The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, March 23, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOHTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI MlTION VOL. XXVlit—NO. 4 Blylhevilla Courier, Bljrttwrille Dally N€-*«, Blythevlll* Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MAKCH i>;i, 19S1 SIN^B C COPIES FIVE CENT8 REACHES PORTO RICO Albert Bra I Ion in Sei'ious Condition; Robert Horton Claims Self-Defense. Son Leaves Sick Bed to Kill Father HOT SPRINGS. Mar. 23 (UP)—1 Ilulph Meeks. 45, farmer, was shot^ to death yesterday by his son, 1 who as'sertediy ieft|L ac jy Marie Louise Thinks ume<l a gun, and • / ~ .„, the Country Wants a "Good, Moral Woman." .WASHINGTON, March 23. (UP) —-"I atn the woman savior of would b? taken until he had re- i America. 1 want to mother human- Halph jr., IS, a sick bed, obi killed his parent because, hej "couldn't stand to sec my mother unused any longer." Sheriff Jim Floyd said today no charges ' had been fllrd against" the and Indicated no action covered from his Illness. ; ity in the ethical sense. 1 am out Floyd said the elder Mecks was ] for the Democratic presidential a heavy drinker and was known by i nomination and I expect to get it. his neighbors as a "trouble maker."] A good, capable, moral woman will ! catch the Imagination of the peo- i pie." With these words Lady Marie i Louise Montague. LMt. D.. "heir to I the earldom of Salisbury." descendant of many kings, former Tom- Albert Urallcn, 27. local automo- bih- mechaniL', is in n .serious con- ditiun at the Blylhi-ville hospital while Robert Horlon, 19. who fired a load from ti sawed-off shotgun into Bratton's face and shoulder 'iimdiiy afternoon, is lodged in Ihe county jail 0:1 a tentative rliarge of assault with intent to kill. The shooting occurred in Robinson addition, in the southwest section of the city, about 4 o'clock yesterday. Uratton. who was a frequent visitor at the home of Horlon and Iiis sister, began to abuse younj Horton when the lnt-j ,,~^n" • ~, i"Why."' she said. "Govcnior ter warned him not to eel rough) Mrs. J. H. rraZlCr i BKCS Slnlt1 ' recently told me he had around the house, Horton Is saidj n _ I T C 1 \vi-.i 1'earned his lesson, that If he Is to have told officers. Bialton. according to Horton's story had started lo beat him and l:?£tm to hurl bricks at him when the younger man barricaded himself in (he house of a neighbor, Sum Uarnes. a blind man. Horton found a sawed-off shotgun in the blind man's shack and fired tlie load at Bratton when the fight .continued, according to reports. When Bratlon fell, Horlon dropped the gun and fled. Policemen Hoover's Host and Ancient Castle CULLS MEETING DP M nm / Moratorium on Debts Will! Be Chief Plank in Oryaii- [ iza lion's Platform. ' . MONTE NE. Ark.. Mnrcli 23. (.UP j —Lacking confidence hi the two Niiijur political parties of llic.coui)- try because they have allowed Ihe i growth of a financial system which ' permits the p:actice of usury, banking intere.sis. members' W a new political party, through llVelr chairman, W. H. "Coin" -Harvey, today issuer! the call for a.psrly convention to be hold this slimmer. Formation of the new party .'was • many ward leader, drew herself to announced today by Harvey. • a ' her full five feet of presidential white-haired, slight appearing inuu timber and looked reporters straight ' ' in the eye. i"Why."'. she Own Life Sunday Cavbolic Acid. Whatever motive led Mrs. J. H. Frazier, wife of a Chicago mill foreman, to end her life by drinking carbolic acid at her home, 1108 West Main street, Sunday afternoon, will remain a secret. •d again in 1932 he will insist upon me as his running mate to carry the woman's vote and the solid south. I believe Rooscv:k would do the same. "Nevertheless I am not asking for the vice presidency, but the presidency, no less, and I think I have a good chance. ily circle as one of complete hap- Gwyn awl Elliott, who were cru^ piness. Mrs. Frazier left no message iwn;r in the vicinitv at thn time, pvnlniiitnir bnr a*t Members of the family could ad- j "A woman In the White House vance i;o reason for the woman'siwould be every bit as efficient as a act. Neighbors regarded the fam-1 man because the work Is done ism^.in the vicinity at the time, arrived a few moments after the shooting and Elliott overhauled