The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 1, 1937
Page 2
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, .(ARK.) COtlRlfeit . FRIDAY/jAK'uA\iy i. 1 Social Calendar '<-. BATUHDAV'S EVENTS Children of Confederacy mect- Jng vrltht Nanc) Hughes, 2 30 P. M. Counlrj Club lias Gtccts at Dance Members of the country clm> and a number of guests ushcied in 1937 last night within dance Hol- idaj decorations vvcie xised 101 the cabSret affair and at midnlghl confetti and scrpcnluie added to the gaiety Papl'ist Circles Me el Three of the five circles of the Woman's Mlssionii) Union of th First "Baptist church held meet ing Monday afternoon Circle 1 met with Mrs Joli BU"hantm -when eight mcmbci and thioe \isllors attended Mr - K D Marr used Romans 12 fo the devotional reading and Mr W. J Rodgeis and Mrs Alfie J , Crirpentcr offeied pia>cis Mr llovd Sttckmqn presided jn tl business session i which precede il.e, social, hour dmlne vvh'c * fruit cake and coffee were seivc -.. Mis Hairy H Brooks cntcrlali 1 ed'circle 4 Luke 27 was used f ,. the devotional leading gKui b , Mrs, M O, Outlaw Mrs Har Fhtzius sang ' The Rosary" an Why House Coats Leave Home Bits of News Mostly Personal Will Show Christ's ! ! Lii'e On Screen a I Methodist Chiu-cli , . . .i » Hoj Lotaf(j is rtcuperallng; from Injuries bile accident • - , I iimuita, v in an automo- Mcthod | St Clulstniiis Day prayers vveie offered by Mi's _Tom W Jackson Mrs_ Jackson ."• conducted^ Hie, business session This group liaci 13 members and one visitor piesent "if ' In circle 5, which, met at' the home of the clmiim'an, Mi* W A Grnnmetl' mcmbeis gave hei 'a handkerchief shower Thcic Y,ere 12 present, including one visitor Mrs R L Rcedei icad, ' from Matthews 13 for Uie Bible reading and prajcrs were olfeicd by Mnfr'H'ShephQid and Mi's E P Bloinever DOHglmuls arid coffee were served ; Entertains Bridge ' Club and Guests Mrs M ' Fil^immons v,as lios- tejs'jo juembars of her Wednesdas v club and an 'extra table of gucsU f for a parly in which *e used tile Yulelide motif A' Christmas tree", holly in nil of the v-indovvs, poinsattlas and tool's , i made a cojorful scene for the party Holiday^rbfre^limenta vvero served ^ afler the gttihe - ' j- Mrs Herman 'cro*s won caids hi | n le'ather case, for Hie high score [_-.-\.prfcS;,-''a*id"irir | lovV score "Mvavd, of Jiov|lty thermometer, went to Mrs Emma Nolen , , i ^ i • * * * Club Has Holiday Par I) Mrs. Carrol Blakemore had the i Thursday Contract club Thursdn\ afternoon when Mrs P L Engler \vas a guest Bridge wits plny- cd in ^the living room, where n Christmas tree and holtdaj decorations made a colorful note, Mrs. J T "Phillips won the prize, pillow slips - ' A'salad plate was served lite in the afternoon At home, aboard ship, tiatn or plane these house coals euniantco An attiacllv'e appeamncc Thnt 'at left, a icjal blue flannel house coat,"if'tiimmctl with a pnnel of matching satin pud n jewelled buckle •Hie oihci (rtgliU, cut on princess lines, Is•,'turquoise blue to ma'-'- ' "- ' *' Phillips' Robinson, of Nashville, Tenn, Is thc guest of hlt> mo- thei, Mrs Mnrry Phillips Robinson, and other relatives here for the New Year holiday. Martha Anil Webb Is'visiting her grandparents in Forrest City for a week. Mrs. Kenneth • Bia'nkenship and daughter returned yesterday . to their home : in clarksdale, Miss., •\lter spending Christinas.with Mrs. Jlfinkenshlp's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. O. D. Grimes; Miss Prfthclsc Rbsenthal will re- urn lojay, from Memphis, where she has teen visiting sines Sunday, Roy Lob'prg, who was injured In ah accident Christmas, is now rc- c,(incralihg, Miss nelle Wlutsltt and her sister, Mrs. Jo Trice, of Jonesboro, will leave tonight for a month in