The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1933
Page 5
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WEDNKSDAV, DECEMBER 27. 1033 BLTTHBVILUI, (ARK.) DOPKOCT H1W1 PAQI nvi CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line ror cousecu- llte Insertions: (Five Average words to » line) One time per Une lOc Two times per line per day .. 08c Tnree tlmee per line per day .. Me t>!x times per line per day ... rate per lino 6DC Minimum charge 60o Ads ordered for three or elx times and stopped before explra- uon v;lll be charged for the number of times U~e ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. . . All Classified Advertising copy iutmltled by persons residing outside of the city must be ~'accom- janled by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table-. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one incorrect iu- sciUon ot any classified ad. Advertising crdered for irregular insertions take toe one time rate. - ' *"Phone 306 or 307 New Ford BcnUl - KechVfiai - V«ptlriB( 111 TIRE & BATTER* STATION 25o klS-25 SPORTING GOODS YOB will flmd » ennpto« MM of NEW MODEL BICSCIM »t Habbard Buitmn Company. 16a kia-16 Be ready (or I93J mid t'rospciliy: furn^li references. l-"or nppolni by looking \v>!l dressed, luve'mcnt luldiess lios "M" I'.ivm: our clothes clc.iiicd by the Unique i phone number ;nui m Service. Plione 171. •HX kl-L-ul [,OST Ol'l'ORTUNITIKS EKMANENT POSITION (or light FOR SALE YOUNG CANARIES, Real SINGERS, $3.QO while they lost, Mrs P. T. Elder, 315 West Kentucky. 221*21 parly. p:\ymK nniisunl income.I s-tvccis on Ch'.-kasii'.vlni. Itcwaril. becured cash Investment or »1.0Mj Mrs. II. C. Miuiln, 817 Clilcknsiuvlin equued. Suitable for lady or gen- <lli tf ALLBY^OOP 'I Fresh Cows jvUh ybun& calves, plenty of spr'jnsera that will be fresh soon. Must be sold. Phone 311. *c-t« BILLIARD B«»UIPM»NT, cheap for cash. Business good, rent rea sonabla.- J. F. i'-ltlle, Holland, Mo. SIX good mules, also e-BMnlcr national dipnp tiueks. Trlnlt Farm ConalrVlcl^on Cft. 28-ck29 CAKE NEAftf THEA'^ER. GOOD mlttTKTEXKjr. TIWW UPATTHCR. BUSINESS.;! P5JN OSCEOLA.' i -. ; •-, -CLEANER!;. TAILORS I llemen. Applicant -!30 years of must be IWVC C.U" ovoi 1 UIKl Louisiana Frogs Sent to Germany LOST—One ill"?!: ynni ten. Ix'tW! 1 . 1 !) (Jth ylos'sj :i n il mil UMI'ATKKDLK WKAKKNS! j NKW OH1.BANS. (Ul 1 )— H e V (Ml ! |i.>'.rs o[ I,oiil-jtunu biilKrous \\cre shipiwd to Ocliiiaiiy where- llwy will lx- used for breeding pui'ixisc* to supply CUTIIUIH gourmets with Ollijii now delicacy. K. W. UnRcr. native of Gcr- iinuy, h;\s been studying methods ol fio« breeding in this country ' UJT liamlin Phillips' Bargains In Used Cars "Ki Bl'ICK COl'PE. Paint, Tires anil Upholstery Like New; .. SIM 'SO NASH StOAN. Excellent Mechaniral Coivdition — $265 '2« CHEVROLET COACH. Extra Special 5125 "iS FOKU FORDOR SEDAN. Ne\v Tires, Hun 1 -- Good §155 ••3H rOUl) TL'OOR SEDAN... Good Cuitilitiou .._ ;.. S22U TRUCK. Sl'EtUALS •' •3.' FORD l!i ION TllUCK. Few miles, (li an As New < $395 .... ..> .. '. "a DODGE i}i TON ^BIJCK ?J35 Jlauy Othep tu .Choose trum. Remtniliei- All ol''"i)ur Cars Over -' Muu.W) Carry "A" liuanmlec. PHILLIPS MOTOR tWFANY LOOK! 4 yds'. Slayer.; 3 yds. Voile: 3 yds. Ferwlo. lor.bnly 12.98. Rush your orders, to; W. 0. Richmond, Box J4l,jjqarii{hersvllle, Mo.