The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 1, 1937
Page 6
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sn BLYTHEVILLE, (AflK.)-COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JANUARY 1, 1937 They'll Travel Lighl and Like I t t " Players 'and • Merchants - Qiven r Yeai - to Meet ' New Requhements BY ART KRCNZ NEA Sen ice Golf Writer* NEW YORK, Jan 1,—Golf will ' be olajed with not more Hum 14 ' clubs beginning* Jan 1. 1938 |« ' The amended rule will not become effective for one >oar lo give plajers and manufacturers rmple opportunity to make necessary ' adjustments ft Is the most drastic rule change since the Unilcd Slates Golf "Association Juggled the balloon 1 ball for size and weight In 1031-32, , In making known the move cal- culated'to icsloie to the game individual shot-making skill lost 'Uirpugh the introduction of art! excessive number of clubs in fine- ; ly .graduated and matched sets, Prank M Hn'rdL, secretary of the U. S. Q. A, announced that IhC Rules of OJlf Cominiltee of Hie Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews will recommend the , same" amendment (it the next general meeting. ' The decision was made by the ..'executive committee of the U S G.^A. following conferences and - correspondence with leprcsenta- tlves of the rules r committee of the British, group. "As stated in lls last annual leport, the executhc committee of the U S G A lias noted with 'concern o growing Inciease in the number of clubs" announces 'Hardt "The committee felt lliat a inulllplicUj of clubs tended lo \vard mechanization of a game *one of the great v \lrUies of which ,lles in the opportunity It affords _lot full .individual skill In curlier 'days plajers sometimes changed their swings to esc cute varied 1 shots ' The tendency in recenl -years >has^ been to cliango only .the club. ! Golfers Should Not Buy -Shot? In Pro's Shop ,/'It'was felt that, as a formci 'president of the association spid players 'should not buy their shots ,in the professional's shop bu should develop skill by thch owl effort , , - I'jVThe executive committee be li.eves,that limitation of the nuin .ber^oi clubs will accomplish othe desirable 'objectives Rclie'f to cad 'dies from funfair burdens is onr , Another is', the reduction of delays 1 itf play ,' as Ihe^plaiers 15III 'spend*less'time In deciding wha^ 'club,'to |y use. ^Another is giving ~players"who cannot afford an un limltc<l supply \an oppoi-unlty to compete on ~a more equal basts f. Naturally, the change affects only the belter plajers and stare Opinions of the latter vary ^ Hnrry , Cooper, master of Irons and considered by many the finest golfer of the day, sometime.'; cai- ries as many as 30 clubs j'/'T don't see much sense to the ruling,*' saj's Rey Mangmm, who lugS 25 ' •_ Tony .Manero, United Stites 'Open' ctiampion. who packs 19 "asserts that, 14'should be enough _ani) that many are unnecessarj "It, Is the best thing that cvi.r happened ' to golf," declares Joe ^ ' Turnesa] ,»ho wields 16 01 17 ",' •>' Now_m aybe'JTTl !>»ye- a chance,' t I'*,". 'I. can "hit K tall as far with M .clubs ns l can with --IO," beams Gene Sarii/.on. '' Buys Denny Shutc, P. G. A: -chain plan. 'Which shall I eliminate?' position 'where swinging n rlght- hnnciril stick Is Imjwsslblo A s itid Iron is Included In rienrly every bng, Another pet club is a chipper. Jiggct 01 run up lion In outtr ' carry the':* pet clubs, othen. will have lo be kfl out. The hnlf and three-quarter shols will be brought back hi tills manner, for slnols , hercloforc umyid with t-'ub^ tno K°"d iu>\C;> behind him will have lo be played by icstilctlng the swing Fourteen .clubs In the ordinary bug weigh 25 pounds Bags vftiy In weight, dependent upon size, .quality. 