The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 28, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 28, 1933
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Served by the United Press EFEBEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST UISSO0RI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 2-12 lllytnevllte. Dally We"w». Blyllievllle Oouriir. Mis'lsilppl V»lley raider i».ih...-i.. HLYT11HV1LLK, AHKANSAS, TliUliSDAV, DKCrOMliKR 28, Bolli Antagonists Rose lo Power From Boyhnocis of Poverty. Opposing Fignrrs in Fight For Frwlom BY MILTON imONNKIt NI-IA Si-nicr Sl.ilV IJtjrr.'SpuMJt'nt LONDON — In t!-,e nsw and bitter (jimrrel between ihc- IrKh Free Stale and Great Britain, fak- and circumstances have elected Ramun de Valera and J. II. TJio:na:i us; tlie c.'iief antagonists. Tlie one is President of the Free Slate, Ihe oilier Secretary for the Domiuicin in the British Cabinet. Ever since President de Vul^ra lias bi':n In power, he has ileadily advancid towards making the Irish Free Slate free and independent. He has cut lie after tic that binds his country to Ih3 British Empire. The original quarrel •jiar:- td over de Valera v .s refusal lo pav | England certain land annuiti'js.j Britain retorted by placing a lisnvy larifl against Irish exports of bul- ter, bacon and ey&s. the chief source of tr.e x'.'eallh of the ""country. Ireland replied by a heavy duty on lirilish manufactures. Then Thomas warned Ireland that it could not have It both ways; It could not have one fool in the Empire, and one foot, outside; il could not avoid the obligations incumbent upon a dominion and, at Inc same time, enjoy tlie privileges membership in the empiie gave. III.UNT WITH IIKITAIN De Valera took up the challenge. Tie asked the British government specifically to stale what its action would be if the Irish Free State proir*aimed itself a republic. His meaning wns plain. He wanted lo know whether Britain would seek to retain Ireland within the > ~ • —~- -— •"«• empire by armed strength, in ulhcr! A V ' a bxdtr patrolman" and a " Irmiifjgier lay dead here today af- THK. BRITISH 1 S LI- _STNGLE COPIEp FIVE CJSNTO 5niii> Plane to Karlh After Setting New .Mark at 6:08 Tonli'lil. Trnns-Allaiili<; Telephone Strikes Ohslarle Kl, IKjl'.V.uO, fr'x.. Dec. 28 MtP) lain consul-.i'.i" !n Pram,", •-'ihl' Aiiii'rii'iiii uillMil Ki'lleral u! I iqul|i|ii"il vvltn i-;n- pholK-s. PJ-IIKUC Iciduy i.alleil a linns-1 The ssediliihi i'nui riiim-. _ ,. by an ocean of differences in temperament nnd political •:i (l=fl) and 3. H. Thotnns irighi) are spsar-hcad-o of the newest diplomatic joust between the Iris;i Free Slale and Grtal Hritaln Bite May,Mean Reunion for White House Canines , WASHINGTON, Dec. 28. (UP)--' 1 Perhaps Meggle was lonesome for !?.Iajor. They w-erc once uonipan- • jinns in the White HOUR; kennels. I \v/l ' 1 n > n .,i n l''or biting Senator Hnttie Cara- YVhlsky Klinners Battle U.lway of Arkansas and another per- S Piiim-rU nn RnivW nt "''" m ' ar tlll: whlte Hollse Kates. iri n ooicer at Majur n pujlce (log L! Paso, Tex. EL PASO. Tex., Dec. 28. <UP>- ILIN TO words, war. TViomas replied in the British Parliament. He <3id it cleverly. To have made a drastic ansvrer would have Ueen to give dc Valera a strong battle-cry with which to call a general election, nut Thomas hedged the Issue, by solemnly stating that he could not -and would not give a categorical answer to a hypothetical; question. Tnere, for the mOmenti' v the matter