The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1955 · Page 20
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 20

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1955
Page 20
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1968 BLTTHIT1LLB (ARK.) COURIER KIWI PAGE TWENTY-ON1 QUK JQAKDIMI HOUSi — with M«j«r HMfU n't JUST LIKB A • BOCkTlT TAXE- Offi 3oW, f*UDS» JSSP TO DO IT *_ OUT OUR WAY Iv J. R. Williams BlJOU IS KAYIW* •ROMANTIC . TROl«AC>OR,' A STKCTLY CORN- BAH- DRAMMER HXJ'P HATE Wf FOR WRJL.HUWW Ud-DU OW6 Tb C*T our OF WE UOUSt/ THERE'S war A BAD OWE ATTWE EUTe —*• THREE STEPS "to LOVE -—- BUT UMFOlcaiNATELY 1'VF SEEK IT/ ALL BY rounset^, BOT —- I'VE PIAYED SCRA&BLE / Television -*- Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, It WHBQ Channel 13 •MCT Ckuncl I Program HeadHnei 10:45 Guiding Light 11 .45 Charm with C«thr 10 r20 Tonight 11 :00 J«c* Ptrr th.^ NUht, 6 ,pt. » »:.. «-. Njw( 1}« Mj rS[ ,,:=» ^co». «,*»_ «:M Tn« B»t 0( Oroucho u. 30 Tv MoTl , M ,ti nte 12:05 Lunchtlme Theatre «:30 I Led 3 Uvc« i :08 Ted Mad «ttlne« WHBQ Ckauel 11 12:30 house Party 7:00 Dragnet 1:30 i t p ay6 To B« Thurlday >'Uht. Sen. li 1:00 Big Psyorf 7:30 Theatre .MarHea ««0 Bob Cummlngs - 1 :30 Lady OI the Hous. 8:00 Video Theatre J.w Wav of th« World fl:30 Stop the Music 1:45 Bob Crosbv 9:00 Playhouse o! Stan 2 .]5 first Love 7:00 siar Tonight 2.00 Brighter Day 9:30 S'ews Reporter 3-30 World of Mr. 7:30 The bone Ranger 2:is secret Storm 9:45 Jt'6 A Great Ute Sweeney 8.00 Johnny Carson Show 2:30 On Your Account 10 15 Weather 5 ... Mode .,. Romanes 8;M Damon Runyon 3:00 Robert q. LewU 10. JO Tonleht *::; •„ kv ' , Ehow Theatre 3:15 Early 3tow 11:00 Mystery Thcatri '.„ Uowdy Doody Time 8:00 T Men in Action 4:30 Man Patrol 11:30 Sign Off ^^ Movle T i me S:30 Do You Know Why 5:00 Hartoontlmt Friday. Sept. « 5-00 Cartoon C8rnK«l 935 Ellerj' Queen 5:15 Weather « so vmtlatlon 5:15 Intfrestlns Person 10:05 News 5:20 News iMTodiT 5 is Weatherman 10:15 Weather 5:30 Douglas Kdwarda VM XetsLMemDhU 5 : W Eddie " Fisher 10:30 Late 6how S:4S Juuui LaRosa 7.M Ne»s-MempSU 545 N>WB Caravan 11:30 Weather J:00 Pantomlne «u« 730Todar 6 00 Wild Bill Hlckok Friday, Sept. 1« «:» Topper I'Si. •>,.. u.».liu « TO I Ifp n[ Rllrr «:55 Firm Newi 7:00 Illerj' Queen 7:i5Keatb«r-MemphU 830 LUtofRllW 7 .00 MornlnC Show 7:30 Hay Mllland . ~, i r^, =, h ~,i 7-10 stort« ol th» 7:J5 MldSouth News a :00 Name's The Same f-SJ ?£?*%? TLM cSiturv '••» «<""'°8 sto * « ;M M 'V" r <" lhe T 0 " 8.30 Mrenw Time Ca"nlcTde o( Scorn 7 :3S Memphis News S:00 BIS Town SSSSS,Th« !;S Sri Ie SS.S B8pom -»°^;r R ^ j*^™""-"* ,0:00 Krn,. 9:00 D^erou. «;30 Bmx. It^Rlcn ^.35 TW ,0 30 Sl?her To,,r tt.1 8 :30 N^TAer IP:1J Lj«.f Ltt. 10:|J Weather li?, ^rSe'r,. 150 "' ,IS SSSr ^"SL. 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Kow Rfetram Lyweli »•* fcl" »nr(fier Robert Demi* lf»r».lher «rt aerklnit . encke »« ««!« tiulUoH «eereted I* Haiti hr A >'ail vnhmiirlne !• Ac cU'laff <>;• •< WorlJ War U. XIII AT about four one of the natty sailors sought me out and handed me a folded paper. It was the report on the disappearance at the seaman during the Atlantic crossing which Lynch bad demanded from Captain Carey. We went to Lynch's cabin to read it. The report he had drawn up was clear, crisp, factual. Able Seaman Friedrich B r u n k e of Stuttgart. Germany, 46 years old, had been assigned to forepeak lookout on the eight to midnight watch on the evening of .June 16. That station, Carey explained, was not usually occupied but the night was stormy and there was « fog. It was Brunke's duty to report to the bridge before going forward. When he did not. appear the ottlcer of the watch phoned down from the chartroom to inquire what had become of him. It was learned that Brunke had left the crew's quarters some 20 minutes before eight. He had said something to one of his companions about going on dock for a smoke. Friedrich Brunke was never seen again. He had been with the yacht for four years and was believed to be devoted to Mr. Sand and to Mr. Sand's interests. Carey admitted frankly that any one, of a dozen men might have slipped unnoticed after Brunke, tipped him overboard