- iirul will «i>|)ly tlje knowledge for the bcuc-flt o[ rcstiuirunls on Ilia continent. Ho curried the flog* back with lilin. Severn! yenrs ago ijonlslanit frcgs were Introduced in Jupun uml Ilieh bici'ding for ogling piiritbsv.s l>u& exiianilei! Into a uiant Industry ll:«rc. BOSTON. (Ul')—1'nul Ilowscr, lioilon wri'slllus pfomoU'r. Is hliu- selr u fornior iiroU'Sslonal wrestler. SAHARA I'licril lower tlinn nny oilier at the li'eU gnuta coals. ACTON S'J.50 Highest. In heat and lowest ?o.UU in asli of nny red ash coal. "We Can't Soil All the t'o:»l So We Just Soil the Best" l S°E r Robinson Lumber Co p S e OUR BOARDING HOUSE Bv Ahem EVER LOST >JAS '#30, ON BEETLE WAS SO SLOW VAE CAt^AE. IN S\X • LENGTHS IN T3ltt.K OFTH WAS •KENT REAL ESTATE! FOR SALE: 40 'acres, all in cultivation. One mile south ol r.ell. Roland Green. 6clil-6 Come In, llit your >e»| «Ute See wh«t we have (a Kil E. M. Teny Uctued Dula XMTj-Worthlntton Title C«- BijthcvUle Phone 617. POULTRY & EGGS I'rcih eggs daily.: direct from hen- nery. : Plckatd't • grocery.' VM Chifkasawba. . i CHRIST-MAS' Special rptice on all • fruit, ' nuts, prodace '*; fir' Xmas trees. G. ;Hipk.r gor., Main. & Lake. IScktt .FOR RENT ; 200'tail Jliiln Strcfct' Vhouo 811-810 J Blylhcvillc, Arkansas. FOR RENT^Nicc'Fufhisrwjd Apartment." Telephone 510. ' 21c' lumlshed. hedroom, " men . . preferred., ipll "->¥„! Wa£iut:;call after 5 p. nu Mrs.'id, jr'ardln.. ,'. . '...-:' .. -,".'.';. . • 29cktl BUSINESS WKt;C10BY NE\V .DEAL .TKAIliWJG furniture, 'Tools, .Clothes, Let's iradc. lU'East Slain. 6c Now ?nd I.'sed FuriUture ' - Bough; and Sold Stoves Kepaired^Ariy Make ' 'Alvin Hardy .517 W. Asu •• '' '- MODERN Three roorh 'Apartrheht -with' bath, • uriliirnished, Phoae 764. • ' '• S-'-'iM-pk-U.- Nice, large, BEDROpM. Close . In. - 310 W. Walnut. .... '.', .. 13ckl-1.3 3 room' furnished 1 'rinjise 1 209! Vest ' Kentucky/ Ph'ofie 672!'' " 23clcl POSITION' WANTED, Job Wanted—experreuced (OS -.watchman,, grocery or hardware clerk,'.'.plantation manager. , Good references. Box . "n 'H," Courier flews.'!'. •'.,.. ; .' ';' " ' 21-K-30 EXPEKT Typewriter and Adding Machine Repairinif. li. S. Blank- ensbip, 11B E. Kose. Call 1U5-J. . Sic Ul-Jl AUTOMOTIVE LOW PRICES on winier car needs,' heaters, alcohol. ClPA glycerine, Model T topi A; side curtains, SI 88 up. WOLF AEUAN, 12« E, Main. _22cm-a CaTf'sir^KcSV ila«-118 E. Main Fcr Aulo PainUng •Body acd Ftnder Strvice 28ctl2-28 PLANTATION- HANAOEK now employed desires- change. ''14 years -'experience. on all chincn" includins gins. A.-l references -Box "PM" Courier, News. . .... -....;' , ' : 23p AVANTED TO BUY . LARGEST STOCK USED PABTS Between Memphis and SU -Loui* Also Auto Olass^Phone 66 . JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. : .'|i- 2ckl-2 AUTO GLASS INSTALLED;' We install gins in your car. while you vrait. Call us lor better ser- ?lce. Phono 633. Shouiu-LWIe Chevrolet'Co.- .- lOc kl-10 JORDAN airli'-ie "8" ' Motor- for repairs. Pfpper, Huffman, Ark. WANTED Want to rent about 40 acres. J5.00 ^ to parly locating a place Tor jue. Have milk cow'-for sale.'J. W. Bomar, steele, Mo'., Route 2. We- -pay more lor pecans, 'furs, hides, brass,-, copper,. .radiat6rs. ahiminum, lead,, batteries, . Phone 176, Wolf Arlan,: 128'.B. Main. 22ckl2-2J Call Us When In Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tircs-Battcric» - Replacement ParU IIUBUAKO HARDWARE CO. Automotive Depb 1C kl-1 FOUND Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 12c kl-10 WRECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrcciicr, Day. and Night Service. Call 633. Shouse-Litlle Crenolet Co. lOc kl-10 KEY RING. containing < two. of them Yale keys. Owner may liavc same by.identifying and paying .for -this .ad. The katydid and the .green grasshopper are inconspicuous in crowing grass; COAL & WOOD I'HONE 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Black But Vie Treat You While" Ic kl-U Brilliant and Ky. Coal, quality and weight guaranteed. Bartnick Coal Yard, Railroad & Ash. Phone 170. 