Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 14, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1897
Page 24
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DAILYPHAHOS THURSDAY, OCT. 14, 1897. OITY NB.WS. See New Otto ad. Olives, 18c qt at Foley'i. For good shoes go to Walden. Eead, "Now 18 Your Chance." Fresh fish, Friday—Eothermel. Dr. Allen Is down from Chicago. Fancy quinces, 35c peck—Foley. Special sale Saturday at New Otto. New things in cut glass and China. —Ben Martin. Patrolman Webster is off duty on account of a sprained ankle. Fancy sweet potatoes (not shoe strings) 22c peck, at Foley's. The handsomest line of mantel clocks in the city—Ben Martin. Headquarters for wall paper—Lo gansport Wall Paper Co., 307 4th St. At the meeting of the State med leal board Tuesday, five women ap plied for licenses. George W. Fender, jr., has been sick for the past week and is threatened with typhoid fever. Thieves stole a wagon Toad of cab bsge from the farm of William Hoover, southeast of the city, Ust night. If you want a new suit or your clothes cleaned and repaired, call at Wm. Grow 1 , 215 Market street, opposite postolHce. A special train leaves the Wabash station at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon to the Peru oil fields. Fat e, 50 oents for the round trip. The Odd Fellows had charge of the funeral of the late William D. Campbell, held this afternoon. Music was furnished by the Elks' band. Another clarionet player, in the person of W- J. Mead, of Huntington W. Va., has been secured for the Elks' band. He will arrive tonight Mrs. Martha J. Faugh has been elected president of the Ladies' Soeia Circle of the Cumberland Presby terian church in place of Mrs. Aus tin, resigned. The legal time to shoot quails in Indiana Is from November 10th to January 1st, but it is unlawful to offer them for sale oi 1 to ship them out of the state. The Physical Culture club met at 4:15 this afternoon at ihe G. A. E. hall. Miss Crocroft, the organizer, was present and perfected several important changes. The little daughter of Charles Burgman, of the Eastend, had the nail and end of her right thumb masted oft this morning. A door blew shut on the member. Dr. Bus jahn was called. There will be a meeting of Past time Athletic club at Dykeman's wagon yard tomorrow evening at 7:30 for the purpose of making arrange ments for a game of football at No- blesvllle, Tuesday, October 19. The funeral of the late Mrs. Ellen Dowell was held this morn ing at 10 o'clock from the Baptist church, Rev. Huckleberry offlct atlng. Interment was made in the West cemetery In Washington township. The Michigan City Dispatch says that the Allen Bicycle company will as soon as possible, remove its plani from the prison to some point in that city and the manufacture of bicycles will be carried outside of the prison walls. Notice of the escape of Claud Mus selman, from the Indiana reform school, has been received by the Lo gansport police department. The bo -was sent from here. A boy named William Eagerly escaped wtth young Musselman. Weldon Webster is in receipt of letter from J. R. Williamson, o Peru, who desires to purchase a bloc of stock In the Logansport Oil an Gai company. He will Invest $250 provided the capital stock is llmfte to 13,000 and wells are drilled north east pf the city. A new continued »tory ts begun 1 thlr issue of the Pharos, entitled "Exiled to Siberia," While it Is thrilling and fascinating tale, It is i DO wav trashy or sensational. As i truthfully describes the hardships o those who are exiled to Siberia, i will repay anyone and everyone c read It. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER HUMAN BONES. wo Skeletons Unearthed in Gravel Pits. ine Supposed to ta the Remains of Anbbeenanbbee's Wife. )ld Settlers Will be Asked to Identify the Last Find. Parts of two human skeletons were unearthed yesterday in gravel pits. The first find was made in a gravel pit in a side hill on the Jeroloman arm, near Kenneth. Supervisor J. . Moore had a force of men at work n the pit, which had just been opened, and a complet3 skeleton, iu an advanced state of decay, was unearthed at a depth of twelve feet The discovery was made by Mr Moore, who had taken up a pick to show -the workmen where to proceed n taking out the gravel. At the first blow the point of the pick penetrated the skull, and after it had been drawn forth the men assisted .n extracting the remainder of the skeleton. They worked carefully so as to not disturb the position of the skeleton, which was found In a sitting position. The skeleton was turned over to Dr. J. H. Shultz, who called In the afternoon Lo. attend a member of Mr. Moore's family who is 111 of typhoid fever, and the doctor has It on exhibition at his office on Fourth street He Is of the opinion that the ske'eten Is that of a woman who was in thti neighborhood of 60 years of age, tali and slim, and that she was, in all probability, a sister ol Major McFadlii'8 old friend, Chief Aubbeenaubbee. Many theories have been advanced concerning the presence of the skeleton there. The fact that it was discovered in a, sitting posture rather confirms the