The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1943
Page 2
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; ; ' • r.'/in. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.); COURIER NEWS THURSDAY,. JUNE 3, • 1943 Bp- » , Captured Nazis, Fed Steak, Can--Thankfortunes Of War POPPY DAY SAtE total of $16903 was realized the Poppy Day Sale held rday by the American Legion '-'Aatfuiy of the Muck Grlder Post £ E 'R Reed Is president of 'the? Xuxlharv; with Mrs. George Raines- in '"charge of the sale. Mavtlm Ann Mooie and Mary Nell Dagger led the group of sales girlsv'Vitlv"th'eir" sales reaching S7G.43. Othen gills who assisted In the day's work-were Virginia Lee Best, 1 'Betty Scnimes, Elizabeth Thorjic aiid Lois'-Pay Holt. Thjs Is the ..third year ,the local auxiliary has rondwcted Uie project for the benefit of'disabled war vcleiyms. .... •Mrs. W. B, Thorntng and daugli- tor, ' Margo. will arrive Tuesday night from New Orleans by plane for a few days, visit wllh her pnr- enls.'Mr. and Mrs. R,.H. Jones. PrbgramWill. Honor Litxora Service Men PROGRAM ; HONOR-14 IT LUXORA, Ark,, June 3.— A special pr&gfnm'will be given' Sunday morning.,. 10:15. o'clock, nt the Luxora Baptist church In honor 'of tlie following 'boys,: members of tlie Luxofn Baptist Church, who arc in Service, some of whom have gone overseas:- Roland Anders Lexie Corkrnn, Charlie -BUHngslcy, .Lcroy Harbour, Waller Anders, Charles'" Corkran, No sirloins for th«se capliirnl N:r/ls, wh« are licinjr liclil In :i pr)son canip, In Tunisia. American solillers are tossing Diem • cartons of Held rations. G. Oi Driver, Jr rfolxirt Porsythe, Glover Frazier, Woodrow Evans, Andrew Harold Prazler, Frnzier, Floy(j Gillis, Emory Koch, Lc- roy .Koch, Claude Lynch, Dun Lynch, • Ollie Mitchell, MiXe O'Kc:fe, Frank Robcrson, Warren Smil'h, Marvin Sf.nderson, Prances Wocxl and Byron O. Wilkins Jr. Ple'llgcs Ihe' Flag, "American" by Marvin Harris Christianity," by ' Tucker and Ihe Bible, by Evans,-will precede the roll _ >rvlce men, at which time .!&inerican Hag will bo ]irc- . ... to a member of eich family in meir honor Taps will lie sounded bj 1 ""James L!ojtl> Edwards. >, ThpIReV Samuel T Mayo will bring; a message on "America, the Great." Special music will be a feature' of' the program. Store Employees Help Chop Cotton STKELE Mo June 3—In On c[- for U>:-relievc -Uie ~ labor; shortage arouiid*'Stcelc nil, business houses including* stoic 1 ! cafes shoe shops, filling stations and the'Bank of Steele closed all day Wednesday and all employees chopped cotton in the nearby' fields. The heavy raliis.iu. the,past two Bceks hive caused all crops In this vicinity.' to get in -.worse'- slicipc they have been hi many years. In the vicinity of Tyler, Cottonwool! and .along the river where seep water Is rising many crops arc nl- rcady'lost.'" '• WASHINGTON.—A good many Americans who haven't sunk their teeth Into a tenderloin for weeks seem to have ynasheil those smile molars when they read, In a dispatch from Tunisia,. of the menu that greeted German prisoners upon their surrender. Uage may well have mingled with savory memories of plentiful spuds and second cups ol coffee -as they read the words of a mess sergeant with the victorious American forces, as relayed to the \ rationed public by a correspondent. As fast as the Nnzl soldiers . gave • up, said the s geant, they' got fresh steak, iwta- tocs, spinach, bread and butler, Luxora News > EDSON IN WASHINGTON Trans-Atlantic Air Freight Wanda Browning and Mary Jo Cosner eiitcilained with a fnrcwcl surprise party last night In hono of Patsy Curvln and Junior Me Lomore who are leaving Friday fo Alabama. The; evening was spent in plas'ltii games and oilier Informal cnlcr tnlnmcJit. Prizes