The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 21, 1931
Page 6
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Favorites OflTlE 01 IIS1K if! Luxora and Osccola Mont in 2nd Scmi-Fmal of Boys Division;Girls Race Close Shawnee in an np.o; defealei! Blylheville H to 4 ant! will nvn the winner of Hie O.-tr-oh-l.iixor:! garni.' in the finals tonight. The Blytheville and I.uxor.ii teams were favorites this afternoon • to meet tonight. In the Tina!-; of • the boys division ol the MIs^K-ipn:, county basketball tournament uv.- '. derway at the Armory. [ while. Luxora Ls defied to Ivi ir.Os- • : ceola in It'.? second o! the meet. Blytheville mcml into Hie .semifinal uracl'.cl by healing Sliartv : drove while Shnwnci- downed Hell •• to enter the s?nn-fliul« Oiicrola : disposed o! Kelser in tfic se;on:l rnintt S lo G and Luxora eiwiiml- r?d Yarbro, 21 to 13. . '. In the Blrls division 1M! ron- . United In trc meet by btiitin:; Var- i •' bro 37 to 11 in the second round, i : Daughetry defeated Shady Grove. ; in the Mcond round. LM1 mid Daugherty nil clash In n jemi-fina! came while Manila, by virtue of a win over Hatchrr in the .second round nnd the winner of the Lnx- ora-Browti game other. In the nrel round Ulylheville'si .boys \von on a forfeit. 0. from : Box Elder. Shady Grow drew a hy.: and adianced to the second round. | Doll likewise advanced, drawini; a' bye. !,ciie Oak lost lo Luxora 31 '. lo 12 in the flrft vonntl. • Osccolas hoys turned hack the: \VIlscn juniors 11 lo 5, and Keisor won a forfeit on the non-appearance of Manila. 2 lo 0. Yaruro trounced Whitton 34 lo 4 and I,u\- j ora trimmed Brown. 37 lo 3. In ihe second round this mor- j nlng Blvlhcvillc defeated Shady! Grove in a stubbornly ccnlcilrj I mutch. 27 to 17. The Shndy Cirove • . tram tariffed one of the larc.?.,i i fives in the meet. Shawnrc de-1 fcatcrl Dell in the second round 18 j lo 12 tins morning The game w. i interest!!!"; all the way with Dell outplaying Shawnce In tin- iusi I half but could net overcome thr- i Shawnee lead. By vlrtiv of their I second round victories Dlytheville! and Shawnes meel in a semi-final i . game this aflernoon. | In the girls' division of play Dili i won on a forfeit from Box Elder in ! the first round. Yarbro trounced' Kefser in a close game 20 to 10., Wilson was eliminated by tlie i Shady Grove girls 10 to 13 and j Daugherty walked away with Lon- - ; '• Oak, 33 to 5. Manila trimmed- Whitton in the hardest fonqht rjatr.e of the Girls' \ division, 22 to 21 while the Hatcher; fjirls had an easy lime in -sweeping '. over Blylhivllle 24 to 7. Slnwnrcj was eliminated by Luxora 16 to 11! and Brown won en a forfeit from • Osceo'.a, 2 to 0. Robins'lo Try High Flying clash in an-i ROBBIE EXPECTS j:<s*fi^ bsw^SS^'^aW^^V >."•>*• V ^•••^i-r-.:^'!-^'^^-''-;- m^:<%^.---> isnbv ll'.e ball? He of "Wild Bull of the It's all off between Southern California and Notre Dame after the big game ne.xt fall, a rnmnr says. . . . Tlie Trojans say Ihe game has grown out of all proper iirojiortions. . . Wcndcr if they could "linvc the score . . . Blirt Slmttnn shows a smile every tlmo lie sees Cllse Dudley throw a ball thin year. . .. He believes Cllcc will help that pitching slaff. .... Dudley was named Clise after a gold inin- partner of Ills father's. . . . Jimmy De Shong. recruit Macklnn pitcher, thinks Mickey Codiranc/is C. A. Mighty. . ; . "I never thoiiRhl. I could be on the same club with Mickey." ?ays Jimmy. ... CD Shong '.vcrshipetl Ty Cobb before he ran across the ,Mlck four year ai'o. . . . mil Carey likes to i ub elbows \vitli the preliminary boys, trainers, racketeers ami drillers in the prize fight