The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1943
Page 2
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BLYTIIEVILLE (AHK.)' COURIER-NEWS. ..BAPTIST CIRCLES .MECT VKSTEKDAY Thjs •• Woman's Missionary Union of Kirs! Baptist Church met- in circles nt the following homes yes- ttjrday afternoon. After dcvotlonnts :.Kd''.mission study (he hostesses served- refreshments. 'CiWIe One met with-Miss Cor- dijlla.. VYilhlte, there were nine members snd one visitor present. 5\fvs. Cecil Wroten opened the sss- ."Joii with 'prayer, nftcr which Mrs. 'C( E^Edds.'gavc- the devotional. ••ghe,, "mission study wns taught by Mis,. Lloyd Stlckmon and Mrs, T. C; I.-ognn;closed the meeting with Mi's.' O.' M. Morgan wns hostess lo-Clrcle Two. with seven members iuld"'i\yo visitors present. NfS, £.~F. Blomeyer gave Hie opening"prayer and also taught the miti-ioh study the topic was: "Stewardship In the Life of Women." !'rjayei-'^v.ris said by Mrs. Ed Carson in, dosing. . Circle Three met at the home of Mis. 1 H. H. Brooks with six members "present. The mission study wasjJuight 'by Mrs. Everett Hcnc- 8ar aiul,..nrayers were said by Mrs. G. V. Daws -anti Mrs. Fred CO\K- hficl. „ Circle. ,?*our met with Mrs, J. J. Cfiok.stVn, - (hej'c u'ei'c ci^hl Members-present and one visitor. Mrs. C. E. Johnston gave the opJBiiljfg.'.praycr after which Mrs. Roy ..^Vobds taught the miision study--and Mrs. -H. R. Sclimuck closed-tlio meeting with prayer. !il\(ti were nine members and fovir visitors present when Mrs. M. C.. Outlaw enlcrtained Circle Five ati her home. A devotional was given by Mrs. C. ; M." McDcnnolt, the opening prayer by Mrs. J. E. McPail. mission study by Mrs. Walter Bishop, and'Closing prayer by Mrs. W. A. Orrjijinetl. ".'iW£.]i)Dhf);.H. Payne wns hostess lo. Cjrcje Six with eight members nnd five visitors. Mrs. Charles Ray NgwComb gave (he devotional and a/so' Jlis opening prayer. ' The mission study was taught by Mrs. C. H. Robertson and prayers offered by Mrs. D. R. Shepherd ajJ(I' t MrS. "John Pnyire. : Mrs."s. M. Hood was hostess to Circle Seven with eight members ipKtone visitor,-the opening prayer *$as given by Mrs. O. J. Chastaln, ilie devotional, Mrs. Key Hunt, ACrs. T. .11.. Jackson offered prayer Women in the News Girls Can Fight Grass Fires Hut Filmy Clothing Is Taboo Oirls who pjny with, llr,. mast dross lw flic pail, -mat's tin order from Jlis .Honor, the Mayor of Khmelon, N. .). For it seems the young ladies of Klnnelon liiive Inrnrd out to fight. grass nres in filmy clothes. And the mayor 1 ;. uhald Ilic nifties will he as templing to the names as the dry grass. Some time ago, when the Arm- > cd Forces and defense plants sift- . ed the ranks of local volunteer JllsL l >lllln <™Hll<l ' firemen/the girls stepped in lo help out. They formed n women's auxiliary, \v)>teli so fur lu« only handled grass fires. But tin- Urn.! may come when ihey'JI imi'e to cope with burning barns and build- ings—nnd the mayor docs'm wunt their occupational hazards to lie any greater Hum necessary. "1 shall not. insist on rubber coals and hip boots." lie says, "lint .so Uial there will be less danger of (he Indies catching fire, th.'y must nt least wcnr overalls." Thru: Wear Orel-alls Out .in Chicago. Ill,, there are 28 girls who have liikcn lo men's overalls as Uiouiili they had bcui born in them. They've also livV.en to masculine habits liki; truck. driving and poker playing— (ml they craps. the line "It ain't ladylike," one of them explains. The 28 alt driving trucks for the Sixth Service C'tmi- mand. They ore not only drive the trucks, but cave for thorn. So thnt changing lirus, cleaning motors and washing down their mechanized mounts Is all In tlie day's work. And apparently one days work for the girls ecuiallcd two or throe for the men whose jobs they've taken, Lieut. Raymond Not?.