and then returned to his quarters. with no one ::e:ni awr.rc of ft. There was no evidence, how- of motive for such an act. As to the "ladies and gentlemen" as the Captain described them, only Miss Wvndam, Mr. Braun and Mr. Sand were at dinner below. The Vittoria had been pitching and rolling rather .heavily lor landsmen's taste and the rest had begged oft. Lynch and I regarded each other thoughtfully. "At least Sand has decided to give us some cooperation." "How come?" "I don't imagine Carey would have obligingly written this all out tor us without checking first with Sand. If Sand had disap-' proved it would have given Carey the greatest pleasure to direct us to the devil." "When you sprung this this morning, was that pure clairvoyance?" "Not at all! Last night I counted the crew list Carey showed us in his cabin. Since we had taken him by surprise, it was evidently the master list. I then ^counted the supposed copy he gave me in the lounge this morning. It was one short." That confirmed, 1. thought, the information we had in London. » • • ALL this time Meer, Ignored, had been standing in the middle of the room, holding hands with himself, putting them in his pockets, taking them out of his pockets. 1 thought you might be Interested," blandly remarked Sand .n the understatement of the year, "in knowing something further of our plans. Captain Carey tells me we will reach our d«- tination—" ho glanced »t • paper-thin, carved gold watch on his bis wrist—"in about 50 hours. Hcrr Mecr—" he pointed to the witbout at him—"will show you the position on a map." Stiffly and with a kind 01 grudging slowness in his movements Meer stepped to a big blond-wood desk in a corner and began to Batten with his hands a roll of stiff white paper which lay on it. Lynch and I joined him and looked over his shoulders. "A United States Navy Hydrographic Office chart of Haiti," Meer needlessly informed us, "You will, sirs, notice, of the so- called Windward Passage." Meer put a finger on the northernmost tip of the great west- jutting peninsula of the island. "This," said the German with an air of cold detachment, "is the Mole St. Nicholas. An anchorage there is here of a great excellency. It is known only to myself." Isn't that rather extraordinary?" Lynch inquired. It iss an extraordinary anchorage!" • • • WITH the knuckles of his right hand Meer then tapped the chart, taking in an area of a couple of hundred square miles. "The cases are here." "How many?" Lynch barked. "Twenty," Meer had answered without thinking. He frowned with annoyance, then seemed to decide that the information wai not after all of great consequence. Lynch looked at the ceiling. "Let's see. That works out at about 220 pounds a case. Allowing for the weight of the chest* themselves, say about 2SO pounds apiece." Meer grudgingly nodded. "Remarkable thing about gold," observed Lynch conversationally, "The average layman i* too apt to exaggerate Its value. These days when we don't. see much of it, many a bank robber makes the mistake of imagining that U he could All his pocket*, he would walk off a millionaire Fact is, one pound avoirdupola of pm'c sold Is only worth about S615." I never look at any othor girl but Marge—you wouldn't' either if you »v»r tatted her mother'* hamburfi»r!" "Get! Davy Crockett killed him a bear when he wa« only three, »nd here we are five and I haven't even seen one!" BEFORE SOU ASK M£ TO aiN wj WOLOGV OK EXPLANATION, THE ANSWEC IS™ HB1O,MRS.)TOT6U.WE WMNE.1 OgOPPEP] MME,AMD H6M7T VOU OESEKI/B rosBBWe THE MOST DRELMCINTEBVUE -—' OH, HE'S DECIDING WHAT TO BE WHEN HE OR I MI3HT TAKE UP PROSPECTING FOR URANIUM! OR PUR- TRAPPING-! I (WHAT'S > THAT'S rS/+ POP WNICE < ( TALKING f WORK! J V ABOUT, ^—v ^ I THINK I'LL QU\T MY JOB AND BECOME AN EXPLORER! U7rU»BU8SCMCCIJU>I MR. LM.Y* HWI 9f*»K» UC AJ 6CT ANV HEBe / PUAV«PATB(aiCfR] l»Ut* INTO THAT BLIILOJ* AND ... IF WE LOOK: AROUNP? TH65C N A LOWS TIMEA rtAeg* tuufrt BEEN BMXIM 0EP BE-. FCW THfc FIRST SfSHI different items in ttock! H U B BAR D HARDWARE NO IHOEER..NOK BWTOWEPT W ML IW PA.YS Il/B YOUR.SUIT, NOR DUMPED YOU \ NEVER SEEM SdCK KWM OUT IM JUAREZ'. 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