The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 2, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 2, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS IHE DOMINANT NEWSPAPF.P. nr* wrm'rirf* <vn An* r .v* n . n . . _ VOL. XXXIII—NO. 247 Ulythcville Courier Dlythevllle Iferald Blythevlilc Dally News Miss: • Or NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JANUARY 2, m? SINGL-E COPIES FIVE'CENTS' BUY U. S. PLANES FOR SPAIN SEEK is SUSPECT IN Elope, Wed, Part' -All in 9 Days I Known Diug Addict and. Cai Tluef Undev Sus-j piuon; Ransom Unpaid TACOMA, Wash., Jan. 2 (UP)— A known drug addjct and car thief was sought by police today for : questioning In the Malison kidnaping case. He was described as a 57-year- old Tacoma musician who was last seen entertaining in a tavern a week ago, the night before Charles Mattsori, 10-year-old son Of Dr.. and Mrs. William Mattson was stolen, Vfrotn his home. Tlie suspect's appearance was' said to tally closely with a de- sciiption given bj tlnee chlldien who- were hi the. Mattson home at the time of the' abduction. In seeking the drug addict and car thief police were following a report by the terrorized children 'who wilnesed the abduction that the kidnapei appeared to be under the influence of drugo or liquor. Meanwhile detectives held another suspect for investigation Near plympla, . 30 miles from here, finding of nn abandoned campfire in the woods put officers ofl the trail of a man and a boy, said to have been seen goini> into the brush Dr Maltson, maintaining he tins had no answer to the two classified advertisements inserted in the Seattle Times in attempting to contact the kidnaper, assertedly will demand absolute proof that his captive son is alive before the $28,1)00, ransom will lie paid. The only dtscrepancj in the hunted drug addicts description was his age, police,™ Id Tlie bearded gun man who o (dropped, a ransom note 'signed 7 Tun on the floor of the Mattson Jiome was first thought to be middle aged later, however, Virginia Chatficld, ie. Seattle, a Inend who was visiting m the Maltsmv home, said the kidnaper was hot as old as first reported. Huffman Man Bitten by Mule; Rabies Feared Eight men living in the Huffman community are taking shots for rabies after a mule, owned by George. Cassldy, is' believed to have gone mad. Three of the men are Mr. Cassidy, C. Davis and Hulen Holmes. Tlie mule acted strangely Wednesday, attempting to bite everyone vyho came near. Thurday, It bit Mr. Cassidy on his arm and when three men .attempted to harness him, foaming saliva from his-mouth fell on their hands. •• Tile others came into contact with the'mule while" attempting to' examine his mouth, according to I Dr. Roy Schirmer of the county health unit. •One of the group took the precaution to don gloves before handling the mule but later forgot to remove them before putting his hands about his face and he likewise ran the risk of infection, it was said. The mule, believed to have been bitten by a rabid dog, running at large, was shot after It manifested symptoms of the disease and had bitten other animals. DEFIES jp OF SUITE PTIIE Arms City Employes of Daytona Beach to Prevent Ouster DAYTONA BEACH, Fin., Jan. 2 (UP) — Policemen,.. firemen and garbage collectors armed with machine gutis replaced clerks and account keepers In Ihe city hall today us'Mayor"Irene Armstn •ong, Florida's only woman mayor,-dei fended her office against Gov. Dave Sholtz, who had ordered her ousted. Mrs. . Armstrong • had ' disappeared and so had all the municipal records. No policemen could be Agreement May Have Im-, Adjoinnmcnt Befoie Late porlant Bearing on European Affairs ROMB, Jan. 2 (UP).—An Italian-! Billish itgicement foi cooperation in the Medltciranean was signed at noon today after months' of negotiation. Count Oalea^w Clano, foreign Svimmci Now Appeals Improbable By KDWAK1) VI. LEWIS, United I'rev, SUIT Corre&iii>nd«ni •WASHINGTON, Jan. 2. (UP) — Picsldent Roosevelt's campilgn pledges to continue the New Deal centers activity on the new Con- ... , _. ,'•''•• • ------- ...,*....j u.i tin, IIVN ^/Wll- minister, nnd Sir Eric • Drummond, • gress, entrusted with the task of , British ambnssadoi, signed the treaty. Piemler Benito Mussolini will still absent, Jesting in his favorite' retreat at Roccn della Caminate. It was expeclcd that the agiee- 'ment, officially co^d "exchaiige Romincc that lasted only nine clays was the thcrnc of a real domestic draina