belief that th« remains are those of an Indian woman. LIQE BOOTH'S FIND. Part of another skeleton, not yet dentified, was dug up .yesterday afternoon by Lige Booth In the Michaels jravel pit, on college hill. DAUGHTERS OF REBEKA. Successful Entertainment Under Their Auspices Last Nlfht. A very enjoyable programme was carried out last evening at the Bap- ;ist church under the auspices of Jewel Lodge, Daughters of Rebeka. dr. Joseph Merrill, the violinist and cornetist, was the leading spirit of ihe entertainment. He was assisted by his wife, both of whose selections were well received. Recitations by Miss Cummins and Miss Amy Smith, as well as by Franklin Stewart, added much to the pleasure of .the occasion. As a compliment to Mr. and Mrs. Merrill, the Elks' band escorted them to the church, Mr. Merrill having been at one time director of the band, adding much to its success by his efficient leadership. A TUUANT SPOUSE NO MORE COLLISIONS. A Jiew IMTicf Whlcte Will Remind Kngi«e«r* She Left With Another Man and Took Her Husband's Money. A man by the name of GUI was in the city last night in search of his wife, who had left him a few weeks before on the possible plea of locating a more favorable partner. Mr. Gill claimed his home was In Roann, and said he came to this city from Peru, where he had been in search of his departed companion. He obtained the aid of some.of the local officers and made a search for the missing woman, but failed to find her. Mrs. Gill on the night of her departure took $180 which had been locked up for safe keeping and which makes the search for the missing woman doubly interesting. Searching for Burglars. Sheriff Charles Gilker, of St. Joseph county, Mich., was in the city last night In search of two men wanted at Centervtlle, Mich., for burglary. Their names are Charles Hatch and Gem Adams. They are about 40 years of age, and a description of them was left with the authorities here. A reward of »25 Is offered for each man, Of Their Orders mod Prevent Them From RanBiBK Part Meeting; Points—BailrMd Sews., An ingenious device for averting railroad accidents has lust stood a very severe test on the Great Northern railroad, after having been previously operated successfully on the St. Paul & Daluth road. Practical railroad men have strongly indorsed it after seeing It work. The object of the device Is to provide an accurate and reliable reminder signal and distance Indicator for locomotives, by means of which engineers are prevented from forgetting their train orders as to stopping or meeting points. A dial placed in front of the engineer shows correctly the distance traveled. Above the dial are fifteen triggers, or "dogs," pivoted at equal distances around the center. When the engineer receives his orders he sets one or more of these triggers to a point one mile short of the distance to be traveled before reaching the stopping place. The mileage indicator on reaching such point releases the trigger, which starts a signal whistle, which continues to blow for a quarter of a mile, thus warning the engineer of the near approach to the stopping place. If the engineer Is inattentive and fails to stop when this last mile has been run,.the machine sets the air brake and stops the train for him. A train, similarly equipped,coming in the opposite direction, would be stopped In the same manner, thus averting a collision. RAILROAD NEWS. Wabash earnings for the first week in October Increased $41,545. The annual report of the Erie company makes-, the total assets |299,558,205, with liabilities "the same amount. The chiefs of all the old railway brotherhoods are holding a meeting at Peorla. They are considering the adoption of an International federation agreement. Eastern roads will be compelled to meet the competition of the Wabash by placing free reclinlng-chalrs in their Chicago-New York and St. Louis-New York trains, for the Wabash road has won its fight. The Chicago & Alton and other railroads, having filed petitions with the interstate commerce commission asking for extension of the tline within which their cars are required to be equipped with automatic couplers and power of train brakes. El wood Record: "Fred Powers, the 'genial Panhandle fireman who has oeen stationed here in the yards for several months, has received a well- earned promotion. He will go to Richmond and receive a better run. Fred's many friends wish him success in his new position." A slight wreck occurred yesterday afternoon near Royal Center on the Panhandle, which delayed traffic for a short time. The wreck train from here was sent out to cleat; up the wreck. A freight train wlilch was switching near the town and a de fective switch caused the wreck. No one was hurt. THE GOLDEN RULE. - GRAND CLOAK OPENING SALE. Yourself and friends are cordially invited to visit their superb exhibition of Fall and Winter Styles in Ladies' Misses and Children's Cloaks. We are exhibit^ the very Latest and Choicest Styles in Novelties and High Class Cloaks and Wrap, as now are pw ; T ff Vr, P*rk T ondon and \e"w York Such a magnificent collection has never been equalled in Log;in<port. Our special railing in