The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 16, 1955
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JSEPTEMBBR 16, 1958 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS No Letup in Sight In Tightening Of Home Mortgages By SAM DAWSO.V NEW YORK (AP) — Home builders will find mortgages a little harder to come by from now on. The loan end of the savings and loan business has been growing faster than the savings end. The government thinks they should be in balance. So the Federal Home Loan banks are being told to stop handing out new credit to their 4,200 .members. People are still saving money. The Department of Commerce reports total personal savings running at an annual raw of 16'/ 2 billion dollars. But a year ago the savings rate was 183,4 billion. The significant thing in the view of the government is that while savings totals were falling personal interne totals were rising. So were consumer spending and debt accumulation. Although some people are still saving money, people as a whole are saving a lower percentage of' their incomes after taxes than they were doing last year when incomes were lower. Comes From Savings New investment money—whether for mortgages, for corporate securities, for loans to business or to government—comes from savings, both personal and corporate. These may be deposited in banks, go to insurance companies or pension funds, or be invested in government or corporate bonds. Defiant Woman Changes Mind LOS ANGELES if/— Mrs. GUES!C Edelman, 60, who went to jail rather than sisn a jaywalking: ticket: police officers gave her last Tues-; day, has changed her mind. 1 She pleaded guilty yesterday to the traffic ciiation. She had been accused not only of the traffic violation but of resisting officers. Mu- Industry and government draws on these accumulation of savings to start new businesses, expand plants, build highways and .schools. When the demand for such investment funds increases faster than new savings are adding to the supply, interest rates go up. And people needing money to build homes or factories go to the banks for loans. More Than A Third The 11 Federal Home Loan banks have been .lending money to their member savings and loan associations such -about 114 billion dollars in loans are now outstanding. These associations furnish more than a third of the financing of the new homes being; built around the nation. The Federal Home Loan Board says the associations have made around six billion dollars worth of new mortgage loans this year, a gain of 44 per cent over the amount lent in the same period of 1954. And now the board Is telling the 11 district banks to see to it that ihe. associations lend only out of new savings and loan repayments. This rule won't apply in such emergencies as making loans to those whose property was damaged in recent floods. The government's move will! tighten the money supply a little, make the would-be home owner shop around a little more for someone to lend him money, and probably to uay a little stiffer interest rate. SHE WORE "SOMETHING OLD"-Wh.en a young Dutch bride, center, with large hat, had to select ".something old," she came up with a new twist. She turned the wedding ceremony and feast into a costume affair, everyone wearing ancient styles. Wedding took place at Monnikendam, The Netherlands, a town celebrating its 6'OOth anniversary. Bridegroom is at bride's right. New German Drug Relieves Pain of Prostate Cancer MINNEAPOLIS (ft — A German- developed drug is bringing remarkable relief from pain and general improvement in men with cancer of the prostate gland, the American Chemical Society was told today. It is practically specific for tumors of the prostate, a common type in men, said Walter J. Fra« jola, Ph.D., Jaber Muhsin, M. D.. and J. N. Taylor, M. D., of Ohio State University. . German investigators have reported successful control of prostatic cancer with the drug, diethyl- stilbe.sterol diphosphate. The Ohio team tested it on 13 men and found it "produced remarkable relief of pain and other symptoms in a few days." But there have been no signs yet, visible through X-rays, of Improvement In areas of bones affected by the spread of the cancer, they said. The men were treated in a hospital for three weeks then maintained on one to two Injections a week. None has suffered from nausea, or from feminization, which had been drawbacks with an earlier treatment using diethylstilbes- terol alone. Man Says Widow, 12 Children Will Help Him Gain Ambition FRESNO, Calif. Ctt—Prank C Bente, a Fresno taxlcab company worker, says he proposed to a widow with 12 children because he believes she will 'help him realize an ambition of many years standing. Rente, a pipe-smoking, 41-year- old bachelor who lives alone in a 21-room house near downtown Fresno, said he hopes first to ac- quite a