unfolded for Hollywood hj David Gould lower photo, film dincc dircctoi m -a suit for annulment of his marriage to pretlj Fi,ince$ Paxton^ upper photo lie sajs the blopd screen aclress refused to make a home lor him Her yeVsion is "We Just agreed to disagree" Their ueddmg at Yuina. Ariz., followed an air~~ elopement. s 1gU(l , rti1 " 8 lhc , 01 assurances, 1 wouTd be publish-, ed shnultancously In Rome ahd London Monday or Tuesday. Diplomats believed that die agreement might have Impoitant searing later on the general..European situation nn^ particularly on Italy's iclatlons with Nazi Germany. v Under it Italy nnd Oieat Bil- taln define their interests ln : 'die Mediterranean in •,uch manner us to show that there Is no clash ot interests—interests such as sehl a gigantic British battle fleet to' the Mediterranean during the Ethiopian crisis and caused tens of thou- -UIKIS of soldiers to be sent to Italian Llbja, and to Egypt, adjoining it. University Tells One, It's Fish in Tombstone BERKELEY, Cal. (UP) — The University of California Is convinced it has the merry ha! ha! on every fish story prevaricator. The university insists it caught a fish in a tombstone. Tlie fossil fish from a Texas cemetery is a valuable addition to the university's collection of prehistoric fossils. Judge G. E. Keck Will Open Cncuit Co u i t Heie Januaiy 18 The January term of circuit civil court will open here Monday, Jan. 18, with Judge G. E. Keck of this city presiding. "'.. A list of petit jurors and alternate petit jurors for the term has been released by the local office of Hale Jackson, sheriff. Petjt jurors are: J. R. Nave J N. White, Clear Lake; J. W. Adams, W. A. Afflict J. G. Barnes, R. E. Blaylock, E. M..Terry, L. M. Kiutz. C. G. Smith, J. B. Clark Blythevillc; M. E. Crawford, Gosnell; Will Ray, R. H. Green, Huffman: Grover Ashley, Armorel; W. T. Brunham, W. A. Hollingsworth, Yarbro; P. H. Cutler, J. B Godwin, Promised J-snd;. Lester Brooks. W. A. Moody, Lone Oak- Fred Bean, T. F. Jackson, Numbei NMne; T. J. Crump, Gus Eberdt Eiirdeltc; T. 'A. Howerton U s' Marshal, Box Elder; Ike Minirth- Poplar Corner; Luther Wlnstead, Earl Kcnnelt, Leachville; Luther Bellinger, Shady Grove; Lester B Gill, Dell; Louis Baugher, Lost Cane; .M. E. Bartholomew, Blackwater; Barney Threlkeld. Browns' Spur; W. L. Moody, Boyntdn; L T. Broom, Manila. ''"..' found on the streets. All 27 of them wen mayor at her secret place of retreat, the city hall and Ihe city commission's rooms over the lire station. • ! ,' Extends Holiday Tlie crisis, precipitated by Governor Sholtz's mobilization of the national .guard to force Mrs. Armstrong aiid her commission .to vacate .their offices ami Mrs. Arm- "'rong's mobilization of all city employes, Ayas temporarily solved by Circuit Judge Herbert Frederick, who.enjoined: Governor Sholtz and the commanders of four companies of militia. All municipal business was suspended today by order of Mayor Armstrong. She proclaimed the extension of tlie New Year holiday, thus closing all city offices. i\Iay Invoke Martial Law Judge Frederick's injunction is returnable '.Monday 'afternoon when he will decide to make It pennar.. d^solve it Governor Sholtz implacable political enemy of Mrs! Armstrong and liei < husband whom he forced to leslgh as Day tofta Beach mayor last Ndvemb'er, leaves office at - the expiration of his term Mondaj at midnight A new crisis threatening the same grave consequences .as did last nights was feared no mattei which way the. judge ruled. :Gov ernor Sholti was felt to be determined to lemove the Armstrong government and replace it with I slls p m ded four officers of llic city police department pending • full Investigation Into .the death of John December 21 in a -city relieved->• of their: duties were Chief Joe Wakelln. Day captain Arch Cooper, Lieutenant Cecil Brock • and Detective ': Glenn Buchanan. In removing the officers frohi the force Mayor McLanghlin said: "My policy lias ben that a"man In cuslody should not be mistreated and the city administration is desirous of having » complete and thorough Investigation made of the affair, and does not want these officers clothed in any official capacity during the investigation by the grand jury." Dickson, accused of stealing motor cars, died in a local hospital Christmas eve from pneumonia which was said to have been induced by wounds Inflicted by officers while lie was held Ir the city jail. The officers denied having mls- 'realed