Pans, London and iSew 1O J K - »»^„,> i ^ direction of securing an even hiffher station of excellence in Sorts in preparing for this seasons offerings have J een ltt ^ e UlreC ^ s d Pr > es of labor ~ na m - ateriak are 8tcadu ^ vSc^d it^otd^ i^bKnsro ^1^^ srock at an.vthii g like the prices „ .ill offer you. Another Business Block. Joseph Craig will have a brick business house erected on his lot on the east side of Sixth street, between Broadway and North streets. Part ol the building will be three and the remainder two stories high. Medland & Sons will do the brick and stone work, and the Thompson Lumber company the frame woik. WORLD'S FAlK.CHICAGO, 1893 Street Sweepers. The new system of cleaning the brick streets is an Improvement. Men were set to work this morning with brooms and hand carte. A cover-has been placed over the two horse sw«eper, and it will be used in the night time. There is now no objection to its use, because the dust cannot escape. LECTURE AND MUSIC. Continental Fraternal Union Gives a Successful Programme. Lait evening at the Progress hsl a musical and literary entertainment was given ucder the auspices of the Logansport lodges of the Contlnenta Fraternal union. It was a very en joyable affair, and the seating ca paclty of the room was tested to its utmost capacity by the large number who we^t to witness the programme One of the most striking features of the entertainment was the work o' Miss Falrie Plumb, of South Bend, i beautiful girl of 7 years. She gave four recitations during the evening a,nd acquitted herself so creditably a to captivate the audience. Mis Plumb has probably no superior in the state as a recitatlonist, consider ing her age. The Elite mandolin or chestra rendered several well-received selections. The colored quartette a usual added much to the entertain ment of those present by their pleas ing and comic selections. An addres by Mr. B. Michener Graves, the su preme councillor of the order, wa very instructive and commandei much attention. Miss Nellie Kuhn' recitation was well received. On the whole the program was very in teresting and well executed by those who took part, and the audience left with pleasant memories of the event, which ia characteristic of the entertainments held by this new and progressive benevolent order. A number of members were secured for Lodge No. 137. Miss Lillie Manson, who was a wt of Logansport friends, returned today to her home at Peru. JACKETS The New Russian Blouse is one amongst the Fashionables. We have them in Black, New Greens, Royal Blue and Black Vedour. We have them in all prices up to - •• aboO-OU We are showing a complete line of Capes and Children's Wraps at very low prices. See this line before you purchase a Garment. THE GOLDEN RULE. — THE— Very Newest 3J Shoes.. _._ And every pair Leather ' Lined, making them comfortable and water proof, so you can keep from wearing Kubber Overshoes. In BOX CALF ENAMEL TAX and Yici Kid, made on the latest style lasts. Ball Dog Coin, Dollar and Half Dollar ' Toes. Ladies and Children's BO YAL PURPLE the newest colors in very fancy Silk Vesting Tops, making them, very attractive. See them. gtevensnn 403 Broadway. ite AS Snow THE BIGGEST MAN and the smallest ta town, will get equal satisfaction ID the fit of kli clothes If our tape line has (MM around him. We have a sort of pridt in fitting men that other tallow can't please. It's the know-how that tells the taste, and our experience and observation has given M that. Come ID and look over omr stock of Fall Goods, and try not to to amazed at the prices we quote. xT. HKRZ, Tailor, 409 Market Street. >•••••••••»+»•««••»»»»»»+»»•»»»»»••*»»«»•«••••••••< FALL AND WINTER Goods Now On Exhibition, i I have a complete line of HEATING STOVES at prices that will astonish you. Such High Gmde Oaks as Radiant Home, Estate, Peninsular, Jewells and Jewetts. Natural Gas, Odorless Heaters, RadUtors, etc. Cooks and Ranges 1n endless varieties. CALL AND EXAMINE AND LEARN PRICES. H/J. ORISMOND 312 Market Street. •»»»»»»»««•»»»•••»»»»»»»»•*•»***••*»••*»*•*»***•** Elegant Lane of Is your linen when it comes home from Marshall's Laundry. No. 608 Broadway. Both 'Phones 110. Wagon will call for your work. Give us a trial. // You Want lo~bein the Swim- * ' * > Tou had Better le HOOLEY —Make Your— Fall Suit Or Overcoat He will Fit Tou When all others f&iL Carroll county's oldert citizen, Aleiander Morrow, aged 94, Is apend- Ing his last days peacefully urith a married daughter at Flora. His hair is raven black and hta health remarkably good. He bids lair to reach the century mark. FALL WOOLENS Just Arrived. No trouble to show Goods, John K- Oar roll, 1222 BROADWAY, The "Domestic" Office. Now is the time to provide yourself with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock includes all the leading makes* My term are easy, mad tM*3**«> *4cuse for being out of a good sewing machine n the house. The old stud 529 Broadway, near 6th R B WHITSExTT Fall Winter Woolens. A Complete Assortment of the Latest Novelties from Domestic and Foreign Markets. Pierce, the Tailor, 318 Market Street-

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