rests. / If all the eiripire liad been sought over it is probable, that no two more striking opponents could have been found than' de Valera and Thomas. The only two things they have in common are that both were poor boys and both call themselves Celts. De Vatera was born in New York City 51 years ago, his mcther beint Irish and his father Spanish. The latter had been a sculptor of some note ami then, when ed, supported his family by.teach- ing music. Art and the higher tilings of life were thus in the vcrv 'atmosphere the little h'simcii breathed i,, i,i s early years. Thomas was torn sa years aw in Wnlc-i of working class parents. There was no time for art. The wolf was too often at the door TOOK SEPARATE PATHS When his father died, do Valem went to Ireland to b? educated, walking miles to his first school Thomas left school at the aje of nine to get his first job aa an engine-wiper in a railway roundhouse. De Vnlera worked in Dublin as a teacher, while lie took his degree at tlie National University. Thcnias climbed Ihe ladder and became an expert railway engine driver. De Valera continued teaching, his specially being mathematics. Thomris became' Genera! Sec- rctiiry of the National union ol |, lialhvayincn. one of the strongest labor crgaiihuiloivs in Great Erit- nln. \ Both men went into politics. ' D" Valera threw himself Into'the Irish rebellion, was a commandant In the Easier rising of 1916 . in fiublln nnd sentenced lo death. Reprieved under an amnesty, he was once more arrested, only to escap-" through a daring plot. As a prominent trades union!-;' Thomas naturally drifted inlo |wl- Hics and became Socialist member of Parliament for the seat of Derby in 1910. De Valera became a Sinn Pern member of Parliament for the | constituency of Bast Clare in 1!M7 ROSE HIGH POUTICAIXV Thomas became a member of the cabinet in the two So:iallst governments headed by Raimjy MacDonald as Premier, be Valera became President of the Sinn Fein movement and then President of the Free Stale In 1919-22. When the second Socialist cabinet fell In 1931, Tr.omas was one of the few outstanding Labor leaders who fol- , loaed MacDonnld In the formation i of the National government, com- pcsert or Tories. Liberals and Socialists. He became Secretary for the Dominions In the new cabinn! and. despite socialist opposition, i was re-elected by Derby wilh a' huge majority. De Valera led the opposition to the Cosgrnvc government of the Free stale for len ler a renewal of the government's campaign against rum smugglers on the' Texas-Mexican border. Four suspected" smugglers, two of them wounded, were undar arrest. Twenty gallon o! contraband whisky were in the hands of officers. The dead patrolman was Bert Walthajl. 3-1, formerly o f Plagsiafl, Ariz. The body of Joe Estrada was to the Hoosevclt Hyde Park farm. Mc-ggie, a Scotch terrier, nipped Bess Rinnan, newspajwr woman. The writer was riding with Mrs. Roosevelt. In her coupe with the dog between them. Meggie bit Miss on the lip. smugglers' wrecked found jit the aiftotniflile. • Patrolman Walthall and two ether offlccrs gave chase when tr.ey saw the suspected smugglers cross the international bridge in an automobile from Juarez last' night. Commanded [ o halt, the smugglers opened fire through a rear window. The first bullet wounded Patrolmnn Louis A. Smith.slightly. The second, struck WaUnoil. He died en route to a hospital . Bondholders Officer Found Shot to Death U.S.SUES ID MEET PLEBBE • -.