Dickson. Hol Spimgs Mdyor Acts ih " Death'of City Jail Piis- enacting broad legislation • alonu economic and social • lines. Administration bills calling for ah "NflA substitute," continuance of ta\ Ihe rich' laws, conservation and farm progiams of fai teaching extent and stringent ncu- tlallty control are expected to become the major Jobs ot. the'75th 'Congress. Iii addition President Roosevelt's avowed determination to cut gov- cinmcnt costs and work toward n Balanced budget In tlie next ftscal year will" necessitate close consld- eiallon along partisan lines of reg- mai .nppioprlntlon bills alajorllj Mnj lie Unwielilj Wilh one sided Democratic control of each House of Congress, leaders ore paiadoxlcally feaiful that preponderant majorities will Injure ruther than promote partv harmony. Expectations are for a long session which may last Into August. Tile President f» his Madison Square Garden address In New- York at conclusion of his campaign or re-election pledged himself lo fight for broadening and building ip of the social-economic pro'g'rair ie. sponsored -during his first four •ears shortc'r hours, lilghei wag- for labor, abolition of sweat shbps. cheaper ulllltj "rates and aid for housing construction werci among some of the problcnls he sel oner HOT SPRINGS. Jnn.. 2 CUP) — Mayor Leo T. McLa'tighlin Iod4: one of his own choosing. A pro clamalion of martial' law would suspend all civil authority, including that of courts. STIFF SENTENCES Bogy and Spaulding Get Long Prison Terms and Fines Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T ........ . ...... 155 -'American Waterworks ....' 25 1-2 ;' Anaconda Copper ..... ... 53 3-8 •Beth. Steel ......... ..... . 747-3 1 Chrysler .................. 113 1-2 \CitiesServiCe .... ........ ; ,4 t-4 Gen. Am. Tank — ....... 721-2 General Electric . ........ 56 3-4 General Motors ........... 621-8 Int. Harvester ............ 105 Montgomery Ward ....... 55 7-8 New York Central ........ 40 1-2 Packard — , . . ........... 103-8 Phillips Petro ............. 51 Radio Corp ............... 111-8 St. Louis-San F. ......... 31-8 Standard of N. J ......... 68 1-2 Btudebaker ............... 13 S-8 Texas Corp. ............ .. 54 • U. S. Smelting ............ 84 U.S. Steel ................ 7fi 1-4 Warner Brothers ........ 17 1-4 Zonlie ;... ......... ....... 71-2 .Alternate petit jurors are ••' Wily |R, Brown. Bud Ashabranner, Ma- ] ' nila; Robert Montgomery, ' Browns' Spur; A. L. Hooper, Leachville. Thomas Resigns State Job for Position Here E. B. (Izzy) Thomas of 'this city has resigned his position as a junior accountant for the Arkansas Utilities commission to join J F Lentl and company, public accountants, here. i Mr. Thomas was employed by tlie local firm before accepting employment with the state commission several months ago. Po, , the past few months he has been on duly at Shreveport; La., in connection with Ihe commission's investigation of rates of the Arkansas-Louisiana Gas company. John F. Lenti, head or ttieirirm, MEMPHIS, Jan. 2. (UP)—Federal District Judge John D. Martin loday passed heavy sentences on three men convicted on charges of using Hie mails to defraud and conspiracy in bond transactions. Judge Martin overruled motions for. new trials and then dealt the following sentences: Ben A. Bogy, prominent president of Colonial Investment Syndicate, IT years in federal prison and 515,000 fine. ' Jack O. Spauldins, alleged coconspirator of Bogy, 15 years in federal prison and $15,000 fine. Joseph R. Delatle, cumulative fines of $7,500, five years on each of several counts charging mail fraud and two years on conspiracy charges, sentences to run concurrently. . Bogy and Spaulding filed notices of appeal. Delatte had pleaded gull- Bogy and Spaulding were convicted on five mall fraud violations and a conspiracy charge in the alleged defrauding of five small town Investors. Bogy specifically was accused of violating his trust in handling of bonds held for certain clients. , • . k r\. istration of . olti as county Judge. yesterday .ie admin- L. oladlsh of osce- " of '. Burglary Defendant Plays Dog in Jail Cell Police couldn't decide this morning whether a negro taken Into custody yesterday was deranged or simply "taking." The negro was giving a pretty good imitation of a dbg when a desk sergeant went to his cell door to obtain his name so that he could | Dickson lospilal Those for 111 as requiring attention Kidnap "Threats to Jane Witheis Army Plane Crashes; At Ij,east2Dead ANNISrON, Ala, Jan. 2 (UP)- Tlie wreckage of a plane thai crashed 'on chuaha inovihtaln was Identified today as that of a United Slates army plane that has b36n mbslng since jcsterdny with two persons aboard. i At least two iwople were killed In the clash. 