The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1933
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1933 BLTTHBVILLE, (ASK.) COURIER NEWS ; : AGE THREE Congress Will Settle Currency Issue lust About as President Desires. This Is (he srrnnd nf a stries of five articles on "Here Comos Con- rrtrs." givin* (he background on the imti'irtnnt issues tlial will be at slake when the lawmakers crnvfn" nfiin ar:er tlie New Vfsr'c holiday. BV KODNEY IiUTCIIKK Ccurler News Washington Corre- Treasun 1 . The administration has bttn preparing for such an attack In Congress. Conservatives also are expected to make n futile effort to take away the Inflation powers which] Congress gave to Roosevelt in the' last session. At the other extreme will be those who waul to make Inflation mandatory. The "sound money" group finds one of Its previously most Impressive arguments weakened by success of the Treasury's December finjinclns. STIRRED BY FARMERS Tactics of tlie Inflationists will be governed by whether they think the president Is going fast enough and far enough. The Inflation demand from west and south Is Implied In' the condition of debt-ridden farmers, who find How Does Your Pick of Last Year's Photoplays Compare With Choice of Dan Thomas? spondent WASHINGTON.— Tlic inflation But not necessarily by Congress. nrlcos for form goods rising but slowly and the Increases largely offset by Increased prices for things they must buy. It's Important lo note Hint the inflation tumult of a few weeks ago subsided after ilic admlnlstra- ticin began to pump, subsidies and loan money Into the affected farm' Senator Elmer Thomas of Oklahoma and Representative Ran-, kin of Mississippi, two Inflation- 1 !.sc leaders, recently have expressed their willingness to string aloti 1 ; with the Roosevelt program—intimating, nevertheless, that they are not convinced It will have the 1 desired result soon enough. •. GOLD PROGRAM ODTMNKI) Indicating tlie tendency of In- flationists toward) nsvaluin? the gold reserve and 'impounding thij Federal Reserve and Treasury "profit" ihercfrqm,, Thomas has " : : ' ' bill' 1 'which ' proposes of the i dollar by Su. prepared devaluation KuKenr niark . . . limit of the untluu'* >'«lcral. per • cent and a presidential dec-: laration thai gold Is worth $41.34'. aii' ounce instead of th's 'present slatutory S2l'.67 (or'the' R.' P. c.'s> Quotation of •approximately $34 for' the newly-mined product)., Thomas would have the Treas-' ury take over all the gold, reimbursing the Reserve banks with ••old certificates at the rate of S20.07 . an ounce. When they redeemed' the certificates in gold they would get only half as much 2o!tl for their money. Such was followed by France and Italy when those countries devalued their 'currency.-; II is urged by the 'Committee for ministration's plan—three <or four billion dollars of new currency may be issued on' th'e- basis of a doubled 'value of-.the.': tuition's-gold reserve. • . :' •; ; : -• :;;'}'• .' . ' That would be • inflation.' of a type, but.' quite ' another; .picture than the spectacle>of-*a' > runaway "greenback"'Congress,' which many opponents of tlie Roosevelt monetary policy claim- to fear.. : GREENBACK HOWL CERTAIN' A howl for, ..greenbacks from I many < western and southern mem- '" friers Is inevitable:' Its Intensity ' and consequences will depend.'on the.'success of the recovery pro-' gram and the effect of the White House currency.^ efforts. Volume dt-the anti-inflation protest will t'e similarly dependent, though the' recent' collapse of a fcllcUfled opposition movement leaves, the issue largely between Roosevelt 'and the "radical infla-' tiontsts, - except' for the fact that the .Nation,, will) which . :Prof '/••'• ••\-^uH#^A^-.