large ranch and later to develop a home on it for delinquent children. He describeo Mrs. Clara Margerum, 37, 01 Dallas, Tex., as the most sincere of the women he has talked with about the plan. Bente became interested in her when he read a story in the local newspaper about her efforts to get her large family under one roof. Since that time, Bente said, the two have corresponded regularly. Then last week Mrs. Margerum visited Fresno for three days and! they discussed his dream for a ranch and his interest in young people. After she returned to Texas, Bente said, she wrote him that "if you still want me; I'll be back in about three weeks." Bente said that will be about Oct. 1 and "we'll toe married as soon as we can." Ber.te's job in the taxicab company is to keep the cabs and rental cars clean. He said he owes money on the 21-room house, which was inherited from his mother, but plans to fix it up for sale to get money for a down payment on the ranch. Bente, a lanky 5 feet .10, said his dream of a ranch for delinquent youngsters, a sort, of coeducational Boys Town, originally was shared by his mother Mrs. Clara Patterson, who died in March 1952. "I only have one theory," he said, "and that is that a child helped is a crime prevented.'' Clever Thief Not So Clever HONOLULU (#) — Kazuo Asato looked in a window on his return home yesterday and spotted a man rifling a money jar. The thief dashed. out the door shouting that children were ransacking the house. . Halfway the block, the culprit dashed into another house and began changing clothes. But owner Charles J. Koto awoke from a nap and the thief da.vhed outside in his underwear — right into the arms of a cop. "The burglar is in the house, M the man panted. The cop went inside and the thief just went. "Pretty clever guy but we think we'll get him," Detective Lt. Hugh Whitford commented. "He left his wallet behind with his pants." Several orchids are among the nearly 500 varieties of wild flowers, i'erns and shrubs growing in theJR ea4 j courier News Classified Ads. Yukon Territory. Here's Logical thfi smog: problem is quite simple, nicipal Judge F. Ray Bennett fined j said the As?ociated.Plumbing Conner 525 with the alternative of five j tractors of Los Angeles in a reso- days in jail, then suspended all but S2 of the fine, which she paid. Blindfold Driving Not for Governor Inside BLINDFOLD Driving: 2-18.. | a blindfolded motorist CO.LUMBUS, Ohio (*Pi — Oov. j The unidentified driver said he Frank J. Lausche yesterday de- '< would start his trip from near jclined an offer to make an opening- ! Cleveland on Oct.'l and cover the | i day tour of the Ohio Turnpike with I entire 241-mile toll road in both j —I __ j directions without being able to see., "We will leave at 8 and will return, (I hope) some seven .hours later," wrote the man, who j termed himself "the scourge of the magic world." Lauache sent his regrets and notified the state highway patrol "just in case" the writer was not j joking. Here's Some Fast Friendship SAN ANGEI.O, Tex. tfPi — Mrs. LOS ANGELES Cfl — Solution of j. \V. Branch and Mrs. Zack Mur- Morine Group Okays Pensions ST. LOUIS (J! — A proposal for $100 - a - month pensions, without restrictions, for \Vor!d> War I vet- j 'erans-60 years old or older, has j been approved by the Marine Corp j League. i A resolution, passed by the or-; sanitation at its 32nd annual con-; vent Ion yesterday, directed the! group's national leaders to seek j legislation for such pensions. i The resolution said that it is Ira-j dnional that veterans' pensions be established and liberalized on the basis of disabilities and need which increase with atte.' lution yesterday. "We hereby petition smog control officials and all others who have talked much on how to solve this probioni to gather all of these groups together, travel to the highest mountain, face the wall of smo? and start talking all at once," said the resolution. "The resultant wind is sure to dissipate in short order the smog hovering in the air." Music Show Has Fire Sale SANTA BARBARA. Calif, '.ft — The Pacific Coast Music Festival is ha,vinp a "fire sale" of tickets for the last two Leopold Stokowski concerts tomorrow and Sunday. Festival officials said the huge, 10-dav Los Padres National Forest fire, now under control but tfhich nncc threatened the outskirts of Santa Barbara, had caused a substantial number o[ ticket cancellations from Los Angeles area subscribers. Therefore, the $5 and $3 seats for the last two concerts are being cut in 52. » Faint Closeout »i C*t*rs i Price Hubbard Hardware EXTANT COPIES Only three copies of Noah Webster's first American dictionary are extant, They are at the libraries of Trinity College in Hartford, Conn.; Harvard University, and ihe American Antiquarian Society. ray are fast friends. They both live in the same block. They .both gave birth to boys at about the same lime Wednesday. The same doctor delivered the boys. The mothers are in the same hospital room. j And they gave their boys the j same name — John. j Branch is an Air Force captain. • Murray is with a lumber firm. [ They're friends too. j "Get a Batter Job in TV . . . say 36 leading station managers and repair shop owners. Hundreds more men are needed to place in high-paying television jobs. You can learn quickly in day or night classes to; 1, Repair TV s*ts; or 2, be * Radio-TV Announcer; or 3, an electronics Technician. Trained men are assured of year-in, year- o-at employment in this fast-growing industry. Keegan's School _of Television is one o£ America's fin- eat, using RCA color TV and other modern equipment for fast training at low cost to you. Become skilled in a short time and on your way to a better job and more money. Enroll now for October 3rd and 10th classes. We train and place you. Write for Free illustrated catalog: KEEGAN'S SCHOOL OF TELEVISION. 207-D Madison, Memphis. Tennessee. Inrlividuals-Groups-Farm Bureau Blue Cross - Blue Shield Call representative WAYLIN CHESSER P.O. Bo* 30' Blytheviile, Ark. Phone POplar 3-3106 Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 15c & 35c At All Times FREE! Shetland Pony Complete with Bridle imd Saddle, to be Given Away in Front of our Store. Fri.-Sept. 30th Register Now . . . Any Boy Between Ages of 4 and 14 Nothing to Buy! Jusl Come In & Register! Accompanied by Parents. R.D. HUGHES Company FRIDAY & SATURDAY Double Feature ^ THE ; /DAY E EARTH OOD STILL — AND — Serial "Capt. Africa" No. 2 And Cartoon SUNDAY & MONDAY Double Feature IORI;\I;R —And— in '{ LOVED A SAVAGE" METRO NEWS T THEATRE OSCEOLA YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE Northeast Arkansas' Most Popular Theatre Sat. Night 10:30 Sun., Mon. & Tues. September 17-18-19-20 WHAT A MAN WAS SIX FOOT SIX JIM BOWIE! A towering motion " picture adventure. 1 Opens 6:30, Starts 7:00 — Kids Free, Adults 75c _, OBIVE-/N MOV/E OSCSOLA, ARKANSAS STARTS TONIGHT! Double Feature TYRONE POWER in "PONY SOLDIER" —AND— JUDY CANOVA in "Untamed Heiress" Our Ad WiH Be In This Paper Every Friday i- Saturday STARTS SUNDAY 2 Bis Da)' 5 ! 'RUN FOR COVER" , irith JAMES CAGNE1" In Color . GIANT WIDE SCREEN Box Office Opens 6:30 — Show Starts at Dusk LAST TIMES TONIGHT fflHK SW • mm MM Utilised Tnf« UNITED ARTISTS ' PLUS TWO COLOR CARTOONS SATURDAY ONLY Double Feature GARTERS \ Cobrfr 1 \ 1 TEGSfflCOIOIl Jk A Paramount Picturt BKJ1MHH-I.CMMMW- . DM copnR-m mism.ywj** MY, TAZA,SON OF PCOCHISE • A UNIVERSAL-1MERN.MIWW. RCTWE ALSO CARTOON SUNDAY & MONDAY First Blytheville Showing Santa Fe Passage t *. * JOHN PAYNE PLUS TWO COLOR CARTOONS DRIVE-IN MOONLIGHT SATURDAY - September 17 Located 1 Mi. South Hajti, Mo. on Highway 61 m ///. \ \-.': •:•:,#, ////P* : >^•••MHFVI Coffee and Donuts FREE after Midnight OLD BGCW Undoubtedly, eggs were one of the original natural foods of th« human race, and have been used for food since the dawn of history. Nobody knows who first ate them. Best-Known Home Remedy Fbrsuffer.niof i coins WICKS WVAPORUS Rub on Relief...Breathe in Reliif MOX THEATRE On W. Main St. In Blythevill* Phone 3-4621 Weekdays Show Starts 7:00 p.m. — Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Geissman AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION The Finest 1 in Cinemascope Presented in High-Fidelity Optical Sound! LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature Naked * Alibi fl " STERLING HAYDEN GLORIA GfiAHAME ''A UNIVERSAL-INTERNATIONAL PICTURE — AND — "REAR WINDOW" With JAMES STEWART GRACE & KELLY ALSO CARTOON SATURDAY Double -Feature Cinemascope at Its Best With Stereophonic Sound! Listen to KLON at 10:10 ijn. and t p.m. tor Kitz Si ROIJ Program Announcements LAST TIMES TODAY f ZOtnCeniutjFoi p/s-en house .of bamboo ItAffing ROBERT RYAN-ROBERT STACK CAMERM MITCHELL PARAMOUNT NEWS & CARTOON SATURDAY ONLY Double Feature _AND— "LIVING SWAMP" A Portrayal of Nature PLUS CARTOON "FROM A to Z" SUNDAY & MONDAY Find your name in our ad and be our guest to see "Drum Beat" IW1HHC BEATS THE KCmMEIfT Of ALAN IADD as the Injun-Lover'in DELMER DAVES* ! DRUM BEAT CO WARNERCOLOR.. STEREOPHONIC SOUND am/*.*. AUDREY MLTON • MURISA PAVWt -xwnxiim.irootraMnnt fujj •NMTTEK AND DIRECTED BY DflMtR DAV&iwni.MMUMML'M Mr. and Mrs. Rene George PLUS PARAMOUNT NEWS AND IINEMASCOPE SHORT 'SPORTSMAN'S HOLIDAY' V A UfilVERSAUNTERNWONAl PICIUflE _ AND — !« tola, Inri *"»"^CIIUIM in* Kwi Ti Sttrxly* FMKtMfWnH Stan 1 »n Hal WHttKN Also Cartoon & Serial "Panther Girl of Congo" No. 1 Sat. Owl Show Starts 11:30 "PARIS MODEL" With Marilyn Maxwell SUNDAY & MONDAY Double Feature "CINEMASCOPC VICTOR MATURE SUZAN BALL JOHN LUNO- K Wmf CAl Wttfi-WCNlL «!l* ALSO CARTOON

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