—in clinrtio ol this corps o! civil service workers—says they'll slop ul nothing. Once they've gotten their trucks all shlncd up they start on the (lie llMilf<n:inl In some of Ills best poses. His faro may be, red about Ills role sis clamour boy. Hut he Mill says the t;trLs am doing a wonderful war Job nnd haven't hud one li-afflc; accident .since they were hired l:ist November. liomls In tint Hi] WIT y Time's another crow of girls doing 11 war job deluxe In New York's famous bowery. For they spend ilii'lr days pi-ddl'lng bonds in this .shabby district, once known for Us oruak- llicati-us-, flashy women and Diamond .liin Hrady. Tiic (jluwt of Dlamund Jim still walks these crooked streets. For part of the bowery is now the ceii- of (lit! fiilmluus dlninoiul buss. Priceless Jewel* nnd thons- (lollar bills are tossed about like confetti. And the girls :ire ti'rcuijllng iiiiilc a few at those Us. They are members of (lie American Women's Voluntary Services bond selHnjj group. And when (he country reaches the April win- loan (jonl of m billion dollars, Ihe KhLs will have had a lot (o do with Its fulfillment. All diamond selling transactions are made tn cash. Thus (he girls urn nccuxlomcd to milking into a dealer's shop and have him buy n bond with a $1000 bill, The average sales per dny arc about $3, r >tJU. l!ut Mrs. May .. . smashed all records recently in 01 IB of history's best examples of the persuasiveness of womankind. Mrs. Kllpe mild nnd soft spoken garage. They'll be polishing ex- with no symptoms of the ,,, K ,, hniist pipes next, he says. pressure salesman at all—sold $13,The lieiitiwint, incidentally, Is Mn worth of bonds in one day.' J: chief pin-up man for the driver- The next dny .she stopped lo buy „. „ iie"r"inlssloii"-st.iidy lesson e »". The garage walls are cover-1 a circus ticket on her way liomc- JMrs. pbyJe' .Henderson closod the pictures of him riding inland sold $1500. worth of bonds to iVjecting will* prayer. Jm*, inspecting his corps, and Ihe man next to her in line. ' > . '.:'..;'...* • T.." T METHODIST WOMEN IJKAIt SHSS TURNER. ;iMi£s Winnie 'Virgil Turner was tfee principalspcaker for the Wom- im's Society of Christian Service oT the first -Methodist Church, '.llien they me* at Ihe church yes- isrday af'lerfioon. jMiss Turner was introduced by lirhs. \V. I, 1-jprncr, lender for the rThv 'fnt^ri , lien,! o,. ' ]»«,. ,-..». . . , djy. : fali"{i 'used as her subject, "iiace-' Relations" taken from the Wst-tK'o chapters of the mission study. .book/. "Planning For Peace." jAirs. Korner opened the meeting vBtlr p tSmnl. ... .. -JThe •mission, . Jijrs. G. ,W. .Pyles, served refresh- lijcnls at 'the close of the session. prayer and gave the dcvo- study chairman. Siie was assisted by Mrs. W. . lifril and Mis. F. E. Blnck. .. WITH MRS.. AnOHJER. topic for study vras . f'ol- Jntlf- Corp, Churle, 1 ; Henley. .«,„ ,., Mrs. Jesse Province, who has lieen stationed at Indlo, Calif., liiii- been transferred (o staten, New York. Corp. Clco 1,. Honker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan li. J looker of Lcaclivllle. has rcpoited to the Air Depot Tralninc Center ut Will Rogers Field. Okln. Before enterlni! service in August. Corporal Hooker operated a service station In Brytltcvlllo. \ Jl'l- luj^ll. IUI _>UtUJ \lil5 lllllt- vvcluaj^,Wit nesses" when the Woman's ..Missionary Union of Calvary Baptist Church met at the home of Mrs. Go. w. Archer. -.Mrs. ,W.. E. Htmnn taught the la=son,to.the eight members present. /The -benediction was said by Mrs. Beulah Lloyd. JIIIS^KISSELI, HAS THKEE QUADS CMJB. Mrs. Turner Kissell entertained the..Three Quads Club last night with-Mrs. Marshall Blackard and Terrell us guests. ; .., T ,.'