Honon in a chase. Bratton was rushed to the Bly' thevtlle hospital were his condition although serious, was not believed to he critical today. He is said to claim that Horton shot him without provocation, 'Preliminary hearing for young Horton has been: postponed pending the : outcome 'o! Bratton's injuries. Bifd' -Caihadayr a Half Moon township deputy constable, Is listed as one of the witnesses for the hearing. It is understood that Cathaday denies being an actual eye witness to the shooting but \ras in Ihe vicinity at the time. explaining her act. Mrs. Prazier had prepared lunch 'or her son, Paul Frazier, who worked at the Chicago Mill and jumber corporation. Her husband, i foreman at the plant, went to he mill about 2 o'clock to take the •oungcr Fra/wr his lunch. Frazier, returning from the mill, 'ound his wife lying in agony on Priystc-ry Surrounds Death Leap From Hotel Window BIRMINGHAM, Ala.,-March 23. (UP)—The man who was killed when he fell or was thrown from rt window in the Hotel Hillman Sunday had been identified today a: Dennis O. Keith, 29, but police stil! vc-re unabfc to tereak down trie wall of silence which surrounde* his mysterious death. The man was identified by his mother, Mrs. A. A. Riely. Six men were being held in jai here for questioning. Ail of them denied any cononcction with the man's death. Keith jumped out of one of the windows, one of them said. Five or six men had been cn- largely by lieutenants; it's just a matter of pushing a button. Besides a woman has what a man lacks and do you know what that 1S7" The reporter did not. "It's intuition, that's what." M flS KILLER .he floor of her room. Frailer ran Into the street and, stopping a motorist, rushed his wife to -the Blytheville hospital. She succumb-: ed about 3:30 "O'clock. " '" An empty bottle that had contained carbolic acid was found in the woman's room by Coroner \V; band. The woman's lips were burn- H. Stovall and the woman's hus- burned, indicating that she had swallowed the acid. No inquest was held, officials accepting the evidence as confirmation of suicide. Funeral services will be held tomorrow morning at Sanders' Chapel iKsir Union City, Tenn., The Cobb Undertaking company of this city is in charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased is survved by her husband, a son, Paul, 19, and a daughter Icy Mae, 21. The Frazlersl mobile. An argument and fight fol- -' lowed in which Walker is alleged lo have struck, at Fletcher with a pocket knife, opening the gash in the latter's neck. Officers said Walker admitted inflicting the wounds, maintaining he acted in self defense. Knife. Wound,' Inflicted in Quarrel, Proves Fatal to Mississippian. PARAGOULD. Ark.." Mar. 23 (UP)— Leo Walker, 19, Paragould, Is being held in the Greene county jail today in connection with the slaying late yesterday of Joel Fletcher, 24, Clarksdale, Miss, tail- who' a quarter century ago ' was known throughout the country 1 as a writer and lecturer. Wants Experts Only Harvey, who is 80 and is recovering from a severe Illness, Is the moving spirit of the party and the chairman of the committee which has enrolled persons from all parts of the country. Delegates to the convention will have to qualify themselves as to their knowledje of the effects of usury on the organisms of the government, a statement by Harvey said. Eacli delegate must show a complete knowledge of American history. Harvey said. _ : . • •:, "Our platform will be confined to the financial and economic subjects," Harvey, a writer on financial subjects during the nineties. said, "and their remedy, government ownership of banks and a moratorium law suspending payments on al! interest bearing bonds and mortgages which will mean the' restoration of immediate prosper-' ity." - : Strictly Independent ; Harvey was asked whether the new political party would affiliate,'. itself wlthirt.Sibci-i'ci the'progres-i sive group which met recently in Washington. "We will have 'no affiliation with the progressive group and will not touch .the prohibition subject or side issiiesi" he explained. The .'"impromptu -national committee" has enrolled 65 persons Prcsident Lands at Ponce and Is Greeted by Gov, Theodore Roosevelt. from all parts of the country and with delegates from almost every state excepting New York. Tt In, , , , - cu or shop