash Job \Vilh lOiich Grease and Oil Change Cliamrjiin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Stutlcb.ikcr Dealer" R.R. & Ash Phone 6888 rplIE Westbound local -I stopped al Ihe lillle cow lown of Wolf-Poiiil, Mont., nt Ihe unholy hour of '& o'clock in the morning, jusl long enough for Ihe single passenger lo alighl in Hie lliiu cold drizzle of a lale April rain. The conductor and a whitc- jackclcd norlcr and a man in a shabby brown suit were slnndiiig in Ihe vestibule The porter wen I down the pull- man sleps ahead with bis stool, a heavy suilcase and a] brand new leather doclor's, bag with Ihe tiiinic JOHN SAND, M. I)., in gill lettering on the side. Tears carne into the eyes of the man in the shabby brown suit and his lips trembled. "God bless you. Doc ..." he managed to say. "Thanks for everything, Doc," the conductor said. "This Great Northern Railway owes you something. I'll write it into my report." John Sand's young face flushed a little. He went down the platform steps and almost missed the stool in the dark. The porter grabbed him in time to save him from getting a nasty fall in the wet cinder embankment of the roadbed. ; "Should be a Jaw.yessuh! Should be some kind of a station platform even at these whistle stops." The porter shook his head and refused the half-dollar tip. lt No, suh, thank you just the name. Not from you, Cap'n. Them folks travelin* tourist should tre givin' eternal thanks for the job you done paying for a stateroom and felchin' that baby child into this cold world." "Thank you, George, for all the help you gave me." John Sand held out a hand. He shook hands with the porter whose face broke into a grin when he picked up the stool and climbed the slcps- lf lt says here you don't have to try to act intelligent to make a man propose] Just be yourself!" 1-toW ABOUT THIS? FRECKLES TOLD -fylj / HOW OtD FORGET MM / THAT FOR THE SUMMER I / GET REWiMBER.? 'X 7HEPE? . HILDA.' SEE IF . V C!<rRKSMAN FORMVlfJUWK/ fi WONDER 1 CAN'T UNDERSTAND WOMEN CAN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND VIC FMNT A Discovery BY MICHAKL O'MALLRY and RALPH LANS rivate eye busfness is A funny , Yoo can beat your brafns out for week? and get nowhere,., big man reeled backwards thrnngh the short half swinging doors with a gun in his hand. JOHN SAND, M.D., stood there " by the railway tracks and watched the train pull out. Bell clanging, steam hissing a white warm cloud through the black drizzle. Red and green lights winking in the blackness- A long mournful blast of the locomotive whistle. 1 "Wolf Point, Montana." John Sand spoke aloud through the taint I self-mocking grin. "End of the j line." 1 He stood in the black drizzle, 'shivering a little, as if he were wailing for something to happen. Like he was listening for the sound of the wolf howl that George, the -porter, had prophesied. i When it came, John Sand gave a little 'start. A wolf had picked up Ihe mournful echo of the locomotive whistle and the dismal howl sounded. In a few seconds small frame shnck that housed the telegrapher. Then John Sand could rnnke out three or four blobs of yellow light "about a hundred yards distant. That would be the main street of the cow town and the lights came from the row of saloons that stood open 24 hours a day. John Sand picked up hts suitcase and bag and headed in that direction. It had rained lust' enough to' make the gumbo clay sticky and the going was heavy. He stopped a couple of limes to get his wind but he dared not lower the heavy suilcase into the sticky mud. The next best thing was lo shift the load to his other hand and that required a lillle juggling of his doctor's bag. He was across the rutted muddy road that served PS the main street when a gunshot exploded inside the saloon nearest him. Then came several shots that seemed to blend into one. John Sand slood tracked in the mud und stared al the tense, brief little drama of life and death. A BIC /x thro