The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Cobb Funeral Home In Charge of Maxwell Rites Funeral services for Miss Mildred Mn'xwdl, 25, who committed suicide liy cliooting herself Sunday night. were held yesterday afternoon nl the Gobnell clatich. Cobb Funeral home was in charge of funeral arrangements instead of Holt Funeral home as \vns erroneously announced In yesterday's paper. special • technician course, whl:h she completed several days ago. She plans lo do private nurslni!. Marriage License Total In. 1937 Is Below 1936 The marriage baromelev sho'.vs' there was n depression In 1937 j whclhfr or not the experts admit it. There were only CU inarrlnso, licences Issued from Hit vllle office ol tlie county co clerk while In 193C, there were v.etUU'd. Hayti Society — Personal Miss Annie l-aurle Schumacher cmm.v'tned with n dance parly Thursday evening at her home her house guest Miss Louise Simon Is B. & P. W. Club Speaker r\> um b(>r Nine Neios Mrs. Eille Smith Is seriously Miss Ifliile tlu , v spent, t |,c Clirlslmus hollduys Misses Ruth nnd lone haci "BwUly- with relatives.' Ca,* Glranleau wlip tave The Business anil Professional Women's Club held ils regular monthly business meeting at tlie Noble hotel Monday night, Afler a short business session Miss Ixiule , Simon save a talk on 'Norwegian Style," There was one guest present, <. er i ous |y m, | S unimproved. Mrs. Mike Meroney. of Carutheis-, M) . alu ) Mrs , j. c. Mason are ville, who accompanied Mis. Clar- , nl)V | n!! lltta y from this community, ence Holder. I u u ,uiy Hall h quite ill. —. . | Mr _. aml M ,. s c c co ,j. : .ye WahtS Shrubs, Cuttings i visiting relative,: in points in M.s- ' ' r.j;slppl. Ross Harry May. Chester Stevens Albert Kidwell, Jess Bates, Uoynle Michlf. Bobby and Blllle Rhodes Misses Betty Kent, Joy Neely, Mar jorle Helm, Mary I/>rene Cantrell 111 Dorothy Earl Petty, and Belt from a paralytic stroke. ' Ciuard. of CarulhersviHe. Miss Loll Mr. and Mrs. Von Mullens have Hi™, of Bragg City, and Chaile returned from Black Hock where l.on«, of Braggadocio Mrs. Ora Rhoads. who has been ANDCCHCDEL For Park Improvement 1 , Tomato News Persons having any cuttings of shrubs which Ihey care lo donr.le Coleman. to Walker park, are asked lo get d children, in touch with C. M. Baxter. I . ,. " An effort will be made to beau-1 '•",, ,,, llfy the large park by Ihe planting of thousands of cuttings, which in a few years, will lie several feet in height, it has been pointed out. Mrs. J. A. uf Round . Colemun, M. E. Huchand on Coleman attended the I. Coleman in Misses Ruth nnd lone Kachus o ~a|ie Ciirardeau, who have bpo visiting in the home ol Mr. nm Mrs Ham pcndcrgrass as Ihe gucsls of their daughter, Miss Virginia, returned homo Sunday. Miss connle McElyea relumed here Sunday from Cape Girnrdcau where the has been spending tlie Christinas holidays with her parents. Miss McElyea Is a member of the grade school faculty. Misses Doris and Jean Meyersou. of St. I/ouls. have been ln-re Ihc past week visiting their aunt. Mrs, Your Home .CONSTRUCTION'EQUIPMENT REMODELING limn it will coo) olf likes for walls and furniture, Proy llsi'lt. Then by closing the win- !<"<"> shelves for books, curios,, Iro... , i 11 i, pliles and other knlcknacks .inn * - mHch tab , e spaCB Completes Training As Nurse At Hospital Here funeral of Itidgelcy, Tenn., Saturday. Hayinund Palmer and Mrs. Fred Coleman are both ill. I Ca J B Ci'ider. of Memphis, is the and Albert Mrs" J. W. Tally, who has been FSA Scraps Luxuries and Builds Homes Under Average Cost Estimate By NBA Service While local agencies seeking timls from the U. S. Housing Authority are finding one of their most dinicult problems that of drawing plans to meet the $1000 per room specification—the maximum cost limit allowed under the Wagncr-Sleagall Act — figures of the Farm Security Administration show that the PSA has bull I not one. but 10.000 homes at an aver- nl llrniiHe Keeps Uuzu-rs Out 1 InUr.iiatl lo be >elt bumln? liack In the days when the man m><hl |,i Ihcse. roons. VW of ihf house spent a good deal of n.oin '.