The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1933
Page 6
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. (ARK.) COtTRJER HighSpots and Figures on 1933 Sport Screen _JVEUXESDAY,_DE_CEaiBER_ 27, 1933 Lanky Pitcher, Little Box-! er and Long-Legged Runner Standouts BV BILL BKAUCHEU NKA Service SpDrts Kditnr .'., NEW YORK.—Tne Hires outstanding sports perfcrmiinces of 1933 were the pitching of Carl Hn!>-; tell. to:h In the league race nnJ ; the world series; the n?*' ml!e rcc- : Old of Jacfc Lovelock. New Zsabutl- [ cr, and tab comeback of tlic lightweight-division under t!:e Impetus of ;Barney ; .Ross.- Htbteli's pitching came nt a 'time when tight races in bo'.h Am-- 'erlcon and-National Leagues had I brought b35ebal|.cnlJiiisia<!'i to f?- ! • ver-hoat. ' HIS a'ltilaul victories inspired a Giant team consi-hrod Vosfully weak al ir.e beginning of the season; his work in the series broke the morale of tile Senators, a team considered the Glints' superior In every other department. * * * ' lovelock's new mile mark came in a race with Hill Bonthron. Princeton roller, during the running of the Oxford-Cambridge and Princeton-Cornell track. mee.F. Both were filie nmcrs and, will) BbhthroTi setting-' the early pace, tli* 1 Australian 1 cairie 'on In "-the stretch to 1 cross the tape' yards In front of Bonthron In the "remarkable lime 'of ; 4:07.0. breaking Jules Ladoi:megue's old mark of -4:09.2. -Bonthron, ; tob, broke the old rec- ord,"'flnlshlrig In 4:03.1. i , • , 4 . • « • . Ross' work in the squared circle was Just the tonic the fight game needed. His two victories over Tony Carizorierl;'one of the greatest llgh'. weights the ring ever- knew, marked him .'as 'a standout battler. Hls''Victory stirred action In his own .'division with the result that, th'e'-customere-centered. their alien-' tlon 'oh- the-.-llghtles after bavins beeiv : '<)rsarjp3ln(«d by promoters W'ho-''''ipromlsed" a • - Carncra-Baer match ''after Primo won the title from •Sharke'y - : tind Baer kayoed EeHmrtlng Ifor thel right to-meet Ihevriew 'champion::' ; •• •:••• • In : i football;-" probably -the .most um'arkable '.' recordicwnsi that ..of Princeton.-under Fritz :Crislcr. The Tiger, finding itself in the second year 1 of the Crisler regime, went through a'-'season ' undefeated and untiecl-Mhe tfnly- major team to do>sb'. '"•''•'• ";'•'•' • .•'.-' ' Other ! hlghllghts : were the defeats of-NcJre'Dame^and Southern California/ the demonstrated • superior.- Ity of Big "ten football and the so- !ectloh' ! of .Stanford ; and Columbia to play-in the -Rose :-Bowl gome. Choice 1 of ^Columbia came as n sur- prii-tV'. is'^ trie' •' teom-'<had .been •• de- feoted once and was thought, to be u-we'iker'team than Pittsburgh, Ne- braslia! 1 '-Alabama, •: Michigan or DUk'e.i'i ,.'• . •.:.'••. .-.-. ••The'•'Star''''of 'American tennis proved-to be'Prank Shields, the big ••New'TTerker who'.gained No. 1 ranking' position-^ after Vines, AMI- sbn.-Vari- Ryn and Lolt dropped declsions'afWimbleaon mxl in na-. vis ".Oup"riiatcl)es in Prance. • Shields'-won- two'-big eastern..In^ vl I a'tlontt "matches, and was-the only .otte to show' any great reslst- i ance'to : tr.e invasion- of Perry and | Austin : of England, and Crawford and McOrath of- Australia. ' Helen Jacobs.-by her default, win j frorri" Helen Wills-Moody in the wo- i men's national singles, took No. 1 ranking among feminine racque- ' leers. • '• . In golf. Johnny Goodman and Virginia'-Van Wie-were outstanding. The' former WAS the first amateur since' Bobby Jcnes to win the National Open.- The latter annexed the women's national tournament in Chicago, beating arch rival, Helen Hicks. It was Virginia's second trip to the throne. Otrer golf winners were - Denny Shute. who copped the • British Open; George Dunlap. • who won the National Amateur; Gene Sara zcn. victor-in the P. o. A; Walte Emery, Intercollegiate winner; Paul Runyan and Craig Wood, youn I'wo of 1933'.s 's|K>ri.s nctlon htij'iljpht . as Ule foremost changer Glvi-s Kirds Stale ,Bread PHILADELPHIA. CUP)— Hooks and Slides following lands bclongln e .Chlckasa,wbn District \pf' •-• ,. . , •-,, v^iv-Aaaawun LjiMnci ,01 E. " T C 1 Uiere0f !