Chicago, hfew-York and Washing- Ion'. They will buy merchandise in Chicago and New York and vvll nltend the inauguration In Washington Jamiari 20 / Mrs. ,loe Rhodes underwent an operation"'lor iippentlicltis last night at the Blythevllle hospital. E.. A. Plslicr had a light stroke of paralysis yesterday afternoon. He is at Ihe Blytheville hospital where he Is testing vcij well Ben Orgel, of Memphis, attended to business lieic jeslcrdiy t ^rv. and Mrs. p. B. Joyner and children returned Wednesday Irom Okemah, Okla, where they spent Chiistmas with Mrs Jojnei's pn- enls. Miss Mary Hires ;.s how able to Le up following a iccciit opciatlor for appemlleltU; at .'the Blythevllle hospital. Mi and Mrs, C C Langslon nnd daVightcr, Miss Adcle,' wend Ho Riilevilli., Mibs todiy to visit Mi Langston's' inolh'cK'nnd :blher rela- Ihc Rev trank G Smith who i- serioiish ill at a pmalu, Neb licspltiil, Is holding-liiFi'own, phy sipians said Icdav His diuglitcr Mrs R P KlisHnei, is with him Miss Frances.Little leaves Mori rtay night, foi coiiimbh, Mo whcie she attends Chilsttan col lege, after spending the holiday at home. Misses >Mary Elizabeth .Borutn, Tho Life of Christ. In mollon will be shown at the First church Sunday night. The film, depleting the story of Jesus, from Ihc Nativity to, the Ascension, is based upon trie world- famous Freiburg and Oberammer- B"in Passion Play.s.' It was filmed In Furop", the Holy Land, and E°ypt A 'complete aiid appropriate mu sical score will bp played throughout the film, oil special sound equipment, reproducing some of tin choicest orchestral, organ and choral music, blendlrig with lh-> scenes which,portray ine life, crucifixion ami 'resurrection of Jesus The pastor, the Rev. H. Lym Wade, announced today that ther nlll be no charge for svJmissioi and that the money received from the silver offering will he usail t assist. In defraying expenses, for St. Charles. Mo., where the arc students at Linden wood co Icgc, after spending thc holldaj match the salin trouscib and Abcot tie It Is 6ften Iniport^nt for. ; ^ Right Partner lo Play Hand FLAPPER FANNY 6ERY1CE, INC.' T. U. MO. U. 6. PAT. OFF— By Sylvia at home. Ray Jackson, formerly of hei rid now of Colum'ou.s, O., is visii ng relative. 1 ; in the city today. Dr. John Rowland, of Hi Iprings, has arrived here to spen i week on business. Miss Martha Ann Lynch ' will cave Sunday night to return to Yew Orleans where she attends Sophie Newcomb college. Mi's. Charles Alford is in Mcm- iiils with Mr. Alford's father, J T. Alford, who is ill at thc Bap- .ist hospital. He is Improved- am will probably return home within a few days. Correction In the report of the death of Mrs: Aria Alice Jones of Cooler, publish-' in the Courisr News Wednesday, it was erroneously stated that she had been ill for three yean. Mrs. Jones, members of her family say, had been under th? cnre ot n physician since Oclpber 28, 1935. "I can't tiiinkol any good resolutions, Fanny." _ • "If you're strong minded enough to kecp'rcsolutions, jou don't neec tomakeany." Blood Poisoning Follows Cut on Hand Read Courier NtW ; s Wnnt Ads. Sidney Evans is being treated at thc Blythcville liospital for blood poisoning. Infection set in after -Evans cut his hand on a piece of galvanized • iron. ^ Attending' physicians said today- that' they believed spread of Ihe - infection had been 1 stopped; • .-.'