- ' • "v - « y* Moves Against New York Clearing House in Behalf of Harnman Depositors. NEW YORK. Dec. 28 (UP)—Tile federal government moved today in a suit without legal precedent to lorcc twenty member banks of the Ne;y York Clearing House Association to pay in full the claims of thousands of depositors of the i defunct tfarriman National Bank ' and Trust company. , Governmenl representatives filed an.equity suit in supreme court yet-. ,„„-,,.,.., „ I terday demanding that the dcfen- 'i n ^ u., " Dcc ' 28 (UP) '<3ants. members'or the association -Julian G. \\hitnian. secretary ofj nnd banhcrs tormlng its governing inrnS'iH Irn ? ation D ' s W=t;committee, make good on their Bondholders assccmtion. was round! OTllten Demises to meet the claims hot to neath today beside an iso- iof , nc , arr i, nan banlc . s 11|000 de . lated road near here. Officers said i .„,,,..,, ,,-t im: ,trrt tr> totoi <117S they bslievrd Whllmnn had : been ?M estimated to total $9.375.- Former Hoover Secretary Will Reveal Men Who Profited by Depression. WASHINGTON," Dec. 28 (UP) — Names of the mysterious 12 bear- raiding "culpritA" at whom former President Hoover aimed the senate slock market invcsllgalion and missed 21 months ago, were promised today for early revelation. Theodore O. Joslln. White House -••- — secretary during the latter partf 011 ^ communication merger of the Hoover administration, isjr"™ 1 " iiri'iinir u-lrjuvM UK' blldr L!M<] ^1 fin lies sli:nl i;v In,' [he i:rr ninny, lirnj.imin I.i"i.<],i|i/.. tin" briilii- MIAMI. ,„,.. DI,. M ,„,„_. i*™™;;;!"^,^ 1 ;;, t^uKr ni>,ve v; ,,,, „,„„ llM.nhiKJ „„:.,,,,,„„, ,,,. .„,. u ,,,,,,,. ll( . lUiiiry IIO.M":: In the imiliir,, ,„ i. n ii;ili-, v,l,,.v Wi-ls:i It.-r- ." l::iii''l and Helm Hlclny , ,1,,,, '„.,.- tt ,...i.. ,. i.,,,,...,. ,,.. i|M Ihi'ii niipi-:"i iiliiu tins lifter- " '""" ll> ^-' m '' '" IU1. liy ;i lew liiim.i i'in a in-".- uiuiunS ti'fiiL'Uni" ii-c tli»li-. u-iuril. . rnui(ih"l.'ii tlu.|j rHiiti day •II Ihi- i"H;unil al 1:0^i I 1 . M.. i 1 !!:,!IN staudiud uiiii" lo.iay, umi :l i ft P. M.. n-.'i-in .•iiuiiilaul ilm,", •ill have -ci n ni'vv imini n tiiry '•main aloft. I'iirly Ihis af- tslrls may ci;ini' Jiu-iiisiK'ly alter Li boull/. 1'iiil nn: olli'l, il jililllci l.n.n! ill AliMa.tll i:lll/i'llMl]p. also I tiiini 1 uixuillo ~:i plauvil llii" r t itl IIIHI wi'ddluiil !cr MKs Heriiiii'.ii. Tlie coiiMilulu 'llicii a mil «,.s placed for the "ijn.'.nl t^eni'ial. lie r.xplnlncd the lulus of Hie CUM. I.i>lj.:v,|U: on!", "i-il Ihe i-nll lell r|;i'ii. hiiplnn to net .sullj.;lr,it j ixol ol Ills I'lu, t-nslilp li Ihu d iit- wcd- v.-n ^ilin:ji ;:il:iiij; the ii'. [but un l:a«i Iji'i-n on i'.. Iliirii'U' M. ill uri.iim :;.'p..i! by S.U1) i;l l:(!-d iiril si-i. WGilllI IJL" K'^:i 'In.' .••|:ini' ivii.l all .sit. Ij-tinw l.luril uinli:i' 1. " lirlll, and t'l i:i,ra<l"i a liiwvi'l':. nn | 'I In- lelvplii.n.' wfildlni" was {liuiiiid :IN ^j nu-ihmi uf uvofthnij Hi. 1 Am ikui'i limn!i:nil!on law. M! 1 . 1 : Ili'i-iintiji been ii:[u.Mil ..(.mlllai.ce l"i America, bill Ine Mr.; Htiiju- . .. \\.dnini; party. s;il Injnini I.i-Uiwlt/. sli.> will be nllowed ar U cnli-r \vllh ,,| i-ocid v.'lshcs i: 1 ! uhincc antL ruiisi. rrn lo llu' Held lit rcuui'.sl ui u I 1 . M. II. Col,'..", lliulu iiiainiBcr. cr. -aid it WJLS imlni 'hi' ilyeis v.'Liild :x>l th'jli- '•':vsii Uuilijht on', that inr.uiRi"- i.n'iiL'i had lit. n nmdi: lo have nn . r.ibiiliitiiT In n-iiciliii'ss if tlit-y do i'.. me down. "Ihey iniijIiL !