1 arid number., of- balls and the accessories carried, but 'Llght- Hcrsc Harry Cooper's kit of 30 club 1 , must Mjnlt In the nelghboi nnnd of f>2 pounds. It has-reached'the point'where II Is ncccssuj to hlic giown men of tlomloio piopoitlons lo acl as caddies. With llio new rule ant: Ihc'-relurn of these men to the shops, the caddy of slight stature 111 get a break. "Jlook, Line And Sinker" By SPN 1 Prclly Pirouette frevv "YcAi Resolutions Mar Frances Slacy,;.'piny hookc the flist vvann daj ne\t spiln when the fish , are::biting; But Jones to Milt lhat pictuip of a sliliU! of dapple he ciught In Mi^Kitppl onpc upon a lime and IniiK up a new one, btRgci nnd belter Lcln Bljthe lo show up tl'c icsl of the postoffltje anglcis , , ..... Herman Cross included; Dick Mam.facliuers saj. that Iherc nob6 ,. |s _ to M W | sh | ng - S0lne of o c libs, because the gol iniL -vv |,| s friends would.; bring him a of cubs bdcnnw the golf nt will mess of cvnpplc; Damon MeLeod purchase anj sticks thai he be- nml Jclm E1 ,, oU (o cnl(M . nnolllcr Icves will Impiova, se- nshill co|ltc<il (ll $5 , lecling those with which he 1 • hioic piollclent By Harry Grayson No Longer Stormy Weather Slc\nlorLS No Ncccssarj as Culillcs -.Average .wood - clubs weigh from 13 to 14", ounces lion clubs weigh noin 14 lo 15 ounces with sand lions luniung as high ns 18 Matched Iron clubs aic made In sets of 10 woods In set of fom' Matched sets of irons aie numbered from the drlUng iron which 1" No 1 to the putter which us unlly is the 10th iron In the bag Nearly nil of the better plnjers like to carry a left-handed club with which to get ont of trouble, such ns'Vhcn thej arc up against a tree 01 fence or otherwise In n i laH summeO, J .0 Cbapin to raw the line on shipments of ockronches and , minnows; Earl \OWEN HOLDS OWN - By Kren/ Icimie Gu.inger tuts a pielly liBure'pirouelliiiB on the ice of, liockcfUlcr Center rink, Nevy 'Voik I he French figuie skating clnmpion is in this country to ti \ to wicst the United Stales women's title from its eight-time holder, Maribel Y. Vinson r 1 Seven Games Played In Manila's Weekly Tourney Henry Louis OehrlB has played In 1808 consecutive games, but John Walter Morris Is the real iron nian of baseball, Morris has served In every.pos- sible capacity 'since he hopped direct from the University of Texas •nnpus to slioilslop the old Cor Inm club to a TCXTS League peinnnt in 1902 He has been a business manager, an • owner, a promotional- director, .and league president. He liejids three eight- clu!) circuits now, the East Texas; G'oltoii Slates, an'd Evnngeline. He Is one of the big men In the minors. Morris' experiences... have been Interesting and varied, but 1 ., ho likes best to talk of that old Cor- slcana outfit, ' They actually were iron men, asserts .Morris, -stout and bcsp'je'-s laded now - and a > cigar smoker from 'way back. "Eleven men reported in Ihc spring and 11 finished Ihe' season. We had .only Ihree pitchers,,land'none ever was taken out, We never sent' a pinch- hitler, to the plate.' Justin - (Nig) Clarke, the old Cleveland ' catcher, was the only member of that Co'rsicana array who went any great distance as a per found The St Louis Cardinals shipped Morris to Birmingham In 1009, and that fall he was sentenced to the 'minors for life when he bought.ail Interest in the' Port Worth Texas League - franchise. « » 4 Vul • Minor Loops oh Feet But, as Morris points out, Ihe old Corsicana aggregation .was one of the best-balanced aggregations in the history of the minors "We set a'world record that still stands by winning .27 consecutive jaines,'' he .beams. :; "We had Vwon 18 straight'on July 4, and. were so 'nr in front thit they split tha season on us Corsicana was In Ihe icnrt.of Hie first Texas-oil field. Tliem wii? the happy dijs' Morris -was one' of the men called upon to save the minors'at the. historic meeting , in CJolumbus at the lielghl. of the .depression Mri 1931 Minor league clubs Mere blowing up like firecrackers The little loops had dropped from 50 in number' to an even dozen. Morris drove an. automobile 100,000 miles in two reconstructing trie very -structure of Die sport. Among other wheels organized by him in addition to the three of which he now Is president, are the Arkansas-Missouri, 'the Noilheast Arkansas, and th° Georgia Florida Lach expanded after being'formed-oh a- six-club'basls. 