'I hey were believed Lt. pol. r. I Eglln, U, S. nvla loi, 1 pilot, nnd Howard r; Shelton Jr,/ nnvnl officer. Persons who' visited Inij.wri Has No Authority lo Interfere, State Depaitment Finds WASHINGTON, Jan, 2 The United States department-of . nge said Hie plane binned nnd It was Impossible' to determine liii- ncdlately If more than two P?r- dns wcrerdcad, stale today completed an eck-1 8 " tio " of llle methods used by «>,- Tluoalf ot kldnnptng nnd death lor Jane Wltlicii, above, mls- Llnevous child ot Ilio Illms, unless hor parcnls paid 550,000, were revealed by tier mother in Boston where Ihe sci eon prodigy wos iniiltinK n ucisonal iippcar- nncc O-mcn were ptnced on the case nnrt o bodyguard has accompanied the Jlnld day and nffiht since receipt,61'tvVo warn- i ine note*. Craven Held for Trial in Death of His Wifi ' CARUTH.ERSVILLE, Mo., Jan. 2 —Ezra Craven, Canada Switch farmer, was ordered held to circuit court on a second degree murder charge by Magistrate A. Elliott here yesterday in connection with the fatal shooting of his wife, Mrs. Edith Craven, 25, on Dec. 23 at their home. Craven was admitted to bond In the amount of $5,000 and was soon at liberty. • •'" • Craven was arrested on complaint of L.. C. and Warren Henderson, Brothers of his wife, who refused to accept Craven's .explanation of his wife's death as, apparently suicide. He said she was alone in her bedroom when he heard the fatal shot fired. First and foremost-howevei, as the new •session starts will be the iienessity of rushing through iegls- :ation continuing various emer- ;ency fimclioni \vhlch expire dur- ng the next six months. RFC Near Deadline By Peb 1, Congress must approve extension of Reconstruction Finance Corporation lending pow- eis, tlie Piesldents nutlidrtty to operate the secretive $2,000,01)0,000 international stabilization fund and alter the gold content of the dollar.- In addition nn emergency task will be to/rush through an appropriation bill providing for from $500,000.000 to $1,000,000,000 to carry on emergency, relief aid to the jobless between now and June 30. In March the power to Issue federal reserve notes with collateral security In the form of government obligations ends, and In the spring, unless extended, the administration loses Its delegated powers under neutrality legislation nnd reciprocal trade agreements. • . Taxes will be a controversial Issue in the senate and house during the session. The White House led a movement to study inequalities In present lax laws last summer and a major bill erasing apparent unfair treatment tor Individuals and corporations is due to be drafted. The measure also probably will provide for elimination of some nuisance taxes where the 'collection cost Is so high that It virtually balances the. intake. Nuisance Taxes Must Go Present tax laws provide foi of various nuisance taxes In Force of Four' Will Help Him Enforce Law' in Pemiscol s County r CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo, Jan 2—Announcing the" n'ppojntment of Com deputies, John Hoslci. former- Carnthersvllli; ' chief i ol lollco who -succeeded 'g E . Jn'den as Pemlscot''county'.sheriff •'j'cstcf- lay, .said today 'that -', no fuflhci appointments would bc-mada. un ess unexpectc<l de'velopi'neiU^rie qulred enlargement of his for^ . Sheriff Hosier, who has been idenllficd with .law . enforcement activities here for many years, announced that Bill Thomas of Warden has been named his chiet deputy, klr. Thomas .has- already iioved here to assume his duties Thomas 'B. Ward of' Camthers- vllle has ben named office assistant and deputy. •• J. Ham' Smith of 'Slecle, former sheriff, will serve as deputy for tlie southern end of the county and Clyde White jpf the Carter school house community will', serve as north end'-dcpuly. ' Sheriff Hosier. will occupy the living'quarters at the county jail Newport Truckman Dies in Parked Automobile NEWPORT, Ark., Jan. 2 (UP) -Okla Felts, 32, farmer and truck, line operator, was found dead this morning In his parked automobile by employes. be listed on the Jail docket. He i Coroner Sam Rich returned 4 went through a strange series of antics Including much bobbin* aout