^ S W' County. Arkansas.^ b .. . with 8 per cent Interest from Sen. 26, 1933 ____ (, Tf.e :purcliaseri at" 'said sale wll be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure th. payment of the purchase money . ibiddcr. tor cafe, on a credit, of three and a lien will be retained upo , months, at the front door of the said properly as additional security IN THE PROBATE COURT FOK THE OSCEOLA DISTRICT OKI . MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, . AR-: KANSAS ' In the Matter of the Kst'atc of' ' Mitinlc E. Driver, Deceased Bill Braucher for the payment of such purchase Welby Young. Ally. prescribed by, law, in the City of , Blylhevilie,-; At-kansas, oii" the 10t:i ' Witness my hand and the sea , , day ;?f ''Januah, 193-!, tlic following - of said Court, on this, the 20th da : COMMISSIONER'S SALE , real-estate;- toifclt: . of December, 1933. K. L. GA1NES, Commissioner in Chancery C. Douglas Notice is hereby gi South 100 feet of l/>t Seven, Notice is hereby, given commtaloner. in oom- ' •• ' ' • -..Block. One,-Dougan Addition to •Blytheyllle ; t\ ^ ••>•:•: ', r. Said 'Bftl^.'-n-tif LI^L »._,i'*i_ ills- the terms of !j r ,'decree: .undersigned, an administrator pros who cleaned up In the winter tournaments, and such youngster: as Jack Westland. Gus Moreland Albert Campbell and Charley Perrera,.who won major tournaments On the turf, old Equipoise held hU title as leading handicap hcrse "Ekky'.' dragged down some $55.75( for his winning performances diir mg the year. The leading three-year-old, al though not in money won. was Wa Glory. He won renewals of Dwyer and Larencc Realizai.ui, stakes andlhe Saranac and Maryland hndicaps. Tso-year-o'.d honors were gathered mostly by fiii!e s , though Singing ood, by virtue of winning $33.000 In uhe Belmont Futurity, led the money- winners. Mala Harl probably was the best of these Ju- Old Knscball Echoes -When the baicball maiinatvs rc- :ntly renewed the expensive con- nict of Judne Kcncsnw Mountain lou-halred Lnndls for a period of even years, there was some surprise and criticism ... it was elt In some coriwr^'l>tlve uiirters hiit' the Judge, as baseball's lilijh ommlssloiiDV, Imd oulscived lilq sefnlness ;•.".'. 'what wns : there 'ft for the Jucii-e to do? .' , . wn's Here still crookedness In 1 'oreaiili!- U.' bascbnll? ' • ' • ' The polril seems ponrly taken, .lid though the administration of -nndls has been accused of mriily njiislicc^ in Ihn name of, rlpht- ousncss, I would fay thnt-.Iie has earned every dime baseball , has slvcn him or .will give him ,diir- ns the iie^t. seven years. • * * What It Took He Had The Jiiclrc came to his hlRh. nf- Ice nt a time when relentless Inand piuUshmcnt were It has not been jndly needed „. ^ tl , nade.public,how rotten-the game '.nd become . .. .,not only'In the n:ajprs were nail games, thrown ike ^ the While Sox threw tliat &10 world series to Ihe Clncln, mil Reds . . . the unclcanllncjs cached -down'Into remolc minors. I'have" talked with ball 1 players • Up 'suspected their teammates 'of hrowing fumes for as cheap a re- vard as a few dollars , . . they mve told nie they were very sure ibout certain InTielders nllowln'i; asy (rroimders to roll through heir legs'for hits because they lad made bels thnt morning on he opposing team . . . nnrt of iltchers who hrnrcd "fat" pitches o dangerous hitlers tit critlcnl lines. . .. *' * • '.Money Changers" Gamblers bcnme bolder and more Commander.. Dyrd's • , DKAll,.formerly w»s the U. S. coast Kuard,'s relief «hlp lu Alaskan waters. ; Th« Ant»rctlo continent, In -bounded- by the ANTAUCTIC and INDIAN OCKANS. The penguin lu found )n Australia, 'New Zealand and Ihfl Falkland Imacds In plentiful number*' Football Letters Given 17 at Osceola Banquet .OSCEpljA, Ark'.