'The trick is to keep 'minor leagues balanced and not to let 1 the more affluent clubs violate salary agreements e\planiSi Ihe' builder ' ? Bill Klein proudly Inspects a weather ^ane, the crowning point of the veteran National League umpire's" Miami, Beach -home, overlook- Ing Biscayne Bay. Christy Mathewson's arm and Klem's upraised thumb Indicate which way the wind is blowing. Chief Meyers lags' Honus Wagner as the Pittsburgh Immortal slides into the plate. The .weather vane was designed from a painting by Fletcher Cransom. erette, Opelousas. New Iberia. Alex- ' andria, Lake Charles. Rayne, and Lafayette as^Its ports ot call. "While tile majors, espscially the Cardinals through Branch. Rickey, have hclpedf'tdon't think -they riih. any/of-theiblubs in my leagues, sajs Morris with a st*ow of pardonable pride. 'Abbeville and Opelousas are. Independent chibs, with the mayors of the towns as presidents. Pine bunch of men at both places. New Iberia , Is where the tabasco sauce comes from. Lon Warncke .came from Alexandria when it was in the old Cotlon Slates. You should ;ee. the grand collection of youngsters Ihe Detroit club is sending up from 'Alexandria next spring and— John Walter Morris has a lot of fun running his minor leagues, and doesn't mind telling jou about Organized basebill always will thrive with men of his caliber and spirit. MANtLA. Ark.—In Ihc weekly basketball tournament sponsored -bv Si e b ' ? I -fie K^EST OF PRODUCTS, POPS OFf" Too, So S«Oi/iD MAKE A FifiB FOR p/zzv Buckley and Randolplj Smith, lo School District 15, played in the ~' "nd next sniniiie' camp!i> a on local gym, learns and scores were illn's Cicck vvliero Ihc big as follows: Manila boys 12, Skid- glc-eyes grow; Oliver Coppedgc. way boys 22;, Blackvvater boys 1C; o'tench-Oliver junior how to push Boynlon boys 14; Brown boys 40, a bent since Jciry Cohen leslgn- Carmi bojs 1 B^iown ^irbi 5 Ma ed the job, Juss Homer, not to niU gills 35 Bo\ CUIer girls 12 go fishing \\llh Dr Tipton anj- Bl\ck«ater girls n Brown girls 14 noie without a lantern; B. A. Shady-Grove girls 6; Box Llciei JJclson,'• never lo .drop his out- boys 12, Skldvvny boys 14 Joard motor In 'Ihe 'Mississippi The tournament for next Wed- again; Paul Byruin, never to bring nesilny, beginning at 5 o'clock and home nnothei grinncll Pete continuing through 10 oUock will Thompson to catch nnolhcr OHL be phjcd b"tvveen Minlla and Lit- ponnd bicam Eirnest Halsell and tie River girls BlackwatT and Jim Ciafton to take overcoits on Little River bojs Bos Elder nnd their ne\t Irlp lo Reelfoot Lake, Brown Spur bojs, Bojnton and Paul Kiiklndnll lo dodge wood- Skldvvaj girls shady Glove ind peelers while riding on automo-' Bo\ Elder girls Skidwaj and tin bile fenders Far) Damon, to cor ney bojs, Brown and Blackvvater ner the 1037 icnch maikct D W B'rk, ManIK and Rocky boys A Sellers, to build a barbed wire team will be selected from theje fence around Blue Hole , Pat winners to play Bojnton in the O'Brynnl, to catch another 41- final game of Ihe evening, pound catfish Horace Wnlpole, lo| Co-ich Curllss has mnJe arran s » convince his friends he really mcnls for the Manila high scl-obi landed r, four-pound bass; O. N.^ Lions to play Beech Grove here Hawkins and Jack Bishop, to get Friday night. These boj-s recently a hook Inlo the mouth of the big- defeated ihs Joncsboro high teani gcsl bass in Armorel .lake; Aue'and arc considered to be n crack «TI i * Klnningham, Elza team In Cralghead county, start- \\heeier and Ott Mulllns, to-pray-Ing players for Manila will' prob- ror 52 Sundays full of sunshine ably. Include Williams and shock- and good fishing; Mrs. C. J. Cox.Uey at forward' Scott and White get a line on those glasses she! at guard and Berry'at center The roppcd in Mills Bayou; Harold' Lions arc practicing defensive plays tcrnbcrg, to keep an eye on his tinder Curtiss, centering around (he sh stringer, especially at the diminutive Scott and his mate umping station; .Rodney Banister,: While. They have won e»ht o lake Ivvo holidays a week, one straight victories with no losses Forest Lookout Tower Isolated by 9 Lakes ELY, Minn. (UP)—What pros ably is.