>.. In llin-c or four '':•>•::, tllCilill." In: Mild. ('(.Ice raulloiit'rl Mis. Ilarrell and Mi's IHeli-.y noi 10 I'liikumcn their 1'i'iiltli ulii-r he had n celved a rde from tin"":; Miyini; they were • iry (Ircd. Three Proposals May Keep Congress at Work WASHINGTON, Dec. 28 (UP) — Thice legislative proposals only tllghtly Interwoven with the administration's recovery pi-ogrnm may force congress to remain In session through next summer. Democratic, house leaders admitted today. Hopes for curly adjournment will be Wasted, they said, if President Roosevelt urges action on the Tugwell food and drug bill, permanent transportation coordination, Miss llriminii. villi her Meddlni; | l.vl:cwlt>:. nn hi Uurndo liuslni>x« |.any nnd tin 1 Amerlciui cun-.ul. u.iiii. Is ad. u< i! Miss Ileriulna Is \-.lio wns to iiilii'iui'l tin- crn-'i/. Chl.dhuvl .v.virtlieniis Hi t .y jiinny. fti-re sal 'iinl In Ihe Amer- Inivv lw?n .>;vi:nr:ilc<l for l:l ycais Grocery and Meat Clerks Out on Strike pro ossihle But Not Probable Twins Mad Separate Dads Say Scientists. CHICAGO, Dec. 28 (UP)—Medical scientists were statical today of the claim of a Yankton, s. D., man Mini he was the father of only one of twin boys born to his wife. While granting the phenomenon wns scientifically possible, Chicago scientists wild such n claim would be almost InnwMlble to prove. The cuse utlrneted wide Interest among scientists. Prof. II. II. Ncwmiin, Chicago university scientist, paid he very much doubted the authenticity of the claim. Ur. Monti Plshbcln, announced as the author book which will tell an ihcludlng that or th ey 9 eprr^sQnno??^ TRici5.'t" i> So far as has been 'ascertained I nn( l ji, 131 * of , n | All three matters would. It was result In breaks In party 3. Controversy already has loped about the drastic food luthor of ,n "" a Inside slory ™ w . le president's rn »«•Jr.^SI TRlcll. ^cvelo the bear rnlders who were to have been brought to bag by Mr. Hoover were not even wounded. But the inquiry was deadly to other unexpected game, including Charles E. Mitchell, resigned head of the National City bank, and Albert H. Wiggin, who recently GUI-rendered a $100.000 pension from the Chase National. I.e;ser game fell in plenty to the investigators. M i Ci »L IHUSt atrengtnen ~ Garner "Knows Nothing" About National Affairs ST. LOUIS. Dec. 28. CJP)—Vice- president John N. Garner, stopping here briefly to;lay while en route to Washington with Mrs. Garn;r, genially submitted to an Interview hire Icdny. hlsjher" «-i union, l-'nill nnd .-.. Dei;. 28 (UP) — i'hL' linndri! I crocery nnd meal stoie i-li-i'ks v.v>il .uiit on strike Tin strlkciA demnnd- illi 1 . 1 : and union recog- KH'Citry clurks tle- miinil u! weekly wage fur ui-piciitliTS mid SJD lor ex|Hirlenccd imployi'.i Instnii ol the $10 rate i'uw pntd to both classes. Mcut cutte.-.i asked n new wage Ei-alir ninghiK l;om $1S \veekly foi I'lexpeilenced mni to $-10 for llrsi l.rade workers. Brief Respite Promised Before Mercury Is Sent Downward Again. " »y llnlted >"r«j Aniilher rcld wave,-sending 1 fern- pcratmes hack la sub-xero levjls, moved souiheastward loday oilt of • the Arc-lie. ' ' A .<l:or; Intermission between 'the .' filorm and the season's niftit severe cold wave was Indicated by U. S. government forecasts. The second high pressure area was preceded by snow In'Canada. Temperatures. rose slightly today from the Appalachians to the Rocky mountains, brhii-lnx some relief from the storm which caused "at it 142 deaths. Hundreds or others were Injured In accidents caused by snow and Ice.' '' " . . C The Pacific northwest, with '24 deaths cauK."d,"by.»toinn and flood-! 