were awarded t Junior McLemore and Mnrvln Har-1 rls. The i playroom where Uie guests were entertained was decorated with Summer flowers. Ice cream and cookies were served from a lace- Iraped'table which held a low bowl of roses and sweet peas. nnrmnlfulc, coffee and • sllcci icachcs. Well, there's a reason. And li inswer lo the protesting choru if "Millions for hut no mo steak for Hitler," that reason: iliould be given: I It's all a matter of the Geneva convention, lo which all the \var- •|ng nations except Japan are signatories. The convention provides that prisoners slmll receive .he same rations as those served up lo the victors at the time of tlielr capture. Now that the prisoners are being established In more permanent camps, they arc being fed In accordance with the standards of their respective nunies atul, as far as possible. In the sninc goods. Tims Ihe Italians doubtless will gel plenty of spaghetti, • with an occasional nicnUmll. So the Nil/Is won't be eating T-boucs from now on. lint they must be credited with one oflhch smartest tactical moves of the life Tunisian campaign when they decided to surrender, on I day lliat the U. S. Army was hav Ing slcuk. HY VKTKK EDSON Courier News W'ashhiKton Five hundred trans-Allantlc alr- ilanc nights arc now being made •ncli week, exclusive of the fcrry- ng infills to deliver combat planes on llin oilier side, which go ono way only. The 500 flights referred o me Ininsport flights, hauling jiissuujcrs. mall and cargo. They cover nil routes, whelher by way of Iceland, non-slop from New- mmdlaiul, by Bermuda and the Azores, or over the Smith Atlantic crossing to Africa. Tf the 500 Mights per week, over 10 (lights pci 1 dt\y, sounds Impres- sive—nnd It Is when yon compare 11 with the pre-war schedule of three flights per week, get out your pencil and name It a llltlc further. Tlie average' cargo which one of these planes can carry or a transoceanic hop Is six tons. Five hunched plunes carrying six tons apiece Is 3.000 Ions ,of cargo moving by air each week. Qnc ordinary Mlk'rly ship cai carry 10,000 Ions -of cargo. Assuming Hint It would lake. lh< Mlierly shl]i two weeks lo make n crossing, It could sllll deliver. Gl per cent more freight, In Its om crossing In two weeks limn'cm low be handled In 500 plane cross ngs a week for two' weeks. There you have In proper per ipcclive Ihe air transjiort sllua lion as It Is today, without takln; .nlo consideration the element o cast. When you start figuring li .he costs of moving freight by all T'he cost of operating a domes- Jc commercial airline Ls figured at ver • 08 cents per. revenue mile iown, bijt that Includes all sala- ies, maintenance, ground Cervices, leprcclatlon arid solicitation of uslness. Most of this business was, >f courtc, passenner carrying, card belnf! only 4 per cent of the lassenger load. The minimum cost of Just mov- ng mixed freight, by air, exclu- Ive of ground services and fousl- icss solicitation, i.s now 20 cent 1 - )er (on mile. Substitution o f eight for passengers by the use of all-cargo planes cuts the figure .q 15 cents per Ion mile, Allow 'or n profit' on the operation and iano Pupils To Perform | In Recital Friday Night Cornell Studies U.S.S.K. ITHACA, N. Y. (UP) — Cornell It has been estimated that the wealth of the United Stales Miss Agnes Weeks will present :ier junlol- pupils In a piano recital at First Mc'hociist Church Frl- dny night, 8:15 o'clock. Those appearing on Uie program, which will be open to the public are: Joe Deaii Pierce, Joan Perkins, Perry Rolhrock, Pauline Rosenberg, liobbyc Killian, Ann Wllford, Betty Jean Woolen, Dixie Fay Killlan ,Mary Frances Galncs, I'cggy Flccman, lilllle I/julse Gaines, Betty Jean Fleeman, {Catherine