-.' they an lie ': •> lime tacking down carpels, or 1111- with llxlure.'; lhat direct iliel tucklni! them and beating tlH'iii,: light downward, .so that they d he filled what was Icfl ol nisi little bill spread n soft glow ovc spare lime by tacking cotton mas- Ihe lloor. They can even be place qulto ncliing lo the whitlow, undei 1 Ihe beds. Such lamps d ,ns lo gel hot ouldde again, ihe louse can be kept many degrees oolc-r through the day limn it •111 be 4 outdoors. A Child Has Ills Oun Itlras The story Is lold of a mothtr vlio did over her small son's room n tlie most approved style of Ihe lay. When she coin was u beautiful example .if framrs and by untacklng It niter little Kusle had practiced on It witli her scissors, or Johnnie had pushed his head through II. How many millions of lacks cncli of us oltl timers has pounded In and 111 for some lime, is improving. Miss Stella Porbiis, Mr. and Mis, Joe Jones announce nurse at Ihc Blylhevilte hospital lor the past two and a half years, completed her work there January 1. In addition to her regular course, she also took a brief . i •the birth of a daughter, on Jan. 1. Old Hymns Feature Christian Church Meeting OUR COMPLETE SERVICE nsures -Your Satisfaction PRESTONE RADIOS HEATERS DEFROSTERS TIRE CHAINS PROTECT YOUR CAR AGAINST WINTER 24. Hou? Service The singing of old hymns • haracterize - the meeting lo-_be held al ihe social hall of the First 'Jhristian church, tonight, beginning at 7:30 o'clock, it has been announced by the' new paslor, Hie Rev. George W. Palterson. At this lime the Rev. and Mrs. I'alterson will meet members he congregation, informally. In an announcemen made Say. Ihe Rev. Mr. Patterson said: 'Nothing Ls more calculated .iwinan Kohn and Mr. Kohn. Miss Wanda Mills returned home Sunday from St. Louis where slit, has been visiting her parents during the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Jolui Ennls of Waverly fa., are here visiting with Mrs. Ennls' aunt. Mrs. C. P. Wells, and Mr. Wells, and with Mrs. Ennis' brother, J. W. Queen of Maiden. Billy Nethery Jr.. who is n student al the university of Missouri is here visiting his father, W. 1 I Nethery and Mrs. Nethery. ' Miss Lucille Miller, music strut tor in the local school system relumed home Sunday from Mex ico, where she had been spending her Christmas vacation. Mrs J W. Golden of Greenway Ark., Is here visiting her son, J. W Golden and Mrs. Golden Mte Frances Demits returned home Sunday from St. Louis, whei Christmas vacation . . age' cost of from only $250 to $000 a room. Although architects and slinn- earance students maintain lhat c $1000 limit is the rock-bottom which an adequate, durable welllnc unit may be built, the SA claims that in 94 different jrojects, In rural and suburban eas throughout Inc. country. 11 of to people closer together llien In singing Ihe old songs Jraw 1.0 unite which \ve all love nnd which hnv • nsplrcd and comforted us many many times." An invitation wa extended the public. ^ pried out! Bui not any more. Rugs for the doors, and full-lcniitli removable window screens, equipped with broiiw insect cloth. And that—if we build the Kerens ourselves— means Just one tacking, for ihe bron/e .siTfcti cloth will not IK.I Interfere with sleep and not iln/zle eyes just opene'l fioi sleep, but liivi- i-nuugh Hs enable one lo move about safe! Inddintally, they me itoovl for the rooms of children »'ho fet ... , i 11 i, ows In tin* morning when It be- Etc lhal there are good lights. And Ihen keep cut as much as Clod gives you strength to do so. ETEDMAN BROWN. KHA Cooperates Since the publication of Its Technical Bulletin No. 4, "Principles of wtvu o.'jfii- ut *«.v mi;ill llutlCHn flO. t, I MllClplcS Ol got through thej planning small Houses," more than ot I)C. I lit re were bunk bctls, one above. tin 1 other; there was a hiirmoul- he Interior decorator's idea what a child's room should njilmiil;; In plenty on The boy surveyed the this ml. anil it is remarkably resistant to Susie's scissors and Johnnie's head, it Is, In short, the inusl durable sort of screen cloth, far better limn Hie corrodlblc screen cloth (lint we thought such an Uie dark—ami don't It'l nnyoi tell yon that ll Ls a nood Ihln lo make u ehlld sleep In ll\e dn If he Is afraid of it. With such limits on the second lloor anil with one In the lower hall the danger of accidents ut rust. ulKhl Is largely ellmlnaled. Wail they do not In themselves pro- improvement over Ihe cotton net' Droved that by sacrificing lux-. ,,,,,,!,„ i" .. .. .