. • Confederate Pension Warrants Are Received £(atc pension v.'arrants for;Confederate veterans and their wi- idow-s have been received-here and are 'now icadv for distribution to recipients ill this county,'Mrs. Carey' Woodbmn Pheeney, coun^ tv jcourt clerk, announced today. Read Courier News "Want Ads Mnigaict Kick Maiy Usrey will lcn\e Sundaj Spain night t& the Jfce and played the cmcon or diamonds Aftei this he put Wes,t Into the lead \\iln iv diamond, and since West had only spades, loll, he had to givo. Ungcr thc leniaining Uicks ' BY WM E. McXENNEV Sccrctar), American Bridge League A few scais ago thcic was gicnt Interest in bidding In such mnn- nei as to place thc contract In Ihe right hniiil The principle is Jenny 'Kuth' Wilson 'and ' Eiston Faimei Mai tied CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo -^Jennv Rulh Wilson, "daughter of Mr and Mrs W* D ),Vilson of Jackson, ^ Tenn., and Eiston Farmer of Car- - uthei-sville were mained Wednes day^ afternoon, December 30, In the home of Rev and Mrs W L , Mpjcr, \vith Rev Meyer, pastor of' the Methodist Church, Mijmg the ceremony Trio- bnde is a graduate of thc , _ Jack'son high school and for the ' pastitwo sears ha>i attended l/am- bDlh'^Coliege at Jackson The' groom is a graduate of the hi°ir school nt Milan Tenn and of the Hemphill D:<^el school at Memphis He is employed as en- ,7V If 8 3 2 \ V »AQ64V v s t A -.'* _, •* K Q 8 5 4V ' §.' ^Duplicate—None vlil v^ South West North East' 1* 3* 5'A 5 N.<T. Pass 1 2* 4N T. Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass :,Opcning lead—V 7i " Pass Pass Piiss GN T, Pass Today.'s Contract Problem - North, third 'hand, opened the bidding with one diamond, East oveicallcd with one ficart, and South bid one spade' II East, alter oneiimse by his partner, bids four ~hcails. should Soulh double? v*;-*^ 4AKJ105 4-743 • 983 + K10S Opener— t- Solutioii In next issue. ( coiTcct, but It Is riot, often that, the application of thc principle is E\trjtlnng lor Your Kntcrlam- .Comfort BRAND NEW TONIGHT! spntles ,nii'cl let it ride. When it held :tho trick, he led ft low diamond- lo (|ie king. Then lie returned - a , dlaniond gmer on Dredge Alert of thc Dill- as sound .is the axiom man Industries, Inc., ot \llns city After a short honevmoon, the __ couple will temporarily be at home with the grooms brother ami sister-m-lavv, Dr nnd Mrs R W •' Farmer Those from out ot town - attending the bedding v\ert_ Mrs ^ - Charles Harris, a sister" of the *"' J c, and Misses^ Edith Haire and Dorothy Tenn Roberts all of ^Jackson, i Ilornersville ^Society —Pcisonal Mr and Mrs. Cljde JVcllman and ion of St Louis are"spendlng tendaj-s here with Mrs Wellmans motnet, Mrs R E Anderson, an< sister,- Miss" Kafhcrmc f Mrs. Ray Sloan and daughter Barbara June, arrived Tuesda- ifrom-thilr home In Tennessee t> spend'two weeks with Mrs Sloan' parents, Mr. andn Mre W * Hayes,, and (ollt Ihe families o her sUtere, Mrs Rlley Knight an t Mrs ^Vernte haWhcrr * Mrs Wanda Demtng of Carbor !*«=• dale, 111, and Mrs. Lewis Howe 6 • V 4,, Andw^on, ind- arrived TThursda ^ lo Btttiid a week with Mr. an 3', Mi^.'Charlie WWt,norlh. k J Mi^M "Anderson,* \\5io !s , plb'se^.in St Lotits, i; yisi'lhg he 'pawnU, Mr.,and, Mrs C V E And f- cr^on.^aud her brolncr, O fAwtcfei]r.^ ^^ ^ /,_ fiV'Mit.- Fannie Gooch of Fans tTeriif^Js hero visiting the lamillc >°$t Kcr, nieces, Mines T. Z Kci Harkey, L M Ragan, R '^ Settle .Rose. It is hard to saj, \\hen jou jiick p jdul 13 caids, which Is the oirect harid to play Ihc contract,I iking tntb consideration that 1 ucstlon of lime, \\lilch In bridecl ften is so important Ho\\e\ci, In todajs Innd, icorge Ungcr, of New York plns- ig with 61, R H Ecker, Jr, also f Nc<v York In the national open nlri chaniplonslup In Chicago ccenllj, stnsed the ad^niilngc ot lead up lt> his hand, anci plajcd us hnnd ^o well that he made ,v lam, which would have been ut- crls imix»sible aeainst goodi rie- cnse, had Ills pailncr been dc- :larer. Ungcr won the opening lend ol he EC\en of hcirts mlh the king and then ran down five club ricks West, who held Che rili- 'lond slop and also a sure stop n ipa(tcs, was pressed for