The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 27, 1933
Page 2
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FACT IWO •LYTEBVILLB. (AJUL) COUBIEB FBWB WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 27, 193: : ' .Social Calendar THURSDAY'S EVENTS ' Thursday; Contract club, Mrs. H. H. Bradley, hostess. Church of Christ Bible study meeting, with Mis, Elbert Alley. Mr.- and Mrs. McCukhtu CciotUJOflltfd By Ku&tjti. Mr. and Mrs. O. W, McCutchen were given a supper parly Saturday evening. by their employes theatres, the 13 pres- 'aurant. Tho ated In keefl- spirit nhd wps sc'rycd. Was presented •b«5b)t" as a Christmas Son Bora. Mr. and Mrs. Chester R. Biib- cock.announce! die birth of n son e&rly today at the Blythevillc hospital. The tnby, who weighs seven and three-fourths pounds. iias.upt.jret bycv.ixuiitfl.^ .,[ Olf for Home-With Hitler Footing the Bill Expert Cleverly Conceals "Exit Card", Traps Declarer Announcement has been made of the, engagement of MljW Heard Lawrence^ daughter , of..jMrs.^ O. P. L8wrerjc.e, ,of • G:enada, ,Mis»., to Mr, .Hiram .\Villjam ; >Yytev of.-tills city,-..-. ., . • . . . ;jt.'.;<j .: The weddln-; will -take.;, place tom,e tune. Ui February,.,., . r Mr. Vr'ylte, who is the, SOB, -. ol Mr. p, E..'WyJ!c,' of,"-.Cleveland, Miss.,-1 li.-well Vr'owti .here where he (135 liR,d exttiislve Jarmlpg Interests ;for -ft number., of • years, is .erecting a r.e*- jioine on his farm sputheas!, of»town • where .he nnd his brld^ will make their home. With their'hands mid spirits hiijli ignaU WesleiiklrchciiPr and his family are shown as they, sailed from )lire''Dtnner IJarice- ind Lucile ?.Tlte 'sue* la'nicVifccd ; Missel'Ih New Yorlt for 'Germany at the exiwnsc of none oUicr than .the Ocnnan Chancellor himself. Whin Wta- tcnklrclicncr 'wrote Hitler, his warUine buddy, jhnfh'e was liv'toUgh straits in Heading, '-.•«:. the Clwaeiftor '•'. , not' only Eent.lilm fare for pnisago liomij but' the- promise of a Job as well; : - --'-' ; -• • 550 Families Re from Goodfe 1 1 More than 500 fnmllios In Blytheville ni)d vicinity were Riven ; "Chriblm'ii5! cheer" by thd'Good- fe.llfl»;s:v this year, Ross ' -Stevens, chnlrmun. nnnouncod todhy'. .I|i ('expressing appreciation, lor cooperation In ihe. movement sjxm- sqrod-by .the local pc^t of. tho Ajn- cr.lpau. Legion , Mr.; S.tcvens, stilted tliat ..-ov^ry .effort ; i^ps;.ujadc- to give food and toys fpn children. .to all lamjllps reported' , to the .Goprtn , fCUOWS. ,..-...-..'..: •,. , -in' addition 'to hahics of tliose-' • !• rr • ,• ceived Help llo\vs This Year 3. Wilson,' Brynn Hingham, Scott Inn-Is, H. 11. Hoiiehlns, B. W. Oliver, Frnnk Simmons, Marcus Ivrnrd, Mrs. B. 1 T. Worthy, Mrs. 1. L. LOBjjins, Bill • Huath, Smi Potman, Henry netdmnn, Mrs. =M. !. Cox, Mrs. • W."T\ -OWrsl, - OscaV Jullcy. Ouait^'.s Jewelrj'' store, Joe Cngle. 50 cents: : '- '-•'- '• Various sums -less'^haii'So cents wcVe given by-W. -L. Hnlstb'nd; W. j. ^RolicrbiOiii-'-John Bii'ge, T - Roy toonce, : Mr.-' blmh, "Mrs. J. : M Fowler,' T.' R. Paikhurst, 'Dr. -F.~D L'mUh', Dr. J. A. : Sallbh, LewLs ••".". '.'.".:•' ' ','." Braggadocio .; Crcslon Bruce,. Raymond . V¥>g Ruyrnond qallaher, Clinton OjOM- her and Cleo Fretwell spent the Christinas .week end at. their homes liero. They left Tuesday for thel C.C.C. cnrni) at Calico Hflp)c, jA(k., J. D. Rnrtford of Prjncetoa;.^ 1 ' Is spending this weei with, ''.'hi aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs, Ber Skinner. •'. .'.;.' .... .^ I Peering, won both games, of basketball .dquble-lieac^r .- -her Thursday. .The. -score of tkm- boy tnmc wns 21 to 19 ; gnd.of .the.glrl gjime 27 Iq 20. ,. " ,. . . ,., j.