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GRAPEVINE THE DAILY TIMES A Gannett Newspaper Founded in 1886 The Daily Times On Times Square 115 E. Carroll St. Salisbury, Md. 21801-5421 tip? What if every waitress or waiter took your advice and found other careers? Then what would you do if you wanted to go for a nice dinner out? READ DARWIN. To the person who said creationism makes more sense than evolution: Try reading "The Origin of Species." If you did, you would clearly see that Darwin did not postulate that humans came from chimps or monkeys.

He set out the theory of natural selection, which has been studied and expanded throughout the 20th century up to today. EVOLUTION. I still don't understand how the belief that one entity could create all life on this planet makes more sense than the idea of evolution. Take some time to learn about the other primates, and you'll see how similar we truly are. GEESE NEED GREEN SPACE.

There wouldn't be a problem with geese on golf courses if there was any green space left elsewhere for them. JONI L. SILVERSTEIN President and Publisher GREG BASSETT Executive Editor RANDY MOONEY Advertising Director ANNE O'CONNELL Controller RON SMITH Production Director JASON CUNHA Circulation Director GREG LaFRANCE Online Director I've been perplexed by these bumper stickers for years. Can anyone give me a valid reason for displaying one? ANTI-WAR MOM. I'm hoping The Daily Times will rot fall victim to the latest media ploy Cindy Sheehan, the so-called anti-war mom.

I wonder why she decided to change her pro-Bush story of a few months back? CAMDEN YARDS. Camden Yards is a beautiful stadium rich in Baltimore's harbor history. The fact is, however, that it's a terrible stadium for a pitcher, and something the Orioles lack is consistent pitching. PITCHERS. Firing Lee Mazzilli was just window dressing.

If you give a chef ingredients for a cake with flour full of weevils, aged butter and rotten eggs, you get a nasty cake. This is what Angelos, Beattie, Flanagan, et al did. Subtraction is indeed sometimes the friend of addition. Cut Ponson, Palmeiro, Reed, Sosa and some others. Reduce payroll and trade some hitters for starting pitchers.

WAIT STAFF. In response to the person who said waitresses and waiters should "find another career" if not satisfied with their salaries should understand that we depend a lot on our tips. If you receive good service and good food, why not leave a good combined? How serious is he when he keeps asking for more tax breaks for his wealthy buddies while running up record deficits? The war on terror is a war against Americans, to cover up lies about the war. FIREMEN'S MUSTER. Great the Firemen's Muster will continue, only in Pocomoke City I just hope PETOH (People for Ethical Treatment Of Horses) doesn't find out they will shut 'em right down.

Thanks, Pocomoke City GRASS AND CONCRETE As I drove past the "Mall-soleum" today I received a wonderful me'ssage. I saw so much grass growing through the old asphalt and I realized this is the creator's great message to us: We were given a paradise, and asphalt and concrete are simply man's folly. Even the gentle grass can break it up and continue to grow. If you listen, you are spoken to in quiet ways. Only if you fail to listen will thunderbolts fly.

CRISFIELD PROSPERITY. It's not that the majority Is unhappy about Crisfield's prosperity, it's the forcing of higher taxes and expenditures down residents' throats that calls for complaints. OC LOCAL What is the deal with people who plaster their cars with "OC LOCAL" bumper stickers? Do they expect special treatment from anyone? Grapevine is a sampling of comments and observations on a variety of timely topics submitted by readers of The Daily Times. RUSSIAN SUB. It was nice to read that the Russian submariners were all rescued.

Here's what I want to know: How much did the rescue cost Britain? How much did the United States spend scrambling its rescue teams? Will Russia pay those bills? Will Russia even be asked to pay? I wish the news media would find this sort of information for us. I'd sooner hear how my money is being spent from the free press than from a politician. UNFAIR COVERAGE. A recent poll showed 91 percent of respondents thought the American media is unfair when covering terrorism. Therefore, I don't believe an AP article that shows only a 38 percent approval rating for President Bush's handling of one battle in the terror war's battles, Iraq, nor do I believe anything else printed regarding the war.