Wesltnook, Christine Glllen- water, Jumlc Fox, Jack Homer, Gay Gnrrlgan, Dick Williams. University will be n leading center amounts lo $247,000,000,000. of Russian instruction in the United States this summer. President Edmund E. Day has announced that an intensive study of contemporary Russian will be undertaken In the IC-week period be- Iween July 5 and Oct. 23. Tlie program has been set U|> in the beef that war and future United ate.s relations will) Soviet Rusa make it necessary for the. av- nge American to have more tho iiigli knowledge and undcrstand- g of Ihe present-day Soviet nlon. . • ids. the' ngurc must become cents speeds, Hie that you run Into .sonic really nslound- Taking ing figures, though In war limes, \ni when speed Is first-consideration,' costs are entirely secondary. DOMESTIC AIRLINES COSTS Edward Warner, vice-chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Hoard, delivering Ihe Wilbur Wright ine- moiiiil lecture before the Royal Aeronautical Society in London Ihe oilier day, died the cost experience of U. S. commercial airlines But Mr. Warner anticipates an Increase In the efficiency of planes In the past-war period, with a con- se'riuent reduction in which he carefully estimates may lie as much as 15 per cent. Applying those figures to Ills previously developed cost figures, lie concludes that Uie best possible past war rates will lie 14 cents per Ion mile for cargo, or 2',!; cents per passenger mije for passengers, HY AIK 'ANH.BY SICA These figures arc for speeds of under 200 miles an -hour and on flights where frequent refueling is possible. If the speed requisite is to be '.'50 miles an hour, the cost l>er passenger mile must Jump to 4 cents and tlie cargo cost to ID or 20 cents per ton mile. Ihe lower figures 101 ower, mast economical flight commercial rate can now be anticipated foi moving ii ton of cargo by air, llu. 3,300 miles from New York to Iris- boil or Liverpool is $402. Compare that with Ihe acccptec .shipping cost figure of less than 1 cent pel' ton mile—about. $30 pei ton for 3,300 miles even time higher insurance ,,..i.v. w. — — ~ ~ - ,crow bonuses to pay—ami you be to put this factor In proper light I gin to get, the real feel of wha when commercial airlines have to posl-war flying development is u| go out and compete with steam- ligniiisl if it is to pay its own way (•lilp companies nnd , stllr show n profit. without tremendous Blomeyer Naval Cadet Lloyd Blomeyer of Blylhevllle was cceptcd and sworn In yesterday y the Naval Cadet Selection Board t New Orleans. Cadet Ulomcyer was recently radunted from Blythevllle High school where he was president of he Senior Class and received scc- nd high .scholastic honors. Upon receiving call for service, Jadet lilomeycr will get training .t one of the many colleges laken ivcr by, the Navy for the purpose >f leaching young men to fly. On :<>mp!ction of training he will re- :cive his 'Wings of Gold" and be iwarded the rank ol ensign In HIL Navy or. .second lieutenant in the Marine . Corps. Dodgers Own Three Minor League Clubs NEW YORK (UP)— 'Hie Urook- yn Dodgers arc represented tin? year In -four minor leagues. The Dodgers own Montreal o: the International League, Diirhan of the Piedmont League and Oleai of the Pony of the Never Misses Legs F.RIE, Pn. (UP)—Although she .iffercd the loss of both legs at le age of three, Mrs. Elizabeth wanson lias lived a normal life or more than 40 years on artl- cial limbs. Her theory, "what you on't have, you don't inks,"-was emonstrated when she pursued n iiusieal career, Idler married and ecnme the mother of five chil- ren. HuMKo THE (Dainiy COOKING FAT ItsWonderful'. iCARD OF THANKS We (\vlsh lo lhank our mnny friends,for their kindness and sympathy shown to us at the death of our loved one.. Especially dn we thank Uie Rev. and Mrs. D. G. Hlndmun for their consoling words. ;, P. H. Culler and family. You .iwould see 12-hour sunsets If you lived on the moon. First elevator ,ln' .