^: l i-.-'. Roosevelt receive' full con- rprvatlvc support m.ahy bout with the extremists. - • • . Such conservative backing, a de- tars in the ten best photoplays oi 1933. as sc'ccted by Tliotnas. this papo.-'s Hollywood cor- espondent. I. Mae Wcbt in ".Slit Done Him WrCnii"; 2. Margaret Siilhivan In "On!\ Yesterday"; Diana Wynyard In "Cavnlcaile"; •). Leslt? llow.nd In "lintoley S(|uurt" :u:il "Smlllii' Through": !i. Colleiji Moore In 'The IKnvi i mil tlie Glory"; C. Jumcs Cugnoy In •TcolllKlit Parade':;' 7. .Helen "* iluyes In 'While Slslpi-": 8. Kutharliu' llepbuni In "i.ltllc Women." Anil don't forget Ilic "iniK Ltlt.le.PlBS-': Three LiLllii Pigs" Year's Outstanding Film Says Critic BV DAK THOMAS \EA' Service Stan" Correspondent HOLLYWOOD.—Well, here it ts hat time of year, again, when c.-lt- Every year when -I- sit down to !i!s' task, 1 wonder where I get lie 1 'nerve to go through with it. \ffer all, you know, it does lake onsiderable of Kiat tmeriur foitl- to set one"s'sel[ up as a king and decree that 10 certain films verc Ihe best turned out during the year. _^ However .""nuking such .a selection has become a custom and far x it from ms to violate a national . . i . . gees for the Thomas selection of the 10 best Amerlcan- '*^'^'"*'" 1 * 1 * it Wfib only in r.:csc numbers that there was a dlstliujulshxblc- dliler- ence. From a story standpoint, llrey were about equal. James Caijney. Jean maiden. Uuby Ke-eU'i, anil Dick 1'oivell hod tl'.e lending roles In "Footllglu Painde." Willie Slskr Tli? sii|i:rb a'c'.lng of Helen Hayes plus Clark Gable's powerful chnr- the 10 pcopie, Lloyd put'"Cavalcade" on acteri^iion were largely., rcsponsl- the screen, with Clive Brook nnd; Dl e for making "White Sister" one for 1933 Is 'Frank Lloyd, whose "Cavalcade" also gels a prominent place among the ID best. Although taken from a London stage piny cs'throughout the nation start'do-1 ami dealing solely with English iig r the'impossible—picking ""'" jesf pictures, of the year. hcina io :>tovldu warmtli and a I building, Intentionally or unlnteu- tlunnlly, will be treated similarly, tho chlefi.warns. imestlc prpilucl-: the outstand- y opinion was iree Little^ I^igs.' 1 ._,.„,„,_ jhorI 'subject 1 ' and iqijjnoJlYrtecharaclers. But .there wft$jiVnffy2'i?itenuinfc entertainment crattSSSli'jiBtp; that, film than in any;ot)ier|7^qture : made during the- Diana Wynwurd In the lending of llr » year's otitslnndlng films. Like roles, in such manner that it wns|". EmU1 »' Through." tills also was a ns interesting to the public as to the English. Litlle Women "Little Women" gels <i this list for being one of the finest all-around pictures turned out dur- American i remake of one "of Norma Tal- I madge's Client hits. j And under the direction of Vtc.- i lor Krmtn-j. H privcd to be ns place on j fine ?s t!ic original picture. Relief Is Furnished After World War Tells Story. Vetera ran Christ's birthday - was n dny of fasting for Irvln Smith. 52. two wi-oks B!<ii:cry order was Is- «ir<l by the FKItA to prevent rCr wlltlcm of n Christmas fusl on New Ycnr's Day. A physician wu's sent to provide attention for the sick niul n recommendation for direct relief filed with the Federal Emergency Relief AdnitnWnition. Nine children "ivcre. oorn to Sinllh, who clnlnis to Imvc served i British 'House of Commons. It wllh the U. S. Signal corps tit comes 1 -from''the members' reaUu- Presidio, Cnl., during the World 'runt. It distracts Wcllwood Johns-' \V«r, nnd his .wife, who, he ,to!(l | .toh',''-M.P,''' ! '• '• . ' .•.'":' investigators, 'abandoned.him jthreo; So Johnstih'has'asked the flrat yearb nuo. Two children, twins.