\Vas awarded to Mrs. Terrell, high score to Sfrs. C. B. Alfs, Jiin •Buncp/.' Contract Club. lcr rrom 1I)C "' son ' slnfr StrM- ' E O sisterhood i' nc ' i Hukcslraw. nnnoiinclng his ii wilh Airs Marlon ) S!ltB nrdvnl '" North Africa. Scr- •Bcant Hakestrav; has been in the C Ellis cntcrtalnliiE Ar my lor more thnn a year, and eft (he United States in March. Elbert Huffman. Mrs. Kattie Potter will ue hostess lo Wednesday Contract Club. Chapter D. P. meeting for lunch Williams Mrs. J. Town and Country Club. Mrs. P. E. Black and Mrs Roy Harper entertaining with brlifec party in honor of Mrs. W. J. Pollard and Mrs. Robert Porter, THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. A E. Hunt Icy will entertain Fortnightly Club. Thursday Luncheon Club meeting with Mrs. Russell Phillips. Mrs. Walter Pope will be hostess to the -Mid Week club. Club Eight, will meet with Mrs H. O. Parttow. George Nelson Dullurd of Dyess, Ark., v.'ns among (lie "40 youths uiiili'r 18 years uf age- who voluntarily enlisted in th« Navy in Memphis l.'i.s-t week. Corp. Charles llassett, son of Mr. and Mrs, J. w. Lucy, hns been promoted tn the rank of sergeant. Sergeant Bassett is stationed at Camp Maxey, Texas. Mrs. Bassett and son. Stephen, who are making Iheir home In Port Clenlon, Ohio, plan lo visit him there next month. Air. nnd Mis. Tom Rnkesfrnw of Luxura, Imvo received ti V-mail letter from their son. Staff his Ed- Die _ ' j " —- - -- ". ". . KJcnf."-low to Mrs. Don Edwards Doiimo Four Club incctlnr with ;itjd Mrs. Bill Taylor consolation. Mrs. Roy Rae. '" ecu »S *"» Epiing, flowers were used throughout the rooms where the guests were "entertained. SATURDAY'S EVENTS Asscclntlon of American University Women meeting Saturday. A :r" -.""•• vuis».y women meeting Saturday A sandwich plate and cold drinks 3 p. m Hotel Noble with Miss Com were served, at Ihe conclusion of ,Leo Coloman and Miss Biillv ~ the evening. ^r.,i^^. ' •> v .-: • - * * 9 LUNCHEON PARTY llp^(jl(S MliS I'AVfi •Mrrrainl",Mrs. E. c. Imnan en- tertaii«TU'"\viUi a lunciieon parly Snnda^..in_ honor of Mrs. Inman's !-.isler^-.Mis. Lucille Paul of Memphis. T^,. Giusls for this affair were Corp run! Mrs. tbuis Cable, Mrs. Jcirn Harvey, Corp. Harry Victor and Corp. Gene llusby. Corporal and Mrs. Cable have re- e r- cently returned from a 10-day furlough spent'in points of Indiana and Illinois, -, * * « LAKE-STREET CROUP MEETS YESTERDAY T^ip lopic for sludy of the Lake £lrcct \Vomans Society of Christian Service, yesterday afternoon was •'Hfljf To Pray" This ^ s ] ed by '"I??-! Bates sturdy who also gave the, Devotional. . The 20-members and one visitor sang*"An Evening Prayer" in keeping vjith the thought of the mls- sion&y Ic.ssop. Prayers were said by Mrs George Stlhrcli and Mrs Maggie Cole. During the business session pre- sldedTqy/r by Airs. W. L. Green ihe-.g«aip,made plans to assist the pastor In the revival now In progress at.the church. a breakfast shower was presented, lo ,the .pastor, the Rev. Bale' Sturdy and Mrs Sturdy. ; Social Caleodar ' WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS VVcducsday Bridge Club meeting \vit)i MM. R.