World War II journalism forebears would be disgusted with our fourth estate folks. BUSH'S JOB. President Bush's hardest job lately is keeping a straight face while continuing to shout about the "war on terror." How serious can the war be when he takes more vacation during a war than my whole office Advertising Department Classified 410-860-6900 Toll-free 1-877-335-6278 Classified fax 410-341-6709 Open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Phones open until 5:15 p.m.

To contact specific advertising departments, call 410-749-7171 and ask for the appropriate extension. Employment 259, 253 Real Estate Advertising Ext. 255 Legal Advertising 410-957-1700 Retail Advertising Ext. 256 National Advertising Ext. 276 Preprint Advertising Ext.

549 Advertising Fax 410-543-8736 Send us your comments Call 410-749-7171, Ext. 333, to record a message. To submit an e-mail, go to and click on the Grapevine logo. Catholic theology has no fight with evolution theory Circulation Department For questions or complaints about service, missing sections or billing: Maryland 410-860-2700 Delaware 1-800-443-2459 Virginia 1-800-443-2459 By Kenneth R. Miller It's never been easy being Charles Darwin.

Rodney Dangerfield talked about getting "no respect" but the brickbats thrown Darwin's way are putting poor Rodney to shame. Editorial Department To contact specific editorial departments, call 410-749-5713 and ask Alabama pastes warning stickers in any textbook that mentions evolution; a member of the Kansas Board of Education pronounces evolution "biologically, genetically, mathematically, chemically and metaphysically impossible." And now even a cardinal of the Catholic Church has taken a potshot at poor old Charles. to stand up for God, he's made three glaring mistakes: The most obvious is scientific. The second is political. And the third, dare I say as a Catholic layperson, is theological.

Knowing how the cardinal's words will be misused by the enemies of science, I think it's important to set the record straight. Let's start with what Schonborn got right. The Catholic Church has always opposed any view of life that would exclude the notion of divine purpose. As the Catechism says, scientific studies of "the age and development of the cosmos, the development of life-forms and the appearance of man invite us to even greater admiration for the greatness of the Creator." Indeed they do. But Schonborn's assertion that the theory of evolution is inherently anti-God is simply wrong.

Consider these words from George Gaylord Simpson, widely recognized as one of the principal architects of the neo-Darwinian synthesis: "The process (of evolution) is wholly natural in its operation. This natural process achieves the aspect of purpose without the intervention of a purposer; and it has produced a vast plan without the concurrent action of a planner. It may be that the initiation of the process and the physical laws under which it Austrian Cardinal Christoph Benedict, as expressed in his earlier writings, are not with evolution per se, but with how evolution is to be understood in our modern world. Biological evolution fits neatly into a traditional Catholic understanding of how contingent natural processes can be seen as part of God's plan, while "evolutionist" philosophies that deny the divine do not. Three popes, beginning with Pius XII, have now made this clear.

John Paul's 1996 letter to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences bore the magnificent title "Truth Cannot Contradict Truth." Writing in the tradition of Augustine and Aquinas, the late pope affirmed the church's twin commitments to scientific rationality and to an overarching spiritual view of the ultimate meaning and purpose of life. Like many other scientists who hold the Catholic faith, I see the Creator's plan and purpose fulfilled in our universe. I see a planet bursting with evolutionary possibilities a continuing creation, in which the divine providence is manifest in every living thing. I see a science that tells us there is indeed a design to life. And the name of that design is evolution.

Kenneth R. Miller wrote this column for Scripps Howard News Service. "widely accepted scientific account" of life's emergence and evolution; describes the descent of all forms of life from a common ancestor as "virtually certain," and echoes John Paul's observation of the "mounting support" for evolution from many fields of study. More important, the document makes a critical statement on how to interpret scientific studies of the complexity of life: "(W)hether the available data support inferences of design or chance cannot be settled by theology. But it is important to note that, according to the Catholic understanding of divine causality, true contingency" that is, dependence upon chance "in the created order is not incompatible with a purposeful divine providence." Right there, in plain view, is the essence of compatibility between evolution and Catholic theology.

"Contingency in the created order," the very heart of evolution, is not at all incompatible with the will of God. The church document re-emphasizes this point by stating that "even the outcome of a truly contingent natural process can nonetheless fall within God's providential plan for creation." And evolution, as scientist Stephen Jay Gould emphasized, is truly a contingent natural process. The concerns of Pope functions had a purpose and that this mechanistic way of achieving a plan is the instrument of a Planner of this still deeper problem the scientist, as scientist, cannot speak." Exactly. Science is, just as Pope John Paul II said, silent on the issue of ultimate purpose. This means that biological evolution, correctly understood, does not address what Simpson called the "deeper problem," leaving that issue, quite properly, to faith.