„ _, .„ , i«_!ting, but which hud lo be s here vlsitln° ills aunt and uncl Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marlin. ai other relalives. Miss Anna Beth iJmuaugli. wl is a student at the University ol Missouri is here visiting her parents Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Limbaugh. Mr and Mrs. Hasscl Deweese, Misste Mildred Deweee. Anna Mae Khourle and Mis AIHe Holt of Nashville, Tenn.. and Miss Mary Sloane, of Nashville, were Ihe guests of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Chat- 6 , ^ _ .n Illn ot <1 M-IUCll lo simple ftinda- lentals, standard homes may be wilt at halt thai figure. Secret of its success, It believes, a the use, not ot pre-labrlcatlon. nit what amounts to an assembly ine technique ot building. Started Out Badly The two agencies now comprising FSA—Subsistence Homesteads and the Resettlement Administra- tion—atnrtcd out on. their low-cost housing ellorls with signal lack of success. Probably the most notorious of the early projects was tlie the subsistence homestead venture at Arthurdale, W. Va.. a i«t project of Mrs. Roosevelt. There endless experimentation and cava- all necuslom sleepy (lie ll a ht nedetl. Ihry lo light, to oils cumblimllon of shining new child's lurnllure. and there were 'Mill-paper Hie wulls. result soberly. "Must 1 have roi'iiu, Mininny?" he asked. When yon do over your roon 1 yt)\i please yourself. Not n !mi Idea, perhaps, to let your children llieiu.selves tiboul Ihel roan. Kclect the larger pieces of furniture yourself anil see lhal Ilicy tut' stroiii; and comfortable. Id the boy and girl decide whether Ihe wallpaper shall picture a wo, or n Dutch landscape, or scums ul sea, or Just be ordliriry impel 1 tliat will form a background for pictures they clip Train a year ago, Ihe Federal Housing Administration has participated In the meetings of builders, bankers, and developers In cities throughout the country. Administration technicians have. discussed with large and influential groups connected with Ilic building Industry the benefits ol applying sound principles of planning to the design and construction of modcr- alely priced and low-priced houses. 'nils program has undoubtedly bencfiolally Influenced melhods of .small-house construction, that brighter lights can be ed on without .shock lo the eyes temporary blindness. Am Wanirke Jr., Stockholder HOT .SPRINGS, Ark. (UP) — Charles l/>uls Warnekc, ll month* old. Is tellcvcd to be organized baseball's youngest executive. Young Warncke. the son of Loii Warnekc, luirler for the St. Louis Cardinals, Is Mich a light i-osts only n fraction 1 ^ child of a cent lo burn all night. cd every year, and even then * \viiy Not a Van In th« Allli'7 nail to be renewed from tluiL Modern ulr coiidltloiilng has lo lime. j taught jieaplti lhal Ihe Interior of More Important, of course, than a home can be kept comfortable Hie. proud possessor of eight magazines, fur birds' neslH undltneth and a share In the sto-k of wasps' nests, Tor pennants, photo-' the newly roganlzed Hot Springs what they please. l«t ball club In Ihe Collon Stales lea- choose Ihe colors he uue. or saving labor and effecting long-run the ellecllve prolcc- lier disregard for economy, led economy, Is '.Ion of the home against lusecl pests. Uronze screen cloth, 16- mesli lo keep out Ihe smaller breeds of mosquitoes and giwUs, will give Ihe home complete protection against the- pests lhal fly by day and night-disease carriers, all of them. Typhoid, malaria, yellow fever and many lesser tils—those art what you shut out from your home when yoi the tough,, durable bronze CHEVROLET CO. Call 633 Announcements The Courier' News has been au- tHorized lo make formal announcement of the following candidates for public office, subject to tlie Democratic primary