bnck\s*ards ongh the short hall swinging doors with a gun in his hand He stumbled and fell and la: there, sprawled trip ti out ess on Ihi wide plank sidewalk. A second man shoved througl the doors and stood there willi s gun in his hand looking down the fallen man. The gun pointet down at its victim. • lie took a short step Forward a nudged the maw with the loc his booL The last gun echoes 'died in th black wet night. The howling the wolves had ceased and (her mnn, in high-heeled boots and broad-brimmed hat. A cartridge bell and empty holster sagged around his lean flanks. He was a raw-boned six ~ footer with a weathered face that looked pale against the dooping black mustache. He turned toward Ibc swining door. "You better drag this tinhorn in on la the wet, Dutch," the cowman nlled to somebody inside. Tncn turned and walked back into saloon and John Sand could ec that his left arm hung limply Here was the first real cowboy iat John Sand from New Haven, j Conn., had ever seen although he ad read his schoolboy's share of | ;ime novels about the wild and • voolly west. Wolf Point was giving John land, a year. out of medical school itid fresh from his internship in in eastern hospital, a genuine vhoop-up wild west welcome. • • * r PIIE doctor reached the sidewalk carrying his bags, just as the paunchy red-faced, bald -headed saloon man in a bartender's apron. came through the swinging half doors. The man's red face had a shiny mottled look. II he saw John Sand he gave no sign of it as he bent over and collared the man that lay on the sidewalk and dragged him Inside. John Sand followed him into the saloon. Several men grouped around the dead man on the floor. The cowpuncher who had done the shooting stood wllh his back agninsl the bar and a boolhcei hooked in the brass rail- His gun lay on the bar and he had a bottle of whisky in his hand, A green cloth -covered card table and 7* NICE BlUE _ ._. ._ I OUGHT TO TAKE A )v RUNNING JUMP INTO V. ' IT, THE WAY I'VE r-} BUNGLED THIS f_ ABLUEDRES5/AHD IHE ^ [EAR IM IHE BACK MATCHES IHE CLOTH I PICKED UP WHEN WAS SHOT AT j ^V ;T A mm 8LUE,MAVBE OO/METH1MG DOWN THERE UNDER A STONE HE'S tOUND -i THERE GO AIL /W PLANS--RJIMED CAPTAIN KASY Slrnnge Actor LESLIE TURNER it became a chorus that seemed to __ __ __ surround the man, and for a few . was only silence, and for the man [couple of chairs overturned in the moments there was something like | who lay on the wet plonk side-'far corner, cards and poker chips fear swept over him. He had read walk, H was the eternal silence ol spilled on the pine board floor, death. were mule evidence of the strug- Thc man who stood over the j glc that had ended in death. ahoul wolves thai traveled in packs. i A dim light showed inside a fallen giant was obviously a cow- | (To Be Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Uesl Prices Kirby Drug Stores WATERMELONS! Ice Cold 4c Lb. Warm 3c Lb. Cantaloupes 20c Blylheville Curb Market 130 East Main RECKON VOU POUT GET MAW TOUKI5T5 DM THIS LITTLE ROAD INTO THE E&SECVMIOJU. THAT FELLA'S KIND QUEER DUCK. BOUGHT* PAPEC. WHILE AGO, ftM' GOT SO EXCITED OUtE ITEW IM IT ME NEftCLV POPPED. BOUGHT E? HOW MMJV I'D AlCEADV SOLPl CARRIED SOME NEW BOOK,.. I FORGET TH' HAUE. I TOLO'IM INDIANS POWTEEftD BOOKS ABOUT THIS REGION, SO 1 POM'T STOCK'EH... 1 NOTICED HOW MET EVED ME WHEW I MENTIONED KIDfUG TO DEAD HOESE'. L PASS RIGHT 6V THAT PUEBLO' ME SOE.TA HELMED THEM, &SKEO KOW HE COULD (A GET TO THE HOMI^ PUEBLO BV CAR HUGS Couldn't. MisB I'M ITCHIN' T' TRY OUT WHAT I LEARNEP FROM W/ HVPMOTISW BOOK/ HEY/ THERE'S SYLVESTER/ A BETTER LAUNDRY FARM LOANS U nl i mi led Funds — • Attractive Terms A Complete Mortgage Service UN1TKD SERVICE & RESEARCH, INC. SI Madison lildg., Memphis, Tennessee O. VATES, Rep. Bljlhcville, Arkansas I AWAIT HE AIN'T MUCH OF A SUBJECT, BUT YA GOTTA FHE LETTING AN 2L.D MAN LIKE THE GPA.ND WtZEE GET DOWN. 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