The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1943
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRII, 26, 5943 FOR FOR RENT! J IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising la The Courier News Will Be CASH ONLY, Kicept to Established Hiuuicss Finns. Htciiue the low cost of clusl- lied ads does not justify the expense "I bookkeeping anil col- lecllaiisii we have adopted thin policy rather than * raise in rate. No Exceptions to this Policy! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive liu-ci-tioiu: Minimum Charge Me 1 time tier line !5c, 2 limes per line per day I2c' 'i times per line per day 8c 3 limes per line per day fc 12 times pur line per day 5c 1 Month per line fiOc Ads ordered for Unee or six limes and stopped before expiration will he charged for the iminljer of limes the nil uppeaied and adjuslmcnl nf bill made. Alt Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- sidu of Hie cily mast be accompanied by cash. lialos may be efisi- ly computed from the above table. Advertising ordered lor irregular Insertions takes I he one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for mere than one incorrect insertion of-jiny classilic'd ad. /For Rent Bedroom suitable for three. 11G West Davis. Phone 5020, 24-pk-28 4 room furnished home. Lights & water. Phone (itt) or. inquire at Mullins Grocery, Yarbro. a3-pk27 Nicely furnished bedroom, adjoin- in!; bath. :!I4 North Ninth. Phone 2182. 2l-pk-28 Parker rooms, iflfi E.'-Main. Nicely furnished bedroom, steam heat, gentlemen. Plione 32C1. 3-27-pk-27 Gootl grocery store building and fixtures. 517 W. Ash. Phone 2552 3-JB-ck-tf | For Sale 120 ACKliS A good combination slock & (jwiu farm .'lightly rolliii" hill land, produces coin 30 bushels to acre, wheat, clover and cotton. One house and two barns, all fenced, 10 acres wood land pasture, on good roads ami school Ints iinel mail route. 4 miles from Ulootn- lieUI, CilVB POSSESSION NOW. A real narituln. Owner in Ml heallli. For cash $3000.00. U 1 . .11. limns, Keillor 37 years. 4-2U-|>k-28 Used FARMAUj "20" TRACTOR with Athens "BUBl! & BOO" PLOW. A-l Condition. I'lilt.l.ri'S MOTOR COMPANY. Tel. 453. 4-2l-ck-28 Regulation Ping-pong Table. In two .sections. with folciiiiK lc?s. Complete will) .standard tournament net and paddles. Good us new, $20. Phone -1G1 or 278(i. , 4-24-m-ir 1939 one and one-half Ion Ford truck. I.oni; wheelbase. In perfect condition with good lire.s. $<!75 cash. li. Major, Salvage, Highway 8-1, CaititlHYsville. Mo. 24ck2B Household Furniture. 2 bedroom suite.s. 7-piece dinette. 3 overstuffed chairs. Kroehler sofa-bed. Latest Florence table-top oil lanae. China closet. Utility cabinets. Moore's Airtight coal healer. I-mnleiini nigs. As yroup or by the piece. May be seen at 11.38. Wil!<w after S p.m.—Call 22G8. 4-23-dh-lf 2 John Deere Pickup Hay Balers. No purchase certificate required, EJlis Implement Co. 4-2,'l-cUO CORN, shelled and car. OATS .t HAY. WHEAT, whole, crushed and ground. Good chicken and hog feed. Hlytheville Grain & Elevator Co. Phone 2112. 4-21-ck-28 GOLDFISH MINNOWS—"Grapple's favorites." Ci. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main. Ph. 3292. 4-13-ck-13 Used Sewing Machines bought and .sold. Singer Sewing Center, 114 South Broadway. Call 2782. 