^Trs. -Baker and .'daughter .Cur wine, of Cnnithersville, are visltia Mr. and Mrs, ,L. E. Bengenheimc _ ,MUs Norpi'if Holt is -spendini/tli Today'* Contort Problem III tills hand, from the national tournament at Cincinnati, South ha» tho contract for Ihrcc no trump. West opens ii. spado anil declarer makes five-odd, Can you do It? *Q5 VQ 10 7 S 4 « K 7 l! 5 + Q8 842 4133 A 3 3" + KJ 10 0 4 Splullon in n«»t. Issue,. Solution to Preview Contract Probkn BY WM. E. MoKKNNEV The first ' Important faittor' In Contract, bridge u to know how td h.|d. your hfmq .correctly. Even though you are ..» gpixj player, i you do not -imvf at thje prope contract, your i;oo<l play, aval) ' " you 4964 V Q S 8 7 3 472 4 K 4 3 declarer to. win the trick will; the ten. The declarer then taw opportunity to lock Churchill in, so he («i the klnf of hfaits, discardiiiE (i Email 'c|ub 1,-fm dummy. He i.ow played a (mall spade and von In, dununy with the ace. A fjnall spade was returned and 5S*t was forced to win the UicK with the king. • Declarer now-felt quite confi- 4ent that he hurt Churchill locked m.Eo that he wuiild have to lend it diamond toward the queen. However, • Churchill cleverly huj concealed his ten of clubs, which he now had for an exit card. He played the ten of clubs, Hie queen was played from dummy, West won l\u: trick will) i'.ic queen, cashed his tu p o good, hearts nd led a diamond, which hurchlll won w:ih the ace. Thus he three no Iriinp contract was efeated two tricks. Copyright, 1933, NBA Service, Inc.) COUGHS adopting families and gifts' inn tie, previously • announced, 'these 'doiu- tlons' were made: Hubbnrd Furnl- Uir'4 Co., Hubert '• 'Potter,*! Cecil Shine, each -»5; W.'-C.- Hlgglnsoni $S;°-K1rby 'Dnig • store, • Mrs; M, - S. Stcgcr. -4'l; 'Mrs. ^ Mny ' - Aldrlripo Oaldwell Boayty shop. $1.50! 'Nell Buaiivy"shop,- Tjjiiq'uciCleiininK service', Eveii>tl-'B. 'Geo,- Wltllnrh 1 Long Grecli Beetle Cnte, Sallbn's Blllinrc Hnll, Borum's Drug store, V. G Holland, J. Louis Cherry. Joe Ap- ptebaum, Dr. I. R. Johnson, Homei Dtt'ts. Khigci^ si OTC.-N:-! Johns. 'New jVork -storf, Poyd; White, fJcff ; PoU and,-Mni Meyers;- Sari Armstrong C. W. Affllck. E. C. Robinson. Fred Rutherford, The Uov. stuml Sal- Mrs. Paul fi. Coolcy nnd tervfMiss nnm}r rf*d • the • . r,uc\:)(lrs.JjBlfcr gooleyj of' Dur"T. JB,, .,Ve.ftspenBiiig..,.today phis. W. Eirham attended to business in _J,ii;™h|5 yesterday. Don CliapiblliiKioh^bf. Mr. nnd" Mrs. L. D. : -;Oha'mWln; is Improving after a sjriiw!., illness. Mrs. LoUte'.-Willon Is spending today in Memphis. . •- • :( Mrs. cje'u'^t^p Ijas returi)e.d : vf<i her homeV-'ln'; ny'ersburg,. Tenn:, tlter spending Christmas r with Airs. G. W. bil'shunty and mother, Mrs.'Hat't-if; Gillespie. ^he wai occompanied - • ]«.me by •'• - .lennle' Wren Dlllahuiily, ' mon, Mrs. -T. J. Mahnn, Coolcy, W. W. HollliKlcr. tl. S. ' . Branson,- 7?:cciitf;- Mid^hyV.Bnrbe'i shoo, CO ccr\ts;'jLoiiistAptfcbau^ Periy ,HoUi. Lp'yXWelchV- I.loy< Sticknum, TonuW. Jfiokson, Dr. C to advise- my, rnder» to p»y.. more atfemipn >to U«!»afly» pl»y. Ju»t bwfluse your oppo- nepta arrive al-ift, game contract !s no reason v,-hy .you «houW tfvt up. Alwsyi be-on.the ateft to execute some play that tnjy de- feUt tllB <*m^iarf , L . ' •. , pious, and defense Is their strong- eat, point. They were the Ucfepding chain- When North showed the diamond suit by ais no trurnp-bld Church))! ;se»)c4 in the East, refused to. open the diamonds, which -casjly woilld allcw the opponent to mafe' trjeir ;$itrict.' Instead ne led the jack of hearts, which vu won In dummy with the ace A, small (-club was returned We»t •refuted to win. and Nortp the declarer, went In with , the Jack.' Churchill s fir»t <teJenslve play, was '.to. drop ihe'nine of cluhs. A MM))- .J»»de was . returne< was finessed The declarer fi»4 duininy-fl jatk holding:.the.,.if (pit". then pliixeflithe-ftce.oficlube^rqjr dummy'and: ciH'ichlll dropped, thi five of. clube, cuuplctins an echi ba hoped -might lead th Don't let get a strangle hold. Fight germs quickly. Creomul- rfon combines 7 major helps in one. Powerful but harmless. I'leas- unt to take. No nu-cotics. Your oven druggist Is authorized to refund yuur money un the spot if your couah or cold IE not relieved by Cretinulsion. — Adv. H Read Courier News Want Ads. HEMORRHOIDS (Piles) eur. ed without the knife. V.iri- eosrd v«;ir removed n o n - swjleaLly. DRS. N1ES and MUS Of lee Sit Main Phone W NOTICE TAXPAYERS •: ..,,;•.. ,. . ; .' /A , , DRAIN AGE'DISTKICT NO. n The low. rate for 1933. taxes -'in this District makes' at pjaasiqle ,for. everyone to pay their taxes. ... : -• Most; of- the land owners Ijgve given splendid co- opetetion^ih the; appeai -Jecehtly made that these : taxes be.jpaia, howev.e'r, :therL are- a. few who have .not yet. paid i and it -is..-to ; tlfcm"- that' 'this notice is given that after 'January -1SUJ934, the 25% penalty •antllO% attorney fees and other costs 1 . will attach on all 1933 taxes unpaid at that time. , LMiskjv Mrs.- Hogcrs,' Jess Srll«,| holidays' with her.-parent? r -\'li. and JoS'Isancs, tonic Isaaca^Mrs. L11 J [ Mrs. P. "C. HohV..," . . - '.'.'„. lie' Slsk. Geoige Henrj', JiPd'el's, H: MlJs lira ', Long' wliq attoiius r, .«M.,,,. «„...„..,•„„.,.. .,.:._.. B. -Sitilth, Hbwnrd' -Hires; Murrai' Daiiick. ' Rnj-mond Kihlth, : Jack Dc!k, J.' P .Kollai'i'd,- S. II.' Jackson. Merchandise wns contrlUulcd : by Arknivsas Orocer cp., ''Central Office CO., L. L. Word. A. nrtd Co!, Miss 3. Barboro Whitsltt'K ' shop, Meyer's store, Liberty Cn&h .store. Rosey's Or.intl Leader, Kress, Mc- Fnll-- Grocery, G. C. Huwks, O. .,fi. Grenr, Joe Hester, Dly- Ihovlllb Bakery. ': Lefnons'." J^ir- del, .co., Lutcs'j grqcory, Hayncs' me"n's-<Vsha Robinson Drug store, Gfjib- , *Jle Pigpl school nV Memphis, is yisiting; .her '- '' ' : Mrs. 'Lee WcCutcheh',''n,', meiilbcr of- r tlie' 'loCRl :; 'i!cho'oi faculty';;'wns' called to'her homi' 1 'at'Tlp'ldnVilic, Tcn.n., by the dcntji of net; father. Wiggly, Joe Applclmum, J. Kick Thomas, Hiibbard Funillui-c co. r Arknnsaa-Mlssouri ' Po%er co., HoutlixveBtern .Bell Tclefli) 011 ^ co-.V Homer Fislier,-. E. C.'YKouinsoti Lumber co., Gay-mid Billings, Bell Pliiirniacy. dny, linvlng nnlshed liis work" at" Osceola, Ark. '' (.'Mr: and Mrs.- Jack Wilkerwn •hndlBetty Jean.'^of Osceola, s|»nt- Ohristmns with' Mr. and Mrs P. P. 0$oit. -H X • 11 1 »f I ' iirs. Herb-*onB ; V visiting her daughter nnd son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Evers, at Johnson Anna Ma'rgajret 'I)ent;y:Ol ersyille, M-'., '•'- J5. 'ifa''. Su'esF iss Jeanne Dllfftttnity! for- GUlespie lari'l Freda Secc.y; who will rctirfy nor.!' the' last of. Ihe week. •'.'.'.Miss C&ruthei ol Miss .-sveral days. Bcnnie is spending Bcrfleld and youii visiting MJ-S. Boinefd's and Mrs. Wlltlam Lan*, . Mrs. Charl.a;'Grossj 'r" ' ^ Hayti :- Persona! . ' ? Binn- 'Miss Vernico Slnnril, n teacher in.ijie-.local schools, left for Mcm- PHi*. V Monday IQ visit Russell Wpoks; ;,wh<5 Is in the Methodist |iosp v ilai;.recelvinB trcntmcnl for a fr»ctured. skull, sustained 'in nil autoBvjbllo acclciciit last Wednesday .evening. Miss Sta\ifll -will also yislt-\, and wife," Mr. '-"*"""' V Slanfil jr. ,-" '* . . __. ,—,-._ iSickcr. -ivho aj rt'^awtcian MJxopl at Cape