—Seventeen Sem- Inolts were • awarded. . letters by Coach Cnrrpll Bird at a banquet teiMlcrcil by the Booster- club just before close of school for the holidays. .They nre Frank Chiles, Melvin Lapldes, nilly Sn,elson, Malcolm Taylor, Rlchurd Cromer,-Ed Chto- cnhpll,; Sam Edrlngton, Gerald Hm- son, Ned Ayers. Zeke Pollard, Walter Pace, ..Howard . Kooulz,. Ji, W. Taylor..'-Allan Scgravcs, Vllc'e Nlch'- o'f.ift"- 1 * 1 Yo . u ,"8' a'W 1 Cecil Oldham. ' s " ' "• From among their number the leltcr men dhcsc Allan Sograves to be- captain'-mid Ed Chlscnhnll siib- caplnln of'the team for next year. LA ROOHEil,B., France'-.-(UP)— .Gi'.ston Berittid, 44, fiirmer; ,was sentenced by.ulie court to-pny;iG francs for Imvln-f called his mayor "n signature•• machine." Sentence suspcnderl, ptndlng good .be- \r . '. - - PKJC court on 'the '1st 'day 01 Jari^ljir'y, .1.934. .for authority to sejl : FARM HOMES '.AT, , i ' ""AUCTION: " • A-J 12 Smitheasl Missouri Farms' Jun. 2, 10:00 a. m. «l*sase tnint: KM*, llunklin CV., 2!i mi. W. or KennetLi " ( ' •' • n ", j Jan. 2, IiOO :p.:n:. nouglaj Tanrii 1 247. A; Durkllii Co., 3 mi. N. E.' of Senatlii -: . i.-- •• ^-. .1, j Jan. 3, 10:00'a. m. Kirk farm, 41)1 A. Dunklin Co., \\< L ml. N. W- of Gibson. . :-,••" Jan. 3, 1:00 ji; m. l.itlle farm, 79 A. Dunklin Co., 2 mi. N. W. vl V.ililrr, :• ;>• ;-• • : ii-. ^ ..Jan. 3, X:00 p.' rrt.T.M*rf: farm, : lit ». Dunklin Co., n mi. N. w ol Miilden;:' '.-: 1 -: . • ' -, »'• .•.• .; .Tan. 4, 10:00 a. m. Henick farm, 80 A. Dunklin Co., 6 ml. N. >y, iif Malderi ' ' •':. " ir - i ' Jan. -1, I:00'p. ini'. iTuttlc farm, 8U A. Dunklin; Cu.;-.« ml. N. W. u! Maiden. •Tun; -4; 3:00 p. m. 'Petty 1 farm, M ;\. Uunklin Co., fi mi. N. w. ni JLiit.,5, 10:00 a. n..', ilar'relsuti farm, SO A. Sfgddard «.'p, 2J4 ml. N. W.. ol llcrnle. . ' Jan. 5. Z:00 p. m Wil'iiamson farm, SO A. Stoddard Co., 3 mi. S COMMISSIONER'S SAI!E Notice',Is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner in compliance with the i te : rms o[ a -decree nimerpns in the baseball stands rendered by thelchancerj' Court for ban they had ever been at thcMhc CMckasnwb;! District 'of.Mis- rnce tracks . . . not only in Ihcj^sslppl County,' Arkansas, on • Hung., league towns was there n j 21st clny of November. 1033 .whcrc- inornlng line" furnishing oddf I" P. Johns and Lillle Johns were n\ ;that afternoon's entertainment. Plaintiffs. NO.--5401,' 1 , and -Thonfas Laridis stepped ;inlo {his sltun'tldn I NorllicuU, et al' w'ere Dcfcndnnls . '. ., soon-tlie scourge ,pf hu! will' sell at piiblii5'"'ilfctiar!i-fo''the -engefnlness was snappiue about, highest and best bidder, for cash. 'on a credit of three months, al the front door of the Court House, between Hie hours proscribed by law. the was snapping ears of the men who were killing baseball's respectability. He sent secret emissaries from ........... ~-.o K .v^.,wu uv mw city to city . : . they unearthed '" " le City of Blylhevilie, Arkansas •larllins evidence of skullduggery. on [l 'e 10th day of January 1934' ' ' much of urmted which has i know newspaper man who became an . not vWn' lh e follovinig real estate, lo-'wll- a former: South half of Lots one and of Bernie. \V. bidder without Ancliuiu to be held on ODCratlve under Landls . . . andi who toured the south inquiring! Two and all of Lot Three. Block Five, Bugg Addition to Dlythe- vllle. Jan. G, 10:00 '-a. m.' Hussell farm, 12S A. MIssLssiji :! i Co., 1!4 mi. S. Jsn. e, 2:00 p. m. Bush farm, 40 A. Mississippi Co., 4 ml. W. of Charleston. These R oi;a (of tor farms will Sroiv ;ill crops, arc to be sold to the h ' reservation, farms. Cnl. C. E. Itobbiijt, Butler, .Mo., Auctioneer. Ci'luicd Jai/, Pa ml will, play fur .vour enlfr|-iln!v,rri I. 20 KAK.M HOMES OKFKKE1) AT I'RIVATE SALE-20 HI A.,' Dunkiin County, adjacent to Campbell. 4C A, Dunklin L'ountv. rear IIol- tonib. 