7ck.7 Wanted To Buy \Vill pay lOc per copy ior issues ol the C'oiiiier News, April 1211). delivered to Courier office. 2-tdh Wanted (o buy good used piano for cash. Cdl 2071 or 044. AMERICAN WARPLANE HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured ; American plane, the Douglas A-20C "— ~ Answer lo Previous rutzle 13 Whole H Decorated 15 Greek letter 1C Avcrugc (abbr.) \TVa\i\ notice 1Rlx>ni; stick 20 Giant king of H:i:ih;m 21 Taut #2 Half an cm 84 Areu measure I2G By ^27 Attempt. 29 Mother ao Is afraid ol 33 Prepares for publication 30 Company ,' (abbr.) ,-•37 Either -'^ : 38 Uarils ' A\ I •llSliiirs '''•"& « Hegislerc<l '' nurse (abbr.) •IS Frown dessert 48 Small piece 50 Thai one '' DI Bachelor of O CR E'A SL EL LA ME it 8A EV SE W A R O R 1 N u I H E R A M 5 1 O A R E •> S V c 1 s f S 5 A P u M A S If 1 D E T O T A L IS A R 7 D E I T E N 0 N S E: s e "D o B E E N IOWA p A S T 0 R F A Y p? F R A R N S A"; $!• N 0 fc S 0 1 A T ? S A B A L 0 5 E E L E 5 S£ L K O E TY O*E MT 1 T T^ 29 Mountain (abbr.) ' curd 32 Deciiy 34 Period < \ 35 Anger j 38 Scrutinize • 39 Upon •'•• • 40 Yes (Sp.) 41Slrecl (abbr.) 42 Jumbled typo 43Piu pen ,} 4ti One \v))0 jgjif canes ' 47 These planes have cngugcd In battles over f< 481'ewtcrUUe / nlloy i 49 Bury . % 51 They ore llown Jiom nil undisclosed Science 4 Palm lily (abbr.) - ( 5 Make a speech 53 Once more > b'At no time , 54 Uone 7 Brat' C !>G Goat's bleat 8 Command v (var.) , BMimgnnese 57 New York ': (symbol) ^ (abbr.) 10 Naked 08 Delirium (re- 11 English school mens (abbr.) 12 Crimson 52Salvatot 59 Legal point 1(1 These planes 6) Slccpini! have been ti3 Domesticate '; flown by the iiKain - ' (abbr.) €5 Return • 23 Possesses <J6 Peaceful 25 Music note VERTICAL 2C Postscript ^ 1 Honey maker (abbr.) \ 't' 2 On the top ot 28 Biblical *'•'.3 Male red deer pronoun r ' s (abbr.) t 04 Algerian ' : ' seaport 55 Half (prefix) 5b' Spoil (JO Di y, as \vinc C2 !• ally Englisll (abbr.) 64 Symbol for i tellurium ,4 Lost Corn and Hay. Top markcl prices Blyllipvlllc Grain & Elevator Co 1'hone 2112. 4-21-ck-2B One pair of mules eight, lo 10 years old. Weight 1100 to 1200. j. P o. Ellis, Bnrfield. Ark. SI-ck-28 Late model car. Will pay cnsh. -R, W. Wade. Luxora, Ai'k. 2 niiles easl ot Biirdctle.' 4-2-pk5-2 Comfortflblc bedroom. Twin beets Steam licnt. CiilcEnsawbn & loih Phone 2413. 11-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut Phone 2516. 11-7-ck-tf Farm IN mis IWnt; us your poultry, hop and stock health problems. We carry a complete fresh stock of Lederle serjuis, vaccines, Dr. Itess Tonics and disinfectants. Woods DrtiE; store, Main & Railroad. 3-10-ck-tf S»H planoi. lamps a«J iMn Tohflpt, winlhe wor; Tfc« bcndi y»g buy will Mp prolKl TW fhingi w«'rt fighliffg for. Will pay cnsh for $10,000 worth of good used furniture. Wnde Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-lf Will pay 20c jicr d(«. for wire coat hanuers. Hudson Cleaners. 10-0-ck-tl Services April Siiecial—Permnncnts two for S5.CO. I,mirtys' Deattty Sho]>, Main and 2lst. phone 3333. l-pk-7 Sewing machines repaired. Singer oilers C war-time service specials lo .suit your machine and its condition. From Sl.50 up. Singer Sewing center, 114 South Broadway. Call 2782. 