4ck UAIMOS All Radios, including R. C. A., are being closed out at cost, for CASH at Hubbaid Hardware Co. 12ckl-12 V BATTERIES HaUcry & Kadiator Service We ffiiarantce you better battery or radiator work lor less money. Any make radiator repaired or rc- corcd. Get our prices on new and rebuilt batteries. Call 633. Shouse-Uttb CooTzolet Co. lOc kl-10 GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST UPREM There is no coll, f • Wrst of the Allegheny Mountains, as high In heat and as low in »h as toe E* Suptr.IIeat JBl mr_^ That is a bold I CS**» s utement, but It is ethical, because it's true. We have authoritative analysts on flic on all <oa! ard can prove this clajm. SUFREME Super-heat is the only coal of its kind and told only by this company. A Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Man's Trice Superior Cual & Mining Co 304 ff. Wilni' "" ' Kione 700 tfH STftSS: WW 00 I EVER mi THAT ORttV W1EY OO^ > WANTED HW TO GET ME A LltUE DIM05AUR? OF AIL THE Di)K8 TH1N65.' HUH! WHAT VIOULD IBO VJITH OWE OF THE SlLLV THIN65? 1 TO5T OE 6ET51N SOFT IN TOE ' HEW3 en; i JUST V WJ WONT itAve 10 "J WISH i uw t\ WAWlV SUCH A )l COULWIN BOVum. 1 1HKS (KAU-ICWER.IIKIJ FUSS OVcSA y/ fit BOIHERCDfl VU1LC DtNOS SO.UittWN'Al LtADiNG IliAlS ARE VTRY ^ISH't llX [SUING SIR, I CROPPED WITH THOSE CHWSTrV\kSTHttS - JSLJST LIKE TVIMG A LIKE THAT, I'D BE SO •DOWN HAVE TO WALK BILL OM THETNU.-S OF EIGHTY \V1 LD WCK'G F-BU1, "POOF VT "DOES NOT 'DisfvAAY ^E Q ONCE LOST^«&OOO AT THE TURN OF A CARD,UP \Si THE- KLONDIKE, ANt) COMLY D^SPL^f' OF Ef\ / OTIONJ WAS. TO ^rf£_ STIFLE •&Y All OftV, LIKE YCXJ DO -ROtV\ STEP-PIN' 1 OM rAY •/ CHIN TOOKTHCA-ST :' OFF fAE TEN V =aS^^g^il: I'H GONNA HAVE A \ UTTLE PET DINOSAUR,) EVEN IF I HAFVA GO DOESN'l NEEDTO DO ANVTOING! LOOKS \WHV, QVCN DUrAB.TOl QUEEN mVS-UlRV, ^N. .- II l,1PA1EEDl.E005WEtlUnS.'r7f" N & UITU IT.LLOVJ is, IRVING TO / SPEW FOR / '/Vl THK IX)W DOWN BOOTS ANO HKR Rl'lHllKS XQU «OW NOli NO GAM. 1S_F : K1) 7 w>. I'M TIRED of- WASH TURRS /I'M SICK OP CROWDS AND AND WHOOPEE. 1 OOKl'T BELONG HERE. L'M HOMESICK. 7O GO HOMii —i-rve TRIED -rb HAVE A' TIME, BUT I CftN'T—LET'S ALL OO SACK TO ALASKA WHERE IT'S NOT SO .DARN WARM AND STUFFV. MY tiOSH! WOT'SU VI'S THE TIGHT CL01UK. TIGHT 1 VOU GOIM' t\, ?HOES, AND TIGHT NI6MT-CLUBSIM' \AJ1TH US? HAVE "THAT'S COMFOKIABLE //<> W""fl$& ft -+/-'-.-; v ' SALESMAN SAM V£ B6£M_u;wT!M PER. Pi HOUX3V 1 . RVOHT OUT, H6R.e. IM TH 1 P.M' VPi HiWTKfMSocK. COMIM' THE. o'tuea CHEEK IS _ 1 f/AEB5E HE'S FRECKLES AND HIS FRIKNDS r I TELL VA.TAO, FUZZV FISKED ' I M16HT AS V(SLL TELL >t>U---I AT IKVY LAMAC'S HOUSE, PLAY.N' VJITH 1WW, AS ICTME BY... IWkCY'LL PR03ABLY TAVE H W filDIM' IN THEIB LIMOUSIME AN' BL1Y HIW-. , CHOCOLATE SODAS . •;ctj t:NT VJAHT THAT HERS ALL THE 71WE,TAG... IT'S A BELIEP HOT TO UlM HERE....Tr!E WOiSE AWP DAMACE THAT IS I VUOfJDER RJZZV HASN'T COME OVER YET? ME ALWAYS COMES EVERY J 1 VMS JUST I > JYDO?SAY!^U ) ^ Y f,^ 1Y , ILOOk: LI^EVOU S "'" LOST YOU8 LAST ) FRlEWt?; . /V-t-t THEN/WHEW HEFIHD3 SOME- OTHER tilD.LlUE IhW, PLAYS UP .10 HIM. ...YA NEVER SAvi ME COTWAT, DID YA? I SHOULD SAY NOT...TM A RE.AC, FRIEMP!

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