employe, following a quar- 1 „ " rcl between the two- Fletcher died i° r ' from a knife wound which.severeci I ^' veins in the right side of his neck. ™ D Early in tr, afternoon the tw» , JknsSr " • ansas City In this stately old Spanish castle at San Juan, Porto Rico— now the official residence of Stales' governor of the island— Colonel and Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt planned Hoover when he visited them on his vacation trlji to the West Indies. United SAN JUAN, Porto Rico, Mar. 23 (UP) — President Hoover reached this Ishml's capital, one of the • oiliest cities In the new world, today for his first visit to the Caribbean domain of the Unilcd States. Two dramatic Incidents marked • the passage of tlic president's par- ' ly from Ponce, on the coast, where ilicy landed -from tlu Battleship Arl/ona. At Carey, an attractive woman dro.uod In bluck pushed her, '• way lo Hoover's car and thrust a tetter toward the president. Mr.-' Hoover was about to taho it whciv I i Colonel E. W. Slavlln of the secret • ' service Intervened and seized it. : The woman .was Senora Zenaldm Monr,?rralc. Her letter asked the- of Colonel Roosevelt father, the late president, In Ihe closcup of Bandits Get $9,000 from Tennessee Bank 'at Cook of Etowah Held Under $4,000 Bond for Assault to Kill. OSCEOLA, Ark., .\farch 23—Pat Cook, 40-year-old Etowah farmer, waived preliminary hearing in Justice M. R. Cisco's court on Little River this morning and was held to the grand Jury under a total bond of • $4,000, the bond being fixed at $3.000 on each of two charts of assault with Intent to kill.' Fred Burks, 21, share-cropper on Cook's place, Is In a serious condition at Baptist hospital, Memphis, where he was taken Friday evening following trouble .with Cook over the handling of a team of mules, which culminated in Cook's firing on the man with a shot gun. The man's right jaw is torn away and several teeth shattered by the charge from the gun, according to physicians. Another share-cropper known only as "Shorty," Is at ills jvome near Etowah, suffering from minor gun shot wounds, said to NASHVILLK, Tenn., March 23. 1 (UP)—Two masked bandits prod:d«l pistols into the side of J. W. Stone Jr.. toller at the Centennial branch, American National bank, icrc shortly alter 9 a. m. today and orced him to turn over S9.0CO. The robbers forced the young ne- gro son of the bank's Janitor into heir small roadster and raced away along a crowded traffic artery. Observe the striking resemblance president to pardon her son A'.igcl, 21, who Is serving a term In Jollet prison for manslaughter committed • In Chicago. At San Juan, Riln Real, . 80, pushed her way to the president' and thrust out her withered hand. Mr Hoover seized it graciously and shook it. Asked what the wanted she replied, "Only help." The president reached lure after i a live hour motor trip over the winding trail from Ponce. Dsceola Officers Arrest Boy Who Stole Car of Man Who Befriended Him. OSCEOLA, Ark., March 23.—Officers J. W. Cox and J. W. Cartwright Jr., yesterday apprehended Carl Arnold, 19, charged by Memphis police with theft of an automobile, as he drove through Osceola and returned the •'boy to Memphis authorities'. Arnold. was driving n Chevrolet jroadsler, which according to th: Memphis police,'belonged to F. M ciam'pltt of Memphis, and was en route to his liomc in' Detroit, he told Officers Cox and Carlwrlght. Clampitt told Memphis officers that he picked the boy up hitchhiking on the highway near Los Angeles. Cal., and brought him Memphis, his own destination, pay- moved here from the Union City section about three years ago- Hol Springs Grocery Salesman Fatally Shot HOT SPRINGS, Ark., March 23. (UP)—Wiley Jones. 38, city salesman for a local wholesale grocery company, was shot and fatally Gastritis Fatal to tion owner, and - hbrsl, president of the Formers Union of I^an, s. D Hold Boys for Killing Fort Smith Detective FORT SMITH. Ark., Mar. 23 gaged in a dice game in a room on i wounded here today. A man giving I the sixth floor of the hotel, detec- his name as "Happy" Miller was Funeral services will be^conducc- . ., . PtponreT Wicker i'"P ) - cJhar 6« probably win be ueorge i. nicner flled toda> . against. w P GjlcSi 19 lives said. arrested shortly after the shooting c<i this afternoon at 3 o'clock for I , - , _, i._»j i- _ .