7_ck-7 Help Wanted Experienced seamstress wnnl«I Hudson Tailor Shop. '20cklf A bi-weekly Brilish army ncws- panor with a circulation of mure tlian a million is printed in eight languages. If you waul In Ijuy more War lioniis SI-XT, us THI: FtiKxrnmi; VOU AUt; NOT USING for rash! Also lilicral Irailc-in allowance for olil furniture on nciv. Alvin Hardy Ftini. Co. 301 I;. Mam I'/Kinc 23(12 V, S. Trtosurv Dtparlmtnt. EXCELLENT DESIGNS M io/ 3/» DISCOUNT E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 31!) W. Ash Ph. 551 SERVICE IVolons Uic life of your Ford, avoid major rc- IKIH-S. snvr sasoliiu- anil molor oil, enjoy thai snuidlh new car performance with .ueniiine T'ord: NKW I'ISTON ({INGS & HKAH1NCJ 1NSKRTS. $39.00 .CTI^ inchidiiis labor, parts, molor oil ami saskcls jind engine lime-tip. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY ,Tcl. 453 Anlhoi-i/cd l-'prd Dealer f>iF& Walnut lnMCA in black case Pridnv, A|iril 1G. Finder notify Mrs. McDcr- niott. COS. ' 23-]*-27 Defoe Furtiiture Co. 12(5 E. Main Dial Wanted: Used Furniture. Also you can trade your old furniture in on new. Wayne Chick anil Poultry Feeds Insist mi Wayne quality when buying feeds of all kinils. HAYS STORE "Farmer's ncadquarten In niytbeville & Monttlt" RATION CALENDAR April 25: Coffee Stamp 20 Kxplre.- Jlay 21: Gasoline Coupon fi Ex pi res. June 15: Shoe Stamp 17 Eipires. J. E. JOHNSON Fire, I,ifc ami Casualty INSURANCE U2 N. 2ml Street "Better Safe Than Sorry" Spend Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Get More anil Holler Fond fr/r your nili'nn blinks. 3 Deliveries Daily C. L. HABERS Grocery & Market 104 B. Division St. Phone Ml DRS. NIES & NIES OstcGjmthic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 anil 1:30-5:30 Clinic 514 Main Hlylhcvillo, Ark. Plione 2921 SPECIAL SPRING 10 POINT TUNEUP : /J.Q (Includes Labor Only— _• No replacement parts ™ cnsfs. 1. Tiglitcn CYMNRKR HKAIt and MANIFOLDS. Check COMI'KKSSION. Adjust 11 EAT VALVE. 2. Clean ami Test SI'AIIK I''.(iOS. Adjust .Spark Gap. ,t. Thnrouglily inspect GKN- KKATOK, COlf,, f;O\-, VOI,TACJK K|.'(j. WI-ATOU, WIltlNG and SfAKK CONTROL. Ti E lit- en all rDnnccllnns. 4. Clean and Adjust DIS- TUIIHJ'l-on. Adjust j;n- Bine Timing for maximum wartime performance. 5. Clicrk and adjust OAH- IIUKKTOII for l.cst pas crorjoniy. fi. Adjust V/H.VK TAI'ITTS. 7. Clean and service Allt CLEANKR. 8. Thoroughly inspect COOJ.- IXG Sl'STKM. Tighten Hose Connections. Adjust Fan Hell. .1. Test and Service 15AT- Tt:uv. Clean and tighlcn eonnccllnns. 10. Time MOTOR for liest w.irtinip IVrrorm.nice anil Gas luikagc. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. ffttrto* Mfi oiilKlitiitlon of yluss ronlnlnci-.s !' nil'tlll (','llls III |))l> JKlllll IntUl^. .v \vili ri-diiro Us si^.j ruiisiiinn. n from 73,1100 tons lo C.70I) Ions. J>r. W. V. llretver Dentist )ll)llipvl|],', ArkuriiM SPECIALS ..... .......... '•'nil l'l"'r A I, own- Hales $: '913 Jllyllicvlllo 1043 RWR1GKRATION KLKCTRIC MOTOR SKRVICK! '•'. W. Talnm, ,lr. I'll. ri. r >7 iil.vllu-vllli', Ark. NEW TIRES I'm- Cur.