ciinie. . . . Mrs. Carey doesn't. Winging Their Way lowarJ Pennant in Belief of Uncle Wilbur. liy IVII.I.IAM IHlAL'CIIF.It NKcV Si'rvkc .Spurt:; Kditur CLKAIlWATEfl, Pla., March 21. —There £at Uncle nobble himself. Ills throne was a rickety bench in : ,lhe leaky-roof little ball park liere. I The scene was a practice game be- twern Reiitilnrs and Ynnns. Ilo wore an outfit of golf knickers. In his right cheek was paiked j half a package of Kcrap tobacco. I Suddenly lie leaped up. He hns a way of. suddenly leaping up, bawl- i Ing fime order, to the lleutensnts jot those Flalbush Kusillers, and a.s i suddenly subsiding. "Hey. there. Otto!" he called to Coach Otto Miller, "tjet or Shoot ey warmed up lor next innln'." "Ol' Shootey" was none other tl;an Joe Shautc, whose arm col- ' lajxwd last year while he was pllch- j ing for the Cleveland Indians. .Statute came' back with Toronto rind now he says his old left soup- :cr feels like new. 1 Big bats were ringing a song of bas2hll5 thai was sweet to the enrs • of Uncle Robbie. Bab? Herman had 'jus', borrowed a chew from the Mirws. stepped up tu the plate and Mummed one of (he new ralsed- Eeatn, less-lively baseballs over Hie right field wall where it bouncfd •high in the slreet beyond. ; The next batter was the sinister ' l^fty' O'Doul, brought to Brookly.i in a trade with the Phutile Phils. ; Uncle Robbie Jumped up again. "Hey there. Lefty." he called. ; "feller here Just said this Is your birthday. Your's ard Vance's. Two 'birthdays on this team sams day! ! Guess Vance is older'n you, ain't Hie?" I Lefty looked around and Hobble called out. "Toodle-oodle," in high Birl fashion, and waved at l f.tave who 1:; t.ikii!.; ueacl aim on tin? little none other liian Luis Angel I-'irpo in his new Billiard Tnlib."' Flrpo is a wealthy club- mnn and automobile salesman In his native Buenos Aires. He's re-: inial run of millions of sii-.clts in th3 big boy with Jils stump of a •• little finger on the right hand. : Here was Uncle Robbie, manager ;of the Brooklyn National League i bal! team. In perfect form, with the big bats of the Dodger clan bang- : ing baseballs over the fence at ah j alarming rate. I "Well there, Red." he 'greeted trie, "you want to know all about this hall club, eh? Sure I remember you. not any foces like yours. (???) (!!!) tnembercd in this country, though, as the wild man Jack n?rnpscy out ni the ring. who TROUTDALE, Ore.. (UP)—Sprinj most certainly is near for the an- knockctt' llle Sandy River Is at hand. Ttai- ' ;r.nds of persons, armed with buck- SATUULiAY, liIAHCH 21, Junior BRUSHIN(? UP SPORTS Bv La ufor fl, 1=115 • e^^cL After O'Doul comes alenn Wright, right-handed batter right In the middle of the lineup. Say, can they beat thai? Talk about, southpaws beatln' Brooklyn! "Well, next Is Bissonette. another left-hander—Hey there. Shootey. come, over here!". (Pau&e, while Shauie comes over.) "Listen here, Pete," said Robbie, who., always calls his players by . strange first names, "lay off that Miss a few names now and then,! fast'one tn there next Innin' It's but don't forget a face, least of'all early yel, an' I'd rather'see that fast one workin' against Boston "Suppose you want a lineup, don't yon? Well, gimme a roster and I'll mark it for you. All right. Leadoff: Frederick. Thought for a while" I'd let Thompson lead OS, but Frederick hits too marvy balls through Win '.hot is Cronin: Key Jlan A few years ago l:e sal on th bench for ihe Pirate; an:! saw world series being played ar.i o KrrrvJI Ills I'ilrlirr '• Thr fh'ft .subject was iiltcliers. j "Who Ls HID btst pitcher iti the ! I American Leasiic?" 