Oifar- Seau,s"an1y*4.tSunday and'iJ vls- jting' her husband Vntl son Jackie, •lio is in hospital. Californians Roped Bear When Bullets Failed her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Winiam Lang, and family, for a week. Before her marrVge' she was Pauline Lang, nfr.;thls csi'y. J. B. Whiiwoilh left today Tuscaloosa,. Ah .... Mcr- f -spending Christmas :with his> parents "' snd Mrs. J. W; V/hitworth. Mr. and .Mv«. . Meyer Grnber have returned"". from St. Louis Miss for . Miss Sn'dle; JJepdprsoh. w: .rainUiB;.at'*;thp-'.Saptist .. . Vfempliis. is'.spending the holidays here with her parents Miss Jim. Henton and sons, Jim- j rock. KERNVILL.E, Col. (UP)— Earl Pascoc and .Q e o r gc McComas, whntlier they rojie 'em or shoot 'cm. always bring back their bears. A few weeks tigo, they made the headlines of .-newspapers by bringing in one ol the largest urown bears' ever scch'^hi this" district! The other' day,' 'theyVbrousflt in a smaller bear, but'a.bigger story. They 1 went.' hlthtjngy bears with but Ihreo .cartridges bctvecn them. Thoir rivst siipt.' ut ii, 250-pound brown bear missed. The!:two .other shots merely annoyed the.-cTeature, which prompGj %'ttacked'Puscpe as he sat U*5' horse. ' r ' P.iscoe, In' wild' west style.-tossed his lariat around the benr's body, and then, maneuvering, his horse, succeeded in so McComas tying up .the bruin •miM' Mil It yijlh,''-a mle nnd Jackie, accompanied by Miss Lavernc Foster, left Friday for'Columbns, Ga., to spend the holidays with Mrs. Henton's irar- iili;^:>:.'' ..... - , Chjirles Edynr Duncan. Univcr- Calcium Found to Give Peaceful Sleep SYRACUSE. (UP)—Dr cxp^r- . v.-here they, spirit- Christmas. Dogujwd. "Mr. andiMrs. Charley have returned from Mississippi. Mr. and,Mrs> Robert Matthews are visiting;- the -latter's parents, Mr. end Mrs. EdjCraig, this week. Mr. and. MrsVKoorice of Carr.den Ark., visited their daughter. Mrs : J. F. Thomas, last week. i Miss AUce .Geans of. Blythevillc j is visiting her sister, Mis. Allen Barron, lor' -V few days. ' Qutoon sprayberry win return I Thursday from C. C. C. camp for a visit with his parents, Mr. and rlsillmj relatives in Paris, Tonn. Mrs. Will Davenport and daiigh- cr. Mildred are .visitioe; relatives n.-.-Tennessee.'-'' • •-.''': . Jewell ;LeVi$';$pent chrlst- niis with ;Miss , PrarXces • Featherstone of Dyersburg.tjTenn. Mr. and Mrs. 'BoyH-Kcirsey and children of Fort ScMt/Kans.. visited relatives here Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hamlet ;uid Mamie spent Christmas at Cooler, Mo. Mrs. Grishnm nnd sons of Cape Girardeau are visiting the former's daughter, Mrs. Beck Dye. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Collins of Ca|» Girardecui spent Christmas with Mr. mid Mrs. E. M. Coppage. TUSCALOOPiA, Ala. 1UI')—Judge W. W. Brarjilo-, foimer governor of Alabama^'djiLncd wlilskei-s nnd uniform here ii (.entry to enact Santa Cluifsr for needy children at r. |«irty slageo oy the Y. w. C. A. jit University t:--Alabama. fhiWrens Colds ^^ Yield quicker to double action of STAiNLfSS now if you prcfef d«cuirei. to. bcijtve that !ia hei A small diamond was lea fro) cjuipmy,. on- which the declare Federal RoL*iver; Drainage District. No. 17..... four championship ttiimmates'' won out of 38 match!* in WASHES OF QUESTION ABIE slty of Tcnnpsscc. of Memphis, Ls Donald A. Laird, director of _..,. . spending the holidays here with imcnlal iisycholcgy at Colsale Uni- his parents, Judge and Mrs. J. adversity, has discovered that cal- D ™f an - • L , , , icium eaten .with meals during the Miss Naoma Harbert left for tl | cinytimc induces more restful sleep Pa»,- ; TCX.. Friday .to vtll in-1at night, hs claims.' deftuitcly with her brother and His discoveries welc amiouncc[l wile, Mr and Mrs. Hufih Harbery. a i tcr pr(s ] ongK , csp»rimenti on ifrs. Wolf Khourie of\ this clty, c |ght "hcallfy" accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Philip i .