• i_ rtjvirrro TVvimnc \Vinlrr>r SI iviin Brothers Trial Jury Picked After -Six Days CHICAGO. March 23. (UP>—A jury of 12 men, all of whom said they were ready to return the death verdict if the evidence justified It. were obtained and sworn to tryi I*o V. Brothers. St. Louis, charged with the murder of Alfred J. Lingle. Chicago Tribune reporter. Six days of extensive questioning was necessary before the 12 men and is being held vestigation. pcndino at i in-1 Ceorge Thomas Wicker, 57. who ° Idled here this morning at 2;30 Officers said they were unable to!o'clock following an attack of acute determine a'motive for the shoot-1 gastritis. ing. Little is known about Miller! Interment will be nt the Sawyer who moved here about five months ago. Museum and Highway Planned For U. S. Park cemetery. The services are to conducted by the Rev. James Hooten, assisted by the Rev. H. Holt. The deceased is survived by his wife, one daughter, Miss Annie Wicker, and a brother, B. T. Wlck- SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) F"»" al _ a " B . n8 ,!, rnc .. ts .. »" , in -Plans for erection of a museum (charge of the Blytheville Undertak- and construction of a road leading ln B company, from the main highway are con- Alexandria, I,a., and Thomas A. Moore, 20. New York, held here in connection with the fatal shooting of- City Detective Sam Booth, 50, Saturday night, The youths wer? arrested in Hock Island, Okla., yesterday. Moore was wounded in the hand and shoulder. Officers claim the wounds were inflicted during a gun battle with Booth who had attempted to have-been inflicted by Cook wher i "Shorty" fled from the scene fol- Henry Schorrl-' 'owing the shooting of Burke. Cook, a substantial farmer of the Etowah neighborhood, went to the tioma of H. J. Meadows Immediately following the trouble and asked that the officers be called. He Is said to have admitted shooting Burke ' and to have voluntarily placed himself In custody of Deputy Constable Cllde Sharpe of Little River township. He was released under bond for his appearance in Justice Cisco's court this morning. Represented by G. B. Scgraves, Osceola attorney, he waived hearing and was held to the grand jury on the two charges. Preliminary Report of Census Bureau Shows Bis Loss by Arkansas. Mississippi co. "pasted the 100,000 tale mark in shillings of 1930 crop cotton by a margin of less than i 400 bales, accoidlng to the prelim-'" 111 a11 lllc toy ' s expenses en rout Inary estimate of the bureau of the i Deluding hotel accommodation h: census. The county total ' 100305 ' Memphis Saturday evening ,and Is In running bales, and probably tht earl y Sunday morning while he somewhat greater was taking a bath Arnold took his Osceola Pastor Opens Revival at Monette arrest the pair for speeding. Alias j OSCEOLA. ArkT March 23,-Rev. quantity of standard 500-pound clothes, money and automobile and bales. sklpptd out. season's total for Arkansas, Officers In Critlendcn county is placed at 863,449 bales, which • were notified to watch for the stolen compares with 1,395,869 bales for ear and they In turn notified Offl- tlie year previous. Only one coun- ] cers Cox and Cartwright of Oscc- ty in the state, Crawford, produc-, ola, who made the arrest, cd more cotton in 1930 than In 1029. . A comparison of ginning figures fcr 1930 and 1929 for the leading cotton producing counties of the state follows: Ashley . Chlcot, rrcsrn(e<l With Table Cloth PON.OE, t'orto Rico, Mar. 23 (UP) —Prc.'i'dciit Hoover landed here to-: day from the U. S. S. Arizona on- • the iirst stop in his Caribbean cruise. The president en me ashore at 7:45 a. m. after he had conferred With Qov. TlEOdore Roosevelt aboard the Arizona. A large crowd; was gathered to greet him In a' -. typical Porto RIcan setting ' ofi palm trees and tropical weather. 