- L. stockett. Mrs. Floyd ffharp • «nt«rt»irUng Tlircc Table Club. A; D. C. CluV will meet with At The Hospitals lilyllieviltc Hosiiital .dmilted— Wlss Ma.vino Wenthcrford. Manila Miss Alcn; Jolliff. Manila Carrol] Boyd, city T. C. Mayfield. Haytl. Mo Born last night lo Mr. and Mrs. Vilblir douse. Rt. 1. c tty, a son. Born this morning to Mr. and «rs. cnr! Afariin, c i(y. n dauglilei-. Walls Hospital Admitled— Born yesterday to Lieut, nnd Mrs. T. j. Price, city, a .son. C. C. Croney. Luxor n. T. w Pentecost, Rt. i. city. Mrs. C. L. N'aber.s, city. Dismissed— John Lutes, city. Rosemary Lntes] city. ^^rs.. j. w. Wag.ster. Gosnell. Jessie Wagster, Ciosnell Will Crumley, Wilson. .Memphis St. Joseph's Hospital Admitted— Sarah Hartlej', Joiner. Memphis Methodist Hospilnl Admitted— S. E. Manor, Wilson. Aviation Student John Htvrp, son of Mr. nntl Mrs. H. L. Harp, has )een irnnsferrcd from Sheppard f ield, Texas, to Difkinson College, Jarlisle, Penn. I" C. Hawkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hawkins is doing field hospital work overseas. He hns crossed ^Iie ocean three limes since joining I tic Armed Forces, and while in Hie United States look a foil months medical course. Pic. Carlos Dnnl cun testify lo the truth of the saying that this is a small world, for while he was stuini! In class at El Paso, Texas, where ho is studying in the medical detachment, lie .saw Capl-. T. K. Mahan. aljo of Blytlicville, pas-s down Hie hull. Cpl. William C. Strmac has arrived sonic where In the soiilh Pacific according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stcmac. Clear Lake road. Bits of News Mostly Personal Mis. James A. Overholser and (laughter, Mnnnerl, left Friday night for a visit with Mrs. Overholser's jiai'cnts, Mr. and Mrs. .J. It. Mc.Spadden i,i Houston, Texas. They went down especially to be with Mi's. Overholsei's brother, Lieut. (J.g.) Tliomas McSpadden, who was In )loiislon un :i brief leave fiom his duties in (lie U. S. Uavy. Mr. and Mrs. W. It. Crawford, Mis. John McDowell and John Jr., spent Sunday in Memphis with Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cunningham, parents of Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. McDowell. Mrs. McMiirtry lifts returned from HI. l.miis, where she. spent Ihe. KiiMer liolliliiys with liei- (laughter, Mrs. ft. K, iiool.s. While llu'ie, Mrs. McMiiitry \Viis joined by.her son. Milton K. McMurliy, leaman .second class, whu S.s jit- ll'iullng a Diesel school in Co- lumblu. Mo., and who also spent ie I'.'fisler holidays ^'ith his .slsti?r. Miss Hflma Kullba itt'L yesterday for n month's visit with relatives n FloiviK'i'. Ala. Mr. and Mrs. M. George nnd Mr. and Mrs. 1'Ycd fiallba had as licir fjuesls for Ilic weekend, Mr. uid Mrs. Ernest Cieorge and <laugh~ ler, Cicmlii Ann, of Mi'in))his. and James Saliba of I'lorence, Ala. They came especially to attend the baptismal sen Ice held Sunday afternoon ul St. Stephen's Episcu- ial Church, when Linda Kiiy Sn- lllia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred S.'illijn, nnd (ieinia Ann Cicotgc were buptixed. Mr. and Mrs. Cieorgc FinnnEQi- of SI. Mary's Penn., will arrive lo- nlghl io attend the graduation of .heir son. Aviation Cadet George Fiuh'ngcr Jr.. of the Blythcvlllc Army Air Field. Mrs, Ashley Ilnddlck and daughter, Janice, of Little Rock, are spending the week here as uuesls of Mrs. Ilniidirk's iiiollu'i', Mrs. Mary Wilton Henley. Miss Dottie llallilield of Roan- okc, Va., and Kansas Ctty will iir- Ivc today for several days slay at Hotel Noble, to attend the grad- .lallon exercises nl lilytheville Arny Air Field. Mr. and Mrs. Dan McGruder, who Have made their home in I'oca- linutti!.