on hands arid feet with considerable parking" added. The negro was taken into custody yesterday in connection w jt n the burglary of Tim's grocery In the east end. • . . ••'• verdict of accidental asphyxiation. A charcoal stove was burning in June, but most probably will be extended. Among those due to go put unless Corigfess acts are the three cent postal rat^c, gasoline, oil, auto and trucft levies. The question of an "NRA sub- stitute'' is due to become ,a fighting Issue. . Among suggestions has been a bill forcing corporations to Incorporate federally so the national government may contro them even ns to fair hours and wages and trade practices. Another proposal Is for strengthen Ing of the anti-trust laws to pul on the statute books a congrcs slonal stand that wages below a living level and hours above health standards are "unfair trade practices." In the background and yet possibly, flaring Into a party splitting Issue of major importance Is the question of submission ot a Constitutional amendment to the states giving the federal govern- rrtcnt broad powers over production and consumption elements in the economic life of the nation. Miss Jaypee Easley Succumbs Aftei Seven Months Struggle LITTLE ROCK, Jan 2 (UP) — )calli came suddenly late last light to Miss Juspee Eri'hcy, 20 \hose diaumtlo seven months bnt- le \\lth the ravages of deadly ilieplococcus vcrklans Infection of ,he heart was thought at one time ,o be, won. < Ihe daughter of Mr. and Mrs J. P. Ensle> wai stitcken last May v(th this deadliest of blood Infections Country-wide Interest na^ stimulated In the ca*c three weeks ago when It bccanle neces- sniy to oidcr fiom Paris, France Vincent's serum, only effective combatant of the malady Sunday of this week she lapsed nto a coma, He^eves swelled "shut and, fear uiose»anew. that the leadly disease was flnnllj potson- :ng hei heat't— sapping away her life , , > • . Even when death 'came' 'friends of the joung woman had begun iwiters of Amerlcan-butlt airplanes lo Spain Horn Mexico and 'aij- nounccd that it found, no grounds for making n formal piotest to thoj Mexican government \ lt The sUUe department decided \ that no^groundj 'exist for a dlplo- ' malic protest to Mexico since ii!- formatlos available to it shows that the American planes were legally sold and ct|x>rted to Mexico Therq'- nftei tlieli designation. li> no*long"?r a matter \vlthln Ihe jurisdiction of this government -> The dechlon that the latest case >• of Anyrlrtm4>uih wfcl mnterfaJs ' being sltlpjMd to Spain !<; outside. * the provisions df this country's prcs- . cut neutrality In is came as stcp\ weie taken to make neutrality legislation ohe ot tl|c flist LssuCi biought up at the forthcoming wii"-' gresslonal session, J Air Lin* Sold Plants, %„ ••-, Six of the planes reported divert- >, ed from their avowed destination for use In the Spanish i civil war were sold by American Air 1 Lines to the Companla de Transports Aeros""" del Paclflco, n Mexican line C R smith, president of Amei- * lean, told the United Press today that the planes, ciirttss Clmdoi transports Beating 15 passengers and formerly used by his company In trans-continental travel service, •- hud been purchased with the spc-, clHc understanding that they would, be used for the lrans|x>rt of gold' >ro within the boundaries of Mex- help .in dilve to lalse funds to purcliasp of addi- . - tional -supplies , of the \co5tly ser- iim • The supply on hand was diminishing' rapidly and an . additional shipment fiom Canada was expected this-week end Succeeds: Joe \Valker in Agricultural Post at Osceola ."'••:•• YEIS EVE TOLL_ Survey Shows Death Lis' May Ultimately Reach 300 By United Press In the wake of the wildest New Year's cclebralion since the depresj slon'bcgan the nation today watched the holiday's violent death toll pass the' 200 mark. Unllcd Press reports from 30 slates and the District of Columbia showed at least 229 Heaths in accidents, murders and .suicides. Another dozen stales reported no fatalities. . Additional reports and the deaths of others critically injured were expected to send the final total beyond 250 and possibly to 300. Approximately three-fourths of the deaths occurred In automobile j accidents. Added lo these were a scattering of suicides, -explosions, fires and murders, many of them connected, with wild Ne w'Year's parties. •OSCEOLA, Jan. 2.