August n. For County Treasurer R. Ij. (BILLY) GAINES I'or Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON . fin of caruthersville, at a party Friday evening. Hamra of ille here Saturday vlsiling his nephew, Fred Hamra. ANNCLNCLHENT and Fifth. We cordially invite yen to visit our new place nnd see our complete line of RCA and Zenith Radios Norge Refrigerators, Washers & Ironers Electrolux Reirigerators Duo Therm Oil Burning Heaters Radio Parts and Service HftSDftWAY APPLIANCE CO. Miss Gladys Chlsm, of Memphis, spent the week end here with her mother. Mrs. Fannie Chlsm Mrs mo. . Chlsm and daughter were in Biy- thevllle Saturday visiting Mrs. JacK Cliism, who is in the hospital Miss Juanila Cranfonl, of SiKes- was here over tlie week end her molher, Mrs. Emma ton Stin A1 Mrs Harry Abshire and daughter, Marie, of Black Island were here Friday visiting friends and attending to business. Don and Reece Morgan returned home Saturday from Cape a rar- architects to chang« Iheir minds and plans almost every week, substituting concrete here for cinder block there, or unpalntcd pine for log finish. Out of such early and cosily developments, however, there emerged a few simple patterns and Ideas which tlie FSA adopled on a large scale non-urban housing program. By using only a few different house plans, and. by setting up a $600 saw mill in each project, build- i ers' were able lo cut all the lumber eeded for a home In one day. In ils way, It is estimated, labor costs •ere cut by CO per cent. In a week, a dozen' men could onstruct the dwelling. The future jwner of the house, working on he project as a relief laborer, saw o it that work progressed as last and cheaply as possible, because, In he end he would have to foot tlie bill In tills way relief labor was actually more, rather than less, screen cloth on lighlly lltllng screens. Uronze, 'an alloy of cop per, cannot rust and gives Ion ami satisfactory service. . Uy tlie way. one word of ciui lion, lie sure that the bronv screen cloth you use Is standav weight--15 pounds lo 100 squnr feet. Otherwise, your screens, n In any sort of weiilher. same token, it Ims set people, to linking of ways to keep theh ouses cooler In hot weather, shor f Installing nlr conditioning Jlanls In their cellars. There has jeen much emphasis on the wl:i- lom of opening nil windows at light in stilling weather, to cool the house ns much as possible, and then keeping them closed during the day to keep the night's comparative coolness in. Too, chen ventilating- fans an 1 becoming common. There Is another way in which n vonlllaUng Inn can be used lo good cffecl. one In the That Is, by Installln attic to pull tlie Mr up from the lower floors and discharge II inlo the alllc, whence 11 can escape through windows ,\nd louvres. Such a fan should be set though iioti-rustable, will lack the over an opening In Ihe attic floor deau, where they grandmother, Mrs. visited their J. W. Adams, Mgr. Theme 233 Has Success Handling Hogs On Soybean Pasture The successful handling of hog on soybean fields is difficult fo nnvone. but J. M. Stevens of * Dell community Ls having goo luck by keeping a mineral mlxtur before the hogs at all times an supplementing Ihe soybeans wit corn, according to D. S. Umtri; county agent. The mineral mixture is ncces- ;a ry for all hogs. Mr. Stevens explained, but more necessary for ms on soybeans. According lo Mr. Stevens a heavy feed of corn is given each night The com aids in offsetting the cfTecls of Ihe heavy oil content of the soybeans and makes the hogs more thrifty. mechanical strength to stand the wear and tear to which most screens are subjected. I.ighls for Sleepy Eyts There are probably few grown people who have not barked their shins or stubbed their toes when trying to move about In the house in the dark, after being aruilsed from sleep. It is so common a mishap that It Is a favorite subject of professional hunw- (sis. But it seems destined for the scrap pile, for present emphasis upon better lighting . for the liome has' not • neglected the 1 ques- efflcient. Still Leaves a Leeway PSA's rural houses, some of which cost as little