The Morning Call from Allentown, Pennsylvania on January 8, 1972 · 4
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The Morning Call from Allentown, Pennsylvania · 4

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 8, 1972
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4 THE MORNING CALL, Allentown, Fa., Saturday, Jan 8, 1972 Complaints Flood Lions in WalteofEowOiMBu ' This is the second of a two-part series detailing The Morning Call's findings of an investigation into a publicity flyer which implied that Lions Club international was to honor Glenn W. Turner, a fast-talking Southern motivational salesman. , v By RANDALL MURRAY After the initial calls to Chicago, The Morning ' Call learned the dam had broken. Gunter Hett, man-;, ager of the Lions Clubs International public relations division in Chicago, reported receiving complaints from clubs all across the country. . Massachusetts Lions, Hett said, had been approached by Glenn W. Turner people and urged to buy tickets to a banquet honoring Turner. A Norristown beer distributor, a Lion for 22 years, told Hett friends had been approached by the Turner group. A former assistant attorney general from Washington State called to query the international headquarters about the promotion. The Lions International shot out a notice to all clubs, warning them "the association is not honoring :' any individuals or their organization in any way, shape or form." The warning was signed by Lions International general counsel Roy Schaetzell. As a result of pressure from the International the Turner organization issued an apology in their Dec. 16 field bulletin from. Les O'Neil, Turner director of public relations: "It was stated that this (award) is sponsored by Lions Clubs International. Actually the award is presented by only the local Lions Club. We also regret the unauthorized use of the Lions International logo (symbol)." ; The Turner publication added, "Ours is a very closeknit family." The organization was so pleased to learn Turner received the award, the bulletin continued, that it may have been "over-zealous." This, according to Hett, was not enough. While the American Bowl Game, a North-South all-star grid match, is sponsored by District 35-R, the award is not officially a Lions Club Function. The game, to be held in Tampa's 47,000-seat stadium, is set up by an independent corporation, HMS Corp. HMS provides the award. Mike Harris, a principal in HMS, noted that H. Ross Perot had been named "American of the Year" in 1971. Perot, a Texas multimillionaire, was cited for his efforts to free American prisoners of war held in North Vietnam. Turning to what he termed was "the heat" placed on the award and the game, Harris said on Dec. 28 that it had been decided to change the award. It is now called "humanitarian of the . year."-' Turner will receive a certificate of appreciation. Among others to be honored will be Art Linkletter ' and a Tampa area man active in environmental" causes, v..:. " ";,. tv :." But Turner's aide, O'Neil, reached by telephone in his Orlando office this week, indicated he was una-' ware of any change in the format . for the award. O'Neil, soft-spoken and cooperative, noted with pride that New York City Mayor John Lindsay and Sen. Hubert Humphrey are supposed to appear at the -game with Turner. ... ... Harris repeated his contention that ' "a conspiracy" is afoot to embarrass Turner. "We've gotten a lot of heat from all over," he stated." He claimed that a disgruntled former Turner employe had been pinpointed as the source of many statements aimed at discrediting Turner. ' - - "The press has overlooked his good activities and ' concentrated on the unfavorable aspect," Harris. complained. "I'd like the truth to be told." Both Harris and Dist. 35-R governor Samuel W. Fielding denied holding any financial interest in the Turner operation. Both denied Turner; had contributed any money to the Lions clubs in the; area or to the bowl game to obtain the honor.: ;. ; :r .;; , Turner, Harris pointed out, has been "chal lenged" in several "states but has 'never 'been: convicted. ' After, the initial., action by Lions International, Hett told The Morning" Call he had received a call from a man who identified himself as a Florida state representative. , The "lawmaker, allegedly a Lions Club member for many years, said' he was appalled at the international's action disassociating itself from the award. Hett said the caller stated, "No man deserves it more than Glenn Turner." - Hett also said he received a call from a man claiming to be a reporter from a Lehigh Valley newspaper. Himself a former Associated Press newsman, Hett told The" Morning Call "he just didn't sound right." A. check locally into the man's identity indicated the call was probably phony. As things stand presently, Turner will be receiving a "Humanitarian of the Year" award tomorrow. Hett declared Lions Clubs International would prefer that no such honor be presented. However, he. went on, "if individual Lions clubs want to honor Turner we can't stop them. Each club is autonomous, and although they must adhere to certain international rules and regulations we can't force them to cancel this award." (SlplMlllllllllS! fillip '-pllllSiii - SALVAGE STREET?. Wrecked cars impounded at Lehigh Valley Salvage Service, Inc., Allentown, await insurance, adjusters, and perhaps action by the city. Although the business is not in violation of the zoning laws, several unvacated "paper streets" apparently are enclosed by the fencing. Louis Koc-sis, who has operated the yard for the last six years, asked the planning commission earlier this month to vacate E. Marks, E. Jonathan and E. Fairmount between N. Nelson and N. Plymouth streets. There were several objectors at the meeting. The request was tabled because of a lack of quorum. The city's bureau of corrections said the fence was erected under an old zoning ordinance that did not require a permit. Operations director George Kandra has notified Kocsis to remove the fence, but "has not forced it" pending a planning commission decision. Planning director James Kel- ley. said-the city engineering department has recommended the city not vacate the streets because of a water drainage problem in the area. He said opening at least one or two of the "paper streets" may alleviate the condition. He said that after a field inspection, he decided not to recommend the streets be vacated. Drug Rehabilitation Center Plans Coming Soon A report of plans for a Lehigh-Northampton counties' drug re- habifiation residential center wiH be released shortly. The report has been prepared by the Lehigh County Commis-sisti on Drug and Alcohol Abuse. ' The committee, which was set up by the Lehigh County commissioners, has been meeting Ysipce ' last April. Northampton pCQUnty has a similar group. Details of the center are still limlnntirn TFirirwzk innnontnl with it is reluctant to talk. All say a release is to be issued in a s few days by Chambers-Hackett, Look-Girl Turtle! T Inc., an Allentown public relations firm. Some facts have been learned, however: Although the exact site of the center is still unknown, it is expected to be located in North ampton County, near Easton. A contract with Muhlenberg Medical Center has been signed. Financing of the center will be through the medical center. Center. A $156,000 grant has been received from the federal government. The grant will be used to staff the center. The grant was received several months ago, but has .been unused - because the parties involved could not agree on details forthe center. Persons contacted yesterday said official comments on the center were being delayed until the report was issued sim ultaneously to all Lehigh Valley newspapers. No one denied, however, that there is a report and it does contain plans for the residential center. The establishment of a residential center was one of the recommendations of the Allentown Drug Commission in its report last June. The Allentown Drug Commission, which was established by Mayor Clifford Bartholomew, called the establishment of a center one of highest priorities. Since the issuance of the drug commission's report, city officials have not commented. According to one source, the mayor was waiting to see what conclusions were arrived at by the county drug commission. ' Members of the Lehigh County Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse are John F. Von Glahn, chairman; Dr. Raymond P. Seckinger, Dr. Dean F. Dimick, Carl Odhner, Allen D. Deibler, Mrs. Lorraine Angel, James Wisner, Dr. Leo Eddinger, Mrs. Annabelle Dit-brenner, Dr. Ralph E. Stolz, Dr. M.J. Stierstofer and Dist. Atty. George Joseph. ' Commissioner George Stahl represents the county commissioners. Police Charge Man Shot in Scuffle Alfred W. Youtz, who was wojinded in a struggle New Year's Day with an off-duty Easton patrolman, has been charged with assault and battery.;. : . Youtz, of 2717 Liberty St., Palmer . Township, posted $1,500 bail for a hearing before Justice of the Peace Joseph Fritzo. " " . He is accused of battling Patrolman William Crouse at 9th and Northampton streets, Easton. Crouse's - gun discharged accidentally, police said, and Youtz was wounded in the back of the head. He was a patient in Easton Hospital for several days. Crouse said he saw Youtz misbehaving in Center Square early New, -Year's Day', .and tpld:the latter to' stop. Police said ' Youtz then; followed Crouse's car in his own auto "and, when both stopped for a traffic light at 9th and Northampton streets, attacked the off-duty policeman. ' ' ' I H COME TAX RETURNS PREPARED Individuals -Professional -Business R.BISH0FF, 902 Walnut (9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) Phone 435-9701 or 435-6961 Thinking About A Business er Secretarial Career WINTER TERM BEGINS JAN. 24, 1 972 1971 H.S.Grads Veferans Post H.S. Grads College Transfers ASSOCIATE DEGREE or EiPLOMA COURSE EXECUTIVE SECRETARY MEDICAL SECRETARY BUS. ADMINISTRATION STENOGRAPHIC RECEPTIONIST GEN. BUSINESS DATA PROC. MGMT. FASHION MERCH. For Information ... Call 432-4371 or write ALLEHTOWN BUSINESS SCHOOL 801 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. Bethlehem Convention Center Plan Revived at Meeting Payrow Called mm M Unexpected surprise a love-able, lady turtle ! Flowers add whimsical touch to bright, bouncy Lady Turtle. Crochet hexagon motifs of rug yarn scraps for hassock or pillow. Pattern 531: about 6" high, 20x15. SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS for L. -...11 J n - r eai-u paiiem auu ceuis iur each pattern for Air Mail and Special Handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, The Morning Call Nee-dlecraft Dept., Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Address, Zip. NEW 1972 Needlecraft Catalog fabulous laaiiiuus, ctiicaaui lea, gins. ; Knit, crochet, embroider. Free patterns. 50c ! NEW Easy Art of Hairpin Cro- ! chet has 26 patterns. $1.00 Islan Crochet Book step-by-step pictures, patterns. $1.00 Complete Instant Gift Book more than 100 gifts. $1.00 Complete Afghan Book more than 100 gifts. $1.00 "16 Jiffy Rugs" Book. 50c Book of 12 Prize Afghans. 50c Quilt Book 1 16 patterns. 50c Museum Quilt Book 2 50c Book X "Quilts for Today's Living." 15 patterns. 50e The concept of a joint arts-convention center in the Downtown Bethlehem business area is being discussed again. The idea was revived Thursday during a closed-door meeting convened by Mayor Gordon Payrow at City Hall. Robert Spillman of Spill-man-Farmer Architects of Bethlehem confirmed that his firm has developed preliminary diagrams of such a facility but said it prefers not to release them at this time. Spillman said he feels it is too early to make the plan public because many changes can be made before a final draft is prepared. Helping develop this final plan will be a committee to be named by Payrow. This committee will delve into the economic feasibility of locating such a complex in the downtown area. Tentatively to be on the north side of Main Street between North and Broad, the center would encompass a base level bus terminal, restaurants, retail outlets and performing and exhibition areas on the upper levels, Payrow said. A major factor in the final design and arrangement plans would depend on efforts of city officials to convince a hotel to locate at an inner city site. Inflated land costs usually discourage hotel developers from coming into a city, but Payrow reportedly has at least one organization interested in the arrangement proposed Thursday. Parking also would be an integral part of the overall project. Parking authority of ficials are in the final phases of a feasibility study which would put a parking area in the New and Broad streets area. Parking authority officials are expected to ask city council's permission soon to proceed with developing the project. 2 Boys Arrested In Purse Theft Allentown police juvenile offi cers revealed tnis weeK tney have apprehended two more boys in the theft Monday night of a purse containing $40 from a coin-operated laundry in the 600 block of Cleveland street. Police said they have recovered most of the money with the apprehension of two 13-year-old boys. A 12-year-old boy was nabbed Monday night by a neighbor who spotted him running from the laundry. All three boys, juvenile offi cers said, have been released in the custody of their parents. The 12-year-old and one of the 13-year-olds face hearings in Lehigh County Juvenile Court. Police said the purse belonged to Nancy Halpin of 743 St. John St., Allentown. i Sweet . . . Soothing VENETIAN BLIND SERVICE CO. Compleie Servicing Cleaning Soles KNAUSS&SON 1025 Airport Rd. 432-3969 -ED Apple Blossom Brand Honey Ever wonder why the honey jar in great-grandma's kitchen worked overtime? Her very special lemon and honey mixture not only soothod a tickly throat, but tasted delicious! It still works today and at Trexler's, despite the wet and rainy summer, we've loads of our famous Apple Blossom Brand Honey nature's safe way to comfort a cold or flu. TREXLER ORCHARDS TBSXLER ORKFIKLD 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. Dailv HOME TOWN 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. Daily Both Stores Route 309 BKTIII.KJIF.M Rt. 512 at 22 Everv Dav 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. s. U. S. Savings Bonds come in I lot of sizes. So do people. 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