—E. H. Burns of Hcbcr Springs has arrived here to assume his duties as agricultural agent, for tlie Osceola' district of Mississippi comity. ' ' A native of Ycllville, in Marion county, Mr. Burns has been stationed at Hebcr Springs . for the past three years,, serving as county agent of Clebiime county. Prior to that time he was an assistant at the- experimental station at Marlanna for two years. He graduated from the University of Arkansas. In 1931. Mr. Burns was accompanied here by his wife, formerly an Instructor in the Austin, Minn, schools and their small son. They will make their home In the S. D. Carpenter, residence on Hale avenue. Mr. Burns succeeds Joe Walker who resigned as county , dtstrlc agent on Dec. 1 to accept employment with tlie American Potash Institute at Shreveport, La. John Dameron and John M. Cav- endcr will continue as assistants anc? the office force will remain Intact. . The county agents' office has been moved to the rooms formerly occupied by the PWA offices in the court house. leo "If these planes have now bBen r -sold to ihe Spanish government,-'it ,I? a plain' breach of contract on- whlcli tlie' American Air Lines would attempt to halt delivery had the ships not already been turned over to the purchaser,' Smith said Part of Larger Cargo H was reported that llie American-built planes were destined for "shipment aboard the Spanish steamer Molomar, which arrived "oV, • Vcra Cruz December 30 after being • diverted to that port by the Span- 1 . ~ Ish government while en route,to', the "United States from Argentina!with a cargo of flaxsced Intended'- for.tlie. Archer Dahlels company of" Minneapolis. ' ,__." Smith said his company received $100,000 for the planes, which were reported to be only a part of UleT consignment of American-built ma-' chines which Is scheduled to 'be loaded on the Molomar, enroute,to Spain. r f Deputy Prosecutor Stricken Suddenly Sworn In jesterdiy as cVputy prosecutor for the Chlckasawba dis'- trir.t of Mississippi county, H 'd." (Charlie) Partlow, former court vci porter for Circuit Judge G E * Keck, was removed to a Memphis hospital this morning after being stricken with an attack of appendicitis. Mr. Partlow was stricken sud,- denly shortly after last midnight' His phjsldan was summoned and he was removed to the Methodist hospital at Memphis this morning in a Cobb ambulance An immediate operation \*as considered likely. Mr. Partlow Is deputy under Prosecutor Bruce Ivy of Osceoli U.ickcl Fines Front City EAST LIVERPOOL, O. (UP) — overcome by fumes that escaped from It. 'Felts Is survived by his wife and one child. 1 ' ' ' Pope Pius Reported Suffering Less Pain VATICAN CITY, Jan. 2. (UP) — Pope plus XI's neiirltlc pains have decreased and the blood circulation in his legs has Imnroved. the Romano, official Vall.._ — i • - - - declared today. kct. But It's all perfectly legiti-1. The statement added, however, mate. In two months, 27. arrests that the "aching varicose and scler- of '.'numlMrs game" . racketeers ose,.condition of his legs eontin- the rear of the car and the cor-] This city Is deriving'much of Its Obscrvatorc oner said that Felts had been revenue from .the "numbers" rac-jcan organ, have netted $1,500 in nnes. J vies." 'Were You Ever Drunk?' Woman Questions Judge CLEVELAND (UP)—Mrs. Emma Johnson, arraigned on a charge of Intoxication, countered questions of Judge Louis Petrash with a question of her own: "Weren't you ever drunk yourself, Judge?" she ) leried. The Judge .explained he'd never been Intoxicated, and Mrs. Johnson was Auto License Tags Now Available Here State automobile license tags are; available at the regional office of the slate revenue department hero for motorists, It was announce! yesi' terday by Ira Hall, head, of the office here. " The license tags will be Issued to those who apply for licenses In person at the .revenue office:in the"? Jngram building but they cannot be mailed out because envelopes for* the tags have not jet arrived. WEATHER Arkansas-jFalr, freezing m west and north portions tonight. Sunday fair, continued cold. Memphis and vicinity—Fair aiici colder : tonight. sent to the workhouse for 10 daysj lure 32 tb;36. Win Acquittal Mrs. Frank Dauos.'and Percy White wer6 acquitted of charges of breach of the peace in municipal court yes terday. colder. Lowest tempera- Sunday fair and The maximum temperature here yesterday was 49, minimum 34, cloudy, with 28 of an Inch rainfall, accoording lo Samuel P Nor- rls, offlchl weather observer.

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