1 , mm the New Enfclind region,' wriicn reported II dciiths due t'o the storm suffered tlie most severely. '.'.• • Temperatures were sllU below normal In mi socttons of the United stales with the exception ot extreme southern states. North of Du- lul!:, Minn., the temperature was rising after falling lo 47 degrees below zero. A low of 23 -degrees below wus recorded'at-St. Paul. The fishing tug Seagull, with three men aboard, was mtalng'to- day on Lake Michigan. . On the eastern shore coast . guardsmen searched for the-bodies of elziit men who drowned when two fSi- Ing lugs round^redTuesday nljht. Flint Fire at 44 Below, • HIBBINQ, Minn,, Dec. 28.(UP)— Hlbblng'a JSOO/,00 recreational building was d.flroyed by fire, to- ': day iis hundred! of volunteer firt- nicn brayed 40 1-rlow zero' tem'per- ttines and stung northwest wlhdS to salvage a portion of tHc furnishings. . • the claim. Ur. Morris Plshbcln, , ....... . . editor of the American Medical I Inspector Will Ask Association Journal, likewise was' •• r r 1 - ill "!"""—' cution ot rive Under City Ordinance. . skeptical. , Their views differed from thai o( medical testimony presented nt trie court -hearing on a divorce petition filed by Ewald Peddle br- rore Judge A. B. Trlpp In Yankton yesterday. Judee Trlpp recognized the legal possibility of the claim when he granted Peddle a divorce on [(rounds of Infidelity. Peddle claim-, loll ns . . . , ....... ed his wife admitted she was un- | Tile milk inspector also announc O. ghonyo,' city nvllk - Inspector:said today lie would ask Die city attorney to Issue warrants against flvo dairymen, charging failure to pay the city license on. dairies lor the last hair of 1933 ; and other vlor In link.- ' ' , - . faithful. Tlie suit was nol contested. The opinion of a medical ex- cd that Karl Greene, dairyman and only local producer of pasteurized milk, has been given ^ Grade-A for Brain Operation.,„.,.„,. Ior(Ml . ^ tlic house he replied: yL-iimny SilDilULUXl IO atl inLCrVlcV: . ^x.^... v.-. -, *...j «f •« HiTVit it. VJIBU^T n and cliaracteris'.ically left without \ V " L , ^ m ^ >" ll « court record pnsteurltcd milk retina. Greene's saying much of anything. ! s ? lli: . ?.". cn£115 ."'. '^""Kl twins dairy was ofBclally listed with'"no He had "no thoughts" about in. flation, silver, or other Issues, he jsaid. and when asked whether he i?ing vice-president, bellcr s forfncr post as shaker ol kon for n ride." Harpo "Panics" 'Em in Soviet Debut ,000. j The action climaxed a nine mcnlhs attempt to persuade members to make these payments In accordance, with guaranties made by the clearing house coiumitlee j •luring the critical period ot 1932 aivi early 1933. BALTIMORE. Md., Dec. 28 (UP) -The fight to save the life of 5- months-cld Sue Trammell. tlown here from Houston, Tex., for an emergency brain operation, today took the form of building up the child's resistance. Dr. Walter E. Dandy, fnmotis brain surgeon, said that an operation. If finally determined upon would not be attempted until to- Baying much of anything. ' tlie children He had."no thoughts" about In- ^,™!^- fi prcgnnted at an I as s<"vcral hours." Doctor Pishbcln Newman agreed opinion expressed In, 'I could have told you something then for f knew what was going on. But I don't know now." the --- - j ••-* -...«.