(he Washing- Ion Monument was a steam hoist, 1900. HAkJlY TO CARRY—EAST TO USE Get DIXIE Patch! : -Ktep ioiir tlrw rolllflr •. • . mil lie tube r«|mim willi TKri'LK- STKKNflTH - DIXIE PATCH, built for v Soul hern rnmK Tlie Snulli- y em motorist** choice si net VlOW. Ask ynur Service v Ktnlinn or Gurnsenian '^TODAY1 KHP I On In You Cir -Alwiyi TIE -limit- IM ir IIIE IEMIIIII li Valcinlief wfclle you drive— IX. Dulfasls tke lib* lUill! ,WAY ! 2.25 \\ FOR A MONTH'S SUPPLY i Get slimmer tho cosy • \ AYDS way 1100 persons ! lost 14 lo 20 His. cacli in • n month under the direction of Dr. Samuel Ellia. Phonol KIRBY BROS. IiKtlG STORK Alain and llroadway Blythcvillc, Ark. / // YOU GIT BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise W4DE BY THE WESSON OIV PtOPlE m I Help Wanted MAN PREFERRED NT WILL CONSIDER WOMAN f-«_ ^This is peLisant work and not a duration job. ^It~ to permanent, fair starting salary with deli| \ riitc advance as you learn your work. I, * Write in full detail. All replies! held strictly j' confidential. \ ' : [' "' 'Address S.N.P.-c/o Courier-News. BH I •9 I GROUPNO.-l Fresh or Canned, -Green or Yellow Vetjetahles YELLOW SQUASH ,-.,„„ 1\< YELLOW CORN Jack No. 2 -jl»e Sprat Can ID SWEET POTATOES Si 1 JSL 13 Green IJoiius H c Fresh Miss., Lb.. . Iw LIMA l!cans |Ac Fresh, Fht., Lb... 15 Mustard or Turnip 4Ac (ireens, No. 2 can IV CARROTS. Fresh Cc Texas, JJeli V GROUPS NO. 2 & 3 OritiiRi's, I'otiilocs, Gnipefmil & ORftNGES GRAPEFRUIT ' LEMONS Smikist I'KAllS, All Cold Q7t Nn. 2'/, Class.... 01 Al'KICOTS, All C. QCc N». 2'/ 2 Glass. ... 00 > less Oilier Fruits « c 6 <.... 4,JO C PEACHES. Del- QJc tiiontc, No. 2 >/ 2 01.0*1 I'olatoc umphs, s, Red Tri- Fc Pound 3 Group No. 7 OLEO BvUcr Ik. Olca Bn'.lcr & Olen Rex fAc Lb. . . l«f LIBERTY SUPER OUR &MKT. GROCERY linked with Brooklyn by a work SKIN IRRITATIONS 10!) \V. Main 2 Deliveries Daily—9 a. m of PIMPLES ACNE TETTER ECZEMA tho antiseptic—easy wn »i th famous Blnclt and Whit Oi n (merit. Promote* Itealing H Bcarring. Ubeonly oa <lirrcl*d. Cleanse daily wit U luck inid White Skiu Soap. 1 Grocery and General CIIPAD Nl) - lr '- 1(J STAMP CANNING 7 OUUHII No. 13 Stamo Table. U). I No. 15-16 STAMP CANNING No. 13 Stamp Table. I,bs. For Kuch Stamp No. 2-1 SI amp ALL BRANDS ALL BRANDS Nn I'oints, No Stamps, PICKLES, Sour or fi« Dill, 1 Gal VL TURPENTINE CHILL TONIC PRICES EFFECTIVE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Salted Flake But- AA l!ox.. fcU SALTS, Epsom 1 Pound Box.... OI.KO Ycgneo or All Sweet l.b. 28° Meat and Associated i >urifan . Krcy's ftlello— Lb. HAM HOCKS SHOULDER Itoslon Butts, Lb. PORK ROAST BACON SKINS BOLOGNA ^V'", 1 gitfg^*:.*^^, Fresh Produce POTATOES LETTUCE Oranges, Full of EA »V Juice, 1 Tip's, 1)07. . Apples, Large \\'incs-ips, 2 For. GROUP NO. 4 Milk & Cheese (Canned or Fresh Milk) PET MILK , w »,/ 10 SWIFT'S MILK "r,S"£, T f n 5 GROUP NO. 5 MEAT, POULTHY, FISH, Drcc DAACT Thi(>k Hi!> or QH DEI.! IIUHOl Shnulder Round, Ll>. 03 GROUND BEEF ,!i , 31 SLICED BACON ',,,:,",; , 45 PICKLES KOUli,IX)N, Chick- -iAc en, Liver, licef, Pk. lU Salt Meat, Fat Itacks, .-Lb All Meat liest All Brands Kosher Dill or Sour—Large Size 13' STEAKS, Round JA, or I.oin, I,h Vi I'ork Chops End Cut, i,h GROUP NO. 6 ItKKAl) — FLOUR —-CEREALS MOTHER'S BEST FLOUR r POST TOASTIES fIR n ^ FARINA 3I/ ' I>OUNn rHniHH CKI.I.O, HAG 15 C Group No. 7 OLEO CKKMO 5% Cream, l.b. 30 LEMONS 30 Grapefruit, Lge. 4Ac Pink or White . . IV

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