The Jackson Sun from Jackson, Tennessee on October 22, 1939 · 23
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The Jackson Sun from Jackson, Tennessee · 23

Jackson, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 22, 1939
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fl SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1939 Tim. In WTJS THE . JACKSON ' SUN Want Ads 1103 PAGE ELEVEN Passage"; .. Tone in State amour in ra: ener i "Disputed Op tichot Douglas Novel Makes Strong ilm Drama Akim Tamiroff Gives Splendid Performance In "Disputed Passage'? sop- rrrvr 1 r I 1 "-""T"'"'f"H""" ..................p........ y..-..... rn..T.lrnynMW1y.MIM "Fast And Furious" Is "Gay" Murder 1 Rnn Sothern And Franchot Tone In " Comedy-Mystery That murder can be vastly en "Disputed Passage," showing at the Paramount Monday and Tuesday with Dorothy Lamour, Akim Tamiroff, John Howara ana vie mm. " Varconi, is a strong, human inter-. est story resulting from the careful adaptation which has been given the recent novel by Lloyd C. v Douglas. v . A doctor whose god is science is converted to the humanitarian theories of medicine when an experiment on his assistant almost wrecks the young physician's life. It is an absorbing story, well told, in which sentimentalities are ' admirably avoided and the strength of a simple, forceful story is care- fully retained. Akim Tamiroff gives an exceptionally fine charac-, terization in the role of the scientist and has the support of an ex- cellent cast. . Frank Borzage directed the film. Jones Family Good . For Million Laughs In "Quick Millions" . If there's a hard way to do something simple, leave it to the Jones Family to find it out. And " if that hard way is th? most hilarious way, then certainly the fa-t mous screen family will be in the thick of it. r In their latest 20th Century-Fox ,jm, "Quick Millions," which opens Friday at the State Theatre, the Joneses inherit a gold mine and it costs them ten for every dollar they take out of it! "It all makes for rich entertainment however, as they go prospecting for the yellow metal and dig up Injun ghosts, a gunmoll, bank robbers and one gold nugget lost from a miner's watch-chain. Featuring Jed Prouty, Spring Byington, Ken Howell, George Earnest, June Carlson, Florence Roberts , and Billy Mahan in their familiar roles, the cast is also highlighted by the presence of Eddie . Collins, the globular-figured comedian whose comic strips seem to be leading him straight to stardom. Robert Shaw and Helen Er-icson complete the player lineup for the million-laugh film. . Just back from their trailer trip to Hollywood ("The Jones Family ' in Hollywood"), the screen's first family are forced to snub the Maryville Welcoming Committee i when they receive a telegram with the information that they have just inherited a gold mine but it must be claimed in four days. So, with barely ; time to catch their . breath the family is off again for the Grand Canyon, in which vi-cinity the mine is located. . Dad thinks the family's in for . "Quick Millions" but it's the film audiences who are in for the quick millions of laughs. Malcolm St Clair directed the production, with John Stone associate producer. The screen play by Joseph Hoffman and Stanley Rauh was based on an original story by ' Joseph Hoffman and Buster Kea- ton, famed comedian of silent picture days. Bathing Beauties, Books ahd Bullets Combined For Laughs and Jhrillsl A New Kind of Murder Mystery, Laid Against ' A Seaside Beauty Carnival! You'll Yell At The runny h Situations Be Sure And See It! .JOYS. 0 t??hi 'Jd &n MOVIETONE NEWS" O Columbia Not Guilty Enough" MONDAY This ad will admit Mrs. Lois ' Never before a picture with such emotional impact as "Disputed Passage," starring Dorothy Lamour, - John Howard, - and Akim Tamiroff, coming to the Paramount Monday and Tuesday. in i mi ii.. ii i i iiiiBTOfrtir i i - - It's their best yet! "Marx Bros, at the Circus". . . Groucho, Chico, Harpo at the Paramount Friday and Saturday. Florence Rice and Kenny Baker have the romantic leads. Marx Brothers At Paramount In "Day At Circus" -.Bizarre - and hilarious- comedy make up "A Day At The Circus," new Mary Brothers film showing at the Paramount Friday and Saturday. Suffice it to say, it Is a Marx (Groucho, Chico and Harpo) Brothers picture and the type of amusement they concoct , is well known. For other names the show will make available those of radio star Kenny Baker now appearing . in "The Mikado," Florence Rice Nat Pendleton, Margaret Dumont, midget Gerard Marenhi jand Eve Ar-den. mm sotherw AHyn Joslyn John CIjanLee Bowman O - ' Comedy TUESDAY ' Avery, 1207 Martin and one. WW1 Jane Withers In Comedy With lev5- ' e if -f ' '. Ritz Brothers "Pack Up Your Troubles" Comes To State Wednesday With joyous Jane Withers the bravest little Ma'amselle in all France and those roisterous Ritz Brothers in the army, you're promised a whole kit bag and kiboodle of fun and thrills too in "Pack Up , Your Troubles," tfre new 20th Century-Fox comedy, which comes to the State Theatre on WedneS' day and Thursday. v ; The Ritzes are a trio of vaude