«..j listed with'"no develop from grade" when announcement of --. e female im-^gtades wns made several weeks aco prcgnnted at an Interval of as long i Al the time Shonyo said that a ""• "•"""' h """" ' Itlicrmomctcr providing' ror .proper nnd Prorc.ssor recording or the pasteurization pro- with medical C rss was broken nnd that he had -• — :"'"'.'~r" . '" Col1rl -, , ;ullt no way to determine ir the milk had stressed he difficulty o estnbllsli-. been properly processed, since then tic llrnof nf sur-h n rtn m. ^ ._ ^__ ' , • .. ing proof of such a claim New.York Cotton \ Opening of Senior High Postponed to January 8 Greene has secured a new ther- | momtcr and is now meeting rcqulre- imcnts. — . . . Petition President to Abandon NEW YORK Dec. 28 (UP) — Cotton closed r.'.tady. Jan March May norrow. He declared the little girl's condition wns serious but he decided to build her up before un-' July dertahing the surgery. I Gel She Is suffering from hydrocc- phalus, or water on the brain Fler parents. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Trammell of Houston, who lost another cr-ikl from the same cause recently, enlisted Jimes R. Wedell. famous racing aviator, to speed her to Doc- Cordelia Asherbranner Dies at Home of her Son Mrs. Cordelia Asherbtinner. 68, <l:e:l at uurdettc early today rollow- fng a five days illness from influenza and complications. ~ "° •••-—•--. *v ui^ft.u nn m i^vn,- • Funeral services will be held Frl- tor Dandy after she was stricken , day morning. 10 o'clock, at the ctlrlst n>as. ^ [home cf her son. L. O. Hlggs. wllli-l Wcdell made a sp-clacular flighl j Murcli ' ll'c Rev. B. H. while officiating. I through a storm, averaging more; May . Burial will be made at Wilks ceme- | thnn HO miles an hour for Ihe ci;.'ii high low HiK, 1015 1011 Itm 102!) 1025 in-ii iim loto I05> 1050 1055 1075 1079 1073 10'B 1093 1088 close 1014 1021', 1042 1058 1075 fono The senior high school, scheduled to open Monday, will not open until Monday. Jnnuray 8, it was an- Crawford Greene. nounced today. superintendent, . slated yesterday Spols closed steady at 1034. up 5. New Orleans Roosevelt Will Lead in Tribute to Wilson WASHINGTON, Dec. 28. (UP) — President Roosevelt will lead Ihc :il'.arclasses~wou!d'be"re;u..ied"nt"aTl " atl , Ion . . u " 11 '* hl '" obscrvanec of the the city schools on Monday but to- ''.',£ blrll ' d . a y of Woodrow Wilson day It was decided to dispense with *, ,, n " nM '^ at ll 'e first nation- Die senior high classes until the "' di ." n ? r ° r tllc Woodrow Wilson work of repairing tr.e building Is WASHINOTON, Dec. 2g (.UP)— Shoytlrig ''down* jR,-p,-T.'- 0.," a group of. several. ^hundred students today assembled In : front ol the White Hpiu* while, seyeiil of their 'spoketmen entered- > fti>- , test against what they- termed r 'im- '•'- perlallsin; 1 'snA- ".war'.'i, .':'.",. .'/.'.: '• The •dcmoniff»tbrjj 'were mtmhera"-' of the National students League..' , Joseph Cohen" headed' the group of" six that laW before Secretary' Howe'! a petition requesting: that ' goyern- " ment funds be withdrawn from the support, of R. o. T, c, units In col-; leges and high 'schools. ..';"' .' ; • At the same time the group served notice that they .would .not support the Unltod States in event of war. While the spokesmen were Inside their followers were massed in fr'ont of the White Jlouse, shouting 'appeals to "save tlie Scotlsboro' bo'ysj" and demanding equal rights . for white and black. They were led by' a half doz.'n cheer leaders. ••• • • NEW ORLE^Nc. Dec. 28 (UP) — Cotton