| commlssloHor of -works' what :1 he were (nken In charge by.the Red Odor of Cooking Annoys British Statesman 1 LONnof) (OP) — The smell of cooking is 'often noticeable In' the Only-Yesterday it has "Only Yesterday." a powerful and Fcodlcss and without fuel, their mg tne year. In nddltion. it has] •-""> imwruny. a puwcriuiaiiu. two strong points In the exception- beautiful love story, attains ILs high al-acting of Katharine Hepburn, lo my. mind the outstanding actress on. .the screen today, and the fine direction of George Cukor. largely because of the excellent direction of John ' He took plenty o'l time and spent plenty : of money in making the picture, but when It was finished he had n rcnl pfcdlict. The (llm.nlso introduces to the screen n new slur in the person 'of who and Ids six children at their home, .suflcTlnii wns so Intense that the j World War veteran wrote a note, i addressed to Mayor Cecil . Shane. | Die day nfler Chrtilmn.'i, appealing Harry Calvin has been fined five I for hcl'p, ami n belated" Christmas 'dollars in municipal court for dls- 1 turblng the peace In connection with an affair that occurred at an I Main street lunchstnnd last week.] —if food and a worm fire can mean Christmas—was, Investigates police theirs, and the grand"'- job j gj triij- story'^o' lul performances, 'given,by," Spe'ncer] Tracy - -and Colleen ^Moorei'fhlcrVI were ;a considerawe'-'ald in making 1 'J the nlrn'-.biitstincling. , : '.-;.'i .1 Jesse <f»e» of Toxa*.... -, .'.B» Is clialrmJus <ti «he KVXi-.. > .Qe'orge V. Warren has associated and which has agitated for..''"4eypr- eral monetary steps which'jiuo^e^ quently were adopted by'the''"* 1 - mirilstraticm. 'V'W Lowell• >jsheniutt'j. ; f w»s-'/j .'personal ;We^t>^|riiunpH,- i ;(ui&srnubh. 1 - is . " ' ' Rcosevelt in anything'!. he does.l NEW* MONEY BIG makes it almost, cerlairi'.tlut in- Federal';- Reserve and llationists would be unable to pass'" old together amounts a bill 'bvpi- a oresldentlal veto. ' f 4.300.0CO.SKI, and • und«tjk;?th,e CONCESSIONS POSSIBLE 'Thomas plan the "profit" wojfld be That leaves' Roosevelt free to the same amount. ''•":'?:*•'': • carry on his own policy, which On the present basis of 40;'per 'cent • gold i ^coverage ; for currency. i irorc than s $ of. new j money could- be .ironed. Ultirratelv' the ' inflation strug- center on the amount of eiirv that mi"! 11 be issued I'evaiuation and the question whether to anolv it to the na- 4- Ulonal debt, federal expenditures, r fo some other purooEe. such as be!%e ..._. ....... iilki.^And it'is a'beautlful u|.;nianfelously ptesaiitod.- t then I Rev. Mnrsli M. Cnllawny, nn FKKAi Charlie 'Tnylor.' who allegedly rt- .. ...| worker, found the (ixinlly trying loj nionstrotcd with Ciilvlil to 1 the ex""""••! ward off a relentless winter. with i tent of u phy.ilcul cliish, wns clcnr- ~j' s ' • | a fe.w sticks of kindling nm! n ! cj . of n ."y charge for, lib part ; |n j , S ? n 1 r.niall nmount of whent flour. 'The I ^ l °u mlx-np. - , fy.yj* nren t more wortny 1 fnt | ler .;i,f[ cr [ llB ( ron , ndvnnccdl Russell Galne.'i.has paid a .fine 'i^i. ^-,™ a -: -"^- x n ^A-I ^ ci^, , , c ""f ,"' n P. ce5 i lubcrciilosls, was lying in bed witliln; one dnllnr ..nccording lo.-rollcc tie manner, .a^person can.1 be stretched into 15. i his .six, year old cliiunhter. riuby.j Chief nice tccausc lie was the ' nlso ill. clo?