The cardinal's second error was to enter American politics by supporting the "intelligent-design" movement. This movement seeks to short-circuit science by applying political pressure at state and local levels, and the cardinal's misrepresentation of evolution will only further a growing entanglement between church and state. He seems not to understand that the neo-creationists of "intelligent design," unlike Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, argue against evolution on every level, asserting that a "designer" has repeatedly intervened to' subvert the laws of nature. This view stands in sharp contradiction to a 2004 International Theological Commission document approved by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict. This document carries a ringing endorsement of the Schonborn, editor of the church's Catechism, recently wrote that any notion that neo-Darwinian theory is "somehow compatible with Christian faith" is simply "not true.

The cardinal asserted that evolution is an "unguided, unplanned process of random variation and natural selection." Evolution, in his view, isn't science so much as a "materialistic philosophy" that denies the existence of a creator's plan. It's anti- Christian, he says, and it baa science to boot. The cardinal may think that evolution deserves the Dangerfield treatment, but in his understandable eagerness Mary Anne or Donnie for the appropriate extension. Business Ext. 248 Commentary.

Ext. 247 News Ext. 283 Obituaries Ext. 233 Photography. Ext.

268 Sports Ext. 212 Style Ext. 214 Fax 410-749-7290 Jason Barbato (Sports Reporter) Mary Bargion (Features Reporter) 410-8454630 Greg Bassett (Executive Editor) 410-845-4631 Laura Benedict (Copy Editor) 410-8454632 Tim Brennan (Sports Reporter) 410-8454646 Joe E. Carmean (City Editor) 410-845-4635 Mark Costello (Sports Copy Editor) 410-8454637 Todd Dudek (Photo Editor) 410-8454638 James Fisher (Worcester Reporter) jfishersal 410-213-9442. Ext.

19 Joey Gardner (Photographer) 4108454638 Cwenn Garland (Business Editor) 410-8454658 Deborah Gates (Somerset Reporter) 410-8454641 Stephanie Hlnderer (Copy Editor) 410-8454640 Peggy Kelly (Special Sections Editor) 410-8454644 Monlqus lewis (Salisbury Reporter) 410-8454656 Kim MitcheB (News Reporter) 410-8454634 Susan Parker (Editorial Page Editor) 410-8454647 Ben Penserga (Sussex Reporter) 410-8454648 Jennifer Rickard (News Editor) 410454650 Cindy Robinson (Community Editor) 410-8454651 Dawn Robson (Features Editor) 410B454633 Erick Sahlei (Managing Editor) 4108454652 Brief Stump (Features Reporter) 410454653 Oarlan TWnger (Copy Editor) 410454654 Janice Von Paris (Copy Editor) 410-845-4643 Amy Wheek (Editorial Assistant) awheeiertsaiisbuo 410-8454657 Shawn TonMf (Sports Editor) 1410 8454642 Give Schools a Hand, Get a Stance to Win! School Supply Drive Aug. 12 Sept. 5, 2005 Donate supplies for area schools at Guest Sen ices and you'll be entered to win one of five Si 00 Back to School Shopping Sprees! hile you're here, you'll find over 1 00 places to do all your back to school shopping. So give our schools a hand, get a chance to in and get all your shopping done at The Centre at Salisbury -w here it all comes together. t.

Nominate your pet for i the Newspaper in Education 2006 Calender i Don't Id rout pd left ut Nomiiut yaw pd bf itndinj hi no-fdurnbi pUtun nd 20.00 cntrj to i O. Bo. Wsby, M0 218C2 mn tew we per vote TW to 15 pti frt cilcnd na top pet 4 ilw iedwd 9 iKe front cow. uppoi www.CentreAtSalisbtry.cwn Bsc3v't hci JCPnrySr- nd ovr 100 sptenTy twe 2330 SHbury Bvd SaUbunt M0 Hemptptn la Mucattoa Afl entries due August 1 .2.. Addrn, City Piwi 9 CTJ F0 Pm.

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