1 nsV:e:i. | He l::m;;:ht cnicifitlly. Then: • "Lei's .sec. that's a kind of a hard ! o:ie." Then he made up his mind suddenly: '-Fi-rrell." He referring lo Wes'i-,-: Cheek Fen-ell, the North Curollii.-. ' youns man who won -10 names in ! his first t-.vo years In the major?, j of t!;e Indian'," stall. "Why?" | "Well, for one thing that great I i curve ball. That's a pip of a curve great chance pass. He was dying lo h :c iiirows. m( \ |, 0 - s got . n linn ^ play. As a reward for his eagerncy. icnc nnrt lie keeps von eress'ln-''• ' Barney Dreyfuss sold him to Kan- : Ffrrcll. by (ho way Is (he „,[ j nas City in April, just three years |C :i(-my ,11 ihe \Vashir.;ton cl-.ib. &§0. 'vrir fh.. tjm If he hadn't been a flghtei Crcnln, key man of the Senators'! pennant effort this year, mi?ht still j ,\-ks Alioui Gccr f e ' " or course." he went on. "J.vons i a:!d Tr-.cmas are r:rent. and nohndv : Is inidliii! n'.ucii ever on E.irnsha-,v ! sinri Grove, and H- the way. II.T.V , ; )mv :cok?" tin I had heard ri;mo-s i.s havini a h,-,r<l lime IT t coiiSi'.icn. but that nrr- •> t is rrir. nf !';OH' l^los that i the v.Miiv^, trn-la. ai'.-l r i U's C.eorw starts:! el i i<h'ii" the olr! nB s!i^ 1 t the plal: inlchi wji:'.cl'jr <• I li' locre "tslk came j ni. nets, cans, bird cages, sacks seccnd base. Double play balls. 'All and kllclien utensils, scoop out the from the banks of the stream, run iisually continues 10 days. JOV.F PAHS APE UCGER. .Ui-»Te.R.-HEADS OF 55 TKB SAME H.1/XV-- than against these guys." 'Then he went on with the story of his team. . ' • "Le's see, where were we? Oh yes. Blssonette. After him comes Wally Gll.bert .third baseman. Then catchers and pitchers. Hey!" There goes right, Frederick first and Thomp-! one to cen'.er field. Thai's hit nine son second. He's second' baseman I miles. Watch that Parham arid see ..c:, a i y " r lbc Senators failed to win a er, Joe ! 8 a rac from B : g Wes ' ' 1 Ea I t d tl it 1 e n ^rc Tint orker •> li.s C! hr- n.^s 'o !l-.r ha Jo; she:!s his ([>.;:ct ri«- and tr-:c:r.c5 th? In.-.les 1 en fne n;!rl. Tlifre is an energy nr.d ambUIon !R rOMJUSSIONKK'S SAM' Notice is hereby ylvcn that the undersigned commissioner, in con:-; , pjinnce with the terms of a decree. '• rcr.dcred by the Chancery Court [ for the Chickasawba District of j Mississippi Comity. Avkansj?. on ' the 23rd day of Fehraary. 1931. I wherein American E'.i'.Ulir.^ ( \c Loan ! j Association, and \V. L. Delony. as 1 : mister No. 4815. were Plalmtlis.; and L. M. Ross, cl al '.verp D-fni- I ! dants. will sell ai puijlic aii,t:.>:i : O f j to the highest and fccsi bidder. ! • for cash, on a, crrci:'. of three ; [months, a the front tfeir of th: I — Court House, between :lie ho'.jr.s' prescribed by law. in The Ciiv of lilythevllle. Arkansas, 0:1 the lElh. day of April, 1031. ihe following j real estate, to-wil: rOMMISSIONER'S SALE NoUre is hereby ?.\nn that the tmdr.sjr.ned commissioner, in com- i pliance wilh the terms of a decree | j rendered by thfl Cliancery Court i i for Ihe Clilckasawba District Misrissippi County. Arkansas, the Mrd ol rcbruary, 1931, wherein American Building and Loan Association, and W. L. Delony, as Trustee No. -3814, were Plaintiffs, and Ii. M. TJoss, et al were Defendants, will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of 3 months, al Ihe front door of Ihe Court House, between the hours prescribed by law. lii the City of Blytheville. Arkansas, on the 18th day of April. 1931. the following real estate, to-wit: Lot three. Block eleven. Highland riace Second Addition to lilHhc-villc. Mississippi County. ; Arkansas. ! Said sale will be had to satisfy • said tlecrce In the . c nm of SI.626 04, • with 10 ]>cr cent interest from July I 1. 