1 • The president hi-' party pro:ceded to : . • the citV'iiaH'-.wliefi! MrVHooyef was', presented with an elaborately de-, signed .taMo cloth - combining the!.,, favorite flowers of nil the, presi-.. dents. Including the poppy, his own'[•election. • ' ' - • : Josephlna Onbasa, 8, Porto Rlcan girl, made the presentation spwch in English. Elements said to be nationalist;' sympathizers continued an appar- : ently futile effort to inject hospit- : : allty Into the presidential reception, mill a few hours before the Arizona . arrived. Handbills were distributed In the towns through which the; presidential party will pass .en. route to San Juan describing Mr.' Hoover as the head of "a capitalls-; tic, plutocratic, and socialist Re-i publican party. ; •ssertedly told officers he shot Booth in self defense. He told police he deserted from the army at Fort Sam Houston, Tex., March 19 who met vdth the approval of both | templated by the National Parks! Little Red Hen Disgraces state and defense attorneys could! Service in a development program! n , I J- f .1 F To Farm Board be found. | of the Dinosaur National nionu- j ment of Utah, according to word received here. Other Ladies of the Coopj C 'tiV ic ft | received nere. i SEATTLE. Wash., (UP)—Com-1 OWUI I»lCk oaves Llie I Park service officials and the:pletely disgracing her companions; r\t iir rn i j American Museum of Natural His-1 and master, Lady of Wellington, a, \Jl Woman On IrJlCK;_ or y f) ew y 0 rk, arc discussing the j little Rhode Island red hen, chang-; development plans. | ed her appearance and habits so The government would construct; completely that she was considered an entrance road from Jensen, six Jan outcast on the J. W. McQulre WILKES-BARRE, Pa., (UP) — the but: miles to the monument site. The | chicken farm. Museum of Natural nlstory would excavate skeletons If the government would erect a small museum A swift kick is not usually n-.cst pleasant of sensations it resulted in sax Ing a life here recently. Mrs. Martin Trudnak, Mccan- aqua. was pulling a heavily loaded!where they could be exhibited. flrd across the Pennsylvania rail-| road tracks there when a coal train: Slam Impresses MinUt«r approached. BANGKOK, Siam, tUP) — Amer-1 outstretched neck. Then she com In her hurry to cross the tracks, I lean Minister David E. Kauf-! menced to crow. j she caught the sled runners be-j man told correspondents here after! To make matters worse, all the! twecu th? rails. | n l s return from a trip through! other hens followed her around, ap- j As :-hc pulled, the train ap- Northern Slam that he was greatly; parently admiring her IntJepend-, proacl'/d with Isaac Koons, brake-! impressed by the future Industrial-ence and transmigration. ! man. riding the pilot of the Icco-; possibilities of that territory. The| Lady of Wellington was a well- behaved little hen until recently when she began to develop a deep-! ; throated cackle and a comb, and | strutted among the other ladles of ; ] the coop with ruffled feathers and '- C. E. Welch, pastor of the First Baptist church of Osceola. last evening preached the opening sermon of a revival meeting In Monette, Ark., which will continue through the week. The Baptist congregation here Joined the Methodist denomination In attendance at a special service i commemorating the 42nd annlvcr- |sary of the Epworth League, at the I evening hour. Antiphonal singing >by the church choir and the Ep! worth League choir, featured the musical drama. "The Wanderer's Returned." The service was re- Jiearsed and directed by Mrs. Eil Myers. Mrs. J. W. Edrlngton was a soloist and Mrs. Harry Jones, accompanist. Will Rogers jr. Joias Fort Worth Newspaper FORT WORTH, Mar. 23 (UP)— Will Rogers jr., son of the cowboy humorist, Joined the ranks of wage earners today as an employe of •. Sam Thompson, above, farmer Clay Cralghead Crltlcnden Cross Desl-.a Jackson Jefferson Lee Lonoke Mississippi. Phillips Poinsctt Pnlaski St. Fiancls White Woodruff 18,299 20.925 16.125 32.005 54,127 18,915 11.565 24,153 40,918 22.315 35,365 33,581 34,549 29.888 55.126 79,785 25,739 27.621 43.495 63,264 28,034 50.466 Osceola Child Victim o! Spinal Meningitis OSCEOLA, Ark., March 23—Funeral services for I. W. Youne, six- Baby Dies Suddenly i While •Visi'diig..Here : Funeral services were held this morning at the First Baptist church;. at, Holland, Mo., for Omsr Perry, Jr., 15-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Omer Perry of. Holland, who died suddenly nt the home of his year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. How-i grandmother in this city yesterday ; ard Young of Osceola, were con-i morning.' j ducted by Rev. Ell Myers, pastor of I The Perry family arrived here the First, Methodist church, ycs'.er- i Saturday for a -neek-errf visit with- I ,- • ! day morning, at Ermen cemetery, wher Interment was made. the baby's grandmother, Mrs. Gro-i ver Clifton. The baby became sud- 100,395 138.871 30.475 36,628 41.8KO 23.210 43,930 28,345 27.562 19,299 34.076 16.597 17,699 The child died Saturday morning Idenly ill Sunday morning and died- of spinal meningitis. Only a few within a few hours. Death was at- 1 cases of the disease have devcl- lopcd here since the epidemic of I last year and tilts Li the first death j cemetery. Funeral plans were in |from meningitis this year. [charge of tr.c Cobb Undertaking. company. tributed to acute indigestion. Interment was made at Cooter 29.891 Didn't Mind Kicks, But Legislative Committee Hears Joliet Inmates WIFE'S DREAM COMES TRUE GALAX, Va., (UP>—Mrs." Jethrow Webb dreamed she saw her j husband drop dead. So Impressed 111., Mar. 23 (UP) —'by It. she kept her small <on from describing as "in-; school. At 9:45 a. m., Webb, an killing of three con- ; automobile salesman, dropped Washington's birthday; dead. JOLIET. Biack Eyes Quite Different ^'"S^ I victs in a MEDIA, Pa., (UP) — She didn't attempt to escape was before thej mind being kicked, but^ when he legislative committee which today! EL PASO SUEKS ARMORED CAR gave her a black eye—well, that continued its efforts to determine EL PASO, Tex., (UP) — Police was a detriment to her business. tho causes of recent costly riots at Chief L. T. Roiey has asked city At least that's what pretty Mrs.' the Joltet and Statesvllle prisons, authorities to purcha-c an armored Evelyn LaRocca. Drexel Hill beauty The same convicts who gave this car for the protection of n-.oney parlor proprietress told Judge Albert Dutton MacDade when ?he applied for a divorce from Philip La Rocca of Detroit testimony told the committee Hen-: shipments from the Union station ry C. Hill was an efficient warden,;here and Ei Paso banks. that he was popular with tha pris- -, oners, and they held him In no way j She testified her husband kicked 1 responsible for what they consider-. her and admitted to her that he « ™ ^^ "us" f ° r ™ "P" 5 ' had been friendly with other wo- In 3 s men. That was all right with her, she declared, but when he hit her in the rye so she wasn't able to attend to business for three days, she WEATHER Sagona Sails With ARKANSAS — Cloudy, probable ; showers In north portion, warmer' in extreme eastern portion, .colder In nn.-thw,:st portion tonight; Tuesday cloudy oud colder. decided it was enough. The decree was granted. motive. i expansion of rice growing through 1 when building their nests birds banker of Qulncy 111 has suc- Tl-.e «o:n»n delayed and Koons,; Irrigation from hydro-electric plants, seldom use bright-colored or con- cceded Alexander Letts on trie unable to reach her by any other and the "--• •— b '-—•- •-•- -- -• - - - ?. lliuu ™« V**" method, kicked her clear of the. partlcuti Th» tr,m The tram the <t«l me SIM. nt, . n.« | other centers. m-an* *«nb *«»A * „ 1,1 ., ,. ^ ......w..-**. u^r... - - TO W Cl C U^KII IV I11IEI, HUU UIU1UUK11 CU ^ (.-.\VlUUe BIT, Ulll » j* .nH«, J « wercisplcuous materials, as these would-Federal Farm Board. He resigned i he declined to commit himself he! has 1*5,.. i^m by n Ja 3irl> mentioned. He vis-, draw attention to their homes, so; from five years' presidency of the, was reported looking with greatest! enlist, ventilation belr, hlcng Mai, Lampang and making discovery by an enemy .American Farm Bureau Pcrtert-; favor on the classified advertising j by air pumped from Viking's Survivors A;eoTtHl , B the „,. er cb:?rver. Charles Phillips, th; ST. JOHNS, N. f 1 ., March 23. mWrium temperature here y.'ster- (UP>—The steamer Sigona with d a y -. vr , 5 40 degrees and the maxi- An alt-glass house that is assert-; 127 survivors of the lost sealer Vlk- mum, 62 degrees, char, Saturday's was .24 Inches. On the tlon. which department of the or he would work In. All b:i were open to him, and although | ed to exclude air. dirt and bacteria u>g aboard released herself today falr.fall Japanese scl- Irom the Ice which had held her same day a y£.ir a~o the minimum being provided off Horse Island and started early temperature was 39 degrees and distant today for St. Johns. She was due the maximum, 11 degrees, partly Icounter. | point through filters. |here at 9 a. m. toaionow. cloudy.

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