-, Ark., since last Ocloter. !iavi> recently returned lo lilythe- ville lo live, while Mr. McOruder is employed at the Blyllievillu Army Air Field. Pfc. .fames Henley spent the wSkend here" as'the i;itest 'of his' mblhtr. Mrs. Province, private Hentey is on a .scrap drive for the Army, and is spending this H'pck nl. Dnnville. Ark. Mrs. N. ,i. Ni'ill tins returned to her home in Fast Prairie, Mn., after a visit with her daughters, Mrs, George. Stilwell, Mrs. U. C. Freeman and Iheir families. Mrs. Paul Warren of St. Louis i; visiting her sisters, Mrs. George Hlilwcll and Mrs. D. C. Freeman. Mrs. Al. Fitzsiintnoiis spent, yesterday in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jennings and family and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bickerstuff and daughter, Frances, .spent. Sunday evening with the. O. iv ^rowclls of Leachville. Mrs. C. U Nabers is a nntlent at Walls Haspilal where slio underwent a transfusion. Miss Mary Kinily Wilson of Memphis spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. B. 11. Wilson, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lemons have moved from Hotel Noble to the Wies aparamcnl formerly occupied by Lieut. C'ol. and Mrs. Paul T. Preuss. Uzzell Branson ivill leave tojiior- Irow for Hot Springs where he will attend the state Rotary Convention held there Thursday and Friday. They will be accompanied as far as Malvcrn by Mrs. liranson and Cecil who will visit Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Heard. Mrs. Heard Is the former Miss Mmirine Branson. From lliere they will go lo see Miss Jnnc Branson who Li a palUut nt Slate Sanitarium. Ark. They will return Sunday. Mrs. G. G. Hultaid and ?,frs. A. K. finntlc'.v spent yesterday In Memphis. TUESDAY, APRIL 27, 1943 Missourian, 93, Still Active At. fl:i. Thomas Culvin Winters, lower right, still likes to handle an ,-i.w and .fiiw like many nu:n far younger, ffc is shown here with his son, Hobert Winlurs, (!2, lower lelt, and grandson, Dl> in Francis Winters, 12, miner right, and great grandson, Robert Clarence Winl'T.'i, II!, upper left. (liil ling Fin. 1 \voor I For Thomas "Niiiety-ihrce nnd Is the way Thomas .. lers describes lil.rtjiself ]>$ "still going" is not ar Although nearing mnrk. tliis head of ...^.^.rr.,.-.- famlly prides himself oni'Vpjittlng logs, sawing llifin and racking all of the wood used by his son. Roberi Winlcis, and family al. their Poi-tagcvlllf, Mo.,, home. Advanced age does not hamper Mr. Winters from visiting among his relatives and hLs recent, visit here iv.i.v unusual only in that he :elebruted his 93rd birthday. He and his son, Robert Winters, GU, came down from Portngeville lo visit the grandson, Uoin Francis Winters, 4'2, and his family which includes a 10-year-old sreat grandson. Kobert Clarence Winters, to make four generations of men to- geiher. •Doiii Winters is employed at E. C. Robinson 'Lumber Company and 'he fourth generation member is „ sophomore In high school ami works at Gateway Store. | They had a family celebration '. Hie Doin Winters liomc. 1911 West. Vine. Alert in mind n.s well as body, the elder Mr. Winters continued farming.until 83 years of age dc- 'ipilc having had a slight stroke in fie likfs "attending to business" and declines to visit his Blythevllle jirandson more than u week or two at the time because he doesn't have any business lo look after in Hlylhcviiic. Horn on Island 40, in Tennessee, lie moved to Pascola, Mo., when 18 and since that time has spent his life there and al Wardell and Por- tagevillc. His wife died 2C years Auxiliary Group To Attend Medina; Thursday IHJ^m. " } f ' ;l %:grVHip of Dlylheville women tlfatlend ihe regular Spring con- ence fpi- Ihe Fifth district, Amer. ..ii Legion Auxiliary. Thursday at Hnrrisbiirgr, if. icas announced today by Mrs. Ed Cook, district chairman who will preside at Ihe meeting. Miss Claudia Kuykendall of Fort Smith, president of the stale tle- PMf?WEAK? trcrr ' ' 6100 from lack of Wa return's TA8UTS lotice To Our Customers Confectionery At SU-ole. Mo. Will He nosed All Dav Thursday April 20 Heart Courier Mews want arts. USE 666 TABLET5. 