ctosrd s foundation. tcry. 1.400 mile clash. The deceased, who had made her home with her son at Burdettc for n some time, is also survived by an- Kepcai Brings Orange other son. II. C Riggs. of Burdettc. | rn- i Wine Into July Ort D The central Ward school, which is also being repaired under thci CWA program, will have classes op."i hiijh low close wWl nllp!ls of !vlrs - Ehnn Armstrong 1013 1013 1013 1013 ' nnrt Mlss Suns!lin e Swift at Sud- 101 j 10?8 1010 102-1 l)llr >' -' ;cllc " 31 ' " nd classes of Mrs. Nell 1338 IOH 103C I03fi i Llulc n™' 5 *"- Mrs. Joe Craig and Hii'i 10S8 IDS 0 1055 ' ' xliss JInr >' Outlaw held al ll'.e First liVJii 1075 1070 1072 i Mcth * lls t church. 1085 1035 1085 10S1) Gallows Death Threatens Hei nn<I tivo daughlers. Mrs. Lela Decon and Mrs. Viola Chambers, of • Luxora. , Moss Undertaklnng company Is [ in crarsx of arrangements Youthful College Students Get Best Grades HERKELEY. Cal. (UP)—Students who enter college ot an age of un- i der 16 1-2 years arc more likely to - . .^^ win iv |ij, n'lj years and in 1931 oni;; ]nol . c bccanlc President. De Valera is a well educated man whose hobbles, outside mathematics and the Irish language. are high-brow books. Thomas is a self-educated man, who has Icnrn- cd by Iravel, by conlacl wllh men of nil classes and by hard knocks, ff.'ontlnnpd nn Pujin 3) j receive belter grades lhan enering at an elder a?e. a survey jby Prof. Noel Keys of the Unlver- • slty of California, shows. Prof. Keys, of the School cf Education. found that from 180 to 280 freshmen under 16 1-2 years ot o?c enter Ihe university each year. Of these, from 10 years old, or less. to 20 are 15 NEW ORLEANS (UP) — Enactment of the IMsl Amendment gave impetus to two Louisiana industries that have prospered quietly norc or less iL.iing the repeal period — manufacture of orange and strawberry vines. Orange growers on the lands !m:th of New cri-ans around !)u- rr.s have turned Dieir surpIiLs Inlo an alcoholic beverage for sovcral ji-ars and plan to establish the manufacture permanently n o w rh.ce Its sale he.* been legalized. O\;r 18.CCO da.ions of wine—10 years old with m nlcohollc content of from 13 to 18 per cent— vns shipped to New Orleans from Hammond. Uv- center of Loulsl- ena's rich strawberry country, when the dealn rf prohibition was Bounded. The survey resulted In lie conclusion that the imder-age group Is Interested In more activities than Can. Pays Jobless 130 Million Is the advanced group. "Those \vho| NfONTREAL (UP)—The nennett OIlfprpH nt M ff 1£ ™.>*1.* m.An n I /"Irtvftrninni^t \\nf ««u .... -.. i Both as concert ?i-tisl and comedian, America? K.upo Marx "panicked "em" in Moscow. Here you ECC him,minus irak:-up and flam- entered" ot "u"cr b 'T5"madc"iBvcn"a I Oovcrnmcnt'has^pald 'out "oT'ad- ing red wig, as he played his harp better record than those wro en-ivanced, approximately $130000- i°L, 'oi^'L r'.if"™ La !;^,,"":i t ? rert a ^ 1G '" Dr - Kc >' s salti - i'^ 000 lo th « " l »e provinces In the [orm o[ d , rc<;t unemplojmena re Spots closed s't.-idy at 1014. up -I. Chicago Wheat July May July open ^ igh 86 86 S-l 85 3-8 85 :<-4 op?n 51 7-8 S3 5-8 Fine and Jail Term on Larceny Charge low close Tulu Crawford, court frequenter 85 1-2 8i 3-4 and West End "lough boy." was fln- 84 5-8 84 7-R ed $100 and given a sis months Jail sentence upon conviction on a charge of petit larceny by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham yes• lerday. " s j-. Crawford was convicted of the J'°| Iheft of n watch from Hugh Cun'•"* nlngham (no relalloii to the judge). ~'~ I ~ The charge was rr-duced from the StOCk PrlCff Mony charre of burglary and grand Chicago Corn A. T. and T. ......... Anaconda Copper ............ Bethlehem bt-el ........ 37 1-1 Chrysler , larceny. Ill 3-R Claude Boll, former shipping 1-4 c!crl! ' wa5 flnK l *2J o» a charge of malicious mischief but the fine was 55 3-8 i ".."."i n\. iv, in . r\.tj\5 sain. in tiher Soviet -uidlcnce, ^shouting, the junior nnd senior" classes, the „, ,•» i I....K - average number of extra-curricula aclivllles per student was one-third encores, m^rie him stretch a -minnl."" ron.e'.y pantomime skelrh into ?.~i minutes. Hef, piiblic works, help In land settlements and loans, since II ..VI.T.,I,.^ [/,, ..iun t -jifc «,i.^ unv-iinrti .-vxvi. mini?) uiiu firruter Inr the under-age group, took office In 1930. ............... Cities Penic° ........... 13-4 Coca Cola Oe Gencr Oc Inte; ___________ _______ Montgomery \ . New York Cc.ural ...... Packard .............. Phillips Petroli;:m ..... Radio Corp ............ Simons Ucds .......... St. Lo'.ils-San rranclsco Standard of N J ....... Texas Co ............... V. R. Sloe! ............. held up during good behavior. Belt ran amuck at n local wholesale house last Sunday while "crazy One man was fined $10 for public 45 5-8 24 47 7-lJ Masons Meet Tonight There will be work In the Master's degree at a meeting of the Masonic chapter No. 13< P. and A. M. tonight; 7-30 o'clock, nt tlw hall. Property Owners Take Advantige of Tax Offer A brisk business was reported at' the offices of the county court cleric here nnd at Osceola this week with taxpayers taking advantage of the few days that remain In which they may ciear their property of delinquent stale and county, taxes with- the payment of one year's tax. . ' The offer, made by the special legislature of last summer, expires • on Saturday, \fany believe the legislature, to be called Intoiextra- nrdinary session next week, will extend the period, particularly in view of Ihc fact that numbers of home, owners, expecting relief through the- federal government's home loan agency, have yet to receive funds to be applied on taxes. However, taxpayers are warned that passage of an act providing for extension, of the p;rlod will be necessary and arc being urged to Insure clearing of delinquencies by taking advan-. ^e of the present offer. United Toilers Meeting Called for 7 p. m. Today A meeting or the United Toilers of America has been announced for tonight, 7 o'clock, at the W. O. W. hall, Fifth and Main streets. All members arc urged to be present as Important matters are to" be discussed. Death on the gallows may be the sentence for Mrs. Allie May Purvis, 38-year-old gramlmoih- er, convicted In Franklliuon, La., of complicity in the tuunler 0( her husband last July, she was found guilty or orderlr.g a negro to pusli her husli&ud. who could not swim, luto l>earl river. Purvis was drowned. .Mrs. Pur- yja is show* ier«, aobblnj, la FraakllAlon Jail, WEATHER Arkansas—Increasing cloudiness, probably followed by rain in south portion ton Igh I and lYWay. Not quite so cold In south portion to- nlRht. Memphis and. Vicinity—Partly cloudy, continued cold tomorrow. Increasing ptoudlnts*. The maximum temperature her* yeMerday was 26, minimum 14,, according to Samuel P. Nor- rls. official weather observer. L»sl • night (he temperature reached. • low of 17, ,

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