as $250 and Imost nowhere more than $400 per .oom, are'sturdy frame dwellings most of them electrically Wired, some of them equipped with run- nlnn water, sinks and disposal fields. . With reasonable care and repair they will be In almost as good condition at the end of 40 years, when plans call for their complete amortization, as when they were built, FSA architects maintain. Although a slum-clearance architect would term them "sub-standard" because the "plumbing Is lion Ihe of suitable illumination house at night after bright lights have been turned on. Naturally the looms In nhicl ijlStit lights are chlef.y needrl an bwirooms, halls ar.'J bntlmcms Manufacturers ha'Ai put O'l t!'. i market tiny bulbs, ot from one I lia v-'atts consumption, which ar outside, estimates backed by Head Is Willed to School MELBOURNE (UP)-Dr. D. W Maloney, for 48 years Melbourne s representative In the Federal Parliament, has willed his head to the institute of Anatomy at Canberra At 83 Maloney is the British em pire's oldest active politician. OUUjluc, r*J" ^" • . figures from commercial supplj firms lhat plumbing and balh room fixtures could be installed In each at less lhan $200 a house, which still leaves a large leeway under the $1 Standar'd C iiouses by any criterion have been built by FSA in its suburban projects at an average cost of $650 per room. These are brick, concrete or frame structures five or six rooms each, complete!) equipped with electricity, baths and sewage disposal system. Trial of Five Years All in all projects now under FSA ! s supervision contain 10,363 dwelling units, containing that number of houses and 30.6001 other buildings, erected at a cost of $47,349.000. Only 1.7 per cent o the cost is due to admtntstrattv or overhead expense. In suburban units a quarter o half an acre of land surround each house. In the rural project, several acres of land go with eac house, as well as outbuildings sue as a bam, poultry house, mok house, pump house and fencini Average total cost of a complei farm unit ranges from $1780 i $0000. Tenants are given a trl lease of five-year duration. they are iound satisfactory, rent paid over that period is coi sidered an initial payment on mortgage which Is lo be paid o! with interest, in another 35 yeai abovo Ihe second slory hall. Then, vMth liie doors of rooms on bot floors, left open into the halls, the sucllon of the fan will cre- e fi quiet circulation through- it Ihc house, Ihc air entering ie windows, passing Inlo :hc ttlc by way of the halls and Ihen it of doors tignln. In still, hot wealhcr such a fun, jcratcd al nlghl, will cool oiise much more ipilckly and HOME OWNERSHIP The First Step Toward Security HttildiiiK u homo for your fumily under the FHA plitti is like buying nil inaurniicc policy for the future. A small amount of money to "tart with and uiiH.y payments over u period of 15 or 'M years will nnsuro your family a permanent dwelling. Now is the time to build. You can enjoy your home while you pay for it. Let us explain this modern way of financing new homes. THE ftRKMO LUMBER CO. PHONE dO 1«W lUtec FARM LOANS Anywhere in Mississippi County Wilson and Worthington 1st National Bank Bldg. Blytheville, Ark. Prompt •crrte* Piivl!e«w Authorized Mortgafe Loan Solicitor for The Prudential Insurance Company al America CLARENCE H. WILSON HARVKY MORRIS RAY WORTHINGTON ATTEHTION, LADIES! BEGINNING FRIDAY, Jan. 7 miON OF OUR BEAUTY EXPERTS. All Work Guaranteed To Satisfy Y °« ma y em '° 11 now in our Beauty School. Special courses given in nil lines of Beauty Culture. Eagle School of Beauty Culture Cooper HUlg. 2nd & Walmil Phone 319 | -"*^- 1 ' ^^^ We highly recommend this Modern-CLERN Coal for Furnace, Stove or Stoker $7.00 ton E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. START YOUR ESTATE IN '38 Earn Yourself a Home Build Yourself a Fortune Your Rent Money Will Do It As Low 'As $25.00 a Month will create a $3500 Estate Call at our office and ask for Mr. Sutherland, who will help you work out the details. PHONE 100 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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