5AIVE. NOSE DROPS 666 The Miracle In Permanent Waving! COLD RAY, Ihe modern, scientific wave. N'o licat—No machines. Droii in for details. MARGARET'S HEAUTY SHOP Nil S. First , Phone 2S32 Mother's Friend helps bring ease and comfort to expectant mothers, M OTHER'S FRIEND, an exquisitely prepared emollient. Is ireful in nil comil- u -~-^*-m*^m lions where a blnmt, mild anodyne mns- fiayc mctllum In skin lubrication Is de- Kirctl. Otic condition In .which women lor more than 70 years have used it Is an application for niassaglng the body ilur- >HK pregnancy ... It helps keep the skin sort nnd pliable... thus avoiding unnecessary discomfort due to dryncsa and liglitticfts. ft refreshes and tones the fihln. An Idcnl mnssauc nppltcntlon for the numb. Lltigilng or hnrning sensa- lions of the shin .. .for the tired back muscles or crnnip-llkc pains In the Sees Quickly absorbed. Delightful to use ' Mother's Friend Highly prai.ut) by Users, many doctors nnc litir.<tca. Just nafc any (Initial, for Mother'' I-ricnil—the akin lubricant. Try H tonight. Continuous Shows Every Day Box Office Opcna 1:45 Show Sfnrts 2:00 LISTEN TO KI.CN pm Tuesday & Wednesday ,;,>, PHILIP CORN . ANNA STEN March of Time anil Slinrt I sold Ihaiold couch in the basement...thanks to the help, of the' YELLOW PAGES: ["And the YELLOW PAGES helped me sell that extra lawn mower had out in the garage." )>artmcnt, Mrs. Hugh Wicker, executive secretary and Mrs, Howard Procter, formerly of Blylhcvllle and now of Little Rock, will have parts on Ihe program as will .Mr.s. Whll JJoltofJ of Marked U'rec nnd Afrs. Nelll Reed, stale second vice president, of Blylhevllle. One feature of the meeting, which will be held nt the home of Mrs. George Mouton, win ) )c » afl- minute program by Girl Scouts of Marked Tree and HaiiLsburg, Mrs. Cook announced. Among the liiylhevillc members who plan to attend are Mrs Cook and Mrs. Reed, Mrs. H. E. jjlayjock Mrs. Eddie Jnirkc, Mrs. C. s. liiii'-' gell, Mis. B. C. Wilson and Mrs G. R, Carter. Olhers at the meeting will represent units at Ijcpnnto, Htirrlsburtt Monetle, Triimnnn, Osceolu, j«ne.s- boro, Welner and West Ridge. Look first in the NEW YELLOW PAGES of your phona book. Then make a single telephone call do Ihe work of many—and save yourself time, trouble, and aimless searching, | In these limes Hie YELLOW PAGES are more helpful than ever. They tell you who has what you want. .. who will fix what you want fixed.,. who will buy what you have lo sell. SOUTHWESTERN BEU~TEIEPHONE COMPANY 0. E. S. To Meet There will he u stated mcetliiK of the Order of the Eastern Star (oiilfjlil, tt o'clock nt Masonic Hnll. Asbestos, found In umny ju,.^ of Northern California, hns Jurni)- ed from $20 lo $500 „ i 0))i ROXY Box OITIon Opens (J:1B Kliow Slarin 7;(JO Continuous Khuwi Hat, mid Kan. Tuesdiiy Ki Buy Me Thai Town R*ad courier News Wunt Air <b\MWlT(\y\ Q.\\uer-b\icw. easucSL Just Received New Shipment Of Summer Formats And Evening Wraps In A Complete Showing Of Sizes And New Styles! ne .New York Store IMione 2132

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