discards He ga\e up his,,two remaining hearts, then a i spado Now Ungcr led the Jack of Paul Raj of Willow Springs' Is spending the holidays with his parents, Mr and Mrs Tom A Ray Mr and Mrs Dave Egbert and *on of St Louis, Mr and Mrs Ray Ferrell anjt chlldieu and Frank Cahlon of Kcnnett wcic al<o guests of the Rajs foi,a few dajs r Mi and Mis Cljde C Hicks of Liltlo Rock Alk spent Ihe holi- dav season with the Tamils of Mr Hicks' sister, Mrs C P. Ktrknnn Nfr and l\frs Kiikman returned to Little Rock with them for a few dais visit ~ Miss Mary Jane Barnett ha. resigned as English- nnd music teacher in the Homersville high school. Specials All Day hiturfl 15 « I rill". , bunil-ij AMBROSIA LAYER CAKE 1QC 13 RAISIN CINNAMON -1C ROLLS. Each ... » 3 C 12° .1BLLY KOLL fcr Cut . ... FHUiT KAll COOK1KS. Doz. S|)eci,ils for Houf - 5 lo 6 1'. M. Krirtaj -SaturdaV-Sundaj SJfSl.I, 1'EGAN. 1'IKS. Each ...... OnANGE'CINNA- ciipN STICKS. Ea. COCONUT MAC- ARGONS. DOZ, . . DONU1S D07 ....... nUTTRRKD HOI. I/Sec 3 C 1° 12 5 ( lei Vs I ill Voui Srfr Oi'Ocrs - riitmc 110 introduces a brilliant new musical program "UNIVERSAL RHYTHM" featuring REX CIIANDLEU and his 43-piecc orchestra tvilh chorus nml soloists Chaildlor's -vivid, ir- rpsistiblc arrange- nic^its of popular music >rill he heard t for the first time on j these Ford Friday CA eriiilc lirotfraius O 1 D over W. M. C. 8 P. M. \ 'YOU'LL-STAND'-UP AND CHEEU! Also ItsJeii Tuesdays • at <b(!t>:imc hour (rt"\Valch Ihc Klin Go liy," \vilh Al Pcarcc anil His Gang, over K.M.O.X.^S P. M. PROGKAMS OF THK TORI) AND LINCOLN.ZEl'HYK UKALGKS A Couple ol' Pixilated Aunls Wear Eddie's Pants! We take this method of thanking our ,friends .ami jnatrons for theiii pati'onajje. Our loss, is •your, gain, .we are' cilttyig, iilmnfirch.uidise dint.-., tically. Fiesh'seasonable liiercha'iiclis^ifc-Npw js youv lime to buy—ami ' save. Wishing" you a 'Happy and- rruSifei'oiW^'i'Jtrvi'f'Yeai-.. 'I ,] , THE iS'iiW ECONOMY SHOP DRESSES Every kind and color in advanced numbers. Deauliful styles to select from. Crepes, Woolens and Novelty Weaves. Regular S5.95 to §19.75 dresses.'..'Offered 'during .this Clearance "Sale" at n (\?5 to S 10 Coats and Suils All Fall and Wiiilcr Coats and Suits Half Price C'oitit Knrly and Make >Sclctlions MILLINERY KID GLOVES BLOUSES Regular $2.03 to ?5.95 values. 98c and $1.98 PAJAMAS Tuck Stitch Slecpins t'a- jamas. Regular $H!> values. 98c Kid Gloves offered at closeout prices. $1 - $1,59^;$1.98 CHEPE SLIPS Big reduction on all Silk Underwear. Regular $1.49 Silk Crcpo Slip. 9Bc Silk and Satin Blouses. $2.49 to $3.95 Values. Choice SI and 31.98- KABO C1011SETS Kabo Corsets, Corselcltes and Girdles 25<-i, off. Some broken sizes -less. GIVEN AWAY.-.FRKEI MONDAY, JAN. I— "Princess I'at Dcaiity Scl" TUESDAY, JAN. 5— $175.00 HANK-NIGHT! Adm.—Always 10. & 25c—Ic Tax Show Kvcry Night MAilnccs Friday, SatunUy, Sun I'rlday & Sumlay ivlalintcs— 1:\$ Saturday Malinct — Continuous Showing — 1:00 Till 11:00 P. M Friday - Saturday Frauki.e Davro. ami Rnv i\Iason in Comcrly and Serial SHOES All Sty'.-cez Shoes, Straps, Ties ami Pumps. 54.45 With each pair of our Styl-cra Shoes .we will sell one pair of our 80c Hose for 43c Other lines of $5 and $5.50 Now city Shoes, nil §2.95 and §3.45 One group Crepe ant; Satin Pumps. Broken sizes. Your choice $1,00 Your choice ot any pair of Vitality Shoes. Sizes 214• lo 9. 83.00 One group $4.50 to $5 Shoes. Closeouts, blacks, browns and blues. §1.98 Special CLose-OuL of all Sweaters, ^ ^^vin Sels, Knitted Drosses and Skirls * e « ADMIRATION HOSIERY AND OTHER GOOD BRANDS 89c Values 69c $1.00 Tallies 89c SI. 19 'Values $1 8L2fy and 81-39 Values SL09 Ingnim lildg. Mrs. C. J. Cdx, Prop. Phono 951

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