*, Trucks, Tractors' T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. I'llOIH! I EXPERT AUTO | REPAIR WORK | •"••••••••MBNBH^ Swearengen & Co. Sl'OT COTTON IlltOKKUS Hlyllievllle, Ark, Iliir cnrncr store ami •) roltaues —close In—|i|-|rt> for ail t ire. THOMAS LAND C(). WAI/I'KK HUNSBN LUMB1NG & UK AT ING tz • 1215 Main We w«nt to nuj, jevf limes. \Ve have pureh««r» for '"' mn* of !,„,„„. „ you lo nil quick, in THOMAS "- Cl. C COMPANY 8»lMm»n CONCHIOTM KT(H(AI SKWMIl I' 1 "! 1 Sale Al.l, SI/HS OiceoU Culvert Ct. I'liiiiii-s ar>:i * no I). .S, l.aiie.1' I; ,i iviw,,,,, Osrcnhi, Alii. WK NICMI) US? E CARS TRUCKS 'J'np prices fur t.ule Models - - "Kee Krny i\ f f, lra y nll g( .j|.. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Ni'ii- I'lviuiilli<i & Cliryslcrs 121 W. Asli i.i, •,(.,,, DON EDWvVRDS "Tlie Tyjicwrllcr Mini" I., BMITII, CORONA, AND lUJMINCl'l'DN I'OHTAHI.F TYPEWRITEHH 118 N. 2nd BTIIERT „. _JEvcry_l'rni]snollon Must Tie F ' " U WASH'TUUUS EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK Complete Stock n( Part*. HARRISON Auto Parts & Garage Ollvtr Farm Kijiiliinicnl 517 W. Ash JPh. ?55! 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE Vulcnnhlng— Tire anil Tubr. All Work GuarantetdJ WADE COAL CO. Alabama llfd Ash Coal. N. Hwy. 61 Ph.' «M CABRIOLETS GALORE! Jnsl Arrived From tin; Kasl! Ililr - 1HII l'U2 rlymnulll C.ii ClMI|H>. llrtilltlrill hlll lirowii Irulliri' ii|ilinl' illu, hi>:ili>r, fi ^ijinj JIM2 I'.'irliaril Ci Cciiitir. llniMii, hiiWfry. ficicul »f aeecssorlps, l.lur unil ilRf Cniivcrtllilc Coupe, i-u-iiui rfilor wltli red lealhcr iiplinhlnry, rivillii, licalfr, Snx- liRliK-, udiid ([res. Ill-It Cliryslcr New Ynrkrr Ciinvi-rlllili- Coniif. (iri-en, \ wltli KIOI'II leallior n|i)inlslcry. Ilaillu, lu'utrr, siml-lijrlil. 5 . -while tilitrn'iill fires. 1911 IXirtRo Cmnvrlll.le <! mvf . . »|,i r . with- tiliu- u|i),nlMery Ita"ill,,, hMler. r, ,;,„.,! tires-. TI.N ear has .only limi iliiu-n a fnv IliiHi.v.-nid inllPK. • • 51) Oilier Cars lo Clinnsu i'rojn— $75 up Kiw.v (J.M.A.C. Piiymciit plan ' .. .We Never Close 'flulm D.t'pt. 0]>cn,Unlil 9 p.m. Loy [ich Chevrolet Co. I'honc G78 BOTH MOTORS ARE \5HDULO HEATIN6. ONABLETO \S!6HTTHE MWNWHALTTOOl. WE'RE NOW 3ir. .ITS {,0'M TO BE cLftSE J I TOT PARE PIU THE WHDEIS JXWW, CROij 40FEETAMWUTC./AT AWV WHAT'S OUR /MOMEMT, P05ITIOM? JL SIR UNABLE TO FL(V3 DOKW IriE - : ' 1 - ^~ ' -E LEAPS FROM /\ HIGH BANK -- AMD LANDS IN "THE COAL 1E.NDER .' HOOTS AND IIKH Hy KIKUU MARTIN i > nUii\L r His Fool Down liv V. T. HAML11 VA55UH! MI5TEG DOC, HE 5AV " W SPE5IIUL VITYMUMS CNJEMEN..DNLV I RG&Eft- MI5TEE DOC NEFOEO V1TVMUM5 MOftE THN-1 _.SO I PUT 'EM \ WH X .'. IXKTOC 6GOM50M/ IN M6TEB DOC'S I I CAN'T IMAGINE SUCH ooou i BEEN, GUARANTEE ^THlNG"-Th£EE MUST MISTAKE! , .DONE HIS &E&T TO RETUBN HIM TO .... BUT HIS BEST H^S NOT BEEN GOOD ENOUGH RKCKI.KS AND By MKRRIU/m,OSSEH SCUTTLt? HAS BEEN •6ROUGHT To JUSTICE- AND MOW SENTENCE- IS ABOUT To BE- PASSED — MR.StUmE.THlS ARWY PILOT RAW our OP GASOllWC AMD WRL'CKED HIS PLANE / TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT TMIS PICTURE / IP HE'D WO A THE SOO GALLONS YOU WCRc KO,\ROiN&, THIS VVOULDNT HAVET HAPPEMED/ -- x SENTENCE YOU Tb Buy A 4I-OOO WAR. BOND EVERY MCWTH, TO HELP REPLACE? THIS WRECKED ANO IF VOL) Evee. BURY SASOLWE in .. THE GftQUMD AGAIW.TrilMKOFTHlEBOYS "OU.MW BE BURYING WITH IT.' '

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