-the most, isolated' lookout tower in Northern Minnesota 4ias been completed on the Wavvishiwi ranger district in the Superior national • forest. -The tower is? -accessible -only afler crossing nine lakes and nine portages ^ by canoe—or hydroplane. It • is called Kekekablc tower after the lake near which it is located. Burled deep in the heart of the Wilderness area, tit ; has no telephone communications with the' oulside world It will be opeiated b\ radio the tower nrm sending] messages to the ranger station at Ely. Structural steel for the 100 foot tower - was hauled into the site-last winter over frozen ' lakes and the concrete and dumber vns flown in later by/ hjdi'oplane Read Courier News Want Ads JR1SH-BORN John Barry was 15, in 17CO, when he went to sea It was natural for him, therefore, lo lead the small, untrained riavol force of the colonies, when the revolution broke out In 1778. He commanded the first naval vessel owned by the United States and made the fust capture of an Eng.' lish ship In 1781, on his return from an errand to France, he encountered' two British ships, and the ensu-i ing battle was so Intense that defeat seemed certain Barry .was wounded, the color's". 1 were shot down,, all guns except one were . disabled. But Barry • refused to surrender. Manning the lone can- ron, suffering from his wounds, h£ fought hard until the enemy ships rah upSvhite flags; , After the war, Congress authorized construction of. a new; fleet, and Barry was put in com4' mand. He led this nucleus of the: American navy in raids against' pirates .and armed vessels ot- France. He 'died, in 1803, aged 58: His portrait appears, with thati of John Paul Jones, on the hew! one-eerit Navy stomp. V S—1330 Naiiy Series. Jones. 4 Barry Jo" green '(C0)i>ru,hi 19J7 NLA Scnlce, Inc> Play Billiards! Wholesome Recreation Moderately Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 316 W. Main - ,Fonner Home o« Bell's Biarmacy t » OAHNKR BI4RVIN CHAPPEM. Building; Bnsclull I eagues t ' I Morris struck something be- sWcs black gold in the East Texas fields when he lined lip Gladewat- cr, Longvlcw, Henderson,: Palestine, Marshall, Kllgore, .Tyler, and Jacksonville. Ills Cotton states loop is com posed of El Dorado. Pine Bluff, and Helena in Arkansas,/and-Clarksdale, Cleveland, Greenville',-Gresn- wood, and Jackson in Mississippi. Out of the Evangeline parish 'of southern Louisiana, he carved the Evngellne, with Abbeville,: Jean- Strange But True r golf and one for fishing. Do You Remember? One Year Afro Today—Stanford lefealed Southern Methodist Unt- ersity. 7-0, In the Rose Bowl ;ame. Five Years Ago Today—South rn California trimmed Tulane, 21-12, In the Rose Bowl game. this season. They have three more open dates: Tuesday. January 19, Tuesday, January 2G, and Tuesday February 23. ELECTRIC ACETTLENR! WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Go Ten Yeats Ago Today—Btan- : ord and Alabama battled to a 7-7 Rose Bowl game tie. PHONE 19 Your 1937 Home Thai dream home can become reality (his year...a small amoiin of cash with an F. H. A. Ix« will enable you lo build just Ihe home you want. ..Come in and let's discuss the details. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. HAPPY NEW YEAR We greatly appreciate the decided increase in tl\e volume of printing we received during the year 1936, also the continuous growth of our office equipment and supply business. DURING 1937 Hundreds of our customers will enjoy equipment and supplies furnished 'by; some 'of the ^Vorld's greatest manufacturers. Here are some of the items'referred to:' : - - ' -'•-• •• •••-. • . - ••-•••• -.. •-•-.. 1 Read Courier News Want Ads WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone 1C7 APPI/EBAUM BROS. COTTON CO. Bcrlig Bid?. Bljthcvllle, Ark. CIGARETTES Rcrlay Slcel Desks nnd Filing Equipment. \Vi]spn-Jones Ledgers, Journals and Social Security forms. Ace Stapling Machines. We|s.-.FiIc FoMcrs and Supplies. A. \V. Fabcr Pencils. Columbia Ribbons arid' Carbon Papers; • Corona Portable Tyi>cwr|lerH. Waterman and Conklin Fountain Pens. Triner'Air Mail Scales. Dipaday Pens Shaws''-Blank nooks. Carter's/ .Waterman's and Scrip Ink. Even . the Highest Grade ' Pen Points Obtainable — made by Turner and Harrison. . .-. Yours For A Prosperous 1937 ACTON PRINTING CO. "Prints Everything But Newspapers" PHONE 10

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