1930. • The purchaser at said sale will b? reriulred to execute bond wilh approved .security, lo secure Ihe payment of Hie purchase money, ami n lien will be retained upon faid property as additional secur-i i iTy fcr the payment ol such purchase money. Witness my hand and the seal of :! Court, on Mils, the 20lh day March. 1931. 3 tin R. L. GAINE3, Commissioner in Chancery. and bats second. - | if he takes III "Third. Herman. Sure, Herman, I' It happened to be a. very bad why no;,? Then comes Or Lefty. I day for Rookie Bob Parha'm. fro.T Atlanta, who was playing center field. Despite his glasses, the sun was in his eyes, and he became blinded. "Hey," Robbie resumed, "that guy looked more like ham than Parharn on that one!" Babe Herman came to the dugout. '•dot a chew, pobble?" "No, send a boy over to th? clubhouse—got a pack over there; 'ge; a boy. Hey! Boy!" The' boy came and Robbie subsided for an instant. "I. for you when yo'j were up there last year." I said, "and It was too bad about that slump." "Yeah," replied Robbie, regretfully, " some bad breaks. Bad breaks an' Bad Bill; I mean that Hallahan, that 1 to 0 game lie pitched against or Dazz. Sonu game! Beat us right there! Boys never, could get goin' after that. "Well I'm goin 1 to win a pennan this year with this team Red and that's no joke.'Watch! Don't Jor- I left him hoping that he would. 1 ;Joe Cronin iCatcVili be in Kansas City, or perhaps !:• j rnfscs Johnstown. Pa., or New Haver.. I Retr Because he Is a battler, he h.ii itra'nd found his way back to the b:;'grc.--t leagues. You don't have to he.i him talk five minutes to learn thv At the Biloxl training camp o! the Senators the other day I had G .short talk with Crcnin. \vh; . the best-hitting shortstop majors for the year of 1930 r! year's : 'o his raatcT. He keeps un of ro.Ufurlne clutter th?' he resistance" of (h- tMrn"' 'Dilution of (he CrDiiin ::ni'.s to Washington in ih'.r without- a doubt the most valuable 'player. He gives off the Impression of sincere amblllon at once,- There Is R frank, quiet earnestness about HARTFORD. Cann.. T'JT'i-:; C cr, , strips, have a mere in:rc:-t'a;-.t is V.MS Ci-nelkn thr.n ni.-kinrr iicnev aii-l •n t!i- , slirsr:ii-» tlw uirviry: Il^y' l-.ol.) 30 an-1 the apple crop. TcMimony to th:-. elfecl V.T.S introduced before lc;i«hlivc tec by bt. appropriations commil- kecpcrs. who advocated Lot three, Block cue. Done sin | i\0ditlon to Blylheville. N;i>sls- I sippi County. Arkansas. Said, sale will be had to satisfy said decree nVthn sum or S2.l26.01. wilh 10 per cent Interrs: from July 1 1D30. The purchaser ai sa:il sale will be required lo cxcciitr liond uilh approved sccurily. ti> M-ci:ro the I p.iyn-.em. ol the !v.irc!:.i-e money, aurt a lien will be rr[.v.;;r\l uixjn I .said property as acit'i'.L.mal recur-1 ;ty for the payment ol ^ucll par- chase money. Witness my hand and the seal [of s.iid Court, on this, the 201hJ approval of a SC.OOQ expenditure for further in apiculture. dr.y of ^tarch. 1031. 3 tin R. L. GA1NES. Commissioner in chancery. A KIU SIX. prir*4 l&ti • lamr A POWEBFVL KI«BT .... A BIULUAHT KIHOR .... and more; power than any other car at the price •The new Willys Six is the fastest and mo«t powerful car you can buy at such a low price ... It also excels all competitive caw in picV-up and hill climbing... You must put the Willys Sis ttrough ita paces before yon can fully appreciate what rcmarkahi-.- perfonnance capabilities have been brought to the low-priced field. WILLY COttA SAFETY GLASS IN AtL WINDOWS AT SMGilT KXTIIA COST MORGAN MOTOR CO. Blytlwville, Ark.

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