ville actors who ' enlist and find their way to France on a transport as nursemaids to a herd of army mules. Their nemesis is a hard-boiled . sergeant named "Angel Face," who works overtime keeping them busy. Jane is the gay little Ma'amselle who befriends the Ritzes and adopts their baby mule, Margie, and she provides the picture with plenty of thrills when she finds a chance to save her lone-lost father. When "Angel Face" makes things too tough for the Ritzes, they take time out to write a letter to the General, telling him that he's running his army all wrong, The result provides the picture with what has been described as one of the funniest surprise end ines ever filmed. Jane offers two delightful new impersonations in "Pack Up Your Troubles. George M. Cohan, singing "I'm A -Yankee ' Doodle Dandy," and Eva Tanguay, singing "I Don t Care!" Jane also sings a song entitled "Who'll Buy My Flowers, written by Sidney Clare and Jule Styne. Lynn Bari is seen as a lovely spy, Joseph Schildkraut plays Jane s dad, Stanley Fields is cast as "Angel Face," and others promi nently featured in the cast are Fritz Leiber and Lionel Royce. "Pack Up Your Troubles" was directed by H. Bruce Humberstone from an original screen play by Lou Breslow and Owen Francis. Sol M. Wurtzel acted as executive pro ducer. Tex Ritter At State Friday In "Riders , of the Frontier, , at the State Friday and Saturday, Tex Ritter again portrays the up right Westerner who masquerades as a desperado, joins ; the ": cut throat band engaged in despoiling a prosperous ranch and, having acquired necessary proof of f the outfit's guilt, brings the outlaws to justice: t Tex slings songs, slugs and socks with impartial promiscuity and Producer Edward Finney has seen to it that the outdoor locale and the photography are of better-than-average quality. This time Tex, a law enforce ment . officer, disguises as a dangerous outlaw and affiliates with gang of cattle rustlers in order to round them up. He discovers that a crooked ranch foreman, in league with a doctor, is keeping : his employer ill, thus clearing the way for him to run the cattle off the ranch. Ritter brings the villains to justice, of course, after a climactic gun battle. " Spencer Gordon Ben- .vs A new kind of murder mystery, laid against a seaside beauty carnival, brings Franchot Tone and Ann "Maisie" Sothern to the State Monday and Tuesday in the new hit, "Fast and Furious." Jane Withers is the bravest little Ma'amselle in all France In "Pack Up Your Troubles," a new comedy which brings her to the State Wednesday and Thursday with the Ritz Brothers. Jascha Heifetz, World's Greatest Violinist, Makes His Picture Debut In "They Shall Have Music" ' Cold wyn. Production Discloses Vivid ' Drama Of The Streets Of Manhattan; Plays Paramount Wednesday And Thursday Jascha Heifetz, world's leading virtuoso, whose bowing and fingering of great compositions has been hailed throughout the musical world, was persuaded by Samuel Gold wyn to bring his crenius to the screen and makes his film debut in the producer's a moving and poignant story set in New York, which will have a gala premiere showing at the Paramount Theatre on Wednesday and Thursday as a United Artists release. The new picture also marks the debut of the California Junior Symphony orchestra, comprised entirely of boys and girls hand picked for their' musical precocity. Story Preview "They Shall Have Music" was directed by Archie Mayo, and its cast features Andrea Leeds, Joel Mc Crea, Walter Brennan, Gene Reynolds and Terry Kilbourne. The richly human story dramatized in "They Shall Have Music" concerns Professor Lawson, played on the screen by Walter Brennan, and the school, settlement which he runs for underprivileged children who have a talent for music. Since the professor is a happy-go-lucky idealist, with no sense af practicality or finance, the school is on the verge of, bankruptcy. But with the arrival of Frankie, a slum boy, who has left home because of an irate stepfather, plans are hatched to save the school from the hands of the creditors and to give it a bright new start. Frankie plots and plans to get the great Heifetz, who is in New York for Carnegie Hall concerts, to become interested in the small settlement and to lend it his patronage. , - A Junior Orchestra The group of talented children, who play in the film with Mr. Heifetz, were formerly ' identified as prodigies by no less musical authorities than Leopold Stokowski and Alfred Newman, both of whom have t wielded the baton as their conductors. However, their history, how they came to the fore as a finished symphonic group is the tale of their devotion to music and their mentor, Peter Meremblum, a gifted teacher of violin who built a trio and an idea into one of .the outstanding children's groups in the United States. No Temperament Needless to say, the Samuel Goldwyn Studios were on pins and needles when the celebrated violin h . Dfl AUEEE MONDAY GEORGE RAFT CLAIRE TREVOR - ln - "I STOLE A MILLION" This ad will admit J. W. 