-— GRADE A Raw Milk Phone 71 Craig's Dairy Mrs. Homer Sprayberry. He will return to camp January 3. Mrs. Lexie Seratte Is vlsitin? In Jackson, Tenll, this week. Mr. and Mrs. Alvie Buriie of Chicago are visiting Mr. Burke's sister, Mrs. Albert Payne, this week. Hamra of Carmhersvlllc to Fulton.! Ky.. where they visited Mr and ' Mrs. Alex Khourle. While cnroute ; home they stopped at Tiptonvillc. I Tenn.. and visilcd Mr. and Mrs. I George. Jabour. I Ally,-'' Houston and Miss Mnrlha Rcj-nolds left for Jefferson City. Monday evening lo resume ihelr work; after having spent the Christmas holiday here. her mother. BuV Finnegan of Tu'.sa. okla.. is here visiting in the home of his aunl. Mrs. Dewccsc. as the guest of their son. H. M. Harold Bnrris of Chicago. III., who Brrvod here the latter |»rl of last week to spend Ihe holiday MONTREAL (UP)—McGUl University, registration figures for the session 1932,33 disclose ".the largest enrolbnent In history of full- time students. Nearly 3,000 men and women were regUUred In'de- gree courses. : ' • ! Mr. and Mrs. C. 13. Comstock nnd family left Tue.sday fnv Conro. Texas, where they will make their home. Mr. and Mrs. Mclbourn Try movpd into their home. , Miss Bess Compere, of Little Rock, Ark.. Is spcnding'a few days here visiting with her parents Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Compere. "BUUKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less We have, the Most Complete Line nf Hardware in Eastern Arkansus! Not the Largest, But the Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why ami How? Our Overhead is Less. We I'ay Cash - - We Sell for Cash. We h;ivc no delivery. No porters or high powered salesmen. Obviously Why Can't We Sell for Less? It's no secret as (o how and why. Come In and lie Convinced. We Accept (he Challange. OUIt MOTTO BURKK HAKDWARU COMPANY Sells For Less Anil We Have One Price To All Free Ice Waler ar,d Rest Rooms for Men, Women and Children •The nnmf Prescription identifies Ihe preparations which (calling ilfnliils ami physicians arc prescribing far thcii patients to lie Jure Ihry gel the preparations Ji'hieh ivili tin the in the in Hit good. by Leading Dentists . . . the Others Not To niirscs, any .infhiinmalion or jrrilalion.means—be careful —very.tarcl'ul. ^specially if il is jn Ihc inoiitli or throat where •hurnifyl germs ^can dp so iiuich damage. • • • " >i' .-.• ' , 7l Wlien leading dentists prescribe a certain mouth wash for Iheir palienls, that is the one you should depend on \vilh all the confidence yon pul ;in your dentist. This monlli wash is called Prescription Month Wash and you can gel il at any drug slore j«st by asking for it by that name. Doesn't cosl any more lhati the njouth washes you have been using, but ii's SO much safer. Il is important llial you ask for Prescription !\lonili Wash. Then there is no Harm tjone lo the precious, irreplaceable sirucluics of-your moutli and throat. KIRBY DRUG CO., Distributor EVIDENCE OF PURITY INSTITLTri- OF INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Laboratories . WASHINGTON, U. C REPORT—I Ivvc jytt compktcd a comprehensive analysis of this product and the assay shows that it conforms to the highest suniard of cffickncy and in my opinion ii mote every dtsirc in » perfect preparation. Subscribed «nd sworn to. btfore uic

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