10 A., Dunklin Cuuiily. near Mai-1 den. ' ISO A., Dunkllr, County, west ot Maiden. into activities of n tvrtnin major I Said sale will be had to satisfy ?M ld . cn-I , ,.„ I '(•ague ball club that' had been so- said decree in the sum of S3 181 00 " nun1<1in I'wmly. near Frlsble. Hclting school kids to sign con-i with 10 p:r cent interest from NO- „ 1!,' V - Si ° l1<i; ''"' 1 Coun( >'' w «« "' tracts. vember •>! 10-^1 iirrnic. Silent but ... i 21 - 1933 - rrv)ce ! ™ Purdiaser al said sale will was bnllyhooed, himself. • approved^scc'iirlty^^o socure W ihe of the works he per-j payment of the- purcliasc i tS^&W.rawS asked. "What Is (he cause for his guy no'-v anyway?" . . . What hey could not see was the tireless salient Investigation lhat lie slarl- ed to conduct in 1920 and which ie stjll pursues. He purged baseball of an element . Bazaar, Par Star. Chlckstrew, Discovery and Holy stone followed. ' Passing of legal racing measures by many states boomed racing, but U Is expected that the full Influence of this legislation will not be felt unttu next year. BOSTON (UP)—Elmer P. Tanner removed the wallpaper from hi erooni and found thai It was put on fn 1826. TCe brick house was built in 1MO, and was once the hem* of John Hancock, signer of th* Declaration of Independei vermin could not , . . , . 1.1 11 LI 11 IUULU ItUt live under a regime such as he set >'P . . . he became feared by the people who had been wronging the same . . . and i! seems to me he has earned every dime those magnates ever paid him ... so much for that I money. Witness my hand and the seal of said Court, on this, the 20'-h day of December, 1933 R. L. OAINES, Commissioner in Chancery Frank C. Douglas Atty for Plaintiff. 20-''7 Boston Statues Benffit BOSTON-. (UP)-Tne s'.alues Boston's slalesmen of the pm nave been among those benefited! from the Civil Works projram because they have been washe.', and c.eaned. This project, favored by many of the furnished 25c Special attention to large orders. CHICAGO MILT, LUMBER CO. S'. Jibril County, rrar| Stoddard County, Sloild'^itl County, 136 A.. Bcrnir. 301 A., Dr\tcr 652 A.. Sloild,i I'arnia. J17 A,, Stoddarrt Co., near Dexter. JO A., New MaiNrl County, near I.ilboura. MS A., New Madrid fount), near Kcwnncc. "0 A.. New M.irttld Counly, near Lllbourn. S20 A.. New M.drid County, near rnrtairrvlllc. I9G A., New Madrid County, icar rorlajevillf. 80 A,, SUsstsslppi Charleston^ 218 A., Cape C.;rardeau nrar C.ipc ICO A., Cape Girardcau County near Advance. County, near Counlv . For further tU-falls wr Itc_H A l! "™ n '"'- IfW K-prcscnlallvf, Ken- fell, Missouri. CKNTRAI. KARM SALES _ ___ COHI'OUATION $25.00 $ i.';-^.y. niAw>s,\ti-.i:\Ktis&:;v.*.;i. ;•••••;vi':t---«ja^:i.» CLOSE-OUT PRICE Three Groups Values $30.0Q Values $35.00 Values 18 75$ 23 7S *28 75 Here are the last that Hart Schaf f- ner '& Marx made for : us before woolens went up,,bef ore'hours were shortened, before wages were.rais- ed. -We could put them away until next Fall, and,sell them from-$10-to $15 more; they'd look just as good then as they do now. The one you buy now will also look just as good to you next Fall and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you saved a lot of nioney when you got 1L NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. I JDJTZ.I Last Time Today . , Nile li:-l5, m-:i5c SWEETOiMT'' •Oddity Co ni o (I y " H a |j i»y .'.•'•. \V';\fi':ui;" Comedy "Crnnli's L:UIL>" A!" Slai- Thursday & Friday MAT.—10-25C NITE—I0-:!r,i- : WENT THROUGH A HELL OF TOR- TIJKE FOR LOVE AND HONOR- AND DIDN'T GET EITHER ONE! . . . ROXY Wed. and Thursday MAT.-' -anti NITE—10c-35c H* *M t*o buty Jto ,tove the right «lrl at th* right ,tiaie —lentil he Made l*Ve hi* . bnslnecs with JAMES DUNN CLAIRE TREVOR HARVEY STEPHENS Directed hy Janio f nil Ins ' FOTt NEWS COMEDY Programs Broadcasl Daily Over KLCN at 12:20 "

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