'V "They Shall Have Music," ist Jascha Heifetz' stepped on the lot to make his first screen appear ance in "They Shall Have Music' Advance reports were that Heifetz was temperamental, hard to cet along with, that he had to be handled with kid gloves. After two days studio workers were happy to report that the musician was the most cooperative person and the least temperamental of anyone in town. He did an 'unprecedented thing: he devoted two days of his time, free of charge, to the taking oi "still" photographs a miracle indeed, because no film star would dream of doing it Andrea Leeds, remembered for her unforgettable performances in "Stage Door," "The Goldwyn Fol lies" and "Letter of Introduction," plays the role of the Professor's daughter, while Joel McCrea ap pears as her boy friend. Walter Brennan, known as Hollywood's premier scene-stealer, is cast as the music school mentor, although truthfully, Brennan didn't know the firrt thing about handling a baton and had to learn the technique , in twenty-four hours. Double Trouble Lya Lys translates her scripts into French r for study says the use of her mother tongue helps ner understand the part. Pale and Hearty John Garfield was warned by his studio to avoid the sun until he completed his role in "Four Wives" he plays a vision in the picture. Flora's Fauna Gifts from her fans are rapidly turning mora KODsons library in to a miniature menagerie. Thumb Fun Gale Page's guest-book contains their thumb-prints alongside the signatures of her guests. THE ATTIRE A TUESDAY . Stevens, 145 Lee, and one. ifevai:.- fiitii urn i ninn mil 7m Mtifow i m, ygmai.yiateiiWBi Ken Howell, Spring Byington, George Ernest, Jed Prouty, Florence Roberts and Billy Mahan appear at the State Friday and Saturday in another Jones Family number, ."Quick Millions." : : Jascha Heifetz, the world's greatest violinist, makes his film bow f in Samuel Goldwyn's "They Shall Have Music," opening at the v Paramount Wednesday for a two-day showing. Trimming Eddie Albert had to hunt high and low for the barber who cut his hair for "Brother Rat." He needed an i identical trim for Brother Rat and a Baby." Voice from Past Dennis Morcran trets in fVi mnnd for vocal practice by first playing a v-uiuso pnonograpn record. The 3 Stooges in "Calling All Cur" "News" O "Science i This ad , Stage Presence . At the ; age of nine, Priscilla Lane tripped and fell flat during her stage debut. She arose and told the laughing audience it was part of her act. . Poet's Corner Jane Gilbert ' writes poetry and has had it accepted by her home town newspaper. i I . I Z " - Akim Tamiroff John Howard -in- "DISPUTED PASSAGE" . .. ..: uV :Jr f ' J- will admit Mrs. Kelso Rush, 309 Walnut, and one. MONDAY TUESDAY tertaining will be proved Monday and Tuesday at the State Theatre where Franchot Tone and Ann Sothern cavort merrily through "Fast and Furious." Besides being highly enjoyable in its own right, this comedy-mystery is an extra attraction in that It brings Franchot Tone back to the screen after his Broadway stage sojourn and teams him with that delightful comedienne, Ann Sothern. who scored such a success In "Maisie." As Joel and Garda Sloane, book experts, amateur sleuths and ideal married couple. Tone and. Miss Sothern find themselves in plenty of trouble when they take a vacation at Sea Side City. In the first place, Joel's friend, Mike Stevens, co-promoter of a beauty pageant being held there, makes him a con test judge much to Garda's unhidden wrath. Then, in the midst of the glittering gaiety of the pageant, someone murders Eric Bartell, Steven's partner, and the latter is held for the crime. Knowing his friend to be innocent, Joel, slightly impeded by Garda, sets about solving the crime. As suspects he has . Bartell's jeilous secretary, a racketeer who had been fleeced by the murdered man, and a beauty winner whom Bartell was planning to abscond with the pageant money. The deeper Sloane gets into the morass of conflicting evidence the more danger he encounters. Someone tries to kill both him and Garda by dropping an elevator on them. Thugs attack them. But throughout it all comedy is high-'-, lighted in the domestic scenes between the young couple. Event- ' ually, as it must be, the crime is solved; but not before there has ; been another murder. Added to the outstanding work ' of Tone and Miss Sothern is ' the splendid support given by such fine : playerJfcas Ruth Hussey, Lee Bowman, Allyn Joslyn, John Miljan, Bernard Nedell and Mary Beth Hughes. All carry important roles and make the most of them. Smart, ; well-paced direction is given by Busby Berkeley, who includes a ' beauty pagetant number that recalls his success as a dance director. Producer Frederick Stephanl has done well with the clever atory of Harry Kurnitz, elaborately mount-, ing it and showing excellent Judgment in its handling. And a note of praise should go to Ray June for . the effective photography throughout the picture. - Out of their hatred comes the greatest joy comes the greatest lovt story of our day! Two .men, .one old,' one young-.. bound to their common devotion to a scientific Ideal! . V net directed.

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