* by his side. The o!h-|fltsl mini>cnnglU by the chief deer children, ranging in age from i facing the, city hall since, CWA 16 to 8, were grouped about the workers have been repainting the I rco:n. The oldest. Cecil, 15, was building. Oulnes allegedly made a found to be n deal mute. ^nnrlc on n corridor, wall with his. Head Courier News .Want .AOs. I A ton of coal was rushed to th« shoe. Others - found :marring the Medicinal • Safe • Give Quick Relief/ LU DEN'S5 C might' fell -it,' instead of 'having the scenes folloi'lng,. ohe^' ariotncr.,!lh btcaiife theri pict;ir?s. but Several other .(llms would have placed easily in.any' previous yrar. competition was Just ------. - • *ere;.twp .beatttl-;; a . fr me't6o strong for'. them. • ' ' • •».... , BARGAIN* IN NEW A ,IISEI> FURNITURE R.J.DODSON _ . . _f. •_ _ . -'' • _:'i"i: ":->-!• 303 E. ;'MH»I> V. . story', p.jid. .: as -.her; acting -vf'nlcli •'p'rdvided.'all ne'erJMirtalnn«?riiy.i.-! ; --'" •:' .' ''.;'. •"•'• ' ';- : ' ;i ' '.•'"•''• • '•'• '•'• -~ ' "'V, rtjtlieht Psiriie:' ' . '•Pootiight.; rt'rsde 1 ' ,- -'cpmes', Irtio. the. list as 'the .finest of. ail musical " ''' . . .. .. - productions turned:. out" d'uV'ing' • - •"'• v-- - [-year— and there -wejc '.plenty, ofi the better picture of the -two.'. n.:u;.. wer?' "direited" port pf^Nprma Shearer. . ThIs.',Y-a,s.. : - h-. remake iof onp-'of 'Norms Tal-1' •'• i '. in .. . .-„ madge's best films back 'i'n -trc'old ' L ''°yd Bacon, .wjth .Busby : ;B=,kEl5.v silent days, and was even more ' *' c!n S tn ° mu - sl "l. hum'icrs. _. : A n d beautifully done thoja' the original| —^"^^^^ ^trrr"' version. •Sidney Prinklih. •.'.:$* ' . . dlr'ec 1 Trot. Clroir^ *'• VarrMf . . . Riiiiline; f-v'.rH «f in 1 " snonetnrv policy. pnv include ror.ce*s:ons to inflation sentiment, such as possibly a promise of new currency based on a revalued gold reserve. The ^:osevclt Dlan calls for raising the- commodity price index to the 1030 level and subsequent stabilization which, under the Warren plan r.ow favored at the White bonus nayment. Meanwhile, the most imporl-int <: MP? to 'vntch for Is some sisn r'. Roosevelt's aitltudel toward, this f"i^f. A of i^fln'^n:; . ' •; / SiLVER ORDKR APPROVED The order of the nresidem for a limited coinage of silver has veakened the ranks of the Infla- tionists. The;' adrrtinlstrnilnf] ao- paren.tly has gaiped, .at ;the !ex- rensc nf the currency' expansion bloc, the votes of Scnntor Pitt- men of Nevada and others from 'he silver-producing states of. the west. '/• The silver agreement, sixm-'ored ot the London conference bv Pltt- man. and put In effect by the president's proclamation, allows the acceptance for coinage of a. minimum of 24.000.000 ounces annually from United States mines. However, there are certain sena- tor on this one. Indde'ritally, Hoy?r ard is the only actor i'n Hollywood 1 to have two films on this list.. j Cavalcade : - " "- ' — '".''.:.-. - j And the only two-time director , G. General Inranuxc ion N. in-uiu>».i°.- Phone 797 Motor Gar House, would be based and main- tors, among them Wheeler of Mon- lalned on the commodity price in- j leader of the 1C to 1 free tier. Isilverites. who feel that the presi , Tlie dollar first must fall in mine in relation to gold and other commodities. One method used in achieving that effect Is the gold purchase plan, though there is f'ent hns not pone far enough and they may press for further concessions. It Is likely that the Montana senator will offer his silver bill as bitter debate as to its practicabil- j fchcdtiled. regardless of the new ity. development. P1TTMAN WON OVER Senator Pittman is content — -1 .17 Tax Payers For two months the Treasury, through the R. F. C.. has been buying gold at a rate far above ', temporarily. He believes that pur- statutory price, to depreciate the chasing power of millions in Li tin tlollnr. ' America and Asia will be increased GI.ASS WILL ERUPT 50 per cent bv the new policy. The first currency fight Is likely "In my opinion." he said, alter " ' the Roosevelt proclamation, "this action will increase our exuort .Irnde greatly, raise our commodity Icy and possibly other operations trices, and release bank credit and not yet announced. Senator Carter deposits, so there will be less call Glass and the other money con- j fov currency expansion." rervatives then will unleash their If other senators arc brought i y:ns. [around to see the matter In that > \ Glass is set to question the le- light, the wind likely will be taken gslity of the gold buying plan, as out of the expansionists' sails. did Undersecretary Dean Achesonl before he was fired from tho I Read Courier News W»nt Ads. to come over admlnislratian-spon- sorcd legislation to validate and slrcngthcn the gold purchase For the past few weeks (he new-papers of the county have carried n message from Clifton H. Scott. Fnlcral- Receiver of Drainage District No. 17, in which an appeal was made to tlte tax payers to pay their 1933 taxes. We, tlie undersigned, realize the vital importance of the pro|K>scd refinancing of the District through the Ucconstruction Finance Corporal inn, and realize also that tlie successful culmination r>F the proposed refinancing depends a great deal upon the good faith of the tax payers themselves, therefore \ve arc giving our full co-operation to the efforts of Mr. Scott and have paid our taxes. We urge every tax payer who ha? r.ot paid this years' tax to do so within the next ton days, hcfon: the delinquent list is, filed. THAPMAN & DEWEY LUMBER CO. LEE WILSON & COMPANY COTTON FARMS COMPANY AUBREY CONWAY B. A. LYNCH R. C. ROSE RAMEY & CAUDILL ... .... ...... DC Luxe Fordor Srdjn. One of clevrn handsome new body typct, all with V-8 cyUndtr mococ New Dual Carburetion and Dual Intake Manifold add to power and economy of the Netv Ford V-8 /or 1934 LIKE a pair of lungs for thi« powerful motor, thii new system of carburttion and intake supplies vaporized gasoline evenly to all eight cylinders. Two distinct advantages result from it: 1. More even compression of fuel, giving Mill greater power, faster acceleration, quicker BUrting and smoother performance m cold weather. 2. More complete utilization of fuel, more miles to the gallon of gasoline, with consequent economy. Crankcasc dilution is reduced to a minimum, thereby conserving oil with still further economy in operation. Increased efficiency at less cost ii a notable achievement. Yet it is only one of many improvements which distinguish this new and greater Ford V-8 for 1934. Clear-vision Ventilation. Constant Supply of freih Air without Drafts or Obstruction to View,. As perfected in the New Ford, this system of ventilation operates efficiently at all speeds, winter or summer. In cold or stormy weather, the new adjustable window ventilators can be opened the desired amount to provide fresh air. Individual control on front door and rear-quarter windows enables passengers to obtain desired ventilation without causing discomfort to others. Windshield and windows do not fog when ventilators are opened. In warm weather, the windshield— which opens—and the cowl ventilator provide additional fresh air. Dual carbureiion gives smoother operation in all driving range* from idling to highest top spent. NOW ALL ON DISPLAY AT FORD DEALERS $515 UP (F. O. B. Dciroi*. ptu) fni|tit, dtllitrr tntf tax. Bumrwti and ipjte ttte nira. Coticenitnt itrmi through AUitemed Fotd Fitunct Plim of Univmat Ctfdit Company.) NEW FORD